‘Big Brother 19’ Live Feeds: Alex & Jason Prepare Strategic Blunder

Alex Ow is failing at Big Brother 19

Tonight on Big Brother 19 the Houseguests are ready for the next Head of Household competition, but two of them are about to make a wrong turn on their journey. I’d say it’s just because their naive and foolish, but that’s not really an excuse. At least they’re both in agreement in this terrible strategy so one can’t blame the other later.

Last night Alex and Jason caught up while the rest of the house was sleeping. Talk turned to Thursday’s HoH comp and whether or not Alex should try to win. Jason is the outgoing HoH so he’s ineligible which would leave Alex to try and secure them safety. Now trading off HoH wins is a reasonable and smart game move for a power pair/couple to use, but the wool has been pulled so far over their heads they’re wearing it like a Snuggie now.

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Alex and Jason say they need to map out the rest of the season. They suspect there are three weeks left. Correct. Jason says that neither her (Alex) nor Paul can win HoH in the next two weeks. Pause. You know which HGs are the top targets for the next two weeks? Alex and Jason. Resume.

Alex says, “if it’s me and Raven left, I’ll just throw it to her.” Jason agrees and says that they should throw even next week’s HoH as well. Alex agrees with that as well and says they need either Josh or Christmas take that.

Have mercy. So this week Alex and Jason want either Christmas or Josh to win the HoH comp because they believe Kevin is the target. He’s not. Jason is with Alex as a backup. Then the follow week they want the other of Josh or Christmas to win again and leave them free to compete the following week. Ugh.

If neither wants to win the following week then why, why, why wouldn’t Alex want to win this week? Well the short answer is because Paul has convinced her to throw it, but why can’t she see it wouldn’t make any sense to do it. And why doesn’t Jason push her to try and win safety for the two of them? If she’s HoH then neither of them would have to be in danger the entire week. I feel like I’m taking crazy pills!

Tonight after the next eviction, where we can thankfully expect Matthew to leave, we can expect to be watching Jason on the sidelines as his closest ally tosses their game away. Christmas has asked everyone to throw this one to her since she can’t help on physical comps so I wouldn’t be surprised if she gets it.

At least we know Kevin will be trying for the win and that’d somewhat throw a wrench in the plan, but since he’d probably put up Alex and Raven the house would just vote out Alex and that’d still be Plan B for Paul and company. Only if we see Alex trip over herself and accidentally win HoH would we get any serious disruption in the week ahead. Hard to root for an Alex win though. Blerg.

What do you think of Jason and Alex’s strategy here? Total disaster or will this work out better than I’m expecting? Share your thoughts below.


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  1. I watched this last night and wanted to yell through the tv. I had hoped Alex would not throw the HOH because she likes to win and had hoped Jason would continue to feel a bit unsafe and try to win vetos and the next HOH he could. Sadly Paul’s plan goes on and I have gut feeling it will be just as I feared in the beginning a Paul and Raven finale. Season keeps getting worse.

      • Yeah, but why take either of them when you can just sit there at final 2, not say a freaking word, and let Raven stammer through her final speech while Paul goes to sleep and wins the $500,000?

      • Last time he picked the person he thought deserved it to come with him. The question is whether he learned his lesson…

      • Wish I had my laughing face on right now! It was just so pathetic watching those two talk game at all at that time. No awareness at all what Paul’s true plans are.

      • He seems to be distancing himself a but from josh and is now talking a Raven, Xmas final 3. The first week, after insay Raven was paying up an illness and had some pre show meeting with Paul, I had a feeling they were secretly working together but wasn’t sure. Then I have watched Paul’s countless hours of night time talks, never has he mentioned the plan the evicts Raven. Yes he said Xmas, and josh and has thrown around Kevin and Raven at the end, he has talked about plans that get rid of Xmas, josh, and Kevin but never Raven. He might laugh about Raven with the other HG but has never made her a target or had a plan to get rid of her.

      • That’s a good observation about Paul not plotting and planning against Raven. Maybe he knew all along that a ditz like her would be his perfect F2. (And why even share that with the viewers b/c he knows we would think he would be slug for making that lazy choice.) Yes, I know he was encouraging putting up Matt & Raven, with possibly BD’ing Kevin, but even before Jason made his decision not to use Veto, Paul was focused on Matt – never Raven. Hmmm. You might be on to something.

      • I think Paul is covering all his bases in case Raven wins something; he knows she would not target him but would vote her out if someone else wants her out

      • I want Kevin to win, not likely. If Alex won, she would either have to turn on Jason, or save Jason (which I prefer). Or she goes for Kevin and Paul has to change his plan. Basically an Alex HOH would cause Paul the most stress , except if he wins which won’t happen because he will make a “dumb” mistake and act all upset about it.

    • paul will never take raven if alex or jason leave next week kevin will be his pick to sit next to him

      • No way he’ll pick Kevin if he has a choice. I don’t think it’ll be Raven either. It’s between Josh and Xmas.

      • Raven is looney and disgusting and LAZY. No one will vote for her based on any of those ‘attributes’.

      • Raven blow it if she wouldn’t had lie that much about all her diseases, people would had be scared to nominate her and not taking her to final. (Maybe). It look like that at the start.

      • They don’t have the Feeds in the house nor do they in Jury.

        Those who believe he illness tales might be inclined to give her the money. Paul knows that, that’s one reason why he wants Kevin in F4.

      • Raven and Matt were talking saying how great Paul was and Raven is to take Paul to the final 2 even if she lose to him. Matt gave Paul instructions for looking after Raven and told Paul Raven will take Paul, I think this will factor into Paul’s decision as well as whatever pregame connection they have.

  2. Alex is proving to be quite the disappointment. I had so much hope for he during episode 1 when she told Cody to shove it during the poisoned apple comp.

    If there is a BBGod, Kevin will win HoH and put up her and Paul. However, my light has dimmed on Kevin’s strategic prowess in this game, too. SIGH.

    • Alex was my favourite week 1 and now she’s one of my least favourites. Her mean girl sheep act is unbearable.

      • Week one she started to yell at Megan for no reason other then he said she said. She should had stay calm and ask questions before blowing out. To be honest Jessica was disrespectful to alex. But Megan should just stfu.

      • Megan was a weak player, and blaming her made up illness for her leaving was really low. A lot of people actually suffer from PTSD- And the last thing they would want to do is go on a game show. Oh and then she said she was raped. Pick a story and stick to it.

      • If she was that weak with ptsd and event like a rape in your life, why the heck would you go play big brother? It’s way to stressful. I don’t buy it either.

      • Kevin won’t. He does not have the mind. For Jason, better Alex is not in the game at the time.

    • I don’t want Kevin to win the HoH yet so he won’t shoot himself. If anything, the veto.

  3. We were surprised by Jason and Alex voting for Matt to be evicted when Mark was evicted. Obviously, so were Alex and Jason surprised about Alex voting for Matt. She says it was a mistake. Maybe she’ll make a mistake and win the HOH comp, too. SMH

    • Yes. She focused too much on her stupid message and vote out the wrong person. She is really stupid.

      • That was absolutely the most idiotic thing I have seen this season and she didn’t remember even doing it. She said she prayed about it and it was revealed to her that she did. WTH!!!!

      • Omg!!! I did heard that one. I seriously start to think god lives in the bb house. He also talk to Dominique!!!

      • Like GOD really cares about Big Brother. That makes me laugh every time I heard someone, either on BB or Survivor, say that. Please!!

      • God cares about even the smallest sparrow. Sure He cares but these people don’t know God at all; they are all wicked. God cared enough to get Dom out of there that’s for sure. He cares and knows every single thought we have. Don’t underestimate the God who created us. He sees all.

      • I don’t disagree with you at all. I would have been lost without GOD when I had to put my Mother in a nursing home because I had to work and she could not be left alone. I am her only survivoing child. I lost my brother at his age of 22 and my sister a few yrs later. Also, when my son-in-law of 42 yrs got very sick and spent over two yrs in and out of the hospital before he died several weeks ago. I am almost 80 yrs old and had to take care of myself and two children without their Father’s support. Without the LORD I would have been beyond lost. At my age I can live alone, drive a car and I still work as a bookkeeper. I know that is because of GOD. GOD has been very important in my life and I don’t really think anyone appreciates all GOD has done for us until we get old. I talk with GOD every day. So I know what you mean. But please don’t think that I underestimate God. After living my live I certainly understand what the LORD means to me. I hope when you are my age you will feel the same as I do. I do believe he cares about the people but I still don’t believe GOD cares about Big Brother, Survivor Or any TV shows.

      • I thought she had said in DR or sometime on camera that she intentionally voted him out. Then was just messing up on her story. Denied it but was looking for excuse to admit it. No?

      • Did she or didn’t she? I think she made a mistake and forgot that Jason was the one suppose to vote out Matt and she knew how utterly stupid she looked and possibly used DR to try to convince us that she did it on purpose. She did tell Jason and Paul that she prayed about it and it was revealed to her. So who is she lying to?

      • I thought she lied to Paul and Jason knew. But you filled in the blanks for me. I missed that she prayed about it, wow, a page out of Dom’s book.

      • She said in the DR – with only “us” listening – that she got messed up and said Matt.

      • No. one of Paul alex Jason plan to vote matt to accuse kevin. They did the nose thing and jason lost. So only Jason was suppose to vote for matt. She screwed up and admitted it.

      • I just edited my message. Replace Kevin by Jason. Jason was the one that lost and therefore vote matt to accuse Kevin.

      • anyone know how I can watch tonight’s eviction on my pc? BB is preempted for football.

  4. Alex changed, became cocky and full of herself I have no surprise if she just go with Paul’s plan and gives up on HoH …. Jason can’t do anything so only a miracle might save the 2 of them and that is not angel Paul!

  5. This is what makes me wonder if the show could be rigged – is it really possible for these people to be so stupid? Come on Alex, use your brain!!

    • i think the show is rigged and I have been saying that from the beginning of this season

      • Then why do you watch? I am not trying to be ugly. I am really interested. I have read several posts over the years about different shows that say the same thing you did. I would not want to watch a show that I voted in and believed it was rigged. I really don’t understand why you or anybody would watch a show that they believed was rigged. That would just ruin it for me. Please explain that to me if you don’t mind. Thanks.

      • I also want to know how people think its rigged? I guess survivor is also rigged when a certain person doesn’t or does win immunity.

      • Yes, that is what some people have said on several seasons of Survivor. Like you, I would like to know how they know it is rigged. I also watch and vote on Dancing with the Stars. I was a really good dancer in my 20’s and 30’s. I even won a few dancing contests. So I like to watch Dancing with the Stars. Several people wrote in and said that they believe it is rigged. My answer is I don’t believe these shows are rigged but if they are I don’t want to know. That would just ruin it for me. I would no longer want to watch. I have heard that a lot of people think they gave the first vote for us for the 3 wks safety was really just given to Paul. I don’t believe that. I do that think they knew we would pick Paul because he is the only hg we know. I believe they did that to keep Paul in the house for those weeks because since Paul was the returning vet the hgs would vote him out first. SEE CODY! I know it made a lot of people mad but it didn’t me. I really didn’t care. I was looking forward to the season. It is not CBS or PAUL’s fault they the hgs are that stupid.

      • Agree! I just get so aggregated with some of the comments. I know everyone has their favorites and so it should be. That’s what makes it fun. Some people on this sight act like bigger bullies than the people they are bashing.

      • I couldn’t agree with you more. It is such a shame too. It almost makes you not want to post. It doesn’t bother me if someone disagrees with me because sometimes after reading what they say I will change my mind. But ugly names are not something that I deal with in my life. I do know that in this day and time there are people that just likes to say ugly, terrible things about people they don’t know but can since they are behind their computers so no one can confront them. I think they are sad people that have nothing going on in their life and just enjoy being terrible people.

  6. Alex or Jason still might figure it out. Production might give them a hint. Or, Christmas and Josh could turn on Paul. Christmas was going to make a big move last time and her only chance of winning should she get to f2 would be to get him out. She would get most jury votes just on that move alone.

  7. Something has got to give. Production should disqualify anyone from a comp that open says they will throw it. I would love to play big brother. These house guest are terrible at the game.

    • Throwing competitions is a viable strategy. It makes plenty of sense. There is no need to change this. If you want to throw a competition and risk your safety, that’s your choice.

      • I have no problem throwing comps, but I do have a problem with a HG outright giving some object(s) that will outright benefit another.

    • lol. Likecramses, you would promesse mommy not to do it?

      I disagree with you on that throwing comp can be very smart in many cases.

    • What kills me is Paul saying he’s thrown every one – and maybe he has, but throwing a comp halfway through doesn’t mean you were 100% going to win if you stayed in. And he’s counting down which comps he’ll start to win now, like it’s just his for the taking. There ARE other people playing. I’ve love to see Alex and Paul evicted back to back. Both are little worms.

    • Why should they be disqualified for throwing it if that’s there strategy? I could imagine the wars going on then. People would say they didn’t throw it, they just couldn’t win it.

  8. I’ve said before and I’ll say again that this is the dumbest group of people ever assembled. Nothing would surprise with this group. At this point, I really don’t care who goes. I’d rather see Alex go over Jason because it would only serve her right the way she has treated every HG who was the mobs target.

    • She is a little bully and I bet she is a serial road rager while probably driving a big SUV. I can see that little round red face screaming at other motorists while banging on her steering wheel. I hope she get voted out after Matt.

  9. I think the chance are pretty high that Julie will announce a DE next week. Another monkey wrench in those plans.

  10. No matter who Paul is with in F2 I see him winning because he’s going to let it all out how he lied to everyone and made them believe everything and everyone will see how well of a game he truly played.. also, the winning sentence for him would/should be “look this other person next to me probably got the 25k i am the ONLY one you know for sure who hasn’t gotten it” and that would kind of make it an even playing field bc he won second prize last year… ugh this season has been a bust

    • I hate paul I don’t think he should have been allowed to play this year cus he won second last year

      • AG said it’s because fans loved him and request him to be back. I’m not sure to wich fans she’s getting this info.

      • I admit it, I liked him and still do. But I did not make a request to have him return, lol.

      • I’m sure they heard a lot of Nicole haters complain that Paul got robbed, etc. They probably wanted to try just one vet this year and he’s fresh off last year with something to prove so….

      • He still has a lot of fans. Look at it this way, if Cody can have fans when he was so antisocial, why can’t Paul???

      • That makes no sense. They also could have voted him out as soon as they had the chance. That move alone would have changed the whole destiny of the game.

      • Well, you know, he didn’t really want to come back. He only did it for his fans. (His words.)

      • Does that mean the Nicole shouldn’t have won because she was a returning player?

  11. If Kevin wins (and he couldn’t even win a comp if they gave him the answers beforehand) and he puts up Alex/Raven, then Jason wins POV, that’d mess up the plans but change little.

    How can Alex know there’s only 3 weeks left and she thinks they (the 2 biggest comp beasts in the house) are safe for the next 2 weeks?

    She’s lost her mind.

    She really bought into folks saying she’s ‘the most deserving player’ and Xmas/Josh are willing to ‘sacrifice themselves’ to pave the way for her.

    At this point, both Alex/Jason deserve to taste the block. That’ll be good TV.

  12. Isnt it ironic that Paul is throwing another HOH. He obviously threw the questions to Xmas , obviously fell of the wall, and last year he said he didn’t respect And thought James was a horrible player for throwing comps.

    • Losing half a mil by one vote to someone who didn’t play as hard as he probably gave him a different perspective in the last year.

  13. I think I’m done with Big Brother. I cannot believe that production has let the disgusting behavior continue in there. I’m so over all of those people. What Jason said about Kevin’s family completely crossed the line. Paul had brought the worst out in everyone in that house. This season has really tarnished the BB brand. They seriously need to clean house in big brother production. Starting with everyone involved in casting.

    • If BB15 didn’t tarnish the franchise, this season certainly won’t. What has gone on this season is disgusting, but what went on in BB15 felt criminal to me. It was about as ugly as ugly can get, with the rampant racism and bullying.

  14. I wanted to vomit last night during the episode when Raven was crying and saying “he knows how bad I want this”. Seriously chick? I hope Jason wins.

    • I think Raven has been condition by her mom if she cries, pouts, begs and plays it up for sympathy she will get what she wants. She really thought people would ditch their game for her, Matt did, why not Jason?

      • So true, that’s why she’s such a liar. From a young age she’s been taught that being sick will gain her attention and sympathy. Coming into the show she knew about the gofundme account for medical bills. She has serious mental illness where she constantly is looking for attention and pity. She really believes that winning this show is owed to her and Matt’s reinforced her attention seeking behavior. She honestly believes that both Christmas and Paul would jump in front of a bus for her. She is in for a rude awakening once the show is over.

      • I must be stupid too, I’m trying to figure out why I am even watching any of this anymore. I really hope Jason wins the veto and ruins their plans. I’m sick of these people.

    • I have been a fan of this show since season 3. I look forward to this show every summer. However, between contestants that are almost impossible to root for and production interference, I will be happy when this season is over and Survivor is back.

  15. Raven just confirming to Paul that she should drop after Kevin does in the HOH comp. She asked Matt this week if they should go talk to Jason to confirm that he was going to use the veto on her and Matt told her to go ask Paul. Her man is going to jury this week because they didn’t think they were the targets. Yet she is still raising her hand to ask Paul for permission to go pee. She’s one disease short of terminal.

    • Are there any guesses as to what type of comp this will be? Maybe it’s not something they can control – like the Hide/Go Veto.

  16. I’m hoping Kevin or Alex win. Otherwise Jason may go if he doesn’t win POV. Kevin told Paul he’d also throw it. They all trust Paul and he is backstabbing them. Someone wake them up. Get a banner over that house/set.

      • Yes. Haha that’s what I want to happen. But they probably wouldn’t care. Like Josh talking to the cameras the other night by himself. He was questioning why Paul needs all these side alliances. He says so he’s got his back covered by everyone. Then he shrugs it off. SMH

  17. you really need to have a low IQ to get on this show….watch MTV the challenge or BB Canada…they are so much better…get a clue CBS…

      • I wonder if she evens knows what Mensa means. Personally I think she thinks it has something to do with menstrual.

      • Lol. It’s like her chromosome 10 mutation. Did you research what it mean when you have mutations of that chromosome? Worth the effort to read about that!!

      • No, I don’t research it. Thanks, will do some Googling. :)

      • The symptoms and physical findings associated with chromosome 10, monosomy 10p may vary in range and severity from case to case. However, according to reports in the medical literature, most individuals with the disorder are affected by severe intellectual disability and delays in the acquisition of skills requiring the coordination of mental and motor activities (psychomotor retardation). Monosomy 10p is also frequently associated with growth delays after birth, resulting in short stature.

      • LMBO!!! That’s hysterical. Thank you for sharing, appreciate it!

      • And you should go read the reality of raven by Nell on big brother junkies. It’s even better then Tamara tattle list of raven diseases. Fun to read.

      • Oh my, the one of TT was pretty funny and extensive. I posted part of the list on one of the threads here. I will go look it up, again, thank you for the info, appreciate it! :)

      • Me an mah Mama git our Mensa ever month unless we don’t being our eggs is all rotted.

      • Yeah, so Mensa. She thinks her GPA is dance! LOL

      • Might be the funniest line of the entire season. We will be telling people about that one in 5 years!

      • It is one of those lines you will never forget. It will definitely go down in the annals of BB history as one of the most moronic things ever said. And that is saying a lot! LOL

      • Yesterday they show it back at the start of the show over the recap. I laugh again. I think it’s going to be show all the time.

      • I honestly can’t wait until she gets out of the house and realizes everyone knows she’s lying about EVERYTHING! Oh it shall be a glorious day!

      • They should extend her contract for to weeks and follow her 24/7 out of the house after. The ratings would be their.

      • Lol, Raven’s Mensa Mama will be in the audience finale night with her lawyer in tow ready to sue the hell out of CBS for exposing her baby lol

      • I’m sure big brother have very solid contracts. You give your life to them.

        Wait, raven give her life to a doctor and big brother? Mmmm. Something is weird her.

      • LOL Too bad terminal tilly signed her life away when she signed the contract!! Good luck lady. She will be bled dry before she even comes close to getting money out of CBS.

      • Hahahaha, it’s something my mom would have said, ha!

      • Hey there girl, been a busy day for me. Sorry I’m so late on seeing how you guys are doing down there. You guys still okay? I keep hearing about the water rising, Is it affecting your area at all? Big hugs and kisses mi amiga!💋💚💋💚

      • Hey chica, no worries, I just got home about an hour for working on the house… probably be working over there from morning till evening this whole weekend. We’re trying to get as much done as we can before the rain gets here next week. I haven’t got a chance to watch the news yet today but I think I heard in passing that some areas in Houston the water is still rising from some of the bayous, thankfully it’s not down here. If I don’t get a chance to talk to you this weekend, I hope you and your family have a wonderful weekend my friend :)
        Hugs and kisses from Texas ♡♡♡

      • Thank God, they don’t need to scam even more ppl out of their hard earned money!

      • How are you guys doing today, are things easing up at all? I’ve seen the lines for gas, have you had to deal with that as well? Sunday is normally the day of rest, any chance you are taking it easy as well? I hope so and I hope you guys get to enjoy a little bit of the holiday tomorrow, although you are probably working hard. How is it going with you FIL’s house, good progress? Big {{{HUGS}}} and big kisses💋💋💋 Tell little man to behave or I will have to come down there and put him in time out! LOL jk :)

      • LOL, I will definitely tell him =D
        I wish today was a day of rest lol… nope, busy busy at the in laws. We’ve got all the bedrooms gutted, we still have the kitchen, dining room, living room and laundry room to do, aaaarrrhhhh!!! We’ll get there :) Gas has been a pain in the @ss down here, it’s like 1 out of every 7 stations actually even have gas but thankfully the lines aren’t as bad as the one’s they have been showing on TV! Tomorrow we’re probably only going to work on the house in the morning, my parents are bbq-ing for lunch tomorrow so we’ll probably spend the afternoon over there eating haha! Yall doing anything fun for the holiday? Hope you and the fam have had a great weekend so far! Ttyl mi amiga ♡♡

      • Unregistered MENSA member who trained for the Olympics. She had a GPA in dance and some business. Her Mama holds the record for a five minute mile. She has salmonella of the finger and an innards rash called endometriosis. Paul is very smart but Raven has the IQ of a slug.

  18. Morons extraordinaire.

    At least in previous BB’s there were actual nice people. People you could root for.

    Not this season. These people are all nasty, mean and stupid.

    • I root for the most evil people in the house. However, they need to admit what they are doing is evil. These people all think they are America’s favorite.

  19. I think that anyone who trust Paul and throws the HOH deserves to be evicted. I was a Jason fan until his comments about Kevin’s wife and children. Now I cant wait until Sunday to see their faces …lol

    • Jason and Alex were really in a good spot and blew it big time. Jason because he’s incredibly clueless about what is appropiate when joking and Alex suddenly showed a mean streak. Feel bad for Jason’s wife and family. Read they are getting deluged with hate mail.

      • Alex didn’t just suddenly show this side. She’s been this way the whole time, she’s just letting it out full force at this point, she’s starting to feel safe in being who she really is. The petty hat says it all.

      • I didn’t see that early on but will take your word for it. I actually thought she was diplomatic and good as HOH but I could have missed some red flags over the positive I saw.

      • It’s very incredible how she have a good edit. She’s nothing like what we see on the tv show.

      • You never noticed her hitting Jason all the time, over nothing and her yelling at him. It was disgusting. I think the DR told you to stop it at some point, she dialed it back but I noticed was back at it again the other night and someone on twitter said that she kicked Jason in the back this morning. She seems very abusive to me.

      • I did. I saw that as a sibling-like rough housing and Jason seems to understand it. Have you heard how many fights he has been in he laughingly tells stories about? It’s like sport to him. I am not defending her now because the things she has said to Kevin are inexcusable. But it just seemed to be the dynamic of their (Alex and Jason) relationship. Now, had she been hands on with anyone else, different story.

      • This is really showing how immature she is. 13 years old girls sometimes act like that. It’s the hormones rush of pre adult age. And I think alex has a big crush on Jason.

      • She also yelled at her friend Megan in front of everybody about the panda comment instead of talking to her privately like a friend should. That’s probably what put Megan over the edge causing her to self evict. It’s one thing to deal with crap from people you don’t like, but she probably felt like she had nobody when her “outsider” friend seemed like she ditched her to be in with the cool kids.

    • What brainiac would throw a comp this late in the game? If you have a partner, try to win it out, to hell with what anybody else wants..

    • The Jason comments about Kevin’s wife are way overblown. It is an inappropriate joke. He is not a malicious guy that would actually rape them. I have heard the jokes used by countless comedians. One of my favorite comedy skits “The Grapist” by Whitest Kids You Know uses the same joke. South Park one of the most popular shows on TV has way worse rape jokes than that. It is an off color joke, but still a joke.

      • I agree. I don’t think Kevin meant it maliciously, just is unaware of how inappropriate and offensive it was. He said, after, that’s over the line? And Paul and others were, uh, yeah!

      • As we have seen with him he will constantly say something and then after a second go probably shouldn’t have said that.

      • You mean jason didn’t meant it maliciously?

        It look like what we call here “a taverns discussion”.

        The sad thing is that it will stick a long time. I feel bad for both families, Kevin and Jason!!

      • Yep, that’s what I meant. I feel bad for both too. Might be good lesson for Jason tho.

      • I feel bad for everyone involved. Even if neither family thinks it is a big deal (I know that Kevin’s wife was mad, so that doesn’t apply here) others will and will force them to address it putting them in an awkward spot. Over 100 days of having your every action taped everyone is going to say something that people will get mad about.

  20. Alex has turned a disaster not only to herself but to some good guys left in the game. It’s high time she goes. She shouldn’t win HOH else Kevin goes. Xmas should win HoH, target Jalex and Jason wins the veto, then Alex goes. Jason wakes up.

  21. Alex is the tiny dynamo who told Cody to go to hell during the first comp. The most competitive person in the house is throwing comps? Maybe being put on the block will wake her out of the Paul trance.

  22. This would be the perfect week for Kevin to really try to win as so many plan on throwing the competition.

  23. I`m not surprised at all, the stupidity of these people has already reached a all time low a long time ago.

  24. Josh seems to be the only one remaining in the game who is at least a little bit awake to Paul’s game. Just so the remainder of the season isn’t about a bunch of oblivious sitting ducks, waiting for Paul to take all, I’d love for either Josh or Kevin (as unlikely as that will be) to win the next HOH. With Kevin, it would just be fun to see Alex sweat it out, after how horrible she’s been to him.

  25. This just shows that you absolutely do not have to have functioning brain cells to go far in Big Brother, or at least get to final 7 or so

    • Most people will make themselves a target. If you want to make it to jury just pull a Matt and do absolutely nothing.

  26. anyone know how to watch tonight’s eviction on my pc? BB preempted for football

  27. If I was in Jason’s shoes I would have learned from Jessica’s mistake and used the veto but put up someone up other than Kevin. And if they (his alliance) got mad just tell them if the replacement is a pawn guaranteed from our house majority in numbers you don’t need to be scared. And would have kept Maven quiet and not jeopardized your jury vote. Now the whole house is against you for not using the veto as well as both nominees.

  28. Does anyone think Matt gets booed tonight? Boos are really rare, but I think there is a chance.

    • Has it ever happened? Whenever I think someone will get a chilly reception, big applause instead. Assumed they were told to do so or it’s family in audience.

      • Aaryn on BB 15 got a decent amount of boos. Christine on BB 16 got crushed with boos. Amanda on BB 15 got a few. I doubt Matt gets booed, but the way he has acted I think it is a possibility.

      • A couple here and there if I remember correctly. It was mostly clapping. Aaryn and especially Christine are the two real examples. Frankie probably would have if there were viewers in the audience.

      • The Brits could have felt free to toss his looney ass around and dropped him on his dam head..
        No big loss…

      • Ariana Grande (Pop Star) is his little sister. That’s the only thing that opens some doors for him in the reality show world .

      • He is lucky that her voice is incredible otherwise he would be nothing. Or even more nothing than he is already.

      • extremely cheap amusement ( entertainment is not a word I use when talking about Frankie)

      • If memory serves there was not an audience for a few of the HGs…BB15…a hated detested bunch of people…As will these BB19 idiots be..

    • I can imagine the audience just being indifferent. Production might toss a beach ball around while Julie interviews him.

      • I guess it also depends on the audience. Is it fans or are they going to do what they did with Frankie and have it just be CBS employees so they would cheer.

      • I would like to see indifferent at least. Disappointed when somebody there who has been a jerk gets a huge applause.

      • The US version I am pretty sure tries to prevent them (for Frankie they did by replacing the audience with CBS employees). Apparently in other countries boos are far more common. I would like to see that.

      • I didn’t see Frankie’s season. For some reason I thought he was a fave. Maybe it was just hearing other hg talk about him one season…not sure. He was not liked by house and viewers?

      • No, a lot of viewers hated Frankie. He’s hated because he’s such a fame whore. Every chance he have the spotlight he took it, kept bragging about his sister as if he were the star, always managed to stand right beside Julie during the finale. Just annoying as hell.

      • I have watched her closely through the years. She has this fake smile when she doesn’t like someone. I’ve seen her use it on the Talk too. As an interviewer you don’t always get to pick who you interview. Lol like her better because of it.

      • I don’t watch the view so I’m not as in tune with her mannerisms. All this time I thought she liked him. That’s what I get for assuming.

      • Well, duh, you just said the talk. Sorry, Brenda. I can’t stand WhoopiG and JoyB. I don’t watch either of the shows but I should try the talk. I’ve never watched it.

      • Whoopi I find OK probably because i liked Hollywood Squares. Joy is absolute terrible though.

      • I don’t know. I don’t watch the view. I have only seen it when there is an interview that really interests me. Joy generally makes me uninterested pretty quick.

      • Time for hubby to come home from work. I’m trying to do 3 things at one time. It use to be much easier. lol

      • Brenda did you see the episode of “The Talk” when all of the hosts took their hair extensions/wigs & makeup off? Julie took off her hair extensions that make her hair look poofy in the back. I never would have guessed.

      • She has had him on “The Talk” at least twice that I know of and one appearance was right after he got the boot.

      • Yep she did. She has said her and her husband have had disagreements on some CBS stuff.

      • I HATE & Still HATE Frankie and I like his sister. Fame Whore should be Frankie’s epitaph.

      • I still think to this day that he was put in the house to advertise his sister because she had a record starting to drop and I heard that CBS had something to do with the recording company, like they owned it or partially owned it. I guess negative advertising is better than no advertising.

      • Frankie’s season also had a tie in with Ariana & the producers of the CBS show “Scorpion” which had a viewing set up on the show. There was all sort of cross promotion of the Grandes/Scorpion during that season.

      • I think the night that Frankie got evicted they didn’t have an audience for some reason I remember being disappointed.

      • I can’t stand when Julie talks about the showmance crap. No body cares about that stuff.

      • And especially way she did it with Jessica. She seemed downright starry eyed as if it was some genuine love story. The two hunkered down in a room and didn’t come out. No social skills, no game skills. But hey, he loves her, Julie can see it, haha.

    • They watch a lot of these groups and people’s comments. The would have employees in audience if they thought he would get heavly booed.

  29. Hey the good news is Survivor starts soon. Seriously I have said all I can say about these people. Please get a new EP for BB. This is terrible the way these people have no brains.

  30. King Paul said it to his other stooges that Alex’s big problem is that she thinks she is the smartest person in the room and she is not.

      • With GPA in Dance.
        I honestly don’t know how Paul kept it together when she said that.

      • That was the best. I’m not American and we don’t have gpa here. But I know what it is. To answer that it make it look like she hasn’t been to school.

        Paul is good not to laugh. He did many time was in those situations with her and kept it serious.

  31. What a mess. It is laughable that Paul can blow this much smoke up their butts. Throwing comps is such a silly strategy. At this point I don’t even want Alex to win anyway or Jason. I would be happy if she left.

  32. Why doesn’t Paul want Raven to win? Wouldn’t she put up Jason & Alex? She could do his dirty work and he wouldn’t have to pick a side

    • I mentioned that earlier…It did not make sense to me either that he would tell her to drop after Kevin…

  33. This season was clearly fixed for Paul. It would be great to see Kevin evict Alex though. ITs the only way this season could be redeemed. Then maybe a miracle Jason/Kevin F2 somehow

  34. These have to be the dumbest people that CBS could find to play. Paul has everyone fooled but someone with half a brain could see what he is doing. If they are that stupid than he should win going away.

  35. These houseguestshave got to be the dimmest bunch of people grouped together in the history of mankind

  36. hi guys! preseason football again, not just cbs but all major networks. I hope everybody posts up tonight so I can tag along here and get play by play info. It would be very nice and I really would appreciate it. Thanks in advance.

  37. storms are headed my way…may lose satellite service…Tell me where to go on line to watch BB

    • littlefly…The Majority of the Country is going to be Pre-Empted by NFL Football, So I’d really like to know where I can watch BB online also.

      This is the most important HOH of the Season, & I am hoping that Kevin can pull it out, because it will upset everyone’s Apple Cart in the House!

    • so I am checking and the online sub is $5.99 a month but with one free week. not finding much else info except check with cbs affiliates in your area and sometimes they have it on another channel. idk.

    • You better not use internet as well!! In that case you can always try to use your phone as a hotspot. But make sure you have a good data plan. It could use about 600mg if broadcast in hd.

      • my internet is never interrupted unless the lights go out…its my dish network that goes out if the storm blocks the satellites…

      • Ok. Good. Your all set!! It cannot be miss tonight. Maybe the first bad edit for alex. I’m looking forward to see it!!!

  38. All of these people are crazy!!!!! Can’t they see they are giving Paul the game??? I am beginning to think production is running the show this year. Matthew should have been taken from the game with no chance for jury with his behavior this week!!!

  39. If Alex goes through with the throwing comp plan, then I hope the door hits her on the face on the way out.

  40. Josh needs to grow a set! He is such a girl. He blows his mouth off and then starts crying, what a big baby!

    • He won’t get put on the block now, its too late. Unfortunately for this bunch of dummies. 🙄

  41. 3 weeks left thats 3 weeks to long i wish this season was over already! with all the herrasment and bullying going on you know cbs let it happen just for the rateing!!!

  42. “the wool has been pulled so far over their heads they’re wearing it like a Snuggie now” HAHAHAH SOOOO TRUE HAHAHAHA

  43. On tweeter Raven told X-mas that she was staying up in the hoh room with her after nominations. I hope X-mas told her hell to the no you’re not…

  44. I hope they both get booted ASAP. can’t stand either of them, it’ll be good riddance to bad rubbish!!!

  45. It’s time for Alex and Jason to get their heels a clicking to jury. See ya!! 😀what fools! SMH

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