‘Big Brother 19’ Live Feeds: ‘Crack Cody’ Fails To Stop Hex Plans

Yesterday things really fell apart in the Big Brother 19 house as Houseguests took a turn for the worse in their behavior. Paul and allies hoped to shake up Cody’s confidence and will to compete with their “Crack Cody” Plan, hoping to sway Jessica against using the Halting Hex this week. Well, it looks to have backfired for the house majority.

Cody keeps Jessica's chin up on BB19

We’ve already detailed out the extensive list of events in Monday’s daytime Feeds Report and the overnight Feeds Report, so no need to dig too deep there, but things kicked off on Monday after the Veto Meeting where Paul decided to save Jason making Jessica & Cody the week’s final noms.

Paul built the case to his allies that it’d take aggressive “emotional warfare” on their part for the next few days if they wanted to get Cody out despite the Hex power that could keep him and Jessica safe. Paul and Christmas spent time coaching Josh on how to get Cody to blow up.

Not everyone was on board as Matthew questioned if they should really be trying to get someone who has killed other people in war to snap inside the house with them. That didn’t go over so well with Christmas.

Setting up even more in all this was a confrontation between Raven and Jessica earlier in the day where Jessica accused her and others of changing the conversation whenever Jessica came near. There were denials and protests, but that added fuel to the fire later that afternoon.

You can Flashback to 5:03 PM BBT to see the peak of the very heated house with several of the HGs shouting at Jessica back and forth before the anger spilled in to the backyard. The whole thing was a nasty mess and very unpleasant to watch.

Eventually Big Brother called several HGs in to the DR, starting with Paul, and told them they were not allowed to incite violence or promote self-eviction for other HGs. So no more trying to get Cody to punch someone or attempting to make him want to quit the game.

That idea did end up becoming a topic of conversation between Jessica and Cody. She asked if he wanted to walk from the game and go to her place just a few minutes away. Cody agreed that he’d leave with her, but it didn’t come to more than that. Later Jessica came down from that perch following a DR conversation that renewed her spirits.

In fact, Cody and Jessica now appeared reaffirmed in their plans to use the Halting Hex on Thursday. Jessica is now definitely going to use the Hex and see if they can go after Paul. They’re probably more ready than ever to fight for the power next week and they’re going to need it if they hope to survive much longer.

Lucky for them, the new Temptation Competition twist is going to give them a third chance at safety for the next two weeks as well making it harder to be Backdoor’d. It won’t be easy for the targeted pair to survive to the end without a big shift in the game, but their odds are improving.

What do you think of all the chaos yesterday? Was it “all’s fair in love & Big Brother” or was it too over the top, even for BB?


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    • Wait , so there is another temptation comp that could save them for a few more weeks ???? Oh feck this season , it’s ridiculous , when does the real game start ! This is just stupid ! Why doesn’t cbs just give them safety to the end and hand them the prize .. ffs

    • My wife and I have been watching this show for years but what I saw tonight was just disgusting.
      Josh and Raven to be manipulated by Paul the way you have been you’re the type of people who would proably fall victim to being brain washed to join a cult

      Bunch of bullies!

      • I am glad I am not the only one, I do feel like they got a good edit on the show they didn’t show a lot of other things that were thrown out there…AKA Alex telling Cody that he is a horrible Marine and has no respect for America. But before anyone bashes me yes Jessica made some horrible comments about to Alex as well. I have watched all seasons of big brother and this has bothered me so much I had to step away.

  1. Paul and co use Rage.
    It’s not very effective.
    Jody uses Harden.
    Jody’s defense rose.

    Pokemon reference I know.
    I’m such a loser lol

  2. It was disgusting. I actually cancelled my live feed subscription it made me so uncomfortable.

  3. Paul is such a disgusting man!! He is such a heartless person. I hope he gets karma and is evicted next week. And when he walks out the door I hope the audience boos hiim.

    • I think karma is what Cody and Jess are getting. The only thing that would be better than their eviction is if they got a swat on the butt on their way out the door…

      • No they are not getting karma. Paul is making people bully them. Paul needs to get karma and a swat on his butt on the way out. Nobody in the show is as bad as Paul. If Paul continues these tactics he really should be disqualified.

      • Clearly you have not seen the live feeds. If you saw what Paul, Christmas, Raven and Josh are doing to try to get Cody to explode, you’d probably have a change of heart. Read the part where Big Brother called them into the diary room and gave them a warning about their appalling behavior.

      • I’ve been watching the live feeds…more than I should have been. Karma…turn about is fair play.

    • Why can’t they get 3 weeks safety like CBS’ Saint Paul? I want that for Cody and Jessica so they don’t have to have paul bully and abuse them.

      • Not really, just 4 weeks to use but can not use it 4 weeks in a row. It’s just that she did not need to use it until this week. Big difference! Keep up

      • NO, she had up to 4 weeks to use it if needed and stop a live eviction to where no one goes home or to jury. The big difference is, Jessica could stop a live eviction even if she wasn’t on the block. In other words, Mark and Elena was on the block on week 4, she could stop that eviction as well. Paul was only given safety if and I mean IF he was to go on the block and he couldn’t use it for no one else.

        Jessica screwed up and told the house last week she had this Temptation and that is where she screwed up this week. She shouldn’t have said anything and both Cody and her should have played in the Temptation Comp.
        Keep up, your move.

  4. I have been underwhelmed by “Jody” from this beginning, but these bully tactics from some of the other houseguests, makes me extreemly uncomfortable and changes my perspecive.
    Paul really overplayed his hand here, and I can only hope that it bites him in the ass.

    • My husband’s been saying the same thing. He said that while he doesn’t like Cody, he wants him or Jessica to win because of the bullying.

  5. I don’t have the feeds (can’t afford any spending at the moment) but it strikes me that Paul has made a misstep here. Introducing mob rule into a situation doesn’t work in the long run . . . and it could easily backfire when some of the other house guests who were made uncomfortable (ie first those who didn’t participate in the baiting, and then those who did who became ashamed of their behavior) are going to notice that he was the instigator.

    Those house guests that notice are going to start looking for some more levelheaded person to follow. I’m not saying that it’ll switch the house up, but it has that potential.

    Do you get the feeling that when (if) Paul is evicted, the remaining houseguests are going to hold a wake a la Cappy or Jesse?

    • If Cody and Jessica win the HOH next week and evict someone like Paul or Alex, the course of this game can change, but they must stop using a shotgun to attack all of the houseguests. They must remain friendly to others and undermine Paul’s alliance. There are certain houseguests that are unconvertable (i.e. Raven, Alex, Christmas, Josh, and Paul), but Kevin, Jason, and Matt are all houseguests that were either uncomfortable with their alliance’s actions over the past few days or at least understand Paul’s puppeteering.

      • or jess n cody can take a “no quarter given or asked for, battle it out you n me against the world approach”. I am rooting for them to survive to jury and beyond. Paul needs to go. CBS farted and out came paul and he oughta be wiped away.

    • Yes I agree…this episode will remain in several hg’s minds and as the numbers start to diminish….there will be a lot of ammo for sending Paul home if he’s on the block.

      • To my knowledge all but one maybe 2 participated…So why would they slam Paul for something they willing joined in on???….If they can’t own up to the part they played in the uprising they should be outted as well…Whats good for the goose is good for the gander..

      • I agree, but would they have even thought of doing that without Paul planting the seeds? Paul’s definitely playing dirty right now. This isn’t just “game play”. It’s gone beyond that. It’s now a “mob mentality”.

  6. The most disgusting thing it that they question cody military service, I bet they won’t say that to other vets out side the house

    • That’s right Liam!! That was just the worst thing. My son is a former Marine and also my husband was also a former Marine. (Once a Marine, always a Marine) Paul wouldn’t have the guts to do that outside the house. He would really gets his ass kicked. That is the most disrespectful thing he could say. I used to think Paul was funny. Last season he was hysterical. I hope he is booed when he is evicted.

      • Blah blah blah
        It’s a game… stop trying to compare it to regular life…!!! It is not nor ever will be real life…
        You are supposed to lie, scheme, and pray on others weaknesses..!!
        It is not what you do in real life…
        so you sound ignorant when you compare it

  7. To me the worst thing was raven. For a girl that printed to have 2 terminal diseases, she seems to really enjoy making someone else life a mess. She was pathetic. She should refund people that give to her found me account thinking she was that sweet little sick girl.

    • Honestly raven is my least favourite house guest.
      I’ve said it before, but I will happily say it again, she is a whore for negative attention.
      She needs to be the victim that everyone dotes upon 24/7, and I really do dislike that about her.
      Between her diseases, falls, abuse claims, that girl has issues. Her personality just poisons it all.

      • I would like to ask her why she needs donations to freeze her eggs. If her disease is hereditary why freeze your eggs and pass it on?

      • Have to remember she and Paul are Best Friends outside of the house. That’s why she went overboard for him. She’s from Arkansas but lives in LA.

      • Raven doesn’t live in LA and her and Paul are not best friends outside the house. She meet Paul and Victor when Paul’s band played in Arkansas.

    • Who cares,
      If her stories get her house mates to feel sorry for her, then she is ahead!!
      It is a game!!

    • She so played everyone…Matthew run! I’ve gotta say that Mathew is a weisle and has no back bone…please grow a pair and be a man!

  8. I hope they show a lot of what happened on the show, I’m really curious what everyone is so worked up about.
    Just reading it on the feeds it seems like hazing. Plain and simple emotional warfare.
    I know Paul told them to attack his military service, but as someone who comes from a family of hardcore military vets I can assure you it’s not a big of a deal as people are making it out to be. You’re proud to fight for your country, and if snobs want to undermine it that’s their problem. You fight for them to be able to do so haha
    From what I’ve seen Cody and Josh are the biggest attackers in the house, and yet everyone is saying Paul is the biggest instigator. I really feel like I’m missing something!
    Why CBS doesn’t allow all access in Canada I will never understand.

    • I have no idea why people are so upset. This is nothing compared to some of the mental warfare of past seasons.

    • Go on Youtube and watch the feeds from yesterdays blow up…you’ll see how Paul instigated and his compamy followed along. I was actually for them until I seen their bullying session

    • Jessica bullied people into saying they would vote her way…Cody too. Jason even felt threatened by Cody over a vote. I don’t get where people are freaking out about this. We live in a world where everything has to be safe. I learned how to ride my bike by falling and hurting myself. And we didn’t wear helmets or knee and elbow pads back then. We grew up to be tough and conquer the world, not let the world shrivel us up in a frightened little ball of nerves…

      • No Helicopter parent needed growing up either. I had the neighborhood kids,Parents and my Teachers spilling the beans on how “GOOD” I was as a kid.

      • And you know, my parents did not appreciate tattlers. We learned to work out our differences ourselves, sometimes it involved bruises but we all survived and all have turned out pretty well.

      • Cody and Jess did not bully for votes. They were upset about the blindside and all cody said was he will be piss if they are blindsided again. he did not threaten jason to vote certain way. He did not say ‘YOU BETTER Vote….”

      • He did too!!
        He said if josh doesn’t go he is going to explode and run rufshod through the entire house and everyone in it… but I’m sure he’s a real sweetheart!!!!
        Quick picking and choosing what upsets you snowflake!!! Must be a dem!!

      • Have you been watching the live feeds? Have you been watching the show even? Sunday night they showed Cody threatening Jason over his vote, that he better not be surprised. J was in the DR upset and wanting to throw down…

    • Yeah, I agree with you . All of them seem to get along pretty well, jess and Cody hide and stay secluded ., if you can’t play the game and try to play a better social game and just whine and play victim and being bullied , then don’t get on a game show that you know if mentally challenging.

  9. I have no problem with bullying and trying to make people crack in the
    house. Even better own how evil you are when you do it. Every house guest has agreed to come on the show. They know what is involved (or should). Have they not seen past seasons? Physical violence is obviously not allowed, but any “emotional warfare” should be. If you can not handle it don’t come on the show. From season 2 with Will trying to make Autumn crack by basically forcing her to starve herself until now there has always been playing with people’s emotions to throw them off their game. It is part of the game. Ganging up on people, screaming at them, making their life miserable so they lose the will to play. You are in a competition. 1 person wins. Everyone else loses. Any way (other than physically harming) that makes it more likely for you to advance your position in the game is very very important to allow. The only problem I have with Paul’s “mental warfare” is that it is not ruthless enough and there is not enough of it.

    • Honestly it’s like people forget this has happened in past seasons a lot. I brought up Evel Dick yesterday, but people were very quick to say it’s not the same.
      Will Kirby was also a monster. And let’s not forget Boogie. Even the 2nd season they played together, they sat laughing in the DR about how stupid Janelle and what’s her name were for thinking they were being serious about their romantic intentions.
      Even beloved Derrick manipulated the ever living fk out of Victoria.
      You play to people’s emotions when you have to.

      • Evel Dick was so much worse, but he owned that he was evil which was great. Same with Will (my personal favorite player). Like you said are people really going to think Will and Boogie messing with Janelle and Erika (as a hilarious Chicken George just sat through the season in confusion) is not mental warfare. Just for Will alone his bullying of Autumn, Hardy, Bunky, Erika, Janelle, Howie, etc. is worse then this and people love him. Dan destroyed Danielle with the Dan’s funeral bit and then voting out Shane. Yet he is loved. People complaining make no sense. After reading yours and writing mine I realized that what we are really saying is the greatest players in BB history are the ones who were ruthlessly bullying people.

      • Yesterday was very sadly different in the sens that you saw a gang bullying 2 persons and all they could come up with was b….tch, f….k and woof woof. None of that was at the intelligence level if Will, boogie or dereck.

        Again it was sad and childish. It shows the lack of intelligence and vocabulary those people have

      • Yes they are certainly uncreative idiots, however, I still have no problem with it. Nonsense like that might get under their skin even more.

      • Cody is built to deal with things like that, much much much worse things than Josh and Paul! What Josh and Paul are doing only makes Cody stronger!

      • Agreed. They can try to play mental warfare with Cody all they want, but I don’t see him cracking from it.

      • See and Dan is my favourite player LOL
        100% agree with you, glad someone is on the same page :)

      • See but that just furthers the point! People are forgetting people who have done all this before x.x

      • I personally haven’t forgotten people have done this before. It doesn’t make it OK, and it doesn’t mean it was acceptable behaviour in my eyes. 😘

      • that stands out for me huge! I will never ever forget that LOL she was a nasty biatch. Thankfully BB pro shut it down

      • If you don’t see the difference that’s your problem. ED, Will, Boogie was all one on one not the entire house going after you.

      • Bullying is bullying. One can not pick choose one form of bullying to be ok with and not another. Just because it’s one on one doesn’t make it any less an act if bullying. There really is no difference if you’re against bullying you should be against all forms. It’s seems it’s not the bullying you’re having a problem with as you stated one on one is “fine” it’s the mob mentality.

      • When it’s one on one rather they’re screaming at each other, aggravating each other, banging pots and pans it’s just being an aggressive idiot. Do I think it’s right? No. Would I participate? No. But when you have an entire house acting with aggressive behavior towards one or two people that crosses over the line to becoming bullying. Get it?

      • What everyone seems to forget is that this is a “GAME” show. I do not condone bullying by any means. But, this is a game for $500.000 and as long as nothing gets physical, they are pretty much allowed to do and say whatever they want, to an extent. Big Brother has already reigned quite a few of them in. Everyone also forgets that Jess and Cody are just as guilty of bullying. Did everyone forget when Jess and Cody basically shamed Josh in one of the rooms a few weeks ago. This is what really started Josh’s tirade. Jess and Cody were outright mean and demeaning to Josh. I don’t care how much of a Mama’s boy that everyone is saying Josh is and how emotional he is. That did not give Jess and Cody the right to treat him with blatant disrespect. And Jess did also go to Raven and start this most recent chain of events that led up to where the game is now. So what if Raven is trying to use her health issues to her benefit, again, this is a game. And that has been done before too. So what if Paul is using the rest of the house to do his work. They are all more than willing to do so. I really don’t care for Paul either, but he is playing a freaking brilliant game thus far. Yes, using questionable morals/ethics/tactics, but brilliant. Evil DIck was WAYYY worse than Josh, but “he” is the bad guy? I really cannot stand Jess and Cody AT ALL. Jess is a spoiled little mean girl. Everyone talks about how arrogant Paul is? Stop feeling bad for Cody because he is ten times more arrogant than Paul ever was or will be. Look at his HOH and how he handled it. He went rogue and did whatever he wanted to do, by himself, and didn’t even let ANY of his alliance members know, not even Jess. Then was shocked when things went south and everyone turned on him saying that they were being disloyal to him? That really confused me… Okay, this got really long, really quick. All I am saying is that “this is a game,” I do not condone bullying, no matter in what form, yes what the house did to Jess and Cody was wrong-but what they did to Josh was wrong too. Just remember – this is a competition. If you don’t like that ABC is “allowing” this, stop watching. They are accomplishing what they are trying to. They got a lot of people to watch, got the rating high, can charge more for advertising, and are making money hand over fist…that’s television. Me personally, I think that this is one of the better BIg Brother seasons in quite a while. it keeping you, me and everyone watching ad writing ridiculously long posts like this one..LOVE IT!!!

    • I so agree with you. Especially since Jody used strong arm tactics and bullying to begin with. Cody made Megan crack and self evict. Jess is not mentally stable enough to handle the pressure. That is her fault, not the other HGs. I’d be happy if they both self evicted now. It would make for better game play (more comps, etc). Besides, it’s at the half way point, and only 4 people are gone.

      • I can’t see Cody cracking under the pressure. However, if a decent sized group was able to consistently go after Jessica alone they could probably have her crack.

    • Has it ever been 10 on 2? I don’t like it on any level but that’s my biggest issue with it. Paul’s cult crossed the line.

      • Sure. Plenty of times there has been a large group of people ganging up on 1 person.

      • April is probably sitting at home watching with her fat hubby and her ugly dog thinking she had it so much worse.

    • It’s like everyone suddenly forgot all of the Bullying, screaming, yelling and emotional warfare done by Cody and Jessica since the first day. Come on people, if they can dish it they should take it!

  10. Last night on Afterdark was terrible. They are all adults & they are acting like kids.

  11. I just want Jody gone because I’m tired of watching them isolated in bed every time on After Dark. Jessica even accompanies Cody to the bathroom when he shaves! It drives me nuts more than Jessica’s fake eyelashes or when Elena talks down to Mark everyday. They just met on a tv show and are in love? Give me a break. The house will be a much happier place without them and real game playing can begin instead of all this personal bs.

    • The fact that not one, not two, but THREE showmances were happening before the live feeds even started is just pathetic.

    • Thank God there’s someone else who feels that way! I can’t take Jody. Every time the camera’s on them, I change it. When 4 cameras are on them, I turn it off. If I wanted to see humping, sucking, and slurping, I’d watch porn. Every time one of them have been in power, they used bully tactics (Cody bullied Megan to self eviction). I’m glad they’re getting a taste of their own medicine. Hope they crash and burn BIG STYLE…

      • You can repeat it all you want, but it won’t change the fact that Cody did not, in fact, bully Megan. That was Josh.

        The extent of Cody’s “bullying” re: Megan was putting her on the block and saying ‘I don’t like you’

      • Which humiliated her in front of the entire house and no doubt had an impact on her wanting to leave

      • They won’t play the game, they don’t know how. If Paul and Jody are gone the rest of these players will put you all to sleep and draw straws to see who goes home each week and let Raven win the game. Alex will try to take Paul’s place but they will tell her to chill. The only people interesting this season are Paul and Kevin

    • Did you see Cody last night sitting on the floor eating popcorn by the DR waiting for Jess? When she came out they proceeding to the SR and (both) drank straight out of the shared drinks (Sprite 2-liter and chocolate milk jug), gross!

  12. While im not a Cody or Jess fan I’m proud of how they handled it.
    Imagine if the reverse had happened and it was done to Josh or Paul!?
    Please say nothing would have happened. Josh has proven time and time again he is a Lil wimppering bit..!!!!!! As for Paul, Lil man syndrome, Cody has handed his butt to him 2 times now and Paul can’t take it!!== ))) if Paul was ssuch a strong tough guy why not do it yourself???? I no why he can’t, and won’t, look how he lives, he’s 40 something and still lives with mommy and daddy!!!??? Really Paul, haven’t you learn to be a big boy yet, or are u still a Lil kid, with a beard?

    • Paul doesn’t want to come across as the instigator but when the hg’s start comparing notes….he will be the common denominator….fuel for eviction i think.

    • Well said!! And the only reason this is happening is because Paul (w/ little man syndrome) heard the word “no” from Jessica! No one says no to Paul and gets away with it! It’s time for war! What a bunch of losers!
      Paul and Josh being the worst!
      Good for Matt for saying no to Paul! But unfortunately that probably just means he is now on Paul’s radar!

      Paul: “I am a vet, this is my house! This is my second time getting my 15 minutes of fame! Do you know who I am? I played last year! I lost! I’m super important, didn’t you know that? I played big brother before! You are not allowed to say no to me!”

      • You Paul haters are too much. Jess and Cody have terrible game. Like him or not, Paul’s game is much better. Megan self evicted because Cody was bullying her. What comes around goes around…period.

      • When did Megan self-evict? not after Josh yelled at her but, after Cody’s nom speech and Jess going off on her for the Panda/PaoPao comment. So I would say you can’t blame it just on Josh it was the accumulation over the week.

      • I can’t wait for Alex to see she was being called Pao Pao by Jessica and see that it wasn’t Panda but it still was an Asian reference.

      • Revisionists history there. ALEX went off on Megan, not Jess. Granted, Alex did not have all the information, but it wasn’t Jess. And all Cody said was “I don’t like you.” Evel Dick actually poured iced tea all over Jen in BB8.

      • Josh literally screamed at her on two different occasions. Cody said during nominations in his normal voice I nominated you because I don’t like you. How is that any comparison to what went on yesterday? Jessica just called Megan out letting her know she didn’t call Alex a Panda which she didn’t. She didn’t scream at her. Bye the way I’m not a fan of Jody. But what happened yesterday was uncalled for. I’m done with this subject.

      • I did not compare nor refer to what went on Monday. I was stating that to blame Josh solely for Megan leaving was misleading

      • Thank u lavendargirl…josh started yelling at Megan when he got the golden apple. Jess just called out Megan for calling her a racist. Cody only said he nominated her cause he didn’t like her…which is very mild compare to josh

      • why do you call me a Paul hater?
        I am not a Paul hater!
        And I was also not a fan of Cody and Jessica’s! Well mainly Cody.
        Don’t make assumptions

    • I agree. He gets everyone to do his pathetic dirty work. Maybe the entire house should go after him and let’s see how he feels. Better yet let’s see what the comments are about. Everyone would be screaming poor Paul.

      • No doubt!! People would be livid on here if Cody/Jessica Paul the stunt Paul etc. did yesterday! I mean even Paul’s fans turned on him! So if the roles were reversed, Cody/Jessica would be attacked on here way way way way way more than Paul is!

  13. Their entire plan made no sense whatsoever and ended up backfiring in their faces! How could they possibly think Jessica would be cool with them tormenting Cody? And even if he did snap, after everything that was said I’m sure she would understand! That’s not going to convince her not to use the HH! Plus, they attacked her more than Cody! How does that make any sense!? Of course she is now 100% going to want to keep Cody around! Why on earth would she want to get rid of the only person who is nice to her! The only person she can trust!? The only person she cares about!?
    Nice plan Paul! Duh 🙄
    I am disgusted with all of them!!!
    I thought more of Christmas! I didn’t think she would be the type of person to coach someone on ways to bully another! Nor did I think Kevin would actually run around the house with Paul putting Vaseline everywhere!
    Good for Matt being the only one who stood up to Paul!
    Good grief! It’s time to shut this game down and just start another one! I am sure there are a lot of people who want to be on big brother and actually play the game! NOT JUST 3% of the house guests!

    • Well Paul and his alliance had to do something. I mean it’s not like they had a lot to lose. Worse case scenario, Jody nominates them if they win HOH next week…oh wait, they were going to do that regardless of what happened this week.

    • BB has had a real history of trying to mentally break you down to the point that you really don’t care if you get evicted or if you self evict. This year could rank in the top five seasons where this turns out to be a really bad season.

      So to say how they went about doing it was wrong (most likely time will tell the truth later), Paul and his Minions had noting to lose in trying to crack Cody (and Jessica for that matter). Did I agree with their actions? The answer is both yes and no. Yes because it is a game and you have to keep your advantage up and no because maybe they took it a little too far.

      As for the Vaseline, that is no more than a harmless prank. Although those Bastage’s ruined a thing of coffee with it, I understand the reason why. As for switching out Regular coffee with Decafe, now that is pure funny right there. Trust me when I say this, I can make James and his pranks look like an kiddy fest.

      • James and his pranks were funny and harmless. Switching out someone’s coffee can/does give that person with drawls. Depression, headaches, lethargic, achy body etc. Sorry, but I just don’t agree with that! Don’t get me wrong, it’s fine that Paul did it but I don’t think BB production should have allowed it. But it is what it is.
        I don’t completely disagree with what you’re saying however, as a competitive person I would want to beat my opponent fair and square. I wouldn’t want them to just walk away from the game and then I declare victory! To me that’s not a win. I guess that’s really what I’m trying to say

      • To a small point we agree and that is neither a win or a loss but two people who have different points of views and those two views is a win for both of us. Does that make sense? We can see things differently but come away with a different outlook on the same thing.

  14. It’s pretty clear reading all the comments, especially on this site that everyone agrees to disagree. Some people think what Paul and his minions did was acceptable behaviour and some people think it was wrong! There’s no changing anyone’s minds either way.
    In my opinion, it is what it is! From my understanding Jessica and Cody are over it so, I’m not going to carry-on about it. I said how I felt about it several times. I just want to see a good game played fairly!!

  15. wonder what was said in the DR when Jess and Cody went in….they say they came back in good spirits…..maybe that’s what they got a nice bottle of vodka.

    • She said that one of the producers? A lady was very nice to her. She probably just gave Jessica some reassurance that this type of behaviour is not acceptable so Jessica is just feeling more comfortable that she doesn’t have to deal with this for another 10/17+ days

  16. this strategy is despicable. reminds me of the girl that just got convicting in egging her boyfriend to commit suicide. This strategy should be off the table to begin with….BUT didn’t the season start with Megan walking out because of the way she was treated

      • In all seriousness, :-) I don’t know what Cody and Jessica said to Megan?? What did I miss there

      • The point is that Josh is not solely responsible for Megan self-evicting. Megan did not self evict after the Josh incident. It was after Cody did his I just don’t like you nom speech and Jessica yelled at her for telling Alex about the panda comment. At no time did Jess correct Megan and say that she actually said PaoPao which could have defused the situation for Megan. Instead Jess went off on her and then got Alex riled up and she went off on her. To blame Josh is misrepresenting the situation. It was a combination

      • No. It was more than that! Paul was caught on video taking responsibility for her leaving. Not sure what Paul said but, Evel Dick said it was on video! Paul acknowledging he was responsible for Megan leaving. Cody is being blamed by Paul supporters which Evel Dick said was BS and not true! Some of them also, questioned if Cody was discharged honorably. Evel Dick replied that his guess is he was discharged honorably as he served 5 years in the Air Force and 5 years in the Marines.

      • This is what i watched on bbad. Cody was being ” interviewed” by dominique, nearly all of the remaining houseguests were present for this. Cody stated that megan said to him that she (megan) does not like Marines. Nobody challenged what cody said. Nobody called bs. Never saw a post on jokers updates where any houseguests discussed what cody stated megan said. No challenge means what, i cant be certain. Cody replied in-kind when he gave his reason to nominate megan for eviction as being “i just dont like you”. If it was him returning the non-love, is that a bully tactic?

      • No, that is not bullying at all.
        Someone he didn’t even know group him with every single Marine and said she does not like Marines. I would be pretty insulted if I just met her and she said she didn’t like blondes! And I would then choose not to talk to her and when I nominate her, I would have said the same thing to her pretty much.
        ” Megan, you are on the block because you generalized me with every single blonde and told me you do not like blondes so in other words you do not like me! Therefore I have no reason not to put you on the block, I have no reason to try and have any friendship with you whatsoever so I am simply putting you on the block because I do not like you because of what you basically said you do not like me! So screw you, see you later! I have no reason to like you or keep you around! Beat it!”
        Cody is a man of few words so instead he just said Megan I nominated you because “I just do not like you!”
        boo-hoo! What did she expect?! You think that’s bullyimg?
        Sure it’s childish, and what I would’ve said to her would have been childish also! And I’m OK with that.
        SURE, I teach my three daughters, to be Nice to everyone! Always be nice to everyone in your class, school etc. and if someone doesn’t like you for whatever reason, still be nice to them but don’t follow them around begging them them to be your friend! ! If that person is not nice to you, then just ignore it and remove yourself from the situation.
        So that’s what Cody did, he removed Megan because she didn’t like him.
        he didn’t show her anything, and by saying I just don’t like you isn’t a huge deal! It certainly is not bullying tactics. She said it first <> lol 😂
        yeah OK, two wrongs don’t make a right but we know

        Bottom line Cody is a man of few words! So he was just straight & to the point. &if it hurt Megan’s feelings then she should grow up! And she should think before she speaks!
        If it hurt Megan’s feelings then she should grow up! And she should think before she speaks!

      • What did Cody do to me again? Sorry I truly don’t recall anything and I’m curious

      • Now I remember, Megan heard what Jessica said Poa Poa, went to Alex and said that Jessica called her a Panda. Paul overheard Megan telling Alex this and went back to Cody and Jessica and told them what Megan said. Alex confronted Jessica about it, Jessica and Alex both I repeat BOTH of them confronted Megan. Shortly after that Megan self evicted.Of course all of this could be resolved fairly quickly if someone took the time to see what Megan said. I don’t do twitter and to be honest, these people are not famous or interesting enough to even follow if I did have a Twitter account.

  17. I say they don’t have enough drinking parties on BB…..when the booze starts flowing people are more relaxed….sociable….some start spilling their whole life story and things they wouldn’t say sober. It could change game play if things are said that shouldn’t be said…anyone agree.

  18. What happened to BB we used to love? my family and I we used to sit all in the living room and enjoy watching the game, but Now I am forced to turn to another channel and lie to my kids that this summer there is no big brother show. because I am afraid exposing them to such violence, I do not want them to think is right to bully others since kinds look up to the elder. Paul and your group you are disgusting, you have mess up with my program

    • You could always use it as a teachable moment and show them why bullying is wrong. How old are your kids?

  19. Just keep in mind that NONE of this will be shown on the network, oh they may show Josh running his mouth and banging pans together but as far as CBS goes, they won’t show Paul egging the other house guests on or trying to figure out how to get Cody to hit them. This game is rigged and Saint Paul can apparently do as he pleases

    • The Cult of Paul will brook no dissension or badmouthing of their patron saint.

    • Yes it will be a careful edit. I agree josh with pans, maybe a little Raven crying, a meeting with Paul’s group but talking votes or comps not bullying and a little Jody alone complaining.

    • Also edit to make oh no so sweet raven seem just that. Or Cody and Jessica the victims.

    • It’s not just them editing in Paul’s favour, they leave out a lot. My mom only watches the show, and she honestly doesn’t know who Raven is because she is barely shown lmao

    • If Paul gets backdoored next week, then he’s gone for good. He has no jury battle back to save him unless if there’s yet another major twist.

  20. Just had to share:
    I told my dad about the HGs being told to cut it out and he said “Does that include Josh? Because he’s well on his way to waking up with a frying pan up his ass”

  21. This is not Sunday School but BB,I accept the premise of the show..people are going to do and say things to shift the power,called surviving from week to week..sometimes a bit ugly but that reflects life in general,the outside world is not exactly perfect either..this show can be great fun if one does not spend all their time trying make this into something that it is not,this is not broadcast on PBS,but CBS..big difference!

    • Interesting fact, did you know pbs had the first reality tv series that went on to inspire the real world and big brother to start. It was filmed in 1971, called an American family, they filmed the typical CA family 24/7 for 9 months. During that time the oldest son came out as gay and the parents separated.

  22. Paul is playing the game to win. Is anybody else trying as hard as he is? I don’t think so. For me it is not a matter of who I like the most but who is putting it out there trying their best to win. Even Jessica has said if she were in the jury she would vote for Paul because he is playing the game all the time. No breaks for him. He is always playing. He did not go in that house to make friends he went in to win. And to win you must be deceptive. Everyone knows this. If you think you can win by always being truthful then you are watching the wrong game. lol

    • Totally agree,he knows how to play this game and for some reason that drives some people mad,not his fault some of the others could pass for furniture,win or lose..Paul has his head in the game,not in a bowl of cereal like Matt.

    • Paul is playing, I give him credit for that but unless he has a plan to get rid of Matt and Raven, Raven will win. The only person I have heard that says they will vote Paul over Raven is Jess? And he wants her out before jury?

    • I agree. Paul is playing the game hard. I just can’t stand him so I would rather someone else win it.

    • Paul already had control of his minions and he had two people to evict and there were like ten of them? I believe it is 10-2 in their favor of that huge alliance. No need for nastiness and bullying Jessica and Cody. For one it is counter productive. You now give incentive for Jessica and Cody to fight harder to stay just to spite those wanting them out! And if they win HOH you know that they will be going after Paul and his minions and they will send someone from that alliance out the door! The big alliance has all the advantages to evict two people! How can anyone not see that? Pissing off those two will not help Paul’s game one bit. If they are still in the Big Brother House and they have another twist, Jessica might get enough votes as a sympathy vote! Seriously, stupid moves when Paul is already winning, agitating the targets will only encourage them to fight harder to stay in the Big Brother House! And who knows? Now they may last longer and even outlast some of the minions or even Paul!

    • So this bleached demon comes out of the bleached one’s special patootie and turns Cody into Devilpussy? Am I anywhere close?

      • You have some really funny comments today. lol..thanks for coming back to BBN K.

      • You make me emotional. I can tell when you are being sassy, sarcastic, sweet, spicey…you’re being sweet. I’ll hug you later! lol
        Love your masterpiece. Where can we find such original art anymore. I need some CY art and tees….please….you could make it happen!

  23. I wonder how differently things would have played out had Jessica NOT told anyone about her hex? I understand her thoughts of using it as leverage, but I think most fans would have enjoyed the drama/shock of her surprising the house on eviction night. Also, it could have rattled the house enough to where it impacted their performances in the hoh comp. Jess and Cody aren’t my favorite players, but I would love to watch the shake-up in the house if they could rally over the next few weeks and make some big moves.

    • I agree with you, like you I understand why she told the house but, for entertainment purposes it would have been fun to watch the house scramble and it would’ve thrown off their HOH chances! But again, I don’t completely fault Jessica because I understand her motives.
      I still think most of the HG’s don’t completely believe her so, it should still be a little entertaining.

    • That’s what I was hoping would happen, that Jess would just stand up on Thursday and say basically say Paul’s HOH was a waste. I wish they could shape things up, but Elena and Mark have officially jumped ship. I had hopes for Mark.

    • They don’t wholeheartedly believe it will save them both so it will still be a new dropper for them (HG)
      I’m not for the bullying so I hope Jody wins HOG. Once Paul is evicted, the house will have to learn how to play the game and not follow Paul’s directives.

  24. Some of the conversations that Jody have are rather interesting. Jess says she’ll need to buy a dresser for Cody’s things, he says he’ll just use a garbage bag. She looks horrified. Jess says she keeps the heat at 67 degrees at night, he says he turns the heat off. I listen to them and think yup that’s a match made in heaven and will definitely last forever

    • Many couples are like that when it comes to one being more organized than the other, or colder. Cody has mentioned that he has no plan to move to Los Angeles so if she is trying to get him to stay, I doubt it will work out. She will end up moving instead.

    • Don’t forget his travel trailer and his trucks and motorcycles that don’t work. They have a few very important decisions to make.

    • My husband wants the heat cracked up as high as it can go, whereas I want it off! My husband would happily live out of a garbage bag whereas I want things VERY clean and organized. We are quite opposite but we complement each other at the same time! We had been HAPPILY MARRIED for over 12 years, been together for over 15 years and have three beautiful daughters together! So, what you just said judgemental in my opinion. With all due respect of course! ❤️

  25. They were planning to quit, but there was a message from God that made Jess change her mind.
    A Jessica fan yelling from outside while she was sitting in the yard. Both went to the DR and I guess they offered them more money if they stayed or possibly rigging the game for them to win. My theory.

    • Honestly, were did you get ANY of this? Or is this all just part of the story in your mind? She never was going to quit…

      • Not to nitpick, but discussing walking out isn’t the same thing as planning to walk out and then having some mysterious outside force have them change their minds. A LOT of things are talked about in BB.

  26. It was over-the-top, even for BB, and I’m glad production put a sock in at least some of it. Paul, Christmas and Josh are despicable human beings, to intentionally try to “make someone crack.” True colors are coming out. Their families must be so proud. Ugh.

  27. It was Big Brother. I saw nothing wrong with it except for Raven and Christmas. I like Paul. Him and Alex are the only ones that know how to play. I can’t stand the way Codi and Jessica have acted this whole season. They’ve been mad every time no one agrees with them. I have no respect for people who’ve known each other 1 week and have to have sex on tv. Disgusting people.

    • While Paul knows how to play his tactics are questionable at best and deplorable at worse.

      Honestly if Jody focused more on the game rather than each others abs (didn’t want to get censored lol) then maybe they could be worth rooting for in my eyes.

      Alex is a smart girl, but the problem is she isn’t willing to make a move AGAINST Paul. Which is strange because I actually like her.

      • I agree! For the first couple days I figured Matt, Cody, Alex, Jessica, Kevin…… Those people were on my list of favorites.
        Cody dropped from that list when he put up Christmas, (not when he put up Paul!) I totally agreed with him doing that, if he got him out then he would’ve gotten out the biggest threat in the game and we would be watching more than 3% of the house playing!
        Then Christmas dropped off my list because of her injury. Not her fault but she is useless to be playing the game. And, now because of her teaching Josh how to bully! Grrr) 😡
        Kevin then dropped off my list of favourites because he became Paul’s assistant. He started doing things Paul told him to do such as throwing Some votes.
        Alex was my favourite and I thought would stay my favour however when she got HOH she pretty much handed it over to her and is now one of his minions.
        So, (I think) for the 1st time in BB history, including 5 seasons of BB Canada, I still do not have a favourite HG! 😳
        So at this point I am just rooting for Jessica (and Cody) because she is the “underdogs” (or whatever!! People have criticized me for calling her an underdogs) but she/they are and have been playing this game completely on their own since week one!
        I do like Jessica, and I don’t care if I’m alone!

      • What’s “LIS” ? Lol , I have a feeling this is a stupid question …

      • I agree, she’s not nice but, what does she have to be nice about? Every single person aside from Cody has screwed her over big-time! She has tried to repair relationships, etc.
        So I just don’t think she is a bad person. You know what I mean?

      • Week 1 she was pretty much Aaryn and Cody was Jeremy.
        She hated Alex for petty reasons from the start

    • Paul is a disgusting person. He is the mastermind behind the bullying. Have you read the feeds?

      • Yes I have thank you. Have you? I find people who have sex after knowing someone for 1 week disgusting. I find people who want to grab Alex hair and drown her till she’s dead disgusting. Big difference between someone who’s playing a game and and Jody.

      • That was just all talk. Paul is actually doing the things. He changed the coffee to decaf and put Vaseline in it. What type of person does that. He wants Jody to flip out. And he said he does not even care if it is a physical altercation. He is inciting violence. Paul is a disgusting person. Jessica was just joking and did not do anything. Paul said horrible things and is doing terrible things. So you are saying it is okay if Paul bullies and talks bad about people. But if Jessica does it is a big deal. That is a double standard.

  28. Paul is up to something in the HOH room..checking those little drawers on the wall. After the almost 2 hr lockdown outdoors. I haven’t heard a “Stop That!” Hmm….

    • “Gay” Paul and “Retard” Josh? Please tell me you are either an actual 9 year old and don’t know any better, or are a time traveler from 1982…

  29. I can’t believe how they are acting towards them. And they have the cheek to call Cody a bully.

  30. Definitely too much. This is supposed to be a game, and we’ve seen a lot of things go down in that house – from Evel Dick’s attempts to save his daughter from eviction to the rampant racism and bullying of BB15. But actively trying to get someone to react violently and either be ejected by BB for said violence or leave due to a self-eviction is definitely going too far.

    And that’s the crux of all this. Yes, we’ve seen mind games being played on this show before. That’s what Big Brother is. But this wasn’t that. Paul and the Minions were trying to get Cody to HIT someone. They wanted him out so badly that they were willing to put one of them in danger. Worse yet, they insulted veterans and the families of those who lost loved ones to war. Paul and the Minions made this personal for a lot of people. This is an all new Big Brother low, one that many former HGs condemned, some of whom had been just as cruel to their fellow HGs. This was disgusting, vile, and unnecessary. Anyone defending their actions is either living in a deep state of denial or has no heart.

    • I agree! First before people jump down my throat for being a “Paul Hater, I don’t dislike Paul (or at least I didn’t!) I DID think he was playing a pretty good game, but the game he was playing has been SUPER EASY for him! He has 97% of the house listening to his every last word! It wasn’t difficult for him to do! If he built a strong alliance of people who were not mindless morons then yes, good for him! But these HG’s were the easiest group to manipulate in big brother history!
      Paul having a meeting with his minions & telling them all to essentially bully Cody was absolutely pathetic! & Disgusting!!!
      Bullying & personal attacks such as suggesting Cody was not in the military, etc. and actively trying to get hurt Cody so he would break & self evict, make Jessica angry so she wouldn’t use the HH or Cody getting ejected for snapping is horrible Behavior!
      I cannot believe some people on here don’t see anything wrong with what happened or what was supposed to happen or what could have happened was OK! That’s not gameplay! That is straight up bullying!!
      I wonder if any of these people defending Paul’s actions have children and how they would feel if their child was being treated the way Jessica and Cody were treated yesterday!? Or if these people would think it’s OK for their children to do what Paul, Josh, Raven etc. dad if they were in a game! Or if these people would be OK with their children being treated the way Jessica was being treated yesterday if they were in a game or not!?
      Anyway, I think I have beaten this to death! You can’t argue with stupid unfortunately LOL

    • I totally agree. There is no excuse for it. I think some think that anything done is just gameplay and they can do anything to win, but I don’t respect that.

  31. Not even a little “too much”. It is absolutely FAIR to talk to HGs in any manner you choose, and if they crack, that’s on them. Just last year I remember you savages PRAYING that people would do MORE to Paulie the week he cracked and cried. What pisses people off is they KNOW it almost worked. The couple almost walked out, so production went out of their way to try to get them to stay in the house. “NO PAUL IS SO SMART HE ALMOST NIXED THE CURSE AND I DO NOT THINK THAT IS FAIR!”

      • Yeah, really pathetic and you sound like a moron. “IT’S TOO MUCH”? Why? “Because my opinion!” Get a grip on reality. It’s still a game, and mental stability is part of it. To even pretend that Evel Dick was somehow different is even MORE RIDICULOUS.

  32. They went way too far and I am glad it backfired. I thought it would. I think it is just giving more fuel to Jessica and Cody and they should have realized that. I really do hope Jessica or Cody win the next HOH. I think the way these people played is despicable. There was no reason to make it personal. Game play is 1 thing but what they did went beyond that. Paul trying to get someone to snap and getting the house to gang up in order for it to happen in my book makes him a nasty bully of a man who apparently can’t win any other way.

  33. I just thought of something.
    Paul could convince his minions to not compete in the Temptation Competition thus making Jessica and Cody the only 2 players and ensuring one goes up as a 3rd nominee.

      • But it would be funny if he told them nobody’s allowed to play in the safety competition except for him, and they’re all stupid enough to listen to him.

    • If he does that, then not one of his minions deserves to win this game! They all deserve to go home! Yes they could listen, but I just don’t see people like Jason, Alex & Matt not competing! They know they would become targets if Paul is safe and they could go home before Jury! I think at this point if Paul tells them not to play in the temptation competition, ‘some’ of them will put their foot down and say no!
      Plus, if Jessica or Cody get the HOH then they don’t even need to play in it.

  34. Calling Codys military service into question was compleatly disrespectful to all who serve in our military, paul should be removed by production and perma banned from BB

    • well Jason will have to be banned as well.. On the day of the uprising Jason was the person that questioned Cody being a Marine..Alex threw in a few comments…so there is plenty of blame to go around..

      • They could also be questioning Cody being a Marine because don’t forget a lot of players lie about what they do or have done for a living, as well as their age, as Cody had admitted to.

    • I guess all of America should also be banned from BB for questioning it the first 2 weeks of the game

      • Honestly Kyle, I don’t know how I end up always reading your comments LOL I promise I’m not following you around and being a bully LOL 😂
        For the first two weeks “All Americans” were questioning whether or not Cody was in the military?
        All they have to do is Google it! Before any of them even took the time to comment, I’m sure they would have googled it prior to questioning it in a comment on here!?
        I personally did not read any comments where anyone was questioning Cody being in the military. Don’t get me wrong, I am not doubting your comment at all! I just think it’s stupid that someone would question that when all they have to do is Google it.

        They don’t have Google in the BB house
        (Gawwwd I think I would hate that the most being in the BB house, having a simple question and not being able to Google the answer) LOL I would lose my mind!

  35. Like Dom said paul is a snake among other things as you all can see. Paul deserves to get bd and out of this game. Its pathetic how this house follows his every word and orders and kiss his azz. His bullying tactics should bite him in the butt hopefully cbs will show this for what it is. He has definitely gone above and beyond game play. I thought alex would be smarter but she has lost her head. Dont worry folks this game will turn and flip like it usually does. Power to Jody

  36. I’ve never seen such overreactions on here. IT’S JUST A GAME. The “bullying” is strategy! It’s been done EVERY. SINGLE. SEASON. Some of you take this way too seriously.

    • You and I and anybody that is rational knows full well that these people screaming about bullying would JUSTIFY it all if their “side” did it. I love the game. All of it. I like game players and have zero allegiance to any one person. However, morons stick to one player or group and that’s all they love. They’ll even stop watching if that person is evicted. I watch the entire season every season. We know that if Jody wins and goes back to BULLYING again like how they ALREADY DID, those Jody fans wouldn’t say 1 word.

      • Or…maybe…MAYBE bullying isn’t acceptable, regardless of who the perpetrator is? I have two issues with what happened: firstly, it wasn’t strategic and I think it’s probably hurt Paul’s game. Secondly, there were far too many people involved & it was completely unnecessary. I’m finding it hard to like any of these players – what a bunch!

      • 1. It was strategic and PLANNED. Paul faked they were going to evict Alex, and since Jess decided she’d use the Hex it had the house fake ire because the “plan to evict Alex” was exposed. Do you even watch the feeds, brah? Apparently not.

      • Okay, let me rephrase: I think the ‘strategy’ was pish. Is that better? What did it achieve? As you said, it did not work. Also, what is a ‘brah’?

      • They almost quit. You backpedal on what you said after you realized you were WRONG, and then fail to mention Jess and Cody said they should walk and Production called Jess in to convince her to stay.

      • Excuse me – how have I backpedalled?! I’m not convinced they would have quit – I know they were talking about it, but I genuinely do not believe they would have gone through with it – with or without production’s intervention – so we are going to have to agree to disagree on that one, I’m afraid. Also, seriously, what is ‘brah’? I did actually want to know! Is it an abbreviation for ‘brother’? Like ‘bro’?

      • I THINK “brah” is slang for “bro” …not for sure . Since you’re question was ignored , I thought I’d TRY to answer :).

    • Right….Whats funny is some of the comments in here are over the top and some people are being bullied while others are doing the bullying…its a catch -22…When the uprising in the house stopped it continued in this forum…The BB 19 crew has the excuse that they are on a TV show..locked in a house with people they barley know ..Out here we don’t have an excuse to bully insult and berate each other….Its a TV show and they playing a game….Maybe not the best game maybe not the game that any of us would play… Maybe the person u rooting for is not a front runner right now…Our actions and words in this forum are not that different from the BB 19 HGs…While they in the house putting each other down We in this forum doing the same thing… yall have a good nite…

    • Bullying is not strategy. The bullying this season is personal. I cannot believe you think bullying is okay. Paul is horrible. I feel he should be disqualified,

  37. I am so disgusted with the majority of this house…Jess and Cody have proven they are competitors without making personal attacks with the other house guests…I’m thrilled their relationship has blossomed into something real…the others are mean spirited and have no empathy skills; they absolutely cannot understand what it would be like if they were alienated against and how it would hurt them deeply. I would be completely embarrassed if I acted the way Christmas, Raven, and Panda did…it’s real classy when every other word is F..k

    • So calling Josh worthless isn’t personal? Calling Josh a sexual predator isn’t personal? You either don’t watch the feeds, or you’re just blind to Jody’s abuse because you like them and excuse it. Give me a break.

    • Suggesting they grab Alex by the hair and drown her so they can live happily ever after is not personal?

  38. Just read this on Jokers……

    Jessica tells Mark and Cody they should grab Alex by the hair and drown her. Once she’s dead they can live happily ever after. NT – jellyfisher

      • One would think Jessica’s anger towards Alex is due to their argument yesterday.
        It’s NOT jealousy! Why would she be jealous of Alex?
        I know for the first week (and a bit) she was jealous (it appeared that way) because Cody was giving Alex a lot of attention and wanted to work with her but, Alex and Cody do not talk at all anymore! Paul would never allow that LOL 😂
        I am sure Jessica is very confident when it comes to Cody “wanting” Alex at this point! It’s pretty clear Cody wants Jessica and only Jessica! Jessica has absolutely no reason whatsoever to be jealous of Alex 😆

      • Jessica argued with Raven.
        Alex argued with Mark.
        You will never convince we that the fact that Cody called Jessica “Alex” while they were in bed is still not in her head.

      • I’m not trying to convince you hon. I’m just giving you my opinion is all :-) all good! We can agree to disagree

      • Right….When u in the bed with a man and he calls u by another womans name ( Cody called Jessica Alex) Its time to get up put ur clothes on and let him know u leaving…but before u do u slap his dam face so hard that his head goes into exorcist mode..Yep Jessica is jealous of Alex ..and has been for a few weeks now….

      • It happen before the feeds come on. We did find from other HGs that Alex and Jess were basically fighting for attention from Cody. So that’s why Jess is so jealous of Alex.

      • Really hey!?!
        Well, she came out the winner (or loser depending on how you look at it haha) so, I don’t think she feels threatened at all now when it comes to Alex and Cody. Alex (per orders of Paul) doesn’t even talk to Cody.

        Someone also just said today that Jessica was initially going after Paul but Paul said he had a girlfriend!? Yeah I don’t believe everything I read on here LOL

    • Ha-Ha!!
      Now let me guess, all the Jessica haters are going to be jumping all over that saying she is just as bad as them by what they did yesterday!!??!
      It’s not a nice thing to say, but it was something said to friends, and wasn’t bullying behaviour or mob mentality!
      Again, not the nicest thing to say but doesn’t compare whatsoever with what happened yesterday!

      • I’m just saying Jessica isn’t the sweet innocent angel some make her out to be. Alex didn’t do a thing to her yesterday. Alex’s beef was with Mark.

      • Oh I totally agree with you, Jessica is no peach! But, Jessica and Paul were talking and Alex jumped in and started arguing with Jessica (something about pop and ears and nominations) then Alex pulled Raven into the conversation and then Jessica and Raven were arguing and that’s when Raven started acting like a little gangster thug! 😂
        Alex most certainly was arguing with Jessica. And it was only after Cody took Jessica outside that Alex turned around and started in on Mark.

      • I certainly do not think she is sweet and innocent. I don’t think anyone does do they?

        I think Matt is sweet and innocent, it’s just unfortunate he is just laying low right now. I would like to see more gameplay by him but I get it, why rock the boat! He’s in a good position right now, but I still want more and eventually it’ll have to happen once Jessica/Cody and Mark/Elena are gone because I think those 2 are next after Jody! Although, apparently Elena is getting pretty close with Paul! Don’t quote me on that, I read it in a comment😬

      • On AD Elena has playing with Paul’s hair as they were together in the hammock. He asked her to. She was doing this as Mark watched on from the outside couch as he was talking to Cody. Mark looked so sad but he did admit she told him that she needed to pull away from him because that was best for her game.
        I think Elena doesn’t want to make the same mistake she did last week. She is trying to make sure she stays close to Paul so she is not blindsided again. She is being honest with both sides and telling Paul and Jessica she loves Jessica on a personal level but has to do what is best for her game and stick with Paul’s side.

      • Yeah, I get it for sure but I don’t agree with it. I mean I do when I don’t actually LOL I don’t think flirting to get through the game is a good look!
        Trust me, I have flirted my way out of parking tickets, speeding tickets even grades in school LOL but I just think it’s not a good luck going from one guy to the other! Plus, what she’s doing especially as poor Mark looks on. Have some class.
        AND I actually chose her as my favourite HG when someone on here asked everyone about a week and a half ago. I mean, not easy to pick from that’s for sure! But at the same time, I liked her and I like her attitude. I mean at least what I saw on TV, I don’t watch the feeds… I would have no life LOL so I don’t see her or hear her skanky out around the house but, from my understanding she is always doing that.

  39. Just curious…….
    For those of you that are defending yesterday’s actions of Paul, Josh and Raven…..IF you would be happy if Cody self evicted? or reacted & was ejected from the game? Would you be thinking “yeah good for you Paul, you did it! Way to go man! Your idea worked perfectly! You are one of the best players in big brother history!”
    Does that make Paul a winner?
    I have never not liked Paul this season, but in my opinion…..
    How does that make Paul a good player? He didn’t fight “man to man” instead he tried to take the easy way out!! 😂 😆
    That most definitely would not make Paul one of the best players in BB history!!!! (like a lot of you are saying he is) Paul would be considered one of the wimpiest players in BB history!
    He didn’t want Cody to stay and Battle it out! Paul is just a scared little boy that is not happy because 2% of the house actually says “no” to him!!!

    Sidenote: Paul’s little Crybaby, Victim, Mama’s boy, Bully….. Buddy Josh should not be making fun of Cody by saying he has “little man syndrome!” Over and over and over again!!!!!!
    Are Josh & Paul aware that Cody is quite a bit taller than Paul?
    And…….. duh 🙄 Paul is the one with “little man syndrome!?”😝 Christmas might want to teach Josh a smarter way to bully! (The fact that Christmas was even teaching Josh how to bully blew me away! I did not think that was her character at all!)
    Making fun of your “arch enemy” continuously saying Cody has “Little man syndrome” is laughable!!! Seriously! Is Josh not aware that his “leader” Paul is the one with “little man syndrome!?!” Or at the very least, is a little man!? 😆
    Paul must have been cringing ‘inside’ every time Josh said that to Cody!
    Thankfully Cody kept his cool but, ‘inside’ Cody (& Jessica) were likely laughing thinking “dude, the guy you were handing $500,000 over to is the one with little man syndrome!”
    Just Sayin!!!!!!

    • Cozy as in?? Is she offering him BJ’s now?? (She offered Mark one a few weeks ago, he turned her down!) LOL
      Paul told her to NOT talk to Cody and Jessica anymore. And ever since she (Elena) was blindsided on Thursday she has been all over Paul trying to crawl back up his A$$……

      • Really Elena maybe a skank..But then theres the “Buttonhole Bandit”..Jessica finger pokes em and runs …I’m telling u these BB19 females are just in lust…

      • LMAO 😂
        “Butthole bandit”
        TOOO FUNNY!!! 😁
        Although, I have to admit at the time I thought people were overreacting. I thought she was just being silly and I didn’t know Paul had asked her to stop. I think the only reason Paul made an issue of it was because of her association with Cody!

        Yes, these girls are questionable! And after yesterday when Raven was acting like a “little gangster” The way she was talking and swearing and yelling at Jessica, it just made me dislike or even with a passion! She is so freaking phony and pathetic! Her and Josh are on a equal level of hatred I feel towards them!
        Raven thinks she is “America’s sweetheart” and going to be “America’s favourite player” LMAO 😂
        Her and Josh are going to be in for a huge huge shock when the game is over! I wish I could be there to watch them both see all the negative things said about them all season! Love it! Sorry LOL rant over oops 🙊

      • A couple of weeks ago I had Elena as my sort of favourite HG. Not many to pick from but at the time, I was beginning to see some gameplay from her and I liked what I saw! Because she wasn’t crawling all over Paul! She started to work with Mark, Cody and Jessica! I should’ve known better, it was only because Jessica was the HOH! And also I picked her because there isn’t many people to pick! At this point I pickJessica by default!

    • For a couple of weeks now. She was trying to get with him in bed the other night right in front of Mark and others. She is disgusting

  40. I am so disgusted with Paul and Christmas. How could they want to mess with Cody by saying they doubt he was in the military. That is a man who fought for our country!!!! I was happy with Matt when he said that should not be done. Christmas argued they should do it. I have no respect for these people at all. They are not playing a good game. They are bullies. My favorite is Matt now. At least he didn’t agree with promoting violence. Oh, and forget about Josh, he is despicable.

    • Nah, last year was pretty tame. The last time it was this bad was BB15, and at that point, the fans were pretty much united on how disgusting it was.

  41. Ok I finally got to watching this whole drama from yesterday. I don’t condone what Paul all of them did….but I mean…Jessica really sucks at arguing…she was basically just shouting random things that didn’t answer any of the questions they had and was screaming at people for no reason…like I’m sorry, but she needs to get a grip…like when she told Alex she was coming after her because she put her on the block…like really? Alex and Paul worked the house to save you that week….and then I don’t really understand what the big deal is over the cat ears….but whatever I guess…then when Paul asked her if Cody knew about the plan and all she did was say “OF COURSE HE DID! OF COURSE!”…just…wow she’s terrible at this game…

    • They didn’t work the house to save Jessica! Dominique went crazy! They wanted Dominique out!
      Unfortunately you are just too biased to see different angles and situations in other ways.
      I can always see both sides! I like Jessica but, she has made some mistakes for sure! I did like Paul but after yesterday, I do not like him at all! For obvious reasons.
      To be honest with you Kyle, I don’t know one single person in that house I actually like! I don’t dislike most of them but, only 3% of the house is playing the game! It’s unbelievable!
      With all due respect ❤️ I think you just need to look past your dislike for Cody and Jessica, and then you can understand why certain people did or do certain things. You know what I mean?
      I totally get that you dislike them! I absolutely cannot stand Josh, so if he ever did actually make any big moves I would find it very hard to agree with anyone or think that move was big! Just because I really really don’t like him at all! Not in this game, and not as a human being! So I totally understand your thought process! I just don’t completely dislike Paul, Cody and Jessica like I do Josh so I am able to be more open and understand or agree with people on here with their points. Make sense?
      Sorry, I know last night and now once again I am replying to your comments and someone disagreeing with you but please don’t take it personal! This is simply mindless entertainment for me and nothing more! If anyone ever rude to me even when I try and shut it down, I simply move on and do not talk to those people any longer. Again because this is not my reality! You know what I mean? So please don’t take offence to anything I say to you. :-)

      • No I understand completely that Cody and Jessica see everything differently, but honestly look at the game on week 3. If anybody BUT somebody from Alex’s side won HOH, Jessica would have been the easy target to send home week 3. Alex wanted Dominque gone because she was a number for the other side, and Alex wanted those numbers to dwindle down. Paul agreed to it because he’s in a secret alliance with Alex, so he worked his own alliance into turning against Dominique because of what happened during the talkshow, and Cody coming to Paul and Christmas, telling them how Dominique and Mark played a role in Paul going on the block. That truly is the aspect I find funny though, Paul’s worries of Dominique started because of what Cody said, and Jessica doesn’t realize it was her own Boyfriend who played a hand in getting Dominique out of the house, cause once she was nominated due to the speculation she went nuts

      • Yeah I don’t completely disagree with you there however, I don’t think Paul was talked into evicting Dominique. He wanted her out after her talk show incident. He was livid! Jessica really wasn’t much of a target that week. She really wasn’t. Regardless of Dominique’s actions after she was nominated, Paul was already pissed and wanted Dominique out. So I don’t think it was all Alex
        That’s all :-)

  42. I also don’t understand why Jessica and Cody are freaking out so much if she has the hex anyways…Paul nominated them to try and pull the temptation out, and Jessica starts going at him that he’s a dumb HOH while Cody flips out on him…that’s really not the best way to act when you have safety. Imo jessica should have just kept the hex a secret, probably would have avoided so many problems this week

    • Yes, her keeping it a secret might have been the best plan however, she was putting trust in someone she clearly couldn’t trust. Paul was not supposed to nominate them but yet again he lied to her so thats why she was so mad. She thought he was going to keep them safe, so she was willing to open up to Paul! if it worked, it would have been perfect for them because then they would have definitely made it to the jury house without having to worry about anything!
      I think initially the only reason she said anything is because it was in the heat of the moment when she was blindsided once again and her target Josh stayed! She was pissed off and blurted it out.
      A mistake! But again, she did manage to make people worry. I think if anyone but Paul won the HOH, they wouldn’t have put up Jessica and Cody.
      Anyway…… that story is long over.

      • Yea, it’s really sad though how most of these terrible situations to come out this week have happened because of everybody knowing about Jessica’s hex..

  43. Just curious what you all think REGARDLESS if you like Jessica or you like Paul or you like Cody or you don’t like any of them or you like all of them etc.……All your feelings aside for all the HG’s….
    **This doesn’t have anything to do with the name calling/bullying per se!
    (For the record, I did not like Cody/Jessica or Paul any more than the other!)

    Doesn’t Paul want to beat Cody “fair and square!?” Is Paul that much of a wimp that he doesn’t want to “play this game” & evict Cody in a ‘honest’ for (lack of better words) way!? Is Paul afraid of Cody that much & that’s why he is sending his minions to attack Cody?! so Cody will self evict or end up snapping and getting ejected from the game!? Paul would be proud of that!? Would Paul think that was the best game move ever!? Or even just a good game move!? No, it would be a cowardly move! 🙄 😒
    OMG 😲 🙊 someone is actually NOT listening to Paul so he has a temper tantrum & takes the leashes off his poodles 🐩 to go attack Cody & Jessica in a disgusting way!
    That’s not a game move, it’s a pathetic move!!! A wimpy move! A cowardly move!

    I didn’t not like Paul until yesterday. As soon as Paul was TELLING his little followers to attack Cody, I lost ALL of my respect for him and then after the whole backyard incident!! Terrible! I just think he is a wimp, a coward and is so afraid of Cody that Paul can’t even fight his own battles, he has to send in his rat pack to do his dirty work hoping Cody will be gone so Paul can continue bossing everyone around!
    Just wondering for those of you that are big fans of Paul,OR not a fan of Paul’s what you think about that?
    All feelings aside!!!

    • Well to be fair, I think Paul was a little outraged at the time things got out of hand, and I also think he knew this would be a nothing week, so maybe he just didn’t care. Either that or his disdain of Cody has just grown so strong that he can’t stand him anymore and wants him to self evict. But emotions run high in that house so it’s hard to tell for sure. If I was Paul though, i’d also be a little mad that I worked so hard all week to get somebody out and I couldn’t because of a temptation, especially when I already took him out of the game before

      • Yeah I understand that it’s frustrating for Paul but Jessica warned him, plus the same could be said for when Cody tried to backdoor Paul. Paul got his temptation which ultimately was the demise of Cody’s game!
        Did you watch and see what happened yesterday yet?
        Also, it’s not that the “house got the best of him yesterday and emotions were running high.”
        Paul had a “meeting” with his minions and this was planned.
        THe ONLY reason Paul is backtracking is because production called him into the DR room and told him to shut it down and tell his minions to shut it down! And also, someone had an air horn & the HGs heard someone say “Jessica, America loves you and Paul is a bully!” So that clearly got to Paul! He knows now what America is thinking and talking about. Plus, America gave Jessica the last temptation so after hearing what some of the HGs heard someone shouted in the backyard to them & also knowing America give Jessica the last temptation, Paul has to be thinking “oh crap, I am going to be hated by America!”
        He knows what it’s like once the game is over. What is said online and how people view each player so I am sure Paul is rethinking his actions!!!

      • I wouldn’t go to say the temptation was the demise of Cody’s game, but rather him trying to target Paul so early on was his demise. Even if Paul did go up that week, the way Cody left his whole alliance in the dark made them feel insecure about him as a “leader”, as they started to worry he could turn on them just as quick. He knows Paul is a good social player, and trying to target him so early in the game was a stupid move, because Paul is so good at working people he can turn anybody he wants against anybody. The fact Cody blindsided his whole alliance with the move didn’t do him any favors in that case cause Paul at that point knew he could turn his whole alliance against him and get them to follow his lead. I’m sure Cody was frustrated that his true target Megan left early on in the game, however in the beginning he tried playing too fast too quick. Name one season of Big Brother where the HOH doesn’t talk to his whole alliance about a renom, then blindsides all of them by putting up somebody on their side. I understand Paul is a great player, but if he’s playing for you, there’s no reason to play against him so early on. Imagine if Cody wouldnt have done that week 1. This game would be COMPLETELY different

      • Yes, I do agree with you the game would be completely different however I disagree with how you feel Cody’s alliance would not be understanding in the end. Sure initially they be pissed, just like they were! But, had Cody succeeded at putting Paul on the Block, people like Matt and Mark Jessica would of gotten over it once Cody explained why he did it and then Matt and Mark would get there showmanses onboard.
        yes, this would be a different game had Cody not done that but it would be an even better game if Paul was gone because Paul had his safety and that would automatically make people gravitate towards him naturally as a leader therefore he still would have gotten all of these mindless morons on board with him & we still would be watching what I’m watching now.
        I don’t think Paul would have sat back & told his people when they had the HOH to nominate nine threats. He would’ve had them playing hard from the beginning just like Cody tried to. Make any sense?
        Again, I don’t completely disagree with you. We will never know unfortunately, and I guess it’s all irrelevant now.

    • I always think men are wimps, wait that’s not what you asked. I think for me, because I am competitive I want to win fair and square and know that I did. I don’t like the anything goes mentality and if you want to go as far as someone possibly being hurt or not caring if they get hurt (physically or mentally), imo that’s awful. There is a reason we are taught fair sportsmanship as kids.

      • Well said! As a competitive person myself, I wouldn’t want to have my opponent just walk away from the game and giving me the win!! I would not feel vindicated like I was the winner fair and square! I’d be that person. I think you and I are a lot of like

  44. Jessica literally said “unfortunately most of these people are playing for the money instead of playing the game”…who casted this girl?

    • She doesn’t know what we know!
      You have to remember that. Plus, she has made the mistake of isolating herself for most of the game with Cody & NOW PAUL ordered the house to not speak to them!
      So she is clearly not in the loop!

    • It seems like most of the house is just playing to make jury. Jess wants to win, the title, Jason, Wants to win the 500k, Raven wants the money and more money, and the rest keep saying they want jury.

      • Huh? Really, Ravens playing for the money and not to just make it through to her second vacation home at the BB Jury Retreat? & thinking she is “America’s sweetheart” as well as thinking she is going to get “America’s favourite HG!?” LMAO 😂
        When is she going to start playing then? Actually, I do recall her saying something about wanting to win the money for her mom. Sorry, not sorry a thing all Raven! It would take a miracle for you to win the money!
        I cannot stand her! She is fake, mean, a follower, and just a not nice person in general!
        Raven is in for a very very big surprise when the game is over and she goes home, looks online and finds out she was one of the most disliked HG all season, and one of the most disliked HGs ever! My top 10 for sure!
        I think Jason and Matt are there to play but are just playing it safe for now which really sucks because they are just following Paul around and it really is pathetic however, I don’t think it will be long until people like Matt and Jason turn on Paul. The sooner the better please boys!
        And, I think Christmas is playing to win however with her injury and after her teaching Josh how to properly bully Cody yesterday, telling him all the right things to say! Disgusting! I thought she was a better person than that! Anyway sorry!
        Blah blah blah 🙃
        Talk to type….I’m just yapping away to you LOL sorry

      • I want Raven out badly, just don’t know who is brave enough to put her up. She wants money, but sure doesn’t want to work for it. I said money and more money because she has Paul making shirts for her, Xmas promising fundraisers, even Cody said he would work a second job for her! She is going to try and get all the big brother freebies.
        I have the same condition as Raven (least of my issues, have an odd diet but doesn’t bother me), I would have been happy if she brought awareness to autonomic conditions or lack of neurologists, but it is all about her. She thinks she has it so hard but maybe she has never seen people waiting at these speciality clinics becaysecthier stories are so much worse. Maybe it is just me, but if I’m at a special clinic for a rare disease I talk to people, learn their stories, try to offer support and help. I haven’t heard Raven share anything except her family’s problems.

      • You are a good person Anjealka!! ❤️ Unfortunately Raven is not and she just thinks about herself!
        Initially when she was speaking about it, (the first few or so days) she said she “wanted to bring awareness to it” but after that, everything just became about her! Everything!!!
        I did read like you said that she has everyone willing to do whatever it takes to help her! “Not the cause, not to help others, no talk about needing more neurologists and specialists!” Just Raven Raven Raven! It is disgusting behavior! 😡
        She also said she has a pacemaker in her stomach, which I do NOT doubt.
        She said there are 15 levels until it can no longer help her & will become fatal!? She is on level 9!?! So she said she is “just living every day like it has her last because she doesn’t know when it could reach 15.”
        Is that true? Is it a fatal disease? 😭
        I read there is no cure, but I didn’t read anywhere that it is fatal.
        Don’t get me wrong, I sympathize with anyone who has an in curable disease! But when people use their disease or illness to pray upon people and take advantage, that just makes me sick!!!! I can’t imagine when the HG’s leave the house and find out Raven was fully over dramatizing the disease, those HG’s are not going to be happy with her whatsoever! I would be livid if I were them!
        I don’t quite understand Ravens logic! She wants wants wants money, and she’s got everyone talking about fundraising and what not for her!!! Does she not think once all of these people are in the outside world that they are not going to be told by their family and friends about how they were “played by Raven” & she is full of it!? Is she that clueless that she truly thinks these people are still going to help get her money!? And, what is she saying she needs the money for??
        Unfortunately you are right, no one has any reason to doubt her, so being the one to get her evicted would be a very hard one to do for your “soul!” & that my friend is what makes Raven even worse! Hopefully Jessica is in the position (and is strong enough mentally) to put her feelings aside and try and get her out!!
        I truly wish BB could inform the HG’s more about Ravens disease! But, it’s a game and if someone wants to be as disgusting as she is being by playing with peoples emotions, then sadly she is allowed to! Sick! Disgusting!
        Raven will get what’s coming to her when the game is over! (unfortunately this world is full of suckers with huge hearts so, she is still going to have sympathy from so many!) 🤢
        If I am in fact wrong and the disease is fatal then I will feel horrible however, during my search nothing said it was fatal!
        But please do NOT get me wrong, I sympathize with you, her and anyone else with an in curable disease! I truly do and it breaks my heart that in this day & age people like yourself have to go through life with difficulty.

        It makes me sick Raven is NOT drawing any attention to the bigger issues with it!
        In my opinion she is just a disgusting human being! Karma is a biatch and, when she walks out of that house, goes home and starts looking online to see how much she is “loved,” she is going to be in for a HUGE surprise! I wish I could be there to witness it!

        Thank you for sharing your story with me! And, if anything just because Raven is NOT bringing the proper awareness, this can give you a platform to continue sharing your story! The important issues there are regarding what you have. (I’m sorry I cannot remember the name of it. I don’t want to just keep calling it yourdisease or ravens disease!)

        Again, you are a good person my friend, for not just “thinking of yourself” but, helping others!
        You didn’t just reply telling me about how horrible it is, you were real and genuine & just by reading the short message you sent me I can tell you are a good good person! You even downplayed it by saying you have an “odd diet” which is the “least of your issues!” You are one-of-a-kind, a rare genuine, kind person with a wonderful soul! Everything you put into the universe, you receive back so you deserve nothing but the best life has to offer you!
        Thank you! Again for your message and for bringing the right attention to your disease!
        Please share this with the group/BB Fan Groups, but of course only do it if you feel comfortable doing it. You do not have an obligation. Raven does because she said she wanted to bring awareness to it and b/c she has the “viewing platform” she should be taking full positive advantage of that! Raven isn’t doing anything but at least you now have a platform to bring awareness to it ❤️
        Wishing you a happy and healthy life! ~Christina~ 😘

      • Yikes that was long! My bad 🤗
        Talk to type! 90% of my messages/comments/replies are stupidly long! LOL
        Sorry 😐 I know it drives some people crazy and others enjoy reading my every thought in detail LMAO 😆

      • Nope. Jess also mention many times that she just want to make jury ….. with Cody.

  45. First of all just let me say what Im about to say wont happen but if it did I would laugh my a#* off Jess and Cody make it to final 2 forcing the knuckle scrapping Paul and his pack to give 1st and 2nd place Jess and Cody !!!!

    • LOL 😂
      That is definitely a far-fetched story but, it would be interesting! I think it would be especially difficult for Josh to make a choice however, I don’t think Paul is as immature. Paul would simply look at who played the better game regardless of his feelings.
      Jessica said, I think it was yesterday or the day before that if she was not playing this game, she would be rooting for Paul. Of course this was all before everything went down yesterday. LOL

  46. This is big brother…you have to make people weak and at the end of the day is a show…not a personal thing…I love Jess but cody came back to ruin her game.

  47. I’ve seen more back lash from fans with this situation than when Kandice and Howard were being ostracized.

  48. Paul needs to come down a notch or 2. And his minions are no better. Talk about playing big baby. This is what this group is doing; so,disgusting

  49. The problem is Jess needs to avoid Paul completely. BB needs to remove Josh and get him to grow up. Elena is proving how there is a majority but minus her, thanks to Alex and Paul.

  50. Definitely over the top! Paul and his minions were acting like bullies and by the way Paul says not to play emotional but isn’t that what he’s doing?

  51. I used to like Paul, but after watching the live feeds and seeing that he is really nothing more than a self-righteous, bully with a severe toilet mouth, I hope Cody and Jess take him out. Paul, Christmas, Josh and Raven’s behavior is absolutely appalling to say the least.

  52. I hope Cody or Jess win and the studio audience is filled with Marines in Uniform in support of Cody. Then I hope PAUL and JOSH and the other three minions are ashamed of themselves and scared to leave the studio.

  53. I am not sure why America wants Cody and Jessica in this game so much. It almost seems as though BB is designing a game to help them stay in the game.

  54. I have to say to anyone that thinks what this group of people did was game play you should be ashamed of yourself. The one thing I find so disgusting about this cult is they actually had the nerve to add in comments about Cody and the military. This man risked his life for my freedom. And has to come back here and resume a normal life. No one knows the things these men and women go through unless they have been there themselves. There is not one person that has served in the military that should have to listen to idiots like these use such a personal part of their life to try to get someone to lose control. And anyone who condones this behavior is disgusting also. If this was one of my children that had the nerve to treat someone in such a vile way I would kick there ass. And my children are grown. But I raised my children better then to ever act like this. Too bad they chose to do this in front of the nation. I would think that speaks volumes about who they really are. This went way beyond bullying.

  55. Paul is a spoiled rich kid who was in the game last time to win the money to buy his super rich mom a new Bentley. The bullying with Josh is going too far…and when he was bullying and harassing Mark they all stood around a laughed. Mob mentality at play this season…so sad.

  56. I watched the feeds yesterday and purposely didn’t come here to read anything. I KNEW I wouldn’t agree and I KNEW a tornado would be raging about Paul’s behavior.

    The fact is Cody and Jessica are used to being the bullies and they played the victim role perfectly yesterday.

    Jessica even commented to Cody about wanting to drag Alex by her hair and drown her in the hot tub for crying out loud and you all are seriously flipping out about what Paul and them did? Mob attack my butt! You could tell watching the feeds what was going on… it was more annoyance than anything!

    Jessica hours later out of no where verbally tells Cody how SHE would like to KILL ALEX and then “live happily ever after”…. out of everyone ALEX has done the least to Jessica. Jessica is just jealous
    That Cody had a thing for Alex in the beginning and threw that veto to her. She hated Cody wanted to protect Alex.


  57. Nothing wrong with it at all. As long as they don’t physically assault another person it is part of the game. Everyone entering the house should know that.

  58. I would have to imagine that some of this behavior has to impact the HGs in the real world. How is Jessica going to return to a professional life with what she has shown the viewers?

  59. I don’t like Cody or Jessica. They are not team players. I don’t like Mark because he’s a suck up. Verbally game play is not illegal. Jessica made a mistake aligning herself with Cody. He is incapable of treating people he sees beneath him as human. She’s not stupid but he is.

  60. Whah whah whah
    You mean the old people nobody cares about anymore are critical of the new people’s game….
    say it isn’t so…
    Everybody lies!! Everybody cheats!!
    It’s a game… you people keep comparing this to real life!!! It’s a game won by manipulation and dishonesty!!!! Plain and simple and everyone who has been successful has used those two things!!!!

  61. Josh is too over the top. I’d like to see him go. No reason for all of that nonsense.

  62. I can’t believe 20+ supposed called adults act like this. This is bullying and the show needs to stop this. this is the worst group of people that I have seen on this show. Paul has been the worst and needs to go. Disappointed he was brought back.

  63. They sure didn’t show everything their beloved Paul ordered! It looked like it was nothing. Paul is a kid, hiding behind a squishy meatball. If Josh is not banging pots, he’s crying. Pretty pitiful lot this summer.

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