‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Who Was Voted Out Last Night & Who Won HoH

It’s time to find out who was voted off Big Brother 18 last night and what happened with the final potential Round Trip ticket before the next HoH competition.

Julie Chen on BB18 Episode 27

We were watching as the remaining Houseguests decided between voting out Paulie Calafiore or Corey Brooks as the outgoing HoH Victor Arroyo watched from the sidelines. One of them would be walking out the front door, but there’s a 1:8 chance of their game getting a rewind.

Ready to find out who was voted out and who takes control next? Here is our live recap for Thursday with the latest BB18 results. You can download our Big Brother App, find us on Facebook & Twitter, and get our Email Updates so you never miss anymore Big Brother spoilers all summer.

First up we’ve got the vote but remember that even when one of these nominees is voted out his game might not be over. We’ve got to wait and see if Julie Chen reveals a Round Trip or One Way ticket inside the next evictee’s Big Brother Airlines envelope. Being sent right back inside the game could present a big shock to the house and change the course of the game.

Big Brother 18 Week 8 Votes:

  • Michelle votes to evict: Paulie
  • Paul votes to evict: Paulie
  • James votes to evict: Paulie
  • Natalie votes to evict: Paulie
  • Nicole votes to evict: Paulie

By a vote of 5-0, Paulie Calafiore has been evicted, but will it stick?

Time to find out if his game is over or if he’ll get another chance at BB18.

Big Brother 18 – Week 8’s Trip Ticket:

  • Julie reveals this week’s ticket is… ONE WAY! Paulie is done.

That’s it for Paulie along with all the claims that it was rigged for him. Oops. He’s off to Jury.

Julie has all the HGs open their envelopes and it was Paul! He was the first one in AND picked the right card out of 12. Wow!

Time for the Head of Household competition as everyone but Victor will have a shot at controlling one of the nominees and earning safety for the week. Well, they don’t yet know their nominating power is about to be cut in half but they’ll find out soon enough on Friday!

Big Brother 18 Week 9 HoH comp:

Julie announced the next Big Brother 18 twist will be a Jury Battle Back with the first five evictees. Yikes. So more Paulie, huh?

Don’t like how this week’s comp turned out? Then be sure to keep voting in the America’s Care Package for the fourth round. This week’s power will be the chance to share the HoH responsibilities by picking one of the two noms in Week 8. That could be huge for the next round.

Lots of big events coming up this weekend with the America’s Care Package, nominations, and Veto comp so before to check back in with us over the next few days for more spoilers as we go.

When tonight’s episode ends we’ll be racing back to the Big Brother Feeds to watch the fallout! Join us on there with the Live Feeds’ Free Trial & see what the fun is all about.



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  1. Hey, hey, hey, it’s d day for Paul ey! Even if he comes back in, it will be so satisfying to see him voted out and through the door.

    • Don’t you want to see him win and cause some drama? I want him gone but kind of want him to return. I’m tired of personal game play and want to see some strategic play. I’d like James, Natalie, Nicole and Corey to team up and get Paul and Victor out.

    • I want to hear the audience boo him do bad but deep down I know they won’t let them.

      • But you know it won’t happen…just like with Frankie. CBS wouldn’t allow it. Even Aaryn wasn’t boo’d. I don’t recall that she got a warm reception (particularly by Jules)…but remember how disappointed we were with Frankie? Don’t be surprised when balloons and streamers fall…and apple pie is served. Lol…

      • I’ve never seen you make a sad face about the show before. That confirms what I’ve thought for the last few weeks. I’m not the only one.
        But, it makes me sad to see a sad face from you. ;(

      • Massive cheering for Paulie. Production took out all the bad stuff about Paulie, and left in all the stuff that made him look like an injured puppy. Whatever, he’s gone and nobody in the house seems to really mind the stuff he said. I didn’t mind Paulie, even after all the crap that he said. I think his campaign strategy to make everyone feel bad for him worked, but it was in a way he didn’t want. He wanted them to feel bad for him and keep him in the house, but they felt extremely bad for him and just decided to forgive all the terrible stuff he did, instead of keeping him in the game. Interesting week in the BB house though.

      • I’m not sure if I agree with him doing all that just for “show” I mean he even cried in the dr room where the other house guests aren’t going to see. He was the biggest joke ever. Ugh. Glad he is finally gone hope he doesn’t come back.

      • Also if he was just doing all this for “show” to get sympathy then why did he refuse to bake pies and go against production? Nope not buying it he was just a poor sport and his game turned weak fast

      • Agreed. He showed his true cards in the house when he cried in the DR in front of America. We’ve seen good players manipulate the house by crying for sympathy cough cough…. DAN! When these actual strategic players do that they sit in the diary room and tell America what their plan is. They don’t ball like little babies in the DR then do the same thing in front of the houseguests then get voted out and finally tell Julie, “Yeah that was all part of the plan.”

        BS! Paulie was so annoying to watch when he was in control. He knocked people off like they were nothing to him, he was rude as hell, arrogant as one can get. Then when it was his turn, he moped around like a little bitch and refused to do anything. Funny thing is that if he actually had any real skills he may have been able to pull in some sympathy votes but by the time he started trying to use it, he no longer looked sincere and they could see right through his fake apologies.

        I’m actually embarrassed for the guy. That may have been the most pathetic way to leave the house we’ve seen in a long time.

  2. The jury house. Hmm. Time to fill already? Hope they are finally being nice to Bridgette.

  3. Corey just be like you are. A pet rock. Idk he should have done some campaigning.

    • He tried but Paulie followed him everywhere. He even had to sleep in the same bed. Lol.

  4. I cant believe this Butterfly edit….I can’t. This is disrespectful on productions part. A part of me want to think it is stab at him and showing how he’s being a baby but America doesn’t see the real Paulie and this pisses me off

  5. Hope everyone’s happy now. You’re seeing him refuse. That’s all I’ve heard for two days.

    • The houseguest have edits that are not matching what they say on the house. Maybe that will be the plan to keep Paulie, everyone will make a “sympathy” vote for Paulie and voila he’s not evicted.

      • That is what Paulie is hoping for. I hope the rest keep the lines of communications open between them so they know what is up.

      • On the feeds they appeard to be on to it and no one was going to give a sympathy vote. He told everyone that he talked to not to tell anyone about the sympathy vote so they wouldn’t catch on to the plan. I’m hoping it’s just editing and that the house is not really falling for it

    • He’s going. At least what I saw before they turned the feeds off. Natalie flat out told him she was saving Corey. Nicole will vote him out and James does what Natalie does and vice versa. They’re just trying to fool the viewers.

  6. I am so mad I have CBS all access and live feeds but all I get to watch is the mother flipping football game and repeat feeds this is bull

  7. Didn’t Paulie tell Frank (during the House Meeting called by Paul-the Rat), to stop campaigning to stay during his eviction week? Anyone remember that? Frank was talking to someone and no one would leave him alone…so Paul called “HOUSE MEETING!” in the HOH room, and Paulie The House, told him something like, “It’s over, Man.” And Frank thanked him for telling him the truth?

      • He’s out, but Frank, DaVonne, Zakia, Bridgetand yes Paulie will compete to get back in. I hope Frank returns That should shake things up.

      • Why Frank? That’s weird that they wouldn’t let them all come back then??
        Anyone want to bet that Frank makes it back in?
        Geez rigged or rigged?
        I say rigged!
        Oh well, no lost sleep from meeeee!
        I just hope Paulie has learned life lessons that will allow him a happy life!
        Everyone deserves a happy life…. Everyone!
        Except really bad people…. Like killers & rapist & such!

  8. They are really dragging out this episode. Can they get to the eviction already? ugh

    • too much filler they should have shown more house footage they have tons of interesting Paulie b*******.

  9. Didn’t like Rachel and Brenden of BB, but I think that they are great together.
    Adora is adorable.
    Rachel is still competing. Her baby was born first. lol

  10. Z sure talks a big game, but NO, if Paulie does indeed head to Jury tonight, I don’t expect her to “chew” him out. If he’s willing, I fully expect her to be back in bed with him.

  11. Let’s say Corey is nominated with Paulie putting up Paul or Victor next to him. Nicole could win Liv and be safe with Corey and Paulie or Paulie / Corey could win POV. James and Natalie would flip to save Nicole over Victor or Paul to get a challenge beast out the game over Nicole.

    • I have a feeling they’ll tape it and show it tomorrow. I’m just hoping we can see it on the feeds. We’ve only been able to watch one HOH on the feeds that carried over from the live show. I feel like we’re being cheated.

      • I’m disappointed. I’m a feedster, and I thought there would be HoH comp. When do you think they’ll tape it? not tonight? that sucks!

      • She said they’ll show tomorrow the concert, prizes and the start of the HOH so I’m assuming it’s going to be played tonight because tomorrow is not a live show. I haven’t looked at the feeds yet since the live show.

  12. What a freaking let down…I’m glad he’s out…but I feel empty. Guys, is this what premature ejaculation feels like?

  13. What a Dbag. He had no feelings for Z. Any only girls can cry and get sympathy? This turd needs to go back to the 50s.

    • I don’t think he played a great game at all. He got way too cocky and showed his true colors.

      • Agreed. A great game would have been if he had been clever enough not to get caught out. And caught out by do-nothing floaters no less…

      • Paulie is no Derrick.

        Derrick actually bonded with people and was subtle with his moves. Subtlety is not Paulie’s middle name.

    • At first yes, but then he kinda dropped the ball with his constant lying and overdomination of comps

    • The only reason his game was “great” was because the others were either playing lousy or not playing at all. The minute they started playing for real, Paulie showed his true selfish, arrogant, whiny, poor-me, sore loser colors. When it came down to being a gentleman and accepting his punishments and eventual fate, he proved to be a miserable failure.

  14. Yeah…didn’t believe a word. Still a misogynistic, cry-baby, poor sport, take-my-ball-I-wanna-go-home, loser.

  15. Yeah, that was pretty cool. he was the 1st in, 1 in 12 chance and he pick the round trip. Cool.

  16. Haha! Can we pleeeaseee get live feeds from the jury house??? I want to see Da and Bridgette tear him apart!

      • Zakhya is infatuated. The only way she’ll leave Paulie alone is if he curses out and tells her exactly what he was doing. Brigitte won’t change her feelings for him.

    • Jury feeds would be pretty boring, IMO. Evicted HGs aren’t allowed to talk about the game at all in jury (they have a handler around at all times to make sure of this). Only time they can discuss the game is when production/cameramen are in the jury house to film jury house segments that will air on CBS (about once a week for a few minutes).

  17. If it was really strategy for Paulie then A) he would have talked about it in diary and B) he would have talked about it on the feeds. Others, like Dan, have done both. I think production gave him this cover to save face. We all know he couldn’t have thought of it himself.

  18. One returnee is enough. Unfortunately Paulie may have the advantage unless it’s a hanging onto something endurance comp.

  19. They should let America vote which jury member comes back into the game. That would be cool.
    I bet it would be Day.

    • I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again–I don’t trust America with these kind of votes. And, I like Day, but she does not deserve a third chance.

      • She’s not my fave but that’s my guess as to who would have the most votes. Hypothetically.

    • Bridgette I think. She would have had the SuperSafety ACP but since she got evicted whiny Nicole got it.

  20. His strategy is not something to brag about, honestly. omg!..poorly executed, and it’s just bad, period.

  21. So, hypothetically, could Vic be voted out this upcoming week, win the jury buyback and return to the house for a second time? That’d be crazy!

  22. What a fake enthusiasm Paulie had. He knew what was going to happen and thought that special ticket was in his bag. kissing some behind before leaving was part of his pathetic strategy. I think I saw more than I needed to when he kissed Michelle and hopefully Zakhya sees that part.
    There is no way she is mad at him and won’t be after she sees him hugging Michelle, but she will have it in the back of her mind anyway. Paulie will let her know in person that it was all part of the game and he is not interested.
    Da’vonne looked so pretty. I hope she comes back if that’s what they’re doing with the jury memebers.

    • I was just thinking about that (Paulies fake nice/fun guy act) and his obviously BS speech….I’m wondering if he was tipped off to the jury battle back by production when he was having his little hissy fit meltdowns.

    • Actually, Da & Bridgette has Paulie’s number, so hopefully Z will listen to them and not go ga-ga when Paulie comes into the house!!

      • Doubt it. The girl is infatuated and she still hasn’t seen all that he has done and said in the BBH. Brigitte and Da also don’t know what he has done or said.

  23. I don’t know how I should feel about this jury buyback. If I have a say in anything I’m hoping for Bridgette

    • I don’t think it’s that easy to get either Paul or Victor out this week though. Especially with the co HOH

      • I think we almost have to wish for a good competitor to go out the door next so that they have a chance to beat Paulie in the competition.

    • Paul or Victor won’t go this week – Corey won’t win ACP, so even if Nicole is HOH, the co will come from the other side and there will be enough votes from that side to evict whoever she nominates.

  24. Paulie guaranteed to come back. Who’s going to beat him? Day never won anything, neither did Bridget and Z will just lie down and let her man walk all over her again.

    This season sucks.

  25. So if Paulie had picked the RT ticket, would they still have the jury battle back comp? That would mean TWO returning evictees. Or did they come up with the jury battle back when they realized Paulie was going to be evicted and they knew he DIDN’T have the RT? Thoughts?

  26. Is that why Paulie’s attitude changed??? Was he told there would be a Battle Back & he’s so confident that he’ll win it. If he does, I hope they send him right back out the door!!!

  27. The show will air at 8:00 p.m on WLNY tomorrow so I will get to watch it. CBS has another football game.
    I didn’t see that the last time and had to wait until 1:30 a.m.

  28. So, he tells Julie he was crying to get sympathy from the other HGs? If that’s true why was he sobbing in the DR? Douchenozzle.

      • I think more likely to save face. He’s gotta know that he will just look like a big baby otherwise

      • No, he is not capable of that insight. I think production got lots of overtime this Summer kissing this guys azz. They even made sure to give him an audience who cheered him on.

  29. Wow, where to start? The failure of the RT? The inevitability of the Jury Battle Back that came with it? The lack of a goodbye message from Natalie that she herself said was mean and nasty? The utter adorableness of Brenchel’s little baby (and the name they saddled the poor thing with)?

    Well, might as well started with Paulie. OMG, I can’t believe he’s a Knight’s Tale fan! That helps redeem him a bit, lol. It’ll be sad to see you go, because from now on, the feeds will be an utter bore. Victor and Paul will be sitting in the F2 if things don’t change, guarantee it.

    Now, I had a very strong inkling this RT twist was gonna be a dud. Complete waste for Paul to have it, because he was never in any danger. Though I do have to give him kudos for getting it on the first pick.

    And James. James, James, James. You honestly told the DR that you were backstabbed by Paulie? Way to rewrite history there. Paulie never backstabbed you, you backstabbed him. You only got mad at Paulie after his comments about Nat-Nat. He never betrayed you.

    To top this all off, Victor has been running around without a shirt for the entire week now, and I’m honestly surprised production didn’t tell him to put on a shirt for the live show.

    Well, whatever. Off to check out the feeds… and hope to God that it’s not as boring as I anticipate it being.

    • It amazes me people just never stop complaining. I understand people love to bitch about stuff, but just go away if you aren’t enjoying the show. Seriously.

      • This is the best season we’ve had in years, and all I read from you is crying. Not to mention you usually state you don’t read the articles here ~ just skip to the comments, do you really need to tell us you don’t like reading the articles? Or are you just being insufferable like usual?

      • And all you do is whine about Paulie. Who, yes, was pretty bad.

        Everyone complains on this site. Don’t call me out for something we’ve been doing all season long.

  30. Wow this is such a pathetic theme. Seriously 4 return chances in one season?! Kill me. So sick of seeing evicted players come back.

    • I mean… is there not an evicted HG that you liked?
      Plus… should Victor not be in the house, who would’ve put up Paulie?

      • Frank is the only person to leave this far that I would want back in the game and he can’t even compete. The girls there don’t stand a chance at beating Paulie at a comp so depending who’s evicted this week he’ll probably be back. && I don’t mind 1 returning house guest twist but seriously 3 plus bringing in vets? It’s such a waste of time, it’s like they’re out of ideas and just need to fill up weeks.

    • Evicted HG’s & returning players.
      Can’t we just move on.
      How about a season of a ADULTS, if you want to shake things up.

      • Agreed! With the exception of Frank these vets were lame picks and giving them three twists to return in one season is soooo boring!!! I don’t want to look back anymore especially when the jury house is that pathetic.

      • I liked the Road Kill twist though. Having the 3rd option w/ the RK winner picking his own replacement nom.

    • What really would’ve been funny is if Victor came back, got the round trip ticket, got voted out, came back, then got voted out again, then won the battle back again to get in the house. NOW THAT WOULD’VE BEEN A SIGHT TO SEE! :)

      • Hahahaha I was totally expecting him to have the RT ticket if he got evicted. I love Vic, after his return they should have stopped with the return twists. The card thing was a flop and the returning juror, aka Paulie, will just go home the week after.

    • Me too, I think it gives them an unfair advantage with the chance to rest, clear their heads, and gain others’ perspectives all away from the BB house and the game.

      • For sure. Not fair at all and it makes the person who nominated them a huge target. You’re supposed to be able to evict big threats without worrying about them randomly popping up back as players. I feel bad for all the guests there, it’s so much back and fourth BS.

      • It makes too many play like James and Nicole, kissing butter and hoping to get by, week to week.

  31. Nicole’s anticipating the slip-‘n-slide comp, as I am.

    Oh, and Nat-nat’s upset about being called a “princess” because she’s not “spoiled” and “had to work my whole life.” Natalie, stop. Please, just stop.

  32. Anyone else surprised by the positive reception Paulie got from the audience when he was evicted. Was the audience stacked?

  33. AWESOME. Paulie could be back next week, and I can read the trolls on here whine and moan about it! Priceless.

  34. Looks like Paulie was trying to turn everyone against each other before he left. Maybe this won’t be so boring after all?

    • Maybe if he did it in a clever manner it could have been interesting, but they’ve all already seen through it.

    • James seems checked out from Paul when he was talking to him. You know James is so easily manipulated.
      If he has switched sides, Natalie won’t let him stay there for long.

  35. I want Nicole out next. would be nice to see corey play the game w/o her attached to his hip. He is just invisible… even with his uncle sam costume…She’s known him 2 months and already planning the wedding. Heck maybe he is a compulsive gambler,,,, maybe he spends all his money on Christmas décor,,,, Maybe he”s sterile. Maybe he has an x wife and 3 kids. Heck none of this would bother me but I think it would bother Nicole..lol

    • Even if Nichole got the boot, Corey would still be invisible. Let’s face it …. the guy is about exciting as Z used sanitary pad.

  36. Well we can’t get too happy yet. With the Jury Battle Back Paulie will most likely win and come back. I don’t think Bridge, Da, or Z can beat him. But we may see Corey or Nicole evicted next week. As far as I can see has a at least a 50% chance if the comp is just based of intelligence. If it’s physical he certainly will win it. Unless Corey is the next one evicted.

    • Paulie has won both intel and physical coms, as have corey. bridge and day also most won the hoh that james won if they hadnt given up

  37. Julie mentioned a battle back with the 1st 5 evicted houseguests & Frank’s photo was there. WTF? Or was it the 1st 5 in the jury house? If so,we have to wait how much longer? So confused.

    • That was about the RT twist.

      EDIT: We’re up to 4 Jurors, and we’ll have our 5th next week, when the comp will be held.

    • I had to rewind bc I was so excited about Frank maybe coming back. There’s 4 now and the 5th will be next weeks evictee.

    • That was confusing … don’t know why Frank’s pic was there, I was assuming Chen meant the 3 current jurors and then Paulie and then this next Thursday’s evictee, but those 5 pics were confusing. 1st 5 evicted HGs doesn’t make sense at all.

  38. James and Natalie talking upstairs. They trust Victor, but not Paul. Talk about taking Vic to F3.

    • If James plan on talking to Vic about Paul, James can consider himself gone. I would wait until Nicole & Corey are gone. James will see them as numbers and keep them. Paulie will win jury buy back and hook back up with Nicole & Corey.
      James is headed down the wrong road.

      • Natalie just confirmed she wants Paul out. Unfortunately, James just talked about going to Vic, so ugh! This guy just cannot play this game!

      • I went back and relistened to it. He actually said she doesn’t name drop, not that she never lies.

      • News flash… she does that too lol
        She said she threw him under the bus after eviction to get the heat off of her and Corey. Natalie seems like she is all onto Corey and Nicole now so I can see a shift coming. Once again

  39. How convenient that a PRE-season game with two NFL teams that will be crap during the regular season, just happened to be on, just to ruin the ONE show CBS has, that I actually watch!

  40. Corey has to go this week for sure that way if Paulie does come back next week his only true ally is gone. Paulie will have no one to work with at all, Nicole won’t give him the time of day.

  41. Talk continues between James and Nat. Sounds like neither one believe Paul, especially after something Nicole said about him. James says Nicole isn’t the type to lie. Natalie confirms Paul is her target.

    • What?! I thought Paul Victor Natalie and James had a F4? Why would she want to screw that up? These people have no idea what loyalty is and it’s going to bite them soon.