‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Who Was Voted Out Last Night & Who Made Final 3 – Update: HoH Results

A second eviction arrived for the Big Brother 18 Houseguests last night when another HG headed off to Jury following Victor’s footsteps as the latest victim of the season. By the end of Wednesday night our Final 3 was revealed and they were off to the final endurance competition.

Big Brother host Julie Chen outside the BB18 house

Victor is gone and Paul just took control so now it’s time for us to catch up with a quick run through of the nominations followed by what was a very close Veto competition. Then it was on to the live Veto Ceremony and eviction vote. Read on for our recap of the show plus an update with HoH comp results.

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Do we even have to ask who Paul will put up? Not that it even matters with the real power sitting with the Veto this round which makes these nominations symbolic.

Big Brother 18 Week 12.5 Nominations:

  • Corey
  • Nicole

Off to the Power of Veto competition and the winner here will either be the sole voter of the round or get to decide who will be doing that voting if the HoH wins the comp. From what we’ve heard there were some vocal frustrations from one HG when it came to the results for this one. That’ll be interesting to see.

Big Brother 18 Week 12.5 Veto comp:

  • Paul wins the Veto.

HGs had to run the bases to count up to the number of days for particular events. James was out first, Nicole second, and it all came down to one last round between Paul and Corey. VERY close competition.

The winner of this Veto will have the chance to change up the noms and determine which of the three HGs who aren’t the HoH will be the one voting. Since Paul is both HoH and the Veto winner he will pick who does that voting instead.

Big Brother 18 Week 12.5 Veto ceremony:

  • Paul does not use the Veto
  • Nicole & Corey remain on the Block

Now it’s time to vote with only one vote deciding who will go off to Jury tonight.

Big Brother 18 Week 12.5 Eviction vote:

  • James votes to evict Corey

By a vote of 1-0, Corey Brooks has been evicted from Big Brother 18.

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Congrats to the Final 3 of #BB18! Season Finale next Wed @ 9:30 PM ET/PT. Paul, James, or Nicole will win $500K! pic.twitter.com/fAdro6UhdN

— Big Brother Network (@bigbrothernet) September 15, 2016

What do you think of these results? Did your favs make the cut and who do you think is best prepared for these next rounds?

Update: HoH results are in for the first part of the 3-round series!

Big Brother 18 Final HoH – Round 1:

Remember there will be three rounds of the final HoH competition. Round 1 was held Wednesday night, but not on the Feeds as they’ve done for years and years. The winner there moves on to Round 3. Then Round 2 is a physical and mental comp combined and could be something along the lines or arranging items based on the order of events in the season. We’ll get that in a few days, but won’t be shown on the Feeds and we’ll have to wait to hear HGs discuss the results.

The winners of Rounds 1 and 2 face off in the third round where they’ll answer questions about Juror statements. That round will be live during next Wednesday night’s finale.

When tonight’s episode ends we’ll be going back to the Big Brother Feeds to watch the first round of the Final HoH competition! Join us on there with the Live Feeds’ Free Trial & watch all the fun!

Use promo code FALLACCESS for a 1-month free trial of the Live Feeds to watch the next comp then the start of Big Brother Over The Top which starts in two weeks from tonight!



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      • Ok I think he will but let’s just wait and see. Last night he counted all of James votes and realized he wouldn’t win.

      • If we’re counting votes, say he’s facing Nicole. Paul has Victor, and Meech locked. The only reason Day would be voting Paul over Nicole (she seems really fond of Nicole’s gameplay) is that Paulie will be pushing for Nicole and therefore she will be hesitant to do what Paulie wants, and Bridgette will probably do whatever Day does. Nicole would have Corey, Paulie, and likely Zakiyah locked as Z seems to be doing whatever Paulie’s doing. Natalie and James would be swing votes as in order for Paul to be in F2 with Nicole Paul would have to evict James himself. James would probably be bitter against the fresh knife in his back from Paul and Natalie would vote how James would vote so I think Nicole would probably win. If Paul and James are in f2 Paul has Victor, Da’Vonne, Meech, and Bridgette locked. James would have Natalie locked down and it would come down to if Nicole voted for the best player or the person she was least bitter towards. If Nicole votes for Paul he’d win right there, and she’s probably going to be followed by Corey. Zakiyah and Paulie would go for James because for some reason Paulie feels more betrayed by Paul than James. If Paul takes Nicole I think he has a far inferior chance of winning Big Brother 18 than if he took James.

      • Meech votes for James over Paul and Nicole over Paul. She hates Paul more than Nicole and she loves James.

      • Idk about Meech hating Nicole more than Paul. When it comes down to it Meech hates Snakole because of her gameplay which Meech considered dirty and unnecessarily mean. She thought Paul was a douche sometimes but she did really like Paul for most of the game. Either way, you comment further proves my point. People keep talking about how Paul will beat either of them guaranteed but there is no chance in hell that Paul beats Nicole and there is no chance in hell that James beats Nicole. And with this win in part 2 for Nicole she is guaranteed final 2 because James was the only person who wouldn’t have taken her while Paul will. I would expect to see Nicole give her jury speech on Wednesday night and I would expect at least five keys that read Nicole to come out of that box in any scenario.

      • Nope ? paul called meech a c*nt in front of everyone in the house, the girls won’t foget that. paul can’t win he’s an ahole that doesn’t need the money.

      • i think paul will take her, i think james will take her the question for me is who will she take?

  1. Paul needs to make a great move that will shock us all.
    James needs to make a great move that will shock us all.

  2. I think James needs to wake up and realize why Paul wants Corey out and not Nicole. He should get rid of her and make a deal with Corey.

    • In my opinion, both Paul and Nicole have played the game. James, not so much. However, I truly think everyone is dismissing how much of a hypocrite Paul is when everyone’s so eager to bash Nicole. As per Paul “I have been loyal to all my alliances and everyone betrays me”… Yet he was happy to get rid of Da’vonne and Paulie whom he both gave his word to.
      Don’t get me wrong, by all means people can say or think whatever they want but by people calling Nicole a snake and thinking Paul did nothing wrong is just ignorance.

      • I don’t remember him being happy about Day getting evicted, he wanted Bridge out. I don’t remember why he finally agreed to do what Paulie wanted, but he did. And as HOH he really didn’t have a say in it.

        And he did happily evict Paulie after he realized that Paulie did not have his back like Paul thought he did. I mean he told Bridge he trusted Corey the most tried to get Zak to stay for his own reasons (not bad ones but he should have let it happen), among other things.

    • I think a lot of it was staged if you ask me. Paulie was smiling most of the time he was barking at Day! I think it was a contest of who could cut down the other the best.

  3. Da’Vonne had every right to get angry. Paulie lowered himself that just embarrassed his family. Z also is no class act.

      • I love the way Bridgette was respecful to Z but tried to call ner on her shyte. Then Paulie attacks Bridge and Z sits there. yah Pauliie embarrassed Z on natl TV and she just sat there. Sad! I hope her Mama can get her to see the light and grow from this lesson. .

      • She was at some point apparently. Hoping she learned some things so she can help Z stop the pattern quicker. Much love and support to them to heal.

      • Turning on other women for the likes of Paulie. So sad to see this.. Thought she had finally gotten a clue

      • It’s sad to see played out on natl tv. I hope her mother can help her to see AND she gets some counseling. She deserves better but doesnt think she does. :(

  4. LMAO!!! Da had to cry because she wants to beat the crap out of that pu..y. She knows that they will kick her out of the show.

      • Not only that but he thought it was funny he and his buddies tried to set a live goat on fire. Full blown Ahole

      • I don’t think you understand what that word means. It’s either that or you do not know what Paul said, but you are clearly misinformed.

      • I clearly DO know what that word means. Go back and watch the feeds the first two weeks. You’re the one either misinformed or wearing blinders. And I know exactly what he said which I won’t repeat. Let’s just say he was making fun of James and his race. Enough said! Maybe you think that’s fine because he’s your favorite but I don’t.

      • I’m a feed watcher. Paul has called James a “little Korean man”, which is NOT racist as there’s nothing hateful about that. It’s a rude statement, but to say it’s racist is a gross overstatement. Only someone privileged would attribute that to racism. Furthermore, James’s race is part of his branding, and he even mentions it frequently. And it’s no secret that he is quite short, and that’s exactly what Paul was referencing. You should take off your blinders and grab a dictionary, and stop slandering Paul with your wrong information on this popular forum.

      • Sorry he’s your favorite. Maybe you need to rewatch the feeds. And by the way I’ll say whatever I please. This is a public forum and he has made racist comments. You want someone like that to win speaks highly of your character.

      • Sure, just ignore every point that I made AND the actual quote I’ve posted. That’s what people with bad arguments do, and calling someone racist when they’ve shown nothing of the sort shows volumes about your lack of intelligence, and character.

    • He’s not wrong. Both Nicole and James have flown under the radar, similar to how Paul did very early on.

  5. Nobody likes Paul.
    Nicole will win it just as I predict it and James will get second place. Paul needs to make James vote Nicole out or they are all doomed.

  6. Not a fan of Paulie and not a fan of Z but really the others should butt out. It’s not their place to call her out like that. She’s an adult and responsible for her behaviour Talk to her one on one, no need to do it that way

  7. I don’t know the effects of taking and not taking ADD meds but once Corey and Natalie got their meds back, they were on fire.

  8. I think this was the line that Corey was having trouble saying in the DR. He put his head down and was smiling. He was supposed to pretend to be sad, but couldn’t do it.

  9. Paul gets all the power this week and suddenly comes down with a severe case of HOH-itis just in time for at last DR.

  10. Like I said.. everyine there was to get more followers or an agent… I’m voting Glenn.. he never got the chance to play.

  11. Yeah, right…you’ll ‘see where it goes’…right after the parties are over, it goes right down the toilet.

  12. Final 3 HOH comp coming up!

    What’s it gonna be??? (you know, besides the fact that it’s endurance)

  13. Sorry people, Corey and Nicole will be very good friends but not a couple after the show.

  14. F3 celebration underway.

    Do we know if they’re gonna show the comp on the feeds? Or if it’s even gonna happen tonight?

  15. Next week we will see if good overpowers productions antics this season when Paul wins the $500k!!

    Make sure everyone uses all their 20 votes per day for Victor as America’s Favorite.

    We still have time to make this season great. Let production know where you stand!

    • I’ll use my 20 votes a day… for either Nicole or Frank.

      Yeah, my friends and I are debating which we’re gonna give our votes to. We want to vote every day as a unit.

    • Would it be great? Not in my opinion. But Paul winning would make me most happy, with Victor winning AFP.

      I was holding out a little hope that Paul and James would reconsider today, but no. Corey was a little surprised though, so I wonder if something was said today.

      • They should have gotten Nicole out. But James is just floating as he has been all season. But totally would love to see Paul make it to the end because he has definitely earned it.

        Victor is deserves America’s Favorite because he’s played one of the best games in BB history. ?

      • Yeah it would have been a great story if Victor survived 2 evictions and won the game. He is also very likable. Paul is a bit of an “a” word on the feeds sometimes, but I have a feeling he is nice in real life. He also was part of the first 3 targeted at the beginning and made it to the end. Played a very good game and actually carried Victor at times with his social game. Although to me Nicole is the most unlikeable, she has played better than James. James will only win if the jury decides they like him the most.

      • Well said, I’m with you on all counts (though I like Nicole more than you do). Much respect for Paul digging himself out of that early hole and surviving so many shifts. Good combo of social, strategic and physical play from him. And I’d say he played a much much much better game than Victor. Vic seems like a really good guy and a comp beast, but I can’t say anyone voted out 3 times played a great game (let alone “one of the best games in BB history”).

    • It didn’t sound like the jury members were voting for Paul or even thinking about it. They only mentioned Nicole and James. I knew Da has been seeing Nicole as a good player.

  16. Been a while since i have been on here (ill be back and active on BB OTTT) glad to see Paul won. Hopefully he takes it all the way and we can move on to the next season. This season had some good moments but i feel like it dragged on too long imo!

    • Happy for Paul. It dragged on because of James, Nicole and Corey.

      Hindsight is 20/20 and hope Natalie realized that listening to James was a big mistake.

      • HEY BOO I miss you. I’m still here. typing less and less because our overtime at my job stated right after Labor Day. 10 hours Mon-Fri, and 5 hours on Sat, and tomorrow I start my other Job at the United Center where my Chicago Bulls and Chicago Blackhawks play. Well 4 hours of oreintation anyway. And the closer it gets to the election the longer the hours will get. Our early voting here in Chicago starts Sept 29th..

      • Yes. I guess you had no time to apply for that one. You’re going to be worn out before the holidays. But don’t forget to take timeto apply for next season. Honestly, I’m counting on you.

      • I don’t even know when they did casting for that one, so I did’nt even hear about until they mentioned it on one of the BB shows, I wouldn’t have been able to do that one anyway because of my work, and it being an elections year and all. But you best believe I will be gunning BIGTIME FOR NEXT SUMMER. Right after the holidays in January I am going to get in the best shape that I can and hope to God that they want to pick this then 58 year old. LOL. All of us folks born in 1958 turn 58 this year….WaaaWhooooo GO 58…LOL

      • You’ve got two years on me girl. Spend em wisely and live it up doing so! You know I’ll be rooting for you so do your dangest. Love you, cheryl!

  17. Yaaaaaaaaaaah James and Paul for making it to the final 3.
    Jury House drama was Grrrrrrrreeeeeaaaaaaatt. Paulie’s still showing that he’s an ass no matter what. He couldn’t take Da’Vonne getting in his face and telling him the truth about himself, so what does he do, he goes below the belt and mentions her daughter. You never ever ever ever bring a parents child in any arguement that your’re having with that person. He was getting crushed by Da, so he pussyed out and said something about her daughter. He just sunk lower than he already is. Poor Z is just stupid for wanting to be with something like that..

    • Paulie displayed no class and Z wasn’t much better.

      Da’Vonne was absolutley right to get angry at Paulie for disrespecting her family.

    • Agree! And he tried puffing his chest out and bragging about getting down James’ throat, When he was trying to defend the comment about him only talking down to women. Are you serious? You brag about intimidating the smallest guy in the house? Lol

  18. ‘night all…I’m off to the RHONY Reunion Finale. I have to go trash Bethany Frankle, the living skeleton. HEY! She’s the Skinny Girl Franchise owner—don’t get all up in MY grill!

  19. The 2 Jets cheerleaders that were on TAR 27 are campaigning for Natalie as AFP. LOL Nothing surprising there.

  20. Just voted 20 times for Victor for America’s Favorite.

    Hope you did too!! ?????

    Thanks for Voting!

    You’ve reached your vote limit for today.
    Tune in to the Season 18 finale on Wednesday, Sept. 21 at 9:30/8:30c to find out which Houseguest will take home $25,000.

    Vote up to 20 times per day until Monday, Sept. 19 at 9:59 am PT.

    • I voted twice tonight – once before midnight east coast time, and once right after. It’s only 9:45 here.

  21. Gee, James and Snakole making it to the end? It’s not like we didn’t know this was going to happen a couple of months ago. Because we did.

    • Exactly. Production has favored them from the start. Hopefully they realize that those two are not as well liked as they once thought.

  22. Wow James is truly the worst BB player ever to make it this far. How’s don’t u know the dates? U literally have nothing else to do but study. Instead he chased a girl he has no chance of getting. The casting director who picked him shouldn’t be fired. He’s pointless

  23. had to give most of afp votes to paul tonight but will split the rest between paul and vic. I saved 2 shows, Pauls secret service and his butter slide, sooooo funny to me when I need a really good laugh. Of final 3 , I hope paul wins it all and james comes in 2nd. Just have liked Nicoles inmature behavior with Corrrrriiiiiiieeeeeeeee. She acts like she was born under a rock. Maybe she doesn’t have tv because there are a lot cuter guys out there. She will be in for a shocker when she sees his ex-girlfriend which I project from fb post will no longer be an ex when he gets home!!!

  24. Just tried to .vote AFP on CBS we site it said results are in James is AFP
    I thought it was still open what’s the deal anyone???

  25. If / When Paul wins, wouldn’t surprise me a bit if he doesn’t give vic at least 100 grand. then if vic wins AFP for the 25 gs, I will feel like it was a fair season

    • Natalie and Michelle were helping him study, but he could never remember any of the answers. He probably got kicked in the head a few times.

  26. I was just a little surprised, but not really, that Corey was upset with James for voting him out. He knew in advance he was going and didn’t have any conversations with James to stop it. Regardless of what Paul wanted, once James wasn’t put on the block, he could have voted however he wanted. When Corey was crying in the DR , I thought it’s because he also realized he was going home. Help me. Did I miss something?

  27. Sometimes, it is better to be lucky. James will be in Final 2 without working for it! Nicole will take him and Paul will take him! That is the smart move to make for both Nicole and Paul. If it was Paul and Nicole for Final 2, I think it can go either way but, probably Paul has the edge. Nicole and James in Final 2, I believe Nicole will win it!

  28. OK, I’ll admit it I’m confused. I know Nicole promised Paul F2 but she will really take James. I haven’t seen or read of any conversations between Nicole and James so I have to assume when James says he’ll take Paul, that’s the truth. But who does Paul really planned to take. He’s very convincing when he talks to both of them and I can’t figure out which one is the truth. Any thoughts?

  29. Wow more disgusted on Da’s actions in the jury house, not surprised b/c that is who she’s been all season, her mouth never shuts up. They should have evicted right then & there on live TV. Going up in Paul’s face like that shows how evil & confrontational she is. Kept calling him a bit**. Glad she made a spectacle out of herself ?

    • Do you think Paulie was right for bringing her daughter into the argument?
      Do you think he was right for pushing her buttons knowing just what to say to make her that mad?
      What do you think about him being accused of only talking down to women, and then defending himself, by bragging that he intimidated James’, the smallest guy in the house?
      I think Da got out of hand and she is most likely mad at herself for it. But it’s exactly what Paulie wanted her to do. He would have pushed her until she did it.

      • To be honest I couldn’t understand a word either one of them were saying when they were face to face but I did hear Da yelling bit** as loud as she could. She definitely has angry issues plain & simple. Wouldn’t want to meet up with her in an dark alley. I am NOT a Paulie fan, I’m not saying that, but none of the other girls lost control as the fighting was going on. Da’s always up for a good fight & everyone knows it

      • I watched it over again about 3 times because I needed to hear what exactly Paulie was saying. He’s very good at being arrogant and pushing the right buttons to make a person want to pop his head right off his neck. I’m pretty sure if I had to share a house with him and he was sweet talking a friend of mine, that I knew he was just playing and coming between us, (like he’s doing to Z & Da), that I’d majorly lose my cool as well. I would have been kicked out for popping him in the mouth. I’m not saying I’m proud of that by any means but I can TOTALLY understand Da’s frustration with him. When he brought her daughter into the fight, he knew that was the button to push that would push her to the edge.
        He is a total a-hole. I hope I never have to see him again, anywhere.

    • She was right and I was hoping she got herself kicked out by punching him in the mouth. There is nothing that he could have done unless he wanted to leave as well.

    • You are supporting Paulie????? Wow. As you can read, the majority of commenters are disgusted by HIM.

      • Was there any mention of Paulie? All that comment did was diss Da’. Which I am in full support of. Because while he should never have done that, the only reason he did so was to get a rise out of her. And she fell for it hook, line, and sinker.

      • I’m not supporting Paulie, if u read my other post, I said I’m not a fan of his. But Da’s always looking for a confrontation ! All her DR sessions were bashing all the houseguests week after week. Last time she was on she was the 1st one voted out. Same attitude, you’d think she’d be more coral but I guess u can’t change bad habits. Just b/c other commenters r disgusted didn’t mean I have to go with the majority.

  30. Paul’s experiences with Nicole and James are ones of seeing broken words and broken trust. His only real way to F2 is to win the comps, because it’s James and Nicole to the finish otherwise. Could be wrong, but I don’t know why Paul would believe a word out of either of their mouths. And if Paul gets to choose, who wouldn’t keep James, since a big win from him would be very surprising?

    • So sick of Paul! Paul has said that he is Rich and he doesn’t even need the money….hmmmm….probably cause he still lives with his Mommy and Daddy….his Mommy even said that if he win he will buy her a Bentley! Whatever!
      James has shown what a Non Loyal person he really is…in this season and in HIS Season I am over him!
      Nicole should Win, and deserves to WIN!

  31. That jury footage was definitely the most heated I can remember from jury and awkward. I understood Paulie’s comment. The girls are really shunning Z. At the same time the hatred for Paulie is justified. Whew.

    • They told her all the things Paulie was saying behind her back and she was mad for 5 seconds b4 climbing back in bed with him.

      At one point tonight she did walk over to try to get him to stop but didnt say anything to him.

      • I know. She has the brain mentality of a battered woman with terrible self esteem. She knows enough of what he has said and instead chooses to forgive him. Trust me I can’t explain it. I just don’t think the approach the girls have in shutting her out will work either.

      • I certainly don’t know what’s all going on in the Jury House, but if Z is sticking to Paulie’s hip 24/7 like she did in the House, then she would be the one helping to cut herself off from the others. I believe Paulie is a pro at isolating “his women” – it’s a must for him because other women quite naturally try to “save the victim” and that marks “the enemy” – Da and the rest of the Jury House in this case. Same old, same old .. hoping Z will see the light before it’s too late and the whole mess is carried over to another generation.

      • I think Z has been doing a great job at that. Da’vonne did provoke him, but he deserved everything she said.
        I think Da needs to forget about Z and just move on with her life. Is not like they knew each other before the game.

    • Personally I think somebody should tell Zakiyah exactly what Paulie said “after” she was evicted…surely the girl is not that desperate for a relationship.. If they have a sexual tryst in the house Paulie is using her “again”.. How can anybody be that dam stupid?? AHHH What am I saying forgetful me….. Then there is poor ignorant enamored James…That boy is in for such a let down…If he wins anything she’ll bleed him till she gets what she needs/wants and that will be it….Him and Zakiyah both just come across as pathetic…Begging attention from somebody that ain’t worth degrading their self for.. Its sad on both their parts..

      • All three showmances this season have been pathetic to watch. All three of them are going to end with Slam, Bam, Thank you ma’am. Done. Sad to see such desperation on national TV.

      • I feel worse for Z. Se is like this poor abused woman who goes back to the abusive husband and thinks she can’t do better. She can do better. My hope is she watches it on tv and stops or gets counselling. She knows enough about him. It is sad, In both cases they may have real feelings but its not worth it.

      • Here in AZ we’re on CA time during the summer (till November), and our show tonight started at 7 p.m. (10 p.m. east coast time). So I get on line here and find out what happened between 5 and 6 p.m. our time – a full hour before our show airs.

      • Wow. Sucks for you guys.

        And my friend from Cali has a lot of explaining to do, lol, because she used to call me during BB13’s live shows and say that she was watching it, too. While living on the west coast. Probably just said that so I wouldn’t hang up on her.

      • And our show airs at 7 p.m. (8 p.m. on Thursdays); the show in CA airs at 8 p.m. (9 p.m. on Thursdays). But your friend might have access to east coast feeds, which we don’t.

      • No. And it looks like they’re not showing the comp on the feeds either. WTH, I thought they said they were going to do this, yet all we get are Jeff highlights instead.

  32. Paul has to be dead on with his game. I am hoping it is James that joins Paul for the win. Everyone needs to vote for Victor as AFP.

  33. I was reading a little bit about James bio. i’m not sure if it is factual since he is not that famous.
    There isn’t much information about his military career.
    He was adopted by a white family when he was a teenager due to his mom’s death and has 2 children, 1 adopted.
    According to what I read Bronte and Paul were talking about him and making racist remarks about his ethnicity. She said that he needs to go back to Hong Kong a couple of times while Paul said that he needed to kick his Asian behind.
    James is Korean American.
    Someone had mentioned that Paul was racist, but this is the first time that I find out what he had said.

    He also looks like Glenn from GOT when he was younger.

    • I’m surprised you didn’t hear about it sooner. It was all anyone was talking about Week 1. Well, when we weren’t mocking Jozea’s Messiah complex.

      • I had never heard or read about it until it was mentioned recently. I’m not sure if you were the first to mention it or someone else.

    • Bronte said he “should go back to Hong Kong or wherever he came from.” He “came from” South Carolina.

  34. Pissed. Feeds are down and I think they’re playing part one of the HOH. Thought we’d be able to watch it.

  35. I am so annoyed that this HOH being played right now is not on the feeds. What the heck am I paying for? This has happened about 3 times this season..I have always been able to watch them in the past. Production..can I get an explanation, please? As Paul says…”pissed!”

      • Pretty sure they are..they have been down for about an hour. I am going to keep mine and check out this Over the Top season…has to be better than this last season..hopefully!

      • They’re doing comp now and no feeds. I thought we were going to be able to watch. Wonder what the excuse is.

  36. Paul pours Nicole & James a glass of champagne, then proceeds with chugging straight from the bottle!

    Hahahaha fkn love this guy!

      • That’s what they were saying. They think he’s just gonna let them battle it out and do all the work and still make it to f2. They both seem pretty irritated at him.

    • IMO James just does not seen to be in the same physical shape he was in B4.Or at the very least Just doesn’t seem 2 be as thirsty for the main prize.I actually think he is more concerned about the attention he will get after the show. Which considering some of his more intimate revelings makes seance.

  37. Paul has said and shown that he doesn’t Need or Care about winning the Money! Paul still lives with his parent’s…….and he says that he is Rich! His own Mother says that her son will buy her a Bentley! That right there makes me Not want him to get any money! Plus, he has said and done such Nasty things behind everyone’s backs….I can’t stand him!

    • Paul deserves to win over Natalie and deadbeat James (not to sound mean). He’s earned it.

      These two have had production helping them – not along but ALL the way.

    • This isn’t a competition about who most needs the money outside of the house. I don’t blame you for having issues with his personality, but he is playing this game to the best of his ability, unlike some others that have been very lackadaisical