‘Big Brother 19’ Den Of Temptation ‘Halting Hex’ Mystery – Update: Spoilers Revealed

The final power of the Den of Temptation twist has been awarded to one Big Brother 19 Houseguest, but unlike the past two rounds, we didn’t get the spoilers from the Live Feeds and are now waiting for the big reveal during tonight’s Big Brother show.

Update: The mystery is over! The winner of the Halting Hex is… Jessica!

Den of Temptation twist on Big Brother 19

The “Halting Hex” was delivered to the game on Wednesday and its power will be huge. Here’s how CBS describes the Hex: “Whether on the block or not, [the holder] can halt any one of the next four evictions during the live show, making it a non-eviction night.” That’s huge!

One lucky Houseguest is holding on to that power, but we still don’t know who it is. Paul and Christmas both received an earlier Temptation, so they’re out of the running leaving any of the other eleven players in the mix of options.

If you’re going by our polling, the top expected recipients are Alex, Kevin, Jessica, Dominique, and Mark, in that order. Alex took just over 25% of the nearly 16,700 votes in our poll, which is a huge lead over Kevin at 11.4%, Jessica at 11.0%, and Dominique at 9.8%. But of course these are just the results of our poll which while more often right than not, is not the official result.

I won’t be shocked to see any of those few Houseguests get the power, but given Alex’s large lead and our poll being right the past two rounds I would most expect her to snag the power. However, if either Jessica or Dominique get the power it could make for a very exciting eviction night this week!

Shortly after the Feeds returned yesterday we saw Dominique move to the Lounge and sit quietly alone. There were no smiles flashed at the camera or “thanks!” shared with her fans. She did later make comments about stepping on snakes, what she previously called Paul, and putting “him” on the Block. Perhaps she got the power and wants to keep it closely guarded, but given her frequent camtalking I’d expect her to have shared the happy news while alone.

Jessica was extremely happy and jovial with the other Houseguests soon after the Feeds came back. She spoke of being terrified while appearing giddy. Maybe that was excitement over receiving the Hex power or maybe it was the news of a potential returning HG that has her worked up. I could see the hope of Cody’s return having a similar effect. Later she also talked with Mark and Elena asking them to warn her if she was going so she wouldn’t be blindsided. Could have been a way to get advance notice of needing to use her special power. Maybe.

Another likely option we were tracking was Alex. She soon went up to her HoH room and called Jason to join her. I thought for sure that was a big sign of incoming news. Nope. Nothing was said by her either alone to the cameras or to Jason when he arrived. Jason even tried to trick her by asking what she’d do with her new power, but she told him “nice try.”

The Den of Temptation mystery continues! Lucky for us the wait won’t go on much longer. CBS has promised us the final Temptation holder will be revealed during tonight’s episode of Big Brother 19 so we’ll be watching anxiously to find out who got it. This is a huge power and a definite game changer so I’m hopeful it’ll land in the hands of someone who makes a big bang with it!


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    • No way. Jessica is awful. Spoiled, privileged, mean-girl, prom queen type. But then again, I go back to November 2016, and look at the election results. So I shouldn’t be that surprised if she gets it.

      • I thought for sure Alex or Kevin but Alex for sure! Boy was I wrong! I can’t say I’m disappointed, unlike most I don’t think we’ve seen all of Jessica, I don’t think she’s a bad person, I could be totally wrong! But I’m just not going to judge someone based solely on the person getting close to another person and getting beat down from the other side of the house so they just chill with that person/Cody knowing he’s going home. Sure, it wasn’t a good game move at all, but I don’t think she’s a bad person for it. Same with Dominique, I don’t think she’s a bad person for reacting the way she did. Josh however, day after day after hour after hour he does more and more and more things to make me not like him so much LOL

      • Me too! I was surprised when Julie said that because this is the season of “Temptation” so unless they have more things up their sleeves, then that definitely was quick

      • Don’t forget that there is one Temptation still in play for Xmas which lasts all summer and then this HH is good for 4 weeks so we could not see them being used until mid August. By then the numbers will be small enough that the HG’s should be able to just play without having weird twists thrown at them arbitrarily

      • That’s right! I completely forgot that Christmas has that Temptation and hasn’t used it. Duh 🙄
        From my understanding whoever wins the DOT can only use it over the next four weeks, including tomorrow/Thursday night. Don’t quote me on that but that’s what I read

      • No that’s correct which is what I said above the HH is good for 4 weeks. Xmas’ however is good for the summer as stated below
        ‘The winning houseguest will be tempted with the Ring of Replacement, which will give them the power to play in any Veto Competition they want this summer! If they’re not one of the six houseguests playing, they can swap places with one of the three players chosen by random draw. The Ring of Replacement can only be used once, but remember, every temptation comes with a consequence.’

      • Remember the article Matt posted at the start of the season where he found out about all the temptations on the CBS site? I thought he listed more then 3. Matt did you see more on the site in the beginning?

      • It just CBS not protected the source code of the website, but been able to see 3 DoT in advance didn’t necessarely mean they have more after.

      • See, I used to live outside of Chicago, so I voted for Alex like Chicagoans would – early and often. Heh.

      • Yep him or Alex. Only thing with Kevin is he’s all over the place. Who knows how he’d use it.

  1. If Alex got it, she would stay quiet. She won´t use it now, next week, if Mark or someone that doesn´t like her get the HOH, that would be a big gameplay. She must already know about the battleback. So, staying quiet will secure her the secret, in case Cody comes back blazing.

  2. Fun watching fans on the edge of their seats. Lots of action early on this season, no doubt. Wack jobs like this dom are fairly common in these hamster shows. Why, they demand HONESTY! Oh really? Where the hell do they think they are? Sesame Street? That’s not Big Bird you’re playing with there honey! Oh my, how DARE anyone lie to me! Wake TF up, HELLO?! And like always, crybabies like her get the usual treatment. She’s shuffled out the door real quick, or sometimes dragged to the end because the jury doesn’t like her. Keep blathering that insane nonsense that sounds like Satan talking from hell baby! That should work out well.

    • Don’t understand Dom’s game play, she made a target of herself 100% sealed. I feel that the “race” card was on the tip of her tongue as well.

  3. If Dom did get it, an explanation to why she “didn’t share the happy news” could be she was told not to do so by production. Given live feeds were blacked out they might want it saved as a reveal tonight.

  4. So is the HH both a reward and punishment? Reward for the person getting it to stop an eviction in the next 4 weeks and a punishment for the rest who voted someone out? That would then make sense that blocking someone from re-entering the house is a separate thing which the HGs’ plural can do. Honestly, there are more questions than answers at this point. 😒😒😒

  5. Wait… You mentioned Jessica might have been giddy because they heard about the BOTB?!?
    Is that speculation or do you think they actually know that someone is coming back? If so, that could be detrimental to Jessica going home this week instead of Dominique……

    • they said MOST houseguests dont know about the battle back.. but Jessica has been dropping hints about cody coming back.. I hope they toss her this week.. Dominique is not a threat

      • If Jessica is dropping hints plus if she knows there is a BOTB then first of all, why does she know? And secondly if she’s sharing that info she’s stupid to do that! That just makes her a bigger threat!!!
        But I disagree with you, I don’t think Dom is not a threat, especially after this week. She is not going to be afraid to go after specific people such as Paul and Elena! Dom Will go against the house.
        I think people underestimate her.
        In my opinion ❤️ But what do I know! LOL not much!

  6. Get on with it BB.
    What’s with all the unknowns!? Do that HG’s (as Julie said last Thursday) decide together if someone reenter the house? Or is that a punishment for someone taking the temptation? But if someone takes the temptatiom and then they use it sometime over the next four weeks, wouldn’t that also be a punishment for that HOH, and HG’s that wanted that HG gone!?
    Plus, last Thursday Julie definitely said “…. A big brother first…….. houseguests would decide if someone can return……….,” (not Word for Word) it was plural!
    Soooooo confusing!

    • Look, you’re just supposed to wait! The main goal is to have people watch the commercials during the show. That’s where their money comes from. :oD It’s 9PM EDT so it’s just airing now, and I won’t see it until somebody posts it on the net after 10PM EDT. MIGHT be real quick, dunno, like 10:15 to 10:30, Or not.

      • she was told. she has been hinting at it.. I am sure she went to DR and wanted to self evict after Cody left and they told her so she would stay. Praying that Paul had Dominique act this way this past week to keep Alex and Jason on her and they all back door Jessica

      • Production is not going to tell her. I watch the feeds and she has no idea. But go ahead and believe what you want. Lol

    • Really I think Dom was just losing it and maybe its not such a good space for her to be in.

  7. does anyone know if this temptation can halt a person from re-entering the house or just for evictions?

  8. I’ve got work tonight so I won’t be able to watch the episode until tomorrow morning. Thank God for the BBN keeping me updated, I’m too impatient!!

  9. Sure it won’t happen, nor do I want it to happen…but how funny would it be if Josh got the DoT! The others would be so ticked because they would think America hates them, but likes Josh. That all in itself would be funny!

  10. that was rigged ::: Alex took just over 25% of the nearly 16,700 votes in our poll, which is a huge lead over Kevin at 11.4%, Jessica at 11.0%, and Dominique at 9.8% #BBRigged

    • I thought Alex had it for sure!!! Its so frkn frustrating and disappointing to feel like this game is no longer what it used to be.

  11. Yup… convinced these votes are fixed. Come on now BB, Dom wouldve been more believable. To say that possibly the meanest and most disliked player in the house at the moment won the votes just sounds ridiculous. Does anyone else feel this way?

      • I got a feeling the curse will effect her more than others. It may block Cody’s return to the game or worst. I’m still unclear about the hint Julie gave last week about the returnee.

    • It’s pretty simple, she was given the Hex to protect herself or Cody in anticipation of him winning the Battle Back and/or a double eviction. Just a chance to shake things up or break Paul’s hold.

      • I agree. Otherwise they will send Cody back out. They would have to get both them on the block together. She cant only save one of them.

      • Oh I know, it just sucks they say its “AMERICAS” vote. It should be called “Productions Vote”

  12. I hope when Cody comes back doesn’t get sucked under the Paul spell. Hope he stays true to form and makes up his own mind. But I do want him to have a alliance and will take advice. Just not Paul’s advice.

  13. I’m sorry, but I don’t see how she won that. I can’t imagine people actually voted for her.

  14. GUARANTEE Jessica did not win that by vote. Production knows Cody will win the BB and now if he’s targeted when he comes back in (which he will be) Jess can stop the eviction and Cody stays. It’s so painfully obvious what has happened here

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