‘Big Brother 18’ Live Feeds Week 8: Thursday Night Highlights

Fallout from the Double Eviction left both sides of the newly divided house with craters in their ranks and kept the Big Brother 18 Feeds going strong last night with Paulie scrambling for answers.

Paulie hangs his head on Big Brother 18

A few hours after the live show ended it was time to find a new Head of Household and no one was going easy in to this after the high stakes comps they had just gone through. Now we’re set for another week of Big Brother fun.

If you’ve got the Live Feeds (Free Trial) then you can watch all of these moments with the Flashback feature to go back and watch those important conversations or funny scenes you may have missed.

Big Brother 18 Live Feed Highlights – Thursday, August 11, 2016:

7:06 PM BBT – Feeds are back from the Double Eviction. Nicole is worked up.

7:08 PM BBT – Paulie says his brother and his boys are going to tear up Natalie back home. Socially, he specifies. Then Paulie also says his cousins and sister “will beat the s**t out of both those two girls [Michelle and Bridgette].”

7:10 PM BBT – Natalie explaining to Michelle she was kept over Bridgette because Bri had more comp wins and was considered more of a threat.

7:15 PM BBT – Michelle and Nicole smoothing things over. Michelle didn’t think she was going to stay so now she has to undo those “snake”comments about Nicole.

7:20 PM BBT – Paulie tells Victor that Natalie and James should go up for what James did to him. Victor says he wants Michelle and Natalie up.

7:38 PM BBT – Paulie goes to London room and begins to lecture Natalie about what she did and said. She says it sounds like he’s reprimanding her. He scolds her for suggesting that.

7:45 PM BBT – James mentions he pulled Corey aside before the show so it sounds like James ruined this week’s blindside.

7:50 PM BBT – James tells Corey he’d never go after Paulie or put him up.

7:57 PM BBT – Michelle is telling Paulie that Zakiyah told her she was just using Paulie as strategy. Paulie gets upset and reveals to everyone in the room (and on the Feeds) that he and Zakiyah had sex in the Tokyo room last night. (The hip thrusts were obvious.) Then he starts counting off the rooms and how many times they had sex. BUT, Paulie says he wouldn’t kiss on camera. This guy. He body shames Natalie last night then slut shames Zakiyah tonight.

8:10 PM BBT – Victor talks with Corey and Nicole about next targets. Victor says it’ll be Michelle. Nicole and Corey agree with him.

8:15 PM BBT – Corey and Nicole alone discussing if they’ll get out Michelle. Corey says Michelle or Paul.

8:35 PM BBT – James and Paulie are hugging and Paulie tells him he was just worked up in the moment but it’s okay now. Later Paulie makes comments to undermine that suggestion.

8:35 PM BBT – Paul and Victor celebrate in Storage that they’re in a good spot in the middle of the house and can wait to see which side wins power tonight. Both agree that they aren’t falling for Paulie’s lies again and won’t be swayed by him.

9:02 PM BBT – Feeds cut for the HoH competition.

10:09 PM BBT – Feeds have returned. Victor has won HOH. The bros are talking about getting Michelle out this week. Paulie says this should be an easy week and suggests putting her and Natalie up. Nicole’s name is also thrown out there.

10:14 PM BBT – Paulie says he’s not going to get called out again for making decisions. He’s still making decisions.

10:20 PM BBT – Paulie and Corey celebrating Corey winning DE and Victor winning HOH. They feel safe this week. He doesn’t think Victor would screw them.

10:26 PM BBT – Paul shows us that Corey and Paulie shouldn’t feel so safe. He’s telling Victor that this is the week to make the big move. They need to target, Paulie, Corey and Nicole. Victor is reluctant, but Paul promises Victor that he has his back and they need to strike now while they can.

10:29 PM BBT – Victor says he hasn’t forgotten that Paulie backdoored him once. Paul tells Victor not to let Paulie get into his head.

10:40 PM BBT – Paul goes to James and Natalie to throw Paulie under the bus some more. Everyone is excited that Victor will be nominating Paulie and Corey.

10:54 PM BBT – Victor comes into the room and Paul tells him that James and Natalie have his back and now is the time to make this move.

10:50 PM BBT – Paul working on Natalie and James to make sure they’re all on the same page about going after Paulie and Corey this week.

11:00 PM BBT James says there’s no way that Corey or Paulie would take the guys to the end. He says they’d take Natalie or Nicole to the end over them.

11:08 PM BBT – Nicole tells Corey that she didn’t know she was in this much trouble. She says she needs a freakin care package from America.

11:10 PM BBT – Victor and Paulie talking. Victor reassuring Paulie that their plan to nominate two girls is a go.

11:16 PM BBT – Paulie tells Corey he told Vic Natalie needs to go on the block every week and she deserves to feel it. Paulie says if Natalie is on the block next to Michelle, he’ll try to get her out and not tell James about it. Both are upset James screwed them over this week.

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  1. Paulie is feeling just a little bit of how it feels being put in his place. Can you imagine the cockiness that would be spewing from every orifice of his d-bag being if he felt completely safe this week? This week will be much more bearable knowing that he is vulnerable and having to watch his mouth around the gals. I’m anxious to see how he and Corey(Paulie’s ally, advocate and enabler) react to being put OTB together(hoping V pulls through). Just hoping that Nic, the other enabler, doesn’t get the CP and whichever one gets evicted doesn’t have the RT ticket. They’re still outnumbered in any case, and that is messing with Paulie’s head, and Nic’s. Good!!!

    • Even if one of the trio has the roundtrip ticket, Victor targeting them this week would solidly place Paul and Victor on the side of James, Natalie, and Michelle, so it seems for once the most popular houseguests are in the majority. Loving it while it lasts!

      • yep as long as Paulie/Nicole/Corey are not in the final 5 I can handle it and say okay guys battle it out…I am disappointed that Corey agrees with Paulies way of thinking on how women should be treated /perceived …I thought he was more well mannered and a decent sort till the Natalie/Paulie blow up.. true colors have a way of coming out in the BB house and..Should say that James did defend Natalie best he could under the circumstances and do understand why Paul and Victor said nothing..(both guys V&P did go to see if Natalie was okay a bit later) They all 3 have to protect theirself/game and James has told Natalie that he can try to protect her up to a point but there will come a time when she is on her own..

      • You don’t defend that type of behavior by saying Paulie was right, as Corey did. They are both jocks with a stereotypical jock mentality. And I’m not saying all guys that play sports are that way. I have very strong feelings about anyone who would be rooting for a d-bag jerk who feels empowered by intimidating women. He might be good at competitions, but that isn’t all they are supporting when they are pulling for this scum.

      • I never thought the term “human garbage” could ever be an appropriate thing to say … until Paulie.

      • u also don’t justify that kind of behavior by saying ‘its just game play” or “Its strategy” personal attacks are never strategy or game play..

      • My mind is still blown how Michelle and especially Natalie have turned into the most popular houseguests! I went from not liking them to loving them, and Bridgette, in one week lol

      • I’m not in love yet and probably never will be with any of these HGs, but I am liking a few more than I did before this all happened.

      • I think I just love them because finally a change is happening. Which is something we didnt see on the last two seasons, so it may be my hype overwhelming me

      • Popular? There acting just like Paulie now. James, Natalie and Michelle are the mean girls. Yep James is a girl. Watching the feeds last night they made me sick. There just as bad as Paulie. When Paulie was talking about having sex with Z on live feeds I thought could you be anymore of a scumbag. Then later Natalie talking to Michelle on live feeds about Z and her having sex. Then she laughs guess that’s why Paulie wanted her here. She’s just as disgusting as Paulie. That everyone is a prime example why Nicole doesn’t want to be friends with them.

      • Personally I disagree. Nicole is a lot like Zakiyah in that she wanted to play the game but couldn’t resist finding a showmance, and by linking herself to Corey she has turned away potential allies in Michelle and Natalie because of how loyal she is to him. She has tanked her game and, while nowhere near as despicable as Paulie, neither are the majority five. That’s simply because Paulie’s high points are pretty much equivalent to anyone else’s low points. (In terms of morals/likability, that is.) Obviously they aren’t angels and by no means should their faults be sugarcoated or anything, but to compare a generally likable majority to Paulie in behavior is pretty extreme. Of course, time might change my opinion of them, but for now the current majority is still way more popular than the minority, at least in my book.

      • When your in a house with people 24/7 and you have an attraction that’s what happens. It’s happened to plenty of players and they are together still. And I also think Paulie is a douchebag. But I don’t blame Nicole for not being friends with Natalie and Michelle. She doesn’t like the cattiness. She even tried talking to Natalie tonight about general things. And she told Natalie that she is shy and timid and it comes off sometimes as standoffish. Natalie said she is bubbly. Well we all know that she acts like a school girl. Anyway after Nicole left the room Natalie started trash talking Nicole. So who’s fake? She is the fakest in the house. That’s why Nicole avoids her. And I don’t blame her. Even when Nicole was talking to Natalie I thought maybe they could mend their relationship and was willing to see if Natalie might act different. Well that went right out the window when 2 seconds after Nicole left she was trash talking her. Hope she’s gone next week.

      • Everyone in the big brother house trash talks everyone. Every season this has happened to various degrees. I think most do it because after a while there’s not much to do in the house.

      • Not true… there have been BB players in the past who did not talk bad about anyone — either in groups or in the DR.

      • Don’t forget the many times both Natalie and Michele have witnessed Nicole being nice trying to smooth things over and than talking bs as soon as the person leaves the rm! I don’t care for majority of these ppl, Paulie is an embarrassment to his family I’m sure! If Paulie not going with Paul’s idea of z being evicted and his previous target when they are supposed to be a team screwed himself! Paul isn’t dumb and has caught on to this game quickly I applaud him obnoxious yes but a good bb player he is turning out to be! Victor well dumb as rocks but obviously great at comps .. No favorite to win at this point just hope after they target the guys this wk Michele or Nicole are next May the best player this season win!!!

      • Exactly. Everytime she talks to them when she leaves they talk crap. Natalie talking about you don’t even talk to me then when she does after she leaves oh she’s only talking to me because she wants something when Nicole wasn’t even talking game to her. Nicole can’t win. She’s damned if she does and damned if she doesn’t talk to her. That’s why I think Natalie is the biggest fake hypocrite in the house. I wish they would quit editing out her cattiness and all the whining she does to James.

      • Well, I suppose they are both partially to blame. I still think Nicole is especially more to blame for the incident, though, since with her recent conversations with Paul, she revealed she knew she was letting the guys take control and was completely okay with the guys alliance paving down the rest of the house. Natalie and Michelle didn’t agree with that, so that’s especially what put the two of them at odds with Nicole. In that sense, Natalie and Nicole are both to blame, but only because one wanted to try and save herself and one wanted to give herself up to the guys. For that, I sincerely hope Nicole is evicted after Paulie and Corey.

      • That conversation with Paul started with you know there’s an all guy alliance and you’re okay with it? She kind of deflected and he said how did you know? Then she told him it was obvious. She said she didn’t care for the simple fact she wasn’t going to tell him yeah and I’m going to break that alliance up. She went along with everything he said because she doesn’t want to be a target. Paul has been lying to everyone in the house so Nicole still doesn’t know that he’s working with Michelle, Natalie and James. At least that’s how I took that conversation.

    • Despite Bridgette leaving the DE to get Zakiiyah out went well…and even tho Paul & Victor plan on screwing over Michelle/Natalie/James the end result to get Paulie out will be okay with me for now..Paulie still thinks he is in charge…Let him think it…I do hope at some point today Victor tells James that Nicole said it was James who wanted to backdoor him during DE.. That was a stupid thing for Nicole to say..James has had no power to make decisions since Frank left.. And poor misguided unknowing Zakiyah oooohhhh That girl is in for a rude awaking when she returns to the free world..Hopefully Bridgette and Davonne can make her see the truth when they all in jury for a week alone.. The excitement/drama will hopefully continue for another week ..Hopefully Michelle will get the ACP as that would be a huge slap in Paulies face..

      • And if any male deserves a slap in the face by a woman, it is definitely Paulie Calafiore.
        I, too hope V gets around to telling James the lie Nic told. I don’t think V believed it, but I think James should know about it.

      • I would love to know how he acted when the feeds were down. Everyone seems to be a little shaken up by it. One can only wonder what this reprehensible, repulsive man child said or did!!

      • He looked like a very disturbed Charles Manson when the show started and they were sitting on the couches before the eviction. So something was definitely up. It’ll probably be a while before we know the true extent of what this freak is capable of. Someone needs to stop enabling him, parents and family first and foremost.

      • Maybe some of that great Jersey Police can help him out while he is in the greybar motel.

      • Can you believe the comments/threats of this two female cousins and sister beating the sh@t out of Michelle and Bridgette and that his brother and his friends will destroy Bridgette (i believe) socially, or was it Natalie….

      • Here is one thing that burns my ass and why Production needs to get involved at this point. Paulie was talking about how his Brother (Cody) and his boys will tear up Natalie back home, plus he didn’t stop there, he said his Cousin’s and Sister will beat the S**t out both Bridgette and Michelle. That can be taken as a threat and a great attorney can put a major hurting on Paulie and his family. Does this Douche really think he is a Mob Boss or something? John Gotti JR, where are when we need you LOL. Paulie is their golden one this year so they probably won’t do it.

      • Lol, I just said this same thing above…that was a clear threat on all counts. They should have pulled him from the game at that point for psychiatric help!

      • That’s why I would love some shinny silver bracelets waiting for him when he gets out.

      • LOl I have a bad temper and it comes out at different times. You come after me I may yell and curse but believe when I get even with you, you won’t see it coming. As for someone thinking they are above the law and degrade other humans, that pisses me off to no extent. I will stand up and protect a fully grown Black man just as fast as I would a very petite 16 year old white girl.

      • You can still be a real man and have a temper; all in the way you use it. I’m a redhead, well, strawberry blonde with more strawberry. Redheads supposedly all have bad tempers. I’m the exception. lol

      • Well, I do have red hair “highlights” in my hair. I guess that is where I get my temper from.

      • James did want Victor backdoored. But it came out of his BFF Pauls mouth. So she didn’t lie.

    • So sorry to see my girl Bridgette go but hey I knew it wouldn’t last. I had to go back and revote this morning for the CP and gave my votes to Michelle this time. But about dang time they opened their eyes, Paulie is stressed out because he really doesn’t know what happened (although we do). Nicole trying once again to save her hide even though we know she is the snake she is (good call Michelle). Corey, well I guess he is day dreaming about Christmas and what Santa will bring him. James and his crew stepped up to the plate last night, well sort of. If Corey hadn’t found the two clocks at the same time, then I really think Bridgette would have won that HOH. Did anyone else notice how when Corey was bringing back his first clock, the second one was laying right on top. Also just as Corey was ringing the bell, Bridgette had her third Clock.

    • Watched some of BBAD last night and Paulie seemed to be trying to clear the air with Nat. She let America know afterwards that she wasn’t falling for any of his crap that he was spewing. I so hope he is heading to jury on Thursday.

      • It was so fake, Lisa, and Nat knew it. I hope he makes it all the way to jury and not just out the door and back in with the RT ticket. Can you believe that he has made the statement that if he decides he doesn’t want to stay in the jury house that there is nothing they can do to make him? I guess if he’s not winning, he’ll take his balls and go home. Very mature.

      • No I hadn’t heard that Paulie thinks it’s his decision whether or not he goes to the Jury House. I just hope the others in the house can keep Z away from him. The things I’ve read on this site in regards to the two of them is scary for Z.

  2. Here is what I do not like about the nominations… PAULIE HAS THE CHANCE TO SAVE HIMSELF WITH THE VETO. Who will they renom if Paulie gets removed?

    • Nicole if she doesn’t get the CP. It really doesn’t matter who is up there beside Corey or Paulie for final renom. V can’t vote, but even with one of either Paul, James, Nat, or Michele having to go OTB as a pawn, they would still have the numbers.

      • Right. She hasnt won the HOH or done anything in the house except follow after Corey/Paul. On the feeds last night they discussed not going after Paulie until they find out about POV. Hope it doesnt get used and we see Corey/Nicole actually play the game vs agreeing to everything Paulie says for a change.

    • But if Victor doesn’t nominate Paulie, he could still play in veto and save himself AND Corey. Even if Paulie isn’t nominated, he has a 60% chance of playing in the veto. Nominating him straight up is a safer bet.

      • But here’s the twist: suppose corey wins veto, paulie is evicted but has round trip return — the week is extended by another week because essentially no one has been evicted this week.

      • Sure, but that wouldn’t have any effect on the “whether or not to nominate Paulie straight up discussion.”

  3. I have a feeling Paulie has the round trip ticket….that would be the worst thing ever…

    • I WOULD SCREAM AND FLIP A BED WORSE THAN AARYN if Paulie has that RT ticket! I would DIE LOL

    • Victor and James think they might (voiced) have it..but at this point not sure who does…if its not reveled on the 18th it is out of play..

    • I believe production swapped everyone’s ticket during the HOH competition so that everyone has the round trip ticket. This way, no matter who is evicted, their twist is not wasted.

      • No. They apparently have pronounced a Friday episode this week. so my guess is that this goes in two ways
        A- The Round trip ticket gets played and the friday episode is basically a clip episode
        B- The ticket does not get played and they hold a second battle back. or a Jury back like they usually do. apparently one of the producers hinted at that possibility in an interview.
        At least this is what I got from the BIg Brother Rob Podcast.

      • I think the houseguests should have an open ticket party after they go out of play to see who has it. I mean, production should allow it just to show there is one (or that there isn’t a switch).

      • Talk about tampering!

        This show is so rigged! So based on these forums! Oh well its still my kind of entertainment.

        I know… Pathetic eh? Lol

    • What is this show next Friday??? Will Da’Yvonne be coming back…I read something somewhere…Twitter maybe!

    • If he doesn’t have it, then it STILL would be the worst thing ever because there’s been talk of a jury buyback if no one has the return ticket by next Thursday. Paulie is the target this week, and he’s a fierce competitor so if he’s evicted, he might end up winning and coming right back into the house anyway.

  4. Just a scenario to consider….If V does put P & C OTB, and one of them wins veto and uses it on himself, even if Nicole got the CP and she couldn’t be evicted, could she still be put on the block just so no one else would have to? I don’t know how the CP rules are worded. If it just says she is safe from eviction and doesn’t say safe from nom then it seems possible, not necessary, but the person up there with her would have no doubt who was going home.

    • Safety means you can’t be on the block at all. Even if she didn’t have the package in theory she could win veto and save Corey. Michelle would be a pawn at that point and then Paul, James, Natalie can vote out the remaining target. One of those 3 are gone for sure this week.

    • Regardless of how it’s worded, I’m sure production wouldn’t let her be on the block if she had it.

    • Agreed. I thought the same thing. It says safe from EVICTION, not safe from the block. But I agree with Michael that it wouldn’t make sense for her to be immune & on the block.

  5. Paulie is such a misogynistic, self-righteous pig. His slut shaming and off comments about Bridgette being a feminist and perceiving that as wrong are f*cking disgusting. I do understand that for some houseguests in seasons past, the stress of the house gets to you, but I believe we are looking at the real Paulie. I truly believe that. And I also hope that his family is cringing at his wreckless and domineering behavior this season.

    • I could not have said it any better…and I have been saying since about day 3…when I got a feeling of “I don’t think I am going to like this guy.” He is an egomaniac with a temper who must be in control of every situation..and when things go against him…revenge is the only thing on his mind. He has a mob mentality. Who says on national TV that he is going to get his sister and cousins to beat up two girls? Pathetic.

    • His family is cringing for sure. Cody has done a couple of videos attempting to defend his family’s honor, and he also claims that Paul is a bad influence on Paulie, and Paul is the reason he’s acting “out of character”.

      • If Paul is such a bad influence then why is he only effecting Paulie in this wAy and not the others in the house?

  6. Its stupid for Victor and Paul not to continue with plan steamroll. It literally guarantees them final 5.

    • No that would be stupid since James, Corey, and Paulie already had a final 3. They are trying to win not be final 5. Pretty sure they plan to take out Paulie, Corey, and James over the next 3 weeks and then house the comps over the 3 girls to get final 2.

    • I thought I would never say this but I’m liking Victor this time around. I hope he makes it far. Now Paul that idiot needs to go. Next to Natalie he’s the biggest snake in the house. I get lying, backstabbing, blindsiding that’s part of the game that’s fun to watch. But making up lies about people is dirty playing to me and I don’t like that kind or personal kind of game playing. JMO

  7. I am sure Zakiyah’s family is not happy with her but even more so PISSED at this jerk. What was the point revealing they had sex? I know…. but that was so childish; it doesn’t make him look good. Gosh, I hope they had on protection.

    I hope Victor gets him on the block somehow (directly or BD) and to the Jury House. DaVonne and Bridgette keeps Zakiyah away from him in the Jury House. Michelle needs to stick by his side this week and annoy the mess out of him. (Frank wasn’t nearly as bad as Paulie. Not acceptable but not nearly as bad. Paulie was to the point where Michelle was afraid he was going to hit her… humph!)

    • What gets me Paulie shames Z but what about him. He was also involved in the act as well. Oh thats right he’s a man oops I mean child. I hope someone goes after him for slander. I forgot I just hope no baby was made.

      • I would not be surprised at all if a pregnancy occurred – Z was determined, but I sure hope not.

    • I saw on the internet they didnt have protection. Paulie boasted about it multiple times that he had sex with her without condoms.

    • His manchild ego was bruised so that’s why he admitted it. He and Michelle were having a convo, and Mich said that Zakiyah had been trash talking Paulie ever since she found out what Paulie’s been doing to Natalie, and that Z would only be snuggling up to him for strategy purposes (Z really said this), so it pushed Paulie over the edge.

  8. Can’t wait to see the trio’s face when Paulie and Corey goes on the block! It’s gonna be a long whiny week for Nicole.

  9. Yay Vic! So happy for him! Part of me loves that he’s making a big move and definitely getting out one of Paulie/Corey/Nicole, but I’m also scared he’s ruining his neutrality in the house, but let’s be real neither Paulie nor Corey really wanted to take Vic to the end. Fingers crossed Paul wins HOH next week.

    • Paul is the one that pushed Vic to take that shot. Assuming they are able to take out Paulie it’d be Paul, James, Natalie, and Michelle against Nicole and Corey for next HOH. They are sitting in a pretty good spot right now.

      • I hope they would understand Paul suggested it but Victor is the one who listened and went against “the executives”. Not sure it’ll come over well but as long as Paulie doesn’t win veto then all is good Buuuuut let’s not forget that there’s a 90% chance Paulie has the boomerang card bc production loves him.

      • You got that right! I’m afraid if no one has it they’ll still be someone coming back from jury to make up for it.

      • Between Nicole, Corey, and Paulie, one of them is definitely going home this week. Hopefully none of them have it, especially Paulie. If it doesn’t get revealed I’ll think they’ll do a returning juror comp, which Paulie would win if he’s there but I’m hoping Bridgette wins.

      • What’s up with the live show next Friday – another Battle Back competition maybe? Was any mention made about that after Julie mentioned it?

      • I’m guessing it’ll be a battle back, unless Corey, Nicole, or Paulie have the return card. As much as I dislike Paulie and want him out I kinda want Corey to go first since production wouldn’t waste it on him and then a returning juror can return, preferably Bridgette.

      • I think she meant a special episode in which there will be more revealed about the drama between Paulie and the girls

  10. Paul is probably in the best position in the house. He’s currently got the unwavering loyalty of the best competitor in the house in Victor. He’s got the support of the final 5 deal including Victor, James, Natalie, and Michelle. One of the 3 from Paulie, Nicole, and Corey will be gone this week and even if one of them gets in power next week Victor and possibly James would be their top target. He’s liked by everyone in the house on a social level and currently knows all the dynamics of the various alliances. He’s probably my favorite for now. Really hope the Sitting Ducks alliance goes far lol. It would be pretty funny if the guy evicted 3rd and the main target for week 4 ended up being the final 2.

    • I would love for he sitting ducks to be in the finale. I love Victor and Paul is hilarious.

    • I’ve just started to like Paul & it doesn’t bother me if he takes it to the end. His parents might have a healthy bank account but his may be in a deficient. Maybe ?

  11. So disappointed with Paulie, now what kind of family and friends does he have at home, talking about tearing and beating Natalie and Bridgette. He sounds like he come out of goodfellas.

  12. Well folks, I think Paulie is one of the most disgusting HGs that’s been on BB…ever! I hope he gets put in his place and sent right out the door this week and NO RT ticket, although my spidey senses tell me he might have it!

  13. Paulie you call yourself a tiger, well wait till the girls at Jersey see you’re a…… dirty rat!


    • They already know that according to his ex fiance friends.. She found out that he had been cheating on her with 5 women and had since returned his to his mom I believe. This was posted on Twitter by two of her friends.

  14. That DE last night was pathetic. Corey begging the guys to tell him what to do and they were acting deaf and dumb. *sigh* If a gal doesn’t get HOH this week I think I’m done. I would like to see Paulie or Victor evicted but at this stage of the game no one has the gumption to do it. Don’t forget to vote for safe week. It’s open for another two hours.

    • Well Vic is the new HOH and he’s putting up Paulie and Corey, no pawns this week. One of them will be going home.

    • “Like honestly…I don’t know what to do. Oh my God.”
      *stares blankly at the wall*

  15. Well…I just watched something that I thought was a little interesting…Evidently, Paulie was batshit mad crazy yesterday right before the live show when he found out Z was going..thanks to James who told Corey who then told Paulie…Natalie had just starting telling Paul and James how scared she was of Paulie and then the camera switches to another room…the London room wasn’t even on the other cameras either. Hey..production..why hide the actions of your golden boy…show the good and the bad..although with Califiore..it’s all bad.

  16. I do not understand why people are bashing Paulie so much! Natalie and Michelle keep getting under his skin and is what is making him get upset. And James and Paul are such back stabbers. I cannot believe people are supporting Michelle, Natalie, James,and Paul. They are horrible players and I hope none of them make it to top 5. I mean look at the way Michelle was acting yesterday. I hope Paulie gets America’s care package or the round trip ticket. I hope the top 3 is Paulie,Corey, and Nicole. Not the other horrible players.

    • Since I assume you can read, then I must also assume you just agree with Paulie’s take on women. I bet you have shoes on your porch.

      • He did not insult all women. Only Natalie and Michelle because of the way they acted. Some of his comments were not appropriate. I did not like what he did to Zakiyah. But Michelle’s behavior was not appropriate either.

      • You just blamed the women for Paulie’s actions. You have insulted women just as Paulie does.

      • Was there something I missed? I never saw Paulie disrespect the women. Was it on after dark?

      • If you haven’t kept up on this site or the feeds or BBAD, then yes – you have missed a lot. If you have kept up, then you are just like Paulie because he doesn’t see it either. Bye now.

      • I see the thing he said about Zakiyah did not like that. And read little bit about Natalie. However I did not watch BBAD. Maybe I would have different outlook.

      • He’s an habitual user. His fiance recently returned her ring after finding out he had been cheating on her with 5 women. This is according to her friends on Twitter.

      • According to her friends? Well in my opinion it would be best if heard from the original source. I never believe anything in this type if gossip until I hear it from the person affected..

      • You know this site is for everyone & give Sumit a chance to form an opinion.


        You are just berating someone that worded some posts wrong & has already stated that her opinion is changing. But wants more info.

        What is it to you if they have a different take on the feeds anyway?

        Maybe Sumit feels sorry for him or I don’t know. Everyone has their own opinion & their own experiences to draw from.

        It’s ok….. Relax…. Life is good…. Enjoy the day.

      • Tink – thanks – yeah, I know, I was a little curt in the Sumit response and I was really appreciative when one responder gave that person instructions on how to go back and read or see the feeds and then later when Sumit seemed and stated he/she was more informed. I appreciate the site and the people and admit my comments can use some feedback sometimes, so thanks and I will try to be more considerate as I know I can be quite a smartass sometimes and it’s not always as funny as I think it is. Sorry.

      • I hear y’all! I think I need to pull back the reins sometimes in real life too often as my sense of humor can be taken out of context & I never mean to hurt ppl.
        I didn’t mean to call you out and hope it’s all good! ??

      • Sorry I did not read feeds before posting comment. I agree that Paulie was wrong and should not win.

      • He insulted all women especially every woman in the state of New Jersey including his sister because she is a Jersey girl too. Maybe you like men that will put you in your place like he said he and his boy’s back home do.

      • I am from New Jersey too. I just saw that comment now when I saw the feeds. He insulted our state. This is not what our state needs . The Jersey shore tv show and housewives have already made our state look bad and now him. I am really disappointed.

      • If you agree with how badly Paulie treated Z and can’t find anything wrong with his behavior then there is nothing much to say. The least the guy could have done was use the Veto on her. He had the power to keep her in the game.

      • Linda, you ‘must’ wait for Sumit to read the feeds & decide for him/herself…

        I didn’t realize a lot of stuff either.
        But, I thought Paulie was a d-bag before coming to the lake and his attitude toward Z was terrible.

        But i’ll read more & form my own opinion, thank you….


    • Nice to see you stick up for a bully. If Paulie keeps this up he WILL end up in jail or better yet prison. And the excuses you use are just horrendous. He has the problem.

      • I did not see any bullying on the episode only Michelle was bullying Nicole and Paulie. Was there something I may have missed on Big Brother after dark.

      • Take advantage of the live feeds free trial and use the rewind function. Look back at some of the time stamps listed in the highlights. You will have a totally new outlook on good guy Paulie.
        The broadcast didn’t show him also laughing and telling the guys he had unprotected sex with Zakiyah on several occasions. But it happened. He said it

      • I never realized because I know he is Cody’s brother. I was a Cody fan. Now I read the feeds. I have just watched the show and not any BBAD’s. Cody was much better. I cannot believe Paulie is talking this way.

      • You missed a ton of awful stuff and if you had witnessed it you would in no way support Paulie.

    • Paulie will never get a care package..Most of us can’t stand him…especially feeders who see everything..I pray he does not have the RT ticket. Once he’s gone..he needs to stay gone.

      • It would be nice if the had some special jewelry waiting for him when he gets out for threats. Just hoping.

      • It won’t happen here, but no doubt he’s heading for the silver bracelets sometime anyway.

      • People’s personas in the BB House don’t often match what they’re like in the outside world.

      • And I won’t try to sway you otherwise. I just believe in giving people second chances. Especially since we’re well aware how stressful it is living in that house all summer.

      • Evidently his fiance didn’t believe in second chances after finding out he had been cheating on her with 5 women. That says a lot about his character and how he views women outside the house too.

      • Obviously the fiancé was aware that Paulie would always be promiscuous – married or not. Smart girl.

      • Normally I would agree with you saturn0205. Unfortunately, I know this guy. I grew up with this guy. If this boy acts this way in front of America during the feeds, this is how he is in real life. This isn’t stress induced.

      • Stress or no stress Paulie had no right treating Z the way he did. Corey and James may not be perfect but they seem to treat Nic and Nat with respect and I’m sure if the guys had an opportunity to use the veto on the girls, they would.

      • I agree, but it does seem that Paulie likes to manipulate in or outside and this is how he gets his way. The way he treats women and how he speaks to them has nothing to do with the game and this seems to be his own personal views.

      • I truly hope that any woman who would even consider marrying a jerk like Paulie was first a viewer of BB.

      • But as do not think disloyal people like Paul and Michelle should get it either. I would not mind Nicole and Corey getting America’s Package or RT. Based on what I am reading I think Corey would be the best choice since he is the most loyal.

      • There’s a big difference in being disloyal in gameplay and attacking people on a personal level when things are not going your way.

      • I rather have half a million dollars and continue with my life without having to see any of these people in my life again. They are strangers that move in together for a few months and there is no need for “friendship” or to continue any time of relationship after the show. This is why older people who don’t care what others think should be cast. Not these teeny boppers that worry too much about America liking them or how the rest of the HGs will react if they get nominated. I think respecting yourself and others is all you need to do when in this house. Loyalty to a certain point while lying and then backstabbing will get you further.

      • You do know that there are some honorable people that would find it difficult to lie and backstab when it became necessary to do so? They can’t have all Alpha males playing the game and we shouldn’t expect them all to behave as Alpha males.

      • I do understand, but once in that house you realize that separating real life from the game is more important or might as well ask to get kicked out. I have yet to see a winner who has not lied and back stabbed to get ahead.

      • Well Sam, everyone in the world isn’t just like you and some people are honorable to the point that it’s detrimental to their game.

      • Name a player who was so honorable in all of the seasons you have watched. Like I said. Your real life views tend to disappear once you are in the game.

      • He only seems to be loyal to Paulie if they made it to final 2. How does that make him better than Paul or Michelle?

      • I do not like Paulie. Corey is only loyal to Paulie because that was his friend. Corey is kind of odd therefore he does not have too many friends in the house.

      • I hope he does have the return ticket! Then everyone will continue to actually play harder.

        I think whoever they vote out next week will have it cuz isn’t it the last night for it to be active?

        Lmk if I’m wrong on that please?!


    • Michelle and Natalie are exposing his schemes and him getting upset about it is his own personal narcissistic issues. They have nothing to do with how he chooses to handle being upset. So it was OK when he was degrading the women and talking behind their backs with his “boys”.

      • I think Michelle is too strong. She insulted Nicole in front of everyone and then started fake crying. I am not crazy about her. I also no longer like Paulie:

      • I agree, what Michelle said to Nicole on live TV was cruel but since M.’s such a mean girl I shouldn’t be surprised.

      • For me it’s one of the 3 Paulie, Nicole Corey in that order!

        I think michelle is trying to make amends but hard to tell what the hell she’s doing cuz she cries so dang much!! Holy moly!

      • After all of the horrible things you have read about Paulie why do you think Michele should be the one to go this week? I really thought you were coming around.

      • I was mistaken. Paulie should go. But what if he has RT ticket. If he goes next week he cannot use it.

    • People like them because they are knocking paulie down a few pegs. Paulie’s been a total jackass.

      • But I am sorry I cannot stand the others either. I liked last season better. The cast was better.

    • If someone gets under your skin that’s you (Paulie) ALLOWING IT!

      Paulie should be able to keep his frustrations in check.

      But please don’t say it’s them getting under his skin. Perhaps he doesn’t like them & gets annoyed by them but his actions & voice is his own! And his own doing by LETTING it get to him.

      • He should control his mouth and temper. I see what you are saying. Nicole stayed calm when Michelle insulted her.

      • Everyone is responsible for their own reaction to things said or done to them etc…. Ppl need to control themselves & not blame their actions or REACTIONS on what was said or done to them.

    • There’s no reason for Paulie to be as aggressive as he’s been acting towards the girls. Furthermore, teasing a girl about her body is disgusting, and Paulie’s also made remarks about every girl who lives in Jersey. That’s prob. that reason he’s getting so much hate.

    • He has nothing else on her, but that. He doesn’t know these people and can only make assumptions.
      It sounded like he was threatening Natalie by saying his sisters will beat her up and his boys will do what he does to her. How far will this idiot go to make himself look more pathetic.
      Natalie should report this right after the show just to make him sh.. his pants.

    • And why??? Lots of women have their boobs done! So what & big deal!
      Whatz it to him anyway??

      I don’t know much about Jersey but didn’t all the Jersey shore girls have theirs done? Or by now have them done?

      But really…. If that’s all he has on her…… NEXT….
      ? Heh heh!

  17. After rereading the comments now, I think I am Corey and Nicole supporter and not Paulie supporter. However, I still do not support James, Natalie, Paul, and Michelle.

    • Thank you for keeping an open mind and checking it out. Not all people can do that. Again thank you!

    • Yeah, I’ve always liked Nicole and Corey. I don’t think their game strategy has been fantastic, but they made it this far, so they’ve done something right.

      • If only Corey had consulted Nicole during the DE instead of the guys. The fact that he didn’t include Nicole makes it apparent to me that he has no problem clipping her later on.
        I’m not liking this about Corey at all.
        Unless something has happened on the feeds that I don’t know about Corey is stupid to trust the untrustworthy paulie over Nicole.

      • He’s been down with Paulie since day 1. They have F2.
        The original plan was for Cory to cling to Nicole for info but they fell for each other. The same plan was for Paulie & Z. They were supposed to use each other for info. Not an actual showmance

      • I was too busy during the 1st week of BB to know about this before now so thanks for explaining this very important piece of info.
        Doesn’t Corey realize Paulie had a final 2 with everyone? I’m hoping Corey will start trusting Nicole instead of Paulie as far as gameplay goes because Paulie has turned out to be an idiot by not letting Paul have his dam way over Michelle.

      • True but I’m so glad they got rid of Z. Now I hope Paul can relate to michelle & they are both safe until final 5

      • I’m so happy Zak left too; not because I disliked her but because I wanted her safe from Paulie.

      • Still not sure that Corey “fell” for Nicole, but it seems for sure Nicole is serious about Corey.

      • But, he was evicted once so, I do not feel he should win. I like Corey and Nicole. Now, I am no longer a Paulie fan. I am really disappointed. I read the feeds and I now I understand. Cody was much better.

      • Nicole and Corey are floaters up Paulie’s behind. I don’t think that Corey getting lucky and winning HOH was a big thing just like when Brigitte won. I don’t see him winning again (hopefully) Nicole is not throwing Paulie or Corey under the bus as they like to say and she is a loyal idiot and I hope Victor puts her up.

      • I am not too sure how I feel about Victor. I do not know if Nicole will throw people under the bus. Some reason this season the cast is not that good. I liked last season better. I liked Steve, Shelli, Becki and Johnny Mac. Wish one of them came back instead of the 4 they brought back.

      • Loved J mac and could not stand Shelli and Steve. I’m more about the nicer people and if they get far floating, at least it worked for them. James and Meg were great last season. He is horrible this one.

      • I did not like Meg since she did not do much. I hated Vanessa. Glad Tiffany was sent home she would have been a nightmare. Paulie reminds me of Vanessa. He is nothing like Cody.

      • But he won the Veto too & sure was hustling when I was watching……good on him! I think he has it in him & I sure hope Nic or Paulie leave this week! Imo

      • He did win that veto fairly. He is supposedly an athlete so I don’t know what he has been doing all this time floating away. I can’t stand him and I think he is lying to Nicole about his attraction to women.

      • I completely agree. I think the poor guy is in denial about who he really is and because of that I feel sorry for him. I still don’t like him very much, but I feel for him. It’s got to really suck to not know who you really are or be able to be who you are.

      • I thought Cody was quite the gentleman. I suspect he might not have the RAGE that Paulie does?!

      • If Victor is smart he won’t make new enemies out of the potential jurors still in the house.

      • Having Paulie as an enemy is only 1 vote. Getting rid of the best player right now is the best move and the non bitter jurors will give him the prize for it.

      • But soon someone from their side of the house will have to go up OTB and when they realize where they stand in the pecking order the backstabbing begins.

      • yes, and hopefully most of the jury won’t be bitter and understand each had to do what was best for their game. Except for Paulie of course.

      • True, but since the world isn’t perfect Victor needs to think about making new enemies that he doesn’t need and losing jury votes.
        I’d like to see him put up one person from each side; say Paulie and Natalie. That way he doesn’t completely show his hand.

  18. Well, it took 8 weeks, but we FINALLY have a game! And just in time for me to be out of work for the rest of the summer, so now I can be on the feeds all the time!

  19. Paulie had a wild bang with Zakiyah? ROFL. The things we don’t see if we just watch the regular show…

  20. We are looking at this the wrong way everyone. Yes I can’t believe what a douche Paulie is but with all things considered, should he be evicted this week, then he can at least kiss Z in the jury house. Well, that is if both DAY and Bridgette don’t get to her first. Why wasn’t he man enough to admit he had sex with her while she was there, not saying it didn’t happen but question more why he didn’t say it before. Nevermind, I got my own answer as I typed this.

    • He could be lying. Paulie likes to degrade women and when he’s annoyed and doesn’t have anything intelligent to say, he’ll pick on something related to their body or intelligence. I don’t doubt Z did more than she should have, but she is clearly infatuated and he will continue to take advantage of that until the show ends.

      • It wasn’t lie….I’m glued to the live feeds. Either they had sex or really hard grinding. Grinding with heavy breath smh. I’ll have to research the time stamps. But the one I witnessed was yesterday around 5ish (am)

      • “The broadcast didn’t show him also laughing and telling the guys he had
        unprotected sex with Zakiyah on several occasions. But it happened. He
        said it” posted by another poster

      • You’re doing a great job butterfly – keep us posted on the latest going ons in the house. :D

      • The latest latest…Paulie is talking to himself, he’s the only one awake. But he’s planning to expose his hand and come clean with his deals. He will do this after noms. He is going to expose everyone else also.
        I’m sure he will have limited exposure for himself,Natalie & Cory

      • He’s going to rat out Corey and Nicole?
        Dislike is turning to disgust where paulie is concerned.

      • I’m sure he will give very little details about them 3. He will probably reveal his deals with everyone else and probably say they were fake deals. Hopefully noms are today so we will see just how he reveals.
        He is still red hot at Natalie, Michelle & James

      • Well let’s hope Paulie has at least a little bit of honor then.
        James has been a big disappointment too with his sneaky, cowardly approach to the game.
        Natalie is mad at Nicole because when Victor returned to the house he was flirting shamelessly with Nic, much to Nic’s chagrin.
        Victor was probably upset about nat’s farewell message and was trying to make her jealous and she fell for it. This explains her burning hatred of Nicole.

    • “The broadcast didn’t show him also laughing and telling the guys he had
      unprotected sex with Zakiyah on several occasions. But it happened. He
      said it” This came from another poster

  21. Paulie makes me sick…admits that he and Z have been having sex, but he doesn’t kiss her…no, just treat her like a prostitute..you pig!!!! Wouldn’t it be something if she ends up pregnant.

      • But then her reply to Julie when asked if there’s a future with him she still said she’s open to it.

        OMG!!! What an answer! Couldn’t believe it!!

        He didn’t take her down & then boinked her…. Then she gets voted out! Sure hope he was stunned by that! Foolish players!

        Go James!

        Go Nat!!

        Goodbye Paulie, Cory (who’s he?) and Nicoleuuha!

      • But Zak still was able to give a better interview than giggling Bridgette, who never met a question that she could completely evade answering .
        Can anyone decipher Bridge’s answers to Julie because I sure couldn’t.

      • I wasn’t shocked. I knew she kept thinking this abusive man will be her future husband the whole time. Many women don’t understand or realize that they are in an abusive relationship. Although I don’t see anything serious happening for those two in the future and I don’t think they were in a relationship I think in her head she thinks they are and this will hurt her badly. The best will be for her to learn from her mistakes, many times women continue to repeat it and end up getting in several abusive relationships that not all end well.

      • I hope she gets some self awareness help! Just my opinion. Unless she ‘faked’ it all?!

      • The way she looked when talking to Julie didn’t seem fake to me. In the DR she will privately say one thing and do the opposite. I don’t think her tears were because she got evicted, but because she won’t be with Paulie.
        When does Jeff interview her? I would love to hear some of his questions about her being a leach. Does he even go there?

  22. The conversation between Victor and Nicole was very entertaining and uncomfortable to watch. Victor was talking to Nicole like she was a school girl and she was acting like it. I do hope he puts Nicole and Corey on the block and takes down Nicole so she can vote Paulie out and not her boy toy. Putting Paulie up will make him win veto and he will be coming after Vic.

    • He can come after them all he wants… He’s now outnumbered 5 to 3, soon to be 5 to 2 lol

  23. What happens if Bridgette got most of the votes for this week’s CP? Do they go down the list to the next HG with most votes?

    • Yes. And if the second person wins HOH in this particular week (plus the week when the co-HOH package comes along), the third person will be the recipient so every single vote counts.

  24. *Yawn* Paulie and his tall tales, I imagine by now he’s saying he had sex with Zak 50 times in the bumper car and she had to leave the house in a wheelchair. Can’t wait to see him leave this week.

  25. I hope this plan pushes through. SIck of Paulie at this point. Him being a wannabee Derrick isn’t really working for him and he’s bound to make an oversight of his gameplay.

    Derrick on the other hand did the complete opposite in his season as his social game made him look less of a threat and become a trusting ally to everyone’s eyes.

  26. Z and Paulie are both knuckleheads for not wrapping it up every time they did the deed (Paulie admitted so, and he said that Z was also on birth control). STDs are rampant in this country so it’s not very smart with them not knowing the other’s history ..and the word is, Paulie cheated on his ex with 5 different women. His nude pics that have been floating around on the internet seem to confirm this. Paulie’s just a real scumbag for how he bragged to his “bros” V and Paul about having sex with Z five times. This cast is a mess.

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