‘Big Brother 19’ Live Feeds: Kevin Spoiled The Blindside

Everything was coming together for a Big Brother Blindside at Thursday’s eviction but yesterday afternoon Houseguest Kevin Schlehuber decide to burst that bubble and reveal to HoH Jessica Graf what the house was secretly planning to do with the vote.

Kevin reveals blindside to Jessica on BB19

We’ve known since nominations were revealed that the majority of the house was planning to evict Jessica’s pawn, Ramses Soto, over her target, Josh Martinez. Over the weekend Jessica started to get suspicious but Cody and Elena both naively talked her down from a possible renom that likely could have protected her goal of evicting Josh from Big Brother 19.

While Jessica and Cody were both nervous about the vote flipping against their target neither actually knew for sure. Enter Kevin. He pulled Jessica aside on Wednesday afternoon and quietly gave her the details that something was going down.

Flashback to 4:48 PM BBT 7/26 on Cams 3/4 (get your Free Trial now to watch).

Feeds flip from Jason counting nuts, no idea, to Jessica and Kevin in the bathroom. She goes to the WC and he follows her inside when the conversation begins.

Kevin: I think they’re going to try to flip on you.

Jessica: You think?

Kevin: Yes. I’m telling you, the little kid with the glasses is going home.

Jessica: You think Ramses is going to go home?

Kevin: *nods* Listen, the reason I’m telling you is because you’re from Boston and we’re pals. You hear me? Just be cool. Don’t freak out. You’ve gotta keep your composure.

Jessica: Okay.

Kevin: Don’t say I said nothing. You told me about the thing so you got everybody… Doesn’t matter, right?

Jessica: Right. Let me figure it out. I’ll figure it out. Thank you.

Kevin: You guys are good players. I’m going to need you too (two?) like you need me. Ain’t that what it’s all about. I’m not doing the wrong thing, right?

Jessica: No.

Kevin: That’s what it’s about.

Jessica: 100%.

Kevin: Okay, you gotta help me cause you’re way better at this. *winks*

Watching their entire conversation and reading over what Kevin was saying has me thinking Kevin was really stirred up by what Jessica told him the other day regarding her Halting Hex Temptation.

Jessica exaggerated the Temptation’s powers and suggested it would keep her and another player, that she could change at anytime, safe for four weeks and if anyone tried to put her up then she could punish that person. That’s quite a stretch of the truth and was so much so that the DR called her in and said she wasn’t allowed to lie about it like that anymore. Kinda late to close the barn doors now though, huh?

Kevin may be hedging his bets here by trying to play both sides of the Big Brother house, as he’s done successfully so far this season, but that doesn’t mean the move is going to win wide approval out here for fans. I was looking forward to some dropped jaws at the vote reveal, but that’s not going to happen.

Jessica ran this info back to Cody, Elena, and Christmas before taking it on around to others. Cody got in on the interrogating too while cornering Alex and Jason. Everyone was playing it down to them, but at this point they know. Only person who doesn’t seem to know is Ramses.

Ramses may end up surprised or Jessica could reveal the truth of her snafu before the show tonight. She definitely blew it here with her decision not to renom a better pawn against Josh, but Ramses will pay the price for her mistake.

What do you think of Kevin’s move to reveal the vote plans to Jessica? Well that prove to be a good move for his game or could Kevin get caught in the middle with neither side trusting him? Share your thoughts on his decision and what it could mean for Thursday night’s eviction.


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  1. whats up with Kevin telling Jessica he is going to go next when they find out he took the 25,000 and 27 dollars lol.

    • Unless Kevin tells someone, how would they know? I’d like to say I don’t think Kevin is that stupid. But it seems that whenever I say something like that, the player always proves me wrong.

  2. Kevin I like you, but have considered what this will do for your game?
    If you wanna play both sides fine, but you got to do it right.

    • I would agree with you, but I don’t think Jess would say it was Kevin who told her. I could be wrong though.

    • This move put him at risk, but I think this time he’s gonna turn out fine. The house caught onto Jody’s sudden fear but never got to the bottom of why they were starting to talk to people about the vote. Jessica never told anyone. They didn’t suspect Kevin

      • But then it doesn’t matter, they may as well all be Geniuses since they listen to Paul anyway. So if Paul figures it out and then tells them, it’s the same thing as if they all figured it out themselves.

    • I think it only puts him at risk if Jessica and Cody tell anyone that Kevin filled them in, but that’s unlikely since he’s giving them legit info.

      • True – they still think Ramses won the $25k, and was the hinky vote lol.

      • He had a pretty sketchy conversation with Alex and Jason last night in the storage room where he kept expressing that they should tell Jess and Cody about the plan. That would raise red flags to me.

    • Kevin wants to get to jury. Other than that, he doesn’t give a flying fornicate.

    • My guess is he knows that Paul and his little minions might turn on him and he wants the other side to have his back.

    • He did do it right. He wont be on Codys radar this week or future weeks, and Paul will find out that the Temptation protects them this week. He’s straddling sides nicely.

  3. I’ve never understood why Kevin was on the game. He doesn’t add much to the game and he’s sneaky.

    • You know being sneaky itself adds a whole lot to the game… so yeah… contradictory statement…

    • I don’t know which game you have been watching but he’s added quite a bit to the game. His hinky votes in the first few weeks threw the house into chaos. That’s adding quite a bit of call it what you will to the game wouldn’t you think? 😋

    • He makes me laugh and it’s good to see an older person on the show. I hate Paul and hate that he came back, didn’t he win enough money last year?

      • I did not like paul at all last season , but I dislike cody and jess so much more so now I am cheering for paul or Christmas to win

    • I thought he would be the odd man out, but Kevin has surprised me with his gameplay and charmed me with this eccentric personality. It’s hilarious the way he bosses Ramses around and his old school street smarts give him a leg up on some of the younger, more impulsive players. I’m rooting for him to win this season.

  4. Playing both sides is a legitimate strategy, but there’s a specific way it needs to be pulled off. Constantly running back and forth to tell everyone what everyone else is telling you… is not the way to pull it off. With every piece of information you get, you need to know if you should share it, or store it for later. Some times, “later” may never happen. But Kevin had no reason to reveal that blindside, especially if he was going to vote to keep Ramses. He could have just played dumb.

    I like Kevin, but if the house figures out that he blew the blindside, he’s gonna move up on a lot of people’s hit lists.

    • “Jessica ran this info back to Cody, Elena, and Christmas before taking
      it on around to others. Cody got in on the interrogating too while
      cornering Alex and Jason. Everyone was playing it down to them, but at
      this point they know. Only person who doesn’t seem to know is Ramses.”

      I am reading this as the rest of the house knows.

      • I would have thought that at least Christmas would have told Paul and the others.

  5. Kevin, you idiot! Any respect I had for him is now lost. I hate it when James was doing it and now I’m hating when Kevin’s doing it. I want Kevin out of the house now.

      • James NOT blindsiding Paulie I think literally gave us really good footage. I always remembered watching that DE and literally being TURNT the minute when I saw Paulie’s sourpuss face. At that point I knew James spilled the beans, but I loved how Paulie was so salty because he knew the house had flipped

    • Drama Queen much? Jody scrambling is actually really exciting…
      Plus, at this point I think Marlena will still be blindsided and Mark is not gonna react well to that… so we can still hope for a Josh/Mark argument tonight, if not a Jody/Josh one

      • I would like you to reconsider taking personal shots at people, now and in the future. That is just not in the spirit of this website. Thank you.

    • I feel your pain. But like Matthew commented, it probably was an attempt to get her to apply her DOT, a terribly risky one I’d add.

      • Yes but if he was acting as part of the alliance at all you think that he would have run it by them first instead of deciding to act completely independently. It’s just too much of a Jamesssssssuh move for my liking.

  6. What if and I highly doubt this is the reason he told her but….. what if he wants her to use it now so she won’t have a chance to use it to save herself or an ally if she gets put up next? Like I said I doubt that is the reason but it would be a good strategy none the less if he did think that way. It keeps Jessica from saving herself later.

    • That is exactly what I was thinking! To me, Kevin is making an attempt to “flush out the idol,” like they so on Survivor.

      • To me he’s trying to ensure that she or her robot don’t put him up, to make them think they owe him one

      • He’s not that smart. He’s afraid of the Hex so he’s trying to cover his bets.

    • It’s entirely possible, but keep in mind that Kevin does not know that Jessica’s power is a one & done situation. We know that, but he does not. He only knows what she told about the power which was that it kept her safe for four weeks.

      With that in mind it’s unlikely he was trying to bait her in to using it since, from what we heard her tell him, he doesn’t know that could happen. Now if he did know that and he was trying to trick her then that’d be a great move, I just don’t think it’s the case here.

      • Very true. I really don’t think that is what he is doing either but you’re right it would be a great move if he did!

      • Hmm? I suspected he was baiting her for the use of her DOT, while simultaneously doubting he’s that smart. If it turns out he did get her to use it purposely, that’d be the best move all summer.

      • That’s so true mg. There’s always stuff we don’t see so I guess it’s a possibility here. I’m not getting my hopes up though.

      • Yea but using her HH to stop Ramses eviction, knowing her and Cody are the biggest targets in the house will be a whole new level of stupid!

      • I know but Jessica still could have used the POV to get Ramses off the block and put someone else up which probably would have gotten her target, Josh out of the house. She would still have the Temptation Hex to save herself or Cody if they were put up for eviction.

      • You must have not read the whole cconversation you originally commented on. It was: it’s a given Jessica is stupid for not using the veto. We were saying we didn’t think she would be even MORE stupid and use her dot on Ramses and not save it for her or Cody. You commented on the end of a thread of conversation.

      • don’t underestimate Kevin…He is after all a ”GOODFELLOW” from the Boston clan…

      • Based on the information he has and not knowing the whole truth, he might think she can stop this weeks eviction and still have one left to use. His way of thinking could be if she use’s one now, she only has one left to use but we all know better than that.

    • Unfortunately, I don’t think Jody would make that move just to get Josh out. They are probably smart enough to save it for one of them. I do have to say though that I was quite impressed that Jessica had figured out the plan. Too bad she listened to Cody and not to herself. Maybe this will teach her that Cody doesn’t always give her the best advise. Also, I was wondering if Cody was trying to set her up by telling her to leave it alone. Thoughts?

      • No Cody’s arrogance got the better of him and Jess and now Marlena.
        That and he was scared that Jess would nom Alex (his other crush)
        If I were Cody I’d shut up and let Jess think for herself.

      • Lol ya think! What will it take her to realize that, an interview with Julie? Looks like that’s when she’ll finally get the picture, when its too late.

      • Julie: You’ve been aligned with Cody from Day 1, you even referred to him as your boyfriend. Do you think he’s the reason you’re out here today? Because let’s be honest, he made a lot of risky decisions.

      • Ha haaa! That is TOO accurate! I can almost see it happening just like that! Too funny!

      • No Dan, if you were Cody you’d still think you knew it all. His big ego will keep him telling her what to do.

      • I agree, they are too selfish to use it on anyone but themselves ;)

    • It certainly makes a good excuse for him telling her…but Paul will be livid because he didn’t runt hat past him.

    • Kevin is hedging his bets. If Jessica and Cody are able to break up the big alliance, he would be golden to them and go further in the game. No different from Survivor where the tribal members could have 4 or 5 alliances, some true, others fake and depending on what happens, they can use it to their advantage! Remember too that he has 1 vote and who knows may even win an HOH! That becomes valuable the deeper in the game you get! Each vote is more valuable, each HOH can be huge!

  7. I don’t blame Kevin as much with the way Jessica has LIED about her powers to him. It’s flat out cheating. At this point, BB needs to just make her come clean to everyone. She did this to herself, I wouldn’t feel bad for her one bit.

    • I think Kevin took the event and benefited it for himself.
      I think once Jess uses the Hex, Kevin won’t trust her anymore.

      • I think the DR should have told her from the beginning not to exaggerate the rules of this temptation. She flat out lied about it.

      • True but it’s highly possible that he’s made his own noose with this move. His ‘trust’ will be a non-issue for the majority of the house.

    • Everyone lies about everything. This is big brother after all. I don’t see any reason why she couldn’t like about what it is, unless it was strictly written out in the rules of the temptation. If she can lie about it a little bit to benefit her game…I don’t see anything wrong with that. Then again, it could also blow up in her face. Either way it brings good drama!

    • It is not cheating. Lying is allowed in Big Brother including, blaming someone else for whatever happens and is part of the game play. One would be stupid not to use all tools at your disposal! House guests lie to each other every time in the Big Brother House! If she said she had safety for 4 weeks, that is technically, not a lie! What if she and Cody won HOH one week each, they were not nominated the following week after that, then, they would have 4 weeks of safety!

      • It is cheating if it’s against the rules. Which according to BB, it is. “You are not allowed to use production as a strategy.”

    • If BB didn’t want players to include Production in their lies, then it should have told all of the players that before entering the house. If BB did warn players of that before the game, then yeah, Jessica cheated. But if BB didn’t warn players before entering the house, then she didn’t cheat.

  8. I’m probably the only one but I’m kind of glad that Kevin told Jessica about the vote flip. It’s not going to change the outcome as those flipping will continue to do so. But it gives Jessica (and Cody by extension) more time to think about it and learn from it. They now know they CANNOT trust anyone’s word and Cody will try doubly hard to win HOH. I’m hoping he can get Paul out.

    • Oh he can nominated Paul.
      Problem is Paul already has his hooks into his minions.
      Plus nobody likes Cody….
      Well except for Mark (whos an idiot) and Kevin (but he likes everybody :) )

      • Yes, I know, unfortunately. They are all dumb to keep following him. But if he can at least get one of Paul’s minions out that would be a good HOH in my books as well. I’d at least like to see Paul pulled down a few pegs.

      • Agreed, Paul is not going anytime soon as long as he has his numbers. So Jess/Cody need to tear down Paul’s numbers, and once enough people flip or even how the nominations turn out to where people would consider taking Paul out, that would be the time to go for him

      • Paul is pretty much playing a Derrick/Vanessa like game with a major army. Problem is people are too focused on others to even target him. Jody focuses on Josh. Everyone else focuses on Jody.

    • I am for more game play and there is not enough game play from the other house guests! The floaters like Raven and Matthew need to be put on the block to shake them up and make them play the game! Some treat this like a paid vacation! I just hate that! You signed up to play Big Brother so, go on and play it! If not, you deserve eviction!

  9. Ramses is really getting the shaft..poor guy…he got blamed for taking the 25K..I think he got blamed for a hinky vote..now he is going out the door because of Jessica’s hatred for Josh and Cody coming back in the game..that’s guy’s arrogance is like no other…very close to Paulie status..Jess was doing just fine without him in the game.

    • The shaft? I don’t know. We’re four weeks into the game and Ramses has done nothing. Nothing. How about win a comp? Or about have some type of social game by persuading people or telling stories (like Kevin does). How about trying to form some serious alliances? Do something! Anything! Instead, from the beginning, he looked like he was content just to be in the house. Josh or Ramses – I don’t care who goes.

  10. I think it’s a great move from Kevin. Jessica has very few people she can trust and this probably will go along way to giving her another person to rely on and keeping Kevin from being a target. Of course, it is risky as if the rest of the house finds out, Kevin will no longer be a part of the other side and solely have to rely on Jess and Cody for safety.

    • It was very smart for Kevin, if Cody wins HOH next week or if Jessica wins HOH again the week after, Kevin is basically safe now because he came clean to them and I’m sure they’re going to respect that.

  11. He just ruined my viewership, that’s all. We’re still gonna see Cody’s pungent face after the vote..that’s not changing.

  12. Cody dumb move..get that smug paul out of the game he’s had his turn

  13. Cbs should do a special of the cast, maybe the final 8 watching the show afterwards. Sort of like Bravo’s The Viewers Couch, highlighting parts we’ve witnessed, and of course, they didn’t see each other do, that we’d like for them to see. Lol I think It’d be fun. I would love to see them react to seeing the show as it played out to us.

  14. Dudes and dudettes, Kevin wants to make it to jury. Other than that, he doesn’t care about ANYTHING.

  15. I love Kevin he is one of my favorites, but the snitching needs to stop. He probably suspects that Jessica and Cody may put him up if the y win the next HOH, but if they find out he will be gone soon.

  16. Feeds is very annoying right now with Josh banging pans together to wake them up. This could be the reason for the HGs to change their minds.

    • To be fair, it’s actually SOMEWHAT strategy, or at least it appears to be, as Paul, Alex, Jason, and Raven are memorizing things they were shown last night for the HOH comp while Josh distracts everybody with his “pan-demonium”. It’s annoying yes, but it’s also somewhat of payback because of what Mark did to him. Kind of reminds me of when Evel Dick did it in BB8 to stir up the house

      • Josh annoys me just by speaking…His tongue is to big for his mouth and it makes his words come out garbled..And the constant bragging and threats of what he plans to do…Please shut him up…

      • I think he’s honestly become one of the most entertaining people on the show. I would much rather have someone like Josh in the house than some of these people who sit here and do absolutely nothing. Josh has a lot of personality and I like it, it really didn’t start showing until this week. He may be one of the most contreversial in BB history because you actually have half the fanbase who love him, and the other half despises him, lmao

      • I like him too and it’s most likely because he’s irritating the hg’s I don’t like.

      • Paul was the one telling Josh to do it. I don’t think Paul wants Josh to win HOH so he keeps him distracted.

      • Or, maybe Paul has caught on to the spoiled blindside, and he wants Josh to give them a reason to change course.

      • I’d much rather hear him then Raven screeching “Matthew…” and Elena munching on everything

      • Lol you explained it very well, I keep wondering what’s going on inside his mouth

  17. Mark, what a weiner, oh I mean whiner. No, both are correct. Production, tell Josh to stop following me!

  18. Well these fools are just letting Paul run the whole game and will take each of them out 1 at a time don’t they know this is what he did last season. Why let a former player run the house they are in it to win it too so they get what they deserve. Jessica should of went with her gut feeling and took Ramses off the block and then put Paul up blindside his butt that would be a BB move for the season LOL!

    • Yep, because either way, Paul or Josh would be going home. Like I’ve said before, the house may have rallied at the chance of getting Paul out once and for all so that would’ve been exciting.

      • Yes they all have to understand Paul is playing each of them except Cody like Jessica said before Paul is the snake and you have to cut the head off of the snake. Paul will win this if they don’t blindside him as this game will be over before you know it. Now that Paul has the rest of the house under his thumb and if Jessica is put up on the block she has 4 chances to get Paul out because she can’t be voted out because of the Hex. Once the others see that with this Hex they better play ball with Jessica and get Paul out.

      • She won’t use the Hex if Paul is on the block…and she only has 2 more evictions in which it can be used..AFTER TONITE..

    • They should have done that, it will make the minions think who they should save

      • Well minions right now don’t have all brain cells working for sure if they ever seen BB and how it works and you don’t keep a former player in the game this long. But hey they will find out soon enough when one of they gets the back door LOL!

  19. This would create drama, paranoia, cast doubt on house guests trusting each other! Sometimes, you need a catalyst to make these people to move! Survivor never had this problem because 80% of the tribal members were atleast, trying to play the game! If they all came into the game to win $500,000, not all of them are playing to win! Some are content to just make it jury with their paid vacation! That I hate very much! I watch Big Brother for the game play. I wish back for the times of Mike Boogie, Dr Will, Janelle, Daniel Donato, Rachel Reilly and Jordan and Jeff (sorry, cannot remember their last name). So, Kevin making a move even to just stir things up is a good thing! Why should others just floating be carried by the few actually playing? I would rather they get evicted!

  20. What in the world was Kevin thinking?,terrible move..he’s like a talking house plant..and good lord what in the world does he owe the Bride of Frankenstein,simply nothing..a house guest getting caught working both sides rarely profits or advances far in this game,Kevin is just not smart enough to play at being James Bond in the BB house..Jessica has really only herself to blame,her nominations made no sense game wise,her personal dislike of Josh and too many kisses from her creator have blurred her judgement.

    • He decided to start playing “Kevin’s” game and not Paul’s. With the info Jessica gave him he saw a major power shift coming and he wants a spot on one of the lifeboats when the SS Paul sinks.

    • Andy won by being a rat and playing both sides of the house. I hated his game, but it worked

  21. Big Brother is a game where they are only as sick as your secrets. Once you spill the beans and play your aces, there’s no game left to play for you.

  22. Kevin what a jerk move! I hope the entire house finds out and flips on him! I hope he is the next to go!!!!!!!

  23. While I do believe it’s too early for Kevin to try and play both sides of the house like this, I must say he does a good job of covering his tracks

  24. I didn’t originally think Kevin was much of a game player. He really didn’t seem to know much about the game. Like . . . has he even watched a season. But I am enjoying him going against the house vote. I’ve been getting tired of season after season . . . seems like everyone votes with the house. Finally, someone is willing to make the rest of the house think.

  25. Kevin will get burned by playing both sides of the house. He isn’t a seasoned player and doesn’t understand how big bro works. Ciya at the next eviction !

  26. It’s a simple move by Kevin, but a game move. He reciprocated. It didn’t change the outcome. Big alliance will be exposed anyway after the vote. We want a Hg to play.. right? Now he’s playing. We have two snakes in the house now. ha! Kevin is ‘Fredo’ of the Godfather..lol

  27. I don’t like kevin as a player. he’s playing an interesting game, but this will come back to haunt him if he loses.

  28. I love Kevin, and really thought he was not being targeted by ANYBODY! However, this is NOT a good move for him. It will slip out this next week he’s the one that let it slip, and he’ll be targeted and shunned by the group that was taking him. That means he’ll have to move over to the Jody/Marlena camp where he’d be the immediate bottom of the ladder and first one they sacrifice.

      • I think either one of them will if the vote is 8-3. They may ask him, “why did you lie about your vote?”, and tell out of anger and retaliation. I don’t think Kevin plans to vote Ramses out though. He’s playing a sneaky game but it may blow up in his face.

      • We’ll just have to wait and see. I feel a big power shift coming this week!

      • Center right and left from Jess and Cody to either Jason or Elena BB Showerhead!

      • Jess or Cody, not directly, but they’ll give enough information that it will be obvious it was Kevin. I could be wrong though, however, let’s say it goes out 2 more weeks, they can easily paint Kevin as a trader now and take heat off of them after the temptation is gone and they are still the targets of the house.

      • I don’t see them doing that to Kevin, especially Jess. There is a connection between Kevin and Jess that goes beyond the BB house. It has to do with Jess’ father.

      • I think it’s actually Kevin trying to exploit Jess’ father, but Kevin will be the one shocked when he figures out that Jess lied to him.

      • No, I don’t see that in Kevin’s character. Kevin has a heart and respect for Jess.Kevin would never do something that low to Jess or any other HG (not many) he has respect for. .


  29. I dont see why her exaggerating it is not allowed. She should say what the hell she wants until the production says what it is.


      • Exactly! That’s what this game is about, people lying and deceiving! So if she’s lying to the HG’s about what exactly her HH is, so what! It’s up to the HG’s to believe her or not! Paul didn’t have to reveal anything! Total double standard!

    • I agree! The entire premises of the game is to lie and deceive! Paul didn’t have to reveal his DOT, so why can’t she lie about it!?

  30. When the time is right, Jessica needs to pull the ultimate blindside and NOT use the Halting Hex to save Cody. It would totally shock the house, If it comes down to it, I think Cody might accept the loss and use it to sway jury votes for Jessica to win,

    • Totally agree,Kevin has now exposed himself for no real reason,will not change the eviction vote and now by his own actions has made himself a larger target than before,a potential fatal mistake.

      • I agree. Both sides should want Kevin out ASAP because now he’s a known snitch. If they snitch TO you, they will snitch ON you.

      • I don’t think Paul and his minions know that he told Jessica about the blindside!?

      • But I don’t think the other side knows Kevin told her so, he’s not in potential danger

  31. Kevin believes they are like Paul was the first three weeks and can’t be voted out. Now he’s going where the wind blows.

  32. Playing both sides will make or break him and hopefully he’ll stick with Alex and Jason instead.

  33. It’s stuff like this that makes me think production messes with the show. Paul should have been the obvious target. There’s no way Jess and Cody are that stupid.

    • They could of put Paul up but knew that there would not be the votes to send him home.

      • Exactly! So, she avoided getting that much blood on her hands and just went after her arch enemy

    • Jessica worked so hard to not do as Cody did. At one point she even said that she was trying (as HoH) to keep “peace” in the house, and she wanted to show goodwill toward the rest of the house by not attacking anyone except Josh. What she did not count on is that Paul, Christmas, Alex, Raven1, and Raven2 despise her. All that she honorably did to try to build good relations with these people has gained her nothing. She could finance an orphanage, and these people would still treat her with contempt. That’s what irrational hatred looks like. I wish she had been able to see this.

      • I absolutely agree! Jessica made it very clear she didn’t want to make the same mistake Cody did. It was a good move, she didn’t have the numbers to put up Paul! And have him evicted!
        She didn’t have any help so naturally she just played it safe. I don’t think there was anything wrong with what she did aside from not replacing Ramses when her intuition told her to! I really think Jessica is good at this game, and it’s nice to see her not become one of Paul’s minions! She’s doing what she can to try & get through this week so hopefully her and Cody don’t go on the block or get back doored. This way (if they survive this week w/o her using the HH) she can use her HH the following week thus guaranteeing her and Cody jury & also buying her time in hopes Paul and his minions eventually break up and she can hopefully start making some stronger alliances and bigger moves.

      • Additionally, I wish that she had explained to Ramses in advance that she wanted to nominate him and gotten his thoughts. There may be exceptions, but generally I think a pawn should not find out during the nomination ceremony that s/he is being used in that way.

        In earlier episodes, I remember Alex, Mark, and Ramses saying that pawns sometimes get evicted regardless of the intention of the HoH. Yesterday (2017-07-27), we saw exactly that happen..

      • Yeah, she should’ve spoken to him about using him as a pawn. I guess she just felt he was so safe that she didn’t need to, plus he has no allies so either way she knew she wouldn’t be harming anyone else.
        It’s funny, they always say pawns go home but it has been a long long time since we have seen that happen! But yet we have seen it happen twice this season so far.
        I would NOT be OK with being a pawn “to help out my alliance” this season! LOL

  34. Kevin likes Ramses and probably hoping Jessica can save him. Jessica needs to play her own game as it is obvious Cody can’t play.

  35. What the hell kevin !!!!! He’s playing his own game from the beginning … he can keep his mouth shut. He probably the reason his dad went up the river. Snitches get stitches! I I liked Kevin…

    • Ouch! I just think Kevin is a good guy and he was being himself! He has a young daughter is also so I think especially because Jessica is also from Boston he just felt he needed to tell her so she wasn’t completely blindsided.
      I don’t fault him for that. Sure we missed half a good blindside but Mark & Elena’s faces were good enough in my opinion.

      • I love Kevin too. But he has loose lips trying to be dad to these young girls. I guess that must be what he does best.

  36. Kevin should not of told Jess, because if Paul and buddies get wind of it hes gone.

    • True, but he’s a good guy and he just didn’t want to see someone he cared about get totally blindsided! I think it just got to him and he really just hoped Jessica wouldn’t say anything.
      Game wise is not necessarily a good idea but because he is a good person, I think it was great that he did that! He also has young daughters, so you have to understand how he was feeling. He wouldn’t want to see something like that happened to his daughters and I think he just felt he needed to tell her because she’s like a daughter to him (For lack of better words!)

  37. Jessica lied? Paul lies about everything, including the length of his Temptation to people. This game is hardly on the up and up anyway with following standards — Xmas is allowed to leave for extended amounts of time for treatment. She also listened on the phone — when she wasn’t in the house — as people voted live on CBS. So, spare me.

    • EXACTLY!!!! Thank you! Paul got to lie about his DOT reward but Jessica doesn’t get too! WTF is that all about! So wrong

  38. I would’ve loved to see Kevin yell out at Josh as he was almost all the way out the door ” I hope the $25 grand was worth it” cuz everyone would have thought for sure Josh took it.

    • I don’t understand what you mean? Did you maybe mix up the names? LOL sorry I just don’t get it

  39. Jessica made it very clear she didn’t want to make the same mistake Cody did. It was a good move, she didn’t have the numbers to put up Paul! And have him evicted!
    She didn’t have any help so naturally she just played it safe. I don’t think there was anything wrong with what she did aside from not replacing Ramses when her intuition told her to! I really think Jessica is good at this game, and it’s nice to see her not become one of Paul’s minions! She’s doing what she can to try & get through this week so hopefully her and Cody don’t go on the block or get back doored. This way (if they survive this week w/o her using the HH) she can use her HH the following week thus guaranteeing her and Cody jury & also buying her time in hopes Paul and his minions eventually break up and she can hopefully start making some stronger alliances and bigger moves.
    As far as Kevin telling Jessica about the blindside, I don’t think that makes him a bad person! I think a lot of people/fans are just pissed off because we didn’t get to see a good blindside but, if that blindside favoured Josh, I am happy it was revealed! Plus, Mark & Elena were blindsided so we still got to see one. Kevin has young daughters, Si in his heart I just think he was torn and in the end just couldn’t see Jessica get blindsided again! Good for him!
    & as for Jessica and not being able to lie about her HH, I personally think that is BS! That is the whole promises of the game, people lie every single day! It’s up to the HG’s to figure out what ally and what’s the truth! Just because she lies about it doesn’t mean they have to believe her! Paul didn’t even have to reveal his safety, & it ended up screwing over Cody when Cody wasn’t the one who was cursed but essentially he got the worst curse of them all! So I just think that’s BS she can’t lie about it!
    Unfortunately too many people dislike Cody to see past that and see that Jessica is actually a very good player!

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