Big Brother 19: Josh Continues To Tease Paul Betrayal

Josh Martinez contemplates his next move on BB19

Josh Martinez is in a simple, but seemingly complex situation this week on Big Brother 19. I say seemingly complex but he’s making it out that way. In repeated camtalks and discussions with Christmas he’s made it clear that he understands he’ll lose to Paul. But what’s a guy with control over nominations supposed to do about it? He approached that topic last night in yet another camtalk.

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Josh begins to examine what he thinks is going on with his F3 deal. Earlier Josh asked Christmas if she’d take him to F2 and instead of telling him what he needed to hear, Christmas stumbled over her words and said she couldn’t answer him yet. Great idea. Josh says that makes it obvious to him that she won’t take him. Not only that, but he thinks Paul is only taking him because he can beat Josh. So much for the benefits of this F3, huh?

“So the only person I can see myself beating… I can beat Kevin. I can beat Alex. I can beat Christmas, but Christmas is not going to take me. If I move forward with Alex and Kevin… Alex is going to take me over Kevin. Kevin is going to take me over Alex.”

Alright, so Josh has established what he believes to be the parameters of his situation. He’d lose to Paul. He wouldn’t get to the end with Christmas. He’d get to the end and win against Alex and Kevin. This is all according to Josh. So it seems pretty easy going forward, right? You would pursue the path leading to how you believe you can win, right? Right?!

“So the question is, do I really want to turn on Christmas and Paul?” No, no Josh. The question is always, “how do I win?”

“Do I win the Veto and pull [Alex] off? I think that’s what I want to do.” Okay, that’s a start, but wait, there’s more. “But, would [Alex] vote to evict Paul? No. Would Christmas vote to evict Paul? No. So I put Paul on the Block and then that raises, that alarms him. Or I can just go to F3 and take the shot at him. I think that I might just go with F3.”

Josh will not turn on Paul. He’s said it over and over. Instead of testing the waters to see if he could get either Alex or Kevin to give him the one vote he’d need to reach a tiebreaker Josh is going ahead and assuming he won’t be able to make it happen. Maybe he couldn’t, but he’s not trying very hard here.

Instead of taking a shot now Josh will wait, and wait, and wait until it’s too late. He’s giving himself a narrow window of opportunity in a hopeful situation later instead of trying now and again and again until he’s out of chances. If you’re convinced you’ll lose to someone but could win against the others when why oh why would you pursue the path you just decided was the losing one. Sigh.

What do you think of Josh’s decision? Is he even seriously considering this or is Josh just playing it up to Feedsters? Share your thoughts below as we wait for today’s Veto comp results.


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  1. I think Josh doesn’t win in F2 against anyone left in the house except maybe Alex, and the vote would be close. Unless he wins veto, he’s probably going home Thursday.

    • “Unless he wins veto, he’s probably going home Thursday.”

      He’s HoH. He’s not going anywhere Thursday………well, maybe off the deep end.

      • The eviction we will see on the Wednesday show will have taken place on Tuesday (that’s why the feeds will be down from Tuesday till after the Wednesday show airs on the west coast). There will also be the normal eviction on Thursday.

      • Wednesday and Thursday. But unless Alex wins the POV Josh is safe for both of them Alex goes on Wednesday and Kevin on Thursday.

      • His HOH is over Wednesday. Someone goes then. Thursday is another eviction and he can’t play in HOH. So yes he probably goes if he doesn’t win POV.

      • Anything is possible, but assuming HG are free to vote who they choose, Mark, Elena, Cody, Matt and Jason would likely vote for Kevin over Josh. That’s 5. Raven disliked Kevin, but would ultimately vote with Matt, who also hated Josh’s antics. Paul’s vote would be a toss up. Christmas and Alex would be his only guaranteed 2 over Kevin.

    • If Alex doesn’t win the POV tonight, she goes home on Wednesday and Kevin goes on Thursday. Josh is good to final 3.

  2. IMO, Josh’s game is a reflection of Paul’s, he doesn’t make it this far without Paul. Josh didn’t do anything on his own to make it to F5.

    I think Paul looks at who’s the jury going to give the money to, and at this point all he was to do is make it to F2.

    • that is not exactly true- even doing what you are asked is still a choice and action- he is taking the heat for his choices now

    • He wants to make big moves. The issue at this point is everyone left is team Paul. Jason was his last real hope.

  3. I give him credit for at least considering resigning from Paul’s school of henchmen. No one else seemed to do that until they are walking out the door.

    • There are people who think there were a bunch of excellent players in Season 19. Cody, maybe, because he, at least, saw the need to get rid of Paul ASAP (although he let his guard down and got sidetracked). The rest of them sat there – some for 11 weeks – all hell bent on getting each other out, sometimes with no rationale at all. NONE of them ever said, “you know what, I think we should cut off the head of the snake now. Why hasn’t somebody done that yet? I’m somebody, why haven’t I?” And then actually done anything about it. None of those HGs deserve to be called anything near “excellent.”

    • As far as I can understand Josh! The one and only reason Josh is turning on Paul is called:. The Green Eyed monster. Josh wants everyone to look up to him and treat him with respect. the way they do Paul!

      • I do think Josh knows the game and if he could manage to get Paul out he would have the votes to win against any others left

  4. If you’re ever in a situation where the necessity of having to make an instant decision and act on it is possible, pray you don’t have Josh with you.

    • Yeah if Josh would be the guy playing in the Florida Surf with a CAT 4 Hurricane just over the Horizon.

    • He had a bulls eye on Paul last episode. Paul even had his head in his hands. Knew he was going on the block and to jury. Josh just hesitated. if he didn’t do it chance now.

      • Update from Sunday night: Last night there was a segment with Paul crying in the Diary Room w/Josh and Alex. After Alex left Paul was smiling and talking game with Josh. Josh – being the drama queen sat w/his mouth wide open and eyes bulging at Paul. He later commented about Paul’s change of mood after Alex’s departure.

      • Even if Josh had used it, Alex would of nominated Christmas and not Paul. She confirmed this to him after the fact.

      • I think Josh is just sexually confused and is on the losing end of an F3 Love Triangle.

  5. he is too emotional and thinks about friendships and upsetting other HG’s.. its not the way to win BB. If he can detach for a moment and make himself do the hard thing ( win POV and take down Kevin renom Paul) he would be giving himself a chance. Cmas is too much in his head though… wish he and Kevin would start talking strategy now

    • If Josh goes into the POV meeting with the POV in his hand and royally pissed, he might put up Paul. But if he goes in all teary-eyed and telling everyone he’s sorry, Paul’s not going near the block.

    • josh needs to understand that xmas doesn,t give a crap about him ,she is too far up pauls evil ass,to care about josh, josh just needs to say to hell with xmas,but he won,t he doesn,t have enough brain power to do that,his dumbass is gone come thursday unless he wins veto.

      • yea- c’mas is not good for Josh’s game- but he has put his trust in her-
        I would say its not a matter of brain power but a lack of confidence and “emotional” power or fortitude – if he could break away from c’mas and her constant berating and shutting him down he might do something- sadly there is not enough time I think

      • Cmass was the first person to go to Josh’s aid at the beginning when he went all emotional with all of the crying. She is his mommy figure and if given the chance he will take her to F2 even after finding out in return she would dump him for Paul. This Kid is a Mess.

  6. there will be only one winner and unless Josh puts Paul up now he would have to evict Paul if he tell Alex he will remove her from the block if she votes for Paul to leave I think this would be the only way and somehow convince Christmas the truth try to open her eyes about how Paul don’t like her also tell her she has a better chance with Kevin still in the house than Paul

    • Alex will definitely say yes to that and when she come off, she will vote out Kevin and unite more strongly with her new ride or die to target Josh and Xmas.

  7. “Or I can just go to F3 and take the shot at him. I think that I might just go with F3”

    Going to be a great final HOH. 500,000 to whoever wins it….except Christmas. If she wins…will be the new Cody. Could have evicted Derrick but decided to pick him. lost out on 500,000.

    • Procrastination is the bad habit of putting off until the day after tomorrow what should have been done the day before yesterday.

    • Josh wins veto uses it to pull Kevin down in return for his vote against Paul. That’s Christmas voting to evict Alex and Kevin evicting Paul.. Josh breaks tie and sends Paul packing. Then he can bring Christmas in with him and Kevin since Alex hates Kevin so much she would target him if he won HOH. Just my thoughts but I think it would work for sure and put Josh in best position

  8. Dont understand Joshs loyalty to Xmas when she more or less told him she is not taking him to f2 if she has the chance. Josh has to say f them and make a move.

    • Yep. Josh has been throwing “F” around for the past 12 weeks; now would be the time to really mean it.

  9. Simple question for Josh to ask the others…”Do you want to have a real chance at half a million dollars or not”? If yes, put up Paul, vote out Paul. If no, keep doing what you’re doing. It’s as simple as that

  10. If josh wins veto he could pull alex down and put paul off…..alex votes paul out… votes kevin out and josh breaks tie voting paul out……POOF problem solved

    • alex won’t vote paul out- pull kevin off, replace with paul- goes to tiebreak and josh can vote out Paul and get jury credit for the move

      • Convincing Alex takes finesse.
        Josh would have to make Alex figure it out for herself, in order to get her on board… That ah-ha moment.

        Josh isn’t that savvy yet, I don’t think. I’ve said before: I’m amazed at how savvy Paul is being so young himself.

      • And if he convinced Alex, she would have to realize she’ll have to win her way out the rest of the season. Even if Josh evicts Paul, he’ll still take Xmas to F2, not Alex. And Kevin isn’t a option, or Xmas.

      • Josh might take Kevin but I was talking about Alex’s options.
        No way Josh takes Alex to F2 and she knows that. She’ll have to win every comp. :)

      • Kevin believes Paul is taking him to F2. Josh needs to talk to both Alex and Kevin together. Spill everything and they all need to compare notes.

      • thats exactly what needs to happen- but no one talks and compares stories- all season this way, odd way to play to win

    • Alex will never vote Paul out, unless Josh tells her what Paul is doing or has done. Josh has to make Alex believe him.

  11. They are all feeding into Paul’s little circle of lies and need to snap out of it I have never been so upset as I am this season with they way he is the puppet master and all his puppeteer’s are just shutting up and following what he says ….

    • Except they won’t snap out of it. Who is still there to help them do that? Paul made sure anybody with “snap out of it” potential is long gone.

  12. Win the veto! Pull Kevin off, put Paul on the block. Tell Kevin the only way he gets to the finals is vote to evict Paul. Tie vote to Christmas to evict Alex. Break the tie and out goes Paul. I wish I was telepathic & could get this through that meatballs thick skull.

    • We really could use a plane and a big sign. Fly that over the house.
      “Kevin stick with Josh” or ” stop trusting Paul you dolts!”

  13. He already betrayed Paul by ratting him out to Jason in his goodbye message to Jason. Now Jason will go to jury house all angry and bitter.

    • I was glad that he did! Paul has betrayed EVERYONE, so hopefully Jason can instigate a bitter jury against Paul! 😁

      • In another interview, Jason said he’d calmed down and was really mad at himself, etc. He gave Paul credit because he realizes that Paul was in on every conversation in the house, he knew everything.

      • I haven’t seen that. I would peg him to be a more emotion driven person than rational and logical.. so he might do the opposite and convince the jury that logically, Paul has done the most work. I’m never surprised either way!

      • Yes, he said right after the eviction, had he had his way, there’s have been some damage. He was furious.

        I think he’ll go into the jury and tell them, yeah, I’m a Dumas. Lol. In the interview he was saying that he isn’t like these other people and he never will be. Think he was referring to cutthroat.

      • I really wanted to root for Jason, but I just couldn’t get past his joke. I just don’t have that type of humor I suppose. But he did let Alex and the others kind of run over him, so I can see that he isn’t as “cutthroat”. I’m actually more interested in what conversations are taking place at the jury house than what’s going on in the BB house right now. I would love to know how they are leaning towards and how each evictee is changing their perceptions! Maybe they will show it this week!

    • I think everyone goes to the jury bitter and angry, and Paul had that coming to hm. Smart move Josh.

  14. It is rigged people. The producers have Christmas all keyed in to protect Paul no matter what.

  15. At this point, I’m almost convinced that production is putting scenarios in Josh’s mind and requesting that he ponder them aloud. It wouldn’t be the first time. Nicole admitted to doing it last season. It just makes zero sense to me if a person is certain that they are going to get burned, why continue to soak in gasoline? If he is serious, THEN DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT for crying out loud!!
    On the flip side, Josh really don’t have many options.. Alex is convinced that Paul is her new “ride or die”. Christmas is depending on Paul to get her to F2-3, and Kevin, just like the rest of them, would report back to Paul if Josh conversed with him about targeting Paul. So even if he put him OTB, the only one that might would vote to evict Paul is Kevin, and that’s a big chance to take.
    If two is on the block, that means only two will vote, and then if there is a tie, Josh will vote? So three votes?

    • I think a previous poster was right, if Josh wins veto, he secures Kevin’s pledge to vote out Paul (and shut his yap) if Kevin is pulled off the block and Paul put up. Xmas votes out Alex, Kevin votes out Paul, Josh breaks tie and votes out Paul.

      • I was thinking about that scenario. I could see him pulling Kevin in with him to evict Paul before Christmas would. So all Josh needs is one vote, and then he can send him packing with the tiebreaker! I would absolutely love it if that happens!!

      • Paul would get to kevin and swear to take him , he would manipulate the hell out of him and tell him that he would most likely win over paul and could lose to josh .. I dunno this is the first time I really don’t know what he will do! I hate it! I don’t like surprises! 😝

      • I prefer the suspense over the predictable season thus far. But yeah, Paul has the power to manipulate Kevin as well, so I don’t see anything changing throughout the rest of the game. I hope I’m wrong though! 😁

    • ThInking same. There is no way Josh suddenly grew a brain. Why he is now production’s favorite is anyone’s guess.

      • Josh is all production has left, and he’s the only one viewers would approve to win any money at all. It’s possible Alex could beat Paul (hence why she has to go next), but Christmas and Kevin haven’t done anything in the game that could justify receiving $50,000, much less $500K. How is CBS going to justify Christmas winning $50,000?

      • Especially since once she broke her foot she should have been disqualified from further participation in BB19.

      • Maybe, but not sure the viewers are all on the same page about Josh. Personally, I disagree about Christmas-she’s successfully adapted her whole game around an unexpected set back, something a lot of people can relate to. Now whether she should have been allowed to play is another matter, but that ship has sailed.

      • What would paul have done or who would he have put up : Alex and Kevin .. I think he does want him, josh and Xmas f3 . If that happens then they just play straight and shoot to win. No more scenarios , just decide who would he most likely win over

      • I think Paul’s plan was Josh and Christmas, but Kevin is the backup if Josh continues to weigh them down.

      • They can use his discussions to edit the show and make it more suspenseful. The ratings dropped down the last few weeks because of the predictability of each eviction; so now they can draw us back in because Josh is questioning Paul’s strategy aloud. That’s what I think is going on at least.. especially if he does Paul’s bidding again this week!

  16. !!!BREAKING NEWS!!!

    Josh just told Christmas that if the veto is used he is nominating Paul and that if he wins the veto he is taking Kevin off and putting Paul up and will break the tie to evict him.

  17. This is all an act led by production. Trying to get good TV to save this predictable boring season.

  18. The most suitable F3 that will guarantee f2 for Josh is with Alex and Kevin but he can’t achieve that. Good to see that at least he is thinking. He should target the veto on Wednesday or Thursday and take out Paul if he doesn’t win HoH. Then he will be be heading to F3 with Xmas and Kevin/Alex and with a better chance to F2.

  19. This is such carp! Obviously rigged, the whole show is a joke on us, the viewers. Josh, a lot of talk and no action. Somebody needs to wake that boy up. I don’t like any of the houseguests that remain except for Kevin. Alex needs to get her head in the game and vote out Paul, Christmas. That leaves Josh and Kevin. I can dream, can’t I?

    • lol ! I want paul to win , I know he’s hated and played a sketchy game but at least he played . Kevin I don’t think would win next to anyone , he has to win something ????? Veto would be nice and then he could put up Xmas or paul cause that’s all that’s left , but josh wears his heart on his sleeve and I dunno if he has the cojones to do it . ? 🤷‍♀️

  20. If I am Josh, I try to get Paul out this week because Alex is not a threat as long as Kevin is in the house. If Alex wins PoV next week, then she will vote out Kevin if he is not HoH. That means Josh gets to F3. Then Josh has to win F3 or he goes out the door no matter who else is F3.

    I do wonder if Kevin would vote out Paul if Josh put Paul up as a replacement for Kevin this week. If it was Paul and Alex on the block it would be an interesting choice. A tie vote would give Josh the final say. Of course Kevin has to know if Alex stays she will be after him next.

  21. I really thought he would be more cutthroat than he has been based on preseason interviews, but he’s so soft. That meatball is such a disappointment.

    • Josh is a follower, not a leader. He has the potential to do something big but Christmas has him by the you-know-whats.

    • He’s a good guy , he’s got a good heart , he would win if he took Xmas and paul out .. but that’s the problem , if he puts paul up next to Alex and Alex goes , then paul will lose his mind and go after him and will be paul and Kevin at the end , paul wins .

  22. These are not nice people and I do not enjoy seeing these type of people getting rewarded. Someone on the BB blog mentioned that BB should be called Big Bully. I thought that was very appropriate for this season. Go Kevin, Go!!!!

  23. It wouldn’t be bad if Paul wasn’t such an arrogant, conceited jerk-wad, using a mean spirited bullying campaign against his “targets” through much of the game. Alas, he will be the ugliest person to win BB since Evil Dick, and Evil Dick is a nice dude compared to Cult Leader Paul. And why would he win? ONLY because this cast is the worst bunch of strategists in BB history. Put a Dr Will or Derrick in there, and he would have been packing in the first few weeks. Just vote for Cody as Americas Favorite Player to stick it in Paul’s eye….it’s all you got now. Cody was the one who wanted Paul out week one. He looks like a genius now.

    • I called it Big Bully in these blogs 5-6 weeks ago, so at least others are using this term now to describe this ugly season.

      • Elena even said Big Paul in the jury house video. She didn’t know that is what he was called in the threads.

  24. Here is who I am guessing will be the “celebrities” on the celebrity season (I dont know the actual celebrities, but there is a good chance at least a couple of these commonly used “celebrities” are on it)

    Kathy Griffin
    Stephen Baldwin
    Tila Tequila
    Dennis Rodman
    Hiedi Montag
    Vanilla Ice
    Blac Chyna
    Carrot Top
    Aaron Carter
    Flava Flav
    “New York”
    Joey Fatone
    Haylie Duff
    Brooke Hogan
    “fan favorite” Frankie Grande

    • That’s probably the level of ‘celebrity-ness’ to expect. Anyone who has the time to appear even in a condensed version, doesn’t have a job elsewhere to go to. Pass

    • Maybe Bobby Moynihan? He is on contact with CBS, is a BB fan, and his new show will probably b on hiatus when Celebrity BB starts. JMO

      • if BM know he’ll be on BBC then he can work a little to put some episodes in the can first so he can do BBC.

      • I would like to see him on, but legally he can’t. Since he is employed by CBS it would break the law to have him on a CBS show offering a prize.

      • I think he can. He is employed/ under contract with CBS. CBS owns him, basically. CBS can have him on CBB. I am sure any money they win is not theirs. The money will probably go to the charity of the celebrities choice.

      • The problem is that he is employed by CBS. No CBS employees or family members of employees are allowed on BB. The reason for this is if they win it will appear rigged (whether it is rigged or not) which is why laws have been put in place against it. Although the money will I assume go to charity it would still be a CBS employee winning the money which is illegal.

    • Julie said whoever casts DWTS does an excellent job. That should tell you pretty much all you need to know.

    • Ok from this list I only know Kathy Griffin and Snooki..and I think Snooki would be a great idea, but she has 2 children now and she`s not crazy anymore…so i dont know

    • Don’t think Heidi will be part of it. She’s currently very pregnant.
      Aaron Carter, no way. He is in the throes of a very serious drug addiction/SM meltdown.
      Tila Tequila, another no. She is well known for being anti semitic, going so far as to pose in Nazi regalia and doing the Hilter salute. BB wouldn’t touch her with a 10ft pole after Season 15.

    • I initially thought, “No, not Frankie Grande!”…. Ugh! But then I thought, these “real” celebrities will eat him alive!!!!

  25. Josh should tell Alex they need to scare Paul, get her to hide somewhere in the HoH and tell her not to come out until he uses a code word. Then get Xmas and Paul up there and talk strategy, bring up Jason’s eviction and whether they should use the veto to save Alex. That would open her eyes.

    • I would love that…and I really dont get why things like this does not happens in the house. I think it was season 12 when Kathy was in bed sleeping and 2 people walked in and started talking without noticing she was in the room. ( or maybe it was season 13 with Shelly or Porsha ….I just dont remember exactly but it happened.

    • How about getting the feral wombat to hide in the garbage can and…..that’s it. Leave her there until who the f cares? LOL :)

  26. Josh isn’t playing with a full load! If he could try to get Paul out ,then he can bend over and kiss his butt good bye

    • He could win the veto and take kevin down and put paul up , but Kevin and Xmas would evict Alex ? I think Alex , xmas and josh should be final 3 , at least 2 of them have been playing , Xmas .. she stayed but mostly because of protection and thrown comps her way . If it’s paul and josh at the f2 I have no idea who would win .

    • What Josh needs to do is curl up in a fetal position in the corner of the shower stall and cry it out. Then get up, get pissed, and do what he wishes he had the nerve to do.

    • I agree.

      He would still have to get past Alex. She hates Kevin but if Paul is gone, she had only herself and has to know Josh would then be her biggest competition to beat at F3. :)

      • Alex vs josh, that would be a close jury vote? Josh would get Kevin, Christmas , alex would get Jason, Mark, , I have no idea who Maven Cody, and Elena would go for. Alex played hard but made people mad. Josh was annoying but if he got out Paul?

      • Ikr? Getting out Paul would be such a big feather, that some might worry they look petty if they don’t vote for Josh, idk.

        Normally i think Cody would vote for Alex but if Josh took out Paul, idk. I think Elena would vote for Josh.

        Maven – I think they’d vote for Josh because of the Paul eviction.

        I think Josh wins if he evicts Paul. He’s won comps now and built up his resume some, too.

      • I didn’t think of Paul’s vote or influence with the jury. Would he push for josh to win because josh did the impossible and got him out or be bitter and mezmorize his followed to vote alex? I bet Paul would sway Maven , maybe Elena..

      • You know, I’m not sure. Idk.

        I’d like to think he’d vote for Josh to win. He said after the game, you leave it behind and move on. I hope he meant that. :)

      • I’m not sure Alex would get Jason’s vote. He cursed her in his exit interview. Not sure if it was because he thinks she was playing him or that she led them astray. I believe the former because he had questioned her loyalty at one time.

  27. Is Josh forgetting there’s two people on the block? He doesn’t have to save Alex, he can save Kevin which I think is easier to convince. He should make a F2 deal with Kevin. The move of evicting Paul would seal his win. Think Josh think smart!

  28. I frankly can’t stand Josh, but if he had the balls to get out Paul I’d immediately start rooting for him to win the game. And I think a lot of jury members would too.

  29. If Josh don’t some how find a way to send Paul home on Wednesday,his chances to f3 are gone.Paul will try and win the final hoh so he can pick the final 3.His picks will be Christmas and Kevin.Here’s why,Christmas won’t be able to do any of f3 physical comps and Kevin ain’t good at winning anything.That gives him and easy ride to f2 in which will probably end up being him and Kevin.Why Kevin??He will tell the jury of all the comps he won this year and how he single handly got everyone of them brain dead minions evicted in the house this year,and what was Kevin’s accomplishments this year??Kevin couldn’t win crap and pissed some of the jury off.

  30. If he spills the beans to Alex on who masterminded Jason’s eviction, would she believe him? Hmmm questionable. If he talks to Kevin and tells him that he wants to get paul out, can you help me…Kevin would. So Kevin or josh would have to win veto…well josh would because Kevin can’t do anything. Win the veto, take Kevin down, paul up, kevin splits the vote and paul goes

      • I think there will be twist in the end that everyone expect for JODY was working with Paul all along and if they make the final 2 with Paul which would win 500K.

      • alex is brain dead,there is no cure for that either,and xmas inherited ravens sawdust brain,they,ll find out how really stupid they are when they watch the replay of this season

    • Alex straight up asked josh if there was a plan to get out Jason, and Josh said, no. Josh had his chance to tell alex what happened and didn’t.

  31. Question everyone,When Julie said they are having a special winter season this year with celebreties.Did she mean bb celebreties or like famous people?

  32. Josh talking to cam and sounds as if he is seriously considering turning on Paul. Compared it to Vanessa’s season and Steve taking it.

  33. While it would be nice to see Josh put up Paul, I don’t think it would be the smartest move if he wants to get to the end. Even if he puts up Paul there’s no way he’s getting him out, none of Alex, Kevin, or Christmas would vote him out, and if he even brings up the possibility they’ll all immediately tattle on him to Paul. The problem is that it’s to little to late, Josh should have been doing this week’s ago, but he was indoctrinated by Paul and being calmed by Christmas at that point. Josh’s best chance is F3 with Paul/Christmas instead of 4th place guaranteed if he doesn’t get veto.

    • If Josh believes he cannot win with Paul anyway, what harm does it do to nominate him? He’ll be mad? So what? And then, at least, Paul won’t be able to say he’d never been on the block.

  34. “House Kitty 2” just posted a Josh camtalk on youtube. It helps me understand the tough decision he’s trying to make. He can’t compete in the next HOH. He also doesn’t have Christmas guaranteed as his F2 ride or die. (Major tactical error on her part, IMO.) He’s stuck in his own head, trying to figure out the Paul situation. Since he can’t compete in the next HOH, IF he wins veto today & puts Paul up, it’s a major gamble that he can get Kevin or Alex to help him vote Paul out. And if that doesn’t happen, he’s kinda screwed. He’s blown up his game. If he chills and goes with the plan to get Alex out now, he might get Paul back in his crosshairs next time. At minimum, it’s just interesting to watch someone, finally, who gets that Paul in F2 is no Bueno.

    • If Josh won veto (or if Kevin won veto … I know, long shot) and Kevin comes off the block, Josh could put Paul up and Kevin could probably be convinced to vote Paul out. I think the hate-hate relationship between Alex and Kevin is pretty much one-sided on her part. I think Kevin is probably still wondering what the he11 happened to cause it.

      • I think so too. Alex said something about him bad talking her in the past but it was never clear what exactly he did.

      • It’s just like everything else she does; she’s as stubborn as a mule and refuses to check stories out before she believes them. Paul really got his hooks into the gullible ones.

      • Yes he did! I’m surprised Jason didn’t tell him at some point. Not what Paul did but why Alex was treating him that way. Kevin asked him a few times what she had against him. He wanted to stay out of it or didn’t really know?

      • Who knows what Paul said to whom. We know what we hear, but we can’t be privy to it all. The problem is these people listen to Paul, but they don’t go behind his back and compare notes, which is what they should have been doing all summer.

      • her and xmas have their head so far up Pauls ass that they will need a fire hose to clean the poop stains from their faces.

      • Ask Paul…Hes the one who told her lies concerning Kevins feelings about aLEX….ALL LIES…Thanks to Paul…

  35. Can not stand for the way Xmas and Paul treat Josh. If Paul came up to me and slapped my face like he did Josh, someone would have had to hold me back.

    • I’m with you on that. How dare Paul accuse other people of playing mean and dirty. That man would be sweeping his own beard off the floor.

      • if he said anything like that to me ,he would be eating that beard after i ripped it off his face and wiped his ass with it if i didn,t kill the ahole 1st.

  36. The trouble is if he puts Paul up at this point, Kevin will go home. The two girls are seriously team Paul.

  37. I think Xmas knows that what Josh is saying about Paul is true, but she is starting to have feelings about Paul maybe, its clouding her judgement.

  38. Watching drunk Paul on youtube (when houseguests are all throwing down some beer) gives me Ralph Fieness in Schindler’s List heebie-jeebies.

  39. Josh made his bed in the game early on when he alienated people with his behavior. Most are now in the jury house.

  40. I believe Josh is all talk. He had chances to change up the game. Like Alex with Jason, Christmas is his Alex in the game lying to him telling we’re playing together. But their decision to Let Paul roll over all of them and choice everyone’s fate in the game is just plain stupidity. Josh should take shot because the jury wil be bitter and it will earn some respect in the jury. Because he’s on to Paul until they arrive at jury they will discover the truth about what’s been going on all this time with Paul. Paul has earned one actually win HOH in competitions this season and his second POV last week that sent him Jason. Josh is going to lose to Paul if does nothing.

    • Josh is going to lose anyway, it’s just a matter of time. As usual, he’s several moves behind, being carried along by those he’s suddenly figured out ‘on his own.’ Lol

  41. If Kevin won he could put Paul so Paul doesn’t have to vote against Alex. Of course Paul will come up a million reasons why he shouldn’t go OTB and Josh will fall for it.
    I think

    • I don’t know that they necessarily want to work with him, but at this point, they really have no choice. If one of them is going to take him on, do it or get off the pot. I’m getting real tired of Josh’s continual spewing hot air.

  42. If u look up the definition of arrogant in the dictionary, you’ll find a picture of Paul. He is sooo self involved it makes me nauseous to listen to him talk. Dude: get over yourself!

  43. Paul: Alex, if you win the veto you shouldn’t use it. Also you need to ask production if you can have an exception to vote for yourself. That would guarantee you stay. Trust me, I have a plan.

    Alex: OK, I trust you.

      • Normally the competition would be today and the ceremony Monday, But with the earlier eviction, that could change the schedule, I guess.

      • They could still have the ceremony Monday. This way the hgs won’t be on to a Wednesday eviction. JMO

      • The eviction will be Tuesday their time, Wednesday ‘our’ time.
        That’s why feeds will be out from Tuesday afternoon/evening until after Wednesday’s show on the west coast. That way we won’t see on the feeds who is evicted on their Tuesday night house time eviction.

      • Do we know if Paul decided to throw it or go for it? He has no way of knowing how others did until they all finish, right?

      • I would think Paul would try to win it. That’s the only way he can guarantee what happens to the noms.

      • His hesitation was because Alex would know he’s been lying to her then? Sorry for all the questions, that’s my last one, promise!

      • I think he’ll throw it to avoid tipping his hand by not saving Alex.

        I think they said that the plan is that Paul would VTE Kevin while Xmas VTE Alex and Josh breaks the tie, sending Alex to Jury, knowing that Paul voted to keep her.

        Of course this is if Alex doesn’t win POV. :)

  44. I don’t want everyone to go off the rails with what I’m about to say…I’m not in any way saying Paul is like any murderous despot from the past…but it is very scary to see how people, in real time, can be so mind controlled by ONE man (a diminutive one, at that). It gives you insight into what people may have experienced in past circumstances, where we may all have looked at it and said,”Why in the world would they do that? Why would they blindly follow someone to ruin?” Scary, scary.

  45. I think this Season of Big Brother is a house full of Helens. It’s not time for a big move yet. If not now, when, if not then, why? This is worse than house guests feeling each other up all summer. C’mon Josh get in the game or go home, too late for strategy.

  46. If he doesn’t take this shoot at Paul, right here and right now, then I think that he will go down as one of the dumbest players in BB history. Right up there with Cody choosing to take Derek, except worse… because of he doesn’t take this shot now he won’t win anything at all. Not even AFP

  47. Josh can do this easy, somewhat, all he needs to have happen is if kevin or ALex are taken down, put paul up , then talk that person into voting paul, It will be a tie and Josh can send paul out. He needs to think no more talking to anyone , no more thinking, make the call take the shot, Then blow the beans tell ALex and kevin Paul wanted them out ,do some double talk,
    If this normal Josh he is saying this for Hype, that is all, it has been done so many time these past few weeks , It makes for good little headlines to make up for boring days, Talk is cheap.
    THese people need to start thinking about the 500 grand , I still think these people have no idea where they are or what they are doing, Or what the goal is,

    • Alex hates Kevin and thinks she is aligned with Paul (and she would never believe Josh over Paul). She would vote Kevin out. Kevin knows that Alex hates him and thinks he is aligned with Paul. He would vote Alex out.

  48. Sorry. But trying to take out Paul this week would be a bad move.

    None of Christmas/Alex/Kevin would vote out Paul. So if Josh tries, Paul would stay and very likely get Josh out next week.

    If he bides his time he has an excellent chance at making F2. If Paul takes him, yeah he would probably lose but it is still $50k. Or Josh wins F3 HoH (part 3 is kinda a crapshoot), and cuts Paul then and he likely wins.

    • The modo is: “you’re not yourself when you’re hungry”.

      They should a commercial with Alex bitching like she can do, and once he eat his Snicker he become Kevin. That would be cool.

  49. Best Case Scenario for Josh (If he wants to put Paul up): Have Kevin win the veto and remove himself. Then, Josh puts Paul up. Josh can somehow convince Kevin to vote to keep Alex in. Tie Vote (1-1). Josh breaks tiebreaker to evict Paul. Boom!

    Bye Paul.

    Sadly this probably won’t happen due to Kevin’s losing record.

  50. The only way I see him pulling this off if he wins the veto and he saves Kevin, and get in Kevin’s ear.

  51. Too bad Josh’s parents are apparently a lot smarter than Josh. If they had informed Josh of hurricane Irma, Josh would have started crying and then self evicted. What an overgrown, self centered, obnoxious baby. I also blame Jessica for her blown HoH opportunity to evict Josh.

  52. Josh won`t put Paul up as a renom because he is a puppet and won`t go against the puppet master Paul. As far as I am concerned I think this Big Brother was fixed from the time Paul entered the house.

  53. A few people named for celebrity BB

  54. Josh is so screwed and he knows it. i don’t understand why x-mas is so protective of Paul. i know Alex is just really really stupid, but i thought x-mas was smarter…shame on me

    • Cmass has feelings for the Bearded One. He looks like her latest fiance who is either going to marry her after the show or they are broken up.

  55. If Paul makes it to final 2, his opponent will probably campaign for the Jury to vote for Paul to win over them. They are so daft. I hate this season

  56. Celebrity Big Brother
    How about starting with
    Lindsey Lohan
    Amanda Bynes
    Charlie Sheen
    Dennis Rodman
    Craig Ferguson
    James Cordon Blue lol
    And Snookie

  57. It would be foolish for Josh to put Paul up. There is no one in that house who would vote him out. Not Alex, not Kevin, and certainly not Christmas. He would be a fool to put Paul up because if he did that, he wouldn’t even make it to final 3, plus Paul would really probably slap the hell out him then.

  58. I just have to wonder if Big Brother is going to be able to regain any possible redemption, after this Disastrous Season…
    As for the House Guests left; if Josh has THE chance to put up Paul, and doesn’t, he deserves to leave…

  59. Here is the list of confirmed participants for Celebrity Big Brother
    Tiffany Pollard aka New York
    Lance Bass
    Drita D’avanzo from Mob Wives
    Natalie Nunn from Bad Girls Club
    Dog the Bounty Hunter
    Bradtheladlong a youtuber. Haven’t a clue who this guy is.

    This is from Celebrity Dirty Laundry. I tried to post a link but it didn’t go through, sorry about that BBN, didn’t know you couldn’t post links.

  60. This week will be very difficult to put Paul up because Alex is on his side and so are Christmas and Kevin. Unfortunately for Josh, production didn’t give him this idea sooner when others in the house would have voted him out.

    • Someone made a great comment about Josh asking Alex to hide. he brings Paul and Christmas into the room and asks Paul about Jason, etc. Alex jumps out of the trash can and Paul is busted. That may be his only hope now. Alex will never side with Kevin so Josh can’t form an alliance.

      • I commented, I think yesterday that Alex should hide under the bed in the HOH room and Josh should ask Paul why he wants Alex and Kevin on the block.

      • It is the creative process,
        I put together, Paul, Manson and Kool-Aid and a bunch if people have run with it since
        The actual innovators hardly ever get the credit due
        But you are atypical, and that is good, real good …

  61. I have something to add to that article. I don’t know if it’s me, (could be) it’s seems the articles on this site are analyzed from one angle. Christmas and Paul are becoming annoyed with Josh. I’ve yet to hear either of them speak this to each other but I think they may be ready to clip Josh. Christmas repeated some of the concerns I’ve always had in regards to Josh, being that he’s unstable to depend on. This bit of observation or acknowledgment is exclusively intended for ( team Paul). If you are not, this point of discussion won’t mean a hill of beans to you so disregard if you like. Anyway, I’ve heard and read just about enough of Josh’s delima. Until he steps up and makes a move, he’s a non factor.

    • Agreed. All this knashing about what Josh will do is pointless imo. I want to see him put his thoughts and ideas into action, until then, it’s a moot point for me.

      • Josh is the only source of laughs this entire season. Paul thinks he’s so adorable wearing tutus and pool toys. He’s not. Christmas is just a bitch. Alex is a pig. And Kevin is dull.

        I’ll miss Josh, but he’s dead in the water.

  62. For BB20 they should bring back the winners and runners up from each season (2-19).
    Then they should make the season 16 weeks long.

    Julie should then come on the screen and be like there are 34 of you in the house. Since you have all proven you can play the game this season will be harder then ever before.

    The only twists should be 1. No veto back to classic BB2 big brother with slop comp and all. and 2. Super eviction week. The first week (really 2 weeks) 1 player will go home everyday. HOH comp 1 hour to nominate and 1 hour before eviction.

      • So? Cody said he’s voting for Paul (and Jessica would’ve too). Mark will probably vote for Paul, Elena would, Raven would. I don’t see where 4 votes against him comes from

        I don’t think anyone in jury would be surprised he “turned” against his alliance.

  63. Of course Paul won. Why not? Is he going to use it on Alex this time to keep her on his side. Maybe.

    • Is She a huge threat to Paul or does he feel good about taking her as his attack dog to the finals. Should be an interesting week. I just want Kevin to somehow end up safe.

    • They f3 should be josh Alex and paul .. would cut Xmas and kevin because they didn’t play as much or if any as those three. If he keeps Alex safe He will have her vote and may not put him up if she wins hoh .. they did have final f2 earlier in game.

  64. Josh is a moron. He figured out what Paul was doing and realized that no blood would be on Paul’s hands, even though its his ideas. Then, after Jason got evicted, Josh allowed Paul to yell at him blaming him for Jason leaving and said to Josh “you would vote me out if I was on the block. Turn on me too” and Josh kept crying and yelling that he’s sorry. Really? Grow a pair. This season sucks because everyone was Paul’s minions, except Cody and Jessica. They’ve basically given Paul the money. Idiots.Josh could win if he got rid of Paul. But, I guess he likes living with his mom.

    • You do not know how hard is must be , yes it’s for $$ but u also make friendships and relationships with other people , deciding ones fate is not easy , I think they all genuinely like one another somewhat , but until placed in that environment we cannot know how it is.

  65. It just dawned on me something the writer of this article also failed to see. Josh does NOT want to take Christmas and Paul to the end. However, he knows he can’t take a strike at them as he does not have the votes. He could probably strike at Christmas but she will be yet the next person leaving believing that Paul did not vote against her. He will need to tell Paul that Christmas went against him (P) and he had to take her out, the only thing is that he told Xmas too much. Josh ONLY says he does not want to turn on Paul and Xmas for the sake of the fans looking at him. He does not want to turn on them in fear of the backlash, not realising that he is heavily supported in doing so. It would be great if he picked up on Xmas loyalty to Paul the first or second time he spoke against him and she wouldnt hear him out. In fact she was nasty to him on it. His only option is to get close to Kevin now, home Xmas gets knocked out somehow in F4 and he knocks Paul out in F3 going with to F2 with Kevin. It’s his only option. He is in a complex position.

  66. Excuse me!! Question!! Why does everyone say “I’m going to make a big move, oh yeah, it’s time” and then go on and do exactly what Paul told them to do??? Ughhhhhhhh.

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