‘Big Brother 19’ Live Feeds: Cody Sinks His Chances With Kevin

Cody Nickson is about to be lost puppy, as he puts it, on Big Brother 19 this week with the anticipated eviction of Jessica Graf and he was about to have a new home but yesterday’s behavior may have squashed that plan.

Kevin Schlehuber with Paul Abrahamian on BB19

Over the past few days Kevin Schlehuber had been working a new plan of his. He first spoke with Jessica about the idea that he’d look out for Cody after she left. His thinking here was that a strong player and free agent was about to be up for grabs. He had to know it wouldn’t be that easy though.

On Monday morning (10:30 AM BBT 8/7) Cody approached Jason and Kevin that he’d be loyal to them if Jessica went this week. Cody promised the guys that his sights were aimed at those who had betrayed him early on and he wouldn’t be coming after them.

Later that morning Kevin talked with Jason privately but Jason expressed the obvious concerns. How could they work with Cody and work with Paul and Alex. Quite a few conflicts there for them. Kevin suggested that they wouldn’t have to do it for long and after a month they could BD Cody. Well, so much for that idea.

The fights were pretty heated yesterday as Cody & Jessica and Josh went back and forth before Josh ended up in tears. There were plenty of bitter complaints about the situation and it seems to have become clear to Kevin that working with Cody could be more of an anchor than an advantage.

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Last night Kevin told Paul that his idea of trying to make a deal with Cody was done. “So that theory with Cody is over,” said Kevin to Paul. “I won’t help him now, even talk to him no more, not after acting like such a f**king nincompoop… That behavior just cost him the help… Now he’s on his own.”

Let’s say Cody wins HoH this next week, well I think Kevin might be willing to quietly reaffirm their previous discussions, but otherwise I wouldn’t be surprised to see things fall to the wayside here with that plan.

It’ll be a shame to see Cody’s potential wasted in his last week(s) in the house, if he is set to go soon, but that’s the path they’ve gone down, right or wrong. At least Cody and Jessica are consistent in their destructive behavior when it comes to their game play.

What do you think? Should Kevin still try to work with Cody or has that ship sailed and sunk already?


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  1. “At least Cody and Jessica are consistent in their destructive behavior when it comes to their game play.”..Matt said…Perfect observation!

    • I’m not sure the “when it comes to their game play” was a necessary addition to the statement though.

    • What about Josh’s destructive behavior. Cody and Jess only react when Josh comes after them.

      • You make a good point, but at the same time they’re failing to realize what their reactions are doing to them. You’d think they’d eventually learn to tune it out and focus on the game. But no…

        This whole house is just a screwed up mess.

      • I would agree with you Susie, except for the constant small, back-biting comments both Jess and Cody make under their breaths to each other about all of the other house guests. And it reminds me that when they were HOH they lorded it over everyone. Add to this when they weren’t HOH they have been generally snippy and stand-offish to their housemates. In the real world they would still be the roommates from hell.

      • Except that Raven and Alex are even worse at the comments….and Paul wasn’t even HOH this week AND “he” was lording it over everybody else.

      • J&C have their focus on Josh and they push until they break him down. Josh has all the hallmarks of someone who has been bullied by the “cool kids” his whole life…and Jody are the “cool kids”….or so they think. It’s sad. Josh’s family has obviously tried their hardest to help him succeed in the real world…college…secure job. They were doing a great job helping Josh find out who he was…helping him be happy with himself. But as anyone whose been bullied can attest, no matter what brave facade you show the world, that bullied, fragile person is still there. That person can still be hurt. Jody will never understand how they have hurt Josh, but he will. He’ll relive their cruelty for decades.

      • For those who say “Why did he do Big Brother then?” He did it because he is a fan, he wanted to reach out of his comfort zone and I’m sure someone told him, the experience would be great. He (not his family) ever imagined there would be such nastiness and pain this year. People have been mean in other seasons, but the cruelty this year is over the top.

      • That might explain why he didn’t want evict Jess. Maybe he is trying to gain expectance from the “cool kids”.

      • I highly doubt it. I might have to watch feeds better so I can project Josh as some poor simpleton with self-esteem problems, which makes it somehow ok to be a jerk. I must be a meatball for not seeing the only person who really likes Josh is Xmas and I hope that’s just not game. If anyone thinks Josh isn’t going to be going off and crying when it comes back and bites him after Jody leave your kidding yourself. He has gone off on people since week one…

      • Josh was not called a “simpleton”. Far from that. He has a social anxiety disorder where he struggles to know what to do in social situations. Bullying only makes that worse. May I ask?….What’s your real life experience when it comes to social interactions/bullying/esteem/interpersonal or intrapersonal communications? “Jody” are textbook examples of bullies of the worst kind…calling Josh fat? Making fun of his speech impediment? Notice his face as he speaks…it appears he has a birth defect/malformation of his jaw, facial muscles or tongue.(and yes, I can see that from a professional angle) Nothing to make fun of. Jody throws Sarcasm so thick you could cut it with a knife. Letting Josh apologize and try to mend fences, only to attack him after he leaves. (Josh doesn’t understand the difference between real decency and pretend decency…he’s a trusting guy, looking for friends.) And attacking someone’s physical appearance is the lowest of the low…trying to make him look the fool…just like Jess asking Josh to spell a word so she could belittle him. (And she was shocked when he could spell the word too.) And although we see them bullying Josh, they’ve been sniping like a bunch of “mean girls” about everyone in the house. It’s pretty clear their nasty attitudes are a part of who they are in real life, not just like Big Brother…nothing “game related” about it. Yes, others make comments, they tease, call each other names-but it’s all in good fun. They are bonding/enjoying each other’s company…not speaking with the sole purpose to be sarcastic or hurt. Say what you will, but there isn’t a genuinely nasty bone in any other players body. Game play discussions on strong/weak/floating players yes, but where’s the out and out evil we see/hear from Jody? Its not there. It’s pretty clear you are team Jody, and that’s fine … but I do question why you chose that team? Are you watching the show, actually noticing players personalities come through, or are you posting here just to get a rise from others?

      • I’m posting because you are clearly biased. If Josh is that messed up in the head he should never have been cleared to enter the house. Check the names above and many others over 18 seasons. The game is 99% mental fortitude. And every house guest who has made it far in the game has attested to how crazy you get. The first week a certain house guest left the game. It’s a pressure cooker and I will not excuse Josh or anyone else. I am saying the same thing as America’s favorite house guest Paul who instigates 90% of the chaos. Josh has told Paul in the past he didn’t want Cody coming after him again and what has he and the others done? Sent him right back into the fire. I hate bullies. Did I ever say Jody were great people? NO. Since you are a self claimed professional I would ask you; should Josh have stepped through that door knowing how personal this game can get? Don’t diminish that comment or things the others may say as just good old fun.

      • Not biased. Far from it. Big brother has down through the years cast individuals who for one reason or another don’t have what it takes to play the game. That said, BB also doesn’t put a stop to out and out “crossing the line”. As for Josh playing the game, if he and his adviser felt he should try it, good for them. Had the house been filled with guests who played a decent game-not one where stooping to insulting someone’s physical appearance came into play, then the game would be totally different.

        Yes, I am a professional. “State claimed” not self claimed… would you like to see my paperwork? Your comment “Don’t diminish that comment or things the others may say as just good old fun.”… shows the reader where your mindset is. If you’re on Twitter, I’d love to continue e this discussion there. The ball is in your court.

      • How is that class act Josh being a total douche to the nicest guy in the house Mark… I don’t need your paperwork. My mindset comes from a 16 year old kid who had mandatory shrink visits 20 plus years ago after ending up in a wheelchair. Every single one had more issues than me and confided in me their messed up life which I didn’t judge until I watched them medicate people who were never the same. They also projected their own life and issues into the people they were trying to help. I really think seeing a shrink benefits people though. I just never met one that didn’t want me medicated when I never really went through depression. Clearly at the age of 16 I had self-esteem issues and as a result really admired people who were bullied. I was popular and befriended them. Josh is a grown man and I do not feel sorry for him. If he was bullied as a kid he should know better than to do that to others. I have zero respect for him. Mark was bullied and is being a class act trying to deflate these guys while being piled on. I respect that. He is my favorite person in the house.

      • That is very true, they lay in that bed all day griping about how much they hate everyone. Did you hear the comment Jessica made” I can’t wait until we get OUR room back and get away from theses losers” she was talking about the HOH room. They are very stand offish and snippy too

      • Sorry, Princess Butthole started the fight yesterday and she does with the majority of kerfuffles in the house.

      • Jess, the girl who likes to stick her fingers in people’s buttholes.

      • I was just having fun calling Josh princess lol

        My mom calls Tom Brady princess every chance she gets during football season.

      • I’ll pass that along :)

        Honestly I’m not a Brady fan either. A friend recently asked me what I’d do if I won 100 million dollars. Part of my answer involved forcing Brady to dress up as Elsa and sing Let It Go if he wanted to keep his job.

      • Correct. Josh started nothing with her when she gave him a spelling test (and passed). Then rage face Cody has to chime in to help princess butthole. They have no social game because all the do is IT.

      • I just have to say I’m chuckling every time I see you reference Princess Butthole in these comments.

      • Josh didn’t threaten Cody. Josh talked game to them and he wanted to make peace but Cody and Jessica took it too far…..personal!

      • Cody has refused to talk to Josh for almost the whole season, he surely wasn’t going to start at this late date

      • Yes he did. And what did he get from Jody? Belittling, harassment, insults, name calling and out and out bullying.

    • What I really want to know the answer to, and this is very important, it goes to the question of being consistent, does Jezebel try to do her prostate exam on Cody?

    • Yes Matthew makes astute observations…that is probably because all he does is observe and comment. Gotta love Paul and the gang aka bb19.

    • Cody & Jess are consistent with making people mad, Jessica is on Tmz right now for poking people.

  2. Where was all this sympathy for Cody and Jessica when Alex, Raven and Josh were calling them names out in the yard? Josh pushes Cody until he reacts then runs in the kitchen and cries for help. His tears gets him all kinds of sympathy. I think if the men are smart they will drop Paul and go with Cody, if not they will see, when it is to late, how Paul has played them all.

    • I agree they should drop Paul, but I personally don’t think they should run to Cody either. Kevin seems to be more level-headed and think in terms of a long game, as well as Alex. Jason would also be a better option than Cody — He has less knowledge and experience coming into the game than Cody, but has definitely surpassed him in terms of adapting to the landscape.

    • I think Cody will self evict.. I am wondering if him & Jessica haven’t made plans to walk out the door Thursday nite together (if shes evicted)…or if not then later in the week when he does not win a HOH Veto or Temp Safety if he will say to hell with it and walk out…. I simply don’t see him staying in a house with people he admits to hating…

    • Why do people forget what/whom started this anger… Jodykins go back & watch from start, don’t even need to watch the feeds, which are more detailing. Jody got harder payback, yes, but they continued their hard nose play and, well they blew it. I hold them all accountable.

      But this latest attack on Hosh was uncalled for by Jess & Cody’s cowardly joining in – childish.

      Hoping there’s a double eviction so the game can move on.

      • RaMental’!!! Can you imagine her in the BB house? That would be so hysterical. These HW bishes could show people what real bullying is all about, especially FrankelJaw. She’d have each and everyone of them crying at all hours of the day with her vicious tongue.

    • Exactly. Cody has said time and time again that this is not a game..it is real life to him. That’s just sad..that he cannot separate the two. I don’t know how a couple of these players made it past the show psychologist!

      • They take the tests, they don’t have to pass them. I found out that little nugget a few weeks ago, can you believe that?

      • Hold up… say what now?! They DON’T have to pass psych test to get on the show?

      • Psych tests are ridiculous. It is impossible for anyone to be perfect, and that’s what’s expected to pass.

      • I would think a psychological test would be necessary for a show like this to determine if they are mentally stable enough for this kind of environment.

      • Same, I would think there would be a threshold that HG’s have to pass to enter into the house. I’ve always thought they brought in loons on purpose and now I know they do.

      • I’ve had that theory for a while. I figured they tested them and if they weren’t crazy enough they got thrown out. Seems like there’s been more and more instability the past few seasons…

      • My dad regularly makes the argument that no one who would pass those tests would sign up for the show lol

      • Yup!!!! I can’t remember who said it but it came from a good source, someone I would totally believe.

      • That could be it, I was thinking Dan for some reason. He was on RHOP last year and I thought he said something similar. Thanks

      • I get what Cody means. It is a game, but they are still human and doing to him what he did to others is not acceptable. He is the only one allowed to name call and harass other HGs.

      • Production picks them on purpose otherwise no one would have comment here now …. would have been a boring show and canceled by now

    • If he will nominate Paul, I will be very happy even if the idiots don’t voting him out.

      • he will want it to be paul and kevin and kevin will go to jury the only way to get paul out is if he is setting next to alex but cody will not put up alex.

  3. Cody and Jessica don’t realize how much damage they have done to their reputations. No one goes on BB to become famous, but those they know well are watching the live feeds daily and witnessing their poor behavior. There have been plenty of previous players who said and done things in the house, and were not welcome back to their old job because of how they acted.

    Clearly, Cody has a lot of issues, as someone who thinks physical violence and making threats as a way to resolve conflict doesn’t realize that’s not a proper way to behave in a civilized society. Jessica doesn’t see how controlling and verbally abusive Cody is now, and will be to her on the outside… Hopefully her mom can relay that to her.

    I respect Cody’s service and sacrifice for our country, but I also hope he can learn to let go of his walls and baggage he obviously carries around.

    • Today people lose their jobs for making an un-PC comment and hopefully that wonderful life she has will become a bit challenging.

      • Josh doesnt strike me as the sharpest knife in the toolbox. Instead of asking Josh to spell, Jess should have just called someone who appears dumb (staged or not) exactly that. It’s no different than Paul’s C U Next Tuesday remark last season then all would be ok.

        Did calling a woman a c**t last season make Paul’s life more challenging? Sometime’s there’s fallout and sometimes not.

      • I think Paul may have gotten away with it because he had so many moments fans loved that eclipsed any bad behavior. But then with some other houseguests they don’t have buckets of great moments so bad behavior makes up a bigger percentage of what people remember.

        Not saying that makes bad behavior acceptable. Just describing perception.

      • I can’t imagine why he has so many fans that loved him. He was obnoxious last year, also. Hopefully, he will come in fourth and get nothing

      • I found him very entertaining to watch a lot of the time. Less so this year but he still has his moments.

      • Yeah, I don’t get all the Paul love. He was a douche last season, and he’s still a douche. He’s just lucky he’s with a cast of morons. It’s not that he’s such a good player, he’s with idiots who are easy to manipulate.

      • I think Paul got away with it because even though we wouldn’t actually got to the extreme and use that particular word, many would agree that it wasn’t exactly a false description….

    • I think that most people put the blame (correctly, imo) on Paul and Josh. (and the rest of the house to a lesser extent). Harrassment and bullying is NOT BB game play. Even Julie (and her obviously fake Anti-bullying campaign) – said that it was okay because cody and Jessica could handle the harassment. They shouldn’t have to.

  4. How quickly everyone is forgetting the way Jessica & Cody treated everyone in the beginning. Cold, heartless comments & still near violent behavior. Funny how the original bullies play victim when their targets fight back. For every bang of pots together there is a threat of violence and personal attacks. Then suddenly they are the poor picked on victims. Jessica, Cody, Elena and Mark are not playing a game, they are in it to destroy at all cost. Jessica raises her legs in the air showing her crotch (Late night) to everyone in the room. She is nasty and Cody is unstable. The only reason Big Brother told Josh to stop the pans is because Cody was threatening violence. If anyone else did that over and over they’d be gone already. I truly hope Jessica loses her job, she won’t be the first to embarrass their employer.

    • Exactly. Remember Cody hating on certain HG’s for making “victim noises”? That’s all I’ve heard from Jessica these past two weeks!

    • You hit the nail right on the head. As the old adage goes, “don’t dish what you can’t take.” Jessica and Josh were the first to dish it, now they can’t take it. Josh is not threatening to hurt anyone, inside or outside of the house. Josh is. As I have said many times before, Jess and Cody are getting everything they deserve. Soon we won’t have to see Jess anymore, and hopefully soon after, Josh either.

    • You hit the nail right on the head. As the old adage goes, “don’t dish what you can’t take.” Jessica and Cody were the first to dish it, now they can’t take it. Josh is not threatening to hurt anyone, inside or outside of the house. Cody is. As I have said many times before, Jess and Cody are getting everything they deserve. Soon we won’t have to see Jess anymore, and hopefully soon after, Cody either.

  5. CBS and Big Brother producers should be ashamed of themselves for letting this show get out of hand. Letting people harass and aggravate contestants without any consequences. They would get their a$$e$ kicked in the real world. How disgraceful this show has sunk to a new low. Josh and Paul should be thrown off the show for what they have done. Acting like animals while hiding behind the show. What COWARDS! Get a back bone CBS. I’m done with this show.

    • Paul, Josh, Cody and Jess are all participants in the harassment game. Cody started it all back when he was HOH and has made horrible comments about Josh.

      • The house, as a whole, really is a train wreck. Plenty of blame to go around to all parties here.

    • Wow! Josh and Paul?! The only two who should be booted are Cody and maybe Mark. Cody has been in people’s faces on numerous occasions and most importantly CHARGED Josh while he had pots and pans in his hands just as Mark did. In addition, Cody has threatened hgs w/ verbal physical threats…

      • I’m still shocked Mark wasn’t booted due to the pickle juice incident. They must be really desperate to keep contestants on the show…

      • Paul should be the only one kicked out if only 1 goes. Paul has sent houseguests to bully contestants and make sure they get upset and bully them until they explode. Who does that? Paul acts like he is in Kindergarten. In fact, I have seen more children more mature then Paul. He is the reason this season is a complete and utter mess.

    • Mark you are spot on! They should replace all the producers and casting for giving us the WORST CAST EVER!

  6. Dump the bum (Cody) as soon as humanly possible and lets finally get on with a game with less hatred..

  7. People Forget that Josh Alex and Raven came out with the pots and tutus yesterday Jodi was just outside chilling Jody went inside. When they were in kitchen josh came in. Jess repeatedly asked josh to go away not today. He kept on. He went outside and came back in. She again said not today but he kept on. If he wanted to say something game wise he should have done it privately. In the by Jess said the tutus brought back last weeks memories. Josh has to take responsibility.

    • I do agree that Josh went back, and she asked to be left alone, but Jess did insult him first for no reason. He was having fun with Mark when she came in to tease him about his grammar.
      I think it is best, that Josh didn’t tell her that he was trying to save her and evict Elena. She would have shouted it out in front of the house. It is possible though that if he would have said something to her about it she may have been in a better mood.

  8. Wonder if Elena has enough penalties to get evicted. Josh will have what he wanted. And we will have what we wanted. Paul had said he will walk if Jess stays per production

    • Elena has been making me laugh trying to eat from other’s people’s food. She opens her mouth and they reject her. I don’t think she has any penalties, did you see her eat anything other than slop or the crumb?

    • Jess should have had enough to be evicted for not wearing the frog suit like the others did and like she was suppose to.

      • She never did the hopping thing either, same with Cody. They half assed that punishment while Jason hit it out of the ballpark.

      • To be fair, some people really embrace punishments, like Paul last year and the secret service thing. But we can’t expect everyone to find fun in a punishment

      • Riiight, that’s why they are called punishments and not rewards, they aren’t supposed to be fun.

      • Exactly what I was thinking. Not like they aren’t getting paid for their punishment also. All part of the game.

      • At least Cody wore the frog head. Jess only put it on when they made her because they were filming for TV

  9. Kevin kisses HOH behind just like Paul. except Paul tries to take over. Kevin is a nice man and can’t help himself, he doesn’t like to see people isolated and always tries to say hello or more when no one else is around. I think that if Cody wins, Kevin will pretend like they still have a deal.

  10. Honestly I’m pretty much over Jody at this point. All Jessica had to do was campaign just a little bit and I think she has a very strong chance to work with Josh, Kevin and maybe even Christmas. But Jessica wants to go home apparently, she really could’ve turned it around this week, but if that’s how she wants to act then that’s how she needs to go. Disappointed in her.
    Cody has always been a train wreck waiting to happen and Jess has had to keep him in line, I think at this point Jess knows her game is over and so she isn’t trying to control him anymore. Cody without Jessica is really going to be crazy, she was what kept him sane in that house.

    • Agreed, I think he’s going to be even crazier without her.
      Thinking about that happening puts a smile on my face every time tho…

  11. BB is the most racist show I have ever seen on TV. The bullying and faul language needs to stop. Last year it wasn’t as bad. Topical mallinas. Don’t there parents care how they talk on tv.

    • And Paul reported to the rest of the house that he ripped Mark a new one. Mark needs to correct that.

  12. Jessica’s dumb move was throwing the safety comp. Cody had a better chance of winning the veto than she did. Even if in a showmance you went in there to win, not to throw your chances away for a man. She will live with regrets the rest of her life unless they are cast in The Amazing Race. I will root for them if they did. Jordan and Jeff, Rachel and Brendan and Jackie and Jeff were cast so I’m positive that they may be there as well. Hoping not Raven and Matt or I will flip my TV.

    • The thing is, I think Jessica with her looks and attitude and living in LA. She can make a lot of money and get whatever she wants. After she leaves the house she wont even remember she was there, i dont think she even cares.

      • Haha I can imagine him trying to bully some poor taxi driver and getting himself punched right in the face.

      • I was thinking more along the lines of those crazy eyes while asking “What do you mean my dance wasn’t good enough?!?”

    • Raven could only win the amazing race if they were racing to a hospital so she could get diagnosed with another disease. Matt must be desperate to have hooked up with her.

  13. I imagine if Cody did win HOH, Kevin would go in and try not to confirm a bigger deal but just make sure his targets are of the Paul/Josh, Maven world and that he, Jason and Alex are safe. I would likely also tell Alex that for her own piece of mind she should make every effort to win this final temptation challenge just in case something happens and Cody goes on a vengeance quest for Jessica. She wouldn’t be his target, but a pawn he might not care about. He’d likely not go after her next week just because Kevin and Jason are the only ones he thinks he can count on (Mark’s not really that reliable). What will be interesting to see is if Cody doesn’t win and wins the temptation challenge.

    • I think the house would go after Mark and Elena if Cody ends up safe and not HoH

      • Ultimately me too (maybe not Paul), but I was more thinking of how Kevin would play it because he knows he needs to direct the targets for Cody elsewhere for another week and he likely has to keep tabs on Alex just to make sure she doesn’t become totally Paul’s puppet, she still seems to have that foot in the original team (plus Josh as she seems to have adopted him into her usual gang too).

  14. It does not matter what Cody does, what Kevin or what anyone does. It is all about whta Paul does, why is Kevin telling Paul his plans to work with Cody? He needs to get permission ??

    • Kevin’s playing the game. He likes to cover all angles. In this case Paul now can’t come at him with the accusation of having gone behind his back.

      Personally, I feel like yakking in the rose bushes every time Kevin comes on the screen, projectile yakkage if he happens to be shirtless at the time… but even at that I have to hand it to him, Kevin is playing one of the best social games I’ve ever seen in the history of Big Brother.

  15. I think the complaints were more hypocritical than bitter. They’re all guilty of it but only a few have paid any price for it.

  16. For Kevin’s game, if Cody wins HoH, snuggle up (it’s BB!) and see what his plans are. Maybe this time he would stick to what he tells people (unlike last time).

    Kevin could try to influence Cody to target Matt and Raven, since that seems to be on people’s minds. Cody might listen to Kevin since Kevin has the inside dish and has always been friendly to Cody and Jessica. Kevin is adept and lucky enough, so far, to pull it off.

    If Cody doesn’t win HoH, he’ll still be in jury (probably), so Kevin should be nice to the guy, not burn bridges, and hope he’s in the Final 2 to get Cody’s vote.

    Also, bide his time in case Cody saves himself from eviction next week. A little goodwill goes a long way sometimes.

  17. “People are going to look at us and say, that is one fortunate dude!” said, Cody!

  18. Wonder how Cody will handle not having Jess there to snuggle with every night? You don’t think he’ll get locked jaw, do you?

  19. Usually someone from the other side of the House will approach the outcast that is OTB, & tell them that they are trying to work a deal for them to remain in the House…All you have to do is to remain “Cool.” Imvho, Cody & Jessica both Blew Up their Games, & are Done.

  20. I personally don’t get too upset at the arguments and name calling it is an environment conducive to that behavior . But to completely forget why you are there? It is a game. Everyone will lie, sneak, and change allegiances. But to just screw around (in some cases all the time and literally) and not play smart is plain ridiculous.

  21. Cody was always on his own. Kevin is a know nothing.
    I do not like floaters that never win anything. Josh wins a game of pure chance competition. No respect !
    Cody’s best bet is the group splitting and he joins the anyone but Paul group. Hoping !

  22. If Kevin is talking with Paul about making deals with Cody, those deals were only as good as Paul’s word. Having that kind of help might not be as good as being on his own.

  23. Funny how when Jessica or Douche-bag get an award and they stick it to someone, that’s okay but Gawd forbid someone looks out for themselves and sticks it to them. How dare they. Hahahahahaaaa
    And I find it so humorous that they don’t get that everyone hates them. They act so surprised when karma bites them in the ass. Go home you 2 bullies.

  24. Cody was a bully from day one. He came in putting everyone into little groups and with plenty of indications that none of the house guests were good enough for him and little Jessica. When he was HOH he flat out said he nominated Megan because “well, I just don’t like you that much.” This household is WAY over the top as far as being disconnected and cruel. I love BB but this season has been hard to watch…….I’m hoping that when Jody is gone, things will even out. They divided the house right away and hearing sympathy for them is super annoying. They are not playing the game……they are just showmancing.

  25. can’t wait until nasty Jess and Cody are gone. they gave up their social game way too soon

  26. They’re not playing Big Brother 19 they are to busy trying to make his daughter a big sister

  27. This year sucks bad. I hate it. No one but stupid Paul is having everyone. But Jess & Cody kissing Pauls ass.

    • Yup it’s Paul’s game and everyone but Jody are playing it. I can’t image 2 people who no one seems to like and mostly bunker down by themselves being threat towards the whole house. That’s why I hate when these shows throw in a vet. Oh well, they’ll have to compete at some point. Personally, I like Paul in the diary room when he’s talking about how dumb these people are.

      • Honestly, I’d go after Cody and Jess too. While they do very much have the social game equivalent of a rotting apricot, it’s hard to deny that Cody is INSANE at competitions, and Jess isn’t a slouch herself. The longer you wait to take out the obvious power couple, the harder it will be in the long run.

        The houseguests are very much in sheep mode right now with Paul, but the one thing that has worked to Paul’s benefit above all else: everyone has a common enemy in Jody, since they managed to piss off the entire house in their very first week, and have only continued to dig their hole deeper and deeper. But once that common purpose is gone, Paul’s going to have to find a way to keep all of his minions united and on his side, and that’s not gonna be easy. Paul’s only REAL ally is Alex, the rest will go wherever the wind is blowing.

        This isn’t a Derrick situation where he’s basically best friends with everyone in the house. People are already talking about taking out Paul. They just don’t know when the “right time” is.

      • I hope so, but I very much doubt it. Talk is easy, actually following up on something is another. Right now most of these people are easily manipulated. I can’t wait till Paul’s talk comes back to bite him. I don’t mind Paul too much, because he actually makes things interesting. I just hate vets playing these reality shows with a built in advantage. You know a fan base larger than anyone which obviously gets America’s temptation and 3 weeks of safety. I think without that Cody had him gone first HOH which is the smart play.

  28. Jessica and Cody’s karma is out to play. They forgot how they screwed with their own alliance by putting one of there own on the block. So they are paying the piper now.

  29. Everyone here is complaning about sonething, pages of comments … that means CBS prodction is genious hahaaaa that’s what they wanted …so everyone enjoy the show!

  30. Kevin just wants to use Cody, not helping him. Who cares! What will Kevin help Cody with? Cody got to jury. Kevin is not going to final 2 with Cody. What do you mean by “Cody sinks his chance”? What chance? Evict soon or later and go to jury does not make any difference. Kevin thinks he controls the house. Kevin should care for himself instead of making a delusional comment. Kevin does not win a comp yet. How can he protect Cody? Kevin is just another Paul’s dog in term of gameplay. Cody does not need Kevin.

    • Many agree with you. I personally like he’s there. With the exception of Alex can’t think of anyone there that can actually play the game as well.

      • her parents must be so proud. I think she will get out and go home and rethink her choices, then dump Cody. He will go to jury and think he has a girlfriend but doesn’t.

  31. I think Jess and Cody are playing a fine game considering is and has been the 2 of them against the house from day one. I give them credit. I think Alex and Christmas are the ones you better watch out for. Alex has somewhat been laying a bit low lately

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