Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Week 1: Monday Night Highlights

The Big Brother 19 house remains in hyperdrive as the houseguests work on figuring out who the third person to leave the house will be this week. And in doing so, a lot of the HGs are proving to be circle-talkers. They love to say one thing and then totally contradict it in the next breath. And that is something that’s going on all day long.

Kevin, Christmas, and Alex on BB19

Read on to find out what the plan is this week, and then read some more what the next plan is. They go back to the last plan and then skip back to the next plan. You get the picture.

Catch up on the daytime highlights from Monday before you head on in to the overnight report below.

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Big Brother 19 Live Feed Highlights – Monday, July 3, 2017:

3:20 PM BBT – Paul and Jessica continue their talk as she tries to persuade him to vote out Christmas while Paul reminds Jessica that he has to do what helps his game after her (Jessica’s) closest ally targeted him. He warns her that keeping Jillian would enable a vote for the other side.

3:50 PM BBT – Paul tells Matt and Elena that he’s sure they can count on Kevin’s vote to keep Christmas.

3:55 PM BBT – Christmas warns Dominique that Cody was busy making deals with Alex, Jason, and Ramses.

4:00 PM BBT – Mark tells Elena that he’ll vote against Cody’s wishes, but will still have his back.

4:35 PM BBT – Matt wants to tell Mark something critical about Cody’s plans and those deals he made. (We know earlier Cody told Matt he was keeping Alex & Jason to help eliminate the guy’s showmances.)

5:10 PM BBT – After Paul worked on Jason he (J) talks with Alex. Jason doesn’t want to turn on Cody after Cody kept him safe despite what the rest of the group wanted. He thinks they should stick with Cody. Jason is upset that Paul is trying to force them to make a choice between sides and he doesn’t want to do that. Alex also wants to stick with Cody since she believes he threw that Veto comp to her.

5:25 PM BBT – Ramses has joined Alex and Jason. They all agree that they’re frustrated with Paul’s aggressive tactics right now.

5:30 PM BBT – Ramses left. Alex and Jason feel like Ramses just shows up to collect info. They’re a little suspicious of him.

5:45 PM BBT – Cody told Jessica that he had tried the keys and was opening the lock boxes when Big Brother told him to stop it. They wonder if it’ll be something later.

5:55 PM BBT – Paul working on Jason again to join their effort. Jason again pointing out that Cody didn’t put him up when it would have made things easier on Cody had he done that. Paul warns Jason that even Cody’s close allies are distancing themselves.

6:05 PM BBT – Paul renews talk of splitting up the showmances and Jason says that’s something he could support. Paul reminds Jason that they have to pace their plan.

6:53 PM BBT – Elena tells Jessica she wishes she could read Cody better. Jessica tells her that Cody filled her in on everything and promises to not keep anything from her anymore.

7:15 PM BBT – Christmas tells Elena that Cody only talks to people unless he’s making a deal. She says he’s paranoid and listening in on everyone. She says he’s playing a really poor game and that he has no loyalty, has broken promises and is playing both sides.

7:16 PM BBT – Elena admits to Christmas that she doesn’t trust Jessica at the moment.

7:17 PM BBT – Christmas asks Elena if they’re OK with Cody playing both sides. Elena gives a non-answer but says she loves and respects him and Christmas is like what do you respect? Elena says she thinks he’s realizing he made a mistake but she can’t really give a reason as to why she respects him.

7:33 PM BBT – Cody tells Elena that he’s against a wall now since he’s nominated a 3rd of the house, so there’s not hiding his game plan now. So he explains to her that Megan was definitely his plan week one, followed by Paul and not Christmas until around jury time. But he had to adjust everything because production has blown his strategy. He says there’s nothing for him to do now.

7:37 PM BBT – Elena tells Cody she doesn’t know what her plan is moving forward. She says she’s just conflicted on everything. She says she’s kind of glad Cody didn’t tell her anything because she didn’t have to lie to anyone, but then again she’s hurt that she was left out because it kind of messed up her plan. But in typical Elena fashion as we’re learning, she talks in a circle and says she’s totally honored that he protects her and that she loves the connection they have.

7:58 PM BBT – Elena says that Mark is emotional and that he isn’t as good at controlling them as she is. Cody tells her not to feel like she’s disrespecting him by making her own decisions. She says that risking his game and Jessica’s game makes her physically ill.

8:00 PM BBT – Cody apologizes to Elena for what he did. He told her it was a selfish move because he wanted to make a big move and set the tone he wanted in the game. He said he’s not guilt-free but wants to make sure Jessica doesn’t pay for his mistakes.

8:01 PM BBT – Dominique and Mark talk at the chess table. She tells him that she has learned that Cody is not trustworthy. Dom tells Mark to make sure he checks his feelings and that he needs to discuss his issue with Christmas with Christmas. Dom asks him how and why Christmas is a threat to his game. Mark said he doesn’t really know why.

8:12 PM BBT – Dominique tells Mark that she doesn’t trust Jessica and that she told Elena that.

8:33 PM BBT – Jessica is upset with Elena and tells Cody that she is so irritated over her thing with Christmas. Jessica says she’ll still vote to evict Christmas this week and then will win HOH next week and put Elena up just to make her squirm. She says the house is just really starting to piss her off.

8:50 PM BBT – Mark decides to have his talk with Christmas. They talk about Cody’s move and Mark apologizes to her for the way he acted himself. Christmas lets Mark know that her feelings were hurt. She cries and he gives her a hug. This talk goes on for a long time. They seem to have patched things up.

9:00 PM BBT – Jessica tells Cody that Elena is going to mess up Mark’s game.

9:20 PM BBT – Elena tells several others about her talk with Cody. She tells him everything they talked about earlier. She tells them he no longer has any plans so he’s not as risky as before. Paul says keeping Cody around is like holding onto a grenade. Elena says she wants Cody to be safe until at least jury.

9:35 PM BBT – Elena, Paul and Dominique talk about what Jessica will do after Cody gets evicted. Elena says she’ll be so emotional but hopefully she can recover from that and play the game with them again. Paul says he has doubts about that.

10:25 PM BBT – Mark has been crying to Christmas as she tries to comfort him. Elena checked in to see what’s going on then leaves them alone. Elena later complains that Mark is wanting to vote Christmas out one day then cry in her lap the next.

10:45 PM BBT – Raven and Jessica discussing Cody’s move against the group. Jessica tells her they have to get Christmas out since she’s coming for her (J). Jessica insists that Cody’s actions are his alone and not to blame her for them.

11:05 PM BBT – Jessica promises Cody she’ll keep working on Elena to get the votes for Christmas to leave this week.

11:30 PM BBT – Raven is telling Matt about her talk with Jessica. She’s convinced Jessica is being deceitful. Matt agrees that they can’t vote out Christmas when she’s watching out for them. Raven doesn’t feel like she can trust Jessica anymore. She feels like Jessica suggested if they vote to keep Christmas then they’re taking her side over Jessica’s interests.

12:20 AM BBT – Cody and Jessica look at the numbers and Cody feels good that they’ll get Christmas out.

12:45 AM BBT – Mark tells Jessica he doesn’t think Christmas is coming for her and she may have taken it wrong. Jessica insists that she is. She warns the group will be completely broken if Christmas isn’t evicted. She’s pushing hard to get him to VTE Christmas.

1:00 AM BBT – Mark let Cody and Jessica know that he hasn’t committed to which way he’ll vote yet.

1:15 AM BBT – Elena and Christmas discussing Jessica’s tactics. They can’t believe how aggressive she’s getting in her moves. Elena says she can’t play like that. Paul joins the group and worries about how long Mark is spending with them upstairs. They worry about Mark being too emotional and how that could be manipulated.

1:35 AM BBT – Mark and Dominique talking again at the chess table. Mark still saying he won’t vote out Christmas.

1:45 AM BBT – Group (Elena, Mark, Matt, Paul, & Raven) gathers in the Lounge and Paul feels good about their chances to evict Jillian. He believes they have six votes now and needs just one more to prevent the tiebreaker situation, which they would lose. Mark shares that Cody and Jessica feel they have the votes to evict Christmas.

2:00 AM BBT – Paul asks the team to let him take the next HoH if they can because he has a solid plan, but doesn’t reveal details. Christmas says they need to get Cody out first then deal with Jessica later.

2:30 AM BBT – Mark tells Elena he is completely with her and Matt & Raven.

3:15 AM BBT – Elena tells Mark, Matt, and Raven that she’s done trying to fix things with Jessica and hopes the group is with her on that.

The votes are close right now but we’re still a few days away from the eviction and there could be something coming along to shift things suddenly. Both sides risk getting too confident in their abilities to hold control there. Either way, it was a great end to the day after Christmas was in danger of not returning to the game after her injury, but we’ll see how her Wednesday MRI goes and how she can play going forward.

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  1. Here’s a plan for you. Paul should work on Ramses and convince him that he is safe and that this week is the right time to put himself on the block. I don’t know how long he can wait to make that call, but I would wait as late as possible, to prevent the other from strategizing about him. The effect would be that it is one less vote against Christmas, then they only need 6 votes against 5. No tie, no Cody breaking the tie.

    • It’s already too late for that this week. I think Ramses has to do that sometime before the veto meeting, if not at the nomination ceremony.

      • Normally you’d want the chance to play in the veto but in this scenario your plan makes more sense. Great thinking!

      • Yeah, why would Veto matter since he was not nominated by another HG? Can you possible get an answer to this dilemma, Matthew?

      • Well, he will be a nominee. As long as you are nominated you want to have a chance to get off the block

      • but he’s put himself there, so it’s not as if he was nominated. You know what I mean? I wish there was some information on how the stupid curse works… Like does the person have to be OTB for eviction? Or can they put themselves OTB at any time? etc…

      • I didn’t read that anywhere. Ramses found out about his punishment after the veto meeting which would make it impossible to use this week.

      • I can’t find any information on the curse anywhere on CBS’s site, so where did you read that?

      • Yeah, I can’t find ANY info on the curses. CBS should put that somewhere, don’t you think?

      • Yeah, most likely. It’s just irritating. Right? ;)
        I wish he could do that because that would be a great move!

      • We only need to find out for sure what the rules of that curse is.

        Obviously someone in the house has to think about it.

      • You would think so, right? I have looked everywhere I can think of looking for info on the curse, but there’s nothing. Maybe Mathew Boyer can find out before Thursday. That would throw a whole new wrench in Cody’s plans! hahaha!

    • I think Cody and Jess have the biggest target on them and if the house is smart they should all worked together to ensure that he is evicted next week while they have the chance. He has a horrible social game but is one of the biggest physical threats. I can almost guarantee if they don’t at least try to get him out next they will be regretting it down the road. Josh might be annoying but he has no allies and doesn’t seem like much of a competition beast, he’s not a threat to anyone’s game but his own.

    • Cody for sure, he’s not to be trusted. He f*cked over his own alliance and everyone knows it. Josh is just off his rocker but hasn’t made any games moves to make people question his loyalty and allegiance.

  2. I think Jessica might take Amanda’s title as most hated female HG this season! She is becoming a bully as well as manipulative beeyatch!

  3. Stupidity is when u become HOH and plan to retain a “weeks” reign of power and control for the entire 3 months of BB…Cody is not the first HG to have such a stupid notion and won’t be the last.. Its BB and yes “expect the unexpected” for instance getting evicted….Best plan is to play day to day week to week and hope u stay in the house….And the HGs that believe Cody can keep them safe for “weeks” need a reality check…My biggest pet peeve “stupidity”…and stupidity abounds in the BB house..

    • Agreed. Imo, Cody should have expected Paul to be safe for *at least* the first few weeks. Each season they’ve had vets return BB has set it up so the vets have some form of safety, whether it be in numbers (season 13 w/6 vets) or only playing as “coaches” at first or as a part of a team with the newbies…it is always something, so he should’ve known that plan would backfire! I think his ego got in the way and, next to stupidity, ego can be the downfall of a HG if not kept in check!

    • The best plan in that house is to lay low as long as possible. Kevin is doing that with fairly good results. Ramses is sort of in trouble, Josh has a major target on his back and it is beginning to look like both Jessica and Cody game is falling apart. Matt, Mark and Elena can’t make up their minds and Paul is playing his cards close to his chest. As for the rest, still not a good read on them.

      • I don’t see Josh being a target for a while. If he’s really as he seems (a complete and total hot mess) then he’s not a threat to anybody’s game. He could be putting on an act, but if he was then that would most likely have come out in the DR.

      • I still don’t think many players trust him after the golden apple and securing his safety incident, then again, I could be wrong. Time will tell depending on who gets the next HOH.

      • The HG’s sites are on different targets after Cody pulled his boneheaded stunt and Christmas injuring her foot. Josh is at the bottom of the pile at this point and time. They may all hate him but he isn’t a threat to them and many have said they want him to stay in the game because he is such a mess, it’s entertaining.

      • WORST CASE SENARIO…Josh becomes HOH…Disaster in the making.. total chaos. .His womanizing would be so over the top.. Please that cannot happen at any point…

      • I thought he said he was gay but I think I know what you mean. His actions towards Megan spoke plenty of volume.

      • Oh no, that would be the best case scenario if Josh became HOH. It would be beyond entertaining to see what he does with the power, I’m all for it.

  4. If I hear Muscle Man Mark say one more time ‘ I’m an emotional person,’ I will throw a shoe at my computer! What a crybaby!

      • IDK, it kind of makes for feeds gold, since Josh seems to have manned up and isn’t boo-hooing all over the place. It looks like Mark has taken over the role of the man/baby in the game. LOL

    • He was a total mess last night on the feeds, it was gold.

    • Right back atcha Captain!!

  5. This week’s vote is going to be really close. I feel comfortable saying Paul, Dom, Raven, Matt, Mark, and Elena will vote out Jillian and Ramseys, Jessica, Jason, and Alex will vote out Christmas. That’s 6-4 with Kevin and Josh in the middle. Kevin is telling both sides what they want to hear and without DR to confirm which is real makes it hard to know which is genuine. I think he may be lying to Paul at this point so 6-5. Josh I feel like might actually be with Paul making it 7-5, but again hard to know without DR. I think this week will come down to Josh and that makes this vote one of the most uncertain in a long time. Everyone thinks they have the numbers so at least half the house is about to be blindsided if the current dynamic stays intact.

  6. Well, I wanted to like Jessica, I had some hopes on her, but watching the feeds, she’s a drama queen, I hope they vote her out soon.

  7. Jessica is not playing Paul and Mark and Elena sre. get rid of cody and Jessica soon

    • He must put himself up as a third nominee for eviction sometime in the next 3 weeks. I’m not sure if that starts this week or next.

  8. Can’t get a good read on Kevin..he is all over the place. Josh..who knows? I really don’t want it to come to a tie breaker with Cody sending Christmas home. I guess everything with her depends on what she finds out from the MRI tomorrow.

  9. I can’t wait till the next HOH just to watch all of these plans go out the window…

  10. Can someone please explain what happened between Mark and Christmas that he had to go talk to her?

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