Tonight On Big Brother 19: Veto Competition & Ceremony

OTEV returns tonight on Big Brother 19! The horror themed week continues as Houseguests face off for the chance at safe and there’s plenty of drama to boot as the final Temptation power arrives.

Josh Martinez camtalks on BB19

Jessica was sent to the Block after forfeiting in the haunted house Temptation Competition and now here comes her chance at safety with the Power of Veto battle. The house is set to stop that pursuit, but Josh might have other plans this week if he can gather the support he would need.

OTEV is arriving early this year, but with the tension in the house it’s not such a bad option. Can Jessica beat out her competition in Elena and Mark to win safety or could this be the end of the road for “Jody” on Big Brother 19? Find out tonight!

Can’t wait for the spoilers? Check out what happened at the Veto comp & ceremony this week.

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  1. I can’t wait to see Jess and Cody’s face when they go from “Allright playing veto” to “what another twist that keep me from playing my game”. LOL

    • That’s the moment I’m anxious to see. There’s a good possibility of getting a few great gifs from those few hot seconds.

    • Counting down the hours to that, can’t wait to see the look on the robot’s face. And apparently Jess and Elena’s speeches were interesting. I plan to hit mute for Raven’s

      • Here’s how I imagine her speech will go tomorrow:
        (in a horrible mock southern accent)
        I just want yall ta know my wrist is really a hurtin (sob sob)
        And I really need yalls support (sniff sniff) cause I don’t want to go home yet, this vacation, er, game has been fun so far
        thank yall and momma don’t forget to check the go fund me account
        (sits down and flips over in chair)
        ouch I hurts my neck now!!

      • I can’t wait to hear the speech that Josh gave. Apparently he said something out of line to Princess Butthole (which I don’t believe, but she ranted and raved about it afterwards on the feeds), because everything has to be okay’d and signed off on before she is happy with it. AGain, total bs, it’s what happens in the game. You get an attitude, you get sideswipped in JOsh’s speech.Too bad so sad. LOL Remember Tiffany went on a rant against Paulie, which he totally deserved and he knew it too.

    • Even though I really don’t care for Josh, it is justice for him that he will be the one that sent her home. Not her being the one to send him home, like she thought 2 weeks ago. I would also find it ironic if Josh wins HOH again and gets Cody out too… Jess and Cody earned every bit of the position that they are in now. Cody has no social game or people skills, and Jess allowed her game to be dragged down by him. They were meant for each other. Buh-bye Jess…and Cody will have no one in the jury house when he goes there within the next upcoming weeks.

  2. Someone on twitter just said Jess’ comic book super hero name should be “The Anal Invader” lmao… please make this happen BB! Oh and of course ppl are making excuses for Jess sexually harassing others bc well she’s Jess… I seriously don’t want to hear another word about “bullying” when ppl blindly dismiss sexual harassment bc a girl is the one harassing ppl!

  3. So glad this week is almost over, now lets move on to getting the other half of Jody out. Buh-Bye Cody.

    • Hopefully Cody wins. He is the only chance that Paul could get nominated, although he said those who betrayed him.

  4. Imagine a BB All-Stars with Evil Dick, Paul, Dr. Will, Boogie, Janelle, Dan G., Derrick, Nicole, Danielle D., Danielle R., Britney, and Alison I. I would pay to see that!!!

    • How about newbies only. I hate 5 of those players and don’t wish to see them on TV again.

      • Well, if there was going to be another All-Stars, these would be my top picks to play. I don’t really like a lot of them either. but most are great players.

      • I did say”most” were good players. Some I picked just for their entertainment value. I would have picked Jessie, but he is just wayyy to over the top!!!

  5. I sure hope Jess does not win POV- its time for that duo to be broken up at the very least and get this game to change up from where it has gone… she and cody clearly have no interest in playing the game and sequester themselves every waking moment … don’t get why they even came to the house, clearly Jess just wants air time for whatever reason and cody is oblivious to anything besides Jess’s backside

  6. First time they’ve reminded us of Christmas’ temptation since she got it. Can you tell they’re hinting at it’s use?

  7. Jody did have a solid plan this week. Had Jess been able to pull off her side of the agreement, that would have been one heck of a game move. Of course, no one can predict who will win comps, so it was definitely a risky strategy.

  8. I hate them all pretty much but Jessica really ruined it this week. I want Josh to tell her in the good bye video that 1) She was not his target this week 2) Cody ruined her game 3) They need to show him saying this and 4) Have Julie confirm he wasnt lying.

  9. OMG, I really, truly hate Cody and Jessica’s condescending, demeaning tone of voice and her laughing at people. They are the high and mighty God and Goddess of the house, so much better than anyone else (in their minds)…unbelievable!

  10. Well Jess you’re going to see how stupid you are when you watch. You did have a slim chance of staying.

    • Paul was the only HG to keep the temptation a complete secret until it was dragged out of him by Cody’s attempt to nominate him.

      • Yeah, that was definitely the fault of production. They should’ve had in the rules “you must keep this a secret, or else it is forfeit.” That’s what they did with the Coup d’Etat.

      • True, but it also gave Paul the chance to manipulate it to his advantage. It should have been Christmas’ to decide whether to use or not. For all we know, it would have still worked out this way.

      • Well it only lasted a few days. He had to use it the first week. He really didn’t have much time to tell anyone.

  11. Phew, I’m here!! LOL
    Those 2 really do think they are the sh*t and they are above it all. SMDH

  12. I can’t wait to hear the veto speech from Josh, apparently it ruined Princess Butthole’s day because she had declared that day, hands off and no one was allowed to speak “rudely” to her. Dumb bish.

  13. I really want to know how Cody got into this game. Like he has ZERO personality. Like none. His DR sessions are non existent because he just stares and says maybe 5 words. Who did he bang to get into this show, he really is a horrible contestant.

  14. Wait, did everyone on the Paul Patrol know Christmas had that power?

    Also, Josh’s smug face is just… UGH! Not to mention the applause. How unsportsmanlike.

      • Maven probably weren’t even paying attention that day, knowing those two. Raven was probably complaining about her foot while Matt was trying to decide which orange shirt to wear.

  15. This is so personal for no reason and as much as Cody is a douche he really really got screwed by these temptations this summer. Like he got it the worst.

    • Yep. He wasn’t wrong to try and nominate the vet. It’s not his fault he got picked to play in the Veto. And he was screwed both times.

      • He was wrong to name someone in his alliance. Week 1 – he now proves untrustworthy and the whole alloiance turned on him. Alex & jason clinged to the new alliance for safety

      • Eh, I honestly think they wouldn’t have had much of an issue with it had he told them what he was going to do. Maven still have yet to make a difference to this game, Jess and Mark were aware of it (specially Jess), Elena only cared that she wasn’t in the loop.

      • True – but he didn’t. he blindsided them. At the same time pissing off paul & christmas. mark didn’t really know for sure – and i don’t know if jess did either. It was week 1 – put up any one of the stragglers and be done with it and enjoy your alliance

      • Jess knew Cody considered Paul and Christmas to be the bottom of their alliance’s totem pole. He told her one night up in the HOH room Week 1.

        This is also why alliances Week 1 are always stupid. They never, EVER work out.

    • The temptations have almost made the game unplayable this year. I understand you want drama, but with all these extra, unknown rules – how can a strong player actually play at the start. The only right move is really “not to play” and hope you survive. Jillian lost on this one, but maven and kevin have played the non-players to a T

      • has messed up so many opportunities to actually make the game play good but instead it has ruined those opportunities

  16. Hahahahaha, Paul was pretty funny in DR…If looks could kill, they’d all be dead. The applause were incredible…

  17. Every ‘Temptation reveal scene was awesome…except for ‘butt invader..that was a dud. ha!

  18. gosh why did i feel something for a bit when he started crying? This is the first time I have seen him vulnerable in the game, awwww

  19. Oh lawdy, here we go with the victim noises, AGAIN!!!

  20. yawwwwwwwnnnnnn….these people are so dumb. Everything is to benefit Paul and its soooooo boring.

  21. AGain, Princess Butthole thinks it’s her right to tell others how to use their advantages. It’s not called stabbing in the back, it’s called playing the game girl. I loved how Christmas cut it off and shut her down. LOL

  22. Yall watch the feeds, what kind of bang is Cody? Is he rough and violent/dominant or is he one of those alpha types thats a complete submissive in bed?

  23. Jessica – “Its not strategy, it’s personal”
    Cody – “All so they can take you out of the house”
    ….sounds like strategy to me!

      • Was funny week 2 (or so) when Christmas wasn’t Paul’s minion – he was very critical of her being able to go in and out of the house with her injury. Now, since she is a minion, he has no problem with her

    • This is one of the best scenes, I loved it when she did it on feeds. I was cheering her on.

  24. I loved the little Bewitched shake of the head by Christmas when she stood up to use her Temptation

      • I don’t know if you watch feeds but her, Kevin and Jason are hilarious on the feeds when it’s the three of them.

      • I do watch when I can, but I’m in grad school now and I work during the morning and early afternoon, so I have to kinda binge watch. Sure, they’re funny, but unlike Kev and Jason, Alex has done some pretty rotten things.

      • No, but she lets Paul tell her what to do, and she goes along with it and joins in the mob harassment. It’s only when it’s one on one that she either stays out of it or tries to break it up (which she’s only done once to date).

      • She didn’t go along with it. She just asked Jess why she lied and threw Raven under the bus. And she did it with her normal tone of voice. She didn’t scream at her. In fact she couldn’t even get a word in because Jess was screaming at her.

      • Of course she went along with it! She never once told them to stop! Matt did, I don’t recall Kevin even being in the loop on that one, but Alex said nothing. Heck, she even got defensive when Jason called the Paul Patrol out for feeding into Josh’s crybaby antics. Guilty conscience, much? Seriously, even Josh admitted that Jason was right.

      • Guess we saw two different things on the feeds because the first fight Alex didn’t encourage any of it and why should she say something about it? They’re grown ass adults. I wouldn’t involve myself either. You see what happened the time Josh was attacking Cody and Mark said something. Josh wouldn’t leave him alone for two days. And the second fight yesterday she was sticking up for Josh. She was telling Jason to quit feeding into it and upsetting Josh. Watch again because I think you misunderstood what Alex was saying yesterday. Anyway I like Alex, you don’t. Just have to agree to disagree.

      • That’s on Raven not on Alex. Alex isn’t Ravens mom. Raven gave it to him not Alex. And Alex was mad because Jason was upsetting Josh because Jason wasn’t saying what he actually meant. It was coming out the wrong way. You need to watch the entire conversation. These tweets don’t tell you the entire story.

      • No not like them but she did get reprimanded by DR for hitting Jason. They told her to lay off.

      • They both hit each other back and forth. The joke around. They were even comparing bruises the other night.

      • She lost me when Josh was saying he was going to sh*t on mark and plenty of other vulgarities – she sat there LAUGHING! Unbelievable really

      • Yes, everyone laughs. But anyone who laughs at someone berating someone else like josh was is complicit and just about as bad as the person they are enabling with such laughter

  25. Victim Noise. Cody made victim noises. Probably the worst victim noise since Jessica tantrum when she couldn’t eat cake. LOL!! Bye Jessica, don’t let the doorknob poke your butt hole on the way out.

  26. Anyone have an idea when Zingbot will show up? We should be getting close to that time, correct?

    • Zingbot used to show up to host the comps when there were only 6 or less HGs, and therefore everyone had to play. Nowadays, it seems to be more random.

    • go on twitter. they have way better zings than anything that hack zingbot comes up with.

  27. Cody made this big deal about making victim noises. He based his entire game around it. And then he makes victim noises. Lets never forget the biggest moment of irony in BB history.

  28. Christmas should not have been able to knock Cody out to compete in POV. She was not cleared to play wrong on the rules stand point. Don’t get me wrong if you want Jessica and Cody out do it fair. Paul should go he has the advantage and is manipulating everyone else.

  29. REally, we get ANOTHER victim noises segment. This is when feeds are good, you can just change the feed. LOL

  30. I really think BB needs to pull Raven from the game and get her psychiatric help!
    At first I thought she was just a huge attention seeker but now I’m concerned about her! They should take her out before she ends up drinking bleach for attention!
    She is very unpredictable!
    I don’t know if I should feel sorry for her or not!

  31. Here it comes, I’ve been waiting for this for days…..

  32. Just as I expected, Josh didn’t say a damn thing to Princess Butthole during the POV. Assholes.

  33. Meatballs are good! I don’t get it. If someone called me a meatball I would say thank you 😋

  34. That douche Matt keeps rolling up his shirt so you can see his shoulder muscles , somebody burn that Texas shirt, it could probably walk by itself by now, and buy the guy a tank top already!

    • I think once Matt is nominated and he gets a veto costume, he’ll wear that until he gets evicted. Hopefully it is a tank or he’ll rip it to look like one.

  35. Was it me or did censor blur and blank out a word of OTEV’s speech? And then the response and looks on the faces from the HGs. “Did OTEV just say f—?”
    Even though thru this thread it sounds like HGs are using the F, S, B and more letters of the alphabet made into inappropriate words, really shouldn’t mean OTEV could/should use them!

    BAD BAD production censor!!! What the F*** were you thinking!!!!!!!!!

  36. I love Otev. I wanted to see if it was Josh who blinked or Paul convinced Christmas. I’m glad that it was Josh.
    Although Cod and Jes are arrogant and annoying as heck, I do really hope Raven goes.

    • She’s gotten on my very last nerve. Along with Paul, Josh, Alex, Christmas (unless she turns her game around and starts separating herself from the Dictator), Matt (not as much as the others, but his attitude towards Mark is annoying)…

      • Christmas tonight was so ridiculous. She could have quietly used her power, but instead became to excited. She scooted away when jess was calling her two faced. Which is true. I guarantee she will regret it. there will be a time in her game that she will wish to have that power.

  37. Only 1 person wins the 500 k, and these idiots are ready to give it to that little twerp Paul, i mean wake up and play the game already people!

  38. What are all these “victim noises” yall keep talking about? Are they something you have to belive in to hear?

      • I here yeah but, I actually think in that moment Cody wanted to cry. I really do. I honestly felt so bad for him, both of them. I do not think Cody is a crier, so the fact that he broke down the second they were alone shows me just how got wrenching that was for him.
        He wanted so badly to play in that Veto and fight for his girl, and he got that chance and his adrenaline was probably through the roof but then to have it ripped away like that, I think in that moment he was just completely defeated! To go from that high of a high to that low of a low in a matter of seconds……… 😭
        Both of their hearts and souls ripped into pieces 💔💔
        I know a lot of people really enjoyed seeing Christmas use her power but I wanted to cry for them! If Jessica was going to jury, I think I would feel differently because she deserves to be in that jury house way, way, way more than a lot of those people still left in the house so that personally just pisses me off big time!!
        People like Matt, Raven, Elena, Christmas etc (who shouldn’t even be “playing” BB) are going to have a say in who wins! Receive more money when they haven’t done squat and Jessica has worked her tail off since week one! Gag 🤢 ALL will vote Paul if he makes it to the F2 even if whoever is next to him is more deserving! Say for example Cody ends up F2 (HIGHLY unlikely) but say Cody fights the rest of this game and wins everything he needs to and ends up with a little bit of help/alliance, kills the rest of the game and it’s him and Paul in the end, he would be 100% deserving to win it all but they would still just give it to Paul! 😡

        These mindless morons are going to have bragging rights when they are not deserved at all, they have done absolutely nothing!
        Christmas wasn’t even in the house the entire time! (Isn’t that the main premises of the show! Locked in seclusion!) Matt is literally a plant in the house that just needs to be given cereal occasionally!! Raven should be pulled from the game and put in a psychiatric hospital for her Munchhausen syndrome! or simply ejected from the game for being a con artist! It’s maddening!
        Ugh 😑 I am super frustrated and annoyed with most of these HG’s! Before it was laughable but it’s just becoming pathetic! And it clearly really really pisses me off Jessica is not making it to the jury house after she has been playing hard since day one! And 97% of the house isn’t playing the game for themselves, they are just listening to their master! It’s pathetic!

        Holy sh*t SamSara!!! I am soooooooo SORRY LOL
        I just finished watching Wednesday episode & I am clearly pissed off 😠
        And I’m using talk to type and just started rambling on and on!
        Sorry babe! Please don’t feel pressured to respond to this LOL you will probably want to block me after this short novel hee hee 😜 I really am sorry! I hope you at least somewhat agreed with me so this wasn’t too frustrating to read, if you even read it all LOL and hopefully it made sense! I’m just rambling away as if you are listening on the other end of this phone 🙃 oops 🙊 my bad 🤗 xo 😘

      • LMAO!!!
        Jessica may be more deserving than Christmas, but I only wanted for her to stay so they could try to get rid of Paul. I don’t see that happening since his puppets won’t vote him out, but I don’t think Jessica deserves to be in the jury. I predict that BB will try to do something so she can stay in the game longer, but if not, then I’m glad she won’t be in the jury with Cody.

      • I think my reply to you was the longest reply I have ever done on here, ever! LOL sorry again! Feel free to not read it. I was clearly venting out loud using talk to type!

    • ‘My Turn!”..I watched it again twice. lol the smile, the jaw dropped..the doomed look, and the clap. it’s great…thanks Capt.

  39. I have been waiting all week to actually see Christmas use her Ring of Replacement on Cody. I heard them talking about her using it on the BBAD following the Veto comp and I’ve been counting the days to see it!

  40. Well, no more temptations. They’ve all been flushed out.

    Time to see how these people play without the wild cards up their sleeves.

    • Is that what they said?? I thought this was the season of Temptations!? Just because the DOT is gone doesn’t mean there won’t be more temptation!?