Big Brother 19: Counting The Votes In Week 10 [POLL]

Jason Dent laughs it up on Big Brother 19

There are only four votes this week on Big Brother 19 and so far no one has managed to pull off a penalty vote so we should be set to start running through what looks to be a finalized plan to evict the latest target.

Monday set us up for our final nominees of the week after Paul saved Alex and Christmas renom’d Kevin against Jason. While Alex and Jason were also the Plan A & B for the week, once Paul’s trio secured the Veto they knew it was safe to take Alex off. Josh didn’t like that since it only served Paul’s game, but Paul gets what Paul wants.

Now Jason remains as Plan A, but he and Alex think Kevin is out the door next. Jason is sweating it a little, but Alex is blissfully ignorant and laughing about Kevin getting evicted this week. He still might, but it won’t be in the first round of votes on Thursday.

With four votes we could end up in a tie and right now that’s Paul’s plan. Remember, what Paul wants… yeah, you know. So right now Josh and Raven plan to vote against Jason while Alex and Paul will be voting against Kevin. Again, Alex things everyone is voting out Kevin so that’s her natural direction, but Paul’s vote against Kevin is actually a strategic move to yield a tie and get Christmas involved.

Christmas has given her approval, so this won’t be a blindside on their alliance. The motive for Paul is to be appear to be on Alex’s side going forward in case she wins the next HoH and he needs to get in her ear to direct the aim of her return fire. It’s also a move to keep those two Jury votes. Unless someone tells him otherwise, Jason could be under the impression that Paul was with him when he wasn’t.

Josh knows this is what Paul is doing and he doesn’t like it. Not one bit. But he’s also too weak in the game to have any influence or control over the matter. It’ll happen whether or not he endorses then plan. Even now, with Kevin and Jason on the Block he’d rather see Paul vote against Jason for a 3-1 result and avoid the tiebreaker. But again, that isn’t going to happen.

When the first votes are revealed we’ll get 2-2 between Kevin and Jason. Alex and Paul will vote against Kevin. Josh and Raven will vote against Jason. Christmas will tiebreak the deadlock and Jason Dent will be evicted in the first of two eliminations during Thursday night’s Double Eviction episode.

So what do you think? Will anything change the plans for eviction this week? Cast a vote below for who you think will be evicted and share your thoughts on what’s ahead.

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    • I like Jason and would like to see him stay but if he needs to go so be it. I will say this, should Josh grow a pair by Thursday night and tell both Alex and Jason what Paul’s plan is, he just might vote to evict Kevin along with Alex and Paul. This will throw the whole plan off track, leave both Jason and Alex a chance to play for HOH and possibly win it. Then who goes up on the block would be more interesting. I know this won’t happen but as you said, a person can dream.

    • Alex will be the next to go when they want us to vote during double eviction they ask who will be going after Jason we voted Alex will go next and that what usually happens.

  1. Jason going out and The idiots Christmas, Josh, Alex and Raven Will fall into what ever Paul has up his sleeve! Kevin knows whats going on but he waited to long to try to do anything about it! CBS gets its way and the racist bully Paul will win!!

    • I totally agree with you. It has been rigged frome the start for the idiot Paul to win.


      • Vikki are you watching the same show as I am?? He is one of the biggest bullies that has ever been on big brother and he said very hate full things to the only black woman on big brother!!


      • Vikki!! If you can’y see past the tip of your nose, no reason to comment on anything more you got to say!! And why all capital letters every time you comment??????

  2. Will be interesting when Xmas and Josh give Jason a heads up before the vote that he’s going to Jury. He’ll tell Alex.

    She’ll be so angry but unless she aligns with Paul, she’s a big target who’s alone.

    No way she throws the second HOH.

    But will Paul talk her into targeting Kevin Over Josh, Raven and Xmas?

    Unless she nominates Kevin and Raven,
    Josh will inform her that Paul orchestrated Jason’s eviction and played them both.

    Can he alone convince her? Not likely.
    Kevin may put in his two cents especially if he thinks he’s done I the game anyway.

    Unless Xmas/Raven confirm what Josh says, Alex probably won’t choose to believe it. I mean, what are her options now?

    That could backfire on Josh. If Baby Meatball gets on Paul’s naughty list, Paul could give him a time out in the jury house. .. He could convince Alex to nominate Josh and Raven to vote him out along with him (Paul) – no tie.

    Sure, Xmas would be heated but no way she gets Raven away from Paul, Kevin most likely won’t win a comp, especially against Paul and Alex. Xmas will have to accept that Josh was a lamb they had to sacrifice for them two to stay alive. He was a liability, giving Alex too much info, etc.

    Xmas may not like the taste but she will have to swallow it. Besides, Paul will need her to go on the block when he throws the next HoH to Raven.

    Alex can’t compete so Raven will be the one whom Paul will trust to nominate her and Xmas. No way Kevin votes to evict Xmas over Alex. Paul will vote to evict Xmas so that Raven is the deciding vote to evict Alex.

    After Alex leaves, I look for Paul to gun for the next HoH. He won’t either trust Xmas or Kevin.

    • It doesn’t matter. Sheep don’t know they’re in a slaughterhouse until the sledgehammer hits them in the head. Besides, you can BET on it that Paul will win the double eviction HOH to get Kevin or Alex out next.

      It’s so simple, a cave man can see that the fix is in! Shame on you CBS as I’m old enough to remember the game show scandals of the 1950s. You’re just as rotten as the $64,000 question was back then!

      • For the benefit of all the people on this site who get their feelings hurt when anyone suggests that BB Season 19 has been rigged, please share examples of what scandals you had in mind when writing, “…the game show scandals of
        the 1950s. You’re just as rotten as the $64,000 question was back

      • I’ll bet if you really tried, you could think of something intelligent to say, but that’s doubtful.

        Also, if you could read, you might have understood that I was asking what specific examples YOU had in mind and wanted to share. If you did not want to share any, that’s fine.


    • If they do they will go next,,,,,,,,,,Besides Christmas will not turn on Paul. At least I don’t think she will.

    • The thing is Alex is already in on the Jason going home bit and is happy to have someone else do it so she doesn’t have to. I think she will be happy either way.

  3. Yeah you are right whenyou say what Paul wants Paul gets. Just give the idiot the money and stop wasting peoples time. There are much etter programs to watch

    • I say end the season early, put on Survivor 35. I would rather see a show and let people get to know the contestants b4 deciding who to root for. I would rather watch that, kinda pre-Survivor. JMO

  4. EvelDick should be allowed to enter the house, and blow up Bully Paul puppetmaster type game!
    He should be allowed to enter the house before the Veto meeting and expose Paul’s season long game plan, and expose how Paul as to how he is using them to carry out HIS game, not their’s!!!

    • Bully ED would get voted out the same week he went into the house, before he had the chance to pour iced tea on another person’s head or announce they have a “crusty c*nt”

    • And that is why Paul will be voted to win the money this time. He got others to do his dirty work for him. And they will all vote for him.

      • He didn’t really have to do anything. These people are idiots. It’s pretty similar to the season when Derrick won. But Derrick didn’t play dirty and below the belt like Paul did. Nothing wrong with taking advantage of people who seem to hang on every word and don’t even have to be convinced to follow suggestions. Paul is being handed the game. It’s like an intentional walk in baseball. You get on base by no effort of your own.

  5. I enjoy the posters who maintain this has been the worst season ever, and they should just end the game now to watch other programs. Yet they post on the show’s message boards.

    I think many viewers look at the game play of the house as a whole, as opposed to viewing the game play of specific houseguests. The season was affected by two factors: a vet was given security and attracted a majority of players to form a large alliance who stayed consistent, and many members of this alliance could not win any competitions which created a mob mentality that seceded power to individuals of the group that won/could win (Jason/Alex/Paul).

    You can’t fault the gameplay of the floaters (Josh/Xmas/Raven/Matt/Kevin) – if you can’t win competitions, you put your head down and go with the leaders of the group. You have no choice in the matter, because without winning competitions, you can’t accrue power.

    The goal of the game isn’t to lead the season in ‘big moves’. It is to get to F4 and win a few competitions. And you hope your F2 competitor isn’t Derek or Paul.

    After a few weeks, you see how you can get to F9, and then how to get to F4. All of those floaters saw a CLEAR path to F9 – why deviate just to appease the viewers of the show?

  6. If I was Josh, I would vote to evict Kevin. No tie, Paul is blind-sided. Then I would go to Jason, Alex and Raven and tell them exactly what was going on. Would it cause Josh to be the next one out, maybe but Paul would finally be exposed. Will it happen, probably not. What Paul wants….I wish Josh would act on his gut feeling and that Xmas would listen to him about it.

    • Who gives a rats ass about Christmas and what she thinks…If Josh was/is the superfan he professes to be then he knows the game…At this point its do or die..Its every HG for him/her self and game…At this point there are no “real” alliances…Time to play ur game Josh…

    • Josh is smarter than he seems, but not as smart as he thinks he is. Kind of like when he “exposed” Elena (in his mind). Josh is seeing that Paul is covered by all angles – but Josh would be an idiot to try to ruin what he has going with Paul. Paul will take him or Xmas to final 2. Josh is too weak to get to F2 – or even next week – without Paul carrying him.

      The fact that Josh is making victim noises about his own ally who also is the strongest player in the game is really dumb on his part.

  7. Christmas will probably say some rude thing when she evicts Jason about blaming him for her foot injury and this is “sweet revenge” or some nonsense. UGH, already waiting for BB20 to start.

    • I don’t think so…She has said multiple times in private conversations that she doesn’t blame Jason, and was surprised when Jason said he thought she was resentful of him/ coming after him because of her foot.

  8. This is the perfect time for Josh to vote against Kevin. Spill the beans about the plan this week and team up with Jason and Alex and leave Paul with Raven and Xmas. Alex & Jason will protect him and take out Paul :(

    • Why would Alex and Jason believe Josh about the plan? Paul denies it, votes to save Jason and uses that as proof that he is on Alex and Jason’s side and that Josh is trying to break them up. Josh is now the target. Raven follows Paul. Christmas sees everyone turning against Paul and abandons Josh. Paul has things set up so that the earliest he could be sent home is if he is on the block during final 4. But he will probably convince the people left in the game to throw that HOH to him.

      • Agreed….and Jason and Alex are not going to team up with dead-weight Josh over Paul. Part of the resentment Alex has toward Kevin is that he never pulled his own weight game-wise. In my opinion, that’s actually what started the rift between them weeks ago.

  9. I wish was still on the block and the one leaving this week. :(

  10. All I can hope for is for Josh to pull a Steve and evict Paul at final three, even though brainwashed stupid Christmas would be in final two.

    • If the F3 is Josh, Paul and Christmas. You best believe Christmas and Josh is taking each other. Two against one. You really think Paul with take a duo to F3? He be dumb if he did but, if Paul won HOH and was able to bring one to the finals then he will 100% bring Josh. I know it.

      • I just don’t believe Christmas will refuse the seat next to her in F2 to Josh. I really feel she will have Josh next to her instead of Paul. Christmas is questioning Paul as well.

  11. I am glad Jason is going to the jury house. I am dying to see if Raven wins HOH. wonder who she will put up. I think strong players need to go home and Alex is the next best player. Stick with players who think you can beat. She isn’t going to send Paul out the door therefore, leaving it up to Kevin, Alex, Josh and Christmas. You have one team left and maybe this is the time Christmas can leave. Not sure what Raven will do. I can figure who Alex will get out. Christmas or Kevin. I will just sit back and watch Thursday’s episode

  12. Listen, people.Paul is NOT going to win this DE HOH. He wants Alex out, but he won’t be the one to put her up.

  13. Ok, I was just like the majority on here,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Last year I couldn’t stand Paul. He was mean and nasty with most hg’s. But, I was sounding a lot like the naysayers at first…………then I realized Paul wasn’t playing the same way he did last year…..I actually respect him and his game this year….
    As far as him being a bully,,,,,NO , but he could be and probably has said things in a way that could be misconstrued like it is bully…..I am hoping he wins it all :)

    • Why should Paul be a bully when he can get everyone else to say or do his dirty work for him. That’s the worse kind of bully. Egg everyone else on and just sit by and gloat. Have you not watch and heard his DR remarks?

      • Like we have all stated: it is your opinion and you don’t need me to validate you anymore than I expect you or other’s to validate myself

      • I have went out of my way to treat you with respect and consideration. I will not get into a discussion on what is and what may be an opinion and or a definition!!¡¡!!!!!! Have nice life.

      • Thanks for the laugh. Sorry you had to “went out of your way”
        . I hope you find your way back.

      • You aren’t going to be nice? I will ask you one last time. Just go away and stop commenting on my post. I never go out of my way and you need to go home. Your Mommy is calling you.

      • Actually, you are the last person I would ever expect to issue an apology. I never expected one. Too immature.
        Stay on subject.

      • Thank you , Yady. We are in IND.My sis and her son’s live in SOUTH Carolina. My other sister lives in North Carolina. Hope you and your family are safe and God bless

      • Thank you, Nina. The Carolinas will likely get a soaking. Hope all is well for them.
        We are in the Sonoran Desert. 111 degrees the other day.

      • Yady. I don’t know you and I can tell you you know nothing about me! I am willing to apologise to you for whatever you need me to…. but let me assure you of one thing,……. I am through playing this Childish game of yours. NO MORE… UNDERSTAND!

  14. What Josh is contemplating about telling Jason what Paul is up to. the idiot will be the next one out the door. IMO Josh should never been in the bb 19. He is to gentle and then he has moments of total stupidity……….Then he sits up in the HOH room and tells the teleprompter how smart he is and how he would always have Paul and Christmas’s backs……He isn’t a big child, he is also a very mean and stupid child….. IMO

  15. What I hope is that Josh will team up with Jason, cast the third vote against Kevin, and the two of them work together to get out Paul. Josh has already expressed his distaste for Paul’s tactics as of late, and Jason is in a desperate situation. If Josh can find the gumption to approach Jason and inform him of the true intentions here, they could put a plan in place to completely change the course of this game. Here is hoping Josh is not only smart enough to figure that out, but courageous enough to put it into action.

    • We have to suffer through this season and hope it will serve as a cautionary tale to future HGs. Never throw a comp!!!! Play the game yourself, no showmance, no trusting someone that claims he can’t win. Only then will BB get back on track.

  16. I think there is a very real possibility that Kevin could be voted out here… we know Josh and Raven are unstable at best and if they are unaware( at least Raven is unaware Paul is going for a tie vote and Josh is mad about it) of the tie breaker vote, then one or both could decide to put in a hinky vote and it will tip the scales to sending Kevin home. It’s possible!

    • I keep hearing this and that about hinky votes but have yet to see one on Season 1 of Big Brother Paul

      • Christmas and Kevin both played one week 2 and Jason and Alex both threw them in week 8 (although sounds like Alex’s was a mistake on her part). Plus Raven and Josh talk the most about throwing in hinky votes and you never know what they might do!

  17. Hate to see Jason leave, this way; I have stopped watching, just read the feeds from you guys; worse season ever; If Paul had not been in everyones ear, I might have felt different, but he instigated all the fights and it got too dirty and too personal, this year, and poor, Kevin, has really been treated bad, by all, thanks to Paul. Of course, if they had had a backbone, this could have been prevented.

  18. I love Jason, but where in the world did anyone come up with the idea that Paul would vote to keep him? The vote will be 3-1 unless Jason can convince either Josh or Raven to vote to keep him in. Paul is disgusting and I wish he would go second in the double on Thursday.

  19. What I always wonder …is what happens once the show is over. A reunion would be nice to see. Once the houseguest found out how they got played ..this one dshould be good. And some are in for a rude awakening. I dont think they know how they are perceived on the outside. That could be a real interesting show to watch !! LOL

  20. I am apologize in advance. Not trying to argue or fight with anyone.. I have read so many of you post. ..”If you dislike bb19 so much Then please do everyone (including) yourself. Stop watching and stop complaining. You are not enjoying the show. For yourself let it go

  21. Grrrrrrrrrrr! Josh, why? You know and yet you didn’t, why oh why? I hate them all! Two opportunities to get Paul out and you didn’t! I will vote for Jason for AFP.

    Did you all hear? There will be a winter BB with celebrities.

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