‘Big Brother 18’ Live Feeds: Paulie Plans Round Trip Targets

Last night on the Big Brother 18 Feeds this week’s marked-for-eviction Houseguest, Paulie Calafiore, set his own targets in hopes of a return to the game with a Round Trip ticket. He’s ready to “go hard,” win the HoH, and get his revenge.

Paulie Calafiore sets his BB18 targets

Paulie knows his game could be up tonight and there’s no doubt in his mind that he’ll be the one voted out. But if he’s got that golden ticket then get ready because his targets are set.

Flashback to 12:23 AM BBT 8/18 (get your Live Feeds Free Trial to watch) as Paulie talks with Nicole and Corey about his return trip targets.

Paulie promises he’ll be “going hard for the HoH” and will “talk the most s**t” if he’s got that twisty twist twist ticket. Sounds like he’ll try to return the favor from the other day.

If Paulie snags the HoH win then we can expect him to send Victor and Paul to the Block. No surprise there really. He explains Victor is a comp beast like he was labeled and this would finally make them even (although it’d be the second time Paulie nominated Victor).

Paul would be going up beside him as the backup plan since Paulie says he’ll need to get one of the two targets. He calls Paul a weasel who sold him out through the house.

Should either of those guys escape the Block then James will be his renom and he’ll tell James, “you started this whole thing.” I don’t think James would be the one to go though if he ends up on the Block against either of them. I don’t think this scenario can happen though.

One trouble point here for Paulie’s plan. Thanks to the next America’s Care Package, even if Paulie does win HoH someone else will likely be getting the Co-HoH. Michelle, Paul, and Victor are topping our poll over Corey and Paulie by a wide margin with the first three holding roughly 75% of our readers’ votes over a combined Paulie & Corey win.

Paulie would be able to get Victor or Paul on the Block but say if Paul wins the Co-HoH power then watch for Corey to go up and out the door since Paul’s allies have the votes to control the outcome.

No matter what happens tonight it’ll be a dramatic reveal of Paulie’s airline ticket. If he does have that Round Trip then get ready for some fireworks!

Do you think Paulie could pull off a big upset tonight and not only get the RT but also win HoH and go from doghouse to penthouse in one day? We’ll see what happens during tonight’s live eviction show. Join us then!



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  1. I’m telling you they are going to do the HOH for tomorrows show, because the care package voting ends tomorrow and the winner wouldn’t need to compete.

    They will show the concert and then the live HOH comp and reveal the winner of the CP.

  2. Could Paulie pull off an upset today? Sure, but the scenario would most likely shake down exactly like Matt said it would. All that work on Paulie’s part wouldn’t amount to much at least this time around. This attitude of Paulie’s is both understandable and annoying, but it proves one thing: all the mea culpas and crocodile tears were just one thing: pure BS..

  3. What I’m about to say is just a rumor but we want a follow-up on the live feeds. Last night around 3:33am on camera 1, Paulie went to the DR. However, they never ever followed a camera on him coming back into the house and crawling into bed with Corey again (which they usually do every single time a HG is up. I mean we literally watch somebody go to the bathroom and come back to bed frequently) Anyways, they intentionally threw the camera somewhere else before letting Paulie in, and he seemingly does not come back. Is this Paulie giving up? Or is it production messing with us, knowing it will fuel speculation if they intentionally avoid showing if Paulie came back out?

      • I agree with you actually. He probably came out within 20 minutes and they just never put a cam on him again. I couldn’t imagine he’d do something stupid now because he has seemingly accepted his fate tonight. A lot of people are hoping he self-evicted though. I hope he doesn’t self-evict, but I really hope he doesn’t have a RT ticket at this point. To me he’s defeated. To be honest, I wanted him to win PoV and save himself this week so Bridgette had a shot to come back and we could have seen some explosive feeds for another 2 weeks. However, with Paulie showing his true colors and this sinking feeling he’s either got the RT ticket or he’ll easily win the Jury Buy back… I feel we’ll get another week of him moping around sad and knowing his game is over while just waiting for the inevitable.

    • Feeds are on Jeff right now, so I can’t confirm, but I’m pretty sure Paulie wouldn’t self-evict this late in the game.

      • It is possible that they are having the Jury back comp and that’s why the feeds are out.

      • Maybe thats how they got Paulie to settle down, The DE is giving him the info about either having the RT or fighting his way back in like Vic did. He is so stuck on himself he would never believe he could be beat by three women

      • The feeds are always out on the day of the live show. There on for a little while in the morning and a little while before the live show.

      • I agree. Sometimes at night when I’m watching them and they go to fish it makes me so mad. But when they’re getting ready for the live show they are not going to show us that.

      • It’s always like that for comps, nominations, veto, all shows, etc etc etc. I saw Jeff more than HG’s. I didn’t get it this season

    • They probably want to wait for the live show to reveal what happened. If the feeds don’t come back until tonight, then something fishy is going on. Or if they don’t show Paulie at all, but the HGs will talk about it.

    • I found it funny that he tried to get everyone to open their Rt tickets so he would know that he had it. I wouldn’t put it past him to try and peek or open someone ticket then self evict. Being a cancer survivor myself and for him using it, I won’t put anything past him.

      • It’s actually not a terrible idea for all remaining house guests to open their tickets, that is, if they knew what we know about when the tickets are no longer viable. The other House Guests don’t want to open their tickets because they assume either an extension is coming up, or that tonight is another Double Eviction. (neither are true) It could change if you send Corey out there depending on what would happen. They won’t open the tickets though, so I assume they’ll stick to sending Paulie out.

    • I haven’t gotten to feeds lately, but yesterday, mid afternoon bbt I checked can in. They all seemed tired from napping and generally bored. After a few minutes, Corey said he was going to lay down and asked if Paulue wanted to “kick it.” I thought something interesting might happen but no. Cameras cut to an empty room and other HG sleeping. They also seem to be more frequently just showing 2 rooms with nothing much going on when you know all HG are not accounted for. Wonder who or what is being protected?

    • Paulie is there on the feeds again. Looks like production just wanted to show sleeping HGs and not follow around awake HGs.

  4. The tv audience is a whole different breed from us posters and Live Feed viewers so it wouldn’t surprise me if Corey or a RT Paulie got the ACP.

    • You are right. They show him to be a victim in the house during the show, so those fans would vote for him to get it.

      • The way they edited Paulie, they left out so much of what actually happened that, seriously, it’s making me question the show’s integrity.

        It also is a great example of how the media can easily twist the facts of anything they want and paint a story to fit their agenda.

        Nothing is real anymore. Not even reality itself.

    • I hope it’s crickets when paulie walks out tonight. They can’t boo, but they can not clap

  5. Even if Paulie comes back and wins HOH, hopefully Victor or Paul get the package and they’ll put up Nicole or Corey so one of them will go.

      • I gave Victor all of my votes and will continue to do so until tomorrow, but it seems Michelle or Paul could get it. I really don’t trust her if Paulie comes back to the house.

      • I did the same, since Vic cannot win HOH, if he wins ACP at least he’ll have some say re: the next nominees.

      • Paul? Biggest dirtbag in house. So tired of him. He is every bit the weasel Paulie called him. Been up the ass of whoever he thought had power. First josea, then Paulie, now victor. I don’t mind his game play but his personal attacks on people are gross. And people say Paulie does not treat women right? How about Paul saying he was going to terrorize Bridgette when Frank was evicted? But Paulie makes eye contact with Bridgette during a convo and he is the bad guy? Give me a break.

      • What’s buyback? Isn’t that for the jury members. Paul and Victor won’t get eliminated this week.

      • “BB BRIBE”

        WEEK 5 – August 21 to August 26th

        The winner gets $5,000 to bribe one house guest. Bribes my influence voting, competitions, vetos or nominations. The bribe can only be given to one house guest, for one action, within the week leading up to the next eviction.

  6. Great article and I suppose anything is possible.
    Looking at things from another angle though; which scenario would bring in the highest ratings and therefore more ad revenue for CBS?

  7. p.m. Summer Olympics (NBC) (8-11 p.m.) 5.8/22 20.54

    Big Brother (CBS) 1.8/7 5.85

  8. I think Corey must have a shot at the ACP based on the fact that Nicole just won and most of her fans will turn around and vote for Corey now.

  9. A 1 in 12 chance of even having the ticket, spread out only across four possible weeks, five, technically, if you count the double eviction.

    An awful lot of work was put into this twist except for one: they didn’t think about the fact that the odds are astronomical in terms of this ever actually affecting the game.

    What a stupid twist.

    • I hear what you’re saying, but I kinda don’t mind it. Not a big fan of returning players in general, so the high odds against holding the RT during eviction are a good thing IMO. It also spices up the game a bit b/c the RT ticket COULD happen.

      I really like how they implemented the twist with the clues, phone, tunnel, secret room, etc.

      Now if they do a jury battle-back, I’ll protest.

      • I have enjoyed the twist so far this season…but they seemed to have cut them off especially ROAD KILL at odd time…They could have done away with teams and kept the RK for another 2/3 weeks.. And I don’t believe they are done with the Paris room

  10. I’m excited for tonight’s episode. I’m prepared for Paulie to get RT, and his plan for revenge, only to be crushed by Co-Hoh…and the saga continue. Great TV..yes?

  11. we need DE with no hoh or pov and make sure jury member before that hsppens to

  12. For the second time this season, Big Brother 18 is airing a Friday episode. But unlike last time, this week’s (probably) won’t be as dramatic or game-changing as last month’s Battle Back episode.

    Friday’s episode will be a country fair-themed special, featuring a performance by Ziggy Marley (this won’t be news to livefeeders). The fair will include competitions for the houseguests to duke it out for “prizes, perks and power,” according to CBS.But since we have to expect the unexpected, there has to be more to it than a free concert, right? The episode will, obviously, air after Thursday’s live eviction, so the evictee (cough, Paulie, cough) will be in it, which seems counterintuitive unless Friday’s episode is merely just fun and games. But since Thursday also marks the end of the round trip ticket twist, do TPTB know one of the nominees has the ticket and will return?

    Or could someone else return, like a juror? The round trip ticket twist means the show is prepared for a second double eviction in the event of a round trip returnee. Why not make it a reality with a returning juror?

    • She should remember that he might forgive, but he never forgets. She will get back what she deserves if she pulls that crap. WTH ?

    • I think she felt left out in the rain after she denied Paulie her vote and then Paul and James got wishy washy and didn’t reciprocate.

  13. I’m conflicted because as much as I want Paulie to go I also want him to have the return ticket so we’ll have some drama and excitement. Otherwise this is going to be a very boring few weeks. Corey will go followed by Nicole, Michell, Natalie, James. Boring.

    • The end of the game is what I’m looking forward to. All of this bringing back people is just dragging the show longer than it needs to be. I don’t think it will be boring because if the girls want to win or go tot the end, they need to get rid of the guys who are better at comps than they are. If at least one of them wins, it could make things interesting if Victor and Paul or even James goes on the block.
      If the guys keep winning, then yes, it will be boring, but hopefully ending.

      • Completely agree with you. I think there’s going to be plenty of excitement through the end of the season. Next week could be boring with one of Nicorey leaving due to the next ACP. But there’s still the veto and this HoH advantage that the HGs keep bringing up.

        James is placing himself right in the middle between his new group and Nicorey. Should Nicorey win HoH and nom Victor, I could see James making a move to get Vic out the door. He knows that leaving Vic and Paul together in the game is his biggest threat at final two.

        Meech is also a wild card and I think Nat could end up being pretty crafty as she makes a push to get herself further in the game.

      • Yep … sounds really good without Paulie like maybe an actual game instead of “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest” and I really think it’s going to be James and Paul working together to get Vic out because they both know he is better than either of them at comps and that will be an interesting scenario.

      • Oh, interesting Linda. I hadn’t given a James/Paul side alliance much thought. I would love to see it though.

      • Can’t remember how I got that in my head, but if it is true, then Victor is as unsuspecting as Paulie and it will be a “BB moment”.

      • That’s why I hope they start playing strategic instead of personal. They really need to go after Victor and Paul. Otherwise yes very boring.

      • Oh, We’re in for good gaming, even if Paulie is gone. There will be a power struggle. Paul/Vic has the biggest target in the world. I can see the girls aligning, and James could be in the mix…not to mention david.

      • I sure hope so Cyril. Because if Paul or Victor win ACP and Paul wins HOH it’s going to be a boring week. I’m hoping David wins HOH too.

  14. I can see it now… Paulie has the Return Ticket. Nicole wins HOH. Paulie thinks he’s safe for the week and starts blowing up everyone’s game who just evicted him… only to have Michelle win Co-HOH and Paulie gets nominated again.

    If you think he’s a wreck now, imagine if this were to happen. The highs and lows he would go throw in a span of like 24 hours would be insane.

  15. I hope to God he’s got the RTT. I know it’ll cause all kinds of CRAZY “Production Fixed” statements to be made but we need it. Paulie is crackerjacks crazy but he’s ALSO insanely good at most physical comps. It would be AWESOME to see him allowed back in immediately. I only hope that BB Production lays in some Tazmanian Devil sound efx/music as he does. (If it happens.)

    I’ve said it before…This Season hasn’t been one of my favorites. Actually, one of the most-disliked for me personally.

    But if Paulie comes back in, even if it’s only for one more week, it could turn it around for me.

    He’s nuts.

    Imagine if Vanessa had been as good at physical comps as Paulie is?

    That would have been EPIC.

    Love him or hate him, he stokes fires in people.

    With this years list of HGs, I’d appreciate a bit of that fire.

    • Thanks for agreeing with me, lol! I’ve been saying all along it’s wrong to see Paulie go so soon. We need HGs who actually play the game, not HGs who are only winning by default.

      • I dislike him quite a bit. He’s a whiney, crybaby and needs a big kick in the a$$. But his dbaggery will be missed because everyone else is so boring.

        I dislike Michelle even more than I do Paulie but she doesn’t win anything.

        Maybe there’s a new Twist on Friday night’s show where they make Paulie & Michelle have a “Croff” (Cry off) to see who wins.

        Everyone will change the channel but it’ll be a legendary BB comp.

  16. So I’ve got football on my channel tonight. Will they put tonight’s episode on before bbad??

    • It depends on your local station. Check your listings for overnight, my affiliate puts it on during the night hours, such as 2:35A, when that happens. Just to be safe, set a manual record (if you have a DVR) for the night hours. B-BAD normally doesn’t start until 1A on Thursday, so likely BBAD will run before BB. Normally the local station will put a “crawl” across the screen at various times when Football is on to let you know what time it will air.

  17. Victor was funny with Corey’s eagle on BBAD last night! Paul tried it, but wasn’t very funny, which is par for the course.

  18. According to Entertainment Weekly Rachel and Brendon and their new baby girl are going to be on tonight’s show.

  19. i do not want paulie back in, but if he does have the ticket to get back in and he wins HOH, can you imagine how sore his butt is gonna be when he learns either one of his allies are going home

  20. The feeds have been going in and out the last few hours but when they are on, Paulie is annoying the heck out of people trying to get a sympathy vote it is so annoying. He says if he stays he’ll say he wasn’t expecting that to happen. His grand/aunt (combo name cuz he forgets which one it is in his conversations) cancer will have to wait because he said he’d put all his stipend on black in Vegas. Such a douchebag. Also, Victor and Nicole are having a bit of an arguement in the kitchen this afternoon. Hoping the feeds come back on, can’t take much more of Jeff. Can’t wait for tonight!!

      • let stick 7-8 people vault to vote juey member t the end of Monday’s penultimate episode of BBCAN3 the Final 3 were sent to the Vault with a task. There will be 10 Jurors but to avoid a tie one of them would be excused from the final vote. These three remaining HGs would have to decide on who would get evicted again this season.

        Initially I thought they’d let each of the 3 eliminate one so we’d be back down to the usual seven for BBCAN, but that’s not the case. This way offers much more potential for conflict. Excellent.

        All 3 HGs must agree on one HG to eliminate from the Jury pool. They can’t leave the Vault until the choice has been made and it must be unanimous.

        To kick off the discussions it was suggested that each of them would pick two that they wanted to protect. Sarah took Brittnee and Sindy. Ashleigh took Zach and Pilar. Godfrey, well it’s tough to say who would be a sure thing vote for Godfrey.

        We won’t find out who was eliminated from the Jury until Wednesday night’s Big Brother finale when someone from the Jury finds out they wasted a whole lotta time in there.

        Who do you think

      • well let stick this crew in a vaulty right let the bidding begin i bet day be gone!

  21. Meanwhile, Victor’s been trying to deny that he asked Nicole out. We all saw it happen, Vic, during her HOH reign.

  22. So check this out… I’m almost positive there is no one returning before next week. Here’s why:

    (It’s a stretch but hear me out)… Imagine if Paulie has the Round Trip Ticket OR for the sake of things he wins the juror-return competition. So Paulie is back in the game.

    Let’s say Nicole wins HoH. Paul wins the Care Package and is Co-HoH. Nicole nominates Victor. Paul nominates Corey. Let’s say Michelle wins Veto and keeps noms the same. If this were the case, wouldn’t there be 4 votes for eviction? Paulie, Michelle, James, and Natalie. Yes it’s highly unlikely that there’d be a tie as Corey would probably be voted out, but what if there was a tie, just for the sake of argument? What if Michelle flipped and suddenly wanted Victor out?

    The vote would be 2-2, and Paul and Nicole as HOH would have the break the tie, but again their votes would be split. What would happen then? Draw rocks? LOL something to think about…

  23. let stick 7-8 people vault to vote juey member t the end of Monday’s penultimate episode of BBCAN3 the Final 3 were sent to the Vault with a task. There will be 10 Jurors but to avoid a tie one of them would be excused from the final vote. These three remaining HGs would have to decide on who would get evicted again this season.

    Initially I thought they’d let each of the 3 eliminate one so we’d be back down to the usual seven for BBCAN, but that’s not the case. This way offers much more potential for conflict. Excellent.

    All 3 HGs must agree on one HG to eliminate from the Jury pool. They can’t leave the Vault until the choice has been made and it must be unanimous.

    To kick off the discussions it was suggested that each of them would pick two that they wanted to protect. Sarah took Brittnee and Sindy. Ashleigh took Zach and Pilar. Godfrey, well it’s tough to say who would be a sure thing vote for Godfrey.

    We won’t find out who was eliminated from the Jury until Wednesday night’s Big Brother finale when someone from the Jury finds out they wasted a whole lotta time in there.

    Who do you think the F3 should kick out from the most important vote of the season?

  24. Production has a lot of Feed material to plump up both Thursday and Friday. Secret Service Paul antics, Baldwin and extending Pauli’s airtime eith pie and crying. None of this has been shown on prime time.

  25. My area just got a severe thunderstorm watch until midnight. Of course it is Thursday once again. Just hope we don’t have too many updates for weather during the show.

  26. ill post this one more time i still think walls are rigged scroll through bb16 derek 2 onm left side 2nd row steve left side 2nd row paul left side 2nd row bigbrother.wikia com/wiki/Memory_Wall?file=Bb16_memory_wall.jpg

    • Mickey, I love ya! But I CAN’T believe it’s rigged! Derrick won because he was a freaking genius. Steve won fair and square, too. If I believe the show is rigged, I’ll lose all hope in a game I love! Tell me it isn’t so! But, let’s say it IS rigged because of the pictures. Who is going to win this year?

  27. Question. Say whoever gets evicted tonight has the RT ticket. With there being 8 people in the house, 2 HOHs, 2 nominees, that’s leaves it to 4 people voting right? What if it’s a tie, who breaks it?

      • Yeah, that’s what’s throwing the numbers off, I don’t think there’s ever been 2 HOHs on eviction night before. Luckily as long as Paulie, Corey, and Nicole don’t win both HOH and the care package one will go home. If one of them wins HOH they’ll nominate Victor (or Paul if Vic is co-HOH or wins veto) but if Paul, Victor, or Michelle win the package they’ll nominate Paulie (or Corey if Paulie is HOH or wins veto). The remaining voting house guests are on the side of getting out Paulie/Corey so we’re literally just getting a repeat assuming none of those three get the care package.

      • This is why I hate ‘twists’ like this—it gives me a headache trying to figure it out!

  28. I really want Nicole to go. I’d much rather she get voted out over Corey. Even though he has a good chance of winning comps, he is doofy and is not such a great game player. She is obnoxiously annoying.

  29. Is anybody having a problem with the page for tonight’s show?..something is not right.

  30. @Nicole De La Rosa can you please let Matt know that the message board will not let anyone on. Thanks

  31. If Pukie has the return ticket then I’m done watching his sexist, kiss-n-tell, no-class ass.

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