Big Brother 19 ‘Den Of Temptation’: Halting Hex Vote

There’s a new vote on Big Brother 19 for the latest Den of Temptation and with the “Halting Hex” power. Paul won the Pendant and Christmas got the Ring so who will get this next special power? It’s your turn to decide with your vote.

Den of Temptation on Big Brother 19

This one might not be as good as the first, but it’s better than the second power. This time around someone can decide to cancel that week’s eviction from even happening. That’s huge! Here’s the official description from CBS:

The winning houseguest will be tempted with the Halting Hex! Whether on the block or not, they can halt any one of the next four evictions during the live show, making it a non-eviction night. But remember, every temptation comes with a consequence.

Note: One time use only. The last eviction this Hex can be used on is August 10th. The power then expires whether it was used or not.

You can vote right now at but you need to have an account set up to do so. Seems like the perfect time to get your Live Feeds on All Access then start voting! Keeping voting because the official poll closes at 9AM PT (12PM ET) on Wednesday, July 19th.

So who do you want it to be? Cast your official vote now at and your unofficial vote here with us in our poll below. After you vote be sure to tell us ‘why’ in the comments section below.


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  1. I want Cody to stay the Marine that’s right my boy he needs to stay cuz he’s the one that got the ball rolling we got to get Paul’s ass out of that damn house he should not be in the house and get Christmas behind Outnet cuz she all banged up broke up I got the same thing happened to my foot right now getting ready to have surgery get her ass out

  2. i am leaning towards dom or kevin…dom because she watches and asses everything and if she wants to get loose and do her own thing 4 weeks gives her lots of time to see which way to take her game. Kevin because he is playing both sides and has the potential to stir the pot and no telling how that could turn out…still holding out for something really amazing for alex.

    • At first I wanted to vote for Alex or Kevin, but then I thought that there’s a good chance that could screw them over, seeing as they’re kind of just lying low until the majority hopefully fractures. If Ramses, Jason, or Jessica got it (the ones who need it most) then someone in immediate threat of eviction might be able to save themselves without the risk of tanking their already tanked game.

    • Yeah, I wondered whether it’s to ensure that there are 2 more evictions before the bonus Friday 21st show. That way if there is a Battle Back on that show there would be 4 players to compete. The power to halt an eviction would then be in effect for the next eviction on the 26th

      • Actually no. This week’s eviction is on the 13th. So the eviction after that would come on the 20th. This means the holder of this power can potentially use the power on the eviction on the 20th

  3. This is powerful. Use it when you’re on the block and a possibility of going home (within 4 evictions) It’s like ‘immunity idol, but you halt the eviction ceremony. It’s a non-eviction day..and it’s live, so this is fun if it’s used.

      • Really? It looks to me as if she is following Paul, even if she won’t admit it. She has also turned rather quickly on two of her original alliance members: Megan and Ramses. I don’t trust her.

      • She mentioned how she felt vulnerable when shoved up for pawn and went along with it. She DOES look like a bish, yes! She could easily shoot herself in the foot, yep. She just doesn’t look like a sheep and will start rocking the boat. It’s way early in the game. I don’t think many HGs really understand what’s ahead. This is nothing. It’s going to get a LOT worse! :oD When it gets down to 8 HGs or so, then the crap really starts to hit fan. Great fun!

      • You say Matt, I say Kevin, other say Dominique. Alex will win because everybody that doesn’t want to vote for her, are spreading the vote.

  4. I’m not sure about Alex yet. I have no clue where she really stands on things. I voted Dom…

    • I agree. I voted Alex because she is the only girl that may not be under Paul’s spell.

      • I actually avoided voting for Alex because I am anti-Paul. Paul has sort of been trying to befriend Alex for the past few days and hence why I don’t trust Alex enough to know for sure that she is not under Paul’s spell.

        Edit: Voted Ramses btw

      • I like Ramses and Alex may be playing Paul for the week since he is promising to take her off and put up Cody. Paul still nominated her and she may use that as an excuse to nominate him. Unless she volunteered. I didn’t see that.

      • Same here, Alex is like handing it to Paul right now. I hope in the future she will play for herself again.
        After Rames bad week & his game ruined without it being his fault, I would like to give Him some power and see him play.

  5. My vote is for Jessica. This temptation will definitely be taken. If bb insists that america intervene in the game with these temptations than i want to give it to someone who will use it and stir things up. Also to send a message to the house that i dont support paul. I would say to cody but im pretty sure he is getting voted out so its a waisted vote.

    • Omg! I didn’t even think of that. I kinda like that. It would mess up the game for Production, who is rigging this game for Paul! Who I cannot stand! ;-D

      It also would stop the house from being followers. It needs to be jumbled up! I like it! :-)

    • That’s how I’m voting. I’m banking on the battle back and then Cody will come back. he’ll get put up and then Jess can save him haha!

  6. I definitely did not vote for Alex. I don’t like her. I voted for Dominique. She is Playing the game smart and playing low key.

  7. I went Kevin. Very cool and calm and is very willing to flip the house on a dime. I haven’t really warmed up to Alex at all this season. I’d give it to Jason over her.

  8. So, here’s my question…

    If this is used next week, and there isn’t an eviction, doors this extend Paul’s Power of Protection one week (since he was safe for “the next three evictions,” and technically there isn’t an eviction)?

  9. Seriously! So, technically we can vote say Cody or Alex to win this temptation and clearly if Cody wins he can stop the votes from happening on Thursday and that’s that! Then we start all over again with a new HOH and no one goes home? This week? Or of course any other week over the next three or four or whatever it said??
    OK people, for entertainment purposes only, we have to vote Cody! We gotta!!!!! I would love to see Cody stick it to Paul! The HOH was thrown to Paul and so was the veto! Come on people, Paul doesn’t deserve this HOH! And it would be soooooooo freaking entertaining! Big time!
    Can you imagine!?

  10. Plus, although I am not a fan of Cody’s, Paul does not deserve this power. It was handed to him! And during Cody’s HOH in all fairness to him, he got screwed by the temptation. His punishment for not being able to nominate Paul was more of a punishment then ramses punishment! Plus everything on top of that…… Megan self evicting, Paul having the safety !!! Cody’s HOH was messed up. Again, not a fan but for entertainment purposes of this would be hilarious! Huge!
    Yes? No?
    It looks like Alex is in the lead…… Would she use it this week??? She does sort of ‘owe’ Cody for allowing her to win the veto! But it would probably be a stupid move on her part because of two reasons. First reason is because everyone wants Cody gone therefore a lot of people would be pissed off at Alex, Plus she is already a target… and the second reason is because she knows the numbers are against her (she it’s a target) and she knows she could very well go back up on Thursday/Friday therefore she would want to save it for when she goes on the block! Yes? No?
    However, if she keeps it quiet, wins it and is on the block next to Cody come Thursday and she feels threatened, she could use it for that reason! Paranoia! “Pawns do go home” in any event, I hope either Alex or Cody wins it!
    & do I have all my info correct? Also, again back to this three-way alliance. What is it? And would it benefit Alex to use it this Thursday? Of course I am just saying Alex because she is in the lead on this current pole
    help! Thoughts? It would be great entertainment to see Cody stick it back in Paul’s face. Regardless of how we feel about Cody! It would be priceless

    • If we look at the previous timelines, Paul got his temptation after Cody won HOH. Christmas got her temptation after Paul won HOH. So if Alex wins this temptation, she will receive it after the next HOH competition. Meaning she won’t have it yet at Thursday’s eviction so she can’t stop this weeks eviction.

  11. Cody shows signs of being a psychopath. He seems to think he is something he is not. Does he need a serious dose of reality? I wonder how he behaves in the real world? Probably just as bad. Security of our nations, keep an I on him.

  12. I’m voting for Ramses. I feel he has gotten a raw deal- first with having to nominate himself for the block, 2nd with having his vote questioned and being believed to be a liar and disloyal. I believe the halting hex would most benefit him, get him back in the game, possibly get him a new alliance and through a wrench in other’s plans .
    I will not vote for Alex. She turns on her allies too quickly- first Megan and now Ramses. I just want to hit her over the head. Why would Ramses vote out his best friend in the house?

  13. 1) I don’t understand why people are voting for Dom. She will either use it for her group of people if the wrong person wins HoH or not use it at all. She just wants to lay low as long as she can. Even if she plans to make a move against Paul, I’m not sure 4 evictions is long enough for her to make that move. And, the same concept can be said with Maven and Marlena. So, if your a Paul fan, vote for one of these players, but if you want to make the season less boring, consider other houseguests.

    2) The next housemates on the chopping block are Ramses, Jason, and Jessica. Even though I don’t have any fan appreciation for them, one of those three would be a decent choice for the next temptation to make the season more interesting.

    3) Alex would be another good choice because she could be a target in the next four evictions after Cody, and she might use it if one of her allies is on the chopping block.

    4) And on the same thinking with Alex, I could see Kevin using it to save Jason, maybe some others. Of course, it could backfire and save/help Paul to all the anti-Paul fans out there.

    So, in my opinion, Alex, Ramses, Jason, or Jessica and maybe even Kevin would be the best choices for the temptation.

  14. Alex is not stupid she knows the other side of the house has all the power that’s why right now she is “playing there game” and in doing that and helping paul for right now she has now bumped herself down on the order of who gets evicted,for everyone who wants alex to have power I would wait for a later temptation that wont mess up her game because she is safe for 4 weeks. if you give her this power it could mess up her game right now and that other side still has too many numbers, I say give it to Jessica and turn this game up its boring just one side picking off everyone.

  15. Why so many of you against Paul? This is supposed to be a game of skill, not a popularity contest. So far Paul is the only one who looks like a winner.

  16. Gave it to Jessica because I know she’ll use it which makes good drama, and she’s one of the few people that aren’t one of Paul’s followers.
    I really like Alex but I’m not sure if she’s going to be playing her own game this season or if Paul is going to dictate her

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