‘Big Brother 19’ Double Eviction Week Returns [POLL]

Double Eviction Week on Big Brother 19

Big Brother 19 is about to deliver another Double Eviction with this Thursday’s live show and the Houseguests are about to be sent in to a frenzy when Julie reveals the big news and they scramble to set their rapid fire targets.

Paul, Christmas, and Josh are calling the shots this week and with Jason out the door next there are fewer threats to their chances of making it to the end. In fact, with Paul’s Veto plan Alex may be foolish enough yet again to throw this one and see her game end soon after Jason’s.

To set the ground rules here, after Jason goes there will be only three votes to evict during the second elimination of the Double Eviction night. No chance of a tiebreaker. You’ll need two votes of support to stay.

Paul is working to make sure Alex still trusts him ahead of the next turn so he can try and convince her to throw the HoH comp to him, but even then he doesn’t want to win it. Paul’s ideal scenario here would be for Alex to drop out then he could too and the HoH would go to Raven who could target Alex for him. Previously Paul had suggested either Raven or Josh could take this step for him, but given Josh’s recently voiced concerns Paul may not be willing to rely on him to follow his marching orders.

Should either Josh or Raven get HoH then I’d watch for Alex and Kevin to be nominated and Alex to go. The trick there will to see if Paul tries to throw one vote to Alex so she doesn’t realize he was solidly against her. The danger there is if someone else, like say Josh trying to mess with Paul’s perfect plan, tries to make that same move then the pawn goes and Alex stays.

If Alex is up during the DE vote then Alex goes, save for any hinky vote hijinks . But, what if Alex doesn’t fall for this plan and gets her hands on the DE HoH? Well “Petty Alex” might end up going after Kevin and Josh because she dislikes Kevin and will blame Josh for the Jason eviction, assuming she believes Paul wasn’t in on the plan. Should Josh and Kevin stay up on the Block then Kevin would probably be voted out. Christmas will want to save Josh and Raven blames Kevin for Matthew’s eviction last week.

It’s unlikely that Kevin wins HoH since winning comps hasn’t been his thing yet and no one will be actively trying to throw anything to him, unlike Paul would do with Raven who similarly can’t win her way out of a wet paper bag. But, if Kevin trips backwards in to a win then I’d watch for him to nominate Alex and Raven. He doesn’t like either and Paul would tell him to do just that as well. In that case Alex is evicted just as before.

I don’t see Paul trying to win HoH here unless there’s some sort of disaster in the comp’s execution. He doesn’t need to win this either. Paul is wholly insulated here in every direction. Even with coordinating Jason’s departure this week he’s doing it in a way to keep Alex trusting him and she’ll latch on to who she may think is her last ally.

Now Josh has been starting to act annoyed with Paul, so let’s play the what-if game there. Say Josh gets HoH and puts Paul up against either Raven or Kevin. Doesn’t matter. Josh won’t get two votes to evict Paul and he probably wouldn’t even get one. Alex, Christmas, and Kevin/Raven all see Paul as their F2/3 hope so they won’t send him out the door. Bang your head on the desk all you want, but they don’t see it.

We’ll look at these scenarios again in a few days as the Double Eviction gets closer, but I don’t expect any big shifts. Alex is the top DE target with either Raven or Kevin as the back up plan should Alex win HoH or save herself with Veto. Paul, Christmas, and Josh should be safe all the way around and as such I don’t expect any of them to depart on Thursday night.

What’s your dream scenario for Thursday’s Double Eviction episode? Do you think I could be wrong and Paul could end up going? Share your expectations below.


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  1. If Paul escapes this one, he is Houdini and Derren Brown, a magician and mentalist all in one little Armenian bundle…and according to many of you, we can thank production. The only difference in last season and this season, last season’s winner did it “undercover”, not standing in the midst of the battle. Production took a different tactic, I guess. ;)

    • I am not saying Paul shouldn’t have won last year, he worked his butt off to get there and even though I didn’t like him then, he still should have won. I still don’t like him but his game play this year is not the best he has to offer and maybe he should win the money but why can’t we still hope for miracle?

      • I am. I’m hoping Paul wins, WW. lol
        I, myself, was back and forth on Paul last season, and some of his game characteristics annoy me. But admittedly, I still have a sore spot from last season. And although I was hoping there would be no vets this season, sine Paul did come back, I want him to win and I hope productions does whatever they have to for it to happen. We all can hope for our own little miracle. :)

  2. Everyone is so blind to Paul’s game. This has to be a set up by production, there can’t be that many idiots playing. Big Brother should end our misery now, end the show, and give Paul the money. I’d love to see Alex go this week, Paul be backdoored in double eviction. Then Christmas, and Josh go. Then Jason. Ideally at this point I’m hoping Kevin wins, but I don’t see that happening. Production will keep Paul, and Alex in. Paul will win, Alex will get 2nd, and one of them will get America’s favorite. America isn’t stupid enough to vote for either of them, but production will take care of votes, and say otherwise. This season sucks, it is by far the worst.

  3. What would be hilarious is that alex, again, forget to vote for Kevin to go and votes jason. Kevin goes, Paul gets hoh and put back alex and Jason. Jason win veto And alex goes. Tha dha!!

  4. Wouldn’t it be something if Josh votes to evict Kevin, if indeed Alex is replaced with Kevin? If Paul and Alex did, also, Kevin would be evicted. I don’t know what he would gain from it. He would basically be ratting out Christmas and Paul to Alex and Jason, choosing them over Christmas and Paul. If he gets angry enough about Christmas and Paul shushing him all of the time, he could turn on them. It would definitely put a huge target on him, but he would have the protection of two of the strongest HGs left. Where have I heard expect the unexpected?

    • I though of that. Josh would benefit if he turns and get with alex and Jason. They are stronger. But alex is to far up with Paul.

      • It could surely get interesting very quickly, starting with the DE. That would be a very exciting comp…desperation abounds!

    • So many folks assume the cast has as much information as we do. We don’t get to see everything going on in the house, we see up to two rooms at a time. We know Paul does not like leaving single opposing members together, so he will be in the room or conversation to quell any chances of cross talk. They don’t worry about Paul talking with others, because he is “doing” damage control.

      I liken Paul to JT from Survivor, he moved people to do what he wanted. If they had an idea that worked in his favor, go for it. If they didn’t, he would give one and make them believe it was their thinking. No blood, just the way Paul is playing. “I have to use the Veto” so you(Josh) and Christmas end up being the bad guys. He then gets to go hug evictee and whisper those bastards went behind my back, I’ll find out who did this and send them to jury next week. Then he takes the remaining Nom aside and tells them the plan worked and they should continue to “trust” him.

      Then we get the same unless there is a real tiff between members.
      Paul we have a F2/3, why do you want me to piss off the others?
      Wait minute Paul I’m your F2. No your not, I AAAmmm, he want me to get money to fix my _______.

      Most of them believe Paul will target them, if they expose/go against him. What I want to think is it would get others to band together, but nobody so far is willing to take the chance. If Josh causes a tie and Jason goes to jury, Paul goes to F3, then it is up to him to win the 3 part HoH to get to the end again.

      • You are spot on, imo. I don’t know if Paul will pull this off, but if he does, he absolutely put his all, good or bad, into the season.

  5. If Josh wins HoH, puts Paul and Xmas on the block ( gets Xmas living rent free out of his head ). The other HGs wake up out of their coma and see the possibilities of a house without Paul and the odds increase of them winning……..I know im dreaming or else i have sunstroke.

  6. These people are the dumbest set of idiots in a while!!! I would venture to say the dumbest cast ever bar none==) weather u like it or not Paul was the chosen one from the get-go with the 7 friendship bracelets to began with.
    Then Xmas wow, breaks a foot and big brother bends over Backwards to keep her in game!!!
    Please explain how in a ‘real world”
    She gets cleared to play in a game that involves running!!!=!??? There is no answer that’s big brother “fixing” the game!!!! FACT!!!!!!!
    Yes, most absoulty, positively, Paul deserves to win the game but this season will go down as the worst in BB history!==)
    PS nobody has yet bothered to answer a question I’ve put out numerous times and that is how would “paul” fair on a BB all-star season. I think he would get chewed up and spit out like a bad sandwich. Or better yet bring back the same exact people this year, next year, with “paul” because he is the “great” one and see if he survives that one.

    • I’d love for him to play with Derrick. The look he gave was priceless when Derrick dropped his BB bag as if he were entering the house.

      • I didn’t see that…but I would like to see Paul and Derrick play together. NOT a fan of bringing old HG’s back again EVER; but, I’d make an exception for that. Paul seems to have ruled this game brilliantly in an absolute overt way—while Derrick was oh-so-subtle in his vice-cop way.

    • Did see some place where the question of paul against BB winners/besters was posted. Gave each case scenario of what would happen. Basically, I think I remember paul ‘downed’ by ALL. Maybe read during Saturday or Sunday night time reading but not necessarily written during PM time.

    • All I know is that I’m going to be watching next season because it can’t get any worse than this one.

  7. Dream scenario: Kevin wins, joins forces with the lunatic Josh and hypochondriac Raven … he puts up Paul and Christmas. Paul is out.

    Christmas goes psycho and is forcefully removed from the house. Alex is shunned, mocked and belittled and self evicts.

    Finally, the entire Big Brother production team is fired and replaced with sane, competent people.

  8. What I’m scared of is that Kevin might lose it when he get renoms. And maybe he’ll act so bad that they decide to evict him. I hope this won’t happen.

  9. I kind of think once Alex see’s Jason leave that she will not be throwing any competition- time for them to realize it is game on. I can see her coming at Josh hard and he would most likely say something that could expose Paul and his plans to keep himself out of the direct drama- one can hope!

    • Alex is going to look over at Kevin and realized she is toast. The one house guest she could align with if deciding to go after Paul and she completely trashed him.

  10. I would love for Paul to go, but I know it’s not happening so the next best thing is Alex gone, kaput, girl, bye.

  11. After jason gets blindsided my wishful hope is Alex holds it against paul and targets him after she wins de hoh. However,i think the probable outcome will be alex leaving or xmas leaving. If alex wins hoh i think she will put up xmas/josh with xmas leaving.

    • Just reading comments. Paul has set up a fake fight with Josh. has Alex fallen for the ruse? A brilliant move on Pauls part if she is confused and stays close to him.

  12. I have to disagree with the poll. Jason goes first. Josh goes next because he has been the only one questioning Paul. Josh can thank Christmas on his way to meeting Julie. She has hobbled to Paul as fast as she can to rat Josh out on everything.

  13. My Dream Scenario is Raven gets HOH, noms Kevin and Alex, then Alex wins veto. In the commercial break, Josh tells Raven some bad things about Paul, and in the heat of the moment, Raven is confused enough that she renoms Paul. Christmas is forced to vote out Paul because Josh wants to and she doesn’t want to vote against her ride or die. Alex finally comes to her senses as well. Paul leaves 3-0.

    Do I think this is likely? No. I expect Paul to get 3rd after Josh wins final HOH and takes Christmas to the end. But I’d love to see Paul get evicted in the DE.

    • I still don’t get everyone waving the moral flag and downing Paul..let’s go through the remaining cast…Christmas has been given a season pass along with 2 Hohs ,Kevin is a married man who doesn’t say anything about his wife while playing house with Christmas, Josh is a basket case who wouldn’t even be here without the help of at least 4 or 5 other players ,Raven…don’t get me started, Alex is simply cruel to people and Jason obviously condones rape so tell me why Paul shouldn’t win..the only thing he has done is play the game by the rules that we’re provided

      • You make a very valid point but I was referring to those who like to shape and mold the feeds to make one contestant look more undeserving than another when in fact every one of them have an equal amount of flaws.

      • Not at all I welcome everyone’s opinion…I just love the show…even when it’s a mess it’s the most interesting train wreck on television..

      • Paul deserves to win the $500k. The rest of the HG’s don’t. I think the moral flag being waved by some is in regards to him instigating and promoting the bullying activity in the House.

  14. Anybody thought any more about all of those boxes in HOH that someone once found some keys for? Every time someone messed with them, production told them to knock it off. I kept thinking those would eventually come into play somehow.

  15. so tedious,
    always blind side, but why? whats the big deal of keeping everyone “calm”,
    always know who PAUL will allow to win the hoh and pov.

    • Blindsides keep Paul’s hands clean. Allows him to keep playing all sides of the House. The evicted HG only realizes they’ve been had by Paul when they leave. Then it’s too late.

  16. Alex certainly wasn’t my favorite going into the game, but then again, it’s the first season I can remember NOT having 1 or 2 clear favs. So, she & Jason have grown on me quite a bit. Plus Jason reminds me of my husband when we met forever ago also because he was an ex-bull rider/rodeo man himself. I had mixed feelings about Paul all of last year but I liked his game more when this year started~certainly can’t deny his very intelligent & thorough domination. I was just disappointed Dominique couldn’t defend her position better bcuz she was certainly first to see him clearly! But now I’m just annoyed they’re ALLLL so stupid & following him soooo blindly. I never believed he’d be voted out even if on the block bcuz they all love him & thought he was helping them.

    I really hoped Paul would wind up accidentally winning this last hoh so he’d HAVE to show his cards. Can’t believe they all think mark deserved more respect going out the door w full knowledge of their plan more than Jason. And hope when Christmas is the tie breaker that he exposes their final 5 alliance declared just last week, though ppl would probably just think it’s salty grapes as he’s headed out the door. Ive been indifferent to Christmas the whole time, even w the foot ordeal~if the HGs didn’t care to evict her, then why should production?!? But there’s no way a final 3 w her, josh, & Paul work for competition…instead of a 3 round elimination process, it would be 1 event between Paul & josh bcuz she would have to forfeit. That they don’t see Paul would CRUSH them in that situation makes me think they deserve whatever they get, it’s just growing old to watch them all be so ignorant!! Josh only won 1 luck comp & Christmas had 2 thrown to her…they’d never stand a chance in the end.
    As for this week, it’s my eternal HOPE that Alex wins the DE hoh & at LEAST goes after Christmas for breaking up their alliance just 1 week later. Putting up HEr & josh & then winning veto herself would send out at least 1 of them. Hopefully she won’t throw anything to Paul or anyone else, recognizing that the only way she can guarantee her own safety is controlling her own fate~they trusted throwing this one & look what it got Jason. I have hope Alex is smarter than that. It’s interesting that josh is the only one actually seeing, or at least feeling it in his gut, that something’s off w the whole scenario. Maybe Dom’s advice will start to resonate in his head & he’ll trust his instincts. It would be hilarious if they threw the hoh to him & he put Paul up!!
    The WORST part of Paul’s plan at this point is the fact that, even if jury members got to talking & figured out just how much he played every single side, & therefore took the position of NOT voting for him to win not because he didn’t masterfully manipulate them all but just because they don’t like how he did it, then that leaves whoever he takes to f2 out of xmas & josh to be the winner, & THAT is a sickening thought!! Though josh would easily deserve it out of those 2 given where he was during the 1st hoh comp, all the crying & missing mommy, to going at it w almost everyone in there, & ultimately be standing in the end despite the somewhat loveable lunatic he is.
    I initially had MUCH more hope for Kevin eventually schooling all the kids at some point, but that’s clearly never happening now, & the fact that he thinks the social game he’s played is beyond everyone else he’s bitched about as floating by doing NOthing is laughable. I can’t even see a clear candidate for AFH! And sincerely hope next season is cast w ppl who aren’t ALL seeking fame & recognition in some other career while using BB as their platform. Bring back regular Joe Schmo!!

    • I agree with almost everything you said, with the exception of supporting Alex & Jason. I was rooting for Alex in the beginning, and was starting to warm up to liking Jason, but then he had to start saying his controversial comments about what he would do to Kevin’s wife/daughters. Joke or not, that made me lose any and all respect for him. Just curious, do you watch the feeds, or even Big Brother after dark? Alex has been fortunate that production has edited the episodes in her favor; so as frustrating as it is, it’s understandable how someone can root for her if they only watch the Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday episodes… Alex has become so vile that I actually started to prefer Josh over her, and that’s bad!!!!! Either way, sadly, we don’t have much to choose from, so regardless of whom we support, someone is going to differ, so I am glad that you at least have someone to root for! It’s not fun when you don’t want ANY of the remaining HG’s to win! Haha Anyways, I hope you have a great week!

  17. There’s one other scenario where Josh runs his piehole so much this week that Paul and Christmas decide he has to go. It’s a long shot but could happen. Josh would be the ideal HG to go in a DE.

    • Josh going clears the finish line for Paul. He’s the only one asking questions now that Jason is about to be evicted. Kevin is completely alone and is not a threat.

      • Paul is quietly planting seeds with Christmas along these lines, and they’re both getting annoyed. I think Paul’s just hedging his bets at this point, but Josh is on thin ice.

      • They need to be careful with Josh. All it would take is him throwing his eviction vote to Kevin and Paul and Christmas might be swimming upstream.

      • Yes, Josh is becoming a serious liability. Paul is starting to see that, so it will be interesting to see how he deals with it.

      • I would like that, except for Kevin leaving, but if it meant throwing a kink in Paul’s plans, then I’m all for it! (I know that you are a fan of Pauls, and I respect that, but I still would love to see him evicted!) 😁

      • So odd how we all watch the show and see things so differently. I have thought Kevin is a shady tattle-telling snitch since very early in the game. That type game play, if you call it that, does not appeal to me. There is just something about him that skeeves me out. Call it a gut feeling or woman’s intuition, but it hit me hard and has intensified through out the game, so it won’t bother me at all to see him leave, but after Jason, please.

      • Oh I completely agree with you. I have thought Kevin to be sketchy from the very beginning, and I certainly see what you are talking about! Just because I am okay with him, by default, doesn’t really mean that I like him! Haha I despise them all! Just for this week, he is the least despicable one, in my opinion, but that could change very quickly! It’s extremely difficult to support any of them when you want them all evicted! lol I suppose that I am still holding out for a miracle!

        Oh, and yes, it is strange how ten people can watch the exact SAME thing, but see something completely different and have ten different perspectives. I suppose that we are all somewhat biased and allow that, or our own personal feelings dictate what we “see”..? 😁

  18. If he didn’t have everyone already bamboozled, Paul would’ve been backdoored a long time ago. Given some time, and some conversation sans Paul, it could happen sooner than we think. Since he’s been keeping his hands clean in the house, either everyone is going to praise him in the Jury house for his game play…or sink him because of it.

    • Considering how things have gone all summer, Paul will be praised for it. Even Cody made a few remarks about respecting Paul’s game and that he is actually playing BB. I’m FAR from a Paul fan, but I don’t see Paul losing this season. I would rather Kevin win, not that I like him, but because I can’t stand the others, but if Kevin doesn’t win, (HIGHLY UNLIKELY), then as much as it pains me to type it, Paul deserves to win over the remaining HGs..

  19. I wished Somebody get balls or brains to see Paul has them as puppets all the time. And Put Paul up on block and see him out the door. Bunch of idiots

  20. People obviously miss their thinking, but they’re not dumb. Hitching to someone who has proven he can make Final 2 is smart. All they have to do is make Final 3, then win HOH and evict Paul. Everyone left is thinking that. Everyone gone did not. Remind me again, who’s dumb?

    • They are dumb. Paul will win Final 2 regardless of who’s next to him. Paul has made sure that all the strong players are evicted before Final 4. The Final 3 is likely to be Christmas, Paul, & Jason. Paul has an extremely high chance of winning the last HOH.

      • Agree, except for Jason being in the Final 3. Unless a miracle happens between now and Thursday, Jason will be going to jury this week.

    • It is dumb when you can win $500,000 and settle for $50,000 or even nothing but, your stipend? A number of them are not even aiming for 2nd and $50,000 which shows their stupidity! It is a best of 3 HOHs when it gets down to 3 house guests and with this bunch, they will have a hard time beating Paul. The big competitors like Jason and Alex are just about out. Who is going to beat Paul, Raven, Josh or Christmas with her broken foot? Yes, they are dumb but, can still luck out and win $50,000 without trying! After all, someone has to win 2nd! Josh probably has the inside track on that!

  21. I have watched Big Brother since it started and feel that this is worst season ever!! You should have never let a second place vet enter the game. The competition has been awful and the language that has had to be bleeped out has been awful. Not even going to watch the end of the season it has been so bad! Hate it but good bye Big Brother! 👎

    • Same here. I stopped watching. I can’t believe how pathetic the players are this season. Alex telling Paul she wants to come in second place, the house guests wanting to go to jury to vote for Paul, Josh being stupid enough not to realize that he is a beeotch when he wanted to be in on Paul’s plan to help him win the HOH and Paul telling him, Josh, just go be Josh. Does Josh not realize when you are not in on a plan, you are not in the club? I guess not. The HG’s are an amazing disappointment this year. Can’t wait for survivor now.

    • I agree! I stopped watching the episodes about a month ago because it is sickening, and makes me mad how they edit the true nature of these despicable people! I only keep up with it through this, and not because I care, but because I have spent so much time with it this summer and I want to make it through, somehow. In almost every scenario, whomever wins is undeserving, and I will be disgusted by the outcome, but I suppose that I will continue to torture myself and follow through with it. 😏 Hopefully Surviver will be great this season and make up for a wasted summer with BB! 😁 Fingers crossed!

    • Evict them all and donate all the money for the disaster relief efforts in Texas! None of them are deserving of the money or the title of winning!

  22. Do these HG’s ever talk to each other ? Paul could be outed SO easily ! But each one ONLY gets their info from Paul ! There’s NO WAY that I’d just take Paul’s word on EVERYTHING !

    • That’s a good point. . . I’ve never seen a season where HG’s don’t talk game with each other like this one. Paul must be really tired. He is everywhere keeping everyone in line.

    • They do talk to each other, but the problem is one member of each twosome is firmly in Paul’s pocket, and that person will always run every conversation back to Paul, who will straighten out their thinking hook, line and sinker. Nobody should ever trust anybody not to run directly to Paul. The people who should have been working together – Jason, Josh and Kevin – haven’t been because Paul is controlling Christmas and Alex, their ride or dies.

  23. Last eviction they should have voted out Paul or Alex, not Matt. This week, Alex and Paul should be shown the BB door. But of course, this won’t happen!

  24. I just checked the feeds and notice there’s only 5 seats at the table. Is that a production ‘mistake’ or are they trying to tip these HG off to the DE?

  25. Paul should not throw comp to Josh since Josh’s critical thinking skills have suddenly come to play. Or so, we are to think, lol.

  26. My hope is Alex goes right after Jason, she deserves to go first. She is a horrible person, all the bad things she has said about Kevin then the lastest saying Kevin’s dad is a “scum bag” and a “douche” I can’t wait till the show is done and she realizes most people don’t like her

  27. Unfortunately, Matthew, you hit the nail on the head. I wish you were wrong, and it was possible that Paul would be the one that is evicted, but like you said, even IF he got put otb, he would still be safe! Extremely frustrating to watch unfold!!!!!
    I would be content with either Alex or Raven leaving during the second eviction, seeing how it’s extremely unlikely that Paul would be evicted. Actually, I would be okay with any or all of them getting evicted! Haha
    Like I’ve said in posts before, I am only supporting Kevin by default, because I absolutely loathe them all, but in all actuality, Kevin doesn’t deserve to win based on game play alone, but I would still prefer Kevin to win this season!

  28. I’ve never seen a bigger bunch of sheep in my life. Each and every week Paul has manipulated them and they enjoyed it. In fact they embraced it. Should this show make it to season 20 they need to make some major changes. Should Paul win it all I’d like to see him thank everyone by saying, BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

  29. I love how everyone is blaming production for prolonging Paul’s game, and yet it was “America” who voted for him to get the 3 weeks of safety when he first strolled into the house. If they had made him ineligible for the temptation, everyone would’ve been in an uproar for singling him out. Not to mention that Jason had every opportunity to backdoor Paul during the double eviction and didn’t take it, and everyone that bothered to even mention an idea to get him out, got chewed out by Paul himself. Regardless of the fact that Paul said himself he would’ve voted the vet out first chance he got. I’ve basically come to the conclusion that if they’re all going to just “lay down and die” then none of them deserved it anyways. Honestly I think a spinoff where Paul, Christmas, Alex, Jason, Josh, Matt and Raven are continued to be followed by cameras as they fall victim to the aftermath of everything they’ve done this season would be hella entertaining. Watching them try to navigate through what they “think” will be the adoration and love to come would be the best way to end the season in my opinion. Haha.

  30. Dream Situation: Votes tie 2-2 (Paul and Alex vote Kevin, Josh and Raven vote out Jason), and Christmas votes out Jason.
    Veto: Kevin wins Veto and places up Paul and Josh for eviction. Josh’s personality of being annoyed with Paul gets him to ally with Kevin and potentially Raven and they team up to make sure one of them wins POV to get Josh off of the block. Either one of those 3 win and they use the veto to remove Josh from the block. Kevin replaces Josh with Christmas, and they manage to get Paul out with a 2-1 vote. (Josh and Raven vote for Paul, Alex votes for Christmas).
    If that happens, all hell breaks loose. Alex and Christmas flip, the new alliance of Raven, Josh, and Kevin soon guarantee their final 3 alliance will make it, as Alex is mainly on her own due to Christmas’s leg injury preventing her from possibly competing in the next HOH.

  31. Dream Situation: Votes tie 2-2 (Paul and Alex vote Kevin, Josh and Raven vote out Jason), and Christmas votes out Jason.
    Veto: Kevin wins HOH and places up Paul and Josh for eviction. Josh’s personality of being annoyed with Paul gets him to ally with Kevin and potentially Raven and they team up to make sure one of them wins POV to get Josh off of the block. Either one of those 3 win and they use the veto to remove Josh from the block. Kevin replaces Josh with Christmas, and they manage to get Paul out with a 2-1 vote. (Josh and Raven vote for Paul, Alex votes for Christmas).
    If that happens, all hell breaks loose. Alex and Christmas flip, the new alliance of Raven, Josh, and Kevin soon guarantee their final 3 alliance will make it, as Alex is mainly on her own due to Christmas’s leg injury preventing her from possibly competing in the next HOH

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