‘Big Brother 19’ Live Feeds: Jessica Reveals Temptation To Kevin, Sorta Kinda

With just a few days of HoH safety left to go Jessica Graf has started working on planting seeds to help protect her and Cody next week on Big Brother 19 in case they don’t get back in the HoH suite this Thursday night. Her first stop was a talk with Kevin and a few exaggerations to go with it.

Jessica and Kevin talk game on Big Brother 19

We know that Jessica won the Halting Hex which will allow her to stop any of the next three evictions, basically resetting the week with a new HoH and everything. The rest of the House doesn’t know that though. Not only that, but none of us know what the Hex’s Curse will be as that’s set to be revealed later this week on Big Brother.

Flashback to 8:29 PM BBT 7/24 Cams 1/2 on your Live Feeds (get the Free Trial now to watch).

Kevin and Jessica are sitting along the wall in the backyard chatting away. Feeds cut then come back to Kevin asking Jessica “For how long? The whole thing?” “Not the whole thing,” responds Jessica, “but it’s better than Paul’s.” She’s just revealed she received the last Temptation, the Halting Hex, but her details are thin and she isn’t being completely honest here.

Seems Jessica also told Kevin during the brief Fish that it covers two people. “How two of you? You get to pick someone else?” asks Kevin. We know this relates to that it’d stop the entire eviction, covering either of the people on the Block (or three if that magically happened that week), but it doesn’t sound like she explained that part to him either.

“I can pick whoever I want at any point in time,” says Jessica. We know it only lasts three more evictions, but she’s likely exaggerating things a little to buffer her safety from the Halting Hex. Kevin seems to think it lasts for four weeks, which is close, but no longer the case.

Kevin doesn’t understand how she got it, but thinks America voted for her after she went up against Josh in that backyard shouting match after the pickle juice. I’d guess it had more to do with Cody getting evicted and viewers trying to balance the power of the house, but who knows.

“You’re the only person that knows,” says Jessica. Kevin quickly tells her that he won’t tell anyone but if she hears someone saying something then they just guessed it since there are only but so many options. Cody comes by at this point and Jessica lets Kevin know that Cody already knows, which we also knew.

Kevin quickly shifts this to be a positive for him, saying everyone else might have a strained relationship with Jessica and Cody, but he gets along with them and is happy they got it.

“So now you’re off the Block for like four weeks?” asks Kevin. “Mmm hmm,” says Jessica. Again, not exactly, but not too far off.

Kevin again says he won’t tell but points out that it’s going to come out if someone tries to put her up. Jessica explains that “depending on who wins HoH next week, I’m going to tell them because the punishment is for who puts us up on the Block.” Hmm, we don’t know if that’s true or not. Julie Chen said the curse portion of the last Temptation would be revealed on Thursday.

Kevin tries guessing about the curse, asking if she gets to put up the HoH who tried to nominate them. Jessica says she won’t elaborate, but if someone tries to put her up then she gets to inflict a punishment on them.

What if they don’t believe you, wonders Kevin. Jessica says then that HoH can try to put them up and deal with the consequences. Kevin thinks that’s a better idea and to just not warn the HoH. Jessica is hoping to extend the usefulness of the Hex though. If she has to use it this upcoming week then it’s one and done. But if she can hang it over the house for weeks to come then that’s way more beneficial to her.

The talk between Jessica and Kevin wraps up about 8:33 PM BBT. So did Kevin go back and tell anyone? Ehh, kinda. He suggested to Jason and Paul last night that they need to be considerate of Jessica possibly having the Temptation and them not knowing what it does. I don’t believe he outright told them that Jessica revealed details to him.

This morning Jason and Paul shared notes on the idea. Flashback to 10:40 AM BBT 7/25 to hear their talk. Paul mentions to Jason that Kevin thinks Jessica might have the power and it could involve swapping nominees. Paul doesn’t believe it since she didn’t use it last week when she was up on the Block. Paul even suggests that maybe Mark has it since he got so defensive so quickly after it was awarded to one of them. Mark doesn’t have it though.

Whatever the Temptation may be, Paul is sure it has an expiration since his did. Well, he’s right that her power will expire, in 3 more rounds, but Christmas’s Ring of Replacement does not expire. So he’s getting some of his guesses wrong and some of them right, but that’s to be expected.

So Jessica is finally starting to spread the word. Unless Cody wins HoH next week she may have to make the choice again whether or not to tell others about her Halting Hex. We’ll see then how effective her exaggerations are or if HGs ignore her claims and move on with trying to get Cody and Jessica out the door. If either is still on the Block come a week from Thursday then we’ll probably get to see it in action. Good times.


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  1. I’m waiting for Jessica or Cody to do something stupid and slip what the hex is. That and I’m waiting for it to become known what Paul’s crew is going to do with the eviction and Jessica does something monumentally stupid and uses it just to spite them. I doubt it, but Cody and Jessica hasn’t been exactly smart when it comes to strategy in BB

    • The best thing Paul and his puppets can do is nominate one at a time. They don’t know what it is, but are sure that she cannot use it more than once. Putting her up is best.

      • Oh I agree, but putting both up, ensures that at least 1 remains on the block post veto

      • I meant if Jessica chooses to use her power which will be cancelling nominations for the week.

      • They will come to that conclusion I bet. They will think she’s full of S saying it will protect them both, which is good. This way they can plan for them individually.

      • I think Paul and his Groupies need to win HOH and then put up Jessica and Mark or Elena and Cody.. break them all up!

      • is this mostly liberals on here? if so, I can see why the comments are made with such course and vulgar speech. they don’t know any other way. there is no cure for stupidity.

      • Well Wallace I can only speak for myself, I can’t for others. What i will say is this is a site discussing big brother, a stupid reality tv show. Most conversations held here are equivalent to that regard. No more, no more, no less.

      • I think Mr Nelson was referring to your use of the phrase “full of S” a couple of comments back (of course no TRUE conservative has ever said anything like that). I’ve always prefered “So full of it, their ears must draw flies”, but I’m a moderate so what do I know.

      • I haven’t wasted any thoughts on that guy. Big Brother isn’t a conservative show. He should go find a site for The Price Is Right.

      • Where is the vulgar speech?

        And I mean if we are going to point out stupidity, how about going on some nonsense political rant on the comments of a Big Brother website? Serves no purpose other than to try and stir up trouble.

        Seriously though, where is the vulgar speech you referenced. Am I missing something?

  2. I understand what Jessica is trying to do but it’s pretty ridiculous that she’s doing it now because nobody knows what the curse is on this particular temptation.

    And since she does not know, I can only conclude that she’s making a bonehead move and taking a huge risk that’s probably going to backfire on her.

    However, choosing to tell Kevin of all people was very smart. He operates in the shadows and a good player would sense that. It would be a great way to see if he was a talker or not.

    But her timing to do this absolutely sucks. Way too soon. She should have waited for the curse reveal to see if she even wants people to know whether or not she has the temptation at all.

    The curse might be so bad, and hopefully it is the balance out of power this strong, that one might end up having to throw themselves under the bus just to use the hex in the first place. In other words, hopefully the curse is bad enough to truly make the house stark raving mad.

    Then the choice of whether to use the hex or not or reveal you have it would not be so simple. Or safe. And that would be the kind of big brother that I would like to see.

    Great OP Matthew. Really really good.

    • Does she know that the curse will be revealed this week? I don’t remember the rules that she received when she was in the den of temptation. She may be thinking that the curse won’t happen or be revealed until she uses the hex. In which case overstating the curse is a useful strategy. It’s going to blow up on her, but I can see her reasoning from that point of view. I agree Kevin was the right one to leak the information to.

    • Do you really think chances are high that the curse is bad? The curses so far have been almost entirely crap. Paul’s power caused a random person to be on the block once in three weeks – already not a major problem – and it ended up going against somebody he didn’t like anyway; Ramses. Christmas’ power caused three people to be in frog suits for a week – who cares. The only curse that seems bad on paper – Kevin causing Paul to cost someone (Cameron) their place in the house so early in the game – still wasn’t bad considering it was too early (12 hours) for Kevin to be hurt by who got evicted. Josh taking a golden apple making him look bad and eliminating his team was a decent negative but that wasn’t even an official DoT (neither was Kevin’s).

      Basically, there’s been absolutely no good reason for anybody to reject their DoT temptation, it was designed this way because producers want them to accept. So I don’t expect the consequence of Jessica’s to be very bad at all. After she saw the super weak consequences of the others, she’d have been dumb not to accept hers.

  3. Christmas got the least powerful of the 3….I think there may be a twist that will force Jessica to use the Hex.. Paul had to use his before he wanted to…Cody took care of that…I don’t know I am waiting to find out what the curse is…

    • Yeah not waiting to find out what the curse is before telling anyone you have it was not very bright I don’t think.

    • She doesn’t know much, especially that everyone in the house tells Paul everything not just Kevin.

      • Part of why nominating Paul would be a stupid move. Even if he ended up on the block, the other house guest would end up getting offed. Until they can cobble together something beyond Jody, they’re just killing time before they’re gone. They simply don’t have the horses.

    • Maybe she told Kevin what she wanted him to relay to Paul to keep her hiney off the block?

    • I think that’s what she wants. She thinks if people know she has it and what it is they’ll be afraid to put her up.

    • When you don’t come out of the HOH room much you miss out on a lot of game play getting to know everyone

  4. “Kevin doesn’t understand how she got it, but thinks America voted for her after she went up against Josh in that backyard shouting match after the pickle juice. I’d guess it had more to do with Cody getting evicted and production trying to balance the power of the house, but who knows.”

    There, I fix it for you.

    • Fixed*. There, I fixed that for you.

      No offense, but “shots fired” because I’m tired of people taking this site’s polls for gold and the only evidence needed. Not everyone who votes goes on sites like this. Some just watch it on TV then vote on the CBS website or whatever other methods they let you officially vote by. I also don’t believe that in a scenario where this site had a poll leader that didn’t win something, but the winner wasn’t a popularly viewed “villain”, that people would be like “Oh, well ok then!” And be fine with it

      • Can’t edit my posts as I post as a guest. Messed up my meaning on the last part.

        If somebody fans liked won a power via voting, even if they weren’t leading or close to leading a poll on this site, I bet many would be fine with it. Polls be damned.

  5. If they find out she has it. Great. Just put her on the block so she can use it. Period. Next week nominate both Cody and Jessica and only one can use the veto if either wins it.

  6. I get what she is trying to do, but she is being to shady about it and that is what is going to arouse interest. Did anyone else hear what Paul said after Doms eviction? He was talking to few of the HG and he said “oh yeah she has it, someone asked her and she just smiled and said no” I think Paul is on to her, he is pretty good at reading people. I think people do suspect that she has it.

  7. week 1- temptation done & curse over
    temptation- 3(4) weeks free from being nominated
    “given” to Paul as he enters house; cause Kevin selects $25,000 prize, time expired
    curse- must nominate self for eviction in 3 times
    Paul randomly selects # = Ramses
    Ramses put self on block week 2, not evicted

  8. week 2 – temp- ??? – not used yet ? & curse over
    temp- “America selects” Christmas; Christmas selects those who get cursed
    temp- not used yet?, has 1-2 weeks left?
    curse- wear Ve-Toad costume for one week
    Christmas selects- Cody, Jason and Jessica to wear and they do, Toad-Tard (leotard), over

  9. week 3 – temp – not used yet & curse not revealed yet
    temp – “American selects” Jessica
    temp – Halting Hex, can stop one eviction within 4 weeks, 3 evictions (weeks?) left
    curse – not revealed yet

  10. Raven just admitted to Christmas that she’s a Mensa, graduated high school early. Said she only has told Matt this besides Christmas and that’s it. If what she said is true, then she’s playing dumb quite well. Time will soon tell as it only gets harder after this week. Keep that under your hats for now.

  11. Jessica….Jessica….you had a dream week of power…but your going to get blindsided Thursday….your feeling were right….should have put up Paul to get Josh out..Paul would have expected it. Don’t tell too many of the halting hex….spread the seeds and let them make the conclusions….it works out that they’re going to give you more power than you have…in their minds.

  12. Jessica doesn’t seem to have a clear mind when Cody is around….Hmmm…I wonder why…IMO i think she would have gone a lot farther with the hex then she will now with Cody attached at her hips.

  13. Yeah Paul’s not believing it. She is exaggerating. After this week only 2 weeks left. She’s making Kevin think it’s another 4 weeks. And she can’t replace anyone. I don’t think this will keep her from being nominated. If anything people will want to flush it out. But it’s going to be fun to see it used.

    • Which is, of course, the primary objective of this temptation – to cause as much drama as possible. Much more so than the other two.

  14. Just rename this season the Paul show. This has been the weakest cast of people I have ever seen in Big Brother history. It is as if they don’t want to win and are content with Paul winning it all.

  15. If Cody wins HOH I may just vomit, Jessica’s hex needs to be flushed.

  16. Marlena is fixing to be blindsided though, so now I wonder if they do actually get blindsided, will they flip over to Jody?
    Jody are the only ones with the balls to go for Paul (even though they really aren’t good strategists at all especially for this week LOL)
    So I can’t help but root for them, I respect Paul’s game, but once Jody is gone I think Paul will take it all the way, the HGs are misted by him lol

    • Elena may pick a side,Mark will try to go to whoever has the power IMO. Too bad both sides are now onto him, or good that both sides are now onto him.

      • I think Elena will be pissed off, but there is still a good chance Paul woos her again. Getting a social player like Elena on your side is a good asset… Mark maybe not so much, but yknow

    • A lot of people dislike Cody, and at least some of the criticism is understandable, but imagine if Cody were not on this season’s Big Brother. Who else could have taken on Paul? Jessica? Maybe; I can’t think of any other house guest who would have stood a remote chance to beat Paul, and most would not have even tried.

    • I was thinking that – I think it’s a huge risk to blindside Marlena because it may well draw a line in the sand and lend Jody two firm allies.

  17. See, this is what I’m talking about with Kevin. I can’t figure this guy out. He’s hiding information from Paul and plotting with Jody one minute, and the next, he’s completely 180’d. Kevin is one hell of a wild card this season.

  18. America Didnt vote for Jessica.. America voted For Alex to win without over 25 % to Alex with Kevin in 2nd.. Jessica only had about 11 %

  19. America Didnt vote for Jessica.. America voted For Alex to win with over 25 % to Alex with Kevin in 2nd.. Jessica only had about 11 %

    • Polls are hardly accurate. We’ve seen proof of that time and again, especially with the last couple seasons. Relying on them will throw you off every time.

      • A poll is of scientific merit only if its “sample” (the people who vote in the poll) is closely representative of the “population” (all the people everywhere who vote in the decision, whether it’s an election for political office, a choice of house guest for the Den of Temptation on Big Brother, or anything else) and there is no tampering with the votes.

        A poll where anyone can vote (which is generally the case with web site polls), is unlikely to be a trustworthy forecast unless (1) its sample is truly representative of the population — this is virtually impossible — and (2) people’s decisions on who to vote for do not change in the intervening time between when the poll is taken and when voting for the big decision occurs — this is generally unlikely when events that can influence decision continue to occur.

        Since one or both of the aforementioned are usually not the case, most polls are not good predictors.

    • I looked at the polls right when they ended.. there is no way Jessica won. when Alex was way ahead. BB rigged it to give it to her! It was NOT America’s Choice.. just like they rigged the last battleback comp against Paul.. Cody already knew how to use those ropes. Paul didnt.. I wont watch after this season. I should have learned my lesson last round with Nicole.. Going to give BB Canada my ratings. since they dont rig or cheat

  20. Looking over writings:
    Can temptation of Ring of Replacement be used by Christmas then Halting Hex temptation be used by Jessica? At the same eviction/time?

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