Big Brother 19 ‘Den Of Temptation’: Ring Of Replacement Vote [POLL]

There’s a new vote on Big Brother 19 for the latest Den of Temptation and this week that power is the “Ring of Replacement.” Paul took the Pendant of Protection for himself last round so it’s time to deliver the next reward to the remaining Houseguests.

Den of Temptation on Big Brother 19

This week the power won’t keep anyone automatically safe, but it’s definitely no slouch either. The Ring will let its recipient swap themselves in for any PoV challenge which means a big target could block a Backdoor attempt. Here’s the official description from CBS:

The winning houseguest will be tempted with the Ring of Replacement, which will give them the power to play in any Veto Competition they want this summer! If they’re not one of the six houseguests playing, they can swap places with one of the three players chosen by random draw. The Ring of Replacement can only be used once, but remember, every temptation comes with a consequence.

You can vote right now at but you need to have an account set up to do so. Seems like the perfect time to get your Live Feeds on All Access then start voting! Keeping voting because the official poll closes at 10AM PT (1PM ET) on Friday, July 7th.

So who do you want it to be? Cast your official vote now at and your unofficial vote here with us in our poll below. After you vote be sure to tell us ‘why’ in the comments section below.


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      • OMG that a long time. Ok, then, remember, you can vote everyday until next friday.

    • Why was my last and new profile picture sideways? How do I change it? LOL
      It’s hard to even see, I think?

      • My picture is upright but then when I save it goes sideways. Oh well it’s just a teeny tiny circle, I don’t think anyone can see my picture really anyway?

    • It appears there will only be 3. Only 3 were revealed through the source code and I’ve heard conversations between saying HG’s talking about 3.

      • 2nd and 3rd were leak because it was in the source code of the web page, but doesn’t mean there won’t be other after.

  1. If Christmas gets evicted, votes will be wasted on her, something to consider…

      • Jillian was evicted. Look at the numbers ago, plus some people (like kevin) dont make their minds up until they are voting. Everyone said he would evict christmas and he evicted Jillian.

    • Paul, Raven, Matt, Elena, Dominque, Josh, and Kevin have all given their word. Pretty sure Mark will vote with them as well after he has his talk with Christmas.

      • I’ll start by saying I like Xmas and don’t want her gone, however, she is a threat, much more than Jillian, competition wise. I’m just surprised more don’t see it as an opportunity to get a strong player out.

      • It’s the same concept as working with someone like Victor last year. You want strong players on your side for the early/mid part of the game to win and keep you safe as well as be a shield for you later.

      • Paul has been working well to get the votes for her to stay, Paul, in terms of needing Christmas to stay, is playing great because playing from the bottom appears to be when Paul plays best. He’s pretty much swayed Mark and Elena to keep Christmas just because Mark and Elena want to continue to work with Paul down the road. Matt and Raven will not vote Christmas out because they like her, and because they feel they have to in order to regain Pauls trust, and they are mostly on board with Paul. Dominique knows it is not in her own best strategic intrest to get Christmas out, and Kevin will follow what Paul wants him to do. Josh and Jillian had a falling out, and while Josh is mostly alone in the house, Paul has pretty much convinced Josh he can trust him. Even Alex and Jason, while they don’t trust Christmas, are being swayed by Paul, particularly Jason. Honestly, is Christmas does stay, which she almost certainly will, this is probably best for Paul and Christmas, because it has fractured the core of the group Paul, Christmas, and Dominique were, that being the core of Mark, Elena, Matt, Raven, Cody, and Jessica. Matt and Raven are, while not actively wanting to win ad throw Cody up, on board with going with whatever Pauls plan is and standing behind him. And Mark and Elena, particularly Mark, are looking to work with Paul with longevity as opposed to Cody. I could see Jessica wanting to vote out Jillian as well just to regain Pauls trust, although I think she probably thinks she can’t fully regain the trust of Paul and Christmas back at this point.

      • Mark was up in the HOH room just before 3pm telling Cody he wants Christmas out and can’t understand what the other’s (Matt, Raven & Elena) problem is with voting her out! He told Cody he is loyal to him and not Paul. Idk… I think Mark is definitely playing both sides here… Not really counting him as a vote for Christmas.

      • Right, I feel this same thing with Matt. Mark and Matt, I think, will remain loyal to Cody, no matter what, and vote out Christmas.

      • Josh and Kevin are voting for Christmas, pretty sure. So, Alex, Ramses, Jason, Jessica, Matt, Kevin, Josh. Paul is stupid if he doesn’t for for Christmas, but since he’s not aligned with Cody anymore he will probably vote for Jillian.

    • Did Alex win the POV? And was Christmas the replacement nominee? Clearly but I thought I’d ask anyway…..

      • Alex won veto. Paul was replacement but he had the safety pendant and is safe x3 weeks. Cody then nominated Xmas.

    • I feel like this temptation will not have any effect on the game if it goes to Matthew… or a lot of the other HGs

      • Christmas having it means she could replace Cody next week in veto to 100% ensure he goes home. They put 2 pawns up and with that power ensure Cody can’t play and evict him.

      • True but if Jessica wins HOH or if Cody plays in the VETO and wins it is all for nothing. Gotta take everything into consideration before you vote. I chose Alex because she is one that is wanted out right now.

      • The power is good for one use all season. So at any point this season if someone related to Paul/Christmas wins HOH and Cody is the target that week they would nominate 2 pawns and then backdoor Cody. If Cody’s name is drawn then Christmas can use her power to remove him from veto and ensure he goes.

      • I was referring to the possibility that Christmas goes this week over Jillian. If she is picked for the Ring of Replacement, how can she do anything if she isn’t there. As I write this, I realize that Christmas may very well be there after the live eviction.

  2. I’m hoping that they are not going to fix this game to keep giving Paul advantages so he can remain in the game. Paul needs to go as soon as the temptation stupidity is over without BB interference.

    • You mean like what they did to give Miz Nicole the advantage last Season….Smdh, LOL?!

    • I don’t think they’ll do a free-for-all poll like they did with BB15’s MVP twist. Could be like the mechanics for the Care Package for BB18 and OTT where: everyone falls in line, one gets their prize but will no longer be eligible for another next week and the rest follow.

    • It’s the viewers that voted to give that one to him. But this time, he’s not eligible for the rest of the season. people who vote, don’t think about that, maybe there will be something more valuable to him later and they won’t be able to give it to him.

    • I agree.. I like Paul, but he is the same character from last season. It is boring watching him….

      • I seriously can’t stand Paul! I wish someone would put some tape on his mouth :>

  3. Have they said what the repercussion to the other houseguest is for Paul taking the temptation?

      • When he picked the number of I guess the potion bottle. Wasn’t something bad supposed ot happen to that houseguest?

      • Elena just talked about it on live feeds. Ramses got the curse. He has to put himself on the block sometime in the next 2 weeks after noms, meaning there will be 3 nominees total.

  4. I hate every single one of these HGs. Not a single one of them stood for Megan. Jessica called Alex, Pao Pao, and that was racist. Raven also referred to her as that as well. Jessica should’ve been honest and said that’s what she said. So I won’t be voting for anybody, as nobody stood up for Megan.

    • Yeah, it was interesting that when Jessica spoke to Alex, she said “I wasn’t going to walk over there because he was talking to you” and didn’t reference calling her Pao Pao.

      There’s not many likeable house guests.

      • It also seemed scripted for first time. When Jessica was telling Alex that Megan was pitting them against each other Alex flipped the switch and went storming out to confront her without any question or thought to whether that was valid. Wasn’t she in an alliance with her? Just seemed off. There have been a few moments this season where things don’t seem authentic…

    • Not a single one. That was one of the most hurtful situations I’ve seen on BB … like some kind of animal group mentality … join in and destroy. I blame Paul, especially, because he knew exactly how the mistake occurred but let it unfold. Sadly, a real commentary on society.

      • I don’t really blame Paul because Jessica lied and did not admit she had called Alex a name. It wasn’t Panda like Megan thought, but it sounded similar and the misunderstanding could have easily been cleared up had Jess admitted she called Alex, Pao Pao.

        I’ll agree, Paul did stir the pot, but that is a viable strategy in BB. You get the other HG to turn on each other by relaying bits of conversations you’ve overheard. Dr. Will used that strategy all the time and he’s considered one of, if not, *the* greatest BB player of all time. Paul didn’t lie, he told Jessica that Megan was calling her a racist and that was the truth. In the long run, I blame Jessica for not coming clean, not Paul.

      • Jessica is a racist. Calling Alex, Pao Pao is racist. Alex is obviously not Pao Pao. Essentially what she is saying is that all Asians look alike, and that Alex doesn’t have her own identity. She’s just Pao Pao 2.0. It would be like if you saw a Asian man walking down the street and said “Hey Jackie Chan.”

      • It was terrible when Megan walked in the room and Alex and Jilian left. I wished that at least Jilian would have stayed and talked with Megan.

      • Also thought that Alex might have given her supposed friend in the house a chance to explain before immediately completely slamming the door in her face about it.

      • I’m sorry Megan didn’t stay, BUT… if she had we wouldn’t be watching Cody dig himself into a hole now!! lol

    • That really bothered me as well. If she was just honest about what she said, then I think the misunderstanding could have cleared up and maybe Megan wouldn’t have felt the need to leave. It was just a messed up situation. Someone should have stood up for Megan. Or at least when she said that’s what she heard, one of them (and several knew what was said) could have cleared it up and said she said “Pao Pao” and not “Panda.” Though neither paints them in a good light but they still should have been honest about it.

    • Yeah, I was glad they showed how the situation with Megan actually came about. It was all a misunderstanding and I really felt sorry for her. She misunderstood what Jessica said and it could have been cleared up so easily if Jessica had admitted to calling Alex Pao Pao.

      However, I don’t think that is really a racist comment, demeaning yes, because it’s not Alex’s name, but I think that nickname is more along the lines of calling a blonde/busty girl Barbie or something like that–kind of like the names some of the girls called Janelle in seasons 6&7. Pao Pao does bear a resemblance to Alex and I think that is why they call her that. It’s catty & rude, for sure, and Jessica is a nasty piece of work, but I’m not sure I’d call her a racist over this.

      Aaryn (season 15) was a racist. There is a distinct difference between the comments Jessica makes and Aaryn’s, trust me.

      • It is a racist comment, because Alex is not Pao Pao. And this didn’t happen with Cameron. Nobody called him Steve. Essentially what she is saying is that all Asians look alike, and that Jessica (and everyone else who called Alex Pao Pao behind her back) does not view Alex as an induvidual. To them, she’s just Pao Pao 2.0. It would be like if you saw a Asian man walking down the street and said “Hey, it’s Mr. Miyagi.”

      • Okay, so when all the girls called Janelle Barbie in season 6, are you saying that was racist? it’s the same principle.

    • I only root for girls, in every single season. But the girls this season are so weak and fake….

    • I have to agree with you. But… I’m hooked for the summer, there’s nothing else to watch on TV!!!

  5. This is one tailor-made for someone competitive…why vote for someone who wouldn’t potentially upset the POV and change the game? So I voted for Alex. She’s sort of a dark horse athletic nerdy super competitor. Christmas is a good choice, too, but more obvious, and, on the off chance she is evicted, a wasted vote.

  6. Random question here! 🙃
    But I finally changed my profile picture after a few years but it’s still sideways. It’s not when I select it. Does anyone know how to fix it? No big whoop, just wondering :-)

      • I tried that. It didn’t work. I tried different pictures and those all still went sideways after I saved it. Anyway no big whoop. I don’t think anyone can really see my picture anyways?!? It’s just a little blob LOL

  7. I split my votes between Alex (8) and Christmas (2). Alex was great to watch last night, telling Cody that if she was HOH she would go after his crew of douche canoes

    • She needs to align with Jason, Kevin, and maybe try to sidebar with one of the gang of d-bags perhaps Dominique

  8. Christmas is leading the poll here, huh. Not a fan of hers for some reason. I don’t really like he attitude in some of her confessionals. Maybe she’ll grow on me. No one is really standing out to me yet so I have no idea who to vote for.

  9. Really dislike Cody and Jessica, Cody from day one, he looked like a serial killer to me. Disliked Jessica after she hooked up with Cody.

  10. I want Alex or Josh to get it, don’t think Christmas deserves it. But it will be interesting regardless of who gets it.

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