Tonight On Big Brother 19: Veto Competition & Ceremony

Tonight on Big Brother 19 (CBS 8/7c) the house is trying to regain its balance following Megan’s decision to quit the game and force Cody to name yet another player to the Block. The stress doesn’t ease up for Cody though with what’s coming up next.

Big Brother 19 Houseguests in episode 4

This is going to be a hot episode at the end as we build up to what’s likely going to be hard to top for the rest of the season. Hope you enjoyed the fireworks yesterday because there are more on our way with this one.

We’ve got a Power of Veto competition that brings back memories of last year’s first Veto comp but this time there’s water and seashells. Now we’ll get to see how it all played out and whether or not we’re also convinced that a player threw the comp.

The real action comes later though and it should definitely make for a can’t-miss episode of Big Brother. If you’re going to be out and on the go then don’t forget you can stream BB19 live on All Access so that’s a nice bonus. Get your Free Trial to watch shows & the Live Feeds.

Can’t wait for the spoilers? Check out what happened at the Veto comp & ceremony this week.

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  1. Can. Not. Wait to see the looks on people’s faces when Paul pulls out the Pendant!!!

      • Oh yeah! Looks of horror all around I’m sure. Can’t wait!!

        Plus, I want to see if he really did throw that comp to Alex. Coz, if he did, I’m thinking he planned on backdooring Paul the entire time.

      • I want Jessica to burst into tears!! Hahahaha

        I’m almost 100% sure he DID plan to backdoor Paul the whole time. He’s getting his just desserts now, though. *evil cackle*

      • Yeah, me too. I think even if Megan was still otb, he would have tried harder for that veto just to take her down and put up Paul. He’s a snake & a terrible liar too. If you’re going to lie in the BB house…at least be *good* at it like Will, Derrick, Boogie & Dan to name a few. If you suck at it…then stop it. :) Jessica & Cody suck at it!!!

      • Yeah, I think so, too. In that regard, Cody has been eerily similar to Paul’s sentiment from Day 1 of last season regarding vets. I give him credit for trying to achieve his goal, but he just SUCKED at trying to make it happen. I think he failed to realize that the Big Brother HGs are NOT like a platoon of Marines just out of boot camp – you can’t command them to obey your orders & follow your plans just because you’re their “leader” – human social interactions are much more subtle than that and he clearly has NO idea what that means. Really makes you wonder how he ever got close enough to a female that he impregnated her! Hahahaha
        With regards to lying in the BB house – I have ZERO problem with it as it IS part of the game. But like you said, unless you’re *good* at it, you’d better stick with evasions, avoidance, or passing the task to someone on your team IS good at it!! Oh, wait…..*more evil cackling*

      • I do too, but he was too big of a pussy and went for 2 girls that weren’t a threat to him or his game.

      • Oh by no means am I a fan of Cody I knew he was a douche when he did not talk to Paul then got mad he did not get s friendship bracelet I will be doing a dance when he leaves

      • I didn’t mean to imply you were a fan of Cody, never crossed my mind, was totally agreeing with you. :)

    • I know!! *does a happy dance*!! The sheer horror they all felt was obvious in the feeds afterwards. can’t wait to actually witness the event! hahaha

  2. Tonight on Big Brother…. the most dramatic POV ceremony ever ha! Actually the POV ceremony from the past that sticks out the most for me was BB12 when Matt pulled out the Diamond Power of Veto and said to Brendon ‘Better luck next time you big dummy’. Jaw drops all round.

  3. OH, there we go. It’s prior to weekly nominations. So since that happen after nominations, it mean it is for the next 3 weeks, one week after the 3 weeks of Paul’s safety.

  4. So Cody hasn’t trusted him (Paul) from the start? (who would? lol)…mutual now…I want to see the look on his face when he decides to nom him and he can’t..

  5. Sorry, but if you want to make the big move, assume it and win the damn veto.

  6. I have a feeling they are going to keep all the Christmas story for tomorrow.

  7. I think when Cody was trying out for the show, production must have been rubbing their hands together with his god complex. Everyone looked at each other and said we’ve got to have this guy on. He’s unbelievable.

  8. I don’t like Paul but I don’t like Cody either. It’s the eyes. Scary eyes.

  9. Cody has a lot of flaws as a player..I can see that now. His delivery like a commander is bad! lol Hard to believe his proposals.

  10. Who is everyone voting for? I want someone that I don’t care for to get it and save the good ones for last.

      • I kind of think she’s off the radar for now. Everyone wants Cody and Jessica.

      • Well then who else should I vote for now? Nobody else in the house really needs it at this point.

        Edit: Cody and Jessica might need it. But I don’t think any of us like them enough to give it to them

    • I don’t Strategically, who’s better to get it at this time. Timing is important.

      • Ought to be someone strong. They don’t have to use it this week do they. Just thinking. Alex or Kevin might need it if they thought they were going to get backdoored.

      • Yeah..Alex or Kevin sounds good. I have to check online what’s the consensus.

      • Me too! I’m holding out for some good ones for Alex and Kevin. I was thinking of maybe Matt or Raven for this week?? What about you?

      • Those sound good. I wish I knew who was leading in the votes because then I would vote for them as long as it isn’t Alex. I really like her and want her to go far.

      • Yeah, she’s a strong competitor. I think if she can align herself with the right people she has a really good chance of winning it all. I’m rooting for her!

  11. Ha! He (Paul) nuked Cody…no wonder he’s pissed with Production. Cody’s speech was destroyed.

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