Big Brother 19: Counting The Votes In Week 1 [POLL] – Update: Josh Declares Intentions

There are twelve votes ahead this week on Big Brother 19 and there’s plenty of uncertainty going around for which side will win the battle for the votes for the first eviction of Big Brother.

Cody counting votes on Big Brother 19

We almost thought there’d be a wrench in the works after Christmas badly injured her foot, but she’s back in the house with a cast and crutches. She won’t be much help to her allies in the physical comps, but she’s a vote and proponent in the fight against the showmances. Meanwhile you’ve got Jillian on the other side and yeah, it’s just Jillian. She’s there and a vote too.

With an even number of votes there’s a chance that Cody’s influence on the week isn’t over just yet. If things fail to tip in one direction then Cody will send Christmas out the door. Without a doubt. So her side better lock down seven votes and avoid that situation if they want to keep her, but it might not be easy.

Right now we’ve got Cody and Jessica pressing hard on their former close allies to keep Jillian over Christmas. Jessica is working on Raven and Elena while Cody has been talking with the guys. That effort isn’t going so well. Elena, Matt, and Raven seem pretty set on voting to keep Christmas. Mark is wavering a bit. He wants to remain loyal to Cody, but also seems to want to keep Christmas. Mark has told Cody he’d wait a few more days to decide and would see then, but he’s also had a long talk with Dominique who appeared to bring him back to keeping Christmas.

So that also gives us Dominique and Paul squarely in the VTE-Jillian camp. Paul has been working on Kevin, but Kevin is questionable still at this point in my mind. He and Josh could end up our swing votes for the week. I believe both have promised both sides, but if they vote in opposite directions, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Josh stick it to Cody on the vote and help try to keep Christmas. Kevin seems close to Paul, but he may have also promised Alex support here. Originally I had both of these guys, Josh & Kevin, in the VTE-Jillian column, but in case they’re not as set as I thought I’ll mark them “uncertain.”

Update: This afternoon Josh cam-talked that he’ll prove his loyalty to Paul & Christmas by voting out Jillian and playing on their side. I’ll move him over to that group then which gives them the edge, if they hold Mark or pull in Kevin.

Alex is definitely wanting to keep Jillian at this point. She’s talked with Jason and both feel that Cody helped them out this week so they want to return the favor. Alex thinks Cody threw the Veto to her so he could do a renom while Jason knows Cody could have easily given in to the group and put him on the Block. Paul has been working on these two as well and I started to think he had Jason, but then you hear Jason talk with Alex and he seems back to voting to evict Christmas.

That leaves us with Ramses. He’s not in the former group of nine but even Alex and Jason don’t know quite how much he’s with them either after they discuss if he’s just fishing for info with them. Since he is more of an “outsider” at this point I would expect him to vote to keep Jillian.

Update: Ramses confirmed to Elena that he has to vote to evict Christmas because he already promised to keep Jillian and it’s too late for him to change that.

Running all those numbers down gives us a close situation, but as of last night, here’s where I believe votes may lie. This has been a very fluid situation though, more so than many weeks of Big Brother, so put these down in pencil.

Christmas VTE: Jessica, Alex, Jason, & Ramses
Jillian VTE: Dominique, Elena, Mark, Matthew, Paul, & Raven, + Josh
Uncertain VTE: Josh & Kevin

Now that Josh has declared he’ll stay with Christmas then that’s enough votes if all of her allies hold their position even if Kevin helps vote against Christmas, which I’m still not convinced he’ll do, especially if he finds out the numbers are against them there.

How do you think the votes will go? Which side of the house will win this battle? Share your thoughts and vote now in our own poll here to see what our readers predict will happen on Thursday night’s live eviction show for Big Brother 19.



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  1. I think you summarized that very well. After last night’s meeting where Paul, Dom, Christmas, Raven, Matt, Mark, and Elena met and compared notes and openly all declared Cody and Jess have to go I think those 6 votes are solid. I agree only Josh and Kevin votes are a mystery at this point, but my gut is Josh will vote out Jillian for now which is what I want to happen. Christmas is a much more interesting player moving forward than Jillian IMO.

    • I think you’re right about Josh. If I had to pick now, he’ll probably go against Jillian. Fine by me for sure. Hasn’t done a bit for me yet on the Feeds.

      • Hopefully DR’s on Wednesday’s show will clarify where Josh and Kevin really fall.

      • All Jillian does is walk around like a little lost puppy, playing with her hair and making sure her clothes look OK on her. She seems so clueless..Christmas is waaaay more interesting and fun to watch..feisty little thing, she is! Jillian is as boring as a box of rocks!

      • Wait a minute… is Jillian still in the house?? ;)

        Oh, I hadn’t realized. I must have been napping when she was on! Hahaha!!

      • Howdy Joni! Hope you’re having a great 4th my friend!

        Glad we can entertain you today, but just wait…if the feeds keep at it like they have this week, it’ll get better! ;) Love this cast. So many drama queens, villains, strategists and clowns. It’s going to be great!!

      • Don’t forget self-absorbed too as a few have shown to be! LOLOL I’m having a very relaxing July 4th. Ended up in ER last night after I’d gone to Urgent Care for a UTI. Doc noticed my swollen foot and sent me to the hospital to make sure it wasn’t a blood clot. It’s not, several dollars later. But I got my script which cost only .84 for my UTI…LOL Swelling has gone down in my foot which stemmed from me hitting my shin on the coffee table the night before. I anticipated that, but doctors were perplexed by it because I didn’t have a bruise on my shin to prove it more visibly…they discovered that injury by pushing down on it…if I weren’t on a gurney I’d have slapped that dr because that did hurt til she let up on it..LOL

      • Thank God for that! Now to get rid of that other nasty thing called a UTI. I rarely get them, but when I do, I make sure no one is going to the lavatory after me! ahahaha

      • I use to get them all of the time! No matter what I did, I would always get them so I had a Little procedure done in my early 20s and I haven’t had one since. :-)

      • “The bag of rocks doesn’t say mean things about you when you’re not around”


      • Josh was cam talking at 11:51 on Cam 1/2. Just said his loyalty is to Christmas and Paul. That should be the last nail in the Jillian coffin.

      • You were right about all but Elena and Mark. After last night’s talk between Mark, Elena and Christmas, Elena has promised her vote to evict to Jillian. Mark may give his vote to evict to Jillian after the conversation he had with Christmas, her helping him to open up more, as Dom had done too. Did they change their minds after the conversations they had?

      • Hey Matt, strange question here but do you live in Pennsylvania? or Idaho? ?

    • Jill is kinda flirting with Josh as instructed by Jody. And Mark, I dunno, there’s still time to sway him back. He changed his mind like a million times yesterday.

    • I agree. I think Josh will VTE Jillian. Kevin will probably VTE Xmas. As long as They keep Josh’s vote, it’s ok anyway. I think Mark will stay strong. Cody is vulnerable next week.

      If Xmas gets HoH, she can plead payback (even Stevens) and put up Cody. If he wins POV, she can backdoor Jessica, who was campaigning to evict her this week. That’s just karma.

      • If Cody does get nominated I hope the HOH says something along the lines of …I just don’t like you or something similar.

      • Oh how I would love it if someone said that to Cody, I just can’t stand him, would love to see him go next

      • Only problem if he goes in the next few weeks is that he could quite likely win a Battle Back.

      • paul will talk her into taken jessica out he will say cody will win a buyback

      • And here Josh wanted Jillian to stay as she’s been there for him than the others have. Because he didn’t get much air time, I forgot he was still in the house! LOLOL

  2. Probably doesn’t matter anyway whoever gets voted out, Christmas or Jill might be thrown in to battle back against Carmen oops I mean Cameron, and whoever wins, he or she would enter the house again, otherwise there’s one extra week unaccounted for at the moment.

    • Possibility definitely. Or they do one double eviction instead of two if there are no pre-jury buybacks.

      • DE is the live attraction on Thursday night, I don’t think they want to reduce it. Last year they still had battle back, buy back and two DEs, right? So this is an extra week they will soon need to address.

    • The Halting Hex will balance the game out again. It is a temptation which prevents an eviction. If it is used, we will see a basic buyback and 2 Double Evictions.

    • Not really. The battle back is usually physical which would be a problem for Christmas.

  3. I really want Christmas to stay but shoot I just don’t want Paul all smuggy and runs the show. Alex for the next HoH!!!

    • Paul will run the show for a while due to his safety and his vet status, regardless of the vote this week

      • If xmas is voted out, he’s still immune and has time to get back in people’s good graces. He might squirm a little at first, but he will be back to loud and obnoxious Paul in no time.

  4. Josh told both jillian and christmas he is keeping them. However, he told jillian “Im keeping you” he told christmas “im keeping 100 i swear on my life”. Just with that i would say josh votes to keep xmas and then also he does seem to have a better connection with her. I think the vote will be either 7-5 or 8-4 in christmas’s favor.

  5. Honestly for most people in the house, I think it’s way better to keep Christmas. As for my own preference, I hate that Christmas is a soldier for Paul, in that regards I sort of want her out. But then again we’re only at week 1 so that can change down the line. Plus, Jillian has literally been doing nothing, not even trying to socialize with other HGs or campaign to save herself, so if she adds nothing in terms of strategy or fun in the house, she can go.

    • What do ya mean Jill did nothing? Jill is the witch in the house. Whoever sits beside her on nom chairs will get burn. Her sage wasn’t strong enough yesterday, hence X-mas is back. Not to worry tho, still plenty of time to sacrifice a goat in the backyard, or just kiss a Josh.

    • Between the two, Christmas is the strongest player and even though she has this injury, she is still a viable strong player with plenty of pull within the house. That being said, I think Christmas needs to go this week but my gut is telling me unless there is a tie, Jillian will go.

    • I can see Christmas having the guts to take PAUL out in the future. There is not many in the house that could do that. I don’t see JIllian having the ability to take anyone out without being a puppet for someone else.

      • Yeah… I think Jillian is just going to be the perma-pawn of the house if she stays long enough. And tbh, she might become the dullest perma-pawn in the history of BB if that’s the case

      • Exactly. Snoozefest of a houseguest! Michelle of BB 18, (albeit she hibernated half the day) was, at least, somewhat exciting on the live feeds.

        Jillian is never on the feeds because she is simply too boring. ugh.

    • I hope they keep Christmas… I think the entertainment value is >then Jillian long-term… I don’t see Jillian making big bold moves in the furure… But maybe Im wrong

      • I don’t think you are. Jillian is a boring floater that will be nothing more than the glorified pawn everyone uses all season. She has no social game at all, nor is she a physical threat.

        Let’s put it this way…she’s never on the live feeds because she’s simply not interesting enough to warrant a camera. I think that says it all.

  6. Bigger question is this, should Christmas get the votes to stay because she got injured or should she just be voted out and keep a player who can at least have a chance to compete in a physical comp? Christmas is still a strong player even with her injury but I feel Jillian will be the sacrifice this week after all.

    • Christmas is still a viable player because she has a good head on her shoulders. BB is a psychological game as well as a physical game. Look at Dr. Will, he won absolutely NO competitions in both season he was on, but he won season 2 and came in 4th season 7 as is generally considered one of, if not, the best BB player of all time. I think some may consider Derrick better, but only because Derrick wasn’t as hated… haha.

      Christmas could still be a great player in BB and never even compete in a physical comp if you ask me. She’s smart…and that’ll take you far in BB.

      • I’m all for keeping people in the house who are going to play the game no matter what (Christmas) rather than those just taking up space (Jillian). Christmas although injured has been campaigning to stay, can’t say the same for Jillian

      • Right? Christmas has done more for her game on crutches than Jillian has all week!! She is a snoozefest on the feeds…

        Please send her home HG!!

      • Yeah, even if they had a foot race I bet Christmas would beat Jillian, lol. And then Jillian would say Christmas had an unfair advantage cos she had crutches! SMH

      • ROTFLMAO!!!! OMG! Too funny!

        You have a good point. Not to mention, Jillian is just plain boring. Think about it…when is Jillian on the feeds? Hmm? Never. Why is that? Hmm, maybe b/c she is so UN-interesting she does not deserve a camera?? And what does that say about Jillian? It says snoozeworthy HG. Send her home!!

      • Yeah, you have to wonder when they were casting this season, what they thought Jillian would bring to the table.

      • I know. Branden called it right away on BBN. He couldn’t understand her draw and neither do I. She is about as exciting as watching grass grow and as interesting as a box of hair–neither of which floats my boat, so I hope she is booted this week!!

      • Reminds me of the joke about 2 blondes when they saw the sign “Disneyland left” and they turned back around! LOL

      • Great logic and it is hard to even try and not argue against what you said, so I won’t even try. Two thumbs up TGJ, Great insight to this season from looking back at the past.

      • I’m not completely sold on Derrick being better than Dr. Will, Derrick got cast in a cast of players who weren’t all that bright LOL. I still think Derrick played one of the best games of all time for sure, but I think Dr. Will and Dan Gheesling still keep their edge over him

    • Another big question might be if What’s Her Name, erm er uh, Jillian, can get her hind end out of a chair fast enough to even play in a physical comp.

    • I really can’t see Jillian as any kind of threat in a physical comp.

      • Neither do I and that is why said it would be both smarter and a good move to evict Christmas now.

      • Hey Willie, I want them to keep Christmas because that would make better watching for us down the road than Jillian. Forget about what’s good for their game, I want what’s good for my summer viewing. OMG I am sounding like Jess thinking it’s all about me, lol

    • She has a bigger personality than Jillian, which bodes well socially. She could possibly compete later after the results come back in a week as to whether she’ll need surgery or not. Others tend to gravitate towards her in a positive way than they have with Jillian too. I say Jillian should go. She won’t be missed by many especially during down times as Christmas would be missed.

      • I always enjoy talking to you so i will say this. Christmas would be the better of the two to stay but Jillian would always be worried about being on the block each week. Yes they could evict Jillian but for Sh&ts and Giggles, evicting Christmas would send a strong message to those who are a physical threat that if they try hard they could be on the block. The way I see it, no one should feel safe at this point in the game. Just my opinion but I do like yours as well.

      • I agree, as a mater of fact, put her up next to Cody or Jessica and let her squirm for a little bit.

  7. Jessica is really trying to play too hard way too early…it’s week 1. She shouldn’t care whether Christmas stays or Jillian stays, because truth be told, it’s very, very, VERY unlikely either of them will determine her game right now. She acts like this week is life or death for her game depending on if Christmas leaves or not, like…it’s only week 1!

    • At this point, it’s death for her either way because neither her former allies nor the outsiders will protect her anymore. Earlier in the week maybe it would’ve made somewhat of a difference, since Christmas is gunning for Cody. But had she jumped off Cody’s sinking ship or at the very least not been a total sourpuss about the whole situation she wouldn’t have ended up in her place right now

    • Yeah..She’s campaigning too hard, harder than Cody. She’s already exposed as a gamer and can’t be trusted.

      • Hey Cyril! Good to see you here. How are you enjoying this BB cast so far?
        I think they’re putting an extra dose of cray-cray in the Kool-Aid this year! hahaha!

        But back to your topic… Yeah, Jess has suddenly decided to pit herself against Christmas in an all out war, telling the others (Matt, Raven, Mark & Elena) if they choose Xmas then they are backstabbing Jess. Bad move. It makes her look like she’s trying to bully them into voting her way…even Cody knew not to do that! haha.

      • Hey you! Loved the casts. Drama on the fist week? Aggressive players like Cody/Jess. Then Josh as Lou Ferrigno. Crazy Paul, the ‘buffer in the house. Christmas! Oh don’t forget Kevin. He’s one of the investor on ‘Shark Tank’..did you know? lol

      • Kevin is an investor on Shark Tank?! No. Did not know that at all. Just like I didn’t realize how “famous” Christmas is until I googled her. She has almost a half million instagram followers and has been featured on several major news programs! This cast is (by far) the most interesting since the early days of BB. And Cody & Jess as villains has its merits as well. ;)

      • Kevin O’Leary is a Shark Tank investor, but I don’t think our BB Kevin is. However, our BB Kevin was Mr. Masssachusetts, 1986! He is such a ray of sunshine and a Leo too, as he shared the other night. Born August 7th, and one of seven kids with seven kids of his own. Seriously lovable.

      • Kevin is definitely the wheeler dealer type. Can see him walking around his ‘hood in Boston, everyone knows him and goes to him to get things done. He probably has a table at some bar/deli/coffehouse where he holds court, lol

      • Funny as all get-out. Wish he’d just talk slower for me because I can’t hear fast! :-)

      • He’s not…just looks like one of them on that show. Cyril was being facetious! haha

      • which one? the one in the blue dress? cos I see Kevin O’Leary and Robert H but no BB Kevin lol

      • Hahaha! Blue dress! Lmao!
        Seriously tho, he totally looks like the guy next to blue dress, don’t you think?

      • And like it doggy style so both of them can watch the hockey game at the same time. LOL No offense to Canadians…I love them, but the joke is funny nonetheless.

      • What? Joni? never heard that one before. Going out to dinner tonight, am going to borrow that one, thx

      • Learn something new every day! LOLOL My Canadian friends loved it and capitalized on it with their Canadian friends, so why not you too! :-)

      • I did and they loved it. Pretty sure they’ll tell two friends and they’ll tell two friends and so on and so on …….

      • Wow! Yes, I do believe that is. same suit, just different hair. That was probably a few kids earlier! haha!

        Great find, Cy! No wonder he’s cool under pressure.

      • Kevin is not Robert Herjavec, although he looks like him on Shark Tank…don’t think Cyril was referring to him as Kevin O’Leary. Ahahaha That’s who I compared him to initially! LOL

      • Oh, I wasn’t sure, but I thought BB Kevin looked like the guy in the suit next to blue dress! ;) Either way, BB Kevin is pure entertainment on the feeds and I want him to have a long BB game & future. :)

      • Yes Debbie. I wished they do it again. Less editing is great. It’s ‘raw. Watching the comp from beginning to end was awesome.

      • They’ve got to get a little more organized though. Otherwise, it was 👍. Were you team Morgan, or team JRoy?

        You could Nevada! 😆

      • Cody can’t really campaign, since his choice was already made when he nommed her. His hands are tied now as to the outcome. At least he still has someone campaigning for his choice to go.

      • He did campaign for Christmas to be evicted, didn’t he? but not as hard as his die-hard, loyalist friend Jess…that’s all I’m saying.

    • Either way she’s screwed.
      She’s so paranoid that she told PAUL of all people to vote out Christmas so she and her boy toy can be safe…. nevermind the fact that said boy toy backdoored Paul

  8. I know a lot of you want to see Jillian go…but I don’t want either her to go (nor do I want Christmas to either)…the reason is because I want the outsiders to succeed and I’m not sure Christmas would actually go against the cool kids Alliance…

    • WAY too early to feel bad about the underdogs. Haven’t even had the first eviction yet and the Power Couples have already imploded. Things will change a LOT in the coming weeks and we need people who can stand up to Paul. Like him better this year but IF he wins he should have to work for it. I want Christmas to stay.

  9. Well I gotta say not liking a lot of this cast. I’m my opinion the worst so far. I hope Paul can get some power soon and start picking off these showmance. Starting with Cody and Jessiça those two have got to go!

    • I disagree on the cast being bad. Imo, Alex is a fierce competitor who seems to be loyal to her ride or die, Jason. Christmas, is also loyal and fierce when it comes to staying in the BB house; moreover, I loved how she called Cody on his lies when he blindsided her. Matt, Mark, Elena and Raven jumped in with Cody & Jess because of the showmance tie, but that is all breaking down now and does provide some interesting feeds. And then there is Kevin and Paul, who are both pretty hilarious at times in the live feeds. Josh is drinking the BB Kool-Aid and is off the wall at times, but still…interesting feeds. IMO, Jillian is the most boring HG, that is why I would not mind at all if she left this week.

      Sorry you’re not enjoying this season so far, but I, for one, am looking at the silver lining and how great the feeds are because of the drama within the house–which is what BB producers look for when casting, after all, this was designed as a social experiment to put together a group of people from all walks of life that would rub each other the wrong way at times…

      • ITA! With the exception of Cody and Jess (which I understand there has to be a villan or 2 every season) I love this cast, especially Kevin! I personally think they should cast a few more older competitors every season bc they are usually the most interesting out of the group. However this season has been far more interesting an entertaining in these first 2 weeks than the last 2 seasons combined. Producers really stepped it up with the twists this year imo.

      • Totally agree, hon!! I am glued (absolutely glued) to my feeds each day! I never even *checked* the feeds until noon in BB18!!!! ;)

        So-so-so glad they have adapted the HG up by 10am they started in BBOTT in regular BB. Makes for better feeds as well.

        As far as Kevin…couldn’t have said it better myself. I think he is funny and empathetic to his fellow HG. He is playing a great social game right now b/c eveyrone likes him!

      • Yes, Kevin is on a roll right now… first he bagged the 25k, then Josh unknowingly threw the HOH comp so he didn’t have to and everyone seems to love him. He’s doing awesome! I know the odds are against him for taking it all, but I’m rooting for him :)

      • Hahaha! I know, I’d like to see him go far. If he does, I think he’d be the first over 40 HG to make it to jury since Jerry in season 10.

      • So, besides Donny & Jerry…it’s been a while since an old timer has made it far in BB?

        Well, actually, Evel Dick was in his 40’s too when he won it, wasn’t he? But then again, ED is in a league of villains all on his own. Kevin is a way nicer guy! I’d like to see a nice old guy go far!! hahahaha!

      • Yes, ED is a legend and definitely one of a kind! Aww, talking about older seasons makes miss the early years of this show. We don’t get players like Evel Dick, Mike Boogie and Dr. Will anymore… those were the good ol days lol

      • I know. I think Paul is a bit like ED in that (in his season) he was loud and obnoxious at times, but had a great social game; i.e., even when people hated him, he still was out there every day talking game and forming bonds with other HG.

        And he was a villain of his season…Will was too. Villains do win BB, but not this season. Don’t see Cody sharing the spotlight with ED or Will Kirby, do you??

      • Totally agree! I love Paul, him and Vic were my faves last year. Like alot of ppl I was hoping for all newbies and no vets this season but if anyone had to return I’m glad it’s him. Realistically I know Kevin won’t go far even though I’m rooting for him, but my real picks are Paul and Alex. Paul for obvious reasons and Alex bc she is a strong competitor and if she can align herself with the right people she has a strong chance of winning it all imo.

      • We are like sisters from another Mister! ITA! LOVED Victor!
        Voted for him as AFP for each and every vote. :)

        Like you, I love Alex (I’m tiny but mighty) too!!!
        And Paul…well, he is just out there socially always working on developing those relationships. He talks to everyone, no matter what and I love that. He came into this game last year as a total recruit, knew nothing of the game, but learned from his initial mistakes (Jozea!!).

        After Vic came back, they formed the Sitting Ducks and Paul really did very well by staying true to his ride or die bud (Vic) and I was really impressed with his game last season. Cody actually did him a favor, imo, because he made Paul a (near) martyr…i.e., almost evicted, but not, and I think if Paul continues to build the bonds he’s creating in the aftermath of Cody, then he could take this season…like Rachel did in 13.

      • Oh come on, tell me you didn’t like Dan Gheesling or Frank Eudy just a little bit and big players too.

      • I definitely respect Dan’s game play. I don’t think anyone could have pulled off what he did I just didn’t personally like him. And I TOTALLY loved Frank lol, he was definitely one of my faves :)

      • Donny in season 16.

        Joe in season 14.

        Shelly in season 13 – and Evel Dick won.

        Kathy in season 12.

        Renny in season 10.

        There have been fewer over 40 that *didn’t* make it to jury than did.

      • Edit: Now that I think about it, didn’t Donny make it to jury too?! I know he won America’s Favorite but I think he went to the JH too. I loved him too! See, it’s always the older guys that win America over haha!

      • Me too! I’m hoping if they do an All Star season again they bring him back, he really was the best and had an amazing social game.

      • I would too, hon. Donny was such a good ol boy. In fact, I thought Cornbread (from BBOTT) was going to be like Donny, but it turned out he was just pretending to be a good ol boy and was really a sneaky, mean ol boy who had to go ASAP! haha

      • I hated Christine, she was one of the creepiest HG’s. You didn’t really see it on the show so much but on the feeds she was all over Cody, all the time. Rubbing up on him, caressing his arm, legs, ugh, it was relentless.

      • ROTFLMA!! You two (I’m including fiddleDeeDee in this) are freaking hi-lar-i-ous!!!

        Make this board highly entertaining!

      • Hahaha, thanks TGJ, you’re not too bad yo-self!! Welcomed change from last years boards, everyone was so dang serious all the time.

      • That’s the way to be, and that’s exactly the way I like it. I was called a racist last year, didn’t sit well with me. Oh well. BB is supposed to be fun, leave the other junk out of it.

      • I know. I almost felt worse for her family because her husband said he was okay with whatever Christine did in the BB house to win. She was an embarrassment.

      • He’s so utterly charming. I’m sure he has the ladies oooing and ahhing over him all the time. Thanks for coming to hang out in SMV’s room, I hope you enjoyed it and I hope to see you there again! :)

      • I’ll be joining you there from time to time. But I can’t give up my other regs I’ve known for four years! :-)

      • Yeah, she actually was booed when she exited the house! Not even Paulie or Michelle from last season were booed, but Christine was.

        Must have been her ick and snake factor huh? ;)

      • I think it had more to do with the huge amount of disrespect she showed her husband.

      • I absolutely LIVED for them booing her, it was well deserved lol

      • Extremely well deserved! I felt so sorry for her husband.

        Just like I feel sorry for Jessica’s mother!! ;)

      • I cannot stand Frankie, they better not ever try to bring him back!

      • That laugh, oy vey!! Couldn’t stand it and I loved it when Donny and Nicole were shading her, hilarious!

      • Exactly, Dan He’s got that 25k, but I’d really like to see him in jury. He’s a great leveling factor to the some of the more cray-cray HG!

      • The feeds have been so good, it’s hard for me to get anything done!! LOL

      • :) I know, right! We have it all this season. The strategists…the villains, the social clowns and the social loudmouth (Paul)! Makes for great BB TV imo.

      • You know what? I actually miss that in the show. Sometimes it would be great because there was the awkwardness between enemies within the house, but then you’d also have those really touching moments too when a HG would get an especially great letter. Y’know what I mean?

      • Do you think that they won’t show that this season. I assumed that Cody just refused to do it

      • LOL, Cody doesn’t have that kind of power with BB. He signed away his life when he entered the BB house.

      • I was wondering that myself. They probably tried to give him the letter from his family and all he said was, “Burn it” lol… I swear that dude is soulless!

      • I miss it too. I loved seeing the different reactions of the HG’s. The looks on some of the faces were priceless and you could tell who was in the current HOH’s alliance based on how long they stayed up there and in what order they left the room.

      • Loved when Paul yelled at Alex, “why are you so loud?” And she replied loudly, “Look who’s talking!” hahahahaha

      • Kevin is much better than Donny. I wasn’t a big Donny fan. He rarely spoke or interacted with the others, he just want that entertaining, to me. Kevin on the other hand is in the mix, hanging with the other HG’s, making them laugh, laughing with them. He is gold.

      • I think Kevin is a little more social with the other HG and that could be b/c he has kids that are the same age, so he can relate better than Donny could.

      • Especially a father of 7 children than one that just has one toddler at home! hahaha

      • Omg I was cracking up the other night when he was talking about when his daughters are sad he likes to send them “mojos” to cheer them up lmao he’s so cute! I love how he isn’t fully caught up on current lingo.

      • He was just talking about that, about 30 minutes ago! LOL

      • And no napping during the day for the majority of the hgs is now allowed, and no napping anywhere but in the HN room for the HN noms.

      • I think this is my *most* favorite thing BB production took from BBOTT! The no napping and up by 10 am rule. After the snooze fest of BB 18 and HG sleeping all-freaking-day, the producers changed it up a bit with OTT & then kept it changed for the summer season too.

        Not at all unhappy about this change!

      • I meant to say napping is not allowed during the day…geesh, but yep, I am so glad they finally made it a rule. Season 17 had a lot of snoozers too if I recall.

      • Plus it’s not a given as to who will be voted out. Much more interesting than voting with the house.

      • I know. I think this might be the 1st regular season of BB in a while that we might not see the “go with the house unanimous vote” crap! *crosses fingers* at least I hope so.

      • Do you chat on feeds and which room do you go to? I’m in SMV’s room, best room in the chat-o-verse.

      • what name do you chat under, if you don’t mind divulging. I’ve never thought SMV’s room goes too fast, in fact it seems kind of slow this year compared to last year.

      • That’s the name of the room, SMV’s room in the feed chats.

      • TGJ, go into SMV’s room, it’s the best and it isn’t like the main room. I know you would love it, lot’s of funny people in there.

    • I agree about Cody and Jess… On the Contrary, I like this cast compared to the past 2-3 seasons… So much has happened in the first week(s) it keeps me entertained..

    • I agree with getting Jessica and Cody out. I want Paul to go out as soon as his safety is gone. Liking Matt and Mark and hope they breakaway from Cody. Raven isn’t quite as annoying as I thought she be. Like Elena and Christmas.

      • I love Christmas! When she called Cody out as a liar… Wowsa! Loved that! She’s smart and strong enough to call it like she sees it. Even if she can’t compete physically, Christmas is a force to be reckoned with.

        Also, love Kevin too. He’s pure gold on the live feeds! I have to disagree with you on Paul tho. He brings a lot to the feeds. He’s entertaining and, so far this season, (imo) he’s trying to minimize the personality traits that made some people dislike him last season.

      • Can’t I love to hate him sometimes?? haha!

        JK. Actually, I do get it. Kind of like Evel Dick. Love him or hate him, but you have to admit he played a good social game!

      • I love Paul but when he went on that rant the other night, I think it was Saturday??, I wanted to pull my f’ing hair out!

      • I know. I was like Paul…settle down, let’s not have a BB 18 episode here. Ugh.

        I was glad he has seemed to settle down again and is letting them give him info rather than going on a tirade looking for it.

    • I have no problem with the casts. I thought we have some interesting characters. They’re not boring. So far it’s unpredictable.

  10. YES! Josh just said he’s loyal to Christmas and Paul and will show them his loyalty this week with his vote. That’s now Paul, Dom, Matt, Raven, Mark, Elena, and Josh for the majority of the vote.

    • I hope so, but he is so easily manipulated, I think if Jessica told him she’d flash him her *assets* he’d vote her way just as easily!!

      • No he seems solid. He said he knows Kevin wants him gone and was very level headed. I think he’s settled into the game fairly well. Cody and Jessica are the new house target now.

      • :) *does a happy dance*! I really want Jillian to go. Not even coz it will totally mess up Cody’s game either (although that is just pure gold), but also b/c she is just boring on the feeds. I actually wanted her out 1st night. Would’ve much rather witnessed her eviction over Cameron’s!!

      • Agreed. She’s the only one in the game left that isn’t interesting on feeds.

      • Not at all. Her entire conversations are self-centered and revolve around is she safe this week. That is ALL she talks about. *snooze* develop a social game Jillian and then we’ll talk. :(

      • The test with Josh will be when he is no longer ‘safe’. Will the paranoia set in again like before he had the golden apple? Right now he’s comfortable because he is safe. let’s see what he does when he’s not.

      • Oh girl, you know he is going to lose his marbles right? Haha!
        The BB social experiment is too much for this guy and I predict he goes into another meltdown almost as soon as the next HG is out the door!

        Hopefully, that will be Jillian, because Xmas is one of the only people who can calm Josh down! ;)

  11. Jillian is honestly one of my least favorite houseguests to ever be on the show. She’s just boring and whiny. I need her to go and then Cody.

    • I agree. I wanted Jillian out the first night. She is simply a warm glass of milk to me = unappetizing.

      Her conversations revolve entirely around herself and her safety. Nothing else.


    • Jillian is such a yawn, she brings nothing to the table. Not sure what BB saw in this bore when they were vetting her. She can’t even carry on a conversation and when she is talking its whining. Nothing entertaining about this chick.

      • Do you remember Branden’s 1st take on the HG? He even said that…why is Jillian here?

        Branden…you called that one right.

        Anyhoo.. Christmas (even on crutches) is FAR more entertaining and exciting as a HG imo. :)

      • I don’t remember, but he was right on the mark. I know Rob Cesternino of Rod has a Podcast was flummoxed as to why she was even coming on the show and predicted much the same as Branden

      • Yes. Utterly boring. If she isn’t passively asking/hinting at how safe she is this week, she’s off in a corner somewhere just playing with her hair.


      • I hope she is gone after this vote. It will force Ramses to interact more with the others. Still don’t have a good read on him at this point.

      • Yeah, me either. He’s like a little ghost that just flits from room to room without making a noise.

        Personally, I think Paul might be on to something when he says Ramses is just moving about gathering info. Remember Ian and Andy…? Other HG discounted them as threats, but their biggest weapons were the intel they had on the other Hg b/c no one noticed them when they were in the room with them!!

      • I like Ramses, as of now. I hope they give him a chance and don’t “categorize” him like BB HG’s tend to do without getting to really know the person. He seems like a good kid with a fun personality, I want to see more of it and less of the heauxmances.

      • I don’t know Ramses well enough to like him (or dislike him truthfully), but he does remind me a bit of Ian Terry, in that he seems to be listening far more than talking.

        Not a bad BB strategy, but I don’t really know where he’s at yet b/c he doesn’t talk that much.

        I’d like to see him talk a bit more game with the other HG.

      • Not sure yet, but he does enter and leave rooms quietly and sneakily at times…kind of like Ian did on BB 14.

      • That’s what I was thinking. Paul has pointed it out too. Ian & Andy both used information to win the entire BB game in their seasons. I give Paul credit for recognizing this (possible) strategy early on.

        Of course do the other HG listen to him? No. They’re like…not Ramses.

        Ha! That’s what Ian and Andy’s fellow Hg said too people!!!

      • I think production bring this kind of player on purpose. They do not want all 16 players to be strong. I dont know why, but that is what they do.

      • I can’t remember anyone more boring than this one. Even Victoria wasn’t this boring.

  12. Good – Jillian is boring and could float to the end like Spencer and Victoria if ignored. Actually I think Spencer and Victoria were better players. Jillian has no social game. Too many entertaining players have gone too early.

  13. Okay, who is totally excited about tomorrow’s POV show so we can finally *actually* see (with our own eyes and not through the HG stories) the initial reaction to Cody detonating the entire house by nominating Paul and then Christmas??!!

    • Yes! The 1st ever strong all-female alliance of BB!! I would love to see Alex Willlet come back for a regular season of BB!

    • Alex from OTT and this current Alex would have been fun to watch play the game together! I do think that the HG now who call Alex, Pao Pao, need to respect her and least call her by her correct name! Jessica and Cody call her that all the time.

      • Oh, OK.I just thought – when they showed them side-by-side Sunday night how much alike they look …

      • They actually do look alike, but I think it’s more their personalities and the hair color than anything else.

      • To be fair, Filipinos are quite diverse in looks themselves. Pao and Alex could be distant relatives. hehe

      • Yeah, Jessica started calling Alex, Pao Pao like in day 2. It’s annoying and rude! In fact, it was that name that caused the entire misunderstanding between Megan and Alex. Megan thought Jessica said panda, not Pao Pao and said Jessica was being racist. Jessica is a total mean girl who needs to go home, imo.

      • You’re absolutely correct re: Jessica calling Alex , “Pao Pao.” And here’s what’s worse about it all in my book: Jessica claims to be a “superfan” (can we PLEASE kill that term already?!?!?), so she’s clearly doing it on purpose to be disrespectful (at the very least!).
        But here’s my problem with Megan’s “misunderstanding ” or “mishearing” what Jessica said: Megan also claimed to be a “superfan,” so how the hell could she have heard “panda,” when she should have known very well that Pao Pao was an Asian HG on Season 16?!?!? JMHO =)

  14. Jason drives me insane! He is so loud and gets caught in his lies and squirms trying to get out of admitting what he said or did…UGH!

    • Yeah, Jason is starting to irritate me too. I really liked him at first, but the more the Xmas being evicted debate goes on, the more I dislike him b/c he’s starting to get cocky! I mean, hello, cowboy, you do realize you are a group of two right?? idiot!

      • calling someone a derogatory and horrible name like that is inexcusable! I’d like to know the time stamp…

      • Exactly. If he did that, then Jason will drop so far out of my book, even Cody would be leagues ahead… But, I’d like to have a timestamp so I could see it for myself.

      • I don’t have feeds but if you find it let me know what happened.. I’m curious to see what exactly went down too.

      • I will hon. That is a serious charge in my book. calling someone something like that is on the same level Aaryn was in season 15. It is inexcusable! Still waiting for a time stamp to see this for myself.

      • Oh, that’s almost as scary as The Red Headed Terror raising a kid. I just did a quick google, and The Aryan Princess is also a mother.

      • Hey hon, I promised I’d give you an update. Well, he did say that!! At 4:41 pm in the HOH BR with Jessica, he said something like “he wasn’t sucking nobody’s d**k to get to jury and he didn’t want to get F’d over…blah, blah, blah”. This kind of talk apparently set the tone for him dropping the “F” word a few sentences later! He did go “Oh no” or something like that and put his hand over his mouth, but the way he said that let’s me know he uses that word a lot and that was why it slipped out the way it did. Totally disappointed in Jason & I lost all respect for him at this point. I have a son who is gay, so someone using that word is really offensive to me!!

      • Thanks for the update! Yes, I saw the clip of him talking to Jess this morning on Twitter, truly shameful. And I agree, its obvious that the word is a regular part of his vocabulary the way it easily flowed out of his mouth. And of course disgusting Jess sits there and laughs with him about it. Smh, disappointing and sad.

      • I know. The first thing I said when I found the footage was “And of course he’s with Jessica. Not a surprise.”

        I wonder how their families feel watching? I know I would *not* be proud!

      • Will do! I normally never post anything on there, just lurk lol, but I’ll definitely look you up and follow :)

      • He did say it, Dan. At 4:41 pm in HOH BR w/Jessica. He didn’t mean to say it, but the fact that he did say it without thinking tells me he uses that word often enough that he says it unconsciously. I am incredibly disappointed in him. I have a son who is gay, so that particular word is extremely obnoxious & offensive to me! Lost all respect for Jason at this point!

  15. 6:14 pm: Jessica is trying to explain to Matt how the 9 people (yes-NINE people strong) alliance needed to make a deal with the three-at best 4 person strong alliance of Alex, Jason, Jillian (maybe Ramses) and I hate listening to stupidity… Jess is trying to tell Matt it was logical, but Matt isn’t having it and neither am I!

    Seriously, wtf??!! There was NO other reason for Cody to target Paul in week one, except he wanted to b/c of his ego & wanting to be the one to get the vet out!

    Moreover, Jessica continues to lie and say Christmas said she is coming after Jessica. I never saw that. What I did see was Xmas tell Jess to separate her own game from Cody’s because, like Christmas & Paul (according to Cody) Jessica might be guilty by the association in the upcoming weeks! That was what Xmas said, but Jessica keeps saying Xmas specifically said she gunning for Jessica! Didn’t happen and I am so-so-so sick of this mean little nasty bit of a broad being in this house smelling up the sheets and the feeds with her lies and her skank! I so want her gone asap!

    • Jessica isn’t allowed to lie? Dude, what game are you watching, cuz I’m watching Big Brother?
      Then again, Jessica isn’t exactly lying NOW. Jody is at the very top of Christmas’s target list now.

      • Um, I never said Jessica couldn’t lie, hon, but she shouldn’t sit there and lie and then preach about how she’s playing a loyal and honest game and is expecting her fellow teammates to vote with her b/c their loyalty should be to her first.

        I considering lying a tool on BB. Hello, Will Kirby is one of my all-time favorite players and he lied all the freaking time on the show! HOWEVER, he never preached about being an honest player either! Therein lies the difference. Don’t preach about honesty and then lie. If you’re a liar, own it and embrace it, but don’t point fingers at your fellow HG for doing the same thing!

      • Hahaha! Right? If you’re a liar be a liar, but be a good liar…like Derrick in season 16!! haha

      • More like Hall of Fame of Big Brother.
        Did they lie?
        Yes, but that’s how this game works.
        In a poker game do you tell your opponent your cards

      • No, you do not. You lie…of course, in Poker, it’s called a bluff, but C’mon…it’s a lie! haha! And like Poker, if you’re going to lie, do it well, if not, you’ll end up a piss-poor broken down loser calling mommy & daddy asking for a loan to comer back home! Hahahahahahaha!!

      • Don’t get me wrong. I hate Jessica’s guts. I’m just saying that she is allowed to lie, but obviously she’s not doing a good job right now.

      • Exactly. In the words of Mike Boogie… BB HG can bounce checks in the BB house all the time, but at least do it right and don’t get caught!

        Jessica is digging herself a hole b/c Matt knows Christmas did not put it like Jess is trying to spin it. Therefore, Jess is doing a piss-poor job of selling her rubber check at this point!! ;) Boogie would not be proud. haha

      • Oh he definitely is. Honestly, Dan. I think Matt is smarter than a lot of the HG are giving him credit for right now, especially his showmance partner, Raven. ;)

      • Raven has not done anything to make me think she isn’t honestly a decent person, but I’m not sure I’d call her super-uper sweet like Jordan. I swear, how Jordan won BB without losing that is beyond me, but she did. More power to her!

      • More unlikeable, yes, plus, Jordan had more comp wins. despite her being on the “athletes” team, Natalie didn’t win a comp until the very end of the game (HOH-once)! Jordan won (at least) twice as many comps as Natalie did.

      • I’m not getting you wrong, hon, I think you were getting me wrong. I never said Jessica could not *use* lying as a tool. What I said is she’s trying to use faulty logic to explain an illogical concept (needing Alex & Jason’s vote) and adding a lie on top of that to prove her point (Xmas saying she was coming after Jessica). I don’t care if she lies to further her game, but at least do it well. However, she’s not doing that, therefore, it is bugging me! That was my point. Not the fact that she was lying.

      • Haha! Yes, she really does Dan! I was just saying that, if you’re going to lie, at least be good at it!! ;)

      • I keep telling myself I have to sign off of here but then you guys keep coming up with good posts

      • Hahaha!! Don’t blame us, tr8ppng, blame the HG this season!! Finally, we have some amazing feeds ALL day long!! ;)

      • yup, more good stuff in one week this season than a good part of last season. Of course, with the exception of Paul and Victor

      • Of course. Who could forget Victor’s segment of BB Safari Live?!! Hahaha! There was some truly great moments of last season between the Sitting Ducks…but many of the HG from season 18 are the reason BB production changed the rules. In fact, Jason Roy bitched loud and often at the BB 18 cast for “ruining” everything for all future BB cast members in regards to the 10 am wake up call!! hahahahahaha…

  16. Jessica is a mean girl, bully – slag. You know, the kind that’s in love with herself and feels she has every right to pick on whoever, and giggle about it after she’s humiliated her target. She needs to go fast! Cody is a maniacal lunatic, that believes he’s on a covert military mission that also feels the need to pick on, and get out anyone with an ounce moral fibre. These two are a whole new level of evil. There’s playing the game, and then there’s denigrating people to the point of self evicting and that’s not cool. >.<

    • Yes, they are definitely the villains this season, but I honestly think Jessica is even worse than Cody because she hides behind a niceness, as if she’s your BFF, whereas Cody is, right off the bat, a total douche-bag!! You kind of know what time it is with him from the get go.

      • I could call them Brendon and Rachel except even Brendon and Rachel are better than these clowns.

        Brendon can be a douche, but his hearts in the right place.

        Rachel can be in your face, but she can back herself up with comp wins. In fact she’s nicer in real life.

      • Brendon & Rachel are definitely nicer in RL. Somehow, I don’t think Jessica is, nor Cody, so I think you’re 1st instinct is spot on, Dan. They’re not good enough to be called the Brendon & Rachel of this season.

      • ‘Villains’ are way to nice a word to describe them. Honestly, there’s no room in a game for abuse, and that’s what these two are =>abusive!

      • No when you think villain you think Evel Dick or Russell from Season 11. Or heck the Brigade themselves are villians and Derrick in his own way.

      • no.. Evil Dick was just a creep lmao! He said what was on his mind, but never bullied anyone to make them feel bad about themselves. Nor did the others that you mentioned. They were playing the game. Cody and Jessica have stepped over a line.

      • I mean Dick was a douche, but atleast he was an honest douche. He only confronts people who lie to him and act like hypocrites.

      • You have a point to an extent. ED did have a method and reason for his madness, but, make no mistake, he did wear the black-hat of villain in his season. ;)

        I think Jessica and Cody are more like Amanda and Devin…obnoxious and rude for no real rhyme or reason! haha

      • Did he tho? I seem to remember him putting on a crying jag that was more awkward than any hissy fit would have been. ;)

      • Oh man, Russell… wow, he was explosive!!

        At least Evel Dick had a reason for going off like he did. He was always protecting Danielle when he did so, e.g., he poured iced tea on Jen when she attacked Danielle and he did the infamous pots & pans wake up call when both he and Dani were otb, in an effort to have himself voted out over Danielle.

        Russel? Not so much. Russel was just a loose cannon in season 11. Even sweet little Jordan had a chest bumping session with Russel!!! ;)

    • I just now heard that he flew in to be in the Ferguson riots…and thought it was FUN. 😨

      • Yeah I saw that the other night smh. Him and Jessica deserve each other, they are both disgusting human beings.

      • Yeah, you know there is a difference in using lies or aggressive tactics as a tool to progress in the house and the BB game, and being an ugly human being in general. Evel Dick used aggressive, no nonsense fear tactics to intimidate his fellow HG, but in RL, the guy is a very nice person. I’ve met him when he was at a bar here in Hollywood, and he was really cool. Russell (season 11) on the other hand, is thought of as a rude and obnoxious HG as well as a rude and obnoxious person because his BB persona was his RL personality, from what I have heard.

        That is the vibe I am getting from Cody & Jess…this is who they are and it is not nice. Being a success at BB does not require niceness (look at Will Kirby), however, being a piece of garbage human is not the way to win over the people either! At least Will did what he did in the house for a reason… that’s all.

      • ITA, there is a huge difference in being a jerk in terms of game play to further advance yourself and just being an all around sh*tty person. The things that come out of their mouths and the way they treat others in the house proves the type of people they are IRL.

      • Exactly. Most good BB players know the difference between being an a$$ for the game and simply showing yourself to be an a$$hole of a person! Even the best of villains were not (necessarily) bad people outside the BB house. These two… IDK. I honestly don’t know. Sad. That’s why I hope they both go rather quickly. Bad ju-ju. :)

      • What?? Are you kidding me @BaracudaBabe:disqus? 😨 If this is what Cody thinks, I’d suggest the kid’s psychotic.

      • I’m all pro-military, so I thought he’d be my 1st choice. Now? The guy creeps me out. It is true. It was on the feeds, along with him criticizing the transgender community. “He doesn’t need the trannies support”…I’m paraphrasing.

    • Kevin needs one of those as well…he doesn’t stay in a room very long. Love how he sits there and isn’t invited to engage in the other group conversations, nor is invited in them. He’s taking notes, though! I was raising my glass every time to him.

      • Kevin is a *little* more social than Ramses is tho. Ramses has literally came into a room or an area where people are talking and just hung back while they talk. Paul noticed it and called it to the group’s attention in fact.

      • Something Mama Day told to Paul last season about Andy. I love Kevin, don’t get me wrong. He still needs a hashtag pop-in Andy, because he’s more subtle about this than Ramses is when he comes in (where he sleeps anyway) the room and gets in his bed. Ramses, just barges in without finesse! hahaha

      • Then Kevin is definitely doing it better! haha. Like Ian too. :)

        It’s a good strategy, Joni. Remember, Ian and Andy used that intel to win the entire season, so if Kevin can perfect the pop in and use it,..then good for him, I say! :)

      • Looks like Josh has been joshing many people after all. He is not giving his vote to evict Jillian as of 12:00 a.m. PT He told Alex, Cowboy and Kevin that he made Paul’s side believe he’s voting to evict Jillian. That little sneak. He wants to stay with the six people he likes. Said, six is a good number and explained how he’s been watching Paul trying to pick off each of them on Cody’s side. He will end up being the swing vote after all making it a tie for Cody to break. No joke, no joshing you. Check the timestamp. He made the other side think he’s not all that smart for saying he wants to show his loyalty to Paul and Christmas by voting to evict Jillian. WOW is all I can say, that is if he’s telling Cody’s side the truth. He seemed genuine.

      • I think he just has a lot of nervous energy. He’s like a cute fish out of water. But adorable…

      • Hi Cyril! Had a couple surgeries to deal with over the last year. But I’m back! Yay! How are you? 😁

  17. I’d rather see Jillian go over Christmas to be honest. I really like Christmas so far so it’d suck to see her go. I kinda wished we could’ve watched her beast in competitions but oh well. At least she gets to stick around.
    I’m also really liking Alex, some things of her can be annoying, but I really like her fighting spirit and the fact she wants to gun after the showmances. I’m also liking Dom too. I really thought the girls would suck this season but actually quite a few of them are turning out to be good

  18. Cody and Jessica are those villains that are kinda love-to-hate type people. Like they get on my nerves but they keep the game interesting and it excites me to see them go down in a way. But I don’t know if I want them to go down completely because then I’d be afraid of Paul taking over the game and it becoming boring lol

  19. Ya’ll…If Josh is saying what I think he is to Alex, Cowboy and Kevin, then he’s not voting for Christmas to stay as of 12:40 a.m. PT. He said it as if it was the real truth. He said he’s smarter than they’re giving him credit for and think Paul’s side of the house is just picking each one of them off one by one. He told Paul and Christmas he was VTE Jillian, but said to A, C and K that he made them think he was doing that when he’s not because he’s the swing vote. So looks like it’s going to be a tiebreaker after all and Cody will send Christmas home. That is if he’s not lying to Cody’s side.

  20. Funny group tonight! 😂 Must be all the “celebrating” for the Fourth of July!
    Happy 4th to all my American friends on here! (& All of you of course!)
    Thanks for the breakdown Matt! I never have time to watch the live feed’s or big Brother After Dark so I’m completely in the dark aside from the episodes so I think you sincerely for the breakdowns and play by plays!
    I am waaaayyyyyy more in the loop then I was watching Big Brother Canada last season! SOOOOO I thank YOU!!!
    Happy 4 of July! Love your neighbour above you! 💕

  21. AND for those of you who do not read my long post LOL 😂

    HAPPY 😊 4th to each and everyone of you!

    Love your Canadian neighbor! ❤️
    Christina xo 😘

  22. I’m trying to decide about what Alex and Jason will really actually do at this point. They are probably better off in the long run voting out Christmas and getting a solid four person alliance going with Cody and Jessica. That would likely protect them for a bit because everyone is still irritated with Cody and Jessica is not winning fans in the house. And even though Jessica is super paranoid about Alex, the four of them don’t have to be friends. But some things Jason was saying last night made me wonder if they will end up relenting if the house appears to clearly be majorly against Jillian. I just hope that Alex will point out that Ramses is also voting that way and that it can easily be seen as a pro Jillian vote versus a bigger referendum vote on choosing sides between Cody/Jessica and Paul/Christmas.

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