‘Big Brother 19’ Live Feeds: Josh Martinez Ready To Blindside

Who doesn’t love a good blindside? Well get ready for Big Brother 19’s live eviction this week because Josh Martinez is working to help deliver what could be a hot live show on Thursday night. Overnight he sat with Jessica and Cody telling them exactly what they wanted to hear, but it might not be his true plan this week.

Josh Martinez prepares a blindside on BB19

Flashback to 11:51 PM BBT 7/4 Cams 1/2 to watch along as Josh has just come up to the HoH room to talk with Cody & Jessica regarding the plans for votes this week.

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Jessica has brought Josh upstairs to talk with Cody. He asks Josh what he’s planning to do this week and Josh says he is going to vote to keep Jillian. This is at odds with what he told Feedsters in a camtalk session earlier on Tuesday.

Cody warns Josh that if he votes to keep Christmas then that side will continue to pick his side off. Josh isn’t sure what sides Cody is even trying to describe so he asks him for more details and specifics. Cody says Kevin, Ramses, Jason, Alex, etc. will all be targets of that group.

Josh wants to know if he was the target since he felt like he had to grab the golden apple. Cody assures him that Paul was his target. Josh asks what happened about the big group and working together to the end. Cody says that was what they (the others) wanted, but he and Jessica wanted to “bridge” the divide and work with everyone which ending up breaking apart the group.

Cody is fluffing Josh’s feathers up telling him that Josh is “powerful this week because your vote counts.” Josh reiterates that no one tells him anything and he has been feeling isolated. Jessica tells Josh this is his opportunity to inflict fear on the other side by voting with her against Christmas this week. “You have the power. You are basically the swing vote,” says Cody.

Josh tells Jessica and Cody that he’ll vote out Christmas, but he wants to know where he stands with them and whether or not he’ll have safety from them. “Week to week? 1000%” Just a week of it when you’re the outgoing HoH? Might want to work on your sales pitch, Cody.

Gallery: Cody & Jessica Work On Josh’s Vote

Jessica continues to press on Josh that Christmas needs to go to shake up the other side. She says the other side thinks “they have the power and they don’t.” Cody again tells Josh the whole vote hangs on Josh’s decision. Then on top of Josh’s concerns about feeling isolated, Cody says not to take it personally if neither he nor Jessica ever talk to him because they’re off in their own world together.

As things wrap up Jessica makes what might have been their best argument the whole time. She reminds Josh that with her injury, Christmas may not even be able to deliver on any promises of keeping him safe if she can’t even try to win HoH. Should have led with that one and hammered on it. Then again, is Jillian really going to be challenging too many HGs in physical comps either?

Josh heads back downstairs and Cody shoots Jessica a huge grin. Success! Or is it? Jump forward to 12:50 AM BBT 7/5 Cams 1/2 to find Paul and Josh going in the storage room for a quick whisper.

Josh reveals Jessica pulled him in to the HoH, called him the swing vote, and how he should side with them since no one has been talking with him all week. Josh tells him he has them convinced he’ll vote out Christmas. Paul is thrilled that Josh has made this double cross move against Jessica and Cody by promising them his vote.

Paul celebrates with Josh who then tells Paul that he only trusts him and Christmas. Paul says he won’t tell anybody because Josh is the “secret weapon.”

Gallery: Josh & Paul Celebrate A Blindside

There’s a bit for celebrating as Josh laughs about Jessica and Cody calling him the swing vote after they didn’t talk to him all week “and now you want to work with me?!” Commence bird flipping by the guys here. “Now you’re playing the game bro. Now you’re f**king play the game!” says Paul. They break up and quietly leave the storage room as Josh reminds Paul to help keep him calm “because I black the f**k out.” Heh.

So there we go. Josh has told Jessica & Cody he’ll be voting along their interests, but as we heard earlier in the day and again here with Paul, it seems clear that Josh is actually planning to help evict Jillian.

From the vote counts I did earlier, as long as Josh and Mark stay with evicting Jillian then it’ll be the most likely scenario for Thursday night’s live show. Of course, that’s as long as Christmas’s MRI from her injury comes back clean later today and she isn’t removed from the game for medical reasons. Fingers crossed we don’t lose another HG and a live show blindside!

What do you think of Josh’s plan here? Good move? Crazy and unnecessarily upsetting to the other side? Or just good ol’ Big Brother fun? Share your thoughts below!

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Update: Well there goes that. Seems Paul ran his mouth to Kevin about Josh’s plans to vote out Jillian and lie to Cody & Jessica. Considering Kevin is planning to vote out Christmas this wasn’t a good idea by Paul. On top of that Paul promised Josh that he wouldn’t tell anyone about this. Sigh.


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  1. This is why newbies with one veteran is funny. The newbies have no clue. They are talking trust and give their “word” like that matters at all in this game. Lol. I hope Josh follows through and Cody is blindsided. He must learn how this game really works. He and his little lap dog have NOOOO clue at all! 😂

    • Agreed. Cody and Jessica make me long for Nicorey and we’re less than 2 weeks in!!!
      So I’ve been pulled away from the Board the past couple of days – does anyone know if Jessica really called Alex a panda?! Sorry to be bringing up water under the bridge, but I wouldn’t expect anything less from Jessica!

      • ?? I’m not familiar with that term, but it sounds just as bad as ‘panda’…

      • as Susan explained above, PaoPao was nickname of previous HG who was also Asian and a little dynamo like Alex.

      • Is it really? Did not know that. Well look at that, you really can learn something new every day! haha
        Well, now that makes me wonder… Did Pao Pao give herself that nickname? If not, I can’t imagine she’d like it or use it. Right?

      • Her real name was Paola and she went by Pao. I think the group called her Pao Pao. She was a little dynamo.

      • Oh I remember her, she was on season 16. I was just wondering if she gave herself that nickname after hearing it is the name of a famous bear, that’s all. :)

      • That was, or maybe still is, at the DC Zoo. There a video on YouTube of her and her mom.

      • That panda is Bao Bao which means Precious. She’s the cub from Meh Zhing and Tin Tin. She is now in China while mother and father stayed behind, which is a natural process for pandas. Xiongmao means panda in English. I live near the Smithsonian National Zoo in D.C. and learned a lot about pandas there! LOL Some have placed the video of Bao Bao and Pao Pao…hehe There’s where the confusion lies. Pao Pao means run free!

      • Minor correction because I’m a HUGE fan of the pandas at the National Zoo – the mama bear is Mei Xiang (pronounced “Shong”) and the papa bear is Tian Tian (“T’yen T’yen”). They actually have *3* surviving children together – Tai Shan, who has been returned to China; the aforementioned Bao Bao, who was *just* returned to China in February of this year; and Bei Bei, who’s still in D.C.

        Aaaaaand it JUST hit me….Megan heard, “Pao Pao,” and her immediate thought was of Bao Bao the *giant panda*, not Pao Pao the BB16 contestant!!! Some “superfan” she was if she didn’t even think of a contestant as recent as Season 16 before a giant panda!!! Hah!!

      • Thanks for the correction..I didn’t know how to spell the mama’s and papa’s names. And yes, Bei Bei is still there! :-)

      • That’s ok. I’m picky about that kind of thing. Hahaha
        Bei Bei is the CUTEST little roly-poly guy there is!! =D Love watching him on the Panda Cams when I get a chance. He’s been weaned & moved into Bao Bao’s old enclosure in the Panda House & loves to sleep in the hammock there.
        Zoo Atlanta also currently has twin babies – Ya Lun & Xi Lun, daughters of Lun Lun and Yang Yang – and they’re the only panda twins in the U.S.
        Yep, I love me some Giant Pandas. =)

      • That’s actually a very old video since Bao Bao will be 4 in August. ;)
        Captain, that IS actual footage from the National Zoo’s Panda cams, but whoever put it on YouTube put the caption of “Pao Pao” on it. =)

      • That’s ok. Google *can* be your friend…you just have to separate the wheat from the chaff. =)

      • Lol! These pandas are getting more action on these boards today than some of the HG! ;)

      • Hmmm…perhaps.
        But it doesn’t speak well of her that she declined to ckear up the misconception when she had the chance. Instead, she chose to inflame the situation and it ultimately led to Megan’s self-eviction.
        Manipulative behaviour to say the least.

      • Yes she did mean something by it, she meant I won’t use your given name, I will use a name I deem appropriate for you. It was meant to be demeaning and she is still saying it for the same reasons.

      • Yep. It’s demeaning and obnoxious. Jessica gives new meaning to the term “Mean Girl”!

      • She is so horrible. It’s going to be a new game when the prom king and queen are kicked out of HOH and have to start mingling with the commoners. My guess is they will be doing a lot of isolating.

      • Oh for sure! Did you see the dinner today? (4pm or so)
        OMG Em! So awkward. Jessica looks like she’d rather be anywhere else and Cody, instead of eating the nice meal Josh & Raven made decides to eat slop!

        I am telling you, those two have the social graces of dung beetles! ;)
        Cannot wait to see them knocked off their throne. :)

      • NO she called her Pao Pao (from a previous season, not sure if I spelled it right. Sorry) but I believe Megan thought she heard Panda. I don’t think she knew who she was talking about and with the whispering she may have heard Panda.

      • I think she did hear PaoPao, but associated that with the panda at the DC zoo, that why she said panda. I don’t think she knew about DJ Paola Shea who said that PaoPao was her nickname, and Jess did knew. I don’t think Jess meant anything bad and Megan misunderstood what it meant.

      • Very fair point on that one, Captain! I had been thinking the same thing about Megan & her fandom, but she easily could have been in Iraq during BB16. Hence, the ease with which she was able to come up with having heard Jess call Alex a “panda” when she heard “Pao Pao.”

        I will say this, though…I read on Twitter earlier that Megan spoke to a newspaper (maybe one in AZ) & admitted that she was having trouble keeping it together even *before* that incident. For what it’s worth, that may have been the proverbial straw, but it wasn’t everything that happened overall.

      • I wouldn’t give Jess that much credit, Captain. I’m not saying that Jess was making a racist comment when she called Alex “Pao Pao,” but it was DEFINITELY meant condescendingly! Plus, if Jess is the BB “superfan” *she* claims to be, she would know how inappropriate & rude it is to compare two different HGs just because their cultural background is the same. Again, just my opinion. Not trying to belittle anyone else’s, so I hope all is taken with the respect I intend it to be given with. =)

      • I just notice, you’re the 1st contributor on this site ever, that has most posts than me.

      • Ita! I don’t think it’s overtly racist, but Jess knows exactly what she’s doing and how disrespectful she’s being when she calls her Pao Pao behind her back and Dom Day’Vonne behind hers. She ain’t slick!

      • Yes, Yes, and YES!!! Couldn’t agree with you more. She’s a rude, rotten little shizznit. Someone pointed out on Twitter that calling Jess “Natalie” is the same thing. They’re *not* the same person (nor are they the same BB player) but because they’re dark haired, Olive-skinned, pretty girls they can be equated to one another. Bet Jess wouldn’t like being called “Natalie” one little bit!!

      • I bet she wouldn’t. Jess considers herself a “tough girl”. Guaranteed she wouldn’t like being compared to the bubbly, make my teeth ache from the overly-sugary cheerleader-Natalie!!

      • Very true & exactly the point. I can’t stand Natalie, but she’s her own player & person. =)

      • I don’t think it’s racist at all. What it is, is downright bitchy and Jess is perfectly aware of this and if she had any “moral compass” (as my most hated HW, the POS cancer scammer likes to say all the time), she would have cleared that ish up when all the drama went down with Megan. I believe Megan misheard and misunderstood what Jessica said and the reason Jessica didn’t correct her is she knew it was an insult calling Alex Pao Pao and she didn’t want to out herself.

      • I think you hit the nail squarely on the head here! Jess knew Alex would go off on her next so she kept silent about it. Bugs me that the others kept mum too though.

      • That’s crazy, no?!?!? I don’t think it’s BB16 Pao Pao, though, is it?

    • Ummmnm,
      Don’t be naive:) Josh is being played by Paul to!!!! Don’t think for a sec Paul wouldn’t dump him if it could help his game.
      Josh is as stupid as they come!!

      • Thank you and Josh is on a learning curve right now and might end up being a very crafty and adept BB player, which I would totally love!!

      • Oh agreed. I am well aware Paul is playing him. And everyone. Paul is playing for Paul. He told them that. Lol. I like Paul way more this year than last year. HE is going at it a bit hard right now and I hope he doesn’t blow it. But I do like him more.

  2. Hey Matt, just a comment. For BB18 you had 4 posts at the bottom of each ‘page’ that were taken from previous threads. I always enjoyed reading them, often it was interesting how spot on they were for what developed later on in the season. Just curious why they’re missing this year?

  3. I am actually starting to like Josh. He could make it farther along than I originally thought thanks to the nutcase Cody.

    • And I thought Josh was going to be the who was going to be all hyped up and all over the place but that has turned out to be Jason! Josh is playing a low key game right now..smart move by him!

      • And very observant. They say that if you just stop and listen for awhile, you gain so much more perspective! hahaha

      • WhistleBritches has turned out to be a big disappointment for me. What I thought would be a good, level headed, older BB player has turned out to be a naive, immature, wishy washy noodle nut that people have to baby sit, most notably Alex.

      • All he wants to do is party and have a good time. Doesn’t like to have to actually “think”!

      • I hope he is more responsible as a father and in his marriage in real life. From the few stories he’s told about himself, it sounds like his wife has another child to raise.

      • I would hope so, but what he said yesterday and the ease with which he said it makes me think he is not such a nice person at all.

      • When Christmas came back into the house he didn’t say one thing to her like, how are you, I am sorry, can I do anything for you… I saw right then what a deeply horrible person he was.

      • Right? What an a$$! He breaks her foot, but does nothing to help her and then, to top it all off, he plans on voting her out as well!!

        smh. What a jerk!

    • Shockingly I am too. He’s turning his game around and that’s what BB is all about. Now…who’s to say he won’t go off the deep-end again, but for now…I’m hoping he stays calm and delivers on what could be a stunning blindside on Thursday!

    • I am now too. Wasn’t so sure about him initially. But he looks mahvelous, absolutely mahvelous now! :-)

  4. Have to hand it to Josh..he is GOOD, maybe a better mole than Paul had been for Paulie, until it wasn’t working in his favor. I am sooo going to love this blindside, no matter which side Josh decides to swing. Love that word “swing”. It can be taken in so many different variations, right? I want to see Cody go up or down in flames, taking Jess with him! :-) They’ve both become quite creepy lately, not to mention rude and overbearing!

    • Good Morning, Joni! :)

      Yep, couldn’t agree more! I’m actually totally surprised at how Josh is taking, what looked like a dismal BB game experience, and turning it around. He has calmed down exponentially since the first few days. If he sticks to his word and votes out Jillian, Thursday’s show should be explosive! Can’t wait for that show, as well as tonight’s when we *finally* get to see the initial reactions of the showmance crew to Cody’s betrayal of Paul & Christmas. :)

      • He’s had enough tutoring in the first week and a half than he’ll probably have the rest of the season and he’s come out smelling like a lovely rose for me! LOL Definitely primed for tonight and tomorrow night’s festivities! hahaha And yes, it’s a great morning…same to you!

    • Yeah, I just watched the ‘flashback this morning. Josh was good on his fishing expedition. The small celebration (hello blindside) in the storage room was fun to watch. Josh IS the ‘secret weapon’ ha!

      • Let’s just hope he does what he is saying coz if not…then it might be Paul & Christmas that are blindsided and, although that will still bring drama, it is not the drama I’m hoping for. ;) I’d much rather cheer on watching Cody & Jessica being brought down rather than Xmas.

      • What time did that take place? Because it had to have happened after I went to bed.

      • 11:51 PM 7/4 Josh talking to Cody/Jess
        12:55 AM 7/5 Josh/Paul celebration

      • OMG…that was priceless! It took place at 12:50 am btw! When I went to 12:55, just saw group with Josh, then fish! All’s I got was fish…so I backtracked after Jess/Cody convo and found the gold! LOLOL

      • Thanks for giving the time stamp on this Cy. I just went back on flashback and watched that convo in the HOH BR & it just leaves me smh. Cody & Jessica are two of the phoniest people, and not in a sly way that helps you in BB, but in the obvious way that hurts a HG game. They haven’t said “boo” to Josh in the last two weeks, but now they’re trying to talk…?? Puh-lease! So glad he saw through the BS! At least Paul put up with him (Josh) when he was freaking out and talked with the kid, and Christmas…Xmas actually held his hand and comforted him when he was homesick and crying in bed. Those two (Jess & Cody) laughed about that incident behind Josh’s back and made fun of him. Ugh! Cannot stand them!

        The storage room celebration was awe-sooommmee!! :D *crosses fingers* I hope-hope-hope Josh remembers how kind Xmas was to him and votes to keep her so Jess & Cody can (as they put it) “know what it feels like to not feel safe”. :)

      • Here’s something from Maya Angelou that you should ALWAYS remember when following Big Brother and looking to figure out players motives.

        People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did but people will never forget how you made them feel.

        When Josh was down and out, it was Christmas that helped him FEEL better. And it was Paul who helped Josh FEEL more confident.

        Cody and Jessica have done NOTHING for Josh.

        There is no doubt in my mind who Josh will VTE Thursday.

      • Love that! Never thought I’d associate such a beautiful thought with BB! ha! However, that is quite true. Thank you for sharing that.

        And I hope you’re right coz I really want Cody to see what it feels like to be blindsided.

      • Thank you for finding that quote. Loved Maya Angelou, still do! She is sorely missed.

      • Wow, truer words have never been spoken, thank you for the quote!!

        People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did but people will never forget how you made them feel.

      • What a legacy they’ll leave behind for their children if this is an example of how to treat people (insert sarcasm here). They should be ashamed of themselves for treating Josh like that, not celebrating.

  5. So far it seems like a no brainer to take the temptation. It seems to have worked out each time.

  6. Say what you want about Josh, but even he knows Cody is full of crap. Plus he seems smarter than people give him credit for.

    Its funny Cody didn’t want to talk to Josh and now suddenly he cares? You know with Josh while he can fly of the handle, if you handle him with kid gloves he can work with you.

    • Yeah, I was so happy he knew Jessica and Cody were full of you know what!
      When he was really upset and crying, Christmas sat in the BR with him and comforted him..Jessica laughed at him and made fun of him behind his back. We all know Josh has had a rough time of it in the BB house and, truthfully I was thinking he should go home asap (if only for his mental well-being) but it appears he might be settling down and turning his game around… I’m all for it!

      Now, please *crosses fingers & toes* ;) hopefully he’ll vote to keep Xmas so I can see the look on Jess/Cody’s faces when they’re blindsided. ;) Let them know what that feels like!

  7. I loved Paul last season, but now I can’t STAND his arrogance…I’m kinda hoping Jillian stays just so Paul learns his place.

      • Christmas can’t stand without crutches 😂😂😂 I’m sure she’s intelligent and can maybe win a mental comp, but she’s not winning any physical comps anytime soon. She’s just a vote. Besides, Cody/Jessica are targets after this vote no matter who goes home. There are 12 other houseguests ready to get rid of them. Josh isn’t really making a smart move by empowering the 7 person alliance.

      • Yeah, I agree 100%…I don’t know if it’s overconfidence or apathy but she needs to get it in gear!

      • That’s so frustrating to watch…I’ve auditioned for the past five years and hate seeing people get cast that don’t even try to play the game. Let me in AG!

      • Paul told her that the first couple weeks one should lay low. She must have taken that to heart and is doing just that.

      • There’s laying low and then there’s no vital signs or brain activity. SMH

      • Which she hasn’t, not once. The only people she has campaigned to is her own side. What a nincompoop.

      • Yeah, she’s handicapped as far as physical comps, but…as we know, you do not have to win comps to win BB. Derrick didn’t win a lot of comps, in season 3 Lisa & Danielle (W & RU) had like 2-3 comp wins between them! And of course look at Will Kirby-has never won a competition ever, but he’s still considered one of the greatest ever!

        So really, if Christmas forms a strong alliance and builds good relationships, she really does not need to compete or win comps…and that is, of course just my opinion on the matter. :)

  8. Good for Josh! Yes he’s a little off but I did feel bad for him all week. No one really wanted to talk to him. First they made fun of him for staying to himself, then when he did try to talk to them they didn’t want him around bc they said he was weird and annoying.. he was damned if he did and damned if he didn’t. Now everybody “needs” him! I hope Xmas gets cleared to stay so we can watch the smug look on both Jess and Cody’s face get wiped off live on Thursday. It shall be glorious lol

    • I think Paul and Kevin are working together. Causing confusion on purpose to see how it plays out. Kevin and Paul hung out together first from what I watched. Also, Jason and Kevin didn’t start hanging out this much until the last few days. I think it was an intended move. Besides, Paul has enough deals going on…it really doesn’t matter which one of them go home.

      • Yeah, doesn’t seem to be any more :( I like Kevin…and if anyone remembers correctly…I love Paul.

  9. Well, its still general BB fun because who is Kevin going to tell? Jason? Jason and Alex seem to know the voting plans, so that won’t go very far and while Jason and Alex might be vaguely allied with Cody and Jessica, they don’t actually like them very much. And, well, also, does Kevin know he has to vote? I mean, the worse that will happen is an even more shocking blindside because Jason will convince Alex that they don’t want to piss off the house by leaving the decision in Cody’s hands if he is still having doubts.

  10. I haven’t been paying close attention to Josh. He’s rarely on feeds and when he is I don’t hear a lot of game talk, but I get the feeling he is pulling Cody’s chain by telling him what he wants to hear and fishing for information to use at a later date. He said a few times yesterday that he’s just telling people what they want to hear, but he is definitely voting out Jillian. I guess he’s changed his mind?

    Kevin is getting tired of Paul and his non stop talking. This makes me sad, I love both of them and would love to see a strong alliance between those 2, I think they could make it to the end. Still love Paul but his non stop hammering about keeping Christmas is turning people off, people who are on his side.

    WhistleBritches is annoying AF. I really thought I would like him but geez, this bonehead can’t seem to stay on message for more than 3 minutes at a time. Watching him last night on feeds had my head spinning. Paul would convince him to keep Christmas and then the minute he leaves Alex would de-program him and they would be back to square one, rinse and repeat. I think it went on for 3-4 hours last night. SMDH

    • Josh is lying to Cody I think… at least I hope so. Christmas has been one of the only people in that house that is truly kind to him. I would hate to see him betray that kindness with an eviction vote. It’s bad enough WhistleBritches (LOVE that-hahaha) breaks her dang foot & is planning on voting her out…I’d hate for Josh to throw her under a bus too!

      • Hahaha, yes!!! I grew up in an area where a lot of women speak this way, and it drives me up a wall!!

      • My sister is like that. We don’t speak to one another anymore! I spend time with those that make room for me. She lost that gift! :-(

      • Awww, I’m so sorry and you are so right, people need to make room for others if they expect them to be in their life. You good peeps Joni! :)

      • All but her thinks so too, no worries. I’m still good with my two brothers! They don’t like being around her either.

      • I am truly sorry to hear that, Joni. There’s something special about a sister…it’s a shame yours does not realize that. Glad to hear you have your brothers to lean on & share time with. Family is important.

        Not to mention…you’re a blast. You’d be a definite invite to any party I was throwing, if only for comedic relief! haha ;)

    • Little baby voice. Non-player. Plus, I can’t stand it when she starts popping her knuckles! Alex does it too…My pet peeve!

    • Honestly Em I don’t think I’d notice if she left she never freaking talks…unless it’s to discuss her safety…with the same people who have already said they were keeping her btw! *smh*

  11. I really wish Paul would just close his mouth for awhile. Here he told Josh to keep quiet and now he blabs to Kevin…he should know better..this will get back to Cody.

    • All you need to know is Cody is on the wrong side and for the record, Cody doesn’t have a clue what he is talking about. He spends 90% of his time in the HOH room, there’s no way he has a pulse on the house, the different factions and the way any of them are thinking/leaning, with the exception of Jess the mess.

      • Yeah too funny how he has already, in the first 2 weeks, decided who should be in Jury. Playing way too far ahead of himself

      • IKR, it kills me when he is talking about that kind of thing. Slow your roll bud, you most likely will be long gone before you have any say in who goes to jury.

      • I agree. Cody is on the wrong side. At least not on the same alliance as my favorites so far.
        He is the Monte of this season and should go sooner than later and I think Jessica should go right behind him. It seems to me that he is constantly adding a new member to his group while taking another off.

      • Yeah, he really doesn’t have a clue. What’s worse is he simply doesn’t care either. For example, instead on actually asking his group if they were on board to backdoor Paul, he simply made up lies that insinuated the rest of his group distrusted Paul…which we all found out later on the feeds was utterly untrue. Elena confronted Cody and asked him point blank who told him these things and he had *no answer*. Instead, he tried to hedge and say he didn’t want to break their confidence. There’s no confidence to break b/c this imaginary conversation never took place!! he’s a liar and a bad one at that. :)

  12. After seeing the update here, now I know why Cody & Jessica seem to know Josh is no longer voting with them. I couldn’t figure out why they were saying they needed Mark’s vote so badly now.

    Why would Paul tell Kevin Josh lied to them?? Ugh! I like Paul & he’s fun to have in the house, but talking too much can (and has in the past) mess up his game. I really wish he would stop & think sometimes before running his mouth!

    • Because Paul thinks he has Kevin in his back pocket just from all the “bonding” they’ve been doing. Gawd I could just kick him.

    • Omg! Paul needs to shut his mouth! I got a feeling he’s doing this much because he knows the urgency to get Cody out, and I hope he has the wisdom to know after its done to chill. If he does that, I’ll know Paul is worth his salt, and will go far.

  13. Is it just me or is Jillian the most boring hg ever? She has the personality of a bowl of soggy toast if not less.I am sure she is a perfectly nice girl but at a certain point nice becomes boring. I have looked for signs of any glimpses of something interesting, but nothing. When she is gone there won’t even be a ripple left in the water. No one will even notice.

    I have always liked Paul’s game play but he seriously needs to shut it ….now! All he is doing is irritating people and perhaps putting Christmas in jeopardy. At a certain point there is a psychological point when you need to stop to talking. I learned this with my sons when they were teens.

    Does anyone else think Jason looks a lot older than his reported age? Honestly when he and Kevin were talking last night they almost looked like peers at one point!

    Can’t wait for the show tonight! I want that smug look wiped off Cody’s face even if it’s just for a few minutes.

  14. This season is so good. Jessica & cody are too controlling Paul’s about to take over and have them for lunch. They should’ve played their cards more carefully…Imo.. And I’m loving the dilemma with mark Loving two women. He clearly likes elena physically but mentally & emotionally he likes dom better he’s a sensitive man and elena is clearly turned off by it and he’s turned off by her aggressiveness.

    • Yes Jessica and Cody need to be put in their place! Who do they think they are??

      • I know right. This season is fabulous. But i knew cody was going to be a problem once i saw those crazy eyes & when he talks he kind of rambles & as for Jessica just another pretty face. But if she doesn’t cut back on the catty behavior she might slip into bad habits like that aaryn girl..She’s slipping.. lol

      • Lol aren’t those a set of psycho eyes on Cody?? He looks like he wants to make a necklace out of everyone’s ears as trophy! Lol

      • They think they’re Brenden & Rachel…or at least Jessica compared herself to Rachel! Can you believe it??

        Um…No, Jessica, you are nowhere near the player RR was!

      • Did she?? Lol In her dreams! She’d be lucky if she makes it to week
        six. Shows how stupid she is, she has burned all her bridges, thats not smart. A good player would have done damage control and salvaged some if those relationships in event they break off Cody. Neither of them has done that. They cant humble themselves enough to sincerely apologize. They are as dumb as two nickels. Cant run a two car parade. If they don’t get those meat heads out soon, I’m done. I wont be aggravated like I was last summer with Nicory. I’ve stopped watching seven years straight before and will do it agan! Lol

  15. Remember the old days when people took the time to get to know their competitors before immediately jumping into alliances and/or showmances? Watching BB sure is different now.

  16. The look on Cody’s, face…PRICELESS!!!!!!!!!!!, and then he puts up one of his OWN TEAMMATES,What a DUUFFESS. He deserves what ever is coming to him….LOL…LOL

  17. i wish paul would take it down a notch i like him in this game and i do not like Cody or whats her name (not snarky just don’t know all names yet) i hope they come back and put those two up they think they are great and i really dont think so plus if someone puts those two on the block it would be a good week for the guy who was cursed to put himself on the block it would just about be certain that he would be safe just a smart game move

  18. Ah, Paul. Still making those rookie mistakes, eh? LOL, this could actually end up being more fun if word gets back to Josh that Paul blabbed.

  19. Cody isn’t too smart to begin with. Jessica would have got with whomever won HOH. That’s what groupies do.

  20. Cody couldn’t predict Paul’s immunity, but he did see that being a pair with Alex would be a super duo. Jessica is a parasite.

    I am going to watch Kevin’s vote. If his vote is for the person evicted, whoever that is, then he’s aware. I think he may be a guy who can see through Paul’s BS.

  21. Josh is voting out Xmas, according to this Cam chat alone with us last night. There’s only one way to have Josh on your side. Talk to him often, reassure him often, and protect him from talking to anybody else… often. As of right now, he’s not playing anybody or trying to blindside anybody but Paul’s side. (But it’s Josh, and this could change.)

  22. I hope Cody stays for a long time. Not because I like him but because he is unpredictable. Sick and tired of people you can read from day one. As to Paul, it really angered me when he was given safety for three weeks. We are supposed to believe that CBS had nothing to do with it. I do not believe that. This would certainly not be the first time they play favorites, especially all those “viewer’s” favorites they kept bringing back, not just from Big Brother but also from their other shows, who were and are NOT “viewer” favorites, like for example Paul. Of course, they have a group of unstable people this year. The “interrogator” (who in real life needs to be cold as ice) who couldn’t stand not being liked, as if ANY interrogator is soft and cuddly) and the baby boy who is “worried” about mommy and daddy and keeps having breakdowns. Of course Cody also falls under unstable but at least it is entertaining. Favorite moment: “Alex….oh, I didn’t mean that”. Sorry, buddy, yes you did (in your subconscious). I knew it would happen. He is smitten with his “gorgeous” bed mate and in love with his awesome rival who doesn’t play the honey card. Would like to see more of that. (What worse insult could their be coming from your bed mate. lol.)

    • I agree with you regarding Paul. For me last season was a real rough one because I find Paul obnoxious.

  23. Nice move Josh, disappointed that Kevin is not being loyal to Paul and Christmas. I’m enjoying Kevin but he’s not going to last long when they figure out his vote to keep Jillian.

  24. Paul needs to go…..He is boring already. 1 year was enough for this clown.

    • I’m on the fence about that guy. They give him WAY too much screen time. It gets old real fast, yep. I tune in to watch BB, not The Paul Show. He seems to be popular though, which is why he’s there. In RL he’s just a deadbeat loser and phony con man.

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