‘Big Brother 18’ Live Feeds Week 12: Wednesday Highlights

It was veto ceremony and eviction day in the Big Brother 18 house as the final three was decided and even though we didn’t get to see part one of the final HOH play out on the Live Feeds, we did find who won and who will be facing off in part two. Read on to find out all the drama from the day.

Paul Abrahamian is ready to go on BB18

If you’ve got the Live Feeds (Free Trial) then you can watch all of these moments with the Flashback feature to go back and watch those important conversations or funny scenes you may have missed.

Big Brother 18 Live Feed Highlights – Wednesday, September 14, 2016:

9:45 AM BBT – HGs are getting up for the day. Big things ahead. They gather downstairs and start to discuss today’s schedule.

10:00 AM BBT – Houseguests being called to the DR for final clips.

12:00 PM BBT – Feeds return after the regular show day downtimes.

12:15 PM BBT – Nicole is practicing her speech for the eviction vote. It’s mostly about Corey and how amazing he is and how lucky she is.

12:40 PM BBT – Victor is the topic of discussion between James and Paul as they wonder why he hid his real job of being a gym manager. Paul notes Victor was really good at math and maybe that would have been a giveaway of his intelligence.

12:55 PM BBT – Nicole asks Corey how he’ll do his Jury Q&A question for the third round of the final HoH so she knows how to get his question right.

2:00 PM BBT – Corey is planning to keep his eviction vote speech private until the time to give it. He jokes with Paul that he’ll make him look bad.

2:30 PM BBT – Feeds cut for the live show.

6:00 PM BBT – Feeds return from the show.

6:10 PM BBT – Nicole tells James and Paul it’s hard for the person she spent every day with to be gone all of a sudden. They remind her they know how she feels.

6:20 PM BBT – Paul and James chatting alone. They both think Natalie & Victor will be so happy to see Corey come in since it won’t be either of them arriving.

6:25 PM BBT – James goes to get changed & ready in case the comp arrives suddenly. Paul decides this is a good time to put on underwear.

7:40 PM BBT – Feeds return after 30 mins of downtime for no apparent reason. James is napping. Nicole is wandering.

7:45 PM BBT – Nicole has gone to chat with James about Corey. She reveals she kissed Corey a lot in the house. Yeah, we know. She’s sure Corey really does like her because she thinks he got jealous when she mentioned Victor.

7:50 PM BBT – James asks Nicole if she was in love with Corey. She doesn’t answer. James says he started to tell Natalie that he was a few times, but didn’t.

8:10 PM BBT – Paul wakes James and tells him he senses the comp is close. He tells James one of them is going to win this comp.

8:20 PM BBT – Feeds cut again, possibly finally for the HoH Round 1 comp.

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  1. 11:33 PM BBT – Nicole says Corey was shocked that James voted to evict him. Nicole said she’s see the sneaky side of James….. Wasn’t the alternative voting HER ass out? She should be grateful instead of saying he’s sneaky. One thing I’m confused at this point though. Is Nicole bullshitting Paul or is she bullshitting James?

    • She is BSing Paul cuz she must know that she could never win against him in F2.
      Given James’s sloppy game and history of throwing comps, she would easily win against him in F2.

      • Paul better have a serious talk with Nicole. He’s played smart through out the show and now he needs to “dig deep” and work on both of them and go with your gut feeling. Looks like “the worst player”…James…benefits either way and gets $50K….what a shame.

      • Agreed. James completely lucked out this season while managing to sink Natalie’s game. He doesn’t deserve anything.

      • Think hypothetically for a minute, though .. if indeed James is in F2 because of a true “floater strategy” and indeed he really managed to sink Gnat’s game, that would make a winner, would it not? By the way, the dif in James and Victoria is that Victoria with the help of Derrick admitted all season that she was Derrick’s puppet – James on the other hand has declared many times that his “floating” and throwing comps is intentional. The very strategy of floating is clever in that you must trust the gamer who says he’s using it. Maybe he is, maybe he isn’t, but IMO IF a person uses that strategy, it is not an easy accomplishment to be in F2 and even harder to convince anyone it was real.

      • Interesting points but I guess I just can’t respect the kind of lazy-assed gameplay James has displayed. True, there is more to the floater strategy than many are willing to admit, but in his case there really was a lot of blind luck involved.
        BB has always had a significant element of comps – winning comps when necessary and not just throwing them or losing them EVERY SINGLE time makes for a far more worthy player IMO.

      • Considering he sucked at the top 3 hoh and the most important veto of the season, I don’t think he’s throwing the comps and if he is he’s an idiot. His ass would’ve gone home had Corey or Nicole won the veto

      • Not to me – I don’t like that he has opportunity to play again for 500,000, and gets with another girl. First time Meg, 2nd Gnat. James is going to win 500,000 getting AFP each time he comes back. I don’t think he had any strategy, just always someone in front of him

      • Lolol I know but I can’t help my dislike for him Joni – what if he won this season? I would fall over if he won 500,000

      • Not to mention that would be the ultimate betrayal to all former vets who played much better than he has this season! I don’t dislike him, just whatever game play he thinks he’s better at to win the whole enchilada!!! ha

      • He didn’t throw comps he just sucked at them. And to me if you expect someone to always carry you through the entire game and you don’t contribute ANYTHING you don’t deserve to be in the F2. He’s a nice guys but sucks at the game. He should of been gone weeks ago.

      • Yep she did. But people that don’t like her can’t see that. They judge on personal and not game.

      • I don’t like her either, but she has laid low literally and got herself thru the game. I will give her that. I hope Paul wins and Victor AFP

      • At least you recognize game. There’s been plenty of people I don’t like that have won BB but I will admit they played and deserved the win.

      • Yes I sure do. She’s played from day one. She’s got a very good and long resume. Even Derrick a very deserving winner thought she is playing a great game. Just because you don’t like her doesn’t mean she isn’t playing.

      • He deserves final two cuz he has played his game … Paul for being a the worst human alive all season should be sent home so sick of his crap he’s won comps but he’s a disgusting person

      • No I think Michelle wins for worst human alive all season. She’s entertaining but mean as hell. If someone’s getting beat down by a bunch of people Michelle would casually hand someone a knife then hang back and smirk at the victim getting stabbed to death.

      • Lol – actually, I think that Michelle would wait until she was sure the person couldn’t move, and THEN get a few stabs in…probably stab them in the ankle. She never gets “tough” unless there’s a group of people around, all going at one person (she did it with Paulie, then Paul)

        Ed: And I could see Nicole handing the knife to someone, then smirking…she doesn’t want to get blood on her hands!!

      • There is a lot of solid dislike for Nicole in the Jury House and I am not so sure she could win against either Paul or James .. might depend on “jury consultant”.

      • That paid for by production moderator tends to try and sway them toward not voting bitter. Of course, if the 2 production favored vets make it to F2, it really will not matter what Dr. Will(if it is him this year) says because Production already beat the house.

      • The only dislike for her is by bitter meech. Da admitted shed vote for her for her gameplay. Paulie definitely would. Zakiyah will do whatever paulie wants. Corey will vote for her. Vic will vote for her if she’s not up against Paul. Bridgette I’m not so sure. She’d probably vote for her over James but not Paul. The only votes she’s garaunteed not to have either way are meech and Natalie.

      • Natalie told James before she was evicted that if Nicole is next to Paul in F2 she would vote for Nicole. So she would have Natalies vote if she’s not against James.

      • I didn’t know that. I know she felt bad about betraying Paul and Vic so I wasn’t sure if she’d vote for Paul or not. I think itd be 50/50 between paul and Nicole. As much as I want paul to win I do want to see him and nic in the F2. One, because they both deserve it more than James, and two because big baby meech will have to decide which one she hates less and suck it up and vote for them, which I will take full satisfaction from.

      • I’m with you LInda. I think Paul has a good chance against Nic. He has a better comp record, he can certainly speak better so will make a good case for himself, Nic is disliked and I think that many of the newbies would rather see one of their own win than a vet. When it comes down to it the Jury often votes for the better player and I think Paul has a very strong chance

      • I hope that’s the case. Nic feels she’ll definitely win if James is sitting next to her so she’d best win Round 3 against Paul to be able to make that decision happen.

      • Who do you think would vote Paul over Nicole? I think Nicole would for sure have Corey, Paulie and Z’s vote. Then Day said she would probably vote for Nicole. She has said that 3 different times. Also Natalie said she would vote for Nicole over Paul. That’s 5 votes for Nicole. Also Michelle hates Paul more then she does Nicole especially after Paul called her a c#nt so she may even have her vote. JMO.

      • But the one person she hates more then Nicole is Paul. So I really wonder what she would do. As much as she’d hate to I think it would go to Nicole. But not without a bitter nasty comment.

      • I hate Nicole’s game play, but she should absolutely win over James. She did finally start to play while James was a wasted player. Fool even offered to throw her HOH in the final week? WTH??

      • Riiiight? I was flabbergasted to hear him say that! Proved to me he isn’t worthy of being in F2 at all.

    • “After Paul is called to the DR James and Nicole talk game. James asks if he should just throw the next round to Nicole. She says yes and that she’d 1000% take him to F2. James expects to hit the max time if it’s a mental comp.”

      This is the true statement here. Anything she says to Paul is BS. Why Paul would believe anything Nicole says after her backstabs is beyond me…but then again, he may not have a choice.

      • That’s my feeling too. But in order for her to be able to take James to F2, she will have to beat Paul in Round 3. I think Paul feels Nic will not take him to F2. He’ll have to beat Nic in Round 3 to win the decision of who he wants in F2. He’s already told Nic more than he should have repetitively that he won’t take James, but that she has to win Round 2 to make that happen. But if she does, she also knows she’ll have to beat Paul in Round 3 if she has any hope of choosing James to go to F2 and she’s scared. James is scared as well that Paul won’t take him, and that’s why he’s wanting to throw Round 2 to Nic so she has a chance of beating Paul in Round 3.

      • It sure does seem like he believes her. I would hope it’s just a farce because he’d be a fool to trust her after she’s backstabbed him. Then again, James has done the same thing so it’s hard to trust anyone in that house. I just hope Paul takes James to the final instead of Nicole.

    • I love your last sentence; she’s been “wishy-washy” throughout the show. I don’t want her to win. I’m hoping PAUL does. Also hope Victor gets the people’s choice award. Would love for VICTOR to get invited to be on SURVIVOR show.

      • Only paul couldent talk his way to the end.I remember Rachael crying at the top of a building that she had to climb down, imagine Paul “so now I have to climb down this building, and its 20 stories high” LOL

      • I love Paul & Victor,I’d like to read in the future that they stayed friends thru the years. I think a game like the amazing race would better suit them because its where you come in that depends on how far you go, and not a bunch of back stabbing floaters. I hope Vic would consider another game show thats more suited to his abilities. My only worry would be Paul, he is small. I’m afraid that might put his abilities at a disadvantage. But Yes those two together again in a game of skill works for me.

    • Her saying that made no sense cause Paul told her he was gonna tell James to vote Corey out…Paul told Corey that he was gonna be evicted.. That was a stupid statement by both Nicole and Corey who told Julie he was surprised that James voted him out…and both to my knowledge plan on taking James to final 2…Nicole and Paul are playing each other…

    • That’s what I wanna know as well. She’d have a better shot at beating James but she does make a good point about him getting $50K when he’s sucked all season. At least let it be Nicole and Paul so we have two good players winning cash.

    • I think it’s an element of both, so she can secure herself to F2 with either of them. She doesn’t care at this point which one gets there, just that she does.

    • I agree – Nicole says a lot prompted by production – like saying James is sneaky. She knew he was voting Corey out. It’s unnecessary – everyone knows she and James want to get to F2 together

      • I think she just said that because she wants Paul to believe it in case he wins part 3 so he’ll take her.

      • I agree – Paul is in a tough spot if he wins Part 2 and gets to pick. Either one is not good scenario for him. I can see jury giving it to a vet because they feel they both played before and didn’t win

    • Right, she comes across as ungrateful and downright silly. She has told Corey that she’d go home for him, and it’s yet another example of someone potentially throwing their game away for a person they’ve known for a few months. Please do better casting, BB.

  2. James is SUCH a waste of space! Throwing the final competition? REALLY? He definitely just won $50K because the others would be crazy not to take him to the finals. NO chance he’d win.

      • That’s all James aspired to. Maybe production offered or guaranteed him the spot if he helped Nicole get to the end so that a girl, i mean Nicole, wins.

      • Although we’ll never know the extent of Production interference to get their 2 vets to the final 3, we do know that Paul has had to fight for every single step he has taken and it has been on his own volition. Rooting for Dingus and James is like cheering for the CEO’s son who got promoted to VP because he is who he is, not because of his efforts.

      • I know right. Just like production fixed the POV comp for Paul. They disabled one of Corey’s buttons. Darn production I just wish they would stay out if it. But no they had to get involved again in part one of the HOH and rig it for Paul. All upper body strength. Of course Paul would win. I just hope they took that ear piece back they gave Paul when they gave him the answers in the previous HOH he won. (Oops I mean production gave him). Don’t want production feeding him the answers in part three. Lol.

    • Crazy as a fox?? You said it – the only question is whether or not James successfully played a floater game and if he has successfully made it to F2 because he has “NO chance” to win?

  3. I don’t believe this cockamamie crap about Paul taking Dingus because she deserves it more than James. I call that pure BS. That would definitely not be Paul’s decision. He is too intelligent for that. Of course, he hasn’t made it to F2 yet, has he?

  4. James has put himself in the perfect spot for sure… guaranteed final 2! (not that I think he deserves the win) I hope Paul doesn’t really believe Nicole would take him to F2 though:( James and Nicole have been caught more than once with the illegal game move of promised money for each other if they help each other to the end, so how does Paul not remember that?

    • Maybe Production “allowed” Paul F3 to forget about it as long as he would take Dingus to F2 if Paul got lucky and won. yup, oops
      Oh yes, I’ll be speculating with my reasonable suspicions until the fat lady sings. hehe

      • Add that to production cheating us out of watching Round 1 play out on feeds when they announced we would get to see it there, gave me a sneaky feeling they would be able to manipulate the comp better than otherwise.

  5. I think Z, Day, Paulie and Corey will vote for Nicole over Paul. All it takes is one more vote like James for her to win. So Paul must win the last HoH comp and he must take James to the end. Then I think Paul wins.

    If its James and Nicole, I think Nicole get those 4 votes and maybe Vic and Paul too. I still think she wins.

    If its Paul and James then I think Paul gets Vic, Corey, Nicole, Bridgette, and probably Paulie and Z to win.

    But who knows. I think production gets in their heads at the end and guides them to a decision.

    • After the row between the jury members I ain’t sure who would vote for who.. For “instance” if they wanna be jerks Paulie could say Nicole played best while Davonne ain’t voting for her cause Paulie might…Its gonna be a mess…They could even mess up and vote James the $500,000 which means Natalie wins as well…

  6. Paul has always had a strong dislike for James.. since the season began actually…then James put him OTB so the dislike grew…but do believe that he will use James in the end to be the big winner…

    • Paul thinks James has too many friends and votes in the jury. I really think if he wins F3 he takes Nicole. He also knows everyone that went to jury threw Nicole UTB so he doesn’t think she has the votes.

  7. The fact that James is talking about throwing the next comp solidifies his spot in my Book of BIGGEST IDIOTS. He has made it BY LUCK to the final 3 with no desire to even try to win. He better not frkn get AFP.

  8. Is Paul’s strategy to wear Nic and James down by talking them to death, lol? It seems like he never stops. It’s like Paul on hyperdrive. Really hope that he wins this HoH and gets to decide who to take to F2 and I think he will make the case to win it all. Our boy will hopefully prevail.

    • Paul wants to win this game and he knows he has a way with words. I think his adrenaline is really kicking in this week. He knows his only shot at final two is winning the last hoh. He’s been the underdog since Vic left (for the final time). I’m really rooting for him. I want him to win this game so bad. He’s fought damn hard for it!

  9. I really hate to say this, but James may have played a really great game….do nothing, be goofy, upset nobody and make it to the end….any other player, and I’d think it was a strategy or a plan, with James, I just think it was dumb luck….literally!

    • maybe there was an advantage to James having his head up Natalies ass.. maybe I been looking at the situation all wrong..

      • Littlefly, your avatar creeps me out since I have fought bugs almost nonstop for the past two months…

        Spiders, earwigs, silverfish, huge cockroach that hitched a ride home on the car, etc. Lol

      • We had to kill over 300 flies when we returned from our vacation because our boarder, who watched our animals while we were away did not rinse the food cans out and maggots were in the kitchen trash bin instead of in the garage one. I was like, “who does that?” But had to remember our boarder is a “kid” in our eyes, not a responsible adult like we are! hahaha He’s still in training! :-)

      • Hahaha hahaha hahaha. Good afternoon. Hope you’re well.

        I know you’ll whip him intobshape.

        I even finally broke down and had the bug guy come and I’m down $130.00. Got tired of fighting those creepy bugs. Had never seen an ear-wig in my life.

        The latest is a garden spider whose body is the size of a baby frog. I left him alone because he’ll take care of the other critters.

      • We have those ugly things too, but then we do live on a wooded lot, so are more apt to see many other bugs you can’t even identify sometimes. Good afternoon to you too. I’m quite well. My cat, Nate, though, not so much. Have to get him to the vet now to get a depo shot for his seasonal asthma! I’m really starting to hate vet appts and the money they keep taking from us without batting an eyelash! Can we trade bills? Mine is well over $1400 since May!

      • You animal lovers crack me up at the lengths you go for your best friends. It’s admirable though. You don’t have animal insurance? Not that the plans cover much.

      • No insurance as all of the animals we’ve had in the past few years were inherited by our daughter with pre-existing conditions! I’ve found it’s cheaper to just stick with cats than dogs, though! :-)

      • I would have had to put my foot down on that. It’s not a quality of life the dog really would prefer.

      • I would hope so, but he had to have endured a lot of pain to get there. I can’t see anyone, let alone a dog, suffer like that until then. Dog just got lucky they all worked in his favor getting to that end result.

      • Yes, they look like black scorpions with that nasty looking tail. Just disgusting. I got them because my next door neighbor thought it’d be okay to empty their pool water, which went directly under my foundation. I’m disgusted with them.

      • Day-um! I would have to start taking pot shots at my neighbor if that happened. We can’t have a pool where we live, in ground or above ground…the easements weren’t well-thought out for that.

      • You know I am on the agenda at the next board mtg, Monday coming, to discuss this very issue, in addition to them feeding the stray cats. They have nothing on the books to regulate the pool dumping, but given the fact the wife is a so-called nirse, and with Zika mosquitoes committing their crimes, frankly, I was astounded that they would have a pool of water. The mosquitoes here when I first moved in were disgusting. I put an outside bug killer, have sprayed all around the house, spending hundreds of dollars to control these pests, and then, there are my wonderful neighbors.

      • I hope you win this one with the board. The Zika virus should help in your getting the neighbors to remove the pool if nothing else does.

      • I really do not like getting into this but they are not using common sense. They should have sent that water down the back of their property. I’m sure if I has done this, they would be furious.

      • I did, and I also broke a nail when I back handed a fly against the t.v. Missed the fly, which got my ire up even more.

    • If I were James at an F2 position, I would be telling all that I am there because I intentionally convinced everyone that I could not win against anyone and that my strategy was one of taking advantage of “being a nice guy” and using “my floating strategy”. Can’t prove he didn’t and in fact they all have given James credit for intentionally throwing comps even at times in their favor!

      • I agree, tr8ppng, but if that happens, at least I could manage to laugh about James winning because Dingus would be so sure she had it in the bag.

      • I get ya but I hope Paul wins and then a write in candidate gets second place. Just can’t bring myself to root for James to win any add’l $$.

      • Pablo ftw! Or just give Vic an unprecedented fourth chance. He’d probably win these last few comps anyway.

      • totally rooting for Paul…..but if for some strange reason, the other 2 make it to the end, James winning would be great…..just for the entertainment value of watching Nicole’s reaction!

      • I agree….it would be the funniest result ever! May even cause her messy bun to pop right off her head!

      • I really don’t want to think about that part … I just hope some “real” celebrity catches her eye at the after party.

      • I like James I think hes a down to earth regular guy who trys to do the right thing in most situations.. I voted him AFP (not this year tho)…But his looking for love while playing for $500,000 just hasn’t worked out ..(either time) Last nite when he was going on and on about Natalie and a possible relationship Paul was being polite in answering him but I am sure the entire time Paul wanted to jump up and scream “STFU u idiot …Natalie didn’t give a rats ass about u”. Its sad that James and Zakyiah were both so desperate to find companionship that they let their selves be used so blanatly and on national tv no less…

      • For the sake of his daughter, I hope James can find someone who truly cares for him, but that definitely is not Gnat. I believe James is fairly gullible and, yes, a little desperate when it comes to women. But at least he maintained his integrity on the show. Z and Dingus, not so much. Funny, not funny how the gals always get the bad name and the guys get the high fives.

      • I’m still not sure how much Nat was using him. It seemed mutual. Z’s situation is 10 times worse than James and Natalie. Anyway I agree about his non stop talk to Paul and Nicole about a possible “rekindling” with Nat and what will happen at the wrap party. They both tried to let him down gently, but it really is pathetic. He continues to say he was her 3rd choice, only one left, and that doesn’t set off red flags. She has kept him in the hands off zone for almost 3 months. Not even one real kiss, which would have been respectable. She let him massage her butt, but held his other hand. In Nat’s defense, it may have taken a while, but she told him she just wants to be with her family. Agghh, BUT what he is holding on to out of all the things she said is “my soulmate”
        Nicole will bounce back from Corey, but James is going to have heartbreak for a little bit. Z??? I just don’t know what to say about her. She is absolutely the real tragedy of the season and not in a “let’s all laugh at her” kind of way.

      • The “soulmate ” comment was to keep James on that leash incase he did win money…and it worked..

      • Ain’t gonna laugh at nobody that gets hurt even on BB…I don’t like to kick a man/woman when they down..

      • oh please Natalie tried to hook up with 2/3 men in the house (before James) all were better looking and more worldly than James.. James was a last choice victim…but can’t feel sorry for him cause hes dumb enough to fall in her trap

      • Nicole as well. I felt sorry for Zakiyah until she took paulie back AGAIN. Da may have overreacted a bit in that jury segment but I do agree with what she said especially about Paulie making Z look like an idiot on national TV. Nic just seems clueless and James is a desperate puppy.

      • I had a problem with Da calling out Z like that. Much as I dislike Paulie and Z, it is really none of her business what those two do. If she is a true friend of Z, then talk to her one on one but no need to call her out in front of everyone and on TV because they knew that they were being filmed

      • That’s a fair point. My guess is Da was trying to look out for her friend but went about it the wrong way. Either that or she’s hurt that Z ditched her for Paulie. I just have a strong hatred for Paulie, and I love seeing him get called out. But you’re right. She definitely could’ve talked to Z in private. I think her temper got the best of her.

      • At least she admitted to it. That’s one thing I always respected about Da’Vonne. She owns up to her mistakes.

      • She admitted later that her temper did get the best of her. But I’d have been just as frustrated with Z too for going right back after all the talks we’d had and she agreed was not a good thing to do.

      • Oh yes, James will also win Gnat’s love….for a bit….LOL…James winning would be like a movie of the week!

      • right littlefly when you say’ if that long’. I have faith in Gnat, it wouldn’t take her a week to spend $50k

  10. Well James will walking away from this smelling like a rose. $50K for 2nd place (b/c there’s no way he’ll ever win – atleast I would hope not) and the stipend along with the $$ for coming back as a vet. Here’s to hoping Paul wins b/c he’s played the game the hardest IMO.

    • James needs to win all the money that he can, if he wants to keep Natalie. Poor thing is in for a rude awakening when he leave the house.

      • Maybe the Gnat was also part of James’ master plan…..maybe he masterminded the entire fauxmance…so the house guests wouldn’t think he was a threat….Who knows? Maybe James is super smart….Like Mensa Smart…and when he wins…he will look at Gnat and say “sorry, I am just not that into you”……Could James have fooled all of us? Or am I just giving him way too much credit?

      • Yeah it’s definitely a mystery to me as well! I do think him being a production fave helped him quite a bit.

      • I believe I read in the article above, that James was thinking about telling Natalie that he loved her, at some point. No, James is blinded by faux love.

    • Read on .. you can’t really be sure of that IMO … he might have played the most dangerous game of all and the “proof” would be that his goal was to look like he didn’t play the game!

  11. Why the hell would Cory be “shocked” James evicted him? He knew he was going to be evicted. His momma didn’t raise no bitch. It was no secret. Nicole is talking about James’s “sneaky” side. She has got some nerve. LOL, I thought that was funny. I’m just “meh” on whoever wins, but I thought that ranks with one of the most hypocritical statements in BB.

    • Halfway through the season I think Corey was shocked he was playing Big brother and it wasn’t all just a dream :)

    • Natalie is just playing the game. She is trying to take all attention from her sneaky ways by bring James’ to the light. Natalie must remember that Vic was evicted, due to her and Corey. If Paul forgets this, he is an idiot.

    • Nic had become quite hypocritical these last few days, accusing people of doing the exact same things she has been doing. She needs to own her game a little more, she isn’t all that innocent as she would like to seem.

  12. Jury house last night…….. I, absolutely, was shocked, bewildered, amazed to see Z back with Corey. I do not understand why she would even be talking to him, after what he did to her. Some women are so darn foolish.

    • She has to have very low self esteem to be back with that jerk. I’d say when she watches the show she will see but he has done things to her and she was always aware but brushed it off because she wanted the attention from him. She a prey women I find it hard to believe she needs the attention from that douche. I can’t even feel bad for her anymore.

      • Exactly. There is no way I would be interested in a man, person, friend, if they didn’t have my back, when I needed them to.

      • Exactly. I’m not sure what needs to be done to clear her vision. I guess when Paulie block her from his social media, when the show is done, will do it for her.

    • I know you meant Paulie, and yes, he is a piece of crap. But it is very hard for me to sympathize with Z at this point. She knows what he is, but yet she still degrades herself by hooking up with him.

      • I have no sympathy for Zakiyah or James if they stupid enough be used after its been pointed out to them by others and the actions of the people they interested in…I give James a strip of bacon tho…He did question Natalie several times and go back at her when she was insulting him…but Zakiyah just fell deeper in the hole…

      • Well, James knows the truth, too. His vision is still not clear. He knows Natalie was interested in several other people in the house, before she even looked his way. He is just as stupid as Z.

      • I’m giving Z the benefit of the doubt and attributing it all to her age. She’s young and probably thinks she’s in love. Hopefully — one day she’ll look back on all this and wonder what the hell was she thinking to allow herself to be so tragically disrespected in front of the entire nation.

      • When Paulie did not use the veto to say Z, Z should have known at that very point that it was not love.

      • For sure…there’s definitely no love on Paulie’s side — it’s all Z. When you think you’re in love with someone —- it’s hard to see that person clearly at times. She’s following her heart and not her mind.

      • Not that I like Paulie but everyone told him she was safe and they didn’t want to put up a replacement.

      • He probably wants to continue to hit it while in the house sinse he was so afraid to be around the girls. Z probably makes him feel secure, which is kinda an oxymoron, lol

    • I know! I’m not surprised Z is still hooking up w/ him though. She will always be the girl that gets treated like dog crap b/c she allows it to happen. I have absolutely NO sympathy for people like that. And Paulie is such a freakin loser.

  13. I think it’s a very abusive relationship and I don’t know about Z’s personal life, but something somewhere went wrong. I would normally say it’s all the isolation and craziness of being locked up in the BB houses, but this is something more. It’s painful to watch. I know a lot of posters say they have no sympathy for Z, but even looking at her last night, she just looks lost. I think there is something in her background that will explain her clinging to Paulie no matter what he says or does. We know he has a temper, so there pillow talk must consist of how much he hates the girls in the jury house. LOL. Jeez, I’m afraid for her mental health when they are out of there and he cuts all ties and communication with her.

    • Exactly. It is very painful to watch. If Da was unsuccessful with helping Z, I don’t know if anyone can (cause you know Da loves to talk).

    • I felt bad for Z too last night. She had such a distraught look on her face during the entire argument between Day and Paulie.

      • I was not shocked by her distraught look last night. When your friend and your love interest does not get along, you will have lots of distraught looks on your face. I was shocked that she was back with Paulie and willing to defend him, as well.

      • I think Paulie is the most hated and disgusting BB HG ever…that is my opinion and I have watched every season.

      • I really don’t think so…that’s his blood and he would defend him to the ends of the earth..bad, deplorable behavior and all. He may say “What the hell were you thinking?” But, I don’t think Cody will be embarrassed at all.

      • Which I don’t blame him, they’re family and family always defends each other. I think Cody would want to talk to Paulie and ask him what he was thinking.

      • I was surprised but not shocked she was back with him. I knew it was a strong possibility that they would be back together because I could see she really cared about him. Remember this was the same girl who cried her eyes out in the Paris room but then turn right around and slept with him that same night. Guess that’s why I wasn’t really shocked.

      • i was actually looking forward to the explosian in the jury house but it took an ugly personal turn and all i could think at that point is all of you need to go back to where you came from and not be heard of again…good for bridgette making her feelings known without having to yell or scream or misbehave…when you have validity in your point you don’t need to yell to convince anyone you are in the right…good for the little cabbage patch kid

  14. James did tell Natalie that he loved her, but pretended it was just a joke when she starting laughing.

  15. So, James is going to throw ANOTHER comp..This guy.,..what a waste of a space this season. Paul has to win that last comp or he’s out 3rd..James having a shot at winning this season..UGH! What would his argument be? I hate the fact that Paul is putting so much trust in Nicole right now. She will not take him to F2…I thought he would realize that..he has to win that last HOH.

  16. CBS All Access and Big Brother. Will you watch and what is the cost? Does CBS thinks we all tripped over a rock and bumped our heads. I will watch, if it is free. If I have to pay to watch, I’m out.

  17. I have lost all of my respect for James. I thought most guys would have seen through Nat’s charade . I have seen a lot of crazy love but James is really crazy in love. But, I wonder who will help support James when he realizes he has been made a fool of on national tv. I hope there is a support group available. Because his actions may be harmful to himself.

    • I hope I don’t get banned from this site for saying this, but I think men are a lot more clueless when it comes to love, than women. When a man loves you and I mean truly loves you, it is very hard for him to stop.

    • YEP am with u on “lost all respect for James” I didn’t wanna say it but agree with u…If he was 23 I could see being stupid but hes 32 and has a kid…Its being needy I guess that closes a persons eyes to the truth..

      • Pretty funny! Sometimes I do have serious talks with myself and lose it with my self respect.

    • I don’t think there is any helping that boy. I hate it for him though. But this week after they went to bed, James asked Victor to spy on Natalie in Jury House to see if she was being “promiscuous” with Paulie. Bothers him that she was telling him how excited she was to see/hug Paulie in Jury and drink a lot of wine, etc.

      Paul & Vic did a “nice” thing for him. They told him (gently but no kidding around) about their takes on Natalie. They gave him quite a bit of info (nearly an hour’s worth) that he was unaware of and James seemed to listen. Between you and me, I think all she has to do is shake her tail feathers at him and he will forget everything those boys told him.

      Their intentions were kind, actually. She was gone, Vic was on his way…They just were telling him not to get his hopes up and here is why.

      Now she is in Jury with Vic, Corey & Paulie. Not that they will have anything to do with her in that way but James can’t love that. And he seems to feel bad that “he knows” Nicole is getting dumped after the show but he just doesn’t see it for him.

  18. Does anyone understand why Paul wants to take Nicole to the finale and not James? Anyone? I don’t get it.

    • I think it’s just in case she wins Final HOH. Paul really wants to take James but in case James doesn’t win final HOH and if Nicole does she’d take Paul and not James.

      Just a hypothesis.

    • It’s personal more than it’s strategy at this point. Paul believes James has done nothing to deserve to win. That he’s fought to stay this season than James has ever had to do.

      • Yes Joni that’s the only explanation that I can see, but he should think of Cody and go with the weaker player for the win.

      • Me too. Paul can be deceiving Nic right now too (which I don’t think he is)…so I’d give him Kudos to that if it’s true.

      • Gotcha, that make sense, he definitely is the least deserving houseguest ever to deserve $50k but Paul would definitely win first place if he took James, Nicole will be a tougher battle.

      • yeah but Porsche actually won more comps – 1 HoH and a couple of Vetos, James has only won 1 HoH. OMG, he’s even more pathetic than Porsche

      • nooo don’t think so…James didn’t sit in the HOH and conspire with other HGs to cause Rachel to miscarry (if she had of been pregnant) James didn’t put stuff in protein drink mix for the other HGs to drink so that they would be ill before/during comps….James is a dumb ass little jerk.. but he wouldn’t purposely hurt somebody to win a game..

      • To talk about or conspire to do something to hurt/harm somebody on purpose is never “ridiculous” …or funny..

      • I think Paul believes he can beat her in Round 3 at least. It’s really hard to figure Paul out than it is with James and Nic.

    • he don’t Paul and Nicole are playing each other and as I said last nite…James is playing a game of convenience..

    • Because he thinks James has the votes to win where as Nicole has been thrown UTB by everyone evicted so he doesn’t think she has the votes.

  19. Well I’m gonna be honest out of all three of them Paul is pretty much the won I want to win especially with his character development and gameplay. Nicole played good strategically but socially her game was only with her two boy toys (Corey and Paulie). With James, he’s a nice guy but he honestly sucks at this game. He can’t make a move on his own to save his ass. And as for Paul making a final 2 with Nicole I think he’s trying to secure his chance for final 2 with whoever wins final HOH if he doesn’t. Deep down he’ll evict Nicole- he just wants to ensure that she doesn’t evict him. Dangerous yes, but I think that he’s trying to think two steps ahead.

    Moving to the jury segment- holy s**t things got crazy! Excuse me while I go make popcorn

    • I totally agree with you on this!!! Both Paul and Nic want to win more badly than James does at this point.

      • I think James knows he’s not going to win, but he also knows that he’ll get taken to final two no matter what for that very reason. At this point he’s just shooting for second place. It seems like he’s already mentally clocked out of this game. He did straight up awful at the last four comps.

    • Paul evicting Nicole would be an epic end to an otherwise dismal season. It is probably also a $450,000 decision that I hope he’s smart enough to make. He has to know she would evict him. Putting her on information overload is a smart strategy because it will intensify the pressure for her.

  20. See? Once again, James throws a comp. Get him outta there. I’m fine with Nic and Paul. I’m confident that Paul will win. Paul has played a great game. The jury knows he played the better game…from the VERY BEGINNING, I might add, just in case I’ve been vague in my feelings about how others have been laying in bed the first two thirds of the game. Derrick may have called it ‘laying low,’ but I disagree, Mr. Policeman. Lol.

    Yeah, Paul used the ‘C’ word—which I find despicable. Let’s face it though, all of the guys have said and done crappy things about and to the women. And all the girls were mean. No excuse for that word, but with Paul—even his worst critics in Jury may overlook it and base their decisions on game play…except the one to whom he aimed the word….then again, with her, who knows?!
    Yep, I’m fine with Paul and Nic.

    • Amen!!! Couldn’t have said it better myself! I certainly have overlooked some of the nasty things he’s said when compared to how hard someone has had to fight almost the whole way to stay than those remaining that have not done that. :-)

    • I’m fine with Paul, not Nic. But there aren’t a lot of alternatives at this point, so it is what it is.
      Paul for the win!

    • As a woman I really don’t get the uproar over the C word. I don’t think it’s that big of a deal to use it. I’ve used it, and Michelle of all people deserved it. I probably would’ve called her one at some point too. She’s a petulant child who kept butting into a calm one on one game talk that Paul was trying to have with James about noms.

      I’m hoping for a Paul and Nic final two. They’ve both played a good game, but I still want Paul to win because he’s played better IMO.

    • And really, are the jury that offended by Paul calling Meech the ‘C’ word? She’s been c*nty to everyone that’s now in Jury.

      • As a female, and one who has been called the “C” word…WHO CARES, when it comes to deciding whether to vote for Paul in the end?? Especially if he played the best game? I’d be more offended by someone sneakily stabbing me in the back or being a bully. Watching that scene with Paul & Michelle, I didn’t feel bad for her because she was being over-the-top annoying and bully-ish herself. Just like Paul said, she kicks people when they’re down and cries when things don’t go her way.

  21. Paulie should have never crossed the line when bringing Da’s daughter into the back and forth they in the jury house and I was very happy to see Bridge jump in and add her 2 cents worth. Z girl…..you need to examine why you are laying with this dope, doesn’t reflect well on you and your character.

    • Paulie is disgusting. He’s always crossing the line with women. His comment about Natalie’s breasts and bringing Da’Vonne’s daughter into it? Totally uncalled for. The example Da’s setting for her little girl is not to put up with lowlife men like Paulie. I’m all for it. Good thing Paulie doesn’t have kids because he’d just be showing them it’s okay to disrespect women. Z needs to get an ounce of self respect and realize she can do better.

      • This is just MY opinion, so please don’t anyone jump down my throat.
        I have a feeling she’s probably seen her mother go through the same type of relationship with men…and maybe Z’s stuck in a cycle of abuse. Women who live that way are filled with shame and don’t feel they deserve love.
        It usually takes something pretty devastating to happen before they wake up and love themselves.
        Again, MY opinion.

      • I know that is probably exactly what is going on, Z is caught in a cycle and she is most likely mirroring behavior she has seen in her own life. Very unfortunate, I had high hopes for Z in the beginning.

      • I understand exactly what you are saying. Saw my father beat my mother. Terrified. My marriage lasted not quite four years. When he hit me, every ounce of live, went straight out the door with me. I was not having it, and I have never remarried.

      • I’m sorry you had to experience that, makes me very sad to hear, but it sounds like you are strong woman and you were able to get yourself out of very difficult circumstances, Good for You! {{{HUGS}}}

      • Thanks much. I’ll miss talking to you all when the season ends. I really do not plan on watching next year……tears :^(

      • Cheers to new and better things!

        “I can see clearly now the rain is gone
        I can see all obstacles in my way
        Gone are the dark clouds that had me blind
        It’s gonna be a bright
        Bright sunshiny day” :D

      • You guys are soooooooo cooool. If only we could all be in the house at the same time. But wait, I couldn’t lie to my friends. We would have to have round tables to discus who would be going home and let them down easy. Lol.

      • Nope, I could never play this game with a friend. Honestly, my Mom is 80 and she will tell you that I never could lie from the time I was small. So I don’t think I would be very successful at BB unless I went to an acting class and they could help me with some skills… just for the show, of course. :)

      • It’s certainly a possibility. I do feel bad for her to an extent because she clearly has a very low self esteem. I wouldn’t be surprised if it had something to do with her upbringing. She’s probably witnessed other women in her life let men get away with treating them badly and doesn’t know any better. Worst part is that they’re definitely having sex, and everyone is witnessing her being used for her body and taken advantage of. It’s sad really, and it’s one of the many reasons I think Paulie is a despicable human being.

      • I think Z is just desperate to be loved. She doesn’t have any respect for herself and it definitely shows. I’d imagine she’s a hard person to love, so perhaps she feels she has to cling to any man who shows her a little interest. What good characteristics have seen from her on the feeds? Her mask of pretending to be nice wore off in a few weeks, so she really has no redeeming qualities besides being nice to look at.

    • I really wish BB would do a quick segment with Z’s family. I am so interested in where or what she came from.

  22. Can we just keep the cameras in the jury house the rest of the season? Far more interesting. I’m loving momma Da! I also like the unexpected friendship between her and Bridgette. They should’ve teamed up in the house. The were on the same side the whole time and didn’t even know it.

  23. I’m quite convinced Paulie is gay, but isn’t willing to admit it to himself yet, he’s quite confused.

    Pretty sure he has a thing for Corey, and wouldn’t be that surprised either if Corey has a thing for Paulie.

    Like you can tell when guys have a bromance, Victor and Paul, even Paul and Paulie. They were just bro-ing down,

    but Paulie and Corey….

    • OMG…that’s been in the back of my mind for awhile now too. I stated before that Corey reminded me of another Bruce Jenner in the making. Now that you mentioned this, possibly Paulie might just be gay and doesn’t like women at all? None of which their parents would likely support. Except Paulie hates even thinking he might be gay, but his actions toward women is a red flag. Whereas Corey professes he’s not gay, but could be wanting to be a woman that Paulie can adore? hahahaha

    • I was rewatching some week 1 clips last night and I’m convinced Corey is gay. There were DRs of Vic admiring Natalie and Natalie admiring Corey, then there’s Corey talking about how good looking Vic is and how he’d like to work with him.

      Also when Frank and Paulie were pixelated Corey was going on about how they have nice bodies despite the fact that there were two women who were also half naked.

      Definitely some sexual tension between Corey and Paulie ha!

      • There are a couple of early DR sessions of Corey where he makes a few remarks about the guys, as if they were prospective boyfriends for him. When Corey sat and watched Frank take a shower that tipped it for me, he is at the very least bi-sexual, he just doesn’t know it yet. #pregay

      • He’s in denial. Bisexual is very likely. He definitely seemed to have some form of attraction to Paulie Vic and Frank early on

      • Yupppp! I had my gaydar on this season. Having had some knowledge of this growing up with a gay brother, I could see the confusion and frustration with their denying their sexual orientation.

    • I had not made the connection but reading what you wrote it makes perfect sense. Paul and Paulie may have been a little stronger than “bro-” though, basing this on the bizarre hair mirroring. On Paulie part, not Paul’s.

    • Yes, with Paulie this is obvious. Fortunately, most men gay or straight, do not hate women as much as this piece of trash does. With Corey, there was one scene that stuck out to me early in the season when 3-4 girls were lined up in front of him in the backyard trying out a dance routine. They were kind of performing for him. Most guys would have been in to this, but not Corey. He appeared really uncomfortable and kind of pi**ed off. He just stomped off and said ‘I don’t care.’ Sorry, don’t have a time stamp. If people could just accept who they are, it would save a lot of hurt and abusive behavior.

    • Corey is very attracted to Victor. I can tell from the way he looks at Vic, and he even said so on Episode 1.

  24. Paul can’t possibly STILL believe he can trust anyone in the house, Right? Why is he helping her?? I wanted Paul to win, but this stupidity negates everything he’s done to stand out as a good player. I hope it’s some kind of trick he’s pulling with her.

  25. If Paul gets to pick between Nic/James, and he takes Nic for F2, it’ll be a good fight convincing the Jury who’s the best player, but if he wants a sure win, he should take James the former AFP/what a joke ….he’s a smart dude, and he has to be thinking that.

  26. Hope Paul pulls out the win and takes James to the end just to pay back Nicole for her Freindship. I dont think James will win over Paul, but Nic just might with that almost all girl jury

    • I don’t think the girls are as on board as people think they are in voting for Nic. Meech might be able to sway the votes in that department. One can only hope.

      • Then we will all get to see Nat do one last kick (see James flying threw the air) and Nic doing her last twirl (going in the other direction from James) of the season

      • From last night’s episode Da seemed to appreciate Nic’s game, that’s telling. She understands the game, and she’s still influential. Nic not being OTB is pretty big deal. I’m sure she’ll explain her strategy behind it…if she didn’t sound like a bottlenose dolphin, she could win this.

      • Yeah, I caught that, kind of surprised me. But who knows what will really shake out. This year is very hard to predict what the jury will do or even the current HG’s will do. It is making me insane!

      • I can’t imagine Michelle voting for Dingus ever, unless she was offered a little something something to do so.

  27. I think I might need to find my softer side. I don’t understand why the houseguests cry when they are on the block or about to get evicted, especially when they have played a part in evicting and betraying others. I just don’t get it.

    • Emotions can get the better of you. Also the environment has to take a toll mentally. You are cut off from everyone you know and love. I know I would probably cry at some point, even though I knew it was coming. Tese are very young people, haven’t mastered their emotions yet, a lot of very immature HG’s.

    • I’m actually a softie and cry easily when someone I know is hurt, but I’m with you on this. I don’t understand the crying and the fake hugging really makes me mad. I just want it to stop.:(

      • I agree with you about the hugging – unless it’s someone I’m aligned with, I’d have a hard time hugging the people who voted me out lol

    • They’re crying because they’ll probably never get another chance to win 500k again. It’s a life changing amount of money.

    • They also don’t have any normal “outlet” (TV, phone, video games, familiar friends to spend time with outside of the house – or pretty much ANYONE that is not at some point likely to turn on them)….So pretty much their whole life/ identity for ~ 3 months revolves around the game and the goal of getting to F2. It has to be crazy stressful.

      Then it is ripped away from them…

  28. *sees snarky insult about Nicole*
    *scrolls to top of page*
    Oh, of course, Branden wrote this recap.
    *closes tab*

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