Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Week 11 Veto Competition Results

We’re back with our Big Brother 19 spoilers from the Live Feeds and here are the latest results. The Veto competition is over and now we’ve got insight to where things are headed for the next eviction, an early arrival surprise for the HGs.

Power of Veto Medallion on Big Brother

Another week, another “do or die” situation for the target with Alex Ow in the hot seat while sitting next to Kevin Schlehuber who is the decoy target. Well, unless Josh finally decides to stop toying with Feedster emotions and see about taking the shot we need to put a little fire under the feet of this week’s game. Gotta have some power to do that first…

Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Week 11 Veto Competition Results:

  • Paul won the Power of Veto!

Well so much for Josh’s consideration for going after Paul, but come on, we knew he was never going to really go after him. So now Paul has to show his cards and not change the noms. That’s going to hurt his storyline with Alex. I’m very surprised Paul put himself in this position.

Veto Meeting is coming up on Monday then we’ve got an early eviction arriving on Tuesday and that should mean down Feeds and a blackout until Wednesday night’s special eviction episode. It won’t be live since the elimination will be held on Tuesday night, but that also frees up the game to keep moving along behind the curtain and there will be plenty of speculation and spoilers to come after that.

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      • Nah, he will vote to evict Kevin, Christmas will vote to evict Alex and Josh will evict Alex. Bloodless hands again for Paul, except for the fact he didn’t use the veto on her.

      • Just have to wait and see. Nothing going on the feeds right now. They’re all cooking. I can’t wait to see the talking after. The dictator and his big mouth.

      • Tired of Josh blowing up-like that is news- because we know he will still be Paul’s big headed Pet and do what his owner commands. Like you said, Paul always gets his way.

      • Well if he makes it a tie I hope Josh evicts Kevin. That would really screw up Paul’s plans. Then Josh could tell him I told you not to make it a tie.

      • I don’t see Josh doing that unless he has Alex on board.

        Alex is too strong and Josh can’t compete for next HOH.
        Unless she’s deprogrammed, she’s probably going to target Josh since he’s the next biggest competitor, with Paul being her (perceived) partner.

        That might worth in Paul’s favour. Alex and Xmas would both take him to F2 and neither would even nominate him in the next round. What do you think?

      • Yeah, I agree. I’m just not sure Josh has the chops to get a consensus. But sure would be fun to watch! ;)

      • Yep I don’t think he’s going to do anything. Just hoping. I think this might hurt his game because if Paul has a choice I think he’d take Christmas. But maybe he thinks everyone in jury doesn’t like Josh. Waiting to hear Paul game talk to cameras again. That’s the only thing he hasn’t said was who he’d take to F2 unless I missed it.

      • I think Josh will cut Paul if he can… At F3 if not F4.

        If Paul makes it to F2, I’d love to see Xmas lose her mind when he takes someone other than her to F2. I think she’s ok playing for 2nd but she’s not playing for 3rd. Lol

        Xmas talking about cutting Josh and taking Kevin to F3 concerns me.

      • Not only would Josh NEVER actually win. He and Kevin have ZERO business still being in that house….NOBODY would vote for him. he’s be the first person to lose 9-0

      • Why wouldn’t Alex be on board?

        Josh: Hey Alex, be on board or go home!

        Alex: I’m on board! I’m on board!

      • I agree with you in theory 100%.
        But she has just refused to even talk game with Josh. He’s tried more than once to talk to her and she said no, that she doesn’t want to talk game anymore.

        She tells Paul she’ll vote for him 100% and get Jason to vote for him, too.

        If she would, and not run tell Paul, sure. Doesn’t seem like there have been that many “deals” made this year. Maybe because everyone agrees ahead of time throw comps, idk.

      • And he has no problem forcing both of his alliance members to take the blood for his plans. Annoying. He’s a coward, literally afraid of making one jury member angry and I hope it blows up in his face

      • Josh should just threaten Paul of this and strike a deal with Alex. He should tell Paul and Christmas …

        “If she wins the F4 Veto she won’t vote me out, she’ll vote one of you two out. And if one of you two vote me out at the F4 remember that either of you would beat me in the F2 and she would beat either of you in the F2 so you’d be throwing a half million dollars away”.

      • I really am getting so sick of him. I hope Alex gets mad when he doesn’t pull her off. I’m sick of him throwing the blame for his plans on his “alliance”

      • If he doesn’t take Paul out, that’s his best strategy to win at F2, really.

        If jury knows he’s been with Paul all along, they may lay partial blame on Paul for Josh’s harassing tactics. It may mitigate some of the negative feelings toward Josh.

      • What is your point? They aren’t morons like atleast half the people who constantly cry on these BB spoiler sites…The people in jury literally already know that Paul is playing the best game of ANYONE in the season period….Paul is literally the ONLY person who actually deserves to win. I hate to break it to you whiners who hate Paul, but EVERYONE this season is a loser. They couldn’t even manage to figure out Paul needed to go ASAP…….And NO Kevin DOES NOT deserve to win, having story time every night and kissing everyone’s asses on their way to Jury does NOT qualify you to actually win. He’s the Victoria of BB19 except he has no business even being in that house still

      • Though none of these idiots deserve to win, the fact that Paul is a total piece of garbage should not be rewarded. If you can not see this, then you must be a Libertard. Paul deserves nothing but the worst in life

      • Why because he knows how o dominate. He is the best player this season, like it or not, maybe one of the best ever. He made a mistake last year taking Nicole 2 final two, but other than that phenomenal game player. He deserves to win. If somebody had balls they would have got Paul out along time ago. Josh I literally can’t stand. All he does is cry. Maybe he should have been on s different show. He doesn’t have the cahones to play big brother. He is prbaly the biggest cry baby I have ever seen. Team Paul All the Way.

      • I 100% agree with you and I have to say Paul is really playing a much better game this season. Even though in the beginning I thought Alex deserved to win she is amazing but no one has played and controlled the game as well as Paul and let’s face it they all screwed up in the beginning a true big brother fan would know evict Paul as soon as possible. So my hope is that Paul works smart and take it to the end with a win.

      • On the contrary, Cody knew Paul had to go week one and tried to do so. But the golden boy of CBS was given the power of safety for three weeks disguised as America voting it for him. Just because you feel that Kevin doesn’t deserve the chance to win doesn’t make it so. If you really want to make a difference then try out for the show. With that said, I have never cared fr Paul in either season but if he plays the best game he can play, if he can somehow after all of this still bamboozle Alex, then he deserves the win. Kevin more than likely never had a shot at wining BB but he could still very well end up winning AFP and trust me, that is a stretch in itself but it could happen.

      • What is your point? you are one angry dude. You’re reacting to things I didn’t say. Chill out buddy

      • No, he has a ready excuse. He said Alex told him (Paul) that Josh said he is going after the strongest competitors (Alex or Paul). So he won’t use it for him not to be targeted.
        Not a reasonable excuse though.

      • Call me crazy, but I believe that he will have Alex leaving that house still supporting him. He will find a way to turn her on Kevin even harder. She will hate Keven even more. Her hatred of Kevin has helped her to lose this game for sure.

      • I do too, the women of the house are blinded by him. Paul alone made the plan to take her and her ride or die out but she’s too busy plotting against no threat Kevin to see it

      • This BB’s women’s infatuation with Paul has been astonishing like he was a big Pop star or something. When he had the “Friendship Coronation” all of the women were just ga ga and especially Alex. They all wanted to work for Paul.

  1. Hmm, how is Paul going to explain to Alex that he is not going to use the power of veto on her?

    • Easy!! Tell her Kevin is the target! No matter who goes up against Kevin he is the one walking out the door. But, now the fun begins!! I think Josh may be following Kevin at the second eviction Thursday(I think, Thursday).

    • Phillycat, someone a few posts above had a pretty reasonable excuse for Paul not to use the veto. He will just tell Alex that Josh told him that if he used the veto he would be the next target. He will assure here that she is safe and that he and Christmas will vote to keep her. Pretty good, huh? And of course, he will vote to keep Alex, Christmas will vote to keep Kevin and Josh will get more blood on his hands by making the deciding vote. Identical to the Jason situation only Josh and Christmas have changed places. But if Alex falls for this she is all kinds of fools, but then again she is all kinds of fools. She will fall for it.

      • The next target of who though? Josh can’t play in the next HOH who’s gonna target him, Christmas or Kevin?

    • Blame josh, blame someone. I mean what is he gonna say? If I take you down josh is gonna renom me? Can’t he’s protected so hopefully he gets some blood on his hands this week, I’m praying for it

    • Never. He’ll make some excuse to Alex. I’ll vote Kevin out and Josh will too if it’s a tie. I don’t want Josh to have to put someone else up. I thought Branden was smarter about BB than that.

  2. There obviously are alot of Paul haters out there, I am not one of them. I think he has played a brilliant game and definitely deserves to win this season. No one else has come close. With him not being on the block at all this time around…his strategy skills were really good. You have to give the guy credit where credit is due. Paul for the win. But, I think this jury is going to be bitter and take things to the personal level this time around which they should not do. You have to respect a person’s gameplay!!

    • I can respect him gameplay, but not his tactics. I don’t like all the attacking of the houseguests, which Paul was too chicken to do himself, and his “freezing out” of certain players. There is no reason for that. Nobody is even talking to Kevin this week per Paul’s orders.

      • I agree PhillyCat. Why is all that evil necessary and it most definitely is NOT gameplay. What kind of game is that gameplay called for? They way he has them all treating Kevin is despicable.

      • Actually, if you have ever watched any other season of Big Brother, ever, you would know that this behavior is absolutely normal for the game. This game is designed to reward the politically incorrect.

    • If only Paul himself had not made the game personal. He definitely played a smart game tho, but hard to expect the jury to not take it things to a personal level when Paul did that for good part of the season.

    • Paul only looks good as the others are so dumb. Paul did not need to tell the others to harass a person like he did. He crossed a line and it went beyond a game move. I dislike Evel Dick for the same reason.

    • Jim Jones was a great player too. He got a thousand people to kill themselves. I see no reward for his or Paul’s behavior. Same narcissistic traits. Not a fan of liars and manipulators. Real or imaginary life.

  3. It would be a waste to pull Alex off and put Josh or Christmas up. Kevin did nothing to warrant his staying in the BB House. However, nah, ne’er mind the votes won’t be there.

    • Probably. That’s what I’m waiting to hear them talk about on the feeds tonight. Right now they’re all cooking.

      • If I was josh, I’d tell Paul, if you want Alex out, you both vote her out. I’m not looking like the bad guy

      • That’s what he told him the other day. He said since he got blood on his hands by evicting Jason the vote has to be unanimous and Paul said done. So if Paul makes it a tie again I hope Josh spits in his face and votes Kevin out.

      • That would be one way of sticking it to Paul. But it doesn’t matter anymore. Josh will be the next one out anyway.

      • And alex would be 100% with Paul? That would be the worst gameplay ever. Alex can win comp and would win if ever she get in f2 with josh. He better just go with it. Pass the message like he did with Jason in good bye message and go to f4 with Kevin that has almost no chance to win anything.

      • Josh needs to spill everything to Alex. Then he could make this work. If he tells her ahead of time exactly how the votes going down. And that Paul wants her gone but wants her jury vote and no blood and so he’s voting Kevin and telling Josh to break the tie and evict Alex then she’ll know. Especially when it’s a tie and Josh saves her.

      • No way alex would believe josh. She’s to far in Paul’s behind. And josh would have all the house against him sin Christmas would be pissed as well. Smartest move is to get alex out. With or without voting the tie. It’s his only chance.

      • If Josh told her everything from the beginning and told her things that Paul ran back and told him then she would know Josh is telling the truth. But he has to let her no everything and the way it played out. She would believe him.

      • The problem is that josh don’t have any intel to make alex believe him. Paul was very careful with what he shared.

        I’ll agree to disagree. I think your hate on Paul is blinding you with that game play. Josh would do a huge mistake not to evict alex for the benefit of his own game.

      • You’re wrong. The way I feel about Paul has nothing to do with what I think Josh should do. Why would that have anything to do with Josh telling Alex everything and me thinking Alex would believe it? You make no sense. Sorry.

      • I’m not a Paul fan. But at this point I beleive he should win. My point is that I don’t see how keeping alex would benefits josh? He’s way better with Kevin. The other things is that josh did never wor

      • And you have that right to believe he should win. A lot of people do but I’m not one of them. Is he playing a good game? Yes definitely. But I dont like the way he’s playing it. I think he instigated just about every single fight while he sat back and watched. He just not even an hour ago on the feeds was telling Josh you have to blow up on Kevin. Bring his family up get under his skin. That is disgusting to me and I would not award anyone like that the money. Sorry that’s just how I feel.

      • Just refresh lavandergirl. My browser crash in the middle of my writing. I even apologized to you. Sore again.

      • No you don’t have to apologize. I respect your opinion. Not everyone agrees and I love reading all the comments even if their not the same opinion as mine. Heck sometimes people even bring me over to their ideas.

      • And your right with that. But alex have been also very mean and I would not like her to win neither. Let’s have Kevin. ;).

      • The only way I think Alex would benefit Josh is if he could convince her to believe in everything Paul did against her and Jason and then they go after Paul. He’s been saying he wants Paul gone and Kevin sure won’t help him. The only thing is getting Alex to believe him. That’s the tricky part. But it could be done if he gives her all the information. Just by him saying Paul told me you can cry on command Alex would know Josh is telling her the truth. She only told Paul that.

      • He could tell her that he knows she can fake cry on command cos Paul told him. She only told Paul that.

      • Exactly but just like they told me “NOPE!” Hate for Alex is blinding them with that game play. Thinking that’s the only move.

      • She’d run to Paul and tell him. It probably wouldn’t make any difference, but that’s what she’d do. And unless Josh gets his hands on the next veto, he’s gone next, anyway.

      • Not if Josh explained everything to her and all of Paul’s part in it. If Josh starts telling her things that Alex told only Paul and Alex finds out everything she’s told him he ran to Josh about she will see what’s going on. And if Josh says just watch you’re either going by a 2-0 vote or Paul is going to make it a tie again to keep his hands clean and wants me to vote you out but I’m not going to. She either goes and knows the truth or Josh saves her and she believes him.

      • And to work it would most likely have to come to that: Josh would have to vote to evict Kevin – and I doubt he’ll do that. But heck, I haven’t figured these HGs out all summer, so why try now.

      • I agree. I know we out here don’t like Alex, but the HGs don’t know or see everything we know and see, so maybe they all think she makes great hot dogs. Who knows what they think?

      • I agree. Now Paul is telling Josh he has to blow up on Kevin after Alex leaves. Josh said Pots and Pans and Paul said also get into his soul. Just can’t stomach much more of this. We won’t see it because feeds will be down and I’m sure they’ll edit it so their Prince doesn’t look bad. SMH.

      • Thank you. That is what’s making me angry about Paul, he makes a plan and pushes all the dirt on this alliance members

    • I don’t think they’ll do another split vote… if Paul doesn’t pull down Alex, she’s going to figure it out. I’d like to say no-one is that stupid, but it appears BB has picked all idiots to play around Paul.

  4. they talk about Kevin doing nothing Christmas has done nothing everything she says she won was given to her that is so unfair she should not have been allowed to play and told her to go home get well she must know someone in production quite well she did say her and Kelly Ripa were best buds

  5. Alex should go this week and then Christmas. Josh may never win another HOH so I’m not sure if Paul will ever get evicted. Hopefully Josh will win the one that really counts and keeps kevin.

    • I think Yes, because the jurors usually vote for the best players. I do hope for a bitter jury so they can vote for Josh or mostly Kevin. The way that paul played the game by using harassment as part of his strategy, it should be a bitter jury.

    • Depends on if she finds out every scumbag move he made. Jason said he’s obsolete so she may not vote for him. Cody and Mark won’t. And when Raven and Matt find out he scumbagged them they might not. I hope he’s evicted at F3 so we don’t have to wonder about votes. And if he does make F2 I hope he loses. Then he can be arrogant and brag that he’s a two time loser.

      • A $100,000 richer two-time loser. But even if that’s the case, I hope two times is a charm and we never see him again.

      • Cody (and Jess) said he’d vote for Paul. You sound like you want the jury to be bitter because of your dislike for Paul.

      • And once again someone else that knows my thoughts. SMH. Where did I ever say I want the jury to be bitter. I just made a comment about how I think the vote “MIGHT” go. But nobody knows how they’ll vote except them. You sound like because someone has a different opinion than yours it can’t possibly be game talk it must be dislike of a player. Go ahead and worship Paul all you want. But don’t put words in my mouth.

      • Could be a bitter jury like season 14. However Ian played his own game and deserved the win as much as dan. No ones game compares to Paul this season

  6. Ok, talk about delusional – just read on jokers that Paul wonders why his comic showed him as a bad guy. ROFLMAO

  7. Paul put himself in the position of revealing that Alex is his target because …
    He did not want someone else to win the veto and put him on the block
    Paul has stepped up his game, Josh has stepped up his game
    Looks like Alex is leaving the garden, some people say she has been bad lol
    So Paul, Josh, Christmas, Kevin to F4

    • Exactly. He’s in a tricky position because if he went on the block, there’s a chance he could’ve been evicted especially with Josh questioning Paul.

      • He is always thinking ahead, probably saw the wheels in Joshs head starting to turn and decided to let his hands get dirty
        Kudos to Paul for winning veto

      • Got it, thank you, know you are not the Monkees Davy Jones, ( he passed ) but you can still be a Daydream Believer, Trivia – Glen Campbell was a studio musician guitarist for that cut .

      • He either wanted to win so he would have some power this week or he tried to throw it and he ended up winning it anyway. He wouldn’t be the first HG to win a comp after trying to throw it.

      • Maybe we will able to tell when the competition airs it is something to look for, like in the hustler with Paul Newman and Jackie Gleason

      • Did you like the applause when Matthew and Jason left ?
        You know sometimes even cynics are wrong lol
        I am just gonna sit back in the couch and fall off to sleep with a serenade of Josh’s pots and plans and say forget about it !

      • So you are a conspiracy theorist, I would like to think there is a chance that Paul actually competed and won, that is my reality, to me while anything is possible, few things are likely and far less are desirable, how about kudos to BB for finally giving us something that resembles a competition ? Oh you did that.
        Oh and congratulations to Paul for a job well done, from me alone apparently, love your comments Lavendargirl

    • Unless Paul convinces xmas to vote out Kevin. Then all is fine.

      edit. Paul tells xmas to vote out Kevin.

  8. So since Alex was telling Paul last night best case scenario is if you win veto you can pull me off and we’re both safe. Wonder what Paul is going to tell her.

  9. If it was the comic book competition, Paul may not have been able to throw it. Isn’t that one usually timed and independent?

  10. I was really turned off by the way Paul and Christmas were working over Josh the other night on BBAD. Josh and Alex could have come together and seen the truth about Paul but that certainly didn’t happen. Now I’m just pulling for anyone other than Paul or Christmas. I think deep down most of the houseguests thought that they could target Paul when the time was right. Now it’s too late.

    • Josh fell for it. Josh started to play the game too late. This is Big Brother it is not a camping excursion. Either you play a cut throat game or you go home with nothing. This season of Big Brother has been nothing but a bunch of cry babies or snowflakes!!

      • They have definitely exploited Josh’s emotional and mental weakness. He has seemed strangely unbalanced all season. Bouncing back and forth between inappropriately aggressive outbursts and overly emotional reactions and crying. I have to admit that I never thought Josh could have survived this long. However, now I would rather see him win than Paul or Christmas.

      • Exploited??? Omg, this is a game and the people who signed up are well aware its a game of lies and manipulation. Josh stated he was a super fan. Did he think he was coming on the show to bake pies or play paper dolls? If he can’t deal with things with out emotionally breaking down, he should have stayed home.

      • Sure it’s just a game and obviously honesty or integrity aren’t required to win. Bottom line I am not a Paul fan and I don’t want him to win the money.

    • Oh my God, poor Josh. He’s a grown azz man who said he’s a super fan. He had another opportunity to be on an earlier season but his mother told him to finish college first. He was well aware of what type of show he signed up for. He’s a big Mamas boy who cries at the drop of the hat. Now as the game is nearing an end he’s starting to grow a conscience? He needs to go Thursday night.

      • Josh has amazingly made it it this far so there is no reason to feel sorry for him. However his strangely unbalanced behavior is more than just a little bit odd. He appears to have some real emotional and mental issues that Paul and Christmas have been trying to take advantage of. This has been a weird season and I have had a hard time being a fan of any of these houseguests.

  11. Looks like Alex is toast. I really, really want to see the jury house now just for her conversations with Jason.

      • I hear she dances for private parties so save your pennies. Better yet, use all that $$ we sent you for those t-shirts, lol

      • Ohh. Me too!! I read some of her exit interview. She was ask if she stand by her answer about her gpa. She said that yes, it was dance. And about her mom in Mensa, the answer changed a bit. Now she’s saying her mom could be.

        It’s so mind blowing how she thinks America will love her!!

        Ohh. 100% sure the vote to keep her was Paul!!!

      • Yes, she said the Mensa people contacted her mother and invited her to join. She didn’t say anything else but on the show she said she was a Mensa member also. I wonder when Mensa contacted her mom. Was it after she broke the state record running the five minute mile, while she was sitting inside her car getting struck by lightening, or when she “almost” became a lawyer?

      • BB would never do that because it would give us too much insight as to who the HGs would vote for in the final. We get some with Dr. Will, but that’s edited.

      • Ahhh, ok.

        I know on Twitter that Dr Will has had Paul’s back. He said anyone hating on Paul is just jealous. He said that the so called harassment we’ve seen is part of BB, etc.

        So, as much I like him being a guide, sounds like he’s taken a side publicly, so it wouldn’t do for him to be the voice of reason for the jurors this time.

        Derrick has a new book he’s promoting about getting the edge. I’m sure we’ll see product placement, too. Lol

      • This is my first season ever watching and being interested in Big Brother. Everybody says it sucks but I love it. Can you please tell me who is this Dr. Will I keep hearing about? I think Paul mentioned him the other day.

      • Check him out on You Tube: Dr. Will Kirby | Big Brother 2. And welcome to the club. But one caution: please don’t judge Big Brother (the game) by this season’s BB. This one really did suck, since Paul was the only person actually playing (the others apparently thought they were going to summer camp). In a normal BB game, everybody is playing more or less like Paul did (with obviously varying degrees of success). In other words, they are all each other’s competition. This season, Paul had no competition at all.

      • Yep, yep, yep. Me, too. When it’s not BB, I’m keeping track of Irma. Jim has a sister in the Villages, a bit north of Orlando.

      • Oh Grace, I am so sorry to hear that. I sincerely hope she will be okay. It’s terribly worrisome when you have family members in the path of these hurricanes, has she gone to a shelter for safety?

      • I don’t know – they’re really not on speaking terms. But their family dynamics aren’t as important as knowing everyone’s safe. The Villages is known for having sinkholes all over the property. As far inland as they are, I can’t imagine a hurricane like Irma is going to help that situation any.

      • Thanks! I just found them all so interesting. I had no intentions of watching but I was bored, and before I knew it I was hooked. I watch BBAD every night, go to spoilers pages, and watch You Tube videos like a totally obsessed psychopath. I’m looking forward to the celebrity one!

      • I like that “totally obsessed psychopath.” I feel exactly the same way. Never have I hated/loved BB characters or any other show as much as this one (not even Game of Thrones, but at least some of the evil characters got their due).

      • If you have access, watch BB season 2 where Will, Dr. Will wins.
        I’m using my access to watch EvelDick season 8 with his daughter Daniele.

      • Elena drunk, Cody trying to avoid Raven and Mark crying over something. Jury House does sound more interesting.

      • When she was molesting herself on TV the other night, I had to fast forward, my kids were watching with me.

      • I had to FF and I was watching by myself. One of many sights this season I need to erase from my memory.

      • They could have teamed up and won every single comp. ChristmasBot and Codybot win everything. Destroy competition.

      • LOL NO DOUBT!!!
        I would’ve preferred watching Cody & Elena alone in the jury house then watch the rest of the season! They should have 24 hour feeds on in the jury house!

      • I think he hopes she gets Paul first. With Jason gone though, I’m sure he won’t be surprised when she does enter.

    • From here I think Paul will deal with a bitter jury.
      Cody, Jason and Alex will already be against him.

      • I think Paul will get the Dan Gheesling treatment.
        A bitter jury lead by their mortal nemesis (Frank and Cody)

      • BB14: Dan got to the final 2 with cutthroat tactics and ended up pissing off the jury. Frank went on multiple tirades on Dan and was a huge advocate against Dan. Thought to be fair Dan overplayed his cards.

        Same with Paul, Cody could go on a tirade against him on why Paul doesn’t deserve to win.

      • Part of me wishes that… and yet, part of me says he deserves to win every penny. He has accomplished the impossible. I am not happy with the way he played, but he “worked” for it.

      • Impossible is a strong word to use. Impossible would have been if he actually had competition. All he did was come on with guns blazing and turn everyone into wussies willing to say “how high” when he said, “jump.” Whatever that’s worth, he did do that.

      • It wouldn’t be a total shock for Paul to stage his own funeral, since he thinks he’s as great a player as Dan was.

      • Cody has said if Paul is in F2 he will vote for Paul because Paul is the only one playing the game. Who else has played well enough to with ???

      • He said it twice, once while in the house and once upon leaving. He said although he dislikes Paul, Paul is the only one playing the game and deserves the money.

  12. Alex is the last strong competitor other than Paul. Would be surprised if Paul saves her! Time to send Alex to the jury house. She has made dumb decisions all season!

  13. UGH ๐Ÿ˜‘
    Worst case scenario!!
    I guess Paul decided to try and win because he was maybe getting a little uncomfortable with Josh!?
    Actually, it’s not worse case scenario because, I am happy to see Alex GO BYE BYE ๐Ÿ‘‹ but I wanted Paul to squirm and I really wanted to see what Josh did if he won the veto or Kevin or Alex won and pulled themselves down.
    Well, now Josh doesn’t need to worry about that! He will just have to figure it out when it is/if it is Josh, Christmas and Paul in the end. Josh will have to win b/c i’m pretty sure Paul will take Christmas!?
    Does anyone know if Paul wants to take Kevin to the end? Josh goes out in fourth place?

      • BB Comics nobody knows how anybody did until everybody has gone. Too risky for Paul not to gun it.

      • Big Brother is watching, Tinalee loves you too Big Brother she is just too shy to admit it, do not get upset with her lol, got your back Tinalee .

      • Thanks hon LOL sorry my reply is 4 days late. I haven’t been around much because I’m just so done with this season!

      • I have deer pass through all the time, there are two little ones running around this week . Hunting season is coming up but they want the big bucks, not a little doe :)

      • Please don’t send me pictures of dead animals that have been hunted in your area. I don’t have any interest in seeing that. With all due respect! People can hunt all they want if it’s legal but I don’t need to see or know about it….
        thank you very much

      • No these ones are running around ๐Ÿ•๐Ÿฉ๐Ÿˆ๐Ÿญ๐Ÿน๐Ÿข๐Ÿ‡๐Ÿฐ๐Ÿ“๐Ÿฃ๐Ÿค๐Ÿฆ๐Ÿฆ๐Ÿฆ๐Ÿฆ๐Ÿ๐Ÿบ๐Ÿƒ๐Ÿ‚๐Ÿฎ๐Ÿด๐Ÿผ๐Ÿง๐Ÿ—๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ–๐Ÿจ๐Ÿท๐Ÿ’๐Ÿธ๐Ÿช๐Ÿป๐Ÿฏ๐ŸŠ๐Ÿณ๐Ÿ‹๐ŸŸ๐Ÿช oh yeah and ๐Ÿ

      • Fish run around? You have monkeys, camels, pandas, penguins running around your backyard? LOL just kidding!

      • When it floods catfish will scurry across the street .
        Used to have camels but now I don’t really smoke, I mean I will bum one to be contrary, but it is not an obsession.
        That’s it Ravens new fragrance, Delusion , hmm good idea for an ad parody ๐Ÿ˜ธ
        For when you are sure that you are right and everyone else is wrong, Delusion !

      • This guy Hannible RAVED about them, or was that elephants, well they are cool too, camels are one of the very few domesticated animals , though they can be feral .
        They say there were leftover WWII Army camels in the southwest for years, guess it us not an urban legend, Golden Tales of the South West , yes that is better ๐Ÿ˜ธ

      • So BB could’ve easily manipulated the time!
        Their showmance Paul was possibly in jeopardy of going home this week, so BB could’ve easily manipulated the time. I’m just kidding, sort of I’m really not sure anymore!
        IF you asked me last year when everyone was saying how manipulated and scripted BB was, I wouldn’t have agreed! But I have SADLY seen the manipulation this year for sure!

    • I think is a good case scenario because now Paul has to decide whether to use it on Alex or not and he will probably vote out Kevin so Josh has to break the tie. Josh needs to speak up.

      • Yeah that’s true, I never thought about that. I mean I know Paul with not use the veto so hes going to have to show his cards to Alex but, I didn’t think about the voting! If Paul does vote to evict Kevin, Josh will have to vote! I never thought of that! But I mean regardless, Paul will have already shown his cards to Alex by not using the veto. So, regardless of his vote, Alex should be smart enough to see right through that. Ha ha! Did I just say that? Nevermind!

        It will be interesting to see what Paul has as an excuse to Alex for not using the veto on her!? That’s gonna be a tough one for Paul, finally! I wonder if he is really “that good” and can come up with a “good enough excuse” so she isn’t pissed! But she’s an idiot so, I guess it won’t be that hard for Paul to BS her, send her to jury so she can push for Paul to win!

      • He will tell Alex not to worry, that Kevin is the real target. Then Josh will clear all that up for her when she’s having her exit chat with Julie.

      • Josh already has told Paul he does not want a tie – he wants Paul to VTE Alex. And Paul said sure. But if that’s not what Paul wants, Paul will VTE Kevin and just stick it to Josh one more time.

  14. Jus when we get our hopes up that something great is going to happen then this does instead and we’re let down again. Ugh the struggle of being a BB fan, u can’t stand watching, but u can’t stop watching either.

    • Could not of said it better myself! I have watched BB since season one, episode one religiously! And I absolutely hate this season with a passion but I can’t look away! I keep thinking/hoping “good things” happen but they never do & yet I still keep watching! Ugh ๐Ÿ˜‘

  15. There were people saying that Josh should have put Paul and Christmas on the block together. I knew that was a terrible idea.

    Paul would have pulled himself off, and whichever of Kevin/Alex was the renom would be clipped.

    And Josh would be clipped next week unless he won the veto (he would have a very hard beating Paul).

  16. I would be more entertained watching the HGs in the jury house then watching the HGs in the BB house!
    I wish they started filming the jury house as soon as Cody was evicted, I would’ve watch that over BB for sure!
    I wonder if they would ever do a season where we could watch live feeds 24/7 in the jury house!? At times, that would be entertaining!

      • Yeah I know that, and they will likely show more of it. They do every season but I’m just saying show it 24/7! It’s better than the crap we are watching

      • Cody in his room reading, and Matt and Raven cuddling. The only thing else to watch, is Elana toying with Mark’s emotions…No thanks! Now, if Josh and his pots and pans were in there…

      • Matt leaving condoms all over the bedroom in between bowls of cereal …Josh in a fetal position crying how sorry he is that he didn’t have the nerve to call out Paul … Raven picking her toes contemplating how many more diseases she could have before the end of the show … what we could be missing!

      • One of the cameras that it always seems to have two cameras on anything in the BB house could be used for jury house. Yup!! I would like that. (that’s one of the four cameras public can use to watch BB house feeds.

    • One of the reason HG want jury so bad is it is a paid vacation and no feeds. Jury would not be appealing to them if they were being filmed.

      • Elena could hardly wait to get to jury. It seemed that was her only goal. Once you get that kind of goal in mind, you mize well as say goodbye to any chance of winning BB. What is the point of being there if only to get to jury? The people who are responsible for finding these people to play the game need to do a lot more interviews to ensure the people they choose really want this.

      • This year it seemed like a lot of them just wanted jury vacation, and a lot of them were unemployed or underemployed. Alex, Elena Matt, Cody Raven, Kevin, all had no jobs to go back to. It is interesting how survivor gets so many professionals like doctors , nurses and lawyers to be on the show and big brother gets unemployed or temp salesman.
        Elena might have been cast for her chest. I was surprised to learn some guys watch the feedsjust for the hot chicks sunbathing? I think the reducers think they have to have eye candy for the men and women who watch. I would gladly watch 16 nerdy, super fan gamers the hot guys/girls.

  17. If it was the comic books, Paul knew Kevin would be last anyways so he had to win this otherwise Alex wins it, he doesn’t like it but it had to be done, this way he has no chance to get on the block…,sometimes the big boss has to execute hahaaa

      • Paul would win a good amount of respect back from me if, even if just the odd time, even if in private with just Christmas or hell, even if by himself cam-talking… he would f***ing mention and confess that he’s only avoided the block thanks to luck and a handout from production and “America’s vote” with 3 weeks of gifted safety. Without that, he’s on the block week freaking 1 under Cody’s first HoH.

        Just one time if he would just throw in “with a little luck” that’s all I would ask. I’m so sick of the over inflated ego, followed by accusing everybody else, especially jurors, of being blinded by their egos.

      • plus Mark’s gift of one week safety due to apple picking friendship tree because of the * friendship bracelets besides the one paul had.
        Then, On raven’s way out paul hells to make sure she has his friendship bracelet. puke :-(

      • Yep, that too. The 3-week safety really amounted to 4 weeks. So the equivalent of 5 weeks of immunity… combined with the idiocy of most of the house…

        Gag, indeed.

      • If Paul decides to not use the veto. How much time will Alex have to explode, spill all their conversations and blow up his game with the rest of the house guests? Maybe Josh, Christmas, Kevin will all finally team up and realize Paul has played them all.

      • Paul hasn’t really played Josh and Christmas. They knew that he had a fake alliance with Alex.

        And really there isn’t much they could do anyway. Chances he loses both HoH and veto next week are slim.

      • No… Paul has been telling Josh and Christmas he’s going to make Alex feel like she has him. So even if Alex tells them he’s been playing both/all sides it won’t matter. Josh and especially Christmas think Paul can do no wrong, plus they already know he’s been cozying up to Alex. Go ahead and think Josh is on to Paul… despite that, Josh has willingly helped Paul while hurting himself with jury votes.

        There is no blowing up available here. Paul covered his bases thanks in large part to idiot yes-men for housemates.

      • According to the live feeds he isn’t going to use it. Right now he’s agitated that his comic character was a villian so he believes his cover is blown already.

      • I saw that; Paul is wondering why his cover portrayed him as a villain. Well, if he doesn’t know, he’s the only one (well, except for Josh, Alex, Kevin and Christmas).

      • Veto meeting in Monday night. Eviction is Tuesday sometime with feeds cut out before Tuesday eviction. Then Feeds out from Tuesday eviction show for the houseguests and not back on for network (us) until after west coast has seen WEdnesday network episode. :-(

  18. Is anyone really surprised that Paul won veto? He claims that he should throw comps, but he’s a control freak and is probably starting to suspect Josh’s disloyalty(or production giving him hints about it). He’ll probably do what he did last eviction: which is convince Alex that she’s safe even though he won’t use the veto, then vote for Kevin, have Xmas vote Alex, then force Josh to break the tie…..again, keeping his hands clean. These HGs are so stupid that he literally repeats the same moves and they don’t notice until they’re in jury.

    • Because it is an individual comp, he can’t know how well or not Alex was doing, so he couldn’t take the chance of throwing it.

      • Exactly my friend! That’s what I was thinking also and then I am sure Paul has been thinking of a good reason to tell Alex why he couldn’t pull her off the block.
        From a comment I just read, he was telling Christmas that he will tell Alex that Josh, Christmas and Kevin said they would not vote for him to win in the end if he pulled Alex down. He’s good, I will give him that! But, aside from Josh as of late they are all just setting Paul up to win!

    • like I just said, Josh probably said in the DR he was going after Paul if he won the veto. Production hinted him.

    • Xmas just told Paul to save Alex and send home Kevin.

      Paul said no, that he doesn’t know if he can beat Alex.

      He’s thinking about telling Alex that the other three (X, J, K) all told him that if he saves Alex, he’ll lose their jury votes.

      Mind. Blown.

      • Gee, it’s all about Paul all of a sudden, isn’t it? Whatever happened to the big three all in it together like the three Musketeers? Oh, that’s right, that was just in their minds.

      • Paul has always looked out for number one, himself. He could care less about Christmas and Josh, they are just easier to beat so that’s why he has kept them around.

      • I think Xmas thinks he meant beat Alex in HoH next week – in which Josh can’t compete.

        I think he meant beat Alex in F2.

        Probably both though. Alex won’t nominate Paul next week UNLESS Meatball wins POV.
        Then Paul’s record of avoiding the block is shot – can’t use that for his F2 campaign.
        And whomever wins POV next week casts the sole vote to evict.
        Meatball could cut Paul, especially as he’d be OTB against Xmas.

        I think he meant both…
        But not to save the trio – to save Paul and his spotless record.

      • Seriously! Christmas told him that? I’m unreal yet not surprised!
        Mind blown for sure! Although again, not surprised!

      • Right!! SMH It’s so frustrating & it just gets more and more frustrating as the days go on!
        I would’ve thought by now, since these morons can actually “smell the money” they would start playing for themselves! What was I thinking! Of course not!!
        Christmas might win if she was in the finale with Kevin or Josh! Why would she want to keep Alex or Paul is beyond me!
        I don’t get it! Honestly, she is a seemingly intelligent woman!
        Clearly her crush on Paul is getting in the way!
        AND Christmas made fun of Jessica for throwing away $500,000 for a man! At least Jessica had a guy bending over backwards for her! Paul’s only interest in Christmas is using her to get the $500,000 and maybe a little backrub here and there from her! SMH
        I can’t evenโ€ฆโ€ฆ I just can’t! These people are on another planet!

  19. I wonder if winning the veto was a good idea for Paul.
    If he saves Alex he betrays Josh
    If he doesn’t save Alex she’ll not trust him anymore.

    I think this will be a turning point. He could possibly make himself a huge target either way.

    • Paul doesn’t use veto, tells alex she is a pawn, Kevin is going, Paul votes Kevin Christmas votes alex and josh breaks the tie and sends alex home. Paul looks shocked and tells Alex he is sorry.

      • Paul doesn’t know that. So Paul thinks it worked. So Paul will do it again. And Josh and Christmas will let him do it again.

      • Paul is duplicating last week and Josh will duplicate last week as well with his message to Alex so, they will compare and see they both were played by Paul.
        It’s just Paul’s arrogance that is getting in the way at this point.
        He doesn’t think Josh is smart enough to tell Jason and Alex the truth in his goodbye messages.

      • Often when someone’s arrogance takes control the person makes a mistake. Now would be a good time for that to happen to Paul.

      • Yeah, but Paul doesn’t know that Josh is smart and leaving “goodbye messages” like the one he gave Jason so, there’s no doubt in my mind Josh will give Alex a similar goodbye message!
        But again, Paul doesn’t know that because even though he has control, Josh is, as we know, seeing right through Paul and has been for a couple weeks now. Paul’s become too arrogant!
        Paul thinks it will work but he’s clueless!

      • Exactly! And then in Josh’s “goodbye message” he tells Alex the truth just like he told Jason :-)

    • With the way things have gone, Paul will be fine. Others may raise an eyebrow, but Josh will fall back on “I won’t turn on him I’ve been preaching loyalty” + “Maybe I’ll cut him at F3 (good luck gaining the power to do so). Kevin will say he’s never done me any direct harm so it’s ok. Christmas will smile and ask if she should burn herself with scalding water in the shower. Alex will say “but, friendship” and still campaign for Paul in the jury house.

      Absolutely zero faith in these players and honestly I’m not sure how or why anybody is still holding out hope for any of them.

    • If he doesn’t use it on Alex, she goes home. No one would target him if Alex went home. She’s the plan!
      He wants Alex gone so he will NOT use it on her. NO WAY! She is the target.
      So he’s not making himself a target at all.

      • True but he had a final 2 deal with Alex so she’ll probably convince people to turn on him.

        If not then convince the jury that Paul doesn’t deserve to win.

      • Where are you finding reason to believe Alex would do any of this after how blind she’s been with Paul all this time? She isn’t smart. I’ll believe it when I see it.

      • I hear what you’re saying but, think about what you’re saying. This is Alex we are talking about, someone that has proven to be soooo far up Paul’s a$$, we can’t see her anymore! ๐Ÿคข
        I just don’t see that changing just because she got played by Paul. These HGs have openly said they “want Paul to win!” They have been playing the ENTIRE game for Paul ALL season, so even though Jason and Alex were “played by Paul,” they will likely still vote for him. I don’t think they will vote bitter. They want to be his friend outside the game remember? LOL remember how pathetic they all are? They want their 15 minutes of fame and they think being friends with Paul outside the house will benefit them and they will be treated like royalty everywhere they go. They are pathetic! So I have no doubt in my mind that most, likely all of the jurors will vote for Paul simply because of that.

      • Yeah and I liked Paul last season. His biggest mistake was coming back this season! He has destroyed his reputation!
        His concept of playing the way he did this season was incredible but, the way he went about it was very wrong!

      • This is what you get when BB sends in Recruits to Play the game. Christmas, & Kevin are the Recruits left in the Game…I think Alex might be a Recruit also.

    • Christmas confirms being brain dead if she said this. Luckily Paul doesn’t actually listen to anybody else unless they suggest what he wanted to do anyway.

      • I can’t believe it.

        Paul said he doesn’t want to do that because he doesn’t know if he can beat Alex. But that he has to figure a way to not save her without making her mad at him.

        So he said he’ll probably tell Alex that Xmas, Josh and Kevin all 3 told her that if he used the Veto, he’d also lose their jury votes.

  20. I bet Josh has said in the DR he truly wanted and he would go after Paul and put him up. SO production had to make sure Paul would win this veto.

    • No Doubt!
      I was reading “Friday night feeds” to my husband this afternoon……..
      At “6 PM” Alex was talking about Josh to Paul
      AND at “6:06 PM” Paul was already telling Josh what Alex said.
      We were both laughing hysterically! It took ONLY “6 minutes” for Paul to tell Josh!

  21. not to mention if he use his veto to save alex josh has to put up christmas, and josh will flip up in tears if he has to put her up

    • If Christmas gets evicted it will be very exciting for me. She is no Christ and Alex leaving will be great as well.

    • Paul won’t use the veto. He’ll tell Alex there’s no need; Kevin is the target. Then despite his promise to Josh to VTE Alex, Paul will VTE Kevin, leaving the tie breaker to Josh. Those of us who would see this coming would stick it to Paul by VTE Kevin. Josh won’t see it; he’ll be very flustered, burst into tears, and cry, I’m so sorry, Alex, I have to evict, you. I’m so sorry … I’m so sorry …”

  22. Does the evicted houseguest get to see all their goodbye messages or just the select ones Julie shows them?
    Does jury see anyone else’s goodbye messages?

    • Doubt she’ll believe him when the game is over.
      Paul pulled too many lies that even Dan Gheeslings like
      “Overkill much, sir?”

      • I think it has more to do with Josh being a young meatball. If he were older, I doubt Paul would even attempt, and if he did, he’d probably end up on the other side of the room.

      • Or, he wouldn’t, because physical violence is met with expulsion. You guys are taking a still image out of context. He probably did the little cheek tap thing like “Wake up, snap out of it, get your head in the game”. I’m not sure why you guys are acting like he full on slapped him, considering he would risk ejection if he did. Cheek taps and Alex playfully punching Jason’s arm don’t count.

      • Paul knows Josh is a doormat so he treats him like one. anyone standing up to coward Paul gets evicted. Paul is intelligent and knows how to manipulate, but Physically he is weak.

      • So now Paul is physically abusing people! Wow, this is a little much even for me. He has overstepped his boundaries.

      • Letโ€™s face it, for Mr. Ego (aka Paul), obviously nobody else matters. In fact, for him there is nobody else. For him, other houseguests arenโ€™t truly real. Theyโ€™re all just cardboard cutouts, animated meatball puppets who are only there to complete the cast and fill the audience as part of Mr. Egoโ€™s one-man show.

      • But that’s the smart way to play Big Brother.

        Dr. Will didn’t give a crap about anyone, and he’s an all time great.

      • I picture Paul as the only human (using the term extremely loosely), and the rest cartoon characters. Just like the toucan he wears all the time. Things he can control that aren’t real.

      • Toucan? Oh, the blow-up! Right, and that makes him look ridiculous. I guess he is trying to look like he’s all fun and no games.

    • I think it was after Jason was evicted, & Paul was Fake Arguing with Josh. What a Farce this Season has been, Smdh…

      • Wasn’t a joke but was a soft slap.

        He and Xmas were grilling him to snap out of it.
        Josh was emotional because of Alex crying.
        They told him that she was fake crying to play him so don’t be an Idiot.

  23. Hasn’t anyone figured out yet that Christmas has no interest in winning, her main concern is making sure that Paul is the big winner it may seem strange but that’s how it is …
    She is deluding herself into believing that she will be BB 20’s Paul.. she is sure she’ll be coming back to play.

    • I’ll give my two cents on that… probably because production has already informed her that she will be coming back. Everything this season is rigged to the 9th degree.

      • I don’t believe Josh is dumb at all, he’s just young and impressionable. He has an awareness that the other houseguests do not share. Wants to be loved by everyone. Has low self-esteem, but dumb, nope.

      • Well letting Paul & Xmas treat him that way is dumb. I agree he has more insight but not even trying to act on it is dumb as well. Guess it could be chalked up to his youth. ?

      • I truly believe that is why he is letting Paul and Christmas is getting away with their controlling, abusive behavior. If Josh was older and more experienced, things would be very different. The guy still lives at home, he’s a Momma’s boy.

      • For sure, Josh still lives at home. But for only being 23, Paul seems awfully hard and cold – and calculating.

      • Whoa, really? Paul is only 23? That is surprising. He seems so much older than 23. He is very mature for his age. I guess he has done and seen a lot more in his youth than the average 23 year old. I thought he was near 30.

      • paul lives in his rich parents house on the side of their mansion.
        paul is a model, band member (that’s how Raven saw him and got pic)
        paul was talking the other day about ‘his manager’ doing something for him.
        paul ‘designs’ clothing and has a store. I checked out his design/store online and they all include skulls, some or all of -knives, blood, crosses, skulls some more, etc.) All in BLACK, mostly.
        Have not seen paul wear anything close to his clothes he designs. Probably banned by cbs to wear on show.

      • Interesting. Not my cup of tea, but I can certainly see a lot of really young people going for that kind of crap.

      • No he’s not dumb. He actually has a lot of insight to the game. He realized quickly to go against Paul meant you were out the door.

      • And he hasnt done anything about it. Hasnt even tried. Instead he continues to do exactly what Paul & Xmas tell him to do.

      • What was he supposed to do when he knew he didn’t have the votes to get him out? He puts him up, Paul stays then Josh has a target on his back.

      • While jason was still there he couldve at least tried to rally jason,alex & kevin. I dont think it wouldve worked but he couldve tried. If he didnt plan to do it he should stop talking to the cameras about it.

  24. Watching BBAD now – Josh, 12/25 and Paul are sitting in the lounge discussing the best strategies to help Paul win. Just SMH at these people.

      • I. Just. Can’t. Josh can’t promise he’ll be strong when he has to break the tie and evict Alex. (No surprise there.) Christmas tells him he as to be a “cold-hearted bastard.” Josh says he can’t do that. Christmas and Paul are counting votes depending on who he’s sitting next to at F2. He’s saying he has to win. They are helping him figure out how to do that.

      • Paul is trying to convince them there’s no way he’s going to win. BS…he so wants this now and knows he’s got this in the bag with the jury. LOL

  25. From BB updates on Twitter:

    Paul wants them to tell Alex that they’re forcing Paul to not use the Veto on her.
    Josh doesn’t want to.
    Paul said then we blindside her.
    Josh said nope.

    Paul really wants them to tell Alex they’re forcing him to not use the Veto.

    Christmas to Josh: “If you say fine and go on a little tangent, I’m not gonna be okay. I’ll light your ass up so fast.
    Josh- What’s a tangent?”



    • Thank you for the update. There we have it, folks, the real Christmas Joy. Josh, do the right thing!!!! It’s your time to shine!

      • He’s gonna shine his way right out of the house. He can’t play next HOH. He will be gone.

  26. I can’t anymore. After Paul talks dumb and dumber into taking the blame for him (P) not using the veto on Alex, the convo turns to how to keep Kevin from winning the next HOH. Xmas says that she is going to call him out on wanting to “f**k” her in the jury house and “rape his f**king soul with my words.” (I think that was the exact quote, but if not, it’s really darn close!)
    Can people please, please boycott her books, supplements, gyms…ANYTHING that she has to do with! I’m all for female empowerment, but I don’t want my daughter growing up with women that act like her as a role model.

    • Yes she wants to rape his soul with her words. Mfer & c@*ksucker referring to Kevin and said haven’t seen c u next tuesday (said the word) Xmas. Vile trash!!

  27. Leave KEVIN alone you snakes.. watching live feeds.i ihope Josh blows pauls ass in the water….. xmas ..u got it comming

  28. From Twitter: P/๐ŸŽ„ still working Josh to agree to lie to Alex about forcing P to not use veto:

    Christmas to Josh (in a bitchy tone): Do you understand, or are you just staring at me?
    Josh: I understand

    • This is probably how she talks to most men. Josh needs to stop being the good little toy soldier and start channeling some Beyonce Lemonade.

    • She is such a biatch to Josh! I don’t know why he doesn’t tell her to shut up! He already has a mom!
      Josh can agree on Christmas and Paul want, but in his goodbye speech he can tell her the truth. Just like he did last week with Jason.

      • This is not the first time she has used that tone or similar talk towards Josh. He just seems to shutdown and get quiet. I think it really does show a side to her personality, and it’s not pretty. (By the way, I am a girl. I am just using my boyfriend’s computer, hence the male poster name, Ron).

  29. Paul is now trying & looks like it may work, to convince the four of them to self evict. He tells them, oh yeah, it’s good. Christmas is shaking her head yes to him.

  30. Wow.

    From Twitter:
    Christmas to Josh/Paul: “You havent seen cunt Christmas come out. I will fucking rape his (Kevin’s) soul with my words.”

      • because he is the typical floater, he did not play the game at all, he did not do anything at all. And he is super fake.

      • There always seems to be at least one floater in the BB season, and yes, I agree this year it is Kevin. But I like him, especially compared to the other houseguests. Why do you think he is super fake, if you don’t mind my asking?

      • because he`s just the “character” of the season. Just like James were past 2 season, and every season there`s one… And I dont like how America still like them….He`s just play for the cameras all the time.

      • He’s a nice guy, so what if he’s useless. If they felt like that they should have evicted him earlier. What did he do that was so bad to get so much abuse behind his back. Jason’s rape comments about his wife and his kids to watch. Alex calling him a predator. And now Christmas who had done nothing this whole game and to be honest should have been sent home after her injury. The HOH’s she has won were all thrown to her because of Paul.

      • Did Raven make a move at all either? The constant bad mouthing from Jason, Alex and Christmas. Just uncalled for. The fools forgot about the cameras. Wait to see the reaction when they are out of the house

      • Floating is one strategy in the game, and every season has one or more floaters. But this nonsense first from Jason, Alex and Christmas and now from the great triumvirate are not game related at all; just mean and personal. What part in the game does calling a person a predator play?

      • Exactly, it’s just mean and maybe i’m in the minority here but I believe while they all say this is just game play this is also part of the HG’s personalities to be mean and just don’t care. But they will care once they are out of the house. They noticed Jason didn’t get a lot of cheers when he walked out of the house.

      • And Paul’s the first person to knock other HGs when he sees them making personal comments about other people. But good grief, talk about hypocrisy … that’s all he’s done all season. A word to the HGs – not that they would care – if someone talks about other people to you, they are talking about you to other people. Just sayin’.

      • I agree. And maybe calling Christmas trash shouldn’t end with just her comments. She’s really disgusting.

      • Paul is safe , so next comp veto is the Main thing to win . Josh will take paul out cause he may not or just too concerned that he would lose to him. Those players should be left there. So after no more hoh ? Or one more , and then they 3 the fight for end up

      • How funny would it be if Kevin next week out of nowhere wins the HOH and gets rid of Paul? That’s would be the twist of the summer.

      • The veto winner next week is the sole vote to evict. He or she will determine who goes to F3 with them and the HoH.

        If it’s a physical comp, you assume it’ll be Josh or Paul win. Which ever one of those two doesn’t win HoH better win veto.

        I am confident that Josh will VTE Paul if he’s the POV winner/lone vote.

        If๐ŸŽ„ is the lone vote, she’ll cut Josh and go to F3 with Paul and Kevin, unless Paul talks her out of it. Josh has to win either HoH or POV next week.

    • I am not naive, but is this how people talk today? I have thought to myself that such and such is a C word, but I honestly would never say anything like that to any person or like what Christmas just said, no matter how angry I might be. I have never heard so many F-bombs or C words used in casual conversation as I have on the BB After Dark shows.

      • And then they have the nerve to pray over rosaries or read their Bibles – I don’t understand. Who are they trying to impress – themselves or us?

      • Hypocrites all…The only thing Paul is straight up about, is that he does not believe in God, but doesn’t knock others for doing so

      • Meech BB 18 & Paul had a Big Arguments about Paul being an Atheist…Being a person of Faith myself, don’t believe that I mentioned the word “Ignorant” in my comment….So please don’t put words in my mouth that I did not Speak, Type, or Say?! Thanx.

      • …..sorry. I was wasn’t putting words in YOUR mouth. Paul actually said it when he was driveling on for 45 minutes to Alex. It was a one-way conversation about philosophy and how enlightened Paul thinks he is. Sorry for the confusion.

      • I appreciate people who do not push religion, even though I am a believer.
        & I think it’s just as important for people who are not believers, not to knock those who believe.

      • Plus, she called Paul a snake because of the way he was playing the game and the HGs, and that’s why she had to leave. But you’re right; it’s probably not a great idea to get too heavy-handed with the preaching when you’re in an enclosed environment.

      • Dominque was a smart cookie, no wonder Paul had to oust her. Cody and her were allies. I think of all the possibilities had Paul not either been in the game or was given so much favor.

      • Look at all the gang bangers. They are out killing, stealing, drug dealing all day and night. On Sundays they are in church with their families.

      • Apparently during the Bb comic comp Paul was portrayed as potty mouth. He didn’t like that and asked Xmas, do I swear that much? Jason swore more than me. Lol, just second nature to him I guess and he doesn’t even realize how much he does.

      • Yep, he kind of got the idea he is being portrayed at the bad guy in the house. He was upset by that. He made a comment about the editing making him look like that as well. He has no idea how badly he came off which is sad considering he’s a returning player, etc.

      • Honestly is he that blind or just dumb? Did all them forget about the cameras and anything really controversial ends up on blogs, TMZ Etc?

      • She just laughed and said yes he does swear a lot and is loud. But she did stroke his ego in response to jury votes. He was worried he wouldn’t have votes.

      • She also said he swore more last season because he was under so much more stress – or something like that. Just feeding his ego more.

      • They all have what my mother used to call a limited vocabulary. Very very sad for supposedly intelligent people.

      • I live in a very religious area, my kids are the only non-mormons in their classes and it is constant F bombs, no dating allowed, no tv for many of the kids but constant F bombs. I talked to the assistant principal and he said he gave up a few years ago, if he had to discipline every kid that swore like he used to he would have 90% of the kids in his office everyday. If this is what Utah is like, I can’t imagine other places.

      • Stand inside your local High School for ten minutes. The words that come out of these kids are unbelievable!

  31. Does Christmas actually think she will get enough votes from the jury? Lets face it Paul carried her there and if you those in the jury house don’t see it they ought to hide from the new year. I hate to say it but if Paul gets to the final two he deserves. He manipulated everyone in the house except Cody.

  32. This I love – Josh walked away from P/๐ŸŽ„

    Josh to himself: “Christmas is such a fool.”


      • He opened his eyes way to late. Paul’s onto Josh at this point, Josh can’t play in next HOH, so if Kevin doesn’t win HOH I think Josh is a goner.

    • Paul would have done better with Raven, she just followed orders. He just said he’s cutting Paul and telling everyone how loyal he was (Josh).

  33. It would serve CBS right if on finale night, they all beat the crap out of Paul on Live TV

  34. I am so tired of the way Christmas talks to Josh. She is getting on my nerves. Plus she has jumped on Pauls ship. Josh will not make final 2 unless he wins. Smh..

    • Christmas basically told Josh that. If it’s between him and Paul she basically said she’s taking Paul.

      • I knew it, he needs to jump ship with Kevin. If only that could work somehow. Now they are planning on messing with Kevin, like they did wth Jess, Cody. Bringing out the pots and pans. He said he wouldn’t do that too him. Too much respect for him. What changed?….I also don’t understand why they choose too mess with certain house guest. They didn’t do Raven, Jason or Alex that way.

  35. I’m gonna change my BBNation name to BoycottXmas! Don’t buy her books, supplements, dvds,etc. Join the movement!

    I feel like I’m the one that needs to apologize to Kevin’s family for the things they are saying to him and about him and I’M only watching the show!

  36. Ahh now P/J/C they’re planning how to gang-up on kevin. Xmas wants to call him an old man pervert and have Josh come into the mix. Xmas describing how he’ll turn red. Now brainstorming various insults with one another.

      • Mark or Kevin has my vote for AFP. Mark at least spoke up about the bullying. Kevin seems so lost but he’s hasn’t gone to the trashy levels that the majority of the HGs have.

      • By that line of thinking, Matt deserves vote consideration. He spoke up against attacking people. Just saying

      • Hey dude, I just shut it off now, because they are saying same things over and over, what’s it to you?

      • I’d like to see Kevin or Mark win AFP…..either one is good for me.
        Maybe more Kevin cuz off the crap these kidz are giving him. They are so rude!
        And yes, paul has potty mouth but Josh & Christmas do too. I’m turning it off now too….. but I have the right to comment & so do you…& as much as you want!

      • I don’t know why it’s like that year after year. Same in bbcan. I would put a dollar out of their stipen at each swear.

        Is their someone in America that can be cast and that doesn’t abuse F word?

        Not that I’m that picky with that, but vocabulary is a proof of intelligence. And, come on… it’s tv!!

      • I f**king hear ya!
        Ok JK! I’m not a prude. I use that word too. But i can control where & when I use it & so can anyone else that wants to. My husband is a retired fire fighter & he used it at work all the time but at home hardly at all. So it’s possible these kids don’t need to use the f bomb every other word. Josh is super bad & why the heck is ๐ŸŽ„ so mad? She swears like a stereotypical truck driver! She’s on my last nerve with SMS Paul. I even hate the name Paul!! Ugh! But he came to play….I kinda just wish most of the others came to play as well.

      • No. Christmas is carrying on for Alex. Thing is, Kevin never did a thing; Paul told Alex he did but Paul was lying.

      • Thanks, this is why I can’t stand Paul. It’s one thing to play and manipulate people it’s another thing to lie and almost start fist fights because of that. BB producers should be accountable if Kevin loses it either in the house or once he finds out Jason, Christmas, Alex and Paul’s comments.

      • They sign some sort of contract stating BB/CBS is not responsible for the behavior of any house guest.

      • Kevin did nothing this is pauls and Christmas idea and they want Josh to help and we thought Alex was mean this is Christmas Idea she glows when she is bulling just like Paul her parents should be ashamed to have given her a beautiful name should have been devil

      • He asked Jason if he’d have relations with๐ŸŽ„ in Jury House.
        Jason said absolutely not, he’s married.

        Jason told๐ŸŽ„ that Kevin was talking about them having relations with her in Jury.

      • Thanks. I just can’t wait to see Kevin’s face when he finds out what has been said about him. I feel bad for him.

  37. I don’t understand why Josh and Paul and Christmas are in study hall Damn Josh is giving Paul answers he should shut up and keep the answers to himself

  38. it makes me mad that they want to gang up on Kevin I guess if they gave him a heart attack all 3 would get off if that were to happen then all 3 should go to jail

  39. Paul was referred to as potty mouth on the comic cover. He doesn’t understand why. “I didn’t think I cursed that much … I cursed a lot more last year …” And Josh interrupts, “doesn’t potty mouth mean bad breath?” Paul comments, “fu*k. These motherfuc*ers don’t know what they’re talking about.” And then – and this is priceless – they agree that Cody wasn’t portrayed as any kind of a villain at all.

      • It shows an enormous lack of respect for his parents, for one. Two, it tells me he is spoiled and entitled. He is an adult with his own business and band, then why is he still living at home? If he walks away with the BB 500k, his head is going to be so big, his parent’s will have to build a bigger entry way for their front door. Barf is right.

      • Last season my husband hated Paul. At first I thought he was just obnoxious but then heard him talk on the feeds about women, using every derogatory term. He talked about having sex in his parents home, like in common areas, like living room or kitchen and saying he didn’t care what his parents thought or saw? Swearing might be the least of his evils at home. I understand many 20 somethings live at home, but the ones I know are respectful to their parents when they are home.

    • Josh makes me feel like a freaking genius. So many simple terms, concepts, phrases he doesn’t understand. I once heard him say “formed” when he was intending to say “deformed”. Paul and Christmas corrected him before he continued.

      Seriously? Formed?

  40. These people are tooooo crazy! How can you worry about what American think of you, and wanting to be AFP??? Then… plotting how to torture someone. I don’t get it.

    • Paul told them the AFP is usually someone in the top 5,6,7.
      They think they’re in the running for it.

  41. Look at this comment from Christmas (Via Joker) She thinks she is Paul now trying to get Josh to do the dirty work. If Josh is a good person as he says he is he would say I want no part of this and it’s wrong. If the plan works he’s out of the house and we are in the final three.

    Christmas: If I start this fight with Kevin… Josh: Then you need to finish it. Christmas: No, I need you to come in and blow himup just like last time when we weren’t even trying.