‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Who Was Voted Out Last Night & Who Won Halting Hex?

Ready to find out who was voted out last night on Big Brother 19, who has the Halting Hex, and who wins the next Head of Household? Well, the last one didn’t happen yesterday, but we’ve got all the rest of those answers for you.

Julie Chen and Week 3 noms on Big Brother 19

Dominique and Jessica faced off on the Block this week hoping to survive the vote and stay another week in the game, but if the Halting Hex, the last of the Den’s Temptations, comes in to play then no one will be heading out the door.

Picking up after Wednesday’s Veto show we’ve got some good drama from the HGs as things got headed just when I thought they sail quietly through the rest of the week. Pickle juice & hot sauce anyone? Let’s see how that plays out in the episode.

Den of Temptation – Halting Hex:

Jessica can stop one of the next four evictions, but she has to announce the plan before the vote.

Are you surprised by the results? Who did you think would get it? Now we’ve got to see if she’ll use it.

Gallery: Halting Hex Revealed

Time for the live eviction vote as ten Houseguests are heading in to the Diary Room to cast their vote and send one player out the door to join in the Battle Back episode on Friday night.

Jessica does not announce her intent to use the Hex on this week’s eviction. That leaves 3 more chances to use it.

Big Brother 19 Results – Week 3 Votes:

  • Josh votes to evict: Dominique
  • Kevin votes to evict: Dominique
  • Mark votes to evict: Dominique
  • Christmas votes to evict: Dominique
  • Jason votes to evict: Dominique
  • Raven votes to evict: Dominique
  • That’s enough votes.
  • Matthew votes to evict: Dominique
  • Elena votes to evict: Dominique
  • Paul votes to evict: Dominique
  • Ramses votes to evict: Dominique

By a vote of 10-0, Dominique Cooper has been evicted from Big Brother 19.

Julie brings out the first four evicted HGs out to the front stage. She asks each of them, one at a time, who they think came next. Jillian correctly guessed Cody, but the rest were wrong. If the evictees don’t know who was out behind them then that suggests they weren’t playing comps each week like last year. Sure enough, Julie says they’re doing things differently this season.

Gallery: Battle Back Contenders

There’s no Head of Household competition yet! Just like last year they’re waiting until after the Battle Back competition(s) is over and will let that returning HG in on the fight to control the noms this week. We’ll see the HoH comp play out on Sunday’s episode (8/7c).

Remember: No Feeds again until Friday 9PM PT (12AM ET Saturday). Enjoy your night & day off!

We’ll be back to watch the new Battle Back episode on Friday night at 8/7c with our live coverage at 8PM ET so join us for the fun then and see who gets sent back in to the game!

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  1. So the Big Brother preview for tomorrow’s show asks “which nominee will join the previous 3 evicted houseguests for another chance to come back into the game in the Battleback competition”. So someone HAS to be going home tonight

    • I was wondering the same thing. I was thinking if Jessica did halt tonight’s evection because she was maybe worried, then it would only be three battling back or what would they do!?
      But I guess it doesn’t matter now

  2. I can’t wait any longer to see what’s going to happen. OMG 63yrs old and I’m addicted to a friggin reality show. I need Big Brother rehab.

  3. How does the biggest fight so far this summer happen over a game of pool…is this really what America is like in 2017…

    • I think Julie is trying to “summer” with her outfit today.
      Yeah Josh is a sore loser, but I didn’t really like how Mark handled all that either

      • He was playing around. He was waiting for Josh to throw something at him, but he didn’t want to hug it out.

  4. So Jessica tells Josh to leave her alone after inserting herself into the conversation….

  5. My guess is it has to be somebody who doesn’t use it. Makes no sense to me that they give it out before the Battleback if somebody is using it

  6. Omg America is amazing…they hate on Jessica one week, then they give her the temptation the next…

  7. I hope the house flips and votes her out, and she doesn’t use it because she feels safe….

  8. I hope she feels really safe and doesn’t use it today. I also hope she gets evicted because Paul suspects that she got it.

  9. For anyone saying that BBN polls don’t have Jessica in the top, Reddit has been behind Jess all week, there has also been an at least half baked effort for Jess to get it on Twitter.

    Besides, I actually am happy that JEss has the HH

    • It’s not like BBN polls have always been 100% accurate. There’s always a margin of error.

      • No criticism of BBN, but a poll here is not scientific. That is, the sample of participants who vote in a poll here should not be assumed to represent the population of people who are watching Big Brother Season 19.

        The same is true of just about any poll at websites. The way that a sample of data is collected is a key component of proper statistical analyses.

    • Not to mention all of the people that don’t vote in polls may not watch the feeds but liked codys exit interview

    • I wanted jess to get it to because she will use it for her game not for pauls game. That is why i voted for her.

  10. Like survivor’s ‘immunity idol’ use it or not use it…she probably wont use it, and not waste it.

  11. Does she have to use it before or after the vote? I would guess she would have to use it before. And will they tell the others? If Julie tells the others then, she should use it because they might switch the eviction back to Jessica!

    • It´s before the first player enters the diary room. So, she can use it when Julie says “It´s time to vote. XXXXXXXX go to the diary room.” At that moment, Jessica has to stand up and activate the Halting Hex and move on to the next HOH competition.

  12. So next week when Cody is on the block she’ll use it to save Cody, then America will be outraged…great job guys

    • Not really unless she wins HOH she’s the target next week and would have to use her DoT. So safe for maybe one more week.

      • But anything could change in a weeks time. She was supposed to be the target this week but that changed

      • She was never the target Dom was. At least she wasn’t for Alex. But you’re right anything can happen.

      • After the paul and christmas nom week 1 the plan was cody than jess week 2 the plan was the same up until the talk show than it switched to dom which was confirmed when paul figured it would be easier to convince alex to target dom over jess

  13. Dom is going to be surprised that the show is not going to bring her the fame and fortune she may be expecting.

  14. Ha! Now they’re going to regret this. They left Jess aka Chuckee in the house…and with a special power. (unused) lol

  15. #Rigged Alex took just over 25% of the nearly 16,700 votes in our poll, which is a huge lead over Kevin at 11.4%, Jessica at 11.0%, and Dominique at 9.8%

  16. Dom to return and get automatic HOH. I could stand her one more week if she nominates Paul and Raven so he can go home.

      • Raven is definitely getting on my nerves with her disappearing limp, her fake changing voices, and her clown makeup. Plus hearing what she did with Alex’s cat ears and Coke. She’s secretly mean and hateful. During bb after dark, I fast forward when I see her face lol

  17. So they are going to have HOH before battle back. One could battle back then be put on the block?

  18. Guess we won’t see HOH tonight. Now I have to wait until tomorrow night to see that too.

  19. I think this is a different Battleback this year, considering it’s called “The Battleback Showdown”

  20. I want Cody back, or Dominique. Not Gillian and not Cameron, who? Cody and Jessica would create chaos in the house. See Paul scramble….

  21. Really only hope that Jillian doesn’t win. She was a non factor and would be again. The others all give explosive possibilities

  22. If Jessica is sticking with Alex and not Paul, then I don’t mind Cody coming back, but Dom will definitely go for him.

  23. I wonder if whomever re-enters will replace a current player, like Paul joining caused Cameron eviction? If so, Cameron to re-enter and Paul evicted.

  24. Look they are figuring out that Jessica got the temptation, BUT they don’t know what it is. Hope Jess doesn’t tell-tale.

    • Watch how now everyone will suddenly try to become Jessica’s “friend” since they’ve figured out that she took the temptation.

  25. We won’t know the consequence until NEXT THURSDAY?? Why do I feel like production doesn’t even know what the consequence is??

  26. 1 whole week for a stupid curse. Hopefully it will be that whomever comes back in cannot go on the block. I think that happened with Vic.

  27. Why do I feel that this opportunity for the HGs to block someone returning will be set up so that they don’t?

  28. No way did Jessica actually win the temptation. Hey, in a way I’m excited because the rest of this cast are full of duds and won’t stick up to Paul. Cody and Jess will. So production knows what it is doing. Cody will come back in, and Jess will save him if he’s back out within 3 weeks.

  29. Well, guess that’s it for the night. I won’t be around tomorrow night, as I’ll be in NYC seeing Anastasia. I’ll try to check in at intermission to see who won the Battle Back, though. Have a good night, everyone, and a great Friday.

  30. The game needs Cody, Jessica, and Josh. Paul is annoying and most of the rest of the group is boring. Kevin and Ramses are “kwute”. Matthew is boring, other than his pretending to like Raven, who is he? Christmas really should go home…

  31. Figures on a day where OJ is paroled Jessica wins the temptation. The dark side is strong today.

    • We’ll never know for sure if Production had a hand in it (lets face it, they have every right to) but I know a lot of people that voted for Jessica.

      • People vote for her to not have Cody throwing the battle back to her. As well as having a new side alliance in the house. My thought

  32. Jessica was the most hated last week and became the 4 most likable according to joker popularity poll this week. These are the same people who hate raven dead last.

      • Cody played a bad game by not telling his alliance his plan in fairness to Cody he wanted Meg out and nominated a third of the house. Have respect for what Cody did for his country but his big brother game needs work.

      • Oh yea she not one of my favorite but she is so nice. Like the pranks raven and Jess do to Matt. Baby powder wars

      • Haha. Well, those live feeders certainly feel different towards her. Me personally dislike her when she swore on her pacemaker that she didn’t throw/hide Alex’s stuff where in fact she did. Plus she’s catty.

      • Oh I must of missed that lol that’s horrible. Wow I watch a lot of feeds and I missed something. Kind of cool learned something new.

      • I guess it’s true..production can do whatever they want! I really don’t think polls were going to change that much today.

    • People knew that Cody was going to be battling back, and the best way to shake up the season was for him and Jessica to be safe from potential eviction, so Jessica was voted for by America.

      In the end, production can do whatever it wants to do.

  33. #BBAD is still scheduled for 1am eastern time tonight, is this an error? Will it be 3 hours of cats? Repeats? Or will we get a little bit of a fix before tomorrow night?

    • They will probably just show a recent episode of the weekly show. Probably tonight’s or last nights..that is my guess. It won’t be a live BBAD tonight.

  34. While I absolutely love the drama this season of BB has brought… considering the years of duds we have had in seasons, Josh is an absolute disaster and production needs to re-evaluate their their psych evaluations. I have never seen such an unhinged player… you lost all respect for someone over pickle juice???!! Really?!!

    • Oh my! To me raven and Matt are worst than josh. The fatal dying and the 2 shirts guy not playing.

      Sorry again about bashing raven it it’s rubbing me the wrong way.

    • Most of it is pre-recorded, except for the live shots in the living room just before the vote, during voting itself, and when the vote is announced and the evicted party leaves.

  35. Oh my, it was big pool game incident! Come to see that nobody there knows what a scratch or a double kiss is. It was not what’s called a double hit either. Not supposed to hit the cue ball twice with the cue stick kiddo. That first hit was an accidental miscue. Shooter needs to stop and ask his opponent if they can still shoot or lose their turn. It’s not an automatic foul but don’t pull a fast one like that, punk! :oD Mark called foul at that point and had every right to.

      • The one that spews green vomit from her spinning head while talking like satan from hell. Is she a big crock of crappola or what? She made the show stink!

      • No kidding! I’m a Christian. Dom is a bad example.Talking down to people, thinking God is only on her side…makes me sick.

      • I’m not religious and I’m insulted by her god talking to her. Sorry, I don’t think he vouch for her or in any big brother competition/contestant.

      • When God goes wherever you go (as Dominique said in the HoH bedroom) you get to talk down to everyone else.

      • At least he’s not shoving self-serving God talk down our throats every waking minute!!!

    • Jessica is easily the hottest eye candy in there. I want her to stay and keep wearing tight clothing.

      • I will agree to disagree. She’s nothing hot to me. But she’s proving this week she’s a good player.

      • Which female is hotter? Raven is pretty cute and Alex and Christmas are ok too. I’m not eyeing up the guys! :oD

      • I would think Alex is number one. The other women are either to fake or crazy. Christmas is my number 2. But it’s just my opinion. I really don’t think they are gorgeous. To much esthetic surgery for the age they have.

      • They’re all cute no doubt. I like brunettes with dark eyes as a matter of my own taste, but I sure as hell wouldn’t throw any of them off a cracker for eating the bed. If we’re voting most nutso, that would be Jess. :oD I’m just saying what she LOOKS like. I always went for the average girls. Far less of a PITA than that glamor queens.

      • Off a cracker for eating the bed? Don’t you mean, out of bed for eating crackers? LOL!

      • neck up or in an oversized sweatshirt I agree but when she is in a two piece in the swimming pool it’s over.

      • Christmas has a gorgeous face , Jessica is just plain old HOT, Raven has nice eyes, Alex is voluptuous , and Elena is just a train wreck-(fugly and skanky with blown-up lips and boobs!!

  36. I’m super lost year! I see all the comments from the East Coast getting ready for the “live show” but then no more conversations?! What’s up with that?

      • They may be busy watching it. I see it on a delay because I don’t use a TV or buy “TV”. With that, I don’t come here until after I have seen it another way, which didn’t happen for 1 1/2 hours after the EDT broadcast.

      • No, they were all gearing up to watch it. They start watching it I believe four hours before I do on the West Coast. So, when I made that comment it was three or four hours after “Captain and the crew” had already watched it. I don’t know

      • With live feeds down and nothing new on AD, people probably just went to sleep earlier tonight :)

      • No I meant all the conversations people have during the episode. I didn’t see those conversations tonight. Just comments leading up to the episode. I thought perhaps it was in another thread that I was unaware of. LOL I’m still trying to learn this discus forum

    • Because Jessica won the temptation, people may be salty tonight. Lol Idc though. I will still talk my sish. I hate Jessica. Lol

      • All good :-) We can agree to disagree.
        I am certainly not on here to pick fights with anyone who doesn’t agree with me :-) not at all, it’s not who I am ❤️

      • Oh I know tinalee.:-) i love your posts. You are one of my favorits on this site. I was offering a possible explanation as to why everyone vanished, and jokingly expressing I can still game talk regardless, not to start a fight you personally. Lol i wrote that wrong and you misunderstood:-) sorry lol

      • Oh ha ha! I think we are both misunderstanding each other. I know you didn’t mean any harm whatsoever in your initial reply. You just said something like disliking Jessica and that’s why I said we can agree to disagree. :-) All good!
        That’s the problem with social media, words can be interpreted wrong. Text, discussion groups, Facebook statuses etc. etc. LOL
        I am not sure if you can see my most recent post? I just posted it on the last blog Matt posted regarding the holding hacks and what not. Just the last post, I commented on it just now because apparently someone said a bunch of stuff about me but then they deleted it or somebody else deleted it. The two people who told me, didn’t remember this person’s name! Lame
        So, you can see how I feel in that comment I just typed out. LOL ( hopefully the person that said do you thinks sees it!) & hopefully it is a good post. Plus I typed out/I mean used my talk to type for another comment regarding Elena!
        I am really starting to like her :-) anyways, we are all good! It’s always in good fun for me on here. ❤️
        & thank you for your kind words about enjoying reading my comments. It made my day! :-) My comments are always way too long but I am just a very expressive person and I have writing in my blood. I just can’t stop LOL like now ha ha OK I’ll shut up XO 😘

      • I’m new to this forum but I always enjoy reading your comments, although I do not like Elena,

  37. Ok I was wrong and wrong. To me Alex, Kevin or Jason was winning the temptation. But I’m happy it’s Jessica. And that she was secure enough not to use it tonight.

    But Dom out I was sure about that one.

    Now my question.. it seems the battle back is not the curse. What will it be??

    • I completely agree! I was super surprised it was Jessica, but I’m OK with Jessica having it :-)
      I still think the curse is someone reentering the house, they just don’t know what yet. I think……

    • Julie said the curse will be revealed next Thursday, so it would probably be something else…maybe the return of BOB for an eviction or two 😭

  38. Good riddance to that crazy-eyed nutter – dear God please let CODY win the Battle Back!!!

    • Get some crap hitting the fan, yeah! Wack job furry freakbag will go NUTS! He might try to team up but I doubt it. Furbag is WAY too emotional.

    • No way. It’s a catch to this temptation that may equal in value. This is the biggest temptation so it will have the biggest curse.:-)

  39. Its ok, its ok, just saw the episode. All they have to do at this point if Cody comes back is put them both on the block together and hope Cody pray neither wins the veto. Plus, this consequence has to be huge. It may bite Jessica in the as big time. I hope so:)

  40. Josh is the biggest cry baby psychopath ever in the BB history. How did he get cast without his Mom to change his diapers? I hope he is gone SOON. I would hate to see him on the jury. Go Cody for the battle back.

  41. Paul will get in Cody’s head. I’m not worried. Cody’s not a gamer. Paul will run circles around him just long enough to get him back out. Its going to be some good tv at the least.

    • No, Cody and Dominique were comparing notes as soon as they were onstage together…she’ll just confirm his original concerns about Paul and Cody will finish what he started when he goes back in.

      • No no. You ppl only review surface things, you must look deeper. Remember this: flashback; Cody attempted to frame his former allies in the house including Dominique in order for Paul to go after them. So in Cody’s eyes his sabotage was successful. The only person Cody didn’t want to see evicted was Jessica. Cody will not tell Dominique that hes part of why she is out. So you see Paul is already preparing for Cody’s possible return. Hes playing him from the inside out. Also, Paul knows Cody was lying on Dom and Mark because Cody admitted to Paul they knew nothing of his plans to backdoor Paul. So, again, Paul is already playing Cody outside of the house. Cody will team with Alex and Paul. He’s already sending Cody the message that he’s not working to protect the other side but did work to protect Jessica (wink wink). Cody will be civil with Paul just enough for Paul to figure out a plan to get his az back out. If Paul can survive just one of Cody’s hoh’s. Cody will be done and out again.

      • Cody might have been a tad disappointed that it was Dominique sitting there when he really wanted to see Mark…

      • I wouldn’t say he was disappointed to see Dom, I think he would have rather saw Mark. That would have been a too good to be true situation for Cody. I did hear Cody disown Dominique for he left the house. He was furious with all of his former alliance.

      • No it isn’t that. I can see clearly what Paul doing. He could have easily pushed for Jessica. Her and Alex hate each other. I see his game. If I were Cody it wouldn’t work, I’d still go after Paul, but I don’t Cody is smart enough to see that. He’s all muscle and no game.

      • Again, agree to disagree…i don’t think Paul has the foresight to think Cody will come back and actually planned all this around his anticipated reentry. That’s pulling at straws.

      • Ditto. It’s hardly pulling at straws though. He was just there last season whereas a player returned TWICE so…

  42. I just finished watching the episode. Looks like they are on to Jessica having the DOT. But, the good thing about that is they don’t know what it is. She needs to not tell anyone! Aside from if Cody comes back. We shall see!

      • No she can tell, but it is to her avantage to not tell. IF Cody come back, she will tell him for sure.

      • She would be stupid to tell, she definitely doesn’t have a poker face because they know she has it they just don’t know what it is.

      • I kind of hope she doesn’t have to use this week to let everyone squirm trying to figure out what it is lol. I can just hear the conspiracy theories now.

      • No, I’m pretty sure she can tell anyone. I just think it’s smarter for her not to tell anyone she has it or at the very least not tell anyone what it is. That way people can’t strategize around it and then Jessica can blindside them.
        If the house knows all about Jessica’s Temptation reward, then it’s not gonna be a big surprise when she does end up using it. You know what I mean?

  43. I’m super confused! Do posts sometimes get deleted? Even if nothing wrong is said? Like swearing or whatever? My comment from a couple hours ago is missing………..

    • When thread start going over 500 posts, there is always some weird thing that start happening. While I was reading the thread this morning, I try to upvote someone and the thread blew up in my face, I ended up on the Disqus site with a weird message. I reported that problem to Disqus many time.

      • The last post I see is yours were you shared a Twitter post from Baker or something like that? And then below that another thing you shared but that’s it! Pretty much 24 hours ago is the last thing I see. So is that a glitch?
        Are there other posts after that?

  44. Where did everybody go? I guess to bed, it’s late back east.
    Am I the only one on the West Coast in this group?
    My talk to type/long comments are bad enough but, get me talking to myself and that’s even worse hee hee 😜 😝

    • The feeds are down until after the battleback tonight, so nobody had any reason to stay awake. Most of the time the feeds generate comments here.

  45. I am really starting to like Elena! Anyone else?
    She has always seemed “cool” with Mark & Dominique’s friendship b/c she’s comfortable in her own skin & doesn’t feel threatened by Dom! She was levelheaded, didn’t react when Josh & Mark were “going at it/food fight.” She made me laugh when she saw Josh walking 🚶 towards Mark with condiments, all she said was “get away from me Mark” instead of running 🏃 shrieking 😨& screaming! 😡😦LOL 😂She’s not ‘one of those girls’ that needs to jump in & make a bigger deal out of things. She lets Mark fight his own battles and just sits back & laughs! I like that about her.
    On tonight’s episode, she wasn’t wearing a pound of make up even though she knew she was definitely going to be on national TV, Elena seems to be always putting on lots of makeup but she is pretty with or without it & the ‘icing on the cake’ for me was during (&after) Dominique’s speech (that was clearly directed at not only Paul but also Elena,) she didn’t roll her eyes, she didn’t make a face, she didn’t say a word, she just sat there & listened.
    Plus she wasn’t snarky when she voted Dom out!
    I could be wrong (I don’t watch the feeds & have only watched a few episodes of BB After Dark (just in the background) but from what I’ve “seen” from her I’m just really starting to like her personality. She’s not bitchy or catty, I like that! Hopefully I am not wrong!?

    • Jessica was giving her make up tips the other day. I haven’t got to watch Wednesday or Thursday show yet because I work overnight. Ready to watch now I’m curious to see the difference. I do like Elena for the most part. Maily for a lot of reasons you do. Sometimes she can get a little bit over-the-top though.

      • I don’t watch the feed so I don’t see any of the over the tops. But I know what you mean, I have heard that all she ever talks about is sex sex and more sex. LOL whatever, I could care less. But the school down the page to go to discus I don’t watch the feed so I don’t see any of the over the tops. But I know what you mean, I have heard that all she ever talks about is sex sex and more sex. LOL whatever….. i’m sure that is over embellished

      • She really kind of does. She asked Mark if he wanted a bj. He declined. Then she telling Josh she would show him her tits if he won HOH or something like that. Then there is that whole a hole bleaching thing.

      • Was she serious about the BJ? I heard from two people yesterday that Raven and Matt did the “dirty deed” LOL
        That whole talk about the bleaching and waxing apparently was super funny though!?
        And nothing wrong with giving her man a little bit of “encouragement” to win the HOH LMAO 😂

      • Sorry just reread this! She said she would show Josh? Her tits? Not Mark? Sorry, I initially read she said this to Mark.

  46. Whoever it was saying “not so nice things about me” 😡 & then deleted it (or it was deleted)
    ••Shame on You!!! & Screw You!!••

    I am a good person! I join in on the conversations here for some Fun, Spoilers, Funny entertainment, getting others points of view & I enjoy having pleasant conversations with many people on here for the last few years! I have had the pleasure of “meeting” tons of “Awesome people on here!” And have many great conversations with them! Whether we agree or disagree, it’s all in good fun❣️❤️ 💜💙💚💛

    For whatever reason you decided to take it upon yourself to try & Hurt me!? Embarrassed me? Put me down? Move On! I am NOT here to entertain troller’s or anyone that takes lBig Brother seriously!!

    Yes, my posts/replies are usually (okay always) very long! But so what? Scroll on by me! You do not need to read my comments! No one is FORCING you to read them!
    ***Leave the drama in the Big Brother house!*** & LEAVE ME OUT OF IT! I do NOT entertain negativity in “my reality,” so I am definitely NOT going to entertain it on here with you!!! 🙃
    That’s all!!! 😁

    • Or they can block you, right? That’s the better alternative than having to “Scroll on by” all of the time. :D

      • They sure can be blocked…If somebody is “trolling” me ( I don’t mean just simple debate or disagreement over BB happenings) in that they are trying to start trouble or they “constantly” belitte my post I will ask them nicely to “stop” and give fair warning that I will not be bullied or harassed. If they persist in their “trolling” I will block em….

      • Yep, I have a couple of people blocked myself, littlefly. Easily done. Much easier than scrolling on by if posts from a particular person tend to be irritating.

    • Don’t give it another thought. As far as any banter here, this forum is pretty tame. Yeah, there’s an arrogant snob or two, but that’s not unusual. Youtube is totally uncensored. If you want to see a fan splattering crap all over, that would be one of ’em! :oD BB seems pretty polarizing, which would be what the producers want. The more they can get fans saying “I hate XX”, and “I’m sick of blah”, the more successful the series is.

      • That’s what I like about this group, there isn’t a lot of trolling and everyone is thoughtful for lack of better words! It’s fun and you don’t have to worry about people attacking you aside from the odd person here or there like you said. I can’t be bothered to go on any forms or Facebook groups where there are tons of trollers or know it all’s! It’s too negative! My reality is not negative, so I don’t want to bring any negativity into my universe!

    • brush it off I got attacked in here some people just troll around everybody is entitled of their own opinion if people cant respect that there are not worth my time you go girl talk away

  47. Production Favs, ratings ratings ratings

    LIkeable people, ratings helpers, fan favs,
    Ramses , Borderline meh

    Trainwrecks, crazy tunes doesn’t hurt to keep him in

    Meh, Meh for ratings

    Out hopefully for good


  48. I’m glad Jess got the temptation. Not because I like dress or anything, but because I love drama on the feeds.

  49. So if I have this right:

    At the very least Jessica is guaranteed to go to jury. Comparing the schedule last year vs. this year, there were 7 evictions before Da became the first jury member. There’s already been 4

    There’s probably a double eviction coming up within the next 3 weeks, because they wouldn’t do this temptation this late if it didn’t mean a DE is coming soon. I’m guessing August 4/11 around there, my understanding based on what Julie said, it can only be used in the next 3 live evictions so it would only be good for 1 eviction on a DE night.

  50. so, so odd that dom came out all smiles and giddy, when in the house she was the grim reaper!
    I think Julie even found her odd.

  51. Regarding Episode 11 (2017-07-20):

    – Am super glad that Jessica was chosen for the Den of Temptation, and she made the right decision to not use it yesterday

    – Previously, people on the show referred to Raven as a sweetheart and angel; then we see her in the diary room talking with contempt about Jessica after she (Raven) told Jessica to not blame herself for the bad that happened under Cody as HoH, and she says she wants Jessica evicted

    – After getting evicted and spending a week away from the house, Cody has changed; on stage, he apologized to Jillian for nominating her, he squeezed Dominique’s hand when she sat in the adjacent chair, and he seemed to have a measure of humility…which is something that Dominique needs to learn

    – I was surprised that Mark did not flip on his word about voting out Dominique the way he previously did when saying that he vote to evict Christmas

    As for the Battle Back Showdown tonight, a test of physical strength/endurance might be an easy win for Cody over the other three people. This has me suspecting that other skills will be needed if the producers want the competition to be fair.

    If Cody does return, it would not surprise me if Jessica and he team up with Paul. Yesterday I found a clip at poptvDOTcom where Cody is in his final days before eviction and has a conversation with Paul. You would think the two were good friends, because he tells Paul everything about his plan to evict him, who knew what about the plan, and so on. Also at PopTV is an extended clip of Dominique’s interview of Cody. (It’s remarkable how much CBS smoothly edited for the television broadcast.) In that clip, Cody does say that he wanted Paul out, but he also says something about being ok with Paul by the time of the interview. Of course, Paul is perfect at playing people without them knowing it, and so I just hope that Cody and Jessica do not trust Paul so much that they get blindsided by him if Cody returns.

  52. Thanks Big Brother. Now you gave Cody and Jess all the power. Can’t stand either of them. I guess that is why Cody’s back. To stir things up. ugh

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