‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Who Won HoH Week 8?

We have your Big Brother spoilers revealing who won Head of Household following this week’s Double Eviction episode that ended in a cliffhanger before Feeds answered all our questions on the new HoH.

Julie Chen and the BB18 HoH

Zakiyah and Bridgette were evicted from the game after Corey pulled out surprising double wins during the show and Michelle survived not one, but two trips to the Block. Now that round is over and we need to get a new one rolling. Can’t have a week of Big Brother 18 without an HoH though so a few hours after Feeds returned the comp kicked off in search of a new Head of Household.

So who did win the Big Brother HoH comp tonight?

Big Brother 18 – Week 8 HoH winner:

  • Victor won Head of Household.

Victor and Paul had been celebrating before the comp that they were playing the middle of the field, didn’t trust Paulie anymore, and were going to see who won. Well then Victor went and won! Well this should be interesting. This could be a big week of Backdoor drama! Think Victor would go for it against Paulie?

So far the guys, minus James, are discussing putting up two girls and then using the third as a renom if they need to. Victor already said he’d want to put up Michelle and Natalie, so that’s what I’d expect no matter what they end up making the target at the end of the week.

Update: WHOA! Paul just pressed hard on Victor to convince him they needed to get Paulie & Corey up on the Block together. He says this will guarantee one of them will go. Paul pointed out those two would never take them two to the end because they’re such strong players. Victor is very hesitant then remembers how Paulie put him up as a renom to BD him. Victor is on board! Paul says he’ll go reaffirm votes to support.

What do you think of these results? Jump on the Feeds right now to see what happens next!

Nominations are coming up on Friday already so get ready for those spoilers soon then Power of Veto comp will be held on Saturday. It’ll be a very busy weekend! Download our Big Brother App then join us on Facebook & Twitter for the updates.


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      • You mean the little snake with the 10lbs of makeup, fake eyelashes, fake hair, fake boobs and is hiding behind Jamesy don’t you?

      • Agree 100%…..Nicole has never done anything to Natalie. Natalie is just pissed that Corey chose Nicole over her.

      • I’m so glad that there are other fans who see Natalie for the mean, jealous, petty brat that she is!

      • That’s your opinion and you’re entitled to it. I disagree and always will. NATALIE is the jealous one because she had to settle for James when none of Vic, Paulie, OR Corey wanted anything to do with her. She’s used to being the most popular girl with any group of guys and feels like she’s entitled to all male attention wherever she goes because she LOOKS pretty. When that wasn’t the case in the BB house, her fragile ego couldn’t handle it.

      • Nat tried to tell Z what Paulie was saying behind her back. She didnt want to hurt Z but someone needed to tell her. Nicole was supposed to be tight with Z and never said a word….. :(

      • And then she laughed with Michelle & Bridgette that Z was hurt & crying!!! It was ALL about strategy, not about looking out for Z. How is that any better? Simple answer: It isn’t. It’s WORSE. I’m sorry, but you will never convince me that Natalie is a nice girl in this house. She simply is not. In real life, she might be a very sweet person, but in this game she is not.

      • We will just have to agree to disagree on Nat & Nicole. I am glad that Z was told about Paulie so she isnt surprised about it.

        I’m not a Dr, but my view is that. Z acts like she came from a home with addiction or abuse. She ignored the bad way Paulie treated her and doubts all her own warning signs on his behavior. She didnt have good boundaries. I wanted someone to clue her in so she doesnt have a hard time outside the house. Now Paulie said on live feeds that they slept together 6 times without protection. I’m glad Nat gave her a heads up – even if we disagree on the intent.

      • I am perfectly ok with agreeing to disagree. That’s the way adults handle differences, right? :o)

        I’m not a doctor, either, but I agree that there’s something about Z that isn’t as it should be. It’s either extreme insecurity or the possibility that she grew up in an abusive household. Something tells me that even having been clued in might not make a difference outside the house if she truly does have an abusive or addicted parental figure in her past. Those issues are very deeply rooted and often only improved with actual therapy, which I hope she gets so that she doesn’t fall into the same patterns moving forward.

        And before anyone chimes in with the age-old, “She’s a beautiful, smart, independent woman so how could she submit herself to abuse?,” let me just say that some of *the* smartest, *most* beautiful, *most* independent women DO fall victim to emotional and/or physical abusers because of insecurity. It’s hard to believe, but it happens all the time. Emotional abusers, especially, are VERY tuned-in to reading insecurities. They PREY on them….build the woman up at first and once she’s in love (therefore vulnerable), he starts the tearing-down process. He knows *exactly* what he’s doing and by the time she realizes what’s happened to her, it’s too late. She’s in too deep, under his thumb, and getting out is the hardest thing in the world. Studies show that someone with BWS (Battered Women’s Syndrome) will leave her abuser SEVEN times before she actually is able to stay out.

      • Heather atleast Nat went to bat for Z! B and Nat stood up for Z and all women and B was the only one backing up Nat in the HOH room before DE! They all knew what Nat said was true and all were afraid to say anything even wuss James. I would have defended Nat if she was my GF or even just friend! Maybe J and the rest did not want to hurt their gameplay as it cost B going home during DE plus the fact she was a proven comp winner even though she is injured with bad knee and ankle! Nat and Nic have had their jealousy issues with each other and neither is right! To me Nic and M being jealous over Nat getting that dumb care package of socks and toothpaste and no more have not should disappoint you too as I had a huge crush on Nic in season 16 and would have had her as my GF. The past 3 weeks I am very upset of these jealousy petty issues. I still like her but not as much. Nat has her issues also but she is better than Nic and that is why she is 1-2 with James for AFP! Nic being 3rd just shows how their are so many unlikable HG’s this year. Some have improved their attitudes like Paul and V despite his HOH speech B and even M this week while some have gotten worse like both ZAULIE! Do you happen to know what a THOT means? Z called Nat this like 5-6 weeks ago. I saw the feed in the safari room with Z Corey and maybe Paul/Paulie? I know it is similar to calling someone a slut or whore! Z is very mean! You get what you deserve! I do hope Day helps her in jury. Nat would be truly hurt if she knew this.

      • I wish she would do something diff with her hair vs putting it in that loose rat’s nest on her head 50 times a day. It is as repetitive (and anoying). as Paulie saying F all the time. Nicole needs to try a braid or pony or something diff so she isnt constantly redoing that messy bun. We could make a drinking game on it for BBAD everyime she she reties it.

      • ha-ha I agree, it IS annoying but I think it’s become a habit more than trying to fix her hair like her constantly pushing her glasses up I think that’s just a habit too. I’m not liking her this season and would be very happy to see her go.

      • I agree Nic’s hair is annoying as it probably takes her a long time to fix up but still it would be nice to see a change not just done like a beehive from the 50’s? Worst hair do for a woman besides bangs I think. Definitely no shaved head!

    • Vic is putting up Nic and Corey and if one of them comes down, up goes Paulie! Sounds simple to me! hahaha

      • As long as the blonde rat stays on the block all week. Remember when she cried about being a havenot 2 weeks in a row during bb16?

      • How could anyone forget??? Oh and Vic decided Corey and Paulie will be put on the block and if one pulls themself down, Nicole will be the replacement.

      • Let’s just hope, hope, hope that Nic does not get that CP. I really want to see her OTB sweating if one of the cretin boys win veto.

      • According to a poll on Joker’s, now that Bridgette is gone Michelle is crushing the vote (64% to Nicole’s 16%), and if I recall correctly she was a distant second to Bridgette before the eviction. Then again, seeing as most votes comes from the television audience, I can only hope Michelle’s strong attack on Paulie and Nicole and her breakdown after finding out she was spared were enough to gain favor with the casual voters.

      • Gah! I was editing it, because I wanted to check if I actually recalled correctly! Nicole was actually ahead of Michelle 22% to 11%, but now Michelle is dominating 64% to Nicole’s 16%. Our only hope is that popularity boost is enough to give Michelle immunity! Then again, either way, with Paul convincing Victor to target Paulie and Corey, the other five will have the numbers regardless to take out one of the three by the end of this week, so this’ll be great either way.

      • I agree. As long as one of them is OTB, that person will go home. Thank goodness that they realize the numbers might not be there next week. Get ’em now, whie the gettin’ is good and basically a a sure thing.

      • Ugh the one person I really dislike as a person is Michele! Others aren’t the best but I don’t judge them based on the game I think I might go batshit crazy if I were inside that house, but love the game been watching since the first one in 2001. Her entrance video shaming fat people than her mean immature nastiness all season to her crying playing the victim when tables turned n she was nominated just disgust me!! I did like the fact she is the first to have enough sense to put Paulie & Nicole on blast but other than that I want her to go!! Nicole too those would be my next evicted choices, but game wise it’s smart to target Paulie, Corey and Nicole for Vic

      • I don’t watch feeds but if what ppl say about Paulie are true than that’s not cool either, I have only watched them at my sisters house a few times but everytime I watch it was Michele and Nicole being nasty

      • Paulie and Corey on the block! Hope Paulie goes! Nic saved by the care package as the renom. She got bug spray in her CP! Does that mean America telling her she is a rat?

    • Not trying to start a fight but just curious why you think Nicole is a rat? Michelle was upset with her for the exact opposite. Nicole kept her mouth shut about the Day vote and stayed loyal to her alliance just like they planned. A rat would have blabbed. People may not like her because she is on Paulie’s side, but that does not make her a rat. Is she whiney? Yes
      Is she more interested in Corey than she is winning the game? Yes. I just don’t think she is a rat.

      • I agree. I’ve been watching the feeds and she was just talking to Victor asking him not to put her up and he says then tell me who wanted to backdoor me. And she told him I don’t like throwing people under the bus that’s not how I play. But she finally agreed when he threw out some names. Then she was telling Michelle after the feeds came up that she didn’t appreciate bring called a snake on live TV. She asked her what she did to her other then not tell her about the Day vote. Nicole also told her she’s loyal and could of threw Michelle under the bus to Natalie and Bridgette about all the crap Michelle said about them up until this past week. How she threw Bridgette’s cookies away everyday. I think Nicole is a good person and I’m giving her all my votes for ACP.

      • I think people call her a rat for telling Z that Paulie has her best interest at heart when that is clearly not the case.
        As well as other things.

      • As far as Nicole knows her Corey, Z and Paulie had a final four. She is blissfully unaware of the original plan to get all the girls out. She was never present when Paulie talk bad about Z. Nicole does not have live feeds like we do.

      • Nicole will run to Paulie/Corey after any convo she has and rat anyone out. “I have info” is her favorite phrase. She did it over and over again AND she has zero of her own thoughts or gameplay. I really liked her from prev season but dont like her this season

      • Of course she will. She is playing Big Brother and Paulie and Corey are in her alliance. That doesn’t make her a rat. That just means he’s trying to contribute to her alliance . Now if she was running to the other side and letting them know everything Corey and Pauie were saying then she would be a rat.

      • I could understand Nicole telling things to Corey but I find it hard to believe that she hasn’t figured out Paulie yet, esp when he didn’t use the veto on Z. How would she feel if she was on the block and Corey didn’t use the veto on her causing her to leave like Z?

  1. Hope Veto takes one of the noms down and back door Paulie. I think that’s Victor’s plan, I just hope it works out.

    • Yup, the plan is to try and BD Paulie this week…they said it before the comp if one of them wins HoH! Can only hope it works…but darn, Corey’s come out to play finally! :-)

      • I’m crossing my fingers that Paulie’s head still isn’t in the game since he can’t stop talking about all Z did and he did nothing wrong. No one has yet to point out to him what he said that was sooo wrong, “I’ve trained her. She knows her place!” Maybe they’ll use that right before Paulie walks out the door. “You forgot your place, bro, so off with ya! Don’t let the door hit you in the butt!”

      • Would so love to be a fly on the wall of that Jury House after Paulie arrives!!! LOL!!!

      • These days, half the male population under 16 has ADD !!! In my day, it was called being a boy…

      • Sorry I’ve had patients where I worked with ADD. Go ahead and make fun of it. Maybe you should read up about it.

      • I agree with you and i have sat here and read all of these nasty and vile comments about how people are judging other people without even knowing them.ADD is horrible and i know a few GROWN people who have it and it is no laughing matter and i’m thankful to you for pointing it out to kygrits. People get behind a keyboard and think they can say whatever they want and it won’t be taken seriously or that the internet is all a big fantasy,when in fact there are people with ADD and other disorders who read these vile and hurtful comments and actually try to commit suicide or even succeed in doing so.One of my best friends in middle school committed suicide because he was gay but he didn’t do it because he was gau he did it for going to school and being bullied by others about his lifestyle.I know that being gay and having ADD or even ADHD are completely different things but peoples words still hurt and someone with those problems take them to heart because some of them have very low self esteem and i just wish people would think about what they say or in this case type on their keyboard before saying it or hotting that enter button.My friend that committed suicide in middle school was so funny and great to hang out with.I never treated him any different because the person i knew was a great guy who was witty and loved music and i remember him confiding in me one day after school and he told me he was gay and my reply and i still remember it to this day was “i don’t give a damn and could care less what other people thought about me hanging around with you because i don’t see that in you.I see you as a great friend and someone that understands my crazy humor and vise versa.” but i was a jock in school and when i would get ridiculed by my team mates for hanging out with “the fag of the class” and “maybe i was a fag myself”..believe me i heard it all…then prom came.My friend was a very good looking guy and all of the girls would talk about “if only he wasn’t gay” etc etc..he never “acted” gay or was feminine in any way but rumors got spread early on thru middle school and stuck with him thru high school.When prom came i asked if he were going and he said no,that no one had asked him but he didn’t think it would be a good idea because he said he would be the talk of the evening and everyone would have their laughs at his expense.I went with my girlfriend and there were a few of us so we decided to just rent a limo so we could all go at same time and leave at same time.We had all stated that we didn’t want to stay for the duration of the whole program because,i mean,we see these people every single day so why spend hours and hours with them when we could spend time with each other and have a better time.We decided that after we got home to change then meet up at another friends house to watch some movies and plan a trip to Six Flags for the next day which sounded great to me and i mentioned my friend(notice i haven’t said his name due to respect for his mom and dad) and they said absolutely.We were a tight group of friends of 7 that never judged each other or others.When i walked in my houses with my girlfriend i saw my mom and dad sitting in the living room and looked really upset.They asked why we came back so early and we explained we got the pictures taken but just didn’t wanna hang out with the people we see every single day and told them of our plans for the evening if we could take the downstairs den and mom and dad both said sure no problem but they had something to tell us and told me and my girlfriend to sit down.They said my friend was dead and his parents came home from work and found him in his room,in a tuxedo laying back on his bed with the gun still in his hand…..True story here and sorry i just replied with this long answer or speech to your reply to kygrits about ADD but when i read what she was saying and your reply about add not being a laughing matter,something just compelled me to write this.People are so very quick to judge and cast shame and doubt on others without knowing the person they are talking about especially online sitting at a desk on their computers or even sitting or laying somewhere with their laptops. Lavendargirl i commend you for saying “Sorry i’ve had patients where i worked with ADD. Go ahead and make fun of it.Maybe you should read up about it,” to kygrits because everything you said is true and it brought back all of those horrible things kids used to say to my friend,my best friend anyone could ever ask for because all he wanted was to just live his life to the fullest but every single day he was shot down by words his peers would say to him.Hell even his babeball coach made remarks….I’m sorry it took so long to tell you my point but i want to say thank you for sticking up for those patients you had with ADD because even though you don’t really know them you still were there for them when kygrits made that comments.People should really think before they say something or type something on their keyboards because you don’t know how you can affect that other person or someone going through something and reading it. Thank you again :) we need more people like you in these chats.

      • I don’t need a medical history from you. Obviously you don’t know that is one of the signs.

      • And you probably have which you have every right too. I was just pointing out why his eyes are like that. You took it to another level. Have a nice night.

      • Looks like they changed course on that and are putting Paulie and Corey on the block than trying to BD Paulie. I’m soooo happy about this. If either comes down, Nicole will be the renom.

      • Corey won 2 of the easiest comps of the season!!!! Not a whole lot to brag about but I guess a win is a win

      • It’s something more than nothing for Corey! haha I was shocked that so many got that answer wrong, more so the BB superfans and Corey didn’t in the HoH! haha

      • Me too. There was no reason for so many of them to get that wrong, it wasn’t that tough. A few of them have discussed that question since and I don’t think they heard Julie correctly when she asked it. Some think she was talking about the yellow balls.

      • Paul has been telling Vic to nom Paulie and Cory. That way if one gets off there is still another one on the block.

      • He changed his mind then. I’m okay with that too! Go Corey, win the veto and don’t use it on Paulie..LOLOL

      • I want Paulie nominated and can’t wait to see the look on his face. But I can’t stand Paul. He plays the entire house. He reminds me of Andy the rat. No wonder he wears that stupid duck tube all the time. He needs it because he’s the biggest floater in the house.

      • I always thought James was more like Andy. He runs from group to group telling everyone everything.

      • Same thing Paul does. Just like when Day went. He knew all about it but plays innocent and everyone still thinks he didn’t know a thing. Why do you think he told James to get rid of his vote? Because he’s playing all sides. He’s always walking in on conversations. Weasel! And you’re right about James too. He’s playing all sides only he lays in bed all the time and does it.

      • Paul just recently switched after feeling betrayed by Paulie.
        James has been telling all sides everyone’s game play all along.

      • at least paulies intentions are clear. paul has been a weasel from day 1. paulie told a nobody in bridgette that he trusts corey most so paul is butthurt. this whole cast is effeminate and just so college campus millennial soft. is that all it takes for paul to turn without even talking to paulie first? fairweather trash.

      • Sorry I disagree. Paul was loyal to Paulie to a fault until he heard of the plans to get rid of him. I cannot blame him for feeling betrayed.

      • Yep I agree that Paul is a weasel. But even though I can’t stand Natalie Paulie was out of line the way he spoke to her.

      • Paul told why they should put up two strong players instead of two more girls. He was sooo right about his reasons, and I’m glad he was. “Who the heck would take five strong competitors to the Final 5?” That would have been stupid, but Paulie thought he could win “all” the comps when he needs to…in his mind that is!

  2. If Vic or Paul decide to go after the trio that has been running everything from the beginning, or even manage to take out Paulie, honestly, hand one of them the 500k. They have a golden opportunity in front of them, let’s hope they don’t waste it.

  3. Backdooring Paulie would be proper payback for what Paulie did to him (still can’t get over the fact that victor put up zakiyah and michelle and blamed them for his eviction bahahah)

    • I’m just glad z went. I have had enough of the PZ shomance. ?? *puke* That poor girl was making a damn fool of herself over such a chauvinistic DB. Not that she doesn’t have her own flaws too … But it was just sickening to watch.

      • I think Paulie will be lost without Z. He will have no one to comfort him and will have to sleep alone.
        I hope he feels very vulnerable.

      • U & me Both…It made me sick to my stomach to watch them…It was a Toxic, & Dysfunctional Relationship at the same time. And love had nothing to do with it…It was pure Lust!

        Zakiyah is personality was like, verbally abuse me then lets make love….Ugh, real sick puppy that Girl is

      • Made me sick to see Z falling for the “crying” Paulie bit. The DB was actually rubbing his eyes like he was wiping away the tears…. Gag… and she fell for it

    • I was like…whaaaat? Paulie did tell them who to put up and who needed to go home and argued with them constantly when either Vic or Paul would tell him the opposite of what he wanted to hear. I sooo hope he got Z preggers since he didn’t use protection and relied on her to take the Pill. That would be justice served cold to him! :-)

      • Ikr…Zakiyah kept calling Paulie her Baby’s Daddy to Nicole?! And remember that day she said she wasn’t feeling good, and couldn’t eat???

        Regardless, Zakiyah is beyond belief, and I look for her to become a Single Mom in the near future…Zaki came into the BB House & within weeks feel hard in Lust for a Guy she barely knows?!

      • Well it wasn’t a normal relationship, nor a healthy one..but maybe the baby will be pretty! :-) I pray she gets therapy first.

      • I read that Paulie admitted to sleeping with Zak 5 times during show tonight. Not sure when that happened with all the beeping going on. Jeez!

      • Timing would be right for a pregnancy… Remember the Max-Z event?,, so if they did have unprotected sex, Paulie may have some splanin to do to jersey “country club”,,, But he is so dumb he would probably say… Are you sure it is mine? Dude !!!!!! America knows it’s yours…We watched !!!

      • True…Or Paulie would probably blame her for getting with child, since he won’t be able to suggest the other one. It wouldn’t be very strategic of him to claim stupidity..LOL

  4. I’m watching BBAD now. Godfather Paulie wants James out. The Executives and the rest of the house are idiotic for keeping this egotistical buffoon around. Didn’t they listen to crybaby’s Meech’s speech??

    • Paul and Vic are playing him right now. He’s still trying to call the shots on someone else’s HoH. But later says, “I’m not going to make decisions anymore. We take it to the board as a group and make the decision,” which read to Paul and Vic, “you mean, you’ll try and sway us to see things your way!” Paulie does not think he blew up his own game…but Vic and Paul have basically evicted Paulie from the Executives alliance. They just want him to believe he’s still a member to appease him.

      • I hope they stay true to the plan. I never seen such gullible people so persuaded and brainwashed on here in the history of this show. If Paulie gets evicted and he has the Round Trip Ticket, I’m afraid that I won’t be able to watch this anymore.

      • Thanks to Bridgette, Natalie and Michelle for opening their eyes. It looks like everyone kissed and made up and back to the same ol drawing board. But for Paul and Vic, nope, they’ve decided it’s their turn and going to pull Michelle in to coach them. Paulie will never be part of “the plan” again if they have any say in it. They’ll make him think everything is hunky dory! No need to be mean to the overzealous, coughing, deehey! :-)

      • Agreed, I didn’t like Bridgette at 1st, but after this week I absolutely “Love” her!

      • Same here. She was solid as a rock through all that mess with Paulie last night…just a stand-up female with the guts to call it like it was.

      • Even going out the Door when Bridge was evicted, she was “still” standing up to Paulie. LOL?!

      • That was needless. And I say that as someone who likes/liked Bridgette. Everybody has their sights set on Paulie. No point in saying that on the way out. She beat a dead horse. That’s something you say during the big argument, not 24 hours later.

      • But she could say she wishes Michelle would pass out again and she would shave off her ugly eyebrows. Yep she’s a stand up gal.

      • That wasn’t one of Bridge’s finer moments. But she had few of them.

        I’ll just point out that we might want to compare Bridge’s reaction to the Paulie situation with Nicole’s reaction. Nicole simply laughed at the comment Paulie made to Nat…she didn’t stand up against his behavior in the slightest.

      • I don’t blame her for not saying anything. Why should she get involved in all that drama. You see what happened to Bridgette. She’s sitting in jury now. Just like Julie said to her about opening her mouth.

      • Right, but go back and watch the immediate aftermath of the comment in the Tokyo room. When Paulie was bragging about that comment to the others in the room, Nicole was laughing about it then.

      • Wow one little giggle. All poor Natalie, James and Michelle do is laugh all the time behind everyone’s back. Natalie was disgusting laughing behind Z’s back but sweet fake to her face when she knew she was going home

      • Yes!! Gnat & Mich are such two faced, catty, petty,
        jealous, bratty mean girls! Why are they still there?

      • Lavendargirl- we get that you support Nic but she WAS laughing and has not been nice to the other girls in the house (Bridgette/Nat). I think viewers are tired of her whining. Her strategy is to have her head up Paulie/Corey butt.

      • Please tell me how has she not been nice to them? What does she say to them that’s not nice? Just because she avoids all their cattiness. If you watch the feeds then you remember when Nicole was HOH and Bridgette said all that mean stuff about Michelle Nicole spoke up and said she didn’t like that. That’s not how she plays the game. And that was wrong of Bridgette. Then when Michelle and Z started talking crap about Bridgette that same night in the HOH room Nicole flat out said stop it guys. That’s not a nice part of playing the game. Does Nicole say so and so is shady, so and so is lying, I don’t trust so and so? Yes but she doesn’t make it personal. Even last night James, Paul are telling Michelle to get under Paulie’s skin and aggravate him then Michelle, Natalie, Paul and James are all laughing about it. Who does that? Immature people just trying to start drama. Why do you think Nicole stayed out of the HOH when Natalie started all that drama the other night? Because she try’s to avoid the drama and high school game play.

      • The way you used quotes makes it seem like you don’t actually love Bridgette…

  5. Paul and Vic are plotting putting Cory and Paulie on the block…I love it!

  6. So stoked that Vic and Paul are still gunning for Paulie. I thought for sure it was gonna be more of the same with Paulie at the helm again! Paul is quickly moving up my list of those I want to win.

    Let’s do this guys!

    • I can never make up my mind on this guy! I went from hating Paul to liking Paul to hating Paul to starting to like him again. I wonder which way the pendulum will ultimately end up on when the season is done.

      • I loved Paulie when this show started. However with his HOH and Veto wins, he got big headed and cocky. He is a total disappointment and a disgraceful scumbag on this show. He really is.

      • I am talking about Paul. Not the Calafiore who thinks he’s smart but has been outplayed by so many Jersey women in life to the point he is salty about it.

      • Lol I apologize for the mixup. The bearded one is also quite confused as well on here.

      • I completely agree Brys. Paul can be a loudmouthed jackass at times, but he is pretty damn funny too. I think we have to admit that he’s been playing the game pretty decent since all his time as a pawn.

      • For a guy that knew nothing about the game he sure is a quick study!!! I’m liking this guy more and more now. Not shady at all anymore since he detached himself from Paulie’s apron strings! :-)

    • Victor, & Paulie need to be smart about it tho…The best way to get Paulie out would be to put Nicole, & Corey up! If one of them wins, put Paulie up & Back door him.

      Or let one of the other HG win the veto, & pull Nicole down & put Paulie OTB! Placing Paulie & Corey both OTB is too risky. Paulie will win the Veto!

    • Paul made a good, simple point last night: you have to take a shot at Paulie now while you have the numbers. Otherwise, you’re giving the game to Paulie wrapped in a nice, wrapped bow.

  7. Paulie needs to be evicted. I don’t like his self-righteous “Jersey Boy” attitude and how he talks to the women in that house. He says things and does things that goes beyond strategic and makes things toooo personal. He needs to be OUT!

  8. I really think it’s going to be a problem if Nicole gets the safety ACP. If Paulie or Corey were to come down Michelle will most likely go up. Not sure if Michelle can stay given James’s record…

    PS: I just gave Michelle 60 votes. I regret wasting my Wednesday and Thursday votes on Bridgette.

      • That’s a hard question. I really want cheer for either Meech or James. Natalie third. I used to root for Nicole but she became a stool pigeon and pretends to acts soooo innocent.

      • Sometimes I really don’t think she’s intentionally lying. She’s just constantly in denial mode and probably thinks she’s so kind that she couldn’t have possibly lied

      • I can see that too. Probably convinced herself she wouldn’t ever do what she did outside the house, but inside this one, ohhhh yeh.

      • About what? I watched the entire conversation on the feeds and she didn’t lie to her about anything.

      • It wasn’t about the Day vote, it was more about Nicole not even talking to her at all about anything, like she had leprosy. Nic said, she doesn’t like to talk game…her bad, I guess. Michelle said that she didn’t want to just talk game with her. Claimed Nic ignored her completely, making her feel all alone. But Nic assumed Michelle was working with Day (she was even though she denied it, but Nic didn’t know that for sure), so she then became a threat to her game by association. If Nic had talked game with Michelle, she’d have found out what Michelle’s intentions were moving forward, among other stuff through bantering.

      • So how is that lying? She was honest with Michelle and told her she didn’t talk game with her because things were getting back to Day (which they were). Michelle has a big mouth and the whole house knows it. When Nicole wouldn’t talk game it was Michelle that pulled away from Nicole and started hanging around with Day and Z. That entire time Michelle talked crap about Nicole to Z and Day. Nicole is the one that should be mad. Like Nicole told her I could of blown up your game but I don’t play like that. She said you were throwing Bridgette’s cookies away everyday and talking crap about Natalie and Bridgette everyday. But Nicole never told them.

      • I agree…she didn’t in her season either. Was too busy trying to play hard to get to Hayden!

      • Why does she need to have the girls backs? All those girls do is play high school games. Look how Michelle treated Bridgette just because Frank chose to work with Bridgette over her. Natalie is mad because Corey chose Nicole. Nicole stayed out of all the drama from last night yet they felt the need to make a plan to blame the vote flip on her.

      • ?? Nat mad because Corey “chose” Nicole? I still believe Coreys 1st choice, in and out of the house would be Vic or Paulie.. Which ever looks best in the Mrs. Santa suit..

      • At least she doesn’t throw people under the bus left and right like everyone else in that house does.

      • Michelles name has been brought up more than once by Nicole. But she wanted to be her best friend when Meech offered up tickets to the Mich st games… If it is anything like UK, and I’m sure it is, I imagine those tickets are hard to come by.

      • Are you kidding? Nicole can get tickets anytime she wants to the State game. She wasn’t friends with her for a ticket. That’s so funny.

      • Nic did not go to mich state.. You must not be a college basketball fan.!!! lol Being on BB does not rank high on the celebrity list for getting tickets to games that sell out in less than an hour, mich/mich st, Uk/Louisville. Nc/Puke, I mean duke….so if she can get tickets anytime why all the excitement?

      • It doesn’t matter if she went there or not. I live in Michigan and had season tickets to U of M football for over 40yrs. I know about tickets for games. Like I said she can get tickets.

    • That’s why I waited until after the DE to place my votes. Why people would start to vote early when they don’t know if the person will even be there, just doesn’t make sense to me. I gave 20 to Michelle before the DE and 20 more after! LOL

      • Smart. My head was too wrapped up in keeping Bridgette safe.
        I even commented earlier yesterday that Bridgette only needs to make it past tonight to be in a good position since I thought she would receive ACP for sure. Still salty that our help didn’t reach her in time :(

      • I want Michelle to get it. Not because I like her necessarily, but because it will make things interesting. The “plan” to put up two girls would be interesting if she couldn’t be putup. Suddenly its like ummm. Nicole? Would Corey tryto get Vic to go elsewhere? PS bbnetwork you’re killing Me with these ADS . IT’s ruining this site.

      • i dont even vote. they make you vote 20 induvidual times, instead of using all 20 at once. Aint nobody got time fo dat!

      • I made time for it last night and today.. Meech got my 40 votes!!!!!! I usually don’t vote either but this time I did, and I also devoured 2 – 6 packs of miniature candy bars while doing so !!!! Hey some people drink, some take Xanax, lol FINALLY some excitement besides the paulie show… Just another way to stick it to him…

    • Me too…I gave the same amount to Bridge, but don’t they go to the next highest vote getter if the HG is evicted???

      • Online Big Brother. I don’t go to Jokers that much. But if Jokers says something different then I would be relieved since I think Jokers has a pretty large fan base among all big brother sites. Still, we can’t outnumber the casual viewers…

      • Gross! Please don’t vote for nicole. She and Corey may be the worst two in there (playwise)o

      • Corey has at least 3 competition wins, some are saying 4-5 (I can’t think of what they are if there’s been that many). Let’s say 3-4.

        3-4 wins and Corey is maybe one of the two worst in the game? That’s unfair. Nicole, Natalie, Michelle don’t have that many wins combined. You can possibly add James to that list.

      • Because a lot of people like her. I gave her all my votes everyday and hope she gets ACP

      • No offense Lavendargirl. But we need to get Corey out of this house and let Nicole start playing for me to like her

      • That would be fine with me also. I like Corey but I want Nicole to go to the end. I actually wish her and Michelle would get back to working together again.

      • Kind of odd wording there…”we” need to get Corey out so I” can like Nicole again…just saying. Corey’s game has to end just so Nicole can play again and just so you can like her. Seems pretty unfair to Corey.

      • I fail to see where I wasn’t ‘chill’…like really, I don’t see at all what you’re referring to.

      • So wait? Not only are my Bridgette votes nullified, they also went to Nicole?! I hate you, big brother!

      • JoniGab – there are a couple surveys on the other sites like OnlineBigBrother. Simon/Dawg (administrators) said that they checked and were pleased that OBB “informal polls” results tracked with CBS results……. BUT Im hoping that isnt true this week. Lol

      • If the person you vote for is gone they are just nullified votes. They don’t go to anyone else.

      • I read in the ACP rules details that it goes to the next person but now I cant find that link……

  9. I’m Victor’s only fan, and he’s not letting me down this week. Time to take Paulie down a peg, or in worst case scenario, take out his henchman.

    • I initially did not like him for his ignorance of this game but since his return to the house he has really improved as a player.

      • The few weeks “off” seems to have helped him. He just seems like the most chill in the house.

    • He’s been really cool lately. His demeanor improved tremendously when he came back. He’s no longer emotional. Calmer than Paulie..he’s a mess!…How can I not respect the guy, He knows how to win.

    • I actually like Victor this time. He’s way different since he came back. Now if he’d stay away from that idiot Paul.

  10. By the way. Would anyone here be ok with Corey evicted this week? Maybe we can finally get BB16 Nicole back

  11. I’m praying sooo very hard that Paulie does not have the R/T ticket. This is the last week for the ticket reveal.

    • Should next Thursday’s evictee not have the round trip ticket, we will have a jury buyback comp on Friday… with Paulie having a high chance of returning if he were evicted (UGH!)

      • Oh really? I haven’t heard about this.

        I kinda figured they’d just do a Rewind/Reset week.

      • Nooooooo! If that happens, I guess I’ll have to wait til the following Monday before I find out and not ruin what’s left of my vacation being mad! hahaha

      • I’m not understanding why a lot of people are calling it a jury buyback competition. Do you mean a jury member Battle Back competition? I’m not trying to nitpick at wording or grammar or anything like that, I’m honestly just not following along. What’s a buyback competition? Kinda makes it sound like they’re paying to get back in…

      • Is this something production has hinted at in DR ? We already had a Battleback And the RT is out there. Do they just have it in the show schedule in case no one evicted had the RT? This is just too much.

      • That’s what I’m also trying to figure out, because I’ve heard nothing from any reliable source. From what I know, nobody has details right now about that “special show” next Friday. So theories are floating around, one being a juror competition, some saying that’ll only take place if the RT ticket isn’t found in the next evictee (because apparently that’s the last chance for somebody to claim it). I imagine if they actually watch as nobody has the RT ticket during its period of eligibility, that they’ll want something else ‘exciting’ for that Friday slot.

    • It’s funny how paranoia is starting to creep up on Paulie, while Corey is more relaxed because he’s clueless…and we may see a lot of crying from Nic..omg

      • I think this is the perfect time to be on vacation! Have a great week Cy…I’m leaving for my annual family vacation on Saturday and will be back a week from Monday! :-)

      • Verbally abusing women and trying to intimidate them is not good drama. Maybe to a low class scumball like a Calafiore, but not to anyone with an iota of integrity.

      • I think the show is more interesting if he stays in the game. I’d like to think I’m not a scumball and that I have more than an iota of integrity.

        He’s become the villain. You don’t eliminate the villain this far before the season finale and call it good television.

      • He is not a villain, he is an abuser. Sounds like you are giving him props for his actions when you call him a villain. Abusers should be eliminated.

      • Nope. I’ve said a few times I’m a fan of him as a game player, as I’ve always sided with competitors — not only with the ability to win, the track record of winning, but the vast majority of the time actually trying to win and not throwing competitions. I wouldn’t even be calling him a villain if I was giving him props for his extracurricular activity. I’ve said a few times after something he’s done that I don’t condone his actions, not a fan of his choice of words, etc. So please, kindly, don’t put words in my mouth. Thanks.

      • Siding with competitors is one thing. Siding with a competitor that is an intimidating verbal abuser to women, is another. I never said you “condone ” his actions. Don’t put words in my mouth.

      • “Sounds like you are giving him props for his actions”. This is basically saying I condone his actions. I wasn’t giving him props. Don’t tell me what I am and am not doing.

        I will continue to respect his gameplay in regards to his competition ability. Thanks for your input.

      • Giving him any respect is giving an abuser respect.
        You sound like you are trying to “put me in my place”.Lolol

      • Again with trying to tell me what I am or am not doing, what I sound like I’m doing, etc. I’m being respectful and you’re trying to pin Paulie’s mentality on me? Interesting. I’m done with this. Have a nice day.

        (You know, that is, after you chime in with something else first. And then, have a nice day)

      • Well, at least you didn’t deny that giving him any respect way giving an abuser respect. That should make you think twice about respecting his game. And, thanks, I always make the best of each day. You enjoy your’s too. :)

      • I’m not thinking twice about anything. I stand by respecting his competition ability. I always will. Sorry if that offends you.

      • It doesn’t offend me personally. I just think anyone who shows an abuser any kind of respect needs to be accountable for it.

      • ….I am taking accountability for it. I’m owning up to it. Did you miss that? I’m not shying away from it. So there you go, you got your wish.

        I respect his competition ability.

      • When did I not own up to it? I’ve said like 3 times now that I am owning up to it, that I’m not shying away from it.

        I respect this particular abuser’s ability in competitions.

        How many more ways would you like me to say it?

      • Still not manning up, which doesn’t surprise me. A real man wouldn’t support an abusive male in any fashion, but you have to live with yourself. I’ll give you the last word. You have said all that I need to hear to understand your mentality.

      • Lol, you’re hilarious. I’ve owned/manned up to my statement multiple times. You keep hearing and seeing what you want to though, that’s cool. In reality, I’m just saying I respect his competition ability, you think he’s an abuser, so in your eyes I respect an abuser’s competition ability. Cool. You can also keep pretending you know anything at all about me. Have your way so we can stop further flooding this message board.

        I support abusers! YAY!!!

        Bye bye now!!!

      • KSJB are you still at this? Jesus how old are you? it’s like you’re trying to drive Paulie-like comments out of him when he’s been trying to say he doesn’t agree with things Paulie does and says outside of competitions. Here, I’ll do it for him :

        “Stay in your place. Where you belong. Get in the kitchen. Blah blah blah”

        You happy now? Is that what you wanted to hear? Grow up.

      • You don’t seem to know what a troll is, nor what accountability is. Old age getting to you, or did you not learn that in school yet? Because I can’t even tell how old you are with your agitation-attempting actions and words

      • What is the matter with you? You just got into it with RQ88 the other day over some pretty innocent comments from him, and now this? Do you just like picking fights and arguments? Enough of this crap already. It isn’t constructive, productive, or anything positive.

    • btw wassup with that extra episode next Friday? i guess if the RT ticket is not used, they would have a jury buy back?
      Paulie can be evicted on Thu and be back on Fri haha.

      • Yeah next Friday will probably be another battle back episode. Production knows who has the RT ticket, and they probably wont get put on the block.

      • That’s what I’ve been hearing through the grapevine and it’s ticking me off. What better time than to be on vacation? I’ll be back a week from this coming Monday, so if Paulie somehow gets back after he’s evicted, he’ll just be sent right back out! hahaha No one will be changing their minds about working with him again, so why would he want to win the comp? hahaha I’m trying to feel sorry for him but all that comes to mind is…nothing, just nothing. Vic’s nothing I’d assigned to him two times has now changed into a “something”! haha

  12. I LUV that Vic was putting Nicole on the spot asking about if she heard of anyone throwing his name up. Tells her to stop toying with him. Haha. She was squirming! He kept it up and she switched to whining . OMG!!! This shows EXACTLY how smart Vic is. He was calm and focused and would NOT let her lie about it. BEST clip of the season

    • Oh nice…she blamed this plan on James and tried to cover for Paulie and Corey. I hope Vic saw through this.

      • You know Vic saw through it…and besides the correct question was for the following weeks noms. brig was up against day and james let it slip that next week would be b and v .. that is how day knew she was toast. Nicole was trying to act like he was going up as backdoor with brig and day

    • OMG! Lol! I was in another room and heard my sister squeal with laughter! And it was at exactly at this moment. Hahahaha. It was soooo good!

    • What you didn’t say was the fact she didn’t want to throw anyone under the bus. That’s why she was squirming. She told him she doesn’t play that way by blowing up someone’s game.

      • I’m so with you, but we are in the minority. Nicole also said last night that the reason she hangs out with the guys is that she can’t stand girls’ catty BS, but none of these folks seem to have seen *that* conversation. Of course, if they had, they’d just go saying that Nic is every bit as catty as the others or some other drivel. Michelle is the one who’s a nasty, trashy, mean little brat!

      • Michelle is pretty hateful too I agree. I’m anxious to watch the feeds later today to see how everyone acts after ACP and nominations.

      • Ohhhhh, she is HORRIBLE!! Her 2 speeches last night were pretty bad and then she was asking Paul overnight if she could “rub it in” & “harass” Paulie after noms today. She, the CRYBABY, who did’t have ONE PERSON give her a hard time while she was on the block!!! Piece of trash little girl. She needs to grow up.

      • You mean she was trying to lie and not out Paulie/Corey so threw out people that left or she wanted on the block. Hahaha. She is the girl that has no girlfriends bc she is only focused on her BF.

      • She has lots of mature friends outside the house she just doesn’t like catty immature high school girls.

      • Lavendar girl— ahh, there it is. Obviously you are friends/family with Nicole. You arent exactly UNbiased. Dont take it so personally when people dont like aspects of Nics personality. It’s all part of being on a reality show.

        Maybe you can help her get some counseling outside the house so she doesnt put all her validation into men. She’s too good for Corey but doesnt seem to be able to stand on her own without a man. She’s having sex under the blankets on natl TV. Her only ‘gameplay’ has been to have her head up Corey/Paulies butt and repeat what they say. She hasnt made a move on her own. Last season it was her BF Hayden (sp). That shows a pattern not a strategy. That’s my opinion……

      • Well your opinion is dead wrong because I’ve never even met the girl. And just wondering were you in bed with Corey and Nicole? Because you seem to know what they’re doing. In fact you seem to know everything about her. What she needs outside the house. What she’s doing with Corey. And that my friend is my opinion.

  13. Let’s see if Paulie survive this next round…I lost my bet tonight. I’ll bet again. All in for Paulie (evicted) next week…..damn RT! lol

  14. Pauline borey and nic tic are the minority now. How’d playing both sides of the fence work out for ya nic?

  15. Nic tics game is HORRIBLENESS she has been so crazy obsessive and I actually liked her in the beginning but like the only thing she knows how to play is boreys pee pee

  16. Is Victor interested in getting rid of Paulie. I hope Paul convinces him, but if not Nicole should go.

    • Before HOH, Paul & Victor agreed that they wanted Paulie out but it
      will be a backdoor (ed – since Victor won HOH, we’ll see if its
      followed through. They re-confirmed it after Vic won. Even James is in it.

  17. Big Brother is finally being played the way it should be. There is no “i” in Team! Glad to see James having a much stronger alliance than he did last year! :-)

  18. I would love it if Paulie, Corey, or Christine 2.0 got evicted next week but somehow I have a bad feeling that Victor won’t go through with the plan.

  19. The DE HOH always produces a weird winner. Like when Caleb won it. And when Steve won it last season, even though he was trying to throw it. And now Corey? I didn’t think he had more than two brain cells to rub together.

  20. Glad to wake up and see they are still sticking to plan to get rid of Paulie and Nicorey and not being pulled in by the BS..maybe Z spilling everything to Paulie helped expose him after all.. Meech can’t keep her mouth shut. She’s like just press play with anyone.. Why would you be that chummy with Paulie after and crap on Z?

  21. On live feeds.. I haven’t seen Paulie this quiet in awhile.. I’m sure if he’d won HOH he’d be pounding his chest making sarcastic comments. Lol.. Love it.

    • Wait til he finds out he’s going up on the block. I don’t think Vic or anyone else is going to give him a head’s up before the nomination ceremony either. More drama to ensue from Paulie, Corey and Nic!

      • He may have some idea Joni. Earlier Paulie and Corey were talking in the TR after Paulie had talked to Vic. Paulie was expressing his worry to Corey about “them” playing “us” and wondering if they were planning a backdoor.

      • Even better. He won’t stay quiet for long, will he. Bet he feels trapped like a caged rabbit, huh?

      • I think you’re right. He’s probably rethinking his actions over the past few days. At least he should be.

      • He made the comment that he only trusts Corey in the game. His gut is right. He is going to have to win a lot of competitions and mend some bridges to stay in this game….because at this point, if he doesn’t win veto or if he doesn’t have the round trip ticket, he will be the first male juror of the season. And even if he does survive the week, he will remain a target until he is finally sent packing.

        And for what it is worth….he is, in no way, shape or form….playing Derrick’s game.

      • I’m glad he realizes he has to win out, and he has to mend bridges. I’m hoping that helps his cause.

  22. Are there enough people left for vic to even try to bd paulie in hopes he doesn’t play in the veto? Can the care pkg winner play for the veto? Vic can beat Paulie and james can beat him in endurance. Will there still be 6 veto players with only 8 players left? Should he just nominate him straight up?

    • Yep six players in the veto still. I wouldn’t expect the veto to be endurance, pretty sure that’s never happened. But, it looks like it won’t be a BD attempt. Vic will likely put Paulie and Corey up together and let them battle it out for the veto. If neither win (or Nic does and takes Corey down) Paulie will go home.

      Cross those fingers:)

    • I think he should put him up (which is what the plan currently is, I believe.) Vic even said his speech will highlight the fact that whereas Paulie backdoored him, Victor is giving him the courtesy of playing for his Big Brother life through the veto.

      • Know what? I honestly can respect Victor for playing that way and saying that out in the open!

  23. Humility will be fun to watch! But maaaaan…. Paulie has soooo many outs! Veto, ACP, Round Trip, and possibly returning juror…

    Get heeeem!

  24. I don’t think Paulie or Corey have a chance in hades of getting the CP. Nic is a different story, although I hope it doesn’t happen. Giving them to her is the same as giving them to Paulie, who verbally abuses and tries to intimidate women, or Corey, who is just as bad because he laughs about Paulie’s actions and takes up for him. Nicole and Corey are Paulie enablers.

  25. It’s disappointing how many like to pretend that going after Paulie is best for Paul’s game. Call it what it is, the best move for your personal interests, since you don’t like Paulie. Paulie isn’t going after Paul anytime soon and yet it’s in Paul’s best interests to take him out? Maybe it’s good for Victor, as Paulie has discussed going after Victor again in recent weeks, but it isn’t good for Paul. Paul is burning an at least semi-ally who will only help him get further in the game. Paul has the numbers, 5-3, the Executives vs…I don’t know, the remains, and he’s trying to weak that to 4-3 instead of strengthening it to 5-2.

    Same thing every season, alliances can’t stick together. The 5 guys left are every member of the Executives. Now isn’t the time to go against each other when you have 3 others remaining.

    • No if Paulie gets rid of Victor than Paul will lose his strongest ally. Corey will never side with Paul he will be loyal to Paulie until the end. That means if Paul wants Paulie gone he has to action this week while he still has the girls in the house and can get the numbers to evict Paulie. Once the girls and Victor go Paul is screwed.

      • I see your point, but I still don’t think acting right now on evicting Paulie is best for Paul. You make good points though that I agree with, I just don’t agree with the end result, so-to-speak. I don’t believe this is Paul’s only or best chance to take a shot at Paulie.

    • Paul may realize how strong Paulie has been in the game and to get him out when they have the chance. Paul may also have figured out that Paulie has plans with Cory for final two. At this poin Paul doesn’t need Paulie for numbers. Paul and Victor are playing smart.

  26. I wish they would change the care package rules so a person can get 2 packages. If michelle gets safety than that means the only ones that can get share hoh and bribe are vitcor, paul and nicole. I wish we could give natalie a better one the never not pass seems like such a waste now.

    • I respectfully disagree. I think allowing one player to get 2 would be terrible. Cult voting could see multiple advantages to one player and that takes all the thought and strategy out of who to choose with their votes. I think it’s much better the way they have it, and much more fair.

      I laughed when the Never Not pass was given to Natalie. I knew it was a waste, and I was fine with that because I don’t like her. But all biases aside, I really do think only one per player is the best way.

      I honestly have no idea why so many people talk about wanting Michelle to win one of these good ones remaining. I have no idea what’s to like about her. Excessive crying that often seems fake and ridiculous. What’s good about her? I really don’t get it. If I hear she can win comps after winning once and only once………..

      • It’s more about the fact of NOT wanting Paulie/Cory/Nicole to get one. There aren’t many people left and Nat/James cant get one.

        That leaves Michelle for Safety (good cover for not being nominated) and Paul for BB Bribe.

      • I really don’t see anything to like about Michelle either so I
        don’t get all of the Mich love on here now, not in the least!

    • We know that Paulie or Corey will never get one, they are so unpopular across the board. That’s a good thing

      • On websites maybe. You’re not counting the viewers who don’t go online and only stick to their TV’s. They may vote differently. And if production ever alters anything, they can get away pretty easily with lying about vote counts if they don’t like the results. There’s been times in past seasons a vote winner was unpopular on these sites and people were all “What?? How?? They’re so low in the polls!”…

      • I would be really shocked if Paulie won any of the Care packages. After the way he treated Z and he came across as a know it all on regular tv alone.

  27. I wish they would give us the results of the care package so we know how America voted

  28. I’m really happy about this! I am liking Victor a lot more lately. A first I thought he was kind of a doofus, but it seems like him and Paul are catching on as to how to play, and I’m finally enjoying the show!

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Corey go this week and then Paulie go soon after. I am sick of Paulie but I’m worried about him having the 2-way ticket. This is the last week of it, right?

    • Paulie is going to hit the roof when he gets blindsided sided by the nominations. He needs to go THIS week. Hope ACP3 and POV (and RT) go the right way this week. He went after Z to weaken Paulie without a direct hit so this is the perfect time!

  29. I never thought I would like Paul’s game. He may be annoying as crap, but he’s not as dumb as I thought.

  30. I could NOT believe it when Corey said that America needs to understand they have Paulie all wrong. Ummmm, we have the feeds and can see/hear exactly what kind of ‘jerk’ he is. Corey needs to take several seats and just hope Paulie goes home this week instead of him.

    • I could believe it. There’s nothing quite the same as being in a house with somebody on a daily basis with absolutely no escape. Corey has gotten to know Paulie better than anybody watching live feeds. I’m not saying watching live feeds doesn’t give a good indication, I’m just saying Corey has a better indication.

      • I think Corey is just being loyal to a “bro”. This is Corey who laughed at a story he told about 1). a live goat being lit on fire AND 2) getting on his cell phone to order UBER while getting a bj. Really?

      • I hope that Corey has blinders on then. How could he be so close to Paulie and not see his true colors?

  31. I don’t know why but if Paulie does get eliminated he would have the return back card.

  32. Hey guys! U r all amazing & I hope we can all respectfully disagree..I watched BB all18 seasons & we must remember it is a social game. I grew up in a very abusive home and if anything, it makes you wiser and somewhat more aware of abusive men. Trust me, when I tell you Z knew exactly what she was doing with Paulie. My girl was gorgeous, she had a hell of an attitude of her own, a killer body and clothes…let’s face it, she used Paulie as much as he used her. I do want to make it clear tho I AM NOT CONDONING HIS BAD BEHAVIOR…NO EXCUSE! In the same sense Natalie is using James, he doesn’t deserve it! I think he really has fallen for the girl! Nicole’s voice is like fingernails on chalkboard! I think she has a showplace with Corey just like Hayden…wonder what will happen after the show. She always has an ulterior motive. I don’t know what to think about Corey, he’s just been along for the ride!

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