Big Brother 19 Episode 6 Recap: Fights, Temptations And Victim Noises

Sunday night’s episode of Big Brother 19 was packed full of confrontations, temptations and victim noises as the fallout from Jillian’s blindside eviction hit the houseguests at full speed.

The episode picks up during the Head of Household competition, but since no one wants to see a bunch of people rolling around in Candy Crush cross-promotion, they cut back and forth between that and the Diary Room and the fallout from Jillians blindside eviction.

Mark owns up to his vote to Cody because he respects Cody. Meanwhile, Jessica and Christmas are fighting for some reason. Jessica is calling Jessica a coward and in her face. And then we’ve got Cody confronting Josh over his vote. Cody goes for Josh but luckily Kevin and Jason was there to get between them or that could’ve gotten ugly.

Back at the HOH competition, players are starting to make their attempts at winning the Head of Household. The HGs have to find tickets in the mess to purchase balls to roll down tricky platforms and make it in a hole to win HOH. It’s a simple concept, but not a simple game. After many attempts, and thanks to half the house passing off their tickets to him, it’s Paul who makes it in the hole first to become the second Head of Household of the season.

Cody and Jessica aren’t happy because they know what lies ahead. And they start going over the votes and they decide to was Ramses who evicted Jillian instead of Kevin. He has them all fooled. So Cody has it in his head that Ramses and Josh were the two who flipped. Cody and Jessica confront Ramses and when he starts talking they tell him not to talk to them. So he leaves the room.

Josh, who actually did vote to evict Jillian, is up next to feel the wrath of Cody and Jessica. Cody won’t even let Josh speak because he can’t handle his victim noises. And when Josh doesn’t shut up, Jessica and Cody go all in on him. Jessica calls him a little girl and then Cody calls him a child and that he doesn’t sound like a man at all. Josh says god bless them and leaves the room.

He took the high road, but it’s not what he wanted to do. Josh leaves the room in tears and is ready to just throw in the towel. Raven and Dominique talk Josh down and everything is calm again. For now.

So what is Paul’s plan? He calls together his team to discuss the plan for the week. His plan is to nominate Matt and Raven as pawns. And luckily, Paul’s team isn’t as stupid as they were beginning to appear. They eventually talk Paul out of nominating someone from their side. Mark makes the best point when he brings up all the temptations and curses going around this season. So Paul sees the light of day and decides on two of the “outsiders.”

It’s time to return to the Den of Temptation. One by one, the HGs enter the den to find out who America voted for this week. Ramses is first in and he was not chosen. Matt is up next and also gets a no. Then Alex. And so on and so on. Christmas gets the temptation and it’s the Ring of Replacement. Christmas can choose any one Veto competition to play in by replacing one of the players chosen from the random draw.

Christmas takes the temptation and she has to choose three houseguests to curse. She picks Jason, Cody and Jessica. And it’s only a costume curse. The three of them only have to wear toad costumes all week. Lame.

At the nomination ceremony, Ramses interrupts to place himself on the block as part of the curse he received last week. After that was all done, Paul puts his backdoor Cody plan in motion by nominating Alex and Josh for eviction. So that means there are three nominations this week and if Ramses wins the POV, there will be no replacement nominee. So that seems to be the only thing that could in the way of Paul’s plan, especially now that Christmas has that Ring of Replacement.

Can’t wait for Wednesday to find out who won the Power of Veto? Check our Veto spoilers now for results!

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  1. I still think its funny that Cody can say that Josh has been playing the victim since the game started. Then suddenly after Paul wins HOH, all we hear Cody talking about is that its not fair that Paul got picked by America for the first temptation.

    What’s even funnier is that Jessica seemed oblivious to the fact that the majority of America hates her and Cody as well. Although, she did seem like she was about to cry as she was leaving the Den of Temptation so maybe being denied a temptation even when their game life was on the line made her begin to realize.

    • I doubt it she realizes it. All but one person is going to leave that room disappointed and untempted. I’m sure she thinks she lost by 3 votes or something.

      • You may be right. She doesn’t seem like the sharpest knife in the drawer. After all, she did get in the face of the one woman that could snap her in half even if she is using crutches.

      • Definitely, though to be honest, Jessica would be the one that needed to use them as weapons. Then again, I could literally see Jessica hitting Christmas with a crutch and Christmas would just shrug it off and… Well, I hope Jessica can run fast!

  2. So, big question of the night: wtf are “victim noises”?

    I find it strange no one has questioned the term, am I the only one with no clue about that?

    • Cody was saying that Josh was crying in an attempt to get everyone to feel sorry for him. That’s Cody’s idea of victim noise.

      • Yeah I figured it had to mean something like that. But it just seems like a weird way to say it.
        It’s like saying someone was making “homeless noises” or “man noises” it’s just a weird thing to say that way…

      • Well, Cody is pretty weird to begin with. He’s the one that called it “Victim Noises.” I think its just another example of how insensitive the moron is.

    • Sorry hon, I think you might be the only one who doesn’t have a clue about the victim noises. Cody was saying that to Josh. Because Josh is being a baby, as usual

  3. Jessica is calling Jessica a coward to her face? I think Jessica was calling Christmas a coward.

  4. Cody is nothing more than a big bully, and Jessica is a moron, so why would anyone still want them in the game?

    • Good question, but there are a lot of Paul haters here (not all of them, but several) that want to see them stick around. If Cody’s personality and attitude on the show are the way he is in real life… And if some of the crappy stories he shared about the way he acted in Basic Training are true… Cody is a disgrace to our great military.

      So its no surprise he’s a jerk. I guess some people must really hate Paul to want to keep that kind of jerk around.

      • Now that I finally see some of the video that goes with the happenings, it certainly appears that Paul is playing a much smoother game than he did last year. I was surprised he suggested his own alliance members as pawns, but then woke up when spoken to about it. He’s in a pretty good position right now.

    • One very good reason to keep jerks in the game is they are bigger targets that keep the attention off the next likely targets. Alex is not part of that big alliance. If cody and jess were not there, alex would then be more at greater risk. That kind of thinking.

      • Ramses did a very good job at becoming a target to. He really did not play that veto thing correctly. I’m not saying he should had throw it… but he is very bad at saying he did try to throw it. At this point it’s not worth trying to lie.

      • I didn’t see any BBAD or the feeds though. I hear he took some heat, yeah. Talk was that Paul half bought his shpeal but didn’t like it. I don’t blame the kid for trying to win POV. How can we know who is really with Paul until after he loses his protection?

  5. Well welcome to the production lead Paul show……….why not just give him first and let everyone else play for second, that is the way it is rigged anyway.

    • I think Cody would completely agree with you. I think he’d be wrong, but I know he’d agree with you.

      • Sounds about right too. Seen this same BS too many times in the past with pro duction also.

        They always butt in ……and every year when someone likes the person production is obviously helping you always get a few that don’t want to believe it because they happen to like this year’s rigged pick! Lmao!

  6. I have a feeling Paul made a deal with the producers to give him a three week free ride before he would come back. I guess they thought they needed him for the ratings and plus the whole Candy Crush deal.

    • No, I think there are a lot of BB fans that really thought he should have won last season. I really think America voted for him to get that first temptation. Now, I’m not saying that production didn’t count on it.

      • He should have chosen James to go with him for Final 2 but I’m convinced that Production offered him a deal to come back if he chose Nicole and he lost to her.

      • They way Nicole floated to the end last year was offensive to all those that played a lot harder than she did. She certainly didn’t win due to her outstanding game play!

      • That really make sense Carvin. The odds of him getting the first temptation is high. He already has followers. Production knows that.

      • It was also 100% sure that houseguests were to take the first temptation of 25k. That’s what brings him back in.

      • I bet you if they had a ‘focus group’ 7 out of 10 players would take the temptation..maybe higher.

      • Oh hell yeah I would! Especially for $25K. I’d do it for less. BUT… I just reran that segment in ep one. Only 7 of the 16 DID push the button. Julie only said it would “release the twist”, not “curse”.

        I’ll also add that in these secret rooms and crap where’s there’s a button to push? Even told NOT to push it? Some players are hesitant. Hell yeah I’m gonna push it! :oD

      • You think maybe production may have tipped him off to this before he decided to come back? If I were him I would want some guarantee that I wouldn’t be booted out the 1st week because as the only vet he would have a huge target on his him. That would damage his rep.

      • I think he might have know there were temptations. I mean, unless they had some other plan for Paul to enter the house… He had to know there was a slight chance he wouldn’t make it into the house at all. So, it wouldn’t surprise me if he had some hints, but I don’t think he knew a great deal.

      • Read what “Monkey_Muffins” wrote about 5 posts up (above) from this one.

        What he wrote sounds like exactly what happened.

        We have seen obvious BS from production before like this too. Gets so annoying also. Lolz! ;-;-D

      • Unfortunately it does. BB needed the ratings boost. And look, even after BB tonight Paul was on that new show Candy Crush Show too.

        Sounds exactly what happened.

        Production always likes to mess around with stuff like this. It is always so obvious too. Lolz! It is annoying also.

        Read what “Monkey_Muffins” wrote above your post above. He Nailed it about what’s going on.

      • July 2nd rating was 1.4. You can bet that has them at the edge of their seats. The series has always been over 2.0 and has never gone below 1.7 for any single episode.

    • I would see the outcome of the first ($25K) and second (safety)
      temptations as being pretty predictable to them. Producers definitely wanted
      Paul in the lineup to boost ratings. That’s part of the industry. It’s
      important to consider than BB’s rating is in the 1.4 to 1.7 range with
      just over 5M viewers. That is NOT real far from series cancellation
      territory! Any ratings boost they can dream up is critical. Any series that hits 1.0 or lower is IN cancellation territory.

      • Yeah, but it’s just a summer replacement show, with very little production cost. Where some shows cost $1 million per episode, they’re probably getting by with not much more than that for the entire season. Really, the only outlay is prize money, stipends, and feeding these Hoovers. I’d be surprised to see it canceled unless rating gets well below 1.0. And sure, a vet will spur interest more quickly than waiting to decide who you like or hate (although some were clear immediately!).

      • Yep. All in the numbers. Low viewerships need low production cost. This is a major network though. Sponsors will not pay as much for commercials if it drops too low. Some shows can survive under 1.0. I like BB myself, but there has to be entertainment value. Boring HGs don’t provide that. One HUGE advantage this series has though. Chen is married to the CEO of CBS. :oD

  7. Wow, the next temptation is the power to prevent 1 eviction over the next four weeks from happening. When used, it instantly makes that week a non-eviction week!

    I wouldn’t be surprised if that curse will be a double eviction the next week.

    • I said that an early surprise DE was a possibility on another post.. I believe that the Temptation will go to Alex or Kevin…The curse must be a doozy if the power is that strong..

  8. Why is it that Jessica can “walk” around without her hood on, isn’t it hot for all of them?????? It’s hard to take those two, all over each other, constantly kissing on each other and Cody waiting to see what kind of greeting he gets when he walks out to the audiance, hope he gets booed loudly!!!!!!?
    I really want someone to tell Paul that he needs to calm down, stop screaming and let other people talk, he never shuts up. I’m so glad he won POV and will get Cody out but you’re going to start to lose your fan base. Someone else will be in power Thursday so calm down and be ready to move over 🤞🤞🤞🤞

    • Yeah, there have been a few instances that I would like to tell him to calm down. Something along the lines of, “Okay, you got your point across. Let’s leave it at that and not beat that proverbial dead horse.” Just shows how much passion he has for the game though.

    • It’s that initial romantic phase of true love! That will stop later when Cody starts punching her.

      That’s just what Paul is. Loud motormouth, jumping around popping off. :oD His mother even said it was it was such quieter around their house. (24 and still lives with mom?!) He has seemed to moderate himself a bit from last year in the BB house though.

  9. It says Jessica is calling Jessica a coward.
    Christmas temptation win was stupid and a waste. Josh is a pathetic little girl so I agree with them on that. I hope they go for Jessica. I really cannot stand these girls in the house. Alex and Christmas are the only ones that I like a little, but Jessica and Elena are so fake and annoying. Dominique is in lala land. I like Raven, but she does get on my nerves with her little girl behavior. Kevin, Ramses and maybe Matt and Jason are the only boys that I like so far.

  10. Who I like: Alex, Christmas, Matt and Kevin. Paul less than last year but still a fave of mine.
    Who I’m not a fan of: Elena, Cody, Jessica, Josh (though I pity him somewhat)

    • Johs is 23yrs old, so he is young and acts like a teenager, but this is the time for him to grow up and become a man. He is away from his family and wants the HGs to be his mommy. He needs to learn to become a bit more independent. even in his job he is surrounded by family members. He is a whiner and I am sick of him.

      • I mean I pity him because I’m emotional like him but yeah he needs to grow up. He’s pretty emotionally attached to motherly figures like Dominique.

    • Yep…I’m Team Alex all Day, everyday! I’m hoping Alex will be in one of the 2 Chairs on Finale Night.

      • She’s the sharpest one for in there to me, too. She is the one who seems most capable of matching Paul’s wits and energy, and she was cussing Cody from word one, which seems like intuition now.

    • My faves: Paul, Christmas, Raven, Kevin, and Mark is growing on me. He was the one to suggest that Paul use pawns that weren’t in his alliance showing he has some smarts.

      Who I really dislike: Cody, Jessica, and Ramses

      Who I sorta dislike: Josh and Jason

      I’m pretty much okay with the rest, but I’m sure feelings will grow (positively or negatively) as the game goes on.

  11. Well its all working out for big brother Paul 19 to his advantage. Man this game started out so good too. looked to be one of the best till it became a Paul fest with 5 immunities

  12. This game is going perfectly and oh so satisfying! Please Cody go and then his girl !

  13. So, here’s my guess at this year’s version of possibly bringing an evicted HG back: I don’t think it will be a battle-back because that doesn’t fit with the theme this year. So, how about BB – as a temptation – offers one of the remaining houseguests $30,000 (or whatever reasonable amount) to leave the show – but, as a curse to the rest of the house, that houseguest gets to pick an evictee to come back into the house as a replacement. It might be a good temptation for an outcast such as Jessica to leave for the money and send Cody back in. Mostly likely won’t happen, but it’s fun to guess.

    • A re-entry option had not been mentioned up front this season, but there’s a special Friday episode scheduled for the 21st. Some are speculating a surprise battle-back comp.

    • I like that twist they should do that one. Would be very interesting.

    • He certainly is! When they all went up to see Paul’s HOH room – wow, Cody came across as a very sore loser. I guess the shoe hurts when it’s on the other foot.

  14. Honest to god I had to make a side by side picture of Cody next to the Jeff Dunham character Walter because all he does is pout

  15. I hated code from the 1st time he opened his mouth I knew what kind of man he is from it.. he is used to being the top dog and anyone not like that is a loser.. that’s all he sees is winners and losers in life not all the inner ween that makes life fun and beautiful.. ducks to be that cold.. can’t wait to see him go and especially being evicted in a frog costume even more amazing! Give him a taste of his own medicine and be humiliated like he did Josh.. been a crazy couple of weeks never know what will happen was starting to get predictable.. but I’m sure there will be people that will disagree but I love everything that has happened! Now might not be saying that in a couple of weeks lol.. but that’s what’s fun about this show!

  16. I don’t mind Cody coming back in the house, but to be honest, he’s really boring. He’s character is not interesting enough to be a villain. At least Devin, played the psycho leader, and he was funny..I thought. lol

    • I think his production value is the dislike other HGs have for him. Other than that, he all the charm and personality of a dead frog.

  17. Great to finally see the video that goes with all the discussion. This season is a scream. I don’t recall ever seeing this big of a scrambled mess right out of the gate before. The alliances made early on can easily dissolve, and dropping Paul on the house as a curse is funny as hell. This season still has a long way to go! New forces in the house WILL assemble and emerge, and it’s going to be fun to see who steps up! Anybody have speculation as to who they may be? I think Alex will be one.

  18. Y’know, I didn’t really like Josh to begin with, but after what happened in this episode, I feel sorry for him. He just wants to make peace with Cody and Jessica, while the two sore losers just put him down so hard. I am more than happy now that Cody is getting shoved in the backdoor. I just pray to God that if there really is a Battle Back, he doesn’t get another chance.

  19. Cody is not even playing the game. He’s such a jerk and a pouty baby. Wah wah I can’t have my way. What an idiot.

  20. Paul makes me want to puke, and his mindless cult followers are disgusting. They never watched last season, I guess, to see what an arrogant punk he was in the beginning when he thought he controlled the game. Then, he became phony “friendship” BS Paul to survive afterwards.

  21. Why isn’t anyone wondering how Christmas got a ring of replacement then was allowed to decide who gets punished. Kevin or Paul weren’t allowed to KNOWINGLY pick the people that got punished. It’s like saying you can win but also change the game so it doesn’t affect you.
    BB is playing her. I think there is a twist coming, my suspicion is people she offered to be cursed may end with some sort of advantage even if punished, while the rest of the house will bear the brunt of her temptation acceptance.

    • The curse stated to pick three people to curse and turn them into V-Toads (get it). So there is no rigging that way.

  22. If Ramses won that would be kind of funny but no one wants to do the work, they will let Paul do it all. I don’t see why someone else couldn’t have said, no I want to be HOH too instead of just giving it away like sheep. 1 of my biggest annoyances with the hg’s is the drama queen stuff. No, you can’t figure out how people voted, you always get it wrong. No, you shouldn’t run around yelling at people because you made a colossal error in judgement ( Jessica and Cody). And finally, no the Den or any other thing in BB is not “scary” or “creepy”.

    • Yep! Isn’t It a trip how people start to go batty in there? Big tantrums when the little babies don’t get their way. Oh my, somebody lied about a lousy vote, the nerve! There’s 500 grand at the end of this and so many of them are caught up in their petty little baby games that don’t amount to jack squat! That will be part of the entertainment this season. Seeing which members of the weak sauce society actually grows some ‘nads. I’m thinking Alex is waiting to mix it up when the time comes to make some moves.

      • Not so sure about Alex. I still have bad vibes about the lightening way she turned on Megan.

      • She looks like trouble, yes. She seems to get mad real easy and may blow up her own game, yes. Saw some exchange where she was chewing on Jason like she was spanking a toddler. I’m sure he’ll be steering clear. :oD

  23. I’m not a fan of Cody, but I agree with him that Josh is a child. Josh felt guilty about his vote and wanted to clear his conscience by going and talking to Cody and Jessica. Cody said that he didn’t want to talk to Josh. If Josh was going to take the high road, he would have left the room. But like a child, he wanted what he wanted and so kept trying to talk to them. Cody told Josh in increasingly blunt ways that they didn’t want to talk to him, but Josh kept on because Josh wanted to feel better, he had no concern about what Cody and Jessica wanted. Cody and Jessica finally went off on Josh and Josh left the room crying. Two people just got blindsided and realize that they are headed out of the house. They are mad. If they want to be left alone while they cool down, leave them alone. There are lots of reasons to dislike Cody and Jessica, but this one is on Josh.

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