Big Brother 19: Counting The Votes In Week 6 [POLL]

We’re down to eight votes this week on Big Brother 19 with three nominees leaving us with the chance of a tie-breaker situation with Josh at the helm. So who is going this week? Let’s take a look.

Christmas Counting on BB19

The top targets for the majority going in to this week were Jessica & Cody, but Cody won his way to safety with the Temptation. Now we’ve got Jessica on the Block along with Elena, Josh’s preferred target from earlier this week, and Raven, the renom’d pawn.

Josh let us know via camtalk on Friday morning that he wanted Elena out for her quick-to-flip form of loyalty and central position between Jessica, Cody, and Mark along with her connection to Paul. It seemed semi-reasonable for him to go after her, despite his situation with Cody and Jessica, but the house has pressed on him to reverse course and stick with the group’s/Paul’s plan.

If Josh had been able to sway the group then he would have only needed four votes to reach the tie and send Elena out. He could have gotten there, in theory, with Alex, Christmas, Jason, and Kevin, but the support isn’t there. Alex gave Josh a lot of smiles and nods, but as soon as he’d turn around she’d tell Jason they weren’t doing that. So there went half of the votes he’d need.

Even Christmas made it seem like she was willing to go with getting Elena out, but that seemed to be a ruse to appear very supportive of Josh and build his confidence in her. Eventually she turned that support around to getting Josh back on track to targeting Jessica.

Out of the eight votes it looks like we’re going to get Alex, Christmas, Jason, Kevin, Matthew, and Paul voting against Jessica. Cody has said he’d vote against Raven, no surprise, and maybe possibly we’d see Mark do the same since he isn’t much of a fan of hers, but since Mark is so concerned with appearing to rejoin the main group he could also end up voting against Jessica.

As for Raven’s chances of being evicted, I don’t think they’re very strong. Even if you saw Cody and Mark vote against her you’d still need another three to avoid Josh breaking a tie to keep her, if that was his decision.

If the Big Brother eviction vote were held today then I’d expect Jessica to be evicted 7-1 or 6-2. We’ve still got two more days until that vote happens, so anything is possible, but it’d take something big for folks to change at this point.

What do you think will happen on Thursday? Cast your vote for who you expect to be evicted this week from Big Brother 19:


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  2. I will be voting with the Majority and say that Jessica is heading back home to her apartment and her Special Service contracts.

  3. I think if Jessica goes home this week (and she probably will) we will see a different side of Cody. It may not make a difference, the HGs will still evict him but I think Jessica brings out the worst in Cody. I can see Kevin, Jason and Mark working with Cody for weeks to keep a bigger target in the house.

    • Cody is capable of winning a comp each week. That will be his only chance, but I’m still hoping jessica stays.

    • Only plus is if Cody wins the next HOH and evicts one of Paul’s minions, preferably one of those in the higher rungs like Kevin, Alex, Jason, Matthew or Raven. Maybe, he will win VETO the week following and escape a 2nd time and one more minion is sent to jury and deservedly so! That is the best case scenario.

  4. Why would anyone, other than Cody, vote to keep Jessica?

    Ultimately Big Brother is a confidence game. If you’ve done nothing to gain the other players’ confidence, why would they keep you?

    • could be kevin and then blame it on Mark to make sure he won’t be a target in the next few weeks

      • Yep, I like your thinking. I completely agree! Kevin or more likely Christmas, could throw a shady vote to cast more doubt on Mark and set him up as target number one next week.

        I doubt Kevin would do a shady vote this week, as I really think he wants Jessica gone so he can begin really using Cody.

        However, even if Christmas does throw a shady vote, ultimately she still really wants Jessica to go.

      • Christmas hates Elena more. She doesn’t like her rubbing up on Paul. I think christmas wants Paul to see her as loyal and someone he could drag to the end with and Elena is in her way.

    • I agree. Mark may just vote for her to not get Matt upset with him. Mark is a duh. I would just deny that it was me, but he’ll admit it.

      • I think that this week any hinky votes are going to be identifiable. If there aren’t 7 votes to evict Jess, there’s going to be scrutiny. Mark is going to be interesting, does he go with the group or try to continue to play both sides?

      • The good looking mediocre man who is floating above the other HGs. look up, and you’ll see him.

  5. I wish there was someway Jessica could stay cause it’s gonna be very boring after that as Paul decides each week which of his minions to cut loose… but unfortunately thats the way its gonna be.

    • Yeah, Paul and Jessica are the only ones that are fun to watch (whether you like them or not). Once they’re gone, we’re going to have a very boring end of the season. Remember the final 4 of Spencer, Andy, Judd, and Ginamarie? This final 4 just might compete with that one for the dullest season end.

      • Jessica might have her moments of fun, but I disagree about Paul. I don’t find someone with a control-freak complex fun to watch at all. He’s despicable trying to get others to “crack.”

      • It is only going to get fun when Paul is evicted which is like 8 weeks from now if we are lucky! Chances are good that one of his minions will be evicted after Jessica and Cody! That is like watching paint dry. What is the excitement in knowing who is likely to be evicted next! Not even a bit of suspense. :(
        Once, Cody is evicted, I will stop watching till it is down to 4 house guests when they have to target Paul! I am going to pass on all those boring weeks!
        Why watch it?

    • I disagree. The game needs to push forward. It’s been a great season drama wise, but it just feels like the game has been stuck in neutral for weeks and a lot of it revolves around Cody and Jessica. Cody wins the battle back, Jessica has the halting hex which meant whenever she used it, the show wasted a week. Not to mention their game play was abysmal. I like good players, Jessica and Cody are not it.

      • The game was stuck with Jody. Once they’re gone, You watch, this Alliance will implode. House dynamic will change, depending on who wins HoH. They have to find new targets, and they have to eat their own.

    • Cody and Jessica together are dragging the game almost to a stand-still. Everyone is paying attention to them and not playing the game. I don’t really care which of them goes, but one has to. That will at least give the other one reason to get out of bed.

  6. I actually would like all 3 to go in this order: Jess, Raven, Elena oh yeah, and Cody can go anytime.

    • Christmas, Alex. All of the annoying girls that don’t really know how to play. I could change my mind about Christmas again next week.

      • Alex is personally the worst for me. She calls herself a ‘competitor’ but she’s sheeping Paul. Oops.
        The only girl I see potential in at this point is Christmas and that’s a big maybe. Jess could’ve campaigned this week but she’s letting that ship sail.

      • You don’t think Alex will go after Paul, and vise versa? You think they all want to Paul to the end? I don’t think so. They’ll lose. I’m pretty sure they know that. In some players, I don’t buy that ‘sheeping Paul thing. The goal is to survive week after week and hopefully get to F5…it’s hard.

      • I legitimately think Alex has fully drank the kool-aid. No I don’t see her turning on him and if she does I’ll be surprised. I could see Paul turning on her though. I see someone like Kevin or Christmas flipping, but Alex? Never. I think if Paul goes down, Alex goes with him.

      • We’ll see.. Are you bored with this season? I’m not. To be honest what I’m looking forward to see is, which HG will try to pull the trigger on Paul. I think that becomes the cliff hanger for this season. lol

      • It is boring as hell when Paul is full control without any opposition! When Cody goes, he is going to pick off the stragglers one by one and evict them week after week! That is 8 straight boring weeks unless, Cody somehow wins HOH next week to atleast, send a minion to the jury house!

      • Seems like Josh is already trying to pull the trigger a bit by targeting Elena who he seems to know that Paul does not want to evict. Then again I could be wrong because alliances seem to change every day.

      • I’m not bored with the season by any means because it’s been explosive and fun, but I am starting to worry about the future. I don’t mind Paul winning, but I want to see people make him have to work his hardest and play his hardest for it, yknow?

      • Christmas is all talk. When the chips are down, what did she do? She stops Cody from competing for veto by using her power! She could have allowed him to compete and if he won then, Jessica and Cody would still be in the Big Brother House! Elaina gets evicted which is no big deal but, Christmas extends her time in the game!

  7. I’ll believe it when I see it! Somehow (prod) will keep her by some crazy twist so she can go to jury with Cody. Bad move.

  8. if Paul’s smart he should take him to final 2. You have a grantee that you would win. But if Kevin or alex is in the final 2..he may not win.

    • Agree. It doesn’t seem likely at this moment, but I’ve thought from the very beginning of the show that Paul and Cody teaming up is the smartest move for Paul. Certainly Production is thinking that way.

    • LOl. If Alex is in F2 with Paul, he will win it. Jason may be the only one voting for Alex. A big May.

  9. If Jessica is voted out this week i’m sure they will have a battle back with whoever gets out next to stay in jury…they aren’t going to let this storyline go.

    • I agree. Yesterday mysterious sounds could be a chance for production to rig her safety. They may come up with the bs, expect the unexpected. which means we will rig this game if it is convenient for us.

    • They had 2 battle backs last season. Remember Victor entered the Big Brother House not only once, but, twice!

  10. I know that she won’t go, but I still voted for her to leave. I have watched every single season of BB and think that Raven is one of the most obnoxious players in it’s history. I say that only because it is my second year watching feeds and 3rd reading about it. Boogie will always be first in my mind even if I didn’t watch the feeds back then. I hope she at least gets 3 votes so she wonders who else wants her out. She will be sure Cody is voting against her.

  11. I wish Paul, Cody and Jessica would go. Be interesting to see what the rest of the house does with out them! orrrrr maybe it wouldn’t be interesting at all! lol

    • We wouldn’t know but, my guess is with Paul gone, everyone would have to make their own moves and use their heads for once! If Paul is somehow evicted, it would be when there is just 4 house guests remaining! My money is on Alex or Kevin. I think both have it in them to finally, do what is needed!

  12. I think its funny how so many people are degrading Jessica for sleeping with Cody and possibly being pregnant. do you all forget that they have been cozy in this house 24/7 for over 40 days. Some of you sleep with people in less time than that. Life cooped up moves faster than real life. Give me a break with the hate. Then you have liars like raven in the house and people cheer her…google that girl and then lets talk. As far as the show i am tired of Paul running the house. All of paul’s minions has made this show quite uninteresting and the only reason it is of something is cody and jessica being that they actual fight to stay in the house and play the game. Raven, Alex and Paul need to all go and i hope none of them win

    • I agree, I have slept with people in less time than that, but with only one camera though. Big Brother has 57.. I believe.

      • No one, that’s just sheer nonsense. Raven will be dealt with in time, she’s small potatoes. Yes, she’s annoying and a full time liar but Jess and Cody need to be dealt with, first and foremost.

    • You like watching Princess Butthole and her Creepy Consort lay all over each other, all by themselves, doing the death staring contest night and day, day and night? What in the world is interesting about these 2, I don’t get it. They don’t game, hell they don’t even talk to anyone else unless someone approaches them. I want them gone as soon as possible. They are bringing the house down with their superior than thou attitude and “they don’t have to play the game unless the others play the game the way they want them to play it” nonsense.

      • Do you watch live feeds? Are you even watching the same show. All the showmances lay all over each other. Some people just hate to hate. You don’t like them because they act superior? Then you must def not like Paul who is telling everyone how to play being that he has played this game before. That sounds a little like superiority to me.

      • Yes, I do have the feeds and when the feeds are on these 2 assholes, which is 90% of the time, they are either in bed, on the hammock, alone or sitting on top of each other while they are eating or guarding each other when the other goes to the bathroom. Yep, real interesting. She’s not even campaigning, because she feels like she is entitled to be in the house without having to work for it.

      • Jess played so much better when Cody was out of the house. She at least mingled with the others and didn’t seem to come across as mean as she is with Cody.

    • Well, my husband and I … well, never mind. I’m just pretty sure we weren’t on national television. There is a thing called discretion, you know.

      • Understandable, if Jess and Cody never mentioned it we would never know, unlike raven and Matt the world saw their towel time

    • Cody but that’s not an option so Jessica. Cody is too unstable and never should have been allowed in the house.

  13. If Jessica had at least tried a little bit this week she could’ve easily flipped the house. Everyone is getting sick of Raven and if she were playing she could possibly flip people.
    Might as well just let Jess go, she doesn’t care anymore.
    Paul’s probably going to steamroll this season unless Christmas will stop being wishy washy!

  14. Jessica lost the game when she nominated Ramos and Josh, had a perfect opportunity to get Paul out. He is a snake and the stupid people are kissing his ass

    • Cody threatened to attack Josh outside of the house and i think raven got hit with a pan jessica was waving around. Cody and Jessica attacked Josh really bad. Production had to stop them.

  15. It’s sort of sad this week watching Jessica and Cody let it all slip away. If they had turned toward the other HGs and been more social instead of turning in toward each other I think they might have had a chance of flipping the house. All they needed were two other players to turn, and that might have been possible. But it appears their chips are pretty well cashed in by now.

    • They are not capable of doing that,instead Cody and Jessica expect the other house guests to prostrate themselves in front of their bed and ask for their forgiveness,poor things..imagine their surprise when no one showed up.

    • That’s the reason I don’t respect those two. They don’t have respect for the game. I always think what would the Great BB players like Dan G, Derrick would do in this situation….easy! Jess was awarded the temp, won the Veto, and Cody back in the house, and they have a week to scheme. The Alliance have holes that they can work on. Winning Comp is an important part of the game, it can buy you time, but ‘social game is a big part..which they don’t have.

    • Cody actually had control of the Big Brother House when he first had HOH. He betrayed the trust by unilaterally deciding to try and evict Paul. Paul was able to turn the Big Brother House against him because of it! His mistake was taking Paul into the alliance. When they first tried to add Paul to the alliance, he should have take the others, Mark, Matthew, etc and told them that he must not be part of it because he is a huge threat that needs to be evicted! That would have been something they could have gone behind! In Survivor, the biggest threats are targeted and usually evicted! In the Big Brother House, they wait till there are a few players left, say 4 before making a move!

    • I don’t completely disagree with you however, you have to see it from their eyes, mind and heart. They think they have no hope whatsoever to sway anyone. Jessica is a super fan, & she knows Paul has full control over EVERYONE! She knows she doesn’t have a hope!! Paul wants her gone and she knows no one (or at least not enough) will vote her way. Sure I would like to see her fight harder to stay but she just done! Completely done! Jessica knows that Paul has his puppies 🐶 well-trained!! We all know that!
      Even if Jessica tried and had the opportunity to talk with most of the HG’s without Paul interrupting or the HG’s being afraid Paul will see them talking to her, Jessica knows it’s impossible to get the votes, and I am sure she is thinking if she managed to at least get a tie, Josh would vote her out. I can’t blame her! It’s been difficult for her! I’m not saying it’s not completely her fault but, nothings going to change as long as Paul is leading that house! No way! Jessica’s done unless there is some miracle coming down from the BB gods to save her!

  16. I like Cody (or at least the edited on tv version). I agree with some comments, that if Jody played BB and stopped being victims (even if they had the right) they could flip the house. Anyways I have a fab idea…SECRET HOH. No one but us the audience knows, the winner gets cash and man/woman cave via the DR (so limited time to enjoy), they get a fab meal when they visit, and some Cash! They do not get the comforts of the normal HOH and they cast secret nominations and tie break votes. Now that will shake Any house up.

    • Cody had an alliance at the very start. His mistake was taking Paul in the alliance if his plan is to try and backdoor him! Had he told the other alliance members that Paul was a huge threat then, they might have gone along with him!

  17. Throw both of the worse players in my 10 years of B.B. Watching the hell out… they deserve each other! The sad thing is Cody doesn’t have enough money for the likes of her. I heard her telling how big of a tear drop ring she expects..She called Josh despicable she needs to take a good look in the mirror….. nasty girl

  18. What are these people thinking ,they need to get Paul out he is running the show and it is pretty boring seeing a vet having that much power!!!

  19. I dont know how Raven has made it this far she is a floater that cant win and rides peoples coat tails!! The show is loosing its touch of keeping it interesting to watch

  20. Paul needs to go, he’s low life slime. I’m disappointed the other HGs are so dumb not to grasp how manipulated they are. Christmas, Matt, Josh, Raven, all Paul’s biatches!

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