‘Big Brother 19’ Veto Meeting Plans – Week 2

This week’s Power of Veto meeting is expected to arrive later this afternoon and the plan is set for what will happen as the HGs gather and await the final nominees for Week 2 of Big Brother 19.

Josh Martinez calls not-it for the Block

There should be no surprises this week. Paul is calling the shots as the HoH and he has the house’s support in this week’s target with a Backdoor plan nearly complete and today’s meeting should bring the final pieces together for Thursday’s Big Brother live show.

While Cody was Paul’s target from the start he decided against putting up either Cody or Jessica to avoid them having a chance to play for the Veto. They gambled on keeping Cody out of the draw and it worked out.

Initially when Ramses said he’d be the 3rd nom this week per his curse Cody thought this was a benefit to him since Ramses’s chip wouldn’t be in the mix anymore, slightly improving Cody’s odds. Well instead Ramses took a spot in the comp and this dropped Cody’s chances. Either way, the Veto comp is over.

Paul ended up winning the Veto comp by FOUR seconds. Just four short seconds were between him and Ramses. We would have had some incredible Feeds action. Ramses could have saved himself to force either Alex or Josh out instead of Cody, though I’m not convinced Ramses would have tried for that move. Oh to dream.

Instead today Paul will save Josh and renom Cody in his place. The other day Paul’s plan was to save Alex, well actually he promised both Josh and Alex he’d save them. Now Paul is worried someone might be tempted to evict Josh if he’s up but Paul feels confident that Jason won’t VTE Alex. The logic works here plus Alex is a good bit stronger to handle the pressure of the Block than Josh.

Josh will come down and Cody goes up against Alex and Ramses for Thursday’s eviction. I won’t be surprised to see things go 10-1 9-1 against Cody, but maybe Kevin will pull through with a hinky vote and cause some chaos if things end up 9-2 8-2 even though it’d be make zero difference in the outcome. Fingers crossed for at least a little fun there.

One note on the schedule for the day’s event. Christmas is supposed to be leaving today to visit the doctor again about her broken foot. We do not know if this will delay the meeting or if she’ll be gone and back before then. Gotta wait and see.

We’ll be watching for the Veto Ceremony later this afternoon and will have the spoiler results then. What do you think of Paul’s Veto plan? Is he making the right choice here?

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  1. I might suspect since the doctor’s appointment is now shorter but was scheduled, they may try and just have it a little earlier. There likely won’t be a lot of drama after this one as Cody is unlikely to go and talk to Paul to try and work out any sort of arrangements and Jessica just seems too tired to argue at this point, so in that sense, they may have it later.

  2. This week couldn’t have gone any better IMO. Glad to see Cody leave. BYE !! Fingers & toes crossed he doesn’t return in the BB.

  3. Matthew…

    Won’t the vote this week be 9-1 or 8-2. There are only 10 voters with 3 people on block and Paul, as HOH, not able to vote unless there is a tie.

    In that case, a 7-3 vote, maybe?? Kevin hinckie vote plus Jason voting for Ramses (he hates him since he thinks he voted against Jillian) plus Jess. Doubt this would happen and it will likely be 9-1 since no one wants to expose themselves and Jess won’t vote Cody

    • I was just about to tell him there will only be 10 voters. I think this is gonna be a 9-1 vote with Jessica voting however she wants

    • If Kevin goes against the popular vote this week, he will expose his cards. Ramses isn’t voting and that is who the doubt lies with for Jillian’s eviction. (Btw, think she’s at home right now screaming at the TV…”It wasn’t Ramses you fools, it was Kevin!”)

      • More than likely she is in sequester, for the battle-back. No sign of her anywhere on social media.

      • I agree. Julie didn’t show her the HGs goodbyes and the interview was very short. Not a lot of questions. I don’t remember Cameron’s interview.

      • They both got an interview with Jeff S. If you have All Access, you can go search the video section and watch them.

      • It would not have made any difference. She would have gone home anyway if Kevin had voted for Christmas instead. Didn’t 8 people vote for her and 4 for Christmas. It would have been 7 to 5. Jillian out.

      • It wouldn’t have made any difference in the outcome, but it would make a difference to some of the other players about who is loyal to who, etc.

  4. I know Cody and Jessica aren’t likable…. but once they’re gone, I believe this is going to be the Paul show from now on since everyone’s following him. Granted, this is just week two, and Alex might eventually strike against Paul/The Majority

      • Ehh, there was no series of typical cycle of events on premiere night. Veto, renoms, etc. Cameron was gone on Day 1 and the game kicked off with 16 HGs after that. I wouldn’t count that 12 hours as a full week.

      • They were in the house a full week before the premiere and the start of the feeds. And that’s why I said “technically”.

      • Yeah, but they always are in there a week and we still start on Week 1. That first “Week” of events just lasts way, way too long. I’d prefer they solve all that by giving us live feeds on the first day!

    • It would be foolish not to be “Rah-Rah Paul” at this point in public. But anyone who watched his game last year, and still trusts him deserves to lose.

    • I don’t think so. We’re on what, F13? There are no solid alliance here. We have yet to hear a ‘name’ Paul got his three eviction safety which will expire soon, and she has Christmas with her ‘power also. The two seemed to have the influence in the group…for now. There will be a rebellion here, just watch.

  5. Leaving Alex on the block is scary. Cody will definitely try to get people to vote her out after he was so enamored with her. I think he’ll do the same for Josh and remind people of all the selfish and annoying things that he has done. That’s just me thinking because I haven’t seen Cody trying to save his behind. Has he even talked to anyone besides Jessica since Paul won?

    • Who do you think could be swayed by Cody at this point? And you’re right he hasn’t even tried.

      • No, he doesn’t know how to talk to people with differing opinions. Feel sorry for his child.

  6. I love this paranoia about “who flipped”. I have been hoping for a stealth player for a long time.
    Although I think Kevin is foolish to trust a Paul with his secrets, I love the game he is playing. It would be nice to see “the old guy” pull out the win in BB19!

  7. Sadly I think Paul should bring down Josh and renom Christmas- as she needs to go because of her injury. She is living out of a suitcase – and clearly is not thinking she is here to stay. So to preserve the #’s in the house and keep everything on track – seems like the most logical solution is to vote out Christmas. Lets be realistic Cody will be coming right back in the BB- so if they keep him until after the BB then he won’t come back.

    • No, it makes more sense for Christmas to be taken out of the game rather than voted out of the game. Paul still needs to get his enemies out. They aren’t playing for CBS or for a team. IT’s an individual win, so the less number of people in the house the greater the odds are that you will win.

    • Sorry, but IMO this is just a crazy comment, and made no sense even before the Veto meeting.
      If Cody does make it back after the BBack, he is not going to suddenly become everyone’s BFF.
      Even if I think Cody is a total douche-bag, he does make for good TV. I wouldn’t be sad to see him come back wih HoH & start the drama all over again. I doubt he would nominate Alex or Kevin, and they are my favs.

  8. Just a simple observation. It didn’t really matter if Ramses put himself on the block this week and that lessening Cody’s chances of getting his name picked. I mean yes I guess it did slightly but, you can just look at it like Ramses name was drawn to play in the veto. Yeah sure, it did lesson Cody is odds but, not really by much. Make sense?

  9. Can’t they just get Christmas to vote before she leaves?
    Kind of sucks to not have a vote although her vote wouldn’t really matter but, if it was a situation where her vote didn’t matter, that would be pretty crappy for somebody and her.

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