‘Big Brother 19’ Veto Comp Plans Week 11

Alex shrugs off her nomination on BB19

Update: Veto Comp results are in! Find out who won the Veto this week.

Welcome to the last countdown of a wait-and-see Power of Veto competition for Big Brother 19! After this week the last Veto, and most powerful of the season, will be at F4 and if that’s like last year then the F4 PoV will take place while the Feeds are down for the special Wednesday eviction. So what’s in store for today’s comp? Here’s what’s ahead.

With only five Houseguests left in the Big Brother house that means everyone will be competing and from what we saw with the BB Comics themed HoH comp it looks like this could be time for the annual “what’s different in these comic book covers” challenge.

Josh is the current Head of Household and he put Alex and Kevin on the Block last night, but this Veto could change everything or, more likely, change nothing at all. Alex is the most likely to go if the noms stay the same so she’s got the most to lose her. She’s also a strong competitor and I’d say she has a real shot at winning this one.

Should Alex win the Veto then obviously she’ll use it on herself and force a renom. Same goes for Kevin. Paul actually wants Kevin to win the Veto and save himself. If that happens then Paul can avoid the situation where he might be pressured to use the Veto and take Alex down. Paul isn’t going to do that of course so it’d show his cards to not save her. In that case, watch for Paul to do everything he can to avoid winning this comp.

While Christmas is still recovering from her broken foot she’s actually been absurdly cleared to compete in things like a RUNNING competition and then in Thursday’s DE we saw her running and jumping up and down a flight of stairs. She later expressed concern over potentially having hurt herself in that one. Sheesh. So now we’ve got this comp. Remember how this has used a zipline that requires the players to drop 3+ feet to the ground at the end? If they change that to a nice ground landing… Anyway, she may or may not be able to participate, but if she does then obviously she’s keeping things as they are.

Now what about Josh? Well as much as he’s teasing Feedsters with thoughts of betraying Paul, I just don’t see it. Flashback to last night at 7:38 PM BBT Cams 3/4 as Josh suggests he wants to take Alex down and put Paul up. Then he quickly reverses course to suggest no one would vote out Paul so he’d rather take the shot at F3. What? When you’d have to win 2 straight comps instead of taking the shot now? Ah well. No one is surprised.

Should anything change with the noms then Christmas has already volunteered as a renom. Josh may be tempted to get Paul up there, but he’ll also likely fold under the pressure to not renom Paul. I wouldn’t hold my breath on seeing Paul anywhere near the Block this week.

We’ll be waiting and watching for the results so stick with us for spoilers when they’re back. In the meantime, share your thoughts on what you think or hope will happen today!


  • Final wait-and-see Veto comp of BB19
  • Do-or-die for Alex with Kevin as Plan B
  • Paul will try to avoid winning Veto
  • Josh & Christmas are unlikely to change noms
  • Christmas is most likely renom option

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    • Clueless? He’s the only one that has a clue! He’s seen what Paul is doing for a while now. Yes Paul has been using Josh (and others), but it has been to Josh’s benefit too. Josh and Christmas would have never made it this far without Paul and his allies. What has made sense for Paul’s game, has made sense for everybody that is left. If Josh went after Paul now, he would lose Christmas, not have the votes to get him out, and become the target. You can’t win if you don’t make the final three, and Josh knows he can’t get there without Paul and Christmas. Not bad game playing, for a clueless guy, that should have gone home week 1.

      • Josh’s biggest strength is doing what he’s told, and talking to the camera. Occasionally he needs to be put in his place by Christmas, and Paul before he falls back in line again. I think for anyone to pin their hopes that he’s going to do anything other than what he’s ordered to do are simply kidding themselves. Outside of Cody, Dominique and possibly Jessica nobody has made a move on Paul this season. They’ve all protected him right to the end where he’ll more than likely win his 500,000, and the rest will rewatch the season and see just how dumb and naïve they played the game.

      • All he would have to do is explain the entire “Dictator” plan to Alex from beginning to end. How the dictator was targeting her and Jason. Tell her everything. Tell her he guarantees she goes home if she doesn’t win veto. Tell her about the votes. Then tell her if he wins veto he will prove it to her and take her off but she needs to vote Paul out. Christmas votes Kevin, Alex votes Paul and he sends Paul out the door.

      • I disagree. If she knew Paul’s entire plan and how he’s responsible for Jason’s eviction and has been wanting her gone. Then Josh can back it up by telling her that Paul told him that you were fake crying when Paul was the only one she told that to. I think Alex would believe Josh. I don’t think she’d report back to Paul. But Josh has to spill everything from beginning to end so she’ll believe him. That’s the only way he’d get Alex to flip on Paul.

      • Even Josh explains everything and Alex believes it she will blow up….is too much mess and Josh knows it, even though I still believe she will go to Paul no matter what

      • Absolutely! Alex is another person who’s believed for weeks that Paul was her friend and their secret alliance was strong. She may have been sad to see Jason go, but she wasn’t sad enough to nominate at least Christmas (who Alex saw on live TV vote to evict Jason) when she (Alex) was HoH the next week. I agree that had Josh disclosed everything, that information would have gone straight to Paul, and as much as Josh has run his big mouth to call out just about anyone, I can not imagine him standing up to Jesus H. Paul.

      • The only chance is that people start to realize that P played a full of bs game and broke every promise he made to most of the people

      • Josh could win veto, take Kevin down, talk to Kevin about how Paul is using everyone, get Kevin to vote for Paul, Chrismas will vote Alex, tie vote Josh has to break tie and sends Paul on his way. Only if!

    • Actually, Josh is the only one who wants to and is trying to find a way to win this game. The others just want Paul to win and would be happy for second place.

      • And that is Josh downfall. He has no one too back him up at this point. One thing you need is numbers in this game. Being HOH is nothing, other than keeping yourself safe. Look what happened to Jess.

    • Yes all of them,Paul that snake is the only one playing them and the game.I guess as they say don’t hate the player hate the game ,but i hate this bunch of bb players they have no GAME!

  1. All I know is that I am hoping. Paul wins. He actually is the only one to play the game this year. Josh should of been out after week one!

    • Nina, I agree with you about how Josh’s behavior should have had him evicted early in the game, but who would the others have used to torment the other HG? The evil doers knew they had a gem in Josh. Let Josh do all the dirty work. Josh will be used until he’s no longer useful.
      I do believe Paul will win. He’s a great manipulator. It has gotten him far.
      My opinion… This has been one of the worse BB seasons. Just my opinion, not a definition this time.

      • Paul won’t win. Cody and Mark can’t stand him. Now Jason was backstabbed and the next person in jury will also blow Paul up. Don’t think he’ll win. I don’t think he’ll even make F2. Would love to see him go at F3 when he’s so close.

    • That’s the problem. He’s the only one doing anything.

      Just stop the game and give him the money.

      Cody was the only other person who came to play

    • I can say same for Paul, out in week one! He changed everything, the entire season, good or bad he did!
      Is a misjudged of the production in my opinion bringing Paul back by himself….

  2. “…in Thursday’s DE we saw her running and jumping up and down a flight of
    stairs. She later expressed concern over potentially having hurt
    herself in that one.”

    Lawsuit in the future or are the contracts the house guests sign looked at so good that Production will not worry about it?

  3. Josh is right. Alex and Christmas would not vote for Paul, so it would be pointless putting him up.

  4. It is so funny to watch all the Paul haters bash this season, and the other players. There were some damn good players this year, and Paul used his skill to get them in the order that kept his game strong. If you want to blame someone for your early predictions or your favorites getting blown up, look to Cody. He blew up a strong group that would’ve sent Paul packing long ago, by betraying their trust from the get go. Cody put the target on his, Jessica, Mark, and Elana’s back. Cody’s mistake is why we are where we are today. I hope Paul sends him a thank you note.

    • Cody was the only smart one who knew if they didn’t get Paul out early, he would win the whole thing. If Paul wasn’t given safety for 4 evictions, he would not have even made jury.

      • I’m not so sure about that. Paul seems to be pretty persuasive and from the get go he had convinced many people he should be trusted and could help them in the game. To them Cody’s early betrayal of their alliance warned them that he couldn’t be trusted. So I think Paul still would have gone far even without the temptation safety although I do admit it gave him some time to win over the possible doubters.

    • You are wrong sir!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      If paul was so good why he need the friendship brackets and 3 weeks safety?
      Let him go in there lime any other guest.

      • You use every tool at your disposal in a game. Failure to do so, would result in you playing a bad game. Not sure what your second sentence is trying to say, but if you mean the F2 vote, Josh made too many enemies, and Christmas has too much blood on her hands. Paul has been brilliant!

      • Cody and Mark can’t stand Paul. Now Jason can’t either after the backstab and the next person in jury will also blow up Pauls game. Don’t think he’ll win.

    • ????

      Everyone’s reluctance to play, strategize or make any moves is Cody’s fault?

      Giving Paul three weeks of safety is Cody’s fault?

      • Going along with a strong alliance is a reluctance to play. Positioning yourself to stay in the game is failure to strategize? Should Paul not have accepted the temptation? You just sound salty!

      • Giving Cody the advantage in the battle back and jess the halting hex??? Production! They wanted them in the game but their game play was so bad that even then, jess didn’t even make jury and Cody was first to jury.

    • He has them ALL doing his bidding. Sure, some of these players aren’t the smartest, but he even had them throwing a comp this late. He built up trust. I think he went overboard at times with tactics, but somehow it worked. Cody at least tried, but it appeared it would have been hard to get the votes back then. He took a big risk and lost.

    • No, CBS giving Paul 3 weeks of safety is why we are where we are today. And as far as the “damn good players” there were this season, name three.

      • Strong in comps. Cody made a bone head move fer sher, but he won his way back in. That showed how strong he was, and enlarged his target. Jessica was strong, but was tied to tightly to Cody. Anything else I can enlighten you on?

      • Enlighten me? No, I’m good thanks, lol, but disagree, on those two being good players. Strong at comps, yes.

      • So she was targeted so early for being perceived as weak, compared to the other players? Think about it.

      • Cody, maybe, because he at least had the intention of getting Paul out. None of the rest of them. They are all wusses, and that’s why they are in the jury house and Paul isn’t.

      • Meh, intention isn’t enough, imo. He did nothing to make it happen. He thought just nominating was enough and all should follow, no questions asked.

    • They won’t believe him, and Alex would run to Paul and spill the beans. Josh would be the next to go although I believe that is Paul’s plan anyway. I think there a good shot Paul wins next HOH and puts up Kevin (or Alex if she stays) and Josh. The noms stay the same after veto and Paul convinces Christmas to evict Josh. Why wouldn’t Paul want to take Kevin and Christmas to the finals? I hope it doesn’t happen this way because I want either Paul to be cut at final three or come in second again.

      • One reason he might not want to take Kevin to finals is because he said he thought Kevin would get the jury vote.

      • I think if Josh spilled everything from beginning to end to Alex and Kevin then Kevin spills the things he knows and they FINALLY compare notes I think Alex would believe him.

    • He’d have to finesse Alex, help HER figure it out. Idk if young Josh is savvy enough yet. I’m amazed that Paul is this savvy at his young age.

    • The only way Alex would believe Josh (maybe) is if Josh repeats to Alex exactly what she told Paul in confidence, proving to Alex that Paul is a snitch playing both sides. That MIGHT work. But as thick-headed Alex is, it also might not.

    • And you know that little nasty gnome would be there in a flash cos he doesn’t want them talking to each other. Josh would have to have them in the HoH room and lock the door

  5. As much as these HGs love to run their mouths, it’s simply amazing they haven’t compared notes with each other and realized that Ratface Paul has promised each and every one of them a spot in the F3.

      • I would vote for Paul hated or not , he played them all and played! Even as personal as this season is , the jury has to see that he clearly played the better game … I don’t know how Xmas or kevin would win, I think josh and paul should b f2 . They have played and both have been obnoxious and bullying, so would be interesting how the jury would vote.

    • They do that every season and the 3somes usually end up fckin one over , the whole I thought I was going a u or we have f2 deal .. it all comes down to play or be played.

  6. Can we please get off the whole Christmas injury topic ALREADY!! That’s ultimately a decision between the doctor and her to make! Furthermore, she’s clearly at a disadvantage when she does participate…that is if isn’t thrown to her.

  7. If someone wins and we need a new nom why can’t Paul be the 1? He has never been this season. I would get annoyed with that if I were in his alliance.

    • Because these HGs have all basically said they would take a bullet for him. They don’t want him nominated because they are afraid he will get voted out.

      • Josh cried over jason , and paul and him are closer then they were , and paul did flip the vote to save him , would be funny if he saved the guy that evicts him !!!

      • I would think if he puts paul up he’s gonna be a blubbering mess and paul could convince them to vote Alex out. Alex I think will have a good shot to win this veto tho

    • Well as the numbers dwindle, there’s few bodies for him to hide behind. So maybe they’ll wise up and tell themselves: if it’s him or me, I chose ME!

    • If Kevin saves himself, Josh might have someone who’ll take a shot at Paul because Xmas won’t vote to evict him. Kevin and Josh could evict him.

      Kevin knows it’s not likely Paul is going to take him to F2 so he’s playing for 3rd place anyway. Alex won’t take him. Maybe he’d vote out Paul.

      Would Alex vote out Paul thinking he’s her strongest competition and that she could best Joshmas in comps and at the end? Paul is the only one who, SHE THINKS, would take her to F2 and probably won’t risk it for the biscuit.

      If she eavesdrops at the right time,
      Maybe she would though?
      She’d still have to win her way out the rest of the way (against Kevin, Xmas, and Josh) and drag one of them to the end.

    • I won’t even make any scenarios until I see who wins POV. Hoping Alex out Wednesday and Josh Thursday.

  8. I don’t think Paul will cut Josh; Alex told him he would get all the jury votes if he is sitting beside josh. If he believes her than there’s no way he will cut him

    • If Paul cuts Josh before the end, he can contaminate the jury, too.

      I think they’ll all accept he’s been the puppeteer all season anyway.
      But Paul losing by a vote last year has him extra cautious about jury mgmt this year.

      • Exactly!!! Jason was mmmaaaddd when he was evicted, then Josh saying he was in a F3 alliance with Paul & Christmas.

      • I know! I loved that. He is likely going to talk to Matt and Raven at jury house and find that they thought they were in final 3, as well. Wouldn’t it be rich if he lost by 1 vote again this year. That would be are great ending to a screwes up season!

      • Not really…remember how Cody said that Alex and Jason were trying to make a plan with him and it was all bs. Other jurors may not believe Josh. If I was a juror and heard Josh squealing like a stuck pig I’d lose any little bit of respect that I had for him. A lot of those jurors don’t respect him to begin with.

      • Everyone EVERYONE in the jury has had a run in with Josh and hate him. Even Jason at the end had a moment with him and Paul knows that so for that reason he will take Josh to F2

  9. Alex does have a brain, its just far up someone $ss. And whatever is left of it, she knows she need too win that veto!….Shes not blind, the last two people sitting next to Kevin, was evicted. Hmmmm… She also said in her goodbye to Jason, she was next. I wish this could be a turn around, and Paul was put up. If nothing else, but to watch him squirm. And mess his record up, of not going on the block.

  10. So Josh camera talks and gets are hopes up just to let us down again. I really believe production gives him a script just to make good television.

  11. Josh isn’t very bright in 1. if he flipped on Paul then he might as well just go up on block and take a set. 2. If he flipped and decided to take Kevin he wouldn’t win. Kevin has a good following

    • Josh doesn’t think that. He is unaware of Kevin’s following. Josh will find out when he leaves the house.

      • Kevin could potentially win ??? Having not won a single comp and just flap his jaws and brush his hair w his toothbrush!! Would that be the first time a person has won bb wout winning anything ?? I’d like to see him win the veto , then he could pull himself off and put Xmas up , Alex would go .. then josh kevin Xmas paul play it straight and determine who is more worthy of f2.. ? Yes no

      • Others have won BB without winning a comp. I believe Derrick didn’t win any comps so people won’t nominate him. People thought he was weak. Like Derrick, Kevin is from Boston. Maybe they know each other and Kevin is playing how Derrick played.

      • Derrick won HOH 4 times. The only winner I can think of who never won anything is Will. His season was before they had POV comps. He only played in HOHs and threw them so he wouldn’t be a threat.

      • Would like to see Josh & Kevin in F2. Paul f’d up last season. He had his chance.
        Too bad, so sad!!!! LOL

  12. I can’t figure out if Kevin is just so clueless and uninvolved or if he’s playing a really good game. He’s so blah I can’t believe he really signed up to win a bunch of money just to sit around and do nothing to win.

  13. I don’t see Alex winning veto if it’s the zip line. She can’t see well without her glasses and she might miss the minute small details

  14. I really thought that Josh as finally a man and would put up Paul for eviction, but he has demonstrated what a whoosh he is!

  15. These are some of the worst BB, players ever,they back stabbed the only players who tried to play,Jessica and Cody.And everyone else is getting played by Paul.At this point if Paul wins they so deserve it! A bunch of cry babies when they get blindsided,loving it! You would think one of them would say Paul has already one the $500,000 once.Let one of us win it,not him.these idiot’s deserve to lose.

  16. I get so frustrated reading all of this, especially the feeds! How are these people so stupid????? I understand Josh’s predicament! If he could convince Alex, Christmas or Kevin (depending on the Veto) to vote for Paul so Josh is a tiebreaker and vote out Paul then awesome! But, Josh needs to talk to these people about it, not just think about it and talk to us about it!
    I guess once the Veto comp is over we MIGHT see Josh talking more to these HGs about getting Paul out but I think it’s hopeless. Alex and Christmas are so shoved up Paul’s a$$……..
    WHY????? Are these people playing for a second!?!? It’s so frustrating!

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