‘Big Brother 19’ Schedule: Live Feeds Blackout Thursday & Friday

CBS has scheduled a special episode of Big Brother 19 for this Friday, August 18th at 8/7c as we first reported early last week before the CBS announcement. A bonus show sounds good, right? Well not when it kills your Feeds fun.

Big Brother Live Feeds only on CBS All Access

So far CBS has offered no details as to the purpose or content of this week’s extra showing on Friday night, but Executive Producer did tell us in our weekly interview, “there will definitely be surprises and a special guest.” That’s all we’ve got to go on.

Per a confirmation from CBS, starting on Thursday evening the Big Brother 19 Live Feeds will be taken down before the live show, per the usual routine, but will then remain off until after the bonus Friday night episode airs out west.

That means when the Double Eviction is over instead of us running to watch the Live Feeds we’ll be stuck waiting about 28 hours until the Feeds return on Friday around 9PM PT (12AM ET). Awful.

Looking back at last year there was a useless clip show montage episode at this same point in August featuring Ziggy Marley who performed for the HGs in the backyard to a carnival setting. And of course Jessie was there too because why not.

That season the episode was filmed earlier in the week and then Paulie had to be carefully edited out of the scenes since he had been evicted the night before it aired. CBS apparently likes to pretend their viewers are fools and can’t understand when things are live or not.

Perhaps to avoid another out-of-timeline event this season they came up with a different plan. Film the content after the same week’s eviction. Well that’s a terrible idea.

Get ready to miss some important Feeds this week for what could end up being a painful, throw away clip show. What a waste. But hey, CBS is giving away a 1-Month Free Trial with a promo code (BB19SALE) that expires this Thursday night. Brilliant timing…


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  1. I wonder if cbs is so afraid of the fallout from these babies, they can’t take a chance on airing live feeds. I mean what reason would there be for canceling feeds for so many HOURS after the first DE of the season.

    • I’m sure this was planned out long in advance and is not a response to these particular HGs or their current situation.

      But the question remains: why did they ever think it’d be okay to take down the Feeds for so long after a critical event in the season?

      • You’re right, typically they are live shows and I’d expect this one will be too. The 2nd HoH comp of the night usually takes place hours later after the live show ends so we’d only get 2 evictions, but 1 HoH comp in the process of that show.

      • And as for why the feeds would be down for hours, they’re possibly just trying to hide the results and events to entice us to tune in to the Fri show instead of getting Feed spoilers. That’s silly since we usually always gets spoilers and still watch the shows. Dunno.

      • unless its a competition ,i wont be watching it ,im not interested in a clip show or ziggy marley, OR any other musician ,i,d rather watch Live PD its more entertaining

      • Exactly. I’m really disappointed. They could even wait for a few hours after the DE. I was looking forward to watching the fallout after on the feeds. Doesn’t seem right when we’re paying for feeds.

      • I want someone to start a lawsuit for false advertising. This is not 24/7. I really think I am not going to re-subscribe next year. I really hate these shenangins.

      • Agree, Matthew. Unless there is a great surprise and not some c-list celebrity, it seems like a diss to the fans.

  2. I’m starting to wonder if the double eviction this week, will be one on thursday and one on friday, OR 2 eviction on thursday and a 3rd one on friday. That would fool the HGs since Paul told them what to expect if it is a DE.

    If it was a show like last year, they could drop the feeds a few hours to tape it. No need to block 28 hours. They are doing something they don’t want spoiled.

  3. Well I don’t want to see anyone from any season of BB come in as a special guest. If it’s a special guest, it better be special to miss the fallout after the DE.

  4. Feeds going down for 28 hrs is ridiculous…especially after a DE. If they want people to buy these feeds..they need to get rid of their “watch 24/7,…that never happens. Maybe we will get a leak from someone about who wins that 2nd late HOH.

  5. I’m extremely disappointed with this. I’ve been looking forward to seeing the fallout after DE all week. CBS can take their special episode and shove it where the sun don’t shine.

    • You and me both. Makes me mad we’re paying for feeds and don’t get to watch after such an important event.

      • Agreed. I doubt it, but just imagine if someone like Paul actually was 2nd boot of DE and we miss those critical hours after the live show where the house reforms. There is nothing on that Friday show worth missing the 3-5 hours after DE. Nothing.

      • What would be worse to miss would be if Paul is nominated in a blindside and wins veto. THAT’s what you don’t want to miss right after the eviction.

    • Same here. Spending a Thursday night glued to the feeds is something I look forward to each week and was especially looking forward to it this week. Whatever this Friday show is I can almost guarantee it will be lame. “Surprises and a Special Guest”? Whatever. I don’t see why feeds need to be blocked for it.

  6. now you know why i will never ever pay for the live feeds ,they are off more than on ,its a giant waste of money,idon,t pay for what i don,t receive

  7. Like everyone else I don’t understand why there are no feeds after a DE!! I don’t want to see the edited fallout later. I want to watch it live. Someone said before I’m hoping it’s a third eviction on Friday or a temptation to leave the house for money. We’ll have to see I guess.

    • Yeah, this sucks. The night after double eviction is probably the best possible time to watch the live feeds.

  8. Totally agree. Who cares about one bonus episode when it kills en entire day of feeds fun! CBS, there is only ONE WORD to describe you, and i’m gonna spell it out for ya…..

  9. I have watched BB since the first season, and Live Feeds since they first became available. BB has been a fun and entertaining summertime show. These truly are the worst houseguests ever. They are nothing but bullies. They are sharks circling their victims in bloody waters. If any of them had real jobs on the outside, they would all be fired…..as they should be. If they were students, they would be expelled crom school. I was not a fan of Jessica and Cody. However, Cody is now my favorite. I hope he wins America’s Favorite. If nothing else, so none of of the others receive the money. The rest of them are nothing but cult followers, following their leader, Paul Manson. Paul gets everyone riled up, then sits back and watches. How stupid can these people be. They are also the biggest group of floaters in BB history. These people
    are unstable, frifhtening, and just downeight mean. I know this is a game, but shame on CBS for allowing the blatant bullying, and for the way they edit for the regular shows. Unless people are able to watch Live Feeds, they do not see the true personalities of these vivious people. On a side note, I’m 70 years old. The only reason I post this is so people understand I have many years of life experiences. I’m writing from the point of view of someone who has had interactions with many types of personalities and situations. This season of personals attacks is so disappointing and upsetting. If these people are like this on BB, they are like this in real life. Very sad. Thanks for reading.

      • I’m so sorry, but I dont know when live feeds became an option. It seems that BBAD was available before the live feeds, but I’m not sure about that either. The first season of BB was July of 2000. It was on five nights a week. That was a fragile time in my life, and BB was a fun and mindless escape. That’s how I became attached to it. I wish it could be the same fun entertainment it used to be. However, I still watch. I must be old :))

      • I am a big fan now but discovered it very late. I started with season 14 and that happened because i have been a professional wrestling fan all my life and a wrestler’s son was on that cast. I was hooked on the show immediately :-)

        The very first season of Big Brother actually happened late 1999 in my country (Holland). Irony is i have never seen a Dutch season. Every now and then i binge a US season on All Access to catch up. When feeds are down now i watch season 10 eps. Jerry rocks :-) BTW i’m old too (41) but not sure if age has anything to do with liking BB.

      • Oh my goodness – Frank Eudy. He is one of my all time favorite players. There was something so endearing about him. I think he was one the biggest threats in BB history, and was on the block many times. I think he won 7-8 competitions, the most in one season of BB. He won America’s Favorite. BB10 was a good season as well. Jerry was great. This is a silly thing, but I don’t care for the house decor and theme this season. You are not old. My two children are a little older than you :))

      • Yep that’s him! He was a competition beast because he clearly got his father genes. Sid Vicious was a beast in the ring. I actually saw him at my first live pro-wrestling event ever, 1993 in Rotterdam -:) He is huge!

        So that means our ages are pretty far apart and we both love BB, so there ya go already.

      • It was! Considering your reaction i will assume you know something about wrestling :-) Sid went against The Undertaker who was my favorite at the time so that made it double sweet. This was still the first old school version of Taker with the grey gloves acting like a zombie and being obsessed by the urn carried by Paul Bearer. It was a really good match until both used a chair and the match ended in a double DQ.

        It was my first live event ever and being sixteen years old and seeing your heroes from the USA live which i normally only got to see on tv it was a pretty big deal for me. Downside is they did not come back for like 19 years later, ha ha.

        Anyway nice meeting you here and talking to you. Enjoy the rest of the season. Ignore the styling of the house it’s not about that anyway.

      • I do enjoy wrestling. Thank you for sharing your stories. I hope you enjoy the rest of the season as well. Nice talking to you too, Jason.

    • i,m 65 and i,m the same way ,i have been bullied myself so i know what bullying is i have to agree with you,i have watched every season as well,except i have not watched the live feeds,what pauland his cult following are doing IS BULLYING,and its disgraceful,and CBS and Grodner should be ashamed of themselves.

      • I agree. Because of my easy behavior, I have been bullied throughout my life, even in my later years. It is soul crushing.

    • Why not kevin or matt for afp then. They dont get involved in the fighting but cody has…i mean if you arent really a cody fan?

  10. Please don’t have the special guest be “Mr. Stuck on Himself” muscleman Jessy!
    We’ve already had a season of big boobs and big muscles.
    Like the way things are going but can’t help but wander who will turn on Paul….whoever,
    I think he will see it coming with his good senses of reading people.

  11. Pretty friggin’ ridiculous. I get they try and force us to watch the show to watch ads and give them ratings. It makes sense, but to absolutely kill feeds after a DOUBLE EVICTION? Holy Good… God… For a clip show? It doesn’t make any sense.

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