‘Big Brother 19’ Live Feeds: Christmas’s Surgery Delayed – Update: Off To Surgery

Christmas Abbott broke her foot last Monday in the Big Brother 19 backyard but she’s stuck around despite being restricted by crutches and a cast. While she’s done her best to hold out and keep playing we’re learning there’s more ahead that could give her trouble.

Christmas Abbott with her broken foot in a cast

Last week Christmas revealed privately to Paul that her break was bad enough to warrant pins and that she’d be leaving the Big Brother house temporarily for the surgery on Monday. Last night she revealed to him in private that the procedure had been delayed as she continues to keep her fellow HGs in the dark over the severity of her situation.

While the last of the HGs were heading to bed on Sunday night Paul mentioned to Christmas “good luck” on her upcoming procedure which lead to the new details being revealed. Flashback to 1:47 AM BBT 7/10 to watch. Grab the Free Trial to get started with All Access.

Paul: Good luck tomorrow. Positive vibes coming your way.

Christmas: Thank you. Um, it’s delayed.

Paul: Excuse me?

Christmas: It’s delayed.

Paul: Till when?

Christmas: Wednesday.

Paul: Oh really. So are you not going…

Christmas: I’m going tomorrow. *Feeds cut*

This sounds like even though the surgery was pushed out a couple of days that Christmas will still be leaving on Monday to see the doctors. Considering the severity of her medical situation I’m not surprised, but at a certain point I can’t help but thinking we’re not far from the end of seeing Christmas this season.

Last week Christmas was determined to come back to the game. It was a high stakes week for sure and she didn’t want to not be there to help finish out the week. She was also on the Block and her departure would have possibly given Cody another chance at nominations, as we discussed. Now that’s past and this week’s vote looks to be a lock after today’s Ceremony. Her involvement is no longer as critical this time around. If Christmas is having to leave for pins then she may finally admit to herself that she’d have a better recovery outside the house.

There’s been a lot of discussion in our Twitter timeline with some fans who feel it’s unfair that she hasn’t been pulled. I don’t think it’s too much of an advantage to break your foot and be physically limited and likely prevented from participating in comps. But at a certain point I’d agree that it’s just too much and with her livelihood being physically active it seems to make more sense for her to bow out. However, if her doctors say it’s okay, production agrees to it, and Christmas makes the choice, then that’s all up to them, not us.

As for what Christmas may be considering, here’s something else worth noting. After she packed up last week, as all nominees are required to do in case they are evicted, it appears that Christmas has not unpacked. Here she was spotted getting things out of her suitcase on Sunday morning, days after she survived eviction. She hasn’t unpacked. Christmas may be anticipating the end is nigh for her game.

What do you think of the situation? Is it detrimental to the game for Christmas to get medical attention and return as other HGs in other seasons have done? Should she say goodbye to Big Brother 19 and hope for a chance to return some other season while remembering there’s no guarantee of that. Share your thoughts and we’ll keep an eye out for what happens today and Wednesday with Christmas’s surgery and broken foot.

Update: Monday evening around 6:15 PM BBT the Feeds returned from Christmas announcing to the HGs that she would have to leave the house for surgery. Since the message was given behind down Feeds we don’t know the exact details shared. HGs are now aware she’ll be going for the surgery and returning Thursday. Well not Cody. He didn’t bother to attend.

Update 2: Christmas departed for her surgery at 10:30 AM BBT on Wednesday. She hopes to be back Thursday before the eviction show.

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  1. This is sticky. Will it screw up Paul’s week? They have had no eviction weeks before even though they did go ahead when Megan quit. This could mess up production’s DE weeks they have planned if another person leaves.

  2. I don’t see any reason for her not to come back. As I have said here before, as long as they have handler with her that make sure she doesn’t discus the game with anybody. I’m sure the doctor was warned. As for the surgery, it would more than likely done under local anesthetic. Another cast. A few hours, she out of there. The pain ? She is in pain already, and taking medication. Can’t be worse in the house than been at home.

    • If she’s having pins put in she will be under general anesthesia. But if she can’t compete in physical comps she shouldn’t be allowed back. What if others got hurt? Then what they just call the comps off because nobody can compete. And I like her so I would like her to stay. But don’t think it’s fair.

      • Oh yeah, definitely will be a general anesthesia type surgery. It would require at least an observation stay. But here’s the thing that others are going to consider. She might not care about healing, but she is going to be useless in a lot of the competitions. So she’s not really going to be a huge draw for a alliance. There are many competitions that including getting wet or covered in some sloppy and slimy mess. I don’t care how well you try to wrap that cast, it’s going to get ruined and there’s a high chance of that crap getting inside the cast. Since she needs an ORIF(open reduction, internal fixation), there is the higher risk for infection. I like Christmas too, but she’s a huge liability now.

      • Obviously in these type of competitions, she would have to forfeit and stay on the sideline.

      • Why does she HAVE to compete in comps? So many people throw comps and this just adds a dimension to the game play that we don’t see. She is disabled from some comps and players have to adjust to that. Is she a liability for them or an advantage for others. Sounds just like what this game is about and is more authentic than random twists and plays benefitting production pets.

      • The comps are part of the game. If you can’t play then you shouldn’t be in the house. Come back next season. If it was a short term injury that she couldn’t play in a couple comps that would be different but she’s out the entire season.

      • Is she unable to compete in all the competitions? Looks like she participated just fine in Candy Crush. Your argument is weak, there is more to the game than the comps. If medical/Production give the ok and she wants to play, she’s gonna play.

      • She layed on the ground and gave Paul tickets. Part of Big Brother is playing in competitions. What if everyone had injuries? Half the comps are physical. This isn’t the “Doctors”. She’s going for surgery and not an easy one. You don’t go in the game to sit on your ass. I believe you have the weak argument.

      • EVERYONE doesn’t have injuries, only Xmas does and she played to the best of her abilities. Just like others do when they can compete. You don’t always have to or want to win comps. REMEMBER, this is a SOCIAL game that has competitions and twists.
        “The doctors”??? this isn’t teletubbies either, what the heck does that have to do with Big Brother? We are discussing Big Brother here right?
        And by the way, did you count how many she opened or tickets she found, and if you weren’t watching closely, a number of other players were giving tickets to Paul as well.
        But judging by last nights broadcast I was right she could keep playing the game., the doctors said it was alright, production said it was alright and she had the final decision which is the logical conclusion

      • I think you really need to reread my comment. I’m just stating my opinion on her injury and my entire comment is related to Big Brother. What do you think I’m talking about? Im talking about Xmas and her injury. Isn’t she on the show called Big Brother? SMH

      • You really think they can’t just do a local with some good pain reliever ? Obviously if they do a general, she will need to be under observation for a few hours.

      • Not if she’s having pins and probably screws put in. That’s a major surgery. The only thing else they would do is a spinal but they rarely do that anymore. If she had the surgery in the morning and everything went well she would be out in the afternoon.

      • It’s not a simple short procedure, this procedure takes a few hours and there is alot of pain afterwards. My mother went through the same thing, and then was on pain meds for days, with the meds she was in and out of it for days. It’s very painful. It would be best if she just called it done for the season. It would be an awful lot for her to remain in the house. She needs to put her health and all the risks first!! Nothing is more important. Wish her the best though!

      • I fell and landed on my ankle breaking my fibula and tibia at the ankle. I had a plate, 3 screws and 12 pins put in. It was a hard surgery and like your mother I was on pain meds for days and instead of going home I was sent to a nursing home from the hospital. I hated it there and fought to go home in 4 days. The doc who admitted me to the nursing home wanted me to stay there for 2 weeks and do PT. What good would PT do while in a huge cast? Luckily my surgeon agreed and got me released. Even the PT admitted it wouldn’t help the casted area. The reason for the cast is to keep it protected. I really like Xmas and I am so sad this happened to her, and granted she is in fantastic shape, but I guess I don’t understand how the actual foot is going to get the advantage of PT while in a cast. The area around it yes, but I think that is already in fantastic shape. I know my injury isn’t the same as Xmas, but I agree with you her health is the most important. Such a shame my injury was a fluke just like hers.

      • I like her no pain no gain attitude and I want her to stay as well but for that kind of break and that type of surgery, she really needs to go home and heal the right way. She should make a deal with production to come back next year if she is is physically fit to do so.

      • I’m with you on that one home favorite. What an awesome and amazing individual but she really needs to recuperate back in Raleigh,NC. Personally people should forget about the show, this could ruin her Crossfit invoke career.

      • I agree, she should just go home. Call it quits. Especially now that she’s having surgery. It’s clear that even after she gets her cast off, she’s going to need therapy on her foot. She does have one thing on her side, she’s very athletic therefore her body should heal quicker but not quick enough for her to compete in any physical comps for the entire season.
        My guess is she just wants to stick around because she’s allowed & be a vote, play and comps that are just mental….. & I bet she is thinking/hoping or perhaps knowing that BB will have her back again next year!? So, stick around and have some fun, and play hard next year.
        I don’t know, but after having a surgery like that wouldn’t she be in tons of pain?? Sure, they can give her pain meds but she shouldn’t be playing “high” LOL 😂
        Although, she might be even more entertaining drugged up LMAO 😆

  3. I said in the beginning when it was first broke she should not be allowed to continue. So if they let her she just doesn’t compete in the physical comps which is probably

  4. I don’t know that living out of a suitcase means anything, I probably do that for too long myself, but, in previous houses, there is a vague attempt at using the drawers, but half the time clothes end up near a regularly used bed, this would be a way to keep them together and not have to go digging everywhere with crutches and a cast in tow. Also, I imagine her career requires a lot of travel, its probably very much like her regular life to live out of suitcase.

    • I also think it’s because she knows her surgery is imminent and that she will need her things at the hospital, in case she has to go home from there, due to the surgery involving more than she’s anticipating. Plus, she doesn’t know how she’ll react to induced pain, more than she’s currently experiencing, in addition to discharge instructions for homecare. I think it’s best she leave and try to come back another time.

  5. It could be said that she would be given an unfair sympathetic advantage, as well as being at a physical disadvantage. She was under the radar until being put on the block, therefore could she have already been given an advantage by the vote going her way.(temptation). Let her come back another season.

  6. If I was an athlete I wouldn’t risk doing permanent damage to myself for any game, no matter the stakes. She should go home and heal properly, maybe come back next season.

    • Because her boobs would fly out and make the live feeds worth watching, lol.

  7. Being totally selfish, I want Christmas to stay. She’s an interesting houseguest and if anyone can overcome this setback, it’s her. Of course, recovering at home is certainly best for her foot. She’s smart enough to make the right decision for her.

  8. After reading this article she needs to just go home and take care of her foot and stay off of it for a few weeks. She not doing that at all. She climbing stairs which I’ve seen her butt scoot up the stairs twisting her leg instead of keeping it straight. She not even paying attention to her leg. She complains it’s hurting well stay off of it. Take care of yourself first.

  9. If She leaves the game I would hope they would give her the opportunity to come back and compete next season. I’m not big on having returning houseguest, but in this situation, I believe it would only be fair.

  10. stay stay stay she can play the game as well as anyone else so what if she cant compete in the comps she can mentally compete with the other HG

  11. I don’t think it is detrimental to the game at all but it could be to her health. She needs to take care of her body now and not worry about a game. If she keeps trying to participate and do comps she could hurt herself worse.

  12. I don’t think she should be allowed to come back. She should of been sent home after she broke it. She can’t compete in physical comps which is probably half of them. What if other people had injuries and couldn’t compete? It would be awful boring. Now she’s leaving for 3 days for surgery. WTH. So let’s just let everyone leave for a few days if they have an emergency. She’s gone and no eviction this week.

    • IIRC they have let people outside of the house temporarily for emergencies in the past.

      • But those were for hours and not days. They do have a medic station at the studio to be able to treat minor issues, but she has to be taken out of sequester, which is an unfair advantage, to an outside hospital, and then can return to the game. The others were treated on site and stuck back in the house.

      • Hmm, would have to disagree there – I’m watching old seasons right now on All Access, and I just finished the BB9 episode where two house guests went to the hospital at the same time. Not sure how long there were there – Probably hours, maybe overnight, but definitely out of sequester.

    • They’ve had injured people not play in comps before, though I think those were more short-term injuries. I think a couple seasons ago someone tweaked her back, and the outgoing HOH played in her place, if I’m not mistaken. But that was a one-time thing, this would be different if Christmas had surgery. I say leave it up to her and her docs-if her doctors say she can heal while in the house, and she’s okay with not competing in comps, then let her come back.

      • Are you the grammar police? You’re on the wrong site. Oh and just an added note I don’t proof read everything and just an FYI auto correct changes quite a few words. Bye

      • I don’t recall thanking you. But you’re welcome that I made you aware you’re on the wrong site.

  13. Ok. If Christmas leaves, there’ll be 9 people left to vote this week. Cody with the help of BB Gods somehow manages to snap Matt & Mark out of their groupie trance and convince them to stick to the original plan – the three amigos, so they will vote to evict Ramses.
    Alex easily convinces Kevin & Jason to vote to evict Ramses.
    Of course Jess will vote to evict Ramses.
    On Thursday Ramses will be evicted with 5 votes against 4 for Cody.
    If only this could come true hehe. Praying hard to BB Gods.

    • Since Cody basically screwed over his own alliance, they don’t trust him anymore. I can’t see anyone but Jessica believing him. He’s an obnoxious jerk, showing his true colors for jumping all over Josh because he could, and throwing a temper tantrum because he didn’t get his way. Well, maybe now he’ll finally realize how the others felt when he didn’t go along with the plan.

    • Paul has the vote stacked at 8-1-1.. Paul ordered Kevin to vote for Ramses and tell no one….just to make Ramses worry and everyone else go nuts. They expect Jess to vote for Alex.

  14. Also, whoever is tempted by Halting Hex next week (hopefully Alex) will result on a surprise DE next week. So Paul could be evicted on the DE since his 3-week safety will be gone by then.
    Of course he’ll compete in Battle Back, but Cameron gets his revenge on him.
    Praying ever harder to BB Gods.

  15. You state like others have been allowed back but I think time is different. It is one thing to go out for a portion of a day to seek treatment or an exam but she would be gone days if she leaves Monday and is not having surgery until Wednesday after already being gone once. Personally I think if it was anyone else CBS would have already made the call that they were out of the game but given that she has a following I think they are going above and beyond to keep her.
    I feel for her getting hurt and I can’t imagine how disappointing and frustrating it would be to get into this game and then not e able to play to your full potential especially for a competitor but it is what it is.
    If she is allowed back I hope that no special treatment is given. I don’t mean in terms of her comfort etc but I hope that in comps she is not given a pass. If there is something she can’t compete it then she should lose and not be allowed to have anyone play for her. If that results in her being a have not more frequently then oh well. If she shouldn’t be penalized for being hurt than she shouldn’t be rewarded for it either nor should any other hg be penalized by coming in behind a person not even competing in a comp.

    • I’m seeing some preferential treatment with Christmas too. My gut feeling was CBS/Grodner picked her for a very specific reason, they thought she would go far in the game and bring in the ratings, but now their “golden girl” is no longer golden. Grodner and Co would never go to these extremes for another HG, at least that is my belief.

  16. Wait… can she pass the Ring of Replacement to another HG? Or does it leave the game if she does?

    • I would think it leaves the game with her because she was voted. Its like in survivor if you have the hiden immunity idol in your pocket when you are voted out it goes too

  17. Ok, this seems to be over and above to try and keep someone-Christmas in the game. I was okay with the broken leg, but surgery and then she comes back in the house? Who wants to be in a house with virtual strangers, no creature comforts, no loved ones while recovering from surgery with everyone playing this crazy game around you. They need to cut her loose and bring back Cameron or anyone else at this point.

    • And it’s not just leaving for the surgery. She’ll have to go back for regular visits to make sure the surgical sites are healing and free of infection. Those would be quick visits, but it’s obvious that CBS wants Christmas on the show for as long as they can manipulate her to stay.

      • Nooooo…wait til Cody is out of the house and blank next week’s eviction. There, I said it! haha

  18. I noticed she hadn’t unpacked either. I believe she will be gone soon. I can’t see her coming back. More pain meds than she has taken in the last few days…umm, I think the HG’s will notice something is up.

  19. She has every right to try and make it to jury where she can get paid while healing. She cant work and make a living until she is healed which will be many months of PT after the cast is off

    • In theory right now she is working for CBS. I think I read somewhere that they get paid $750 a week. If you get hurt at work you get worker’s comp. In many states you get paid for scarring. I would guess that the pay scale goes up if you make jury. She is probably not coming back. How is she going to stay awake after that kind of surgery and pain meds. She is not. If CBS wants to improve ratings make it a non eviction week. I think Paul knows this is coming because he is now nice nice with Cody. Sparks will fly right up until they cancel eviction.

      • No they don’t get a salary, so they are not employee. They are contestant in a game and they are paid a stipend and it is $1,000. a week. I think it’s 14 weeks this, so those that make jury get $14,000.

        As for Christmas, I’m not worried for her, I’m sure they have very good insurance. She will be taken good care of by the insurers.

  20. I think Xmas will do more on crutches and pins in her foot than Elena, Raven and Kevin combined. She should stay, if she wants and is cleared to do so, until she gets evicted. There are people in that house who should get booted out before her

  21. She isn’t any more ineffective than numerous HG whose MO was to throw comps.

    • Throwing comps and not being able to compete in comps are very different issues.

      • She competed in the last HOH comp. She might not be as effective as she wants, but many comps don’t even involve physicality.

  22. If she decides to come back, the only person she is hurting is herself. She would automatically not become HOH on physical comps. She would be useless on Veto comps. Unless her name was accidentally left out of the bag. I just hope she is seeing the best Dr that CBS could find.

  23. I think ultimately they will leave it to her. As long as she’s not exempted from competitions that could reasonably expected to participate in. But at some point I wouldn’t be surprised if she did decide to leave, particularly if it’s decided to invite her back next season.

  24. There’s probably a clause in the game contract that covers this.

    Ultimately, it is up to CBS to make the decision.

    If it becomes too troublesome, I would expect the house to do a mercy vote to evict.

  25. She should bow out and hopefully come back next year, She is not just getting simple medical attention, SHe has broken bone ,not a sprain or minor injury, Now surgery , when is enough, enough, watching someone who is beast at competitions crawling on the floor is not that entertaining . It is a little sad, SHe is a fighter and did what she could do. we have to give her that, IT is not fair to her at all. or the game, IF you break an ankle you are out of it for awhile , it takes weeks to heal, not a few days, I have no idea why they let her back in, that last comp. the crutches were a hindrance, and could have been dangerous if she used them.
    How many weeks are talking, it is not good for the game, Bring her back next year or BBOTT
    I guess we will have to see, what happens

  26. She shouldn’t be able to leave then come back, time and again, surgery or not. Would Survivor let someone come and go for medical visits? She was stupid enough to ride an asshole around the house, causing her broken foot. Tough, but stupid, break.

  27. She does not HAVE to compete in any Comp. If she is on the block and does not compete then she just loses her chance at the Veto. There have been other HG that were sick during comps and just laid in bed. There were other comps where they just sat down and didn’t play because they were trying to get someone out.

    As far as the cast I am not sure why they didn’t put her in the removable ones. That way she could have at least walked on it without crunches, unless the break is that bad. I broke my ankle and walked in one for 3 months before I was able to have surgery.

    If the doctor says she can stay and BB agrees then it is left to Christmas. It could be a huge game play as well. Why get rid of her since she can’t win any physical comp? She can still have a huge influence in the game. If I am not mistaken, Derrick didn’t win many physical comps and he won the game. At this point her game is social and mental. I say let her stay as long as she wants to. This is Big Brother after all.

  28. I think for Christmas’ overall health and career, she should leave the game after surgery. You can tell she’s in a lot of pain already and it’s only going to get worse after the procedure. She needs to make a full recovery off her feet at home and not on a television set. She’s not helping herself by scooting around on the floor (like in the last HOH comp) or climbing the stairs on her butt. It’s not helping that foot to heal.

    Also honestly, I think it’s best for the integrity of the game if she leaves after surgery. This is going to be what, her 3rd or 4th time off the property? Not to mention the many other times she’ll have to leave the house for post-op appointments. The whole point of Big Brother is to see how one lives in a house with others completely cut off from the outside world. Other people have been injured before and returned, but nowhere near to the extent that Christmas has, with extensive treatment and trips out of the house. They leave once and return until evicted. If Christmas can’t do that, then she needs to leave. It’s standard protocol on every other reality show. You’re badly injured, you’re out. It’s not like CBS is hurting for numbers either and have to keep Christmas in. Cameron and Jillian are clearly sequestered and they each have two working legs. Bring one or both of them back in and start the game over. Simple as that. I’d honestly love to know if this is something they would’ve allowed if someone like Alex or Ramses broke their foot. My hunch is no.

    Christmas leaving so many times is also extremely unfair to the other HG’s. Sure, going to the hospital for surgery isn’t a perk and she will have handlers with her. But, she has time away from the game and the people in the house. She’s able to talk to other people, even if it’s not game-related. She’ll get to sleep in a comfortable bed (a hospital bed has got to be more comfortable than some of the beds in that house). She could also quite possibly be able to see her family before or after the procedure. Those are things I would consider perks despite the bad circumstances. Even her post-op appointments mean Christmas gets a mini-break from the game that so many in there could use. This whole thing is putting a burden on the game. Just let her go home already CBS.

    • Agreed 100%, especially with your second paragraph. I don’t care as much if she can’t do all the comps (that’s her choice), but having her constantly leave the house isn’t how the game is supposed to be played. I’m sure they keep her well ‘sequestered’ when she leaves, but still, being able to leave and see the outside world gives her a different advantage. Part of the game is being stuck in the house with no connection to the outside world (why else would a trip away from the house be such a big deal when they do that as a comp prize?). Being able to get out for the surgery, appointments, etc. gives her a bit of an edge.

      Not to mention with being gone for the surgery for a few days (how long was it, I’m not 100% sure?) and leaving for the follow-ups means she missed out on the dynamic of the house (convos, etc.). Again, that’s her choice, but it’s a different experience than most.

  29. I think she should leave the game, not only for her health but, she can’t play the game. Come back next year! Go take care of yourself. Especially after hearing she needs surgery, she is going to be brutal pain. That said, if production and her doctors allow her to come back, I think she will come back. I don’t think she will bow out. And I’m sure in the back of her mind she is possibly secretly hoping that she gets to stay the season and perhaps even come back next season when she can play……
    You never know what people are thinking!
    Because she is super fit/healthy and what not, she will heal quicker than someone who is not. But, even once she gets the cast off, she still can’t play hard!
    that’s just stupidity! And BB doctors would not allow it. Especially now that she’s having surgery

  30. I personally have never broken a bone knock on wood! But, my husband used to race motocross professionally & he has broken bones, and I’ve seen a lot of friends break bones badly!!
    After having pins put in, I have seen the toughest guys (and girls) in huge pain! Big time!
    So she’s either going to be in brutal pain or super high LOL 😂
    So I guess for entertainment purposes, seeing Christmas super high from the pain medication could be finn so I guess for entertainment purposes, seeing Christmas super high from the pain medication could be funny!!
    (NOT at all trying to sound mean or saying painkillers are a good idea!)
    I have also seen a lot of friends become addicted to the pain medication!
    OK, I’m going way off course here now! LOL 😂

  31. I think Christmas should be allowed to return to the game. Hell, if it wasn’t for that doofus Jason she would not even be in this situation,

  32. If she wants to stay then let her stay! There’s no rule you have to win a comp to win BB! Pretty simple! Next topic…

  33. Christmas is more in tune with her body than most of us and will make a wise decision. I had a pin in my femur and never had a cast. Rehab consisted of basically learning to use crutches. Christmas is way ahead of that obviously. I would be shocked if she doesn’t come back. She may as well be laid up here since real life wouldn’t be any easier.

  34. I have broken the same bone in my left foot that xmas has. from day one in the chat rooms I have been telling everyone she is going to have to have surgery. with screws and a plate. She said pins. Those bones she has broken are to small for pins. She probably will get a titanium plate with screws. I have 10 screws and that plate. My foot was broken at the arch between the heal and ball of the foot. Now after the surgery I was not allowed to put any wait or use the foot for 4 to 5 weeks. I was under Doctors care that whole time and he even delayed me going to one crutch for a 6h week. Rehab consisted of putting more and more weight on the foot 1 week at a time. Total time for me was about 10 weeks from Surgery to doctors total release.
    Now to this day the foot still hurts and even with all the work I have put into it there are days after being on it for 8 to 10 hours straight that the next day it is hard for me to walk on it at the start of the next morning. It takes time to loosen back up.
    Christmas being an athlete may or may not be able to recover from this type of injury. Time will tell but I am pretty sure this season with BB19 is over and hopefully she is invited back for BB20.

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