‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Who Was Voted Out Last Night In Double Eviction?

The Double Eviction rages on and we’ve got the rest of this week’s Big Brother spoilers and results below.

Big Brother 18 – Week 7.5 nominations:

  • Bridgette & Michelle

There’s a chance for safety for these noms and there’s a chance for a Backdoor depending on how this all turns out. No pressure or anything.

Big Brother 18 – Week 7.5 Veto comp:
It’s the ball pit Veto comp (think clown shoe). James, Paul, & Nicole are the extra players.

  • Corey wins the Power of Veto

With the medallion awarded a decision must be made. Will the nominations change or will we press on to the second eviction vote?

Big Brother 18 – Week 7.5 Veto Ceremony:

  • Corey decides NOT to use the Veto. Either Michelle or Bridgette will be evicted.

Time to send another Houseguest right on out the door. Speeches first then HGs head to the DR.

Big Brother 18 Week 7.5 Votes:

  • Natalie votes to evict: Michelle
  • Paulie votes to evict: Bridgette
  • Nicole votes to evict: Bridgette
  • Victor votes to evict: Bridgette
  • James votes to evict: Bridgette
  • That’s enough votes.
  • Paul votes to evict: Bridgette

By a vote of 5-1, Bridgette has been evicted.

Just as before, eviction doesn’t mean the game is over with that Round Trip ticket potentially sending a Houseguest back in to the game.

Big Brother 18 – Week 7.5’s Trip Ticket:

  • Julie reveals this week’s ticket is… One Way. Bridgette is off to Jury.

Right now we’re without an HoH so the HGs will have to remedy that soon. We’re expecting HGs to be back inside on lockdown for awhile as production cleans up the backyard then resets for the next HoH comp. We should have those results very late tonight so watch out for those too.

Big Brother 18 – Week 8 HoH:

Don’t like how tonight’s evictions turned out? Then be sure to keep voting in the America’s Care Package for the latest round. This week’s power will provide “Super Safety” with immunity from eviction all week. That could be enough to sway the game so vote carefully.

Lots of big events coming up this weekend with the next HoH, nominations, and Veto comp so before to check back in with us over the next few days for more spoilers as we go.

When tonight’s episode ends we’ll be racing back to the Big Brother Feeds to watch the fallout from tonight’s Double Eviction! Join us on the Live Feeds’ Free Trial & see what the fun is all about.



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  1. Allright this look like our show thread for tonight. Hopefully I’ll be able to watch at the same time as everybody else.

  2. My 2 eviction houseguest are zakiyah and natalie paulie wins Hoh and pov and the house flip was all for nothing and victor and paul turn on bridgette, michelle, james and natalie.

  3. lol…not that I don’t enjoy drama and excitement ..but I hope this is a short nite….kinda cut and dried…I have had maybe 5 hours sleep in the last 48 cause I been doing all niters on the feeds…getting sleepy…lol

  4. I can’t breath..let’s Go!, One shot of Patron when Z goes, and two or three shots if Paulie goes!

  5. Best case scenario
    Someone flips and M goes 3-2
    Paulie wins HOH and nominates James and Natalie
    Paulie, Z, Nicole, or Cory wins veto
    James taken out 3-3 tie and Paulie vote to evict

      • every girl in the house, is playing the game for a boy. They are like second class citizens in their own game.

  6. Zakiyah’s been tipped off by Nat, though. And she informed Nicole. Haven’t seen anything on the feeds, but there’s a chance Nicole has all ready warned Corey. And if she did, Corey may have gone back to Paulie. Not sure we can expect a blindside anymore.

    Also, Nat has officially lost my favor after her screeching throughout the house today. No, Nat – you did not blow up the house, you jumped on Michelle, Bridgette, Paul, and Victor’s bandwagon.

    There’s no one HG getting credit for this vote flip tonight. All of them had an equal hand in it, including Paulie himself.

    • Nat definitely orchestrated this. Bridge is badass. Michele didn’t lose her cool and kept fighting to stay. Paul has done literally zero work in all of this. Victor is completely useless

      • Michelle got the ball rolling. She started opening the eyes of the rest of the house. Bridgette agreed with her. James and Nat were originally on board, then jumped ship, then got back on board when Paulie opened his big mouth about Nat. Paul and Vic all ready wanted Z gone, so they were all ready trying to flip the vote.

  7. As far as Paulie’s edit, it really doesn’t matter, if they give him good or bad. I feel like at this point fans are mostly rooting for the “underdogs” …plus he’s a db

    • It matters because casual viewers should see how much of a dbag he is. Why edit in a way that isn’t true to what is going on in the house?

      • OMG it would take me an hour to write everything. She’s just changed and is constantly making fun and laughing about people. Which that’s fine but she’s the biggest hypocrite because every conversation she says Nicole plays dirty. She jealous that Nicole is with Corey and James was her 4th choice. I could go on and on but I’m tired of talking about her. She exhausts me. And last night on the feeds was the icing on the cake.

  8. Meech, Oooh That was brutal. lol..I knew she was gonna do that.. It’s for the viewers

  9. Of course Paul wanted his vote axed. Now he can continue to run back and forth like the little floater he is.

  10. Z hopes something can happen with Paulie outside BB. She is clearly delusional. I can’t.

  11. FUCKING COREY??? This night had all the possibilities of being one for the books and that moron wins. This isn’t even worth watching now.

    • That’s how I immediately felt. Paulie just won through Corey… UGH! Not even worth watching.

      • he was probably ” just tooooo tired after all that “boning” last night” says Paulie as he once again digs at the crotch of his pants. GROSS. What kind of man ,mid 30s, uses this terminology? Does he still live in the basement at his parents?

  12. How did they think it was more? 11 of them were in the comp and each sored over 10.

  13. Did anyone else notice victor say he had the return ticket after Z was revealed to not have a ticket

    Pre planned by production or just him saying crap?

    • Considering I’m pretty sure Corey is a lock for F2 alongside Paulie, then it would be in his best interest to keep Paulie and get out the girls who are targeting them now.

      • He may be in for a f2 though he would never win against Paulie. They all seem content to be second fiddle.

  14. Wow I’m surprised by that. What’s he sucking up to James and not putting Natalie up.

  15. Bye bye natalie should not have opened your mouth you were probably safe not anymore

  16. Where was Nicole in his decision making? I hope she took note she wasn’t in the room with the boys.

    • Seriously! He can barely string a sentence together. He reminds me of Weekend at Bernie’s. They just prop him up in different places in the house

  17. I don’t get it. Paulie is playing the game as it should. Control the house and win? Everyone else is floating around and following him, why is he the bad guy? He’s doing just what Derrick and Cody did, control the noms, the votes and the house. He’s a little more vocal about it yes, but that’s how you play a game and win. You control everything. You people are silly.

      • i don’t disagree, i just think it’s funny seeing all these people complain and hope he’s out blah blah… no one in the house deserve a win more than him. Who deserves it? Natalie, who hasn’t won a comp and floated all the way until now? Michelle, who gripped onto Nicole and co. until she got her feelings hurt? James who has gotten by because he plays pranks and sits back? Paul who flip flopped in the beginning and HELPED Paulie…. Paulie is the only one who has strategically planned and executed game moves… everyone else is just sits back and watches… I don’t understand what kind of game you want to see.

      • I do agree that the others caught on too late. Are they more deserving? Probably not. But Paulie kind of caused his own trouble here.

      • He reminds me of Dr. Will and Boogie… with a little more cockyness…. he’s controlling the game. But most people in here are like today’s society, everyone should deserve the win because they participated, not actually earned it.

      • I actually liked Paulie in the beginning and yes he is playing. It is just that he turned into a major d-bag.
        At least Dr Will was funny. Cody was only ever a follower and a pawn.
        I wanted to see game play from them all yet sadly the ones that wanted to play were voted out. They are all content to just make it to jury and hand Paulie the check.

      • Well, if I’m not rooting for a particular player for whatever reason. I’m not gonna lie, I want them out. I’m still enjoying the show though. This outcome could be interesting…I think the game just started. They woke up…

    • For me, it’s not the game play but how he treats others, especially the females.

      • everyone was sad to see Frank go…. he was worse. He physically treated the women like crap….. He’s a bit brash and forward, but it’s the game, get over it (not you, just everyone in general).

      • :-). Game play is game play; the lying, putting people against each other, all part of the game. The abuse, whether emotional or physical uncalled for.

    • He is no Derrick – don’t be daft. He may be like Cody and take a bro with him to finale and lose. We’ll see

    • The whole thing is that Paulie has been a huge jerk. While I agree with you about Paulie doing a great job (up until when he blasted Nat and damaged his game), Big Brother is a television show made for entertainment. When someone controls a game for a long period of time with any attempt to overthrow it destroyed, viewers are upset. They know who will win, thus all suspense, and therefore entertainment, is gone. Big Brother is built on suspense, and when there is none because someone’s game is obvious to the audience, that suspense is gone.

      Anyway though, from a player’s perspective, he’s playing a near perfect game, albeit being a bully hurting his game. From an audience perspective however, he’s ruined any and all suspense left. That’s why everyone wants him out. It doesn’t help that the audience is REALLY pushing for a girl to win this season and that Paulie is filling the charming, strategic, athletic beast role Cody filled.

  18. I have to wait until 1:30 in the morning to watch it, but Corey winning veto and HOH is annoying.
    He will keep it the same. The house should force him to get rid of Paulie.

  19. Looks like they’re keeping noms the same and voting Bridgette out. Big mistake. Why not Michelle if they’re not backdooring Natalie. Natalie and Michelle are mean girls when they’re together.

  20. I’m calling foul BB is cheating. This fruit loop has won one thing this whole season. I don’t believe the answer was more and I bet you they put Corey’s veto cards where he could find them easily.

      • The ones who don’t sign into the chat always call those of us who’ve been here for years trolls. You notice this?

      • “Lavendergirl”or whoever you are this week I see your comments scattered through this entire site (it’s hard to miss them) so I know that you’re just looking to cause an argument (for what reason it is beyond me. Perhaps you should find a more constructive/less odd of a hobby). So before your minions can come and back you up I’m going to end this meaningless convos

      • Honey I’ve been on this site for years and whoever I am this week has NEVER changed. So maybe you’re the pot calling the kettle black because I think you’re the troll.

    • I mean we know CBS gives guys like Corey good odds and edits. That’s a guarantee . When you sign up for BB you know that

    • oh shut up and go away. It was a memory comp and ball pit comp. So take your stupid conspiracies some place else

    • Maybe because she wins more than Meech ? I am surprised Victor and Paul didn’t choose to save Bridge for that same reason.

    • Sounds like they put two and two together after learning what info Bridgette leaked to Natalie and Michelle.

  21. Ggggrrrr… I was hoping better for this double eviction but second half is a disappointment.

  22. Why did Paul and Vicor vote to evict Bridge? Weren’t they aligned with her ?

  23. There must be a plan here. We’re just not privy to it.

    And Michelle just can’t stop crying, can she?

  24. OMG CAN M STOP CRYING LIKE GOD YOU SURVIVED BE HAPPY. I hope she is on slop for the rest of her stay!

  25. who should get safety? I wish James, but he cant. I’d love to see him wake up if Nat goes.

  26. I have a feeling that there were a lot of wasted care package votes for Bridgette

  27. I have been voting for Michelle and hopefully she keeps making Paulie uncomfortable and wins the package this week.

    • My votes were split between Michelle and Bridgette. I hope Michelle wins for the same reason.

    • LOVING Michelle! I know she was a b word before but boy is she awesome now. I just love how much balls she’s showing off. Calling out Nicole was awesome

      • I just finished watching it because it aired late where I’m at and I loved Michelle’s speech. She thought she was leaving that way she said those things, but shouldn’t regret it at all. Sad that Brigitte left, but the guys will have to get each other out and Nicole.

  28. Can every Thursday be double eviction for the rest of the season? This is such a joke and not even worth watching. They’re all idiots and will evict Michelle next bc it’s easy. Just give Paulie the money now.

  29. That was sure special! Glad Michelle survived the DE!!! WOW, just WOW! I’m not bothered by Bridgette having to go home. Natalie did get most of her information from Bridgette, but I didn’t think she was playing the house nearly as much as Paulie had been.

  30. I’m a little disappointed, but Paulie’s target is not gonna go away. He needs to win a lot of comps His position is not as strong as before….Still a lot of game to play…

    • Guys are getting the number on the girsl. We need to save one. I’m voting Michelle for super safety.

    • I think unless James or Natalie or Meech win HOH, Paulie is safe. Paul and Victor will not backdoor him.

      • You’re right. Good players can change their behavior, it does help your game. I’m not sure he’s aware of how he’s acting in the house.

      • I think production is doing what they can to save Paulie though…did you catch the comment before Corey’s noms about not wanting to be too ‘forceful’? I doubt he came up with that on his own.

      • UGH! Bridgette was the only one left in the house that I felt worth watching. I liked her. I knew there was no way in hell Dick-boy would be leaving, but jeez…come on!!!

      • I lovee Bridge. Sad. Dickboys mouth is still spewing diariah but we can only hope not for very much longer

      • And Z needs therapy for her trust issues and how to communicate with a man instead of talking to him like a little child.

  31. So I assume Bridgette was evicted because she was the first to catch on to Paulie and launch the plan for tonight?

    • Yeah, and she’s been running things back to the other side, like what Paulie said about trusting Corey above Paul.

      • Yes. In three safari room just now with the guys. And his brother is going to trash her on social media

      • DB! That’s why I am not a fan of this little boy. This is a a game and he is taking it personal. Not only that, he cannot handle a female standing up to him so he feels he has to “put them in their place”, resorting to violence, big ole wuss!

      • The stuff Paulie is saying now is horrible does he think its cool to say his brother and his boys will destroy a girl. He’s disgusting.

  32. That was a great hour. Did you see Meech after Paulie missed the 1st HOH question? Then, for Corey to be the only one out of 7 to get the second question. That one HOH and 1 question turned the season 180 degrees. Nicorey was going up (with Paulie BD) had it not turned out that way.

    • Yup – nothing better than DE night! These are the nights where you can truly expect the unexpected.

    • This was a pathetic DE night. A big competitor is supposed to go home not two girls who never win.

      • In the outcome – I agree. But I was on the edge of my seat watching and it was VERY possible, even likely, that Paulie would have walked out the door tonite if someone else won HOH.

      • I was on edge until Corey won HOH, after that it was ridiculously predictable and safe

  33. Now Paulie is going to have his sister and cousins beat Michelle up. Really Paulie!
    So high school

    • So Jersey! As Paulie would say or maybe them “Jersey girls?” IDK If he really said that… That’s pretty messed up.

      • Yeah, I guess that’s “just like a Jersey Boy”, resorting to violence. They can’t handle a female who stands up to them so they get their sister to beat that girl up.

    • Apparently this guy doesn’t know the definition of a bully. Come on Paulie, grow up.

  34. Bummer that Bridgette got evicted! Michelle, Natalie and James will be next! You saw how fast Victor and Paul voted to evict Bridgette! They just used her vote to get rid of Zakiyah. I am rooting for Natalie and James to be on the hot seat next.

    • Victor & Paul did what they had to for cover. I don’t think they were using anyone. They are followers. Had the mutinous group won HOH (including Vic/Paul) – I think it would have been a COMPLETELY different outcome.

      • It is not like Paulie would not have figured that James flipped using his two vote nullifications and he knew Paul and Victor wanted Zakiyah out so, I do not see them covering anything.
        If they voted out Michelle then, it would have been more convincing! Michelle or Bridgette is just one extra vote so, voting one over the other did not matter.

      • We didn’t get to hear during commercial, etc tonite, so all we can do is speculate. But i’m guessing they ran right back to paulie and paulie told them to vote out bridge (as he himself voted) – they did whatever he said to cover themselves.

    • It’s an outcome they don’t want…so they reacted to the situation. Paulie was lucky, none of the other side won. He would have followed Z

  35. I’m sooooo confused. Why did they get rid of Bridgette? (Been a little behind because of Olympics)

      • Michelle only said things. Bridgette’s been doing a lot of back and forth between the two groups.

      • And Bridgette told Z that she was Paulie’s target at the beginning of the week. And she said it in front of Paulie

      • I guess AnonyChick is right…we must have missed a LOT that happened during the day…I don’t have the feeds, so other than what I read in Matthew’s articles, I’m out of the loop.

      • But, it wasn’t a solo effort. I think we must have missed something major when the feeds were down. For Paulie and Nicole particularly to save Meech after her speeches…something is up.

      • Bridgette stood up to him. Michelle will be a newly reformed puppet now plus she’s emotional. Raise your voice to her and she’s thrown off her game. Not so much for Bridgette

  36. This is going to be a long night. Paulie has no cuddle buddy so he has nothing to sleep for. Paul & Vic will egg Paulie on all night. Natalie is going to vent to James all night. Michelle will cry all night.
    I have work in the morn lol

      • They will whisper, cuddle, laugh, whisper all night. Cory is on his meds and amped for winning his first and second comp in 1 night lol

    • Same, but thank God it’s my last day before I get a 3 week break before the school year starts up again… and it’s only a 2 hour day, at that, so I’ll stay up with the feeds for as long as I can before heading off to bed.

  37. Paulie just talked about physical violence and now Corey is saying he wants america to know that “they are wrong not Paulie”. Corey is either stupid or thinks Paullie begaviour is approproiate. America knows better.

      • So, Paul has run back to Paulie..so I guess he was just pretending to be with James and that crew. Paul goes where the power goes.

    • Corey doesn’t seem very bright. He is paulie’s lapdog and will defend him even if he is wrong. It is admirable that he is so loyal, albeit misguided.

      • Which guy was Corey eyeing the beginning of the season? Was it Paulie? Wait, it was Victor. I don’t remember but at the start of the season, he thought two of the guys were good looking.

    • I heard him say that his sister would beat Bridgette and Michelle up if she had the chance..paulie is such a douchebag…worst HG ever!!

      • He was going to bat for Paulie last night when he was going off on Natalie. It was jaw dropping.
        But keep in mind, Cory’s favorite derragotory word is “fa*got” so of course he sees no wrong with Paulie actions

      • Corey absolutely has real issues and of course he looks up to Paulie: they are both scumbags.

    • Sorry, Corey..I’m not wrong..I have a 28 year old son who is NOT an arrogant, egomaniac, hypocrite, woman basher, bad tempered, control freak like Paulie Califiore. You, Corey are the one who’s wrong! Paulie has taken this game to another level with his berating of women, his bad temper, his obsession to be in control, his massive ego..which makes him a very ugly little man.

  38. Whether you like tonight’s show or not, you got to admit, it was a rush that we’ve all been waiting for…

  39. They should have had James nullify the votes after they were made. It would have helped but also there is a difference between nullifying and voiding. He voided them the instructions said nullify. But, I mean go Natalie.

    • I think it should have been secret to the house-guests in the diary room but not to the viewers.

      • Would make more sense for the Vote Nullifier and the Bribery choice, and the Never-Not pass doesn’t really matter, but the Super Safety and the Co-HOH will only work if the rest of the HGs know.

      • I was fine with it being in front of everyone, just because part of this whole thing is that they can’t hide the power which I agree with the idea that it encourages more negotiation than kissing butt, but they both decided not to let them distract with the vote (and I will grant them that apparently Nicole and Corey were told what would be happening right before the live show, so they probably figured, hey, Paulie wouldn’t buy that lie, so why go with the pretense?) What bugged me is that, instead, it let everyone’s hand be shown.

  40. If Paulie is actually talking about physical violence on the feeds, shouldn’t production step in?! Or is their misogynistic, golden (shower) boy immune to anything untoward? I mean, COME ON!!!

    • He’s not threatening to do it himself, plus he’s not actually doing anything. Pretty sure they can’t do anything unless he’s actually done something physical.

      • That’s why Natalie went to the DR on him last night. Although he didn’t say he would do it, his words are threatening and intimidating

      • Even so, best they can do is warn him, maybe give him a penalty vote for next time he’s on the block. They won’t extract him from the game without physical evidence that he’s dangerous to the other HGs.

      • I’m SO glad I don’t have the feeds! I couldn’t have watched that. This whole Paulie thing has me so upset, I’m at a point where his demeanor and treatment of these women makes me not want to watch. It’s making me a very unhappy person. I don’t like that! I want to enjoy this show!! I wait for it every year! People pissed and moaned about Frank slapping the girl’s bottoms (FOR WHICH HE APOLOGIZED), but this bully gets away with these intimidation tactics. I’ve never seen anything like this. I think it’s time for me to stop watching. It’s become way too personal. That boy is a bully. Plain and simple.

      • I would give you my username and p-word so you could rewind lol
        It was horrible. The way he talked to Z was nothing compared to Natalie last night

      • Lol…thanks! No way. I’d smash my TV! When I saw him on BBAD berate Z the first time, I thought I’d lose it…so watching him tear Natalie apart (who I like) would REALLY make me mad. I grew up with that. I guess that’s why he’s making this so unpleasant for me. I would never stand for it; but I can’t bear watching him do it to other women. He’s effectively ruined this season for me. In fact, I need to go do some deep breathing so I can chill! Take care, Butterfly!!

      • I understand that. I do. Just the idea that he’s actually TALKING about it is beyond unbelievable. I realize that my absolute disdain for that bully colors everything I think or say about him…but he is despicable and he needs to be held accountable. At LEAST call him into DR!

      • They probably will say something to him, but they would most likely wait to do it until he gets called in to do his DE session talk.

      • If any physical violence happens to Michelle or Bridgette by any of Paulie’s friends or family, he is responsible and there is evidence. Michelle/Bridgette can easily press charges/sue him and his entourage.

      • I know but did he forget people are watching? Now suppose that ticks Bridgette and Michelle’s family off and it leads to more (not necessarily violence).

      • Then that’s out of CBS’ control. It’s not the first time things like this have happened, things being said in the house that leads to nasty reactions outside the game. BB13 had the situation between Jeff and Shelly. BB15 was a nightmare of racism that lead to several HGs losing their jobs. BB16 had the incident with Victoria.

      • The guys were joking around about about her – like those boys tended to do that season – and her family freaked out that they had threatened to rape their daughter.

      • As I recall, it was a little more than joking. They were graphically talking about ways to take her virginity and it was very inappropriate.

      • I was being polite, mostly. However,, considering who was in the room, a couple of them were joking.

      • They do get called, if it’s necessary. Any HG’s can complain to DR..Production take care of this things.

      • I think something was said to him by production. That’s why he made the comment when Cory gathered them to discuss noms.

    • How can James sit there and let Paulie chastise Natalie like this. I may not be able to watch live feeds tonight.

      • Exactly…James just sits there and says nothing..when Paulie was screaming and cussing at Nat this afternoon..James just sat there and said nothing to defend her..it was pathetic…James is pathetic!

      • I didn’t say she wasn’t a strong woman..but, if that were “my man” I would have at least expected him to defend me from the bashing she was getting from dumbass Paulie.

      • Should never expect anything from a man, lol. She is my favorite player, and has been from the beginning, so I’m not ‘dissing’ her. But letting Paulie continue showing his true colors isn’t a stupid move on James’ part. imo, of course.

      • That’s true..I just hated watching that..I felt bad for her. She can hold her own..I just still think that James should have said something.

      • Right. She stood her ground and so did Bridgette. They also pointed out that Paulie is intimidated by an out spoken woman

      • Yes. No reason for James to do anything except let Paulie continue showing his true colors.

      • It’s the right thing to do, outside of BB house. At this stage of the game, it’s better to avoid conflict

      • Would never ever condone what Paulie is saying but maybe James, since it’s his 2nd time, is trying to stay on the ins w/ Paulie & crew so that he can stay safe. These big guys are big time in physical comps, and James will get a win hopefully soon. And you KNOW he isn’t scared to nominate big targets head on. James ranks up there with Hayden Moss for me because he has no fear of this game. Wheels are always turning.

      • She gave James a kiss on the lips last night- unsolicited so he’s wrapped around her finger.
        He’s afraid of Paulie. They have a friendship outside the house plus he’s trying to protect his game

  41. It sounds like it was a great show. We get to see it here at 12:30 am because of football. I love de’s. Wish there were more.

  42. Thu 7:23 PM BBT
    Paulie tells the boys that his girl cousins will beat the s**t out of those
    two girls (BR/Mich);His sister will beat the s**t out of those two girls after hearing Michelle’s and Bridgette’s speeches tonight.

    Thu 7:09 PM BBT Paulie (re: Bridge women live TV comment): I don’t care. My brother and his boys are going to tear Bridgette apart, socially.

    Seriously Paulie!! Grow up, you big bully…you can dish sh*t out, but you can’t take it…typical bully!

  43. I think Michelle stayed because Paulie was watching on the sidelines of the POV & saw that Bridgette was doing okay & Michelle was garbage. So he switch gears to Bridgette despite the fact that Michelle was blowing up his game in her speech. More threatened by Bridgette in comps. Whatever he says, his minions will bow. Paulie probaly only had to say “Bridgette” in the hallway to voting and the word spread. Plus he treats women like absolute crap (His Mommy must be so proud), so he is enjoying seeing Michelle cry. He’ll make it to the Final 2, but with so many scorned jury members, no way he’s getting 500K.. Sloppy Seconds like his Brother(who wasn’t AS Douchey as this punk).

    • Cody had derrick to keep him in line. This guy (Paulie) thinks he’s this season’s derrick. Not even close!

      • He’s playing a game similar to Derrick’s, but without the same kind of training, it leads to a completely different outcome.

    • Bridgette is emotionally strong and smart, that’s a threat to Paulie. He cannot easily sway her or make her cry; it is tougher to “set her straight”. As for Michelle, she is emotional and works off attention and jealously, that is an easier personality for him to deal with.

      • I was expecting to see Paulie, Nicole or Corey going home tonight, so glad Corey was able to save them all.

      • Oh. I certainly wasn’t CHEERING for those people, lol. I would have loved it if one of them went to jury, but Corey pulled out all the stops.

      • Yeah, especially since they’re all actively playing the game while the others only seem to have woken up this week to the fact that yes, there is a game going on around them.

      • Too bad all of Bridgette’s double dealing ended up sending her to the jury.
        The next week should be interesting to watch, depending on who wins HOH.

  44. Okay Paulie didn’t bother me that badly, until all this Natalie stuff started.

    I seriously want to hurt his pretty boy bitch ass.

    • Same here, the zakiyah thing didn’t bother me coz it’s her fault too, but the Natalie stuff don’t understand why he’s so obsessed with her boobs.

      • The next time he says “fake titties’ around Nat or to her..her response should be “yes, little penis!”

      • I’d backhand him so bloody quick, just like he imagines himself dealing with unruly women.

        Is it so god damn hard for a male to tell Paulie to sit the f*ck down, before he gets put out of the house through the wall, not the door.

  45. Horrible turnout. However, was Michelle calling Nicole a snake not the awesomest thing ever? She’s getting my vote for ACP. Bridgette went out and I liked her. Natalie is getting my vote for AFP.

    I hope Michelle, James or Natalie win HOH… scratch James. He’s a chicken

    • It will probably be a skill..so it’s anyone’s game. I am with you..I am hoping for a James, Nat or Michelle win too!

    • Agree. Michelle hasn’t been my favorite by any means but at least she is standing up for herself and trying to play the game. I’m voting for her too for ACP and I’m really hoping Paulie doesn’t go right back to having all the power. I will have to stop watching if he isn’t gone soon.

    • James?

      “James tells Corey that he would never put Paulie on the block. Or even backdoor him. Even if the whole house wanted him to,” on Jokers.

    • James is talking about how he would never put Paulie up or back door him. So I hope either Nat or Meech get it.

  46. So, from the sounds of it, this weeks ACP has been divided between Bridgette and Nicole? Until tonight, I haven’t really heard anyone else’s name being tossed around.

      • Tonight is literally the first time anyone’s mentioned Michelle’s name, though. If people start voting for her now, she won’t have enough votes. Meanwhile, I know people personally who’ve been actively voting every day for Bridge and Nic.

    • I can’t imagine why people would vote for Nicole…might as well just vote for Paulie directly.

      • Agreed. I read (somewhere) that Paulie’s and Nicole’s families are close. I wonder if this is really true, and if so, why are they casting natural allies in the same season. It seems sometimes that Nic & Paulie have a non-verbal F2 and they are always defending the other

      • If he plans on taking her to the end, he’s hiding it very well. I really can’t picture him taking a female.

      • That surprises me. I liked her for awhile but she’s been disappointing lately. She is not playing the game.

      • Also, a lot of people remember her from her prior season when she was not with the “in” crowd and she was popular then

      • Right. I may not have liked Da’Vonne, but I’ve always known there are people who do.

  47. Paulie just went to a new low. He told the guys that he and Zakiyah “literally boned last night”
    They laughed like jerks. Then Paulie said drop it because if the live feeds
    and now he’s dragging her thru the mud

    I HATE HIM!!

  48. Cody doesn’t deserve any flack here. Blame it all on his brother. Besides flirting with Christine, did he do anything else wrong? He seemed like a really nice guy and Donny even said he was really respectful to him.

    • Cody was just horny. I imagine he would have done a plant if it helped him get ahead. But while Cody was flirting with people, Paulie is eviscerating people. Seems soooooo different.

      • Yea i know. I’m just seeing comments on here bashing Cody for no reason when Paulie is the one who’s a jerk.

  49. On jokers: Paulie says that his relationship got ruined because all of the attention that came from Cody being on BB.

    Really? Paulie is so self-centered. It was OK when he kept referring to Tiffany as Vanessa. But for him, it just isn’t fair :( Poor paulie…

  50. Damn! I liked Bridge…and just when she started to play the game. Well I can’t say that I’m surprised. She was Paulie’s DE target for a while, and when you’re Paulie’s target you’re everyone’s target.

  51. I can’t stand Nicole. She’s so whiney and keeps defending herself saying she didn’t do things that she’s done. Especially when all that “mean girl” stuff was going down. She was right there in it. I can’t wait for her to go. A blindside would be perfect

    • I cant believe she is a nurse ( I am). She is an insult to the profession. she acts like a tween.

    • There’s no such thing as a blindside with this case. No one knows how to STFU and keep things on the low.

  52. Z-I hope something happens outside with Paulie
    P-(via twitter). Z and I “boned” last night.
    Well, if the calculations are right and we count back to the Max-Z events, There just might be a little something happening on the outside in 9 months. LOL Wonder how Paulettes country club elite jersey “boys” would like that.!!!!! Karma would be a bitch… but seriously, I wouldn’t want that to happen to Z let alone a poor child fathered by him. Paulie is simply put ” a dick with ears”. guess that is why he is always digging around at his crotch. he is just so gross

    • He just told Vic & Paul that they did not use protection. They are joking that he could have an STD

      • the way he keeps digging at his crotch, I think Z should be the one to worry about stds, although they did say BB requires a thorough check up before letting them on the show.

  53. Corey is taking about Natalie put Paulie through stuff.

    These are the the kind of guys who say if a rapist is punished it ruins their lives. These are the kind of guys who actively hate women but think they dont.

  54. Expect the unexpected. America should be able to have an emergency eviction and get Paulie out. Not even a chance to go to jury. Just out and go home

  55. We all know that Corey has drunk the Kool-aid. He wants America to know that the girls were in the wrong, NOT Paulie. when Nat and Bridg blew up Paulies’s game to Z, and confronted Paulie and he went off on them and said horrible things about Nat. That was pretty much when he decided to get rid of Bridgette, cause she stood up to him. Now, of course his targets are Nat and James, because they dared go against him.

  56. They need to change their slogan from expect the unexpected. To expect the expected. Because the expected happens every year.

    • If they hadn’t started the season with those stupid teams. Didn’t so much mind the roadkill challenge but I did not like the teams

    • There isn’t much going on up there in that noggin of his. All Corey thinks about is baseball, Christmas, and his dog.

  57. From Jokers:
    Paulie: really, cuz we boned last night. Then covered his mic and looked at cams and said “no not really” but then made eyes to Victor
    Paulie says he told Zakiyah he didnt want to kiss on camera out of respect for his family
    Natalie apologizes to Paulie. Paulie apologizes to Natalie for things he said.

      • A person should never apologize for their convictions. He didn’t deserve her apology whatsoever. He bashed her again on national t.v. to Victor after his apology to her. Victor’s trying to give Paulie a come-to Jesus talk about his disrespectful behavior and Paulie isn’t having it. I’m sure we’ll hear much more after he ends up on the block tomorrow! Stayed tuned to “As The World According to Paulie Churns”!

      • I like victor and I believe that he is a much better person than paulie.

        After I posted last night I thought about my comments from the whole season and I must admit this season of hgs have caused me to be super critical and I don’t like that I have been brought so low.

        I am certain I will not watch next season, and hopefully I’ll get BB out of my sysrem.

        Anyway, here is the passage I read from BB Network regarding HGS being informed prior to last night’s eviction. I guess they were uncertain how Paulie would react and therefore production told then in advance.

        “By a vote of 3-2, Zakiyah has been evicted. HGs were tipped off before hand as Nicole revealed she knew in the DR.”

      • Look both Bridget and Paulie are singing this tune:

        Who’s Sorry Now
        Connie Francis
        Who’s sorry now
        Who’s sorry now
        Who’s heart is aching for breaking each vow
        Who’s sad and blue
        Who’s crying too
        Just like I cried over you
        Right to the end
        Just like a friend
        I tried to warn you somehow
        You had your way
        Now you must pay
        I’m glad that you’re sorry now

      • Yes, they all sing this tune when they are exposed for their lies.

        I think Paulie’s sorry, although I cannot stand that Meech severed the relationship paulie had with Zak just to hurt him. I truly feel he developed feelings for Zak. Meech poured salt on his wound by telling him Zak was strategically using him. We know she has serious feelings for paulie. I just don’t like the wickedness of this game.

      • Nat was playing Paulie. Her apology did not mean anything. She told him what he wanted to hear.

      • So they basically all hugged and kissed each other and made up…yup! Back to where they left off minus 2.

  58. paul, vic, nat, james, and michelle could really get something going and crush the 3 tweens

  59. This episode started out so strong, everybody stuck to the plan, Paulie looked visibly disturbed…and then, of all nights for that human Scooby-Doo Corey to actually start winning competitions…UGH!!! That second half was such a let-down. Foolishly, I held out a glimmer of hope that they’d use it as a chance to backdoor Paulie, but I knew it wouldn’t happen.

    I guess I was a little surprised by them voting Bridgette out over Michelle, but I wonder, did they really do it because they thought Bridgette was the stronger player (which she probably was), or, given how mean-spirited and misogynistic the men are this season, did they just keep Michelle around so they could torture her for another week?

    I’m really upset Bridgette went out, as she was IMO really the one who rallied the troops and actually got Zakiyah out to hurt Paulie, and I fear with her gone, the house will now immediately revert back to Paulie running everything while everyone else just rolls over and does his bidding. Seeing how Paul & James wer both acting tonight after Corey won HOH & veto, I have little faith that either one will continue helping Natalie & Michelle.

    So, all in all, quite the rollercoaster, and the best night of BB all season. It’s just sad that, by episode’s end, seemingly all the progress that was made over the last 24 hours or so was immediately quashed by the dumbest and most useless player in the house finally winning something…damn, I hate Corey right now!!!

    • The guys Paul, James & Vic are playing Paulie. They are on to him and they know everything he says is BS

    • They all knew Z was going. Nat tipped Z off by accident, Z told Nicole, and it got back to Corey and Paulie.

      But, yes, this episode was quite the wild ride, as the DEs usually are!

    • I believe he had been throwing them all along til the time was right, gown to the last eight where it truly matters.

  60. I just have one thing to say for today’s show

    • Bo ring ringa bo ring ringa bo ring ringa ringa ring.
      Bo ring ringa, bo ring ringa, bo ring ringa ringa ring??????????????????????????????????????

  61. There’s so much wrong with this season that I’m almost to the point of just not caring anymore. Why are James and Corey more loyal to the guys when they have showmances that actually 100% have their back. Why aren’t the girls banding together when its quite obvious that the girls are being targetted. Why is Paulie so selfish when it comes to nominations and who to target, like that’s just bad gameplay because then it becomes obvious to the others that he’s only playing for himself. Why is Michelle crying over everything and not having a backbone? I could go on and on…I’m done.

    • The girls can’t band together .

      Day could not be loyal to an alliance
      Tiffany never had a chance after the HGs were terrified of her for no reason
      Zakiyah was useless and a Paulie pawn
      Nicole is useless and only wants to hang with the boys
      Bridge, Nat and Meech were the only chance of girls working toe there and now Bridge is gone.

      • Exactly, it’s quite annoying that the girls are oblivious of the fact that they’re in a game

  62. James is such a coward, and I LOVE that Bridgette called him out on her way out the door. I can’t wait till his floating ass is sent out the door, preferably next Thursday.

    • I don’t like James anymore. I used to be somewhat of a fan but I have no respect for him now.

      • Cy, what the hell is this???? Nicole found out on the DR that Zak was going.??????

        You mean BB cannot shut their mouths as well. What the hell????

        This show is rigged. There is absolutely no element of surprise anymore. Must be too psychologically taxing for hgs and BB is racking up too many psyche bills on their exit? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

        Also, what about james stating he has rt ticket? He isn’t banking on being backdoored, so if he opened his envelope, or the DR told him he had it, he can potentially be done this season. Big dooughdo

      • That’s not how Nicole found out.

        Natalie loaned Zak a skirt she was planning on wearing during the eviction when she was staying. Nat asked for it back earlier today. Z said to Nicole that Natalie only does something like that when she has inside knowledge. Nicole’s response?

        NOTE: This is not a direct quote!

        “Well, I haven’t heard anything, but if that’s the case, then they’re after me, Corey, and Paulie.”

      • I haven’t read that anywhere, nor have I seen it on my feeds. I saw the exchange between Zak and Nicole, which Matt confirmed himself earlier today.

      • Nat had no intentions of letting Z wear it..it was a ploy to get her alone. Her mother had given that to her.

      • Their sessions in DR, is subject to their own interpretation. They don’t tell those things.. What is the evidence supporting that?

      • Bronte had said the DR told her she was leaving 20 mins before the show aired and to look surprised, so I’m assuming that’s when Z and possibly Paulie knew. She may have known when Nat took the skirt back from Z she loaned her in case she was staying. Sorry, should have said that’s my assumption. If it’s not true, then Paulie was surely blindsided more than Z was.

      • The BB Network is where I read it. I believe that once the girls expressed fear of Paulie, BB took precautions because they thought he’d react badly on national tv. After all, paulie realizes he lost a vote and his security blanket with Zakiya’s eviction.

  63. I thought Corey, and Tweety Bird wanted Paul out?
    Corey you wussed out big time!
    The Show was a major let down.

    • Corey defended Paulie to James in a way that was so strange you would think that they were in a bromance.

  64. I wish Michelle would have gotten evicted. I’m tired of seeing her cry. Sheesh! BB should at least avoid showing her when she’s crying. I also hope Nicole notices that whenever Corey discussed his plans he only talked to the guys alone.

    How obvious does it has to be that the guys are working together? It’s too late for the girls to do anything about now because the number aren’t in their favor. I’m proud of Bridge though, if it wasn’t for her everyone else would’ve still been under Paulie’s spell.

    • It should never be guys vs girls to begin with. I don’t know why everyone is so obsessed with that idea. Find a good player or two, male or female, and play the game. :(

  65. It would be so funny if Paulie did win . Lets see now, there is about 6 weeks left in the season. Z can present him with the 500,000 check along with the positive ultrasound pic!!!!

    • OMG…I was just saying something similar to that in the feeds chat! hahahaha He admitted he never used a condom with her.

      • Hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha

    • He did say that they had actual intercourse 5x, 3 times in the have not room and 2x somewhere else.


      • But he wouldn’t kiss…what an idiot. He must be like someone I used to know…thinks kissing is intimate, and screwing or anything else sexual doesn’t count.

  66. My only hope is that somebody wins HOH to put Paulie on the Block. I can’t believe they handed the whole DE pretty much to Corey.

  67. Well what went for highs with Z leaving ended with lows with Paulie staying. Well atleast that’s one jury vote he’s not gonna get and he’s pretty much alone in this game.

    Oh and Nicole and Corey don’t count because what game are they playing?

    • Dan what a let down.

      Paulie threatening bodily harm though seems beyond scope of game. He needs to be eliminated. No one deserves to be threatened like this playing a game.

      Paulie’s acting like he’s from the hood.

    • He should not be wearing the veto necklace because the veto competition isn’t for a few days. The HOH competition is what happened or might be what happened or I don’t even know what’s happening atm but I do know that he shouldn’t be wearing the veto necklace.

      • So sorry, you are correct. It was the HOH necklace. Maybe I shouldn’t have taken that Xanax earlier. lol

      • Oh no! Victor has 8:08 again? What the heck is wrong with the other houseguests, don’t they want to play to win? Looks like “Polly” will be safe this week and running the house again.

  68. Oh gosh no Bridgeeeee! I am super pissed! I blame her eviction on Nat!!! Hopefully she’s next to go. Big Screetch can live to annoy for two more weeks.

  69. Looks like Paulie and Corey will be sitting next to each other on the block this week..

    • It’s gonna be the best week so far! What we’ve all been waiting on Paulie and Corey OTB is the plan, no pawns.

  70. If Victor is smart, he’ll make his move. Being the one responsible for taking out Paulie will virtually guarantee him the win if he’s still there in the end.

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