‘Big Brother 19’ Live Feeds: Christmas Abbott Reveals “Purgatory Of Emotion”

Christmas Abbott on Big Brother 19

Christmas Abbott made an admission last night on the Big Brother Live Feeds and it sounds like she just might be revealing some personal feelings about another Houseguest, someone both close to her game and apparently her heart too. Or maybe she’s just being way too cryptic and we’re missing the target. Read on to decide for yourself.

Now with just two weeks left in Big Brother 19 we’ve been watching the trio of Josh Martinez, Christmas Abbott, and Paul Abrahamian move closer to the season finale. Paul is obviously leading the pack and that’s starting to be an issue in the group.

In the past few days we’ve seen Josh start to call out Paul’s moves and Christmas grow increasingly uncomfortable with his words. In last night’s episode we heard from Christmas that she has to shutdown Josh’s concerns because her plan is to have both Josh and Paul drag her scooter to the F2. But could there be more to her motives?

Flashback to 12:11 AM BBT 9/7 on your Live Feeds (get the Free Trial now). Here are the highlights of what Christmas revealed in a camtalk while alone in the HoH room late last night:

12:11 AM BBT – “Anytime I start to have a conversation and I suddenly have to whisper or walk around and watch my back or see who is coming. Or if I let my guard down for half a second, there’s a camera on me. Or my heart flutters and I feel that.. I don’t even know what I feel half the time… I know what I feel which is the scary part actually. That’s what the scary part is. I know exactly what I’m feeling. Post show, I know how things work. I know that people don’t really stay in touch. I know that friendships change, that dynamics change.” Christmas goes on to discuss her friendships with Paul, Josh, Alex, Jason, and Kevin as well as how she wishes she could help Raven.

12:13 AM BBT – “I’m just not normally in a position where my heart gets away from me [says with a smile] and I feel like it’s getting away from me. [laughs] My heart is getting away from me and it creates even more anxiety. Now you have another turn of anxiety and pressure and confusion and physical, emotional heartache.

12:14 AM BBT – “It hurts my heart that I’m so reserved here. That I can ask the questions that I want to ask… I can’t say exactly how I feel and tell people exactly how I think of them for the good and the bad.”

12:15 AM BBT – “I’m in this purgatory of emotion… and sometimes my heart stops.”

12:16 AM BBT – “Paul makes me smile. There’s a little nugget of information.”

12:17 AM BBT – “I’m going to come out of here and discover whether or not my heart is broken or healed.”

Christmas trails off there to put her headphones back on and goes quiet with her commentary. It’s an interesting camtalk session and certainly opens some possibilities along with more questions.

Now we know Christmas called off an engagement and had previously planned to get married this past weekend but obviously that didn’t work out. Maybe she’s discussing something about what her heart desires back home, or maybe this is all about Paul. Talking about her heart fluttering, stopping, a purgatory of emotion, and how Paul makes her smile? Sounds like someone has a crush.

What do you think Christmas is saying here? Does she have feelings for Paul that go beyond “Friendship” and could those be clouding her game judgment when it comes to what Josh is telling her? Share your thoughts and what you think she’s trying to tell Big Brother fans.


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    • She is having to play that role. She knows she cannot compete in the final comps to get her to Final 3. If she didn’t have a broken foot, she would have been gone a long time ago! She knew who to hook onto in order to get her to the end. That is GOOD game play for a girl who cannot compete and won 2 HOH’s by being handed to her by that person she “needed” to get to the end. Nobody can be compared to Raven. Ever. Lawdy!

    • I been wondering all along if Paul is gay. In both his seasons he didn’t seem to be flirting with anyone, which kind of makes one wonder.

      Just to be clear, saying he is gay is not a insult, I was just wondering if it is so as a matter of fact..

      • He simply is there with his head in the game and not up some girls arse. He knows what he wants and that is his focus. Plain and simple.

      • Anyone who poses a male anatomy knows that game or not if there are pretty women around you all day… Game is out the window :)

      • Wow, that is kind of insulting to any guy going into the house. Sounds like you are saying Men and pretty women cannot be just friends even with $500,000 involved. Definitely disagree on that one for sure. Sounds like a personal problem. Not all men are like that…geez

      • It is an insult the way you say it. It implies that men have no self control around women because if they attracted to them they just must rape them or otherwise find a way to possess them. So, if a guy is around good looking women and doesn’t pursue them he must be gay. That is ludicrous thinking.

      • I dontthink you are right about that he didn’t go into bb house to get a piece of ass he in it for the money besides he did mention he has a girl friend

      • Paul is not gay. He does have a band called Reviver. It is really a good band in the video, he can plays drums electric guitar and he sings. Just put his band name on YouTube and you will see. He is a good player but in a way I hope Josh wins BB19. In a MSN article I read that says Raven and Paul knew each two years ago.

      • I have seen pictures of him outside of the house with a woman and they seemed to be more than friends. I just think he is there to play a game and hasn’t let himself get emotionally involved with anyone. Thats why he is so good at the game. He keeps his mind on the game.

      • He has his mind on the money and money on the mind!! He knows showmances do not work

      • The showmance approach is rarely successful. Paul was simply there to play the game…and try to make up for last year when he probably should have been voted the win by the jury. This season there were at least the two couples who were so laser-focused on each other (Matt/Raven & Cody/Jessica) that they barely noticed a game for $500k was being played.

  1. Paranoia is setting in big time with Christmas. And I feel she’ll reveal something to Josh or give him the go ahead to vote Kevin out over Jason, her main target, which just happens to be Paul’s target too. She’ll need him if she has any chance of getting Paul out of the game.

    • I think Xmas is afraid if Jason stays in the game, she is Jason target. If they only would talk. Jason would love to take out Raven, then go for Paul. Someone needs to talk to each other, but Paul best skill is being part of every conversation.

      • I think if Jason and Christmas would just talk, along with Josh too, they could take Paul and Alex out. They just need to talk quickly and make sure Kevin occupies Paul. Kevin is ready to go if it meant Jason could stay and take Paul out. I predicted back at the last DE that if they had the right set of numbers and Paul was still in the game that the only and best time to take Paul down would be during a Double Eviction. Otherwise, give it up. But Josh has to be the one to set it in motion by voting out Kevin tonight. Then with no time to spare either Josh or Jason wins HoH put Paul and Alex on the block…no time for a BD, Jason or Josh win veto and send Paul out the door. It can happen. No time like the present. The possibility is still there…not a foregone conclusion like Paul imagines in his mind.

      • Raven and Paul need to be called to the DR for a long session. It is the only way. Plus no one can ever tell Paul they talked. They have to lie to Paul and they seem to not be able to. Xmas mentions , josh talked to Jason, and Paul is next to josh 2 minutes later finding out every detail. It is crazy how Paul knows every conversation but the others only know bits and pieces.
        I think Josh’s chance is f4. He has to win, and Xmas or Kevin votes Paul out. Right now if he isn’t Getting a plan in place today, Paul already has like 10plans and plans to be in everyone face during DE. PAul made it clear he is going to be on Alex all night, no one is going to talk to her so Josh better talk fast.

      • Absolutely! But God forbid anybody even mention Paul’s name! If NOBODY realizes that Jason’s eviction came from Paul then it is a lost cause. Paul, not Christmas, is the one who went to everyone & told them to throw the HOH. It is Paul not Christmas that talks more game and is telling them what to do. If PEOPLE would just talk! I said from the beginning Christmas or Josh would be the one that would take a shot a Paul… maybe that is coming true ??

      • No. It’s Xmas if people want to call her that just like people call me Ted often even though my name is Theodore ‘officially’. Deal with it.

      • If someone purposefully called you something you asked them not to, then they are garbage. Don’t be trash

      • Sorry my iPad auto corrects to Xmas. It happened after I posted at jokers once. I didn’t know it offended anyone.

      • I’ll ask my son to see what can be done. He is a Cisco engineer so hopefully he can fix it. Everytime I go to jokers it switches back? Even if it is just voting in a poll. I had no clue it was offending anyone, I saw so many people post using that nickname it and no one said anything , just to me? and at jokers it is the norm. I will refrain from posting till that name till is fixed. It literally flips back everytime I correct it. Sorry again, I’m the last person who would try and offend or make fun of anyone’s name.

      • Well, there’s your problem. Stop going to Jokers. :) That site is pretty well known for being…. well…. if I can’t say anything nice…

      • I don’t like josh at all he thinks he still in the house cause he is such a great player he has been kept in the house by both paul and Christmas because both of them might to go to final 2 with him and and could beat him and win

      • I agree, but Miss Hop Along isn’t going to listen to anyone but Paul. The rest (even Josh, but only to a certain point now) have all got their noses so far up Paul’s butt it isn’t even funny.

      • I sure hope Jason goes out tonight and 2nd one out eitherkevin or alex and I can not stand josh he is the biggest asshole ever to play bb

      • Please don’t say Xmas. Her name is Christmas. As for her style of play, I know her personally and I can assure you she has reasons for everything she says and does.

      • who married men just Jason and kevin in the house if she hang all over either of those 2 then she be really nuts

      • Sorry again, my iPad autocorrects to Xmas. I think it happens to a lot of us here so you might want to contact a mod? On jokers, another popular site, you can’t even type Christmas without it correcting to Xmas, I think it because they try and limit charterers to under 120. Sorry again.

      • Some people call her “12/25” – is that as painful to you as “Xmas” is? And I don’t mean to be snarky, I personally hate when Christmas (the season/day) is abbreviated because the point is Christ. But a BB player, doesn’t seem worth being so bent over it. Just my opinion, and you know what they say…we all have ’em.

      • You should be mad at her parents for naming her after America’s favorite holiday and not the people who abbreviate her name.

      • why shouldn’t they talk about pauls skills in the game he is playing the game better then all of them put together

    • No paranoia…..just homesick and lonely and needs to get laid. Of the ones left Pauls it…lol

      • Paul is awful. I don’t see why everyone falls all over him. I wouldn’t give him that money if my life depended on it. He is a user and I don’t know why anyone would want him to win the money. He has been helped to be HOH, He is a liar, He talks about how everyone is a puppet on his strings. Tell me why anyone would want him to win?

      • In a motherly sort of way. I wasn’t thinking in a romantic way. Josh is aware Xmas has feelings for Paul that aren’t being reciprocated. He needs Paul gone to get Xmas’ head back in the game! hahaha

      • nither Christmas or paul thinks highly of josh just need him aroung to do ther dirty work laugh at him behind his back

      • Oh I def think this seems like she has feelings for Paul. She talks to Josh like he is a child or her little brother.

      • No, I`m gay myself. I`m just saying. There`s nothing wrong with being gay,straight,bi or whatever. My current partner of 7 years were married to a women for 10 years and he has 3 kids with her. He was in closet for 30 years

      • So you see closets everywhere?
        We get it, YOU don’t like Paul, so therefore nobody should like Paul as a player or a person. Lanza, you are like the rest of us 95% of the people you are attracted to are not feeling the same to you. Put it a different way has anyone come to you with feelings and you turned them away?

      • oh no in the closet for 30 years wow must have been a hanger ha ha but all kidding aside how sad that he had to hide his feeling and not able to be a free spirit and love himself for who he was

      • Which would be all the more reason to not get tangled up with Paul..LOL He would be a constant reminder of a love gone wrong! LOLOL

      • Except some women really do have a “type” that really narrows the field they are comfortable choosing from.

      • This is her current fiancé. She was engaged before him to another guy. I still think she’s engaged. I couldn’t find anything that said she broke up with this guy. It said she postponed her wedding so she could go on BB. Maybe that’s what she’s talking about with her heart. Rather he’ll be waiting for her after this.

      • Look at that ring!!! I remember her talking on BB about her & the fiance breaking off their engagement a couple months before she came on BB and that she was hoping the show would distract her from the break-up. And that this was her 2nd broken engagement?

      • OMG, even down to the smile…No wonder she has an attraction for Paul. I honestly think they make a cute couple but she is considerably older than Paul, not that that should matter I kind of think maybe she would prefer someone older although again she has said on more than one occassion Paul is an old soul and not like anyone else his age she has ever met before.

      • I did not like paul at all last season the paul and victure house and when I saw him come into the bb house I almost puked but watching the bunch this season and watching paul the more I saw of him the more I liked him I finally got him and his I am who I am funny smart and hope he wins

      • That would be impossible., I said it before and I will say it again, Josh likes boys and Xmas likes girls.

      • I see where you are coming from but Josh used to eye Elena’s boobs all the time, not that he had very far to look…

      • Josh sees Christmas differently…as a close confidant and friend, not a sex object. He needed Elena gone before he could focus on the game. After that happened, he began gaining perspective on the ways of Paul. Right?

      • Yes, he thought Elena was gorgeous, as did Paul. Her boobs entered the room 5 minutes before she did, so it’s no surprise their eyes were glued to them.

      • I agree with you on Josh and Cmass looks like she mostly gets it on with herself.

      • feelings for josh ? hell no but she can sure control himi think josh only pair up with a real meatball
        thinks he could pair up with Christmas after out of house what a joke

  2. That’s one thing that I really like about Paul. He has always kept the right head in the game and the other head in his pants.

    • Sure!!!
      Bright comment!
      What good looking women there would want PAUL?????? His head is in his pants because nobody see’s him as that!!! Please point out which women in house would ” do him”??
      Of course Xmas is close for game purpose only!!! I would bet my life on that!!
      Thus is coming from a ok looking dude, if u think PAUL is good looking or dating material more power to ya👍👍👍

      • snowman its not what one looks like on the outside its whats on the inside that counts if you choose a person by there looks you might be missing out on some one is really special in my day I went out with ssome really good looking guys and they turned out to be really creeps

    • And she admires that about Paul…and she’s always felt close to Josh. I hated the guy for the first several weeks…but not now…gotta pretty good head as to what’s going on. Just didn’t do anything about it. He would get jury votes over Paul

    • let`s be real, Do u really think any of these women would be interested in Paul? especially when u have guys like Cody, Mark and Matt in the house?!!!

    • Funny considering he was aiming for Zakiyah at the beginning of last year’s game. Rewatch the first few episodes to see what I mean.

  3. Let’s see;
    *Alex, pretty much a mini-Jason. Overall distasteful personality.
    *Jason, married and also a disgusting rape-joking jerk. Once Kevin watches the replay, Jason better beg for witness protection.
    *Josh, way too emotionally stunted.
    *Kevin, married, though he is the most normal of the bunch.
    *Raven is a high-maintenance loon, and while some of her medial issues are no doubt genuine (gastroparesis), most of it is either Munchhausen’s or Munchhausen-by-proxy (for her equally nutty mother).

    *Paul, by default. Also likely explains why she shuts down Josh’s concerns about Paul in a heartbeat.

    • did you see kevin brush his teeth, then brush his hair…then brush his teeth again…all with the same toothbrush? … lol, these people forget cams are on them all the time but even without cams…ugh!!!

  4. I would think that would be a feeling some of us would have. They have been away from family and friends for over 2 months and maybe she is needing something else. Maybe her loneliness she is getting mixed up with “feelings for Paul”. Just a thought.

    • Yeah, I was thinking that could be a possibility. She did ask him to cuddle with her the other day…they looked quite cozy. I did notice that Paul had a different look in his eye when he was talking to her (some clip they showed on TV) and I could see way more sincerity or something…maybe it was the lighting or the camera angle though, or my imagination.

    • I watched her last night, she was frustrated that she had to playa game she didn’t like because of her injury. I actually think she does not like having to give in and be dependent on others especially to win. I think she struggling that she was suppose to get married last week. It seems like she has been in a relationship pretty constantly for the last 5 years with 2 different guys and I think she wanted this break but is over it and wants some lovin. Paul is a cuddle buddy but not a serious thing. Just like Kevin , she likes the cuddles. She isn’t looking for sex or love.

      • I think you’re right about cuddle buddies, plus Paul doesn’t seem to really like women much. He never looks at women the way most men do, like he is not really interested. Who knows.

      • Or maybe, just MAYBE he wants to win $500,000 and not invest in a showmance that will most likely not end up anywhere and cost him the game

      • Nah, not buying it. He doesn’t have to have a showmance, but can still admire women physically (they are in the house a full Summer), whilst still focusing on the big prize (money).

      • So Paul has to have googly eyes for all the women and can’t focus on the game more or else he doesn’t like women? That’s ridiculous. I bet you if he admired the women, everyone would call him a creep.

      • Maybe that is why he took the shower in the dark for 30 minutes the other night. You know the feeds are bad when they are in Paul’s feet moving around in the shower with lights off for that long.

      • Paul is weird about relationships. He says he finally has feelings for the first time in his life for a girl , someone he met before the show. Before her it was all about 1 night stands and fun. he hasn’t changed his ways about talking about women respectfully this season lots of b and c words used. I’ve read her family is Muslim, I’m sure they don’t appreacite his behaviors. Last season I don’t remember any cuddly Paul? It was way worst with the sex stories and bad women talk with Paulie. Paul seems like he wants to have fun because once his family senses marriage for him, he will have to settle down and be the picture perfect lawyer son.

      • Source? How did you find out he was dating a muslim? He was in a relationship with a disney channel actress for three years, I think you might have some of your info mixed up.

      • I had heard of the Disney actress but was pretty sure that was over. Alex from OTT has said on a podcast Paul had a one night stand with OTT Shelby , so it seemed as if Paul was single last winter? I heard him on the feeds talk about his girlfriend. He made it sound recent , not one for three years. He said this was the first time he had caught real feelings for someone. He said it was bad timing since it he caught feeling so close to coming into the house and worried about his time away might change her feelings. He has talked about moving to NY to be with her. Then when he was crying during the Labor Day party,I went read on jokers about his GF, there was a link to a girl that commented on his social media, many people agreed that it was his girlfriend. Her name was Maria, and either she didn’t sign a release or took it back? If you go in jokers and search Paul girlfriend, the links and name is there. Paul has told some lies to get people evicted but he seemed genuine about this new girlfriend, at least I thought so?

      • I checked out that thing with Shelby and it seems to be a rumor with no real proof. Alex from OTT was stated as having a negative opinion about him but not explicitly saying anything about a fling.

        I tried to search for that Maria thread but couldn’t find anything, do you think you could link me?

      • he came there to win half a mill not to hook up with some chick he is quite young and will have plenty of time for that later

    • I would be socked if she would go for a guy like Paul. She`s 10x bigger than him. Xmas eats and breaths GYM while Paul does not even know what GYM means. Paul can not handle her for sure.

    • You make a great point. None of us (well most of us) ever experience being trapped in a house with strangers for multiple weeks at a time. I can see where your mind could play tricks on you after a while. As humans, we have an inherent need for companionship of some kind.

    • Thank you!!
      I guess it’s slow in the house today.
      Next they will talk about how Xmas deserves the win because she overcame the odds with a broken foot!!!!
      Let’s leave out she was given 2 count them 2 hoh’s!!!!
      I’m sure she would have been a power house but facts are facts she has a broken frighten foot!!

  5. Not love. Remember she was suppose to be married a few days ago. She is still torn about it, misses her friends and family. I think she is a touchy huggy person( maybe why she teamed with Josh, he always asks for hugs?). She also was talking about hating that she can’t be herself because of her injury, she has to play a different game socially and doesn’t like it but has not choice. She wants to be not only physical again , but wants to be a big loud personality but has to play Paul’s sneaky game. I do think she appreciates Paul for giving her a chance to play and help her.

    • Here’s an article I found about Christmas and Geoff … it’s dated June 29, 2017:

      Tonight on the big premiere of Big Brother 19, everyone got the chance to meet Christmas Abbott. Fans were already talking about how they thought she would be great for a showmance and she never mentioned having someone at home, but it turns out that Christmas is actually engaged. For some reason, she never said a word about it to the houseguests. The Barbell Spin shared the all the news about Christmas’s engagement and her fiance.

      Back on October 10, she went to her Instagram page to share about her fiance. His name is Geoff Kercher and she shared a picture of them together along with a ring on her finger. She has shared some photos of him on her social networks, but not all the time. She was allegedly engaged to Josh Holmes before, but they called it off. This means that this is her second time to be engaged at least.

      There is also a wedding registry for Christmas Abbott and Geoff Kercher posted on The Knot. This registry shows that their wedding date is September 3, 2017. This is a very odd date because if she does well Christmas could still be in the BB19 house. It said that they were getting married in Raleigh, North Carolina. The registry only had a few small things on it and they were group gifts that they were hoping several people would go in on together and buy.

      If Christmas and Geoff called it quits, she didn’t share that part. She doesn’t post very much on her social networks with him and hasn’t posted anything in a long time. It looks like the fans will just have to wait and see if Christmas admits to being engaged. She might end up telling everyone, or she could just tell the diary room that she is but doesn’t have plans to let the house now so that she can use it to her advantage in the game. Being available for a showmance is always a good thing for your gameplay, even if you don’t join one and just flirt to use it to your advantage.

      • That’s exactly what I read. That’s what I’ve said it seems she’s still engaged and it’s to a Paul look a like.

      • She has mentioned her ex, but it is odd, she is referring to an ex before, Geoff. Xmas was engaged to a long term boyfriend in 2015, and said it was a bad breakup. Then she gets engaged to Geoff in 2016 and we hear nothing about him? She only refers to the 2015 break up when she talks about her heart. She hasn’t mentioned Geoff or being engaged twice in 2 years. I guess we will find out soon enough.

      • Actually she has talked about her the recent fiance break up and mentioned that it happened only 2 or 3 months before going on BB and that being on the show would help her get through it.

  6. Anyone who was on the boards with me (several of us were here) last night during BBAD – we rehashed this entire thing. We said Christmas has a crush on Paul, so Josh has suddenly become an inconvenient houseguest who is trying to separate the two. You could see this happening for a while; new in the house, she hit on Jason, who informed her he was happily married. Then she hit on Kevin, who pretty much told her the same thing. Now she’s set her sights on a man who’s about to become $500,000 richer. Anyone who’s been the least bit observant over the past couple of weeks has seen this coming. No surprise here.

    • Christmas is cozying up with Paul as her strategy too…just like she’d done with Kevin and taken info back to Paul if you observed too. Kevin didn’t know she was doing this as a strategic game ploy…DR probably told him to think of his wife and kids watching back home. That interaction stopped very abruptly if you noticed. Christmas has become very protective of Josh and doesn’t want him blowing up both their games by allowing him to talk game with Paul and her. When you see it that way like I do, then you’ll understand the reasons behind her strategy! I think it’s brilliant since she knows she cannot win in physical comps but is very good socially to get things to work her way that will also benefit Josh as well.

      • Yeah, Joni, you could be very right, It could all be strategy and nothing personal at all. If it is – and it works out for her – she deserves to win because she will have out-played Paul. Personally, I’d love for that to be the case.

      • Exactly how I see it as well. Fortunately for her and Josh .. EVERYONE underestimates them, thanks to Paul. The girl with a broken foot just wanted to make it to jury was the original “excuse” and then gets Paul to do all the talking while she gets blood on her hands, knowing her argument is Paul was controlling everyone in the house .. including giving her 2 HOH wins. Then how easy is it to take the girl who cannot compete in physical comps to the end? Sissy move if I were voting! Sounds like game strategy to me!!

    • Yes, Christmas definitely has the hots for Paul. She was in his bed, trying to spoon him, and stroking his hair. She did all this with Kevin, too. I didn’t know she also had a go at Jason. Two married men, huh? Yuck.

      • Well, some people believe it’s smarter to date a married person because there’s less chance you’ll “catch” something. No concern, though, on what you’re doing to someone else’s life. It’s pretty despicable.

      • She’s already caught some major karma, IMO. Nasty break to her foot that will turn to arthritis in a few years & could derail her career goals. Poor thing.

      • Christmas and Paul have been sharing a bed almost the whole season. Also, it is Paul who always asks Christmas (and Elena) to rub his hair or his back. He did the same last year as well.

    • I remember episode one where she remarked about “the silver fox” (Matthew). She had her sights on him early on but he was attached to Raven quickly and I never heard Xmas say anything else about him.

    • People have been hinting that Christmas did have a thing for Paul and I just couldn’t believe it. I guess all of you were right.

  7. The psycho chick and the bearded gnome deserve each other.

    On a side note … Christmas is not appealing at all, in any way … especially when she shows her man-hating side.

    • Ahahahaha! I cannot wait to prove you and everyone else wrong. Paul will not be there during F2. Okay, so maybe I’m dreaming. Or this is my wish so bad, now that Josh has started “playing” the game that this will and should occur.

    • Maybe paul makes her smile because shes on to what hes doing. She laughs at alex & jason all the time.

      • I hope I’m wrong. Nothing better than a Big brother couple getting married and having kids but just don’t see this being the case. Paul likes smokey bars and Christmas likes sweaty gyms.

  8. The worst possible outcome would be the gnome and the holiday chick as final two.

    How depressing.

  9. Paul is 24 and Christmas is 35. According to last season, Paul doesn’t like to date older women.

  10. This actually explains quite a lot. I wondered “What the heck??” when Josh would talk about Paul and Xmas would shut him down straightaway. I was like, “Is Paul like a Mob boss or what? They act scared of him sometimes”. But, this explains Xmas’s motives quite clearly.

    That said, poor Josh doesn’t have a chance of turning her now, unless Paul does something to really tick her off.

    • Might be a huge house fight between Alex and Christmas for Pauls affections. He’s taking me to the finals..no he’s not he’s taking me! Pillows will be tossed!

      • With Josh in the house the fight will probably not be limited to pillows. And we know, he has this need to involve himself in everything.

      • Josh finally comes free and announces his love for Paul!
        Raven will just say “what’s going on..I don’t understand!

  11. Jordan Lloyd Instagram. Has a great short video of her and Jeff dancing and alot of pictures of a seemingly happy family with their children. I make jokes but hope every big brother couple can end up like those two.

  12. She will discover whether or not her heart is broken or healed, but unfortunately it will be too late to get the $500,000 back.

  13. what the hell was that nothing burger?
    I think sometimes she doesn’t think clearly, in a fog is more like it.

    • False! She has explained to Josh (as well as us last night during this post topic) why they need to use Paul until Jason/Alex are out. She realizes what Paul is doing but also knows she has to use him to get to the end. Also everyone knows that if Paul finds out you spoke his name .. he will chop you!

  14. warrior xmas is just trying to say in spiritual terms that she’s trying to run the clock out.
    purgatory does not allow “big moves”

      • Not that I know of, but I do remember her saying to Alex a couple weeks ago something about her (xmas) to Alex that she has something to tell Alex but Xmas does not want the cast to know yet and the world to know, something about the way she is around guys and girls…… IDK something like that.

      • Christmas and Alex are not your typical BB catty girls. I can only hope that Christmas is pulling Alex closer because maybe, just maybe, Alex will realize that cutting Jason was Paul’s decision (from throwing HOH’s to Vetos) and they team up to get Paul out on the DE tonight! DE was created to get a Paul out, not a Kevin! I can hope!

      • I can only hope, Paul needs to go, it’s funny,,,, last year he was all gung ho on saying the ppl who worked their but off and won and made their way should be the ones to go to the end……. now he wants to get the strongest out, Paul was in this position last year. So not right.

      • They should have a bisexual season where men could hook up with both and so could women. My gosh, the drama that would bring! Lol

      • It was enough to watch Frankie paw and crawl all the males in the house hoping to bed any man willing…Thank God none were willing….

      • The females on BB are always the most annoying, so 2 of them hanging together will be worse.

  15. I think Paul will toss her out at his most opportune moment. She is a threat to his $500,000 check

    • I never thought girls were a high priority in pauls life. relationships don’t seem to interest him.

      • A-sexual comes to mind. There’s not room for two in Paul’s world — he’s way too self centered.

      • He’s mentioned several times that he’s recently been dating a woman he really likes. He also said that if he ever had sex on national TV, meaning the feeds, his parents would disown him. So save your judgments, people.

    • I would lose all respect for his game play if he took Raven or Kevin. Just like if Cody took Victoria

  16. I’ve been thinking Christmas is crushin’ on Paul. From her perspective, she may be struggling with whether she has the will to cut him at the end and still hope for something more, if she’s even in that position. Paul of course has this situation in hand, so to speak, and is subtly encouraging her feelings. He likes her, but probably not in that special way. Alex may have actually had a chance with Paul until she turned into such a nasty little B with Kevin. No bueno for the friendship brand.

  17. Someone posted a picture of Christmas and her boyfriend/fiance a while back. He looks just like Paul.

  18. Regarding Raven, I’m feeling some compassion for her, as she’s clearly had a messy, sad upbringing, that likely appears to have included the horrifying munchausen by proxy. It has been annoying that she’s constantly using her visibility on the show to appeal for money & sympathy, which has rightly offended those who feel she is misrepresenting their condition, gastoperesis. But if she herself is a victim, at minimum, of grifter parents, and it sounds like also a brother who’s a sex offender, I’m sad for her. At her core there seems to be a sweetness. She didn’t stand a chance in her upbringing.

    • I’ve said all along that Ravens home life was horrendous. I’m sure her mother suffers from Munchausen’s by proxy. Raven must have been told from an early age that she’s so sick and needs attention. Now Raven suffers from Munchausen’s syndrome herself. She has serious mental illness that has never been addressed. Her ludicrous stores are part of her mental illness. Her scab, poop,and earwax eating is all part of a disease called Pica. Hopefully she will seek help once she gets home and realizes what a fool America thought she was.

    • $4,537 dollars toward a $200,000 goal last time I checked. One woman gave $5.00 as she put it ‘ five cents for each of her hundred diseases’ lol, others recommended it be used for psychiatric care lmao

  19. The thing between Paul and Christmas has pretty obvious for awhile now, but neither are really acting on it, perhaps quite wisely. And c’mon…Paul looks a lot like her ex-fiance… a LOT.

    • Looks like Christmas may still be engaged (but she does have an ex-fiancé):

      Back on October 10, [Christmas] went to her Instagram page to share about her fiance. His name is Geoff Kercher and she shared a picture of them together along with a ring on her finger. She has shared some photos of him on her social networks, but not all the time. She was allegedly engaged to Josh Holmes before, but they called it off. This means that this is her second time to be engaged at least.

  20. I cant see Christmas and paul as a couple outside of the house friends yes lovers no wayi think she is thinking about the wedding that didn’t happen

  21. Christmas is definite “not” down with OPP…Other People’s Property?! First Christmas was seem Flirting, Cuddling, Stealing Stolen Kisses, & making Breakfast for Kevin…Now Christmas is Macking on Paul, who has said, he has a “Little Burrito.”

    • Christmas was straight with Jason and Alex she told them Jason was the target, the backdoor that is not a back door is Paul’s doing to set-up Alex for the real backdoor

      • Agreed, Christmas was straight up with Jason…I believe Jason even knows that he is the REAL target. My comment was about Christmas feelings for Kevin, then switching to Paul.

      • But Alex may be getting payback for shocking the other HGs ( you cannot say sp**ked it is not PC), Surprise Alex

    • Nobody is property and not sure what the cuddling was about…daddy figure? Although it did seem to affect Kevin at the time.

  22. Soooo looks like the F word returns tonight…maybe only briefly???
    Beastmode tweeted a “trailer” starring himself, F, Nic, Vic, and Da… Think I saw Asian James in it, too???

  23. Is Paul like Svengali ?
    Svengali is a fictional character, a villain in the 1844 novel Trilby by George due Maurier, so
    Judges say maybe in some ways

  24. Is Paul like Mesmer ?
    Franz Mesmer Physician 1734 – 1815
    Promoted Animal Magnetism
    Source of the word mesmerize
    Judges say – probably

    • BEAUTIFUL, WONDERFUL, GORGEOUS …there`s no words to describe her beauty. She`s sexy but still classy.

      • I never heard of a guy complaining that a girl grabbed his butt, now the other way around sure but I don’t think a guy would hold that against a girl

      • Seen horseplay where a supermarket asst. Manager would goose the unwary ( males only ) with the handle of the price labeler, so yeah this is really nothing new, you just never saw it or heard about it cause everyone knows that big boys don’ t cry it’s OK Josh let it out, it is healthier for you

      • I don’t see that as a big deal. she was just playing around. The sleeping with a guy she had just met and asking for the morning after pill is what makes her a who** to me.

      • I have seen this type of horseplay but not usually with girls , it is just to get you to jump for a laugh. They said Jessica was actually punching people in the crouch which seems weird

    • This is one of the two photos I saw of Jessica taken in the back yard of the BB 19 House. All the other HGs have two photos also that are posted somewhere, on a BB site. Even Cameron. BUT Cameron’s photo was taken in some darkness, it was said after he was evicted that first night so they brought him back to take his two photos.

    • My legs are longer. But she’s younger. And she is quite beautiful! Lovely! No, who is she, again? Cody’s GF? The one who bleaches her..ahem? or is that someone else?

      • You lost me, also how long are your legs, or are you being sarcastic
        This spellcheck said You moist me, how would I explain that lol

      • I’m not touching that ‘spellcheck line’ with a ten foot pole, Mister! I’m 5′ 9″—and seriously mostly legs. She’s very, very pretty. I wasn’t too shabby in my day.

      • Old but spry Supergirl, they had on the Simpsons the Superheros from the retirement home , The Dependables
        I apologize if I am off but I got a weird impression that you were sad. My crystal ball is hardly ever wrong but it is odd that I got an impression from someone I have not met. All I can say, to help you through, is to let you know, I’ve been there too . Fall down, get up, repeat
        later My Sharona just got on line for a minute to answer responses

      • Aw…thanks, AG. Actually, it wasn’t the best of days. But it’s OK now. Thanks for your kind words. :)
        I’ll catch you later. Btw…not THAT old. LOL!

      • You are welcome, it was kind of a strong rush of a feeling but correction, guess my crystal ball is never wrong, I have had books jump off shelves and land in front of me three times, hand to Hanna, the last book was ‘ It’s not me it’s you ‘ by Mhairi MacFarlane .I have a dozen unlikely ‘coincidences’ occur to me ever day, later ma ma ma ma My Sharonaaa du di da da da

      • I just saw this today…It’s absolutely stunning. Anything I say about it would be inadequate…
        I wish I could see it up close. AG, you’re an amazing artist.

      • I don’t know how you’ll take this—it may make absolutely no sense whatsoever but, your work reminds me a tiny bit of Leonid Afremov’s…in the way you use the brilliant colors and juxtapose them with the softer palettes of the same. It’s gorgeous and original. Simply lovely. I love abstract too, as I see things that others do not.

      • I will look him up, I do pencil, ink and watercolors mainly, also photographs but I found layers on Photoshop and is like I wave my arms three times and the pictures appear it is so fast when I am on a tear I can make variations, love the abstract impressionism, somehow it seems more expressive than other forms
        Jacques Pepin the French chef had an amazing bio on PBS
        They showed him making a script menu with grapevine border
        Turned down being White House chef for Kennedy
        Thank you again glad you like my samples

      • I did not know that about Jacques Pepin–turning down the Chef gig during Camelot. Huge fan of PBS’ ‘American Masters.’ I’ll catch that episode.
        Don’t laugh: I don’t own a smart phone, otherwise I’d download your art in a heartbeat. It’s breath-taking. I don’t blow smoke up a**es when it comes to what I like.
        Take care, my exquisitely talented and crystal-ball-reading friend. I may be gone for a few days.

      • I’d so love to show it to you up close lol
        No really I am Nigerian Prince so that makes it difficult and
        I am supposed to receive an inheritance …
        Actually got that spam

    • Is that the Big Brother House or The Playboy Mansion and whose the guy in the orange hat? That hat is distracting.

      • Came off the bikini slide show on this site or CBS it is flower petals held on by peanut butter oh yeah, I like the way these girls think so much ! Coming up soon, after a few more opposing comments get their chance my finale for today the winner of the Paul lookalike contest, yeah

      • When I said. “I enjoy your posts..I learn things”..bikinis are not what was meant. I don’t see Frank Mesmer 1800s hypnotist in any of those bikinis.

  25. I believe that Christmas is referring to the fact that she has to bite her tongue and keep her true feelings about the HGs in general, not just Paul inside. I understand completely how she feels because it will be extremely difficult to pretend to like someone when inside you can’t stand them. (Raven) and not call out someone when you you know that they are speaking to you or treating you like you are an idiot. (Paul). She may be over Kevin, but if she still likes him, then she has understood that he loves his wife and she must move on. She can also be really horn* since it has been 3 months.

    • Lol, ‘horn*’. She actually said as much a couple weeks or so ago. She said it had been 5 months. And she has made other comments indicating that but this whole Kevin attraction I don’t believe. I actually thought a surprise twist at the time was that she was his rl daughter.

  26. Good gravy. If she and Paul spawned, the offspring would be a step backwards on the evolutionary scale.

    • They’re both very nice looking people….we know Paul is crafty and knows how to play idiots. Christmas is a physical powerhouse; so I’d say their offspring would probably be genetically strong.

      • Well, it’s true. I may not like Christmas, but DAY-UM!—there’s no way a ‘spawn’ of Paulmas would be a step backwards ofnthe evolutionary scale. Pfft.
        Lol. BTW, I knew I liked you too, when you ‘got’ me.

  27. I forgot to mention that Christmas camtalking and saying she wants to help nuisance is also working it for the viewers to like her like she does with the HGs before they are evicted, so don’t be fooled.

  28. I will be honest here. I shaved listened to Paul make all these deals with people, f2, f3, f4. I’m not sure myself who he really wants to take. I think it was Josh & Christmas because he believes he can beat them but with Josh asking too many questions he could cut him.

  29. I wish Josh would flip his vote and really stir things up and make it semi interesting again.

    • Not really getting this Christmas hate. How is she worse than anyone else in house? The only one I have not seen get into trashing anyone or petty arguments is Jason. And yes, I am aware of his offensive ‘joke’.

      • She has been real nasty to others, too. But especially Josh. I’m glad they showed America her ‘holier than thou’ attitude last night on the show.

      • Christmas isn’t worse than a lot of them. But this article is about Christmas possible crush on Paul. So posted my opinion of her. My favorite was Alex and Jason, until all the beating up of Jason and the heated things she has said to and about Kevin. So now my favorite is just Jason.

      • She snuggled up to Kevin (a married man), and is now attracted to the BB winner. She is a strange chick.

  30. Xmas…is a non topic. She is a bit annoying like the person who wants to be part of a crew that don’t want you. Maybe she is fine outside, but there is nothing interesting about her on tv. Her personality does not seem to mesh with reality tv. That being said, I don’t know if she really likes Paul but it feels like this post is making something out of nothing. Paul is probably the only person she can have a real convo with outside game, so that could put a smile on her face.

  31. ?Earlier? someone wrote that paul wouldn’t take Jingle Bells as his F2 as he’s already learned last year about taking a strong woman with him towards the finals.
    So, does a broken foot let Jingle Bells escape the ‘strong’ woman type?

  32. I have noticed that Christmas only kisses Paul on the lips the rest including Josh is on the cheek !

  33. If Christmas has a crush on Paul, she’s going to have competition because Paul also has a crush…on himself.

  34. Cant belive ya’ll can’t see it !! She always in bed with paul. Are he in bed with her. They both are potecting each other. Have to be bline not to see that.

  35. Christmas always liked Paul. Back when Paul and Elena were flirting like crazy with each other I noticed the look of envy on Christmas’ face. Paul did not make it a secret that he found Elena attractive even though he also said that he liked petite, feminine women and preferred no tattoo’s on women. I can’t see him reciprocating Christmas’ feelings because they are just too much alike for one. For another, she is not feminine enough.

    • Agree with that. Paul is just using her to do his dirty work. She is going to be in for a big surprise at the end of the show. She might be thinking that she will win some money and Paul’s heart, but she is sadly, delusional.

  36. She’s probably hoping Paul will spend some of his winnings on her. Maybe they can get matching tats.

  37. She’s a complete waste of skin in my opinion,should have left the game when she was injured.One of many people from this game that I hope we never hear from again.

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