‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Who Was Voted Out Last Night & Who Won HoH

Ready to find out who was voted off Big Brother 18 last night and what happened with the potential Round Trip ticket? It was a busy night on Thursday as Da’Vonne Rogers and Bridgette Dunning faced off for the votes to stay in the game.

Julie Chen with BB18 nominees

Da’Vonne was caught off guard by her allies turning on her and now it looks like Bridgette could survive to fight another week, but with the power building on one side of the house will there be anyway to overcome the mounting odds no matter who stays?

Ready to find out who was voted out and who takes control next? Here is our live recap for Thursday with the latest BB18 results. You can download our Big Brother App, find us on Facebook & Twitter, and get our Email Updates so you never miss anymore Big Brother spoilers all summer.

Julie makes a big announcement: Jury is here! All the current Houseguests have made the cutoff for Jury so no one else will be going home but rather off to Jury, unless they’ve got that Round Trip ticket of course!

First up we’ve got the vote but remember that even when one of these nominees is voted out her game might not be over. We’ve got to wait and see if Julie Chen reveals a Round Trip or One Way ticket inside the next evictee’s Big Brother Airlines envelope. Being sent right back inside the game could present a big shock to the house and change the course of the game.

Big Brother 18 Week 6 Votes:

  • Paulie votes to evict: Da’Vonne
  • Zakiyah votes to evict: Bridgette
  • Nicole votes to evict: Da’Vonne
  • Michelle votes to evict: Bridgette
  • Victor votes to evict: Da’Vonne
  • Corey votes to evict: Da’Vonne
  • James votes to evict: Da’Vonne
  • That’s enough votes.
  • Natalie votes to evict: Da’Vonne

By a vote of 6-2, Da’Vonne Rogers has been evicted from the Big Brother house.

Big Brother 18 – Week 6’s Trip Ticket:

  • Julie reveals this week’s ticket is… One Way. Da’Vonne is done.

Time to crown a new Head of Household with a week’s safety and the power to name two nominees. We’ve got an endurance competition coming up, but will we get to watch it on the Live Feeds? Let’s hope so!

BB18 Week 7 HoH comp

Houseguests must hang on as their are spun around. You’ve seen this comp every season. So who will last the longest? First 3 to drop will be next week’s Have-Nots.

Big Brother 18 Week 7 HoH comp – Harsh Hashtags:

Julie reveals next Thursday will be our first Double Eviction of the season! Get ready.

Don’t like how this week’s comp turned out? Then be sure to keep voting in the America’s Care Package for the second round. This week’s power will be the chance to nullify two of the upcoming votes for Week 7. That could be enough to sway the game and change the target.

Lots of big events coming up this weekend with the nominations and Veto comp so before to check back in with us over the next few days for more spoilers as we go.

When tonight’s episode ends we’ll be racing back to the Big Brother Feeds to watch the rest of tonight’s HoH comp! Join us on there with the Live FeedsFree Trial & see what the fun is all about.



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  1. Let me set this straight.
    »Even if Da’vonne gets evicted tonight, she most likely/has to have the round trip ticket.
    »Explanation: There is a poster in the house that says “Ocho rios is the dream destination”. Translation: Eight rivers. Da’vonne has chosen round trip ticket #8 so she should have the ticket.

    #TEAM DA’

  2. Swiiinngg and… she’s outta here!!!! No swing & miss here, DaVonne!

  3. This is the only website that i visit, that freezes up my computer. A couple of other people have said this too, has anyone ever contacted them about it?

  4. Christmas Corey doesn’t really like Nic. well, the order is goat..dog..then Nic. lol

  5. So James screws up and you blame Nicole. Ok Day that’s why you’re going. Girl with the attitude needs to go.

    • For some reason Da really has a hard on for Nicole. Jealousy or maybe she is just afraid of her

  6. I just had something happen when I hit the post button. A screen came up that said something happened on the Disqus site that caused an issue..something like that. I reloaded and it came back. It was strange.

  7. Hoping Day stays or has the round trip ticket. If not, I’m hoping Natalie wins HOH and starts playing her own game. She has a lot of potential!!!!

    • Natalie has no chance at this endurance comp she won’t win any competitions it’s at the jury stage of the game and natalie only wanted to get to jury so time for her to go to jury

      • I think she’s a floater because she’s doing everything James tells her to do. She’s aware of what’s going on in the house but she’s ignoring it because James is behind her ear telling her what to do.

  8. Day is begging for Natalie’s vote but then she turns around and throws her under the bus.

  9. A Bentley ? Wow mom has expensive taste. Paul won’t have much money left after that.

  10. Paul and Paulie are so desperately trying to be “the hitmen 2” it’s nauseating

    • I wondered that to, it’s annoying. They haven’t done it as much this year, maybe they told them to cut it out at the beginning of the season

    • When Julie opens the envelope there’s no number. Where is everybody seeing these numbers?

      • I was wondering the same thing. I watched it a few times to find this number (8).

      • It does not really matter as Davonne had the envelope in her hands. Julie did open it in front of everyone including the house guests in the Big Brother House so, there is no hocus pocus.

  11. So much for Ocho Rios theory. It better not be Paulie, then the game is truly rigged.

    • I,ve thought it was rigged many times,when someone breaks a rule and gets away with it and others are called out for doing the same thing, then production is playing favorites and want certain people to win and do whatever they can to make sure it happens

  12. Blame everyone else Day when you created the entire mess that got you evicted.

      • Hey girlfriend. Yep I like Bridgette more and more. Didn’t like her in the beginning. It’s funny when she was with Natalie and Bronte they were the mean girls. Now Michelle and Z are the mean girls and Natalie is with them instead of Bridgette.

    • Z definitely knew. As if last night Michelle didn’t. Buy maybe she was told during down time

  13. I do hope Natalie start playing the game/her game now that she made it this far, jury; now it is time to play for the grand prize.

  14. Matthew just a heads up, page freezes on desktop using firefox for me. I saw a comment that someone else had the same problem. Using my phone now… Thanks.

  15. Why are so many people glad that Da’Vonne is gone? She’s one of the few people willing to go after Paulie (which really is just like her, Natalie and possibly Michelle). Is she really that much less palatable for people than people like Paulie, Paul and Nicole?

    • I was team Day all the way. I don’t have the desire to root for anyone now

    • She did it to herself by turning on her own alliance. Then she gets an attitude. I liked her in the beginning but her true colors came out just like last year.

    • She has “an attitude, stank face, lies, put people against each other, has favorites, doesn’t fake her emotions, talk about others, walks out the room, talks too much, etc….”. The same things others are doing (in their own way). I really wasn’t rooting for anyone but she was playing the game and being disliked for it.

      • I said I was done when Frank was voted out and I am but I heard on spoilers she was getting voted out & I said I’d be back to watch & I did & enjoyed every second of it. Problem with her was she did exactly what she always accused Frank of doing so why was her doing it any different in her mind. Frank atleast had a nice personally he didn’t talk about EACH player & down them in his DR sessions like Da’vonne did every single week about every single person in the house. She hated on everyone all the time, Frank basically did it just to her. So that was the difference IMO. She’s just a NASTY, mean individual who only likes ppl who like her back

      • Someone who sexually harasses people does not have a nice personality, and there’s a reason why the majority of the people he played with disliked him. And while I admit Da’Vonne became extremely contrived on the television show (she wasn’t my favorite by any means), at least at one point she was able to give DR’s that weren’t scripted.

      • Humph! The one who is bred for this who belittles someone (who is only pretending to like someone and playing with her feelings, laughing about making her cry), the one who slapped folks on the behind, sexually harassed others (stated below) has a better personality. Let’s not forget all the other lies told by other house guest and all the bad talking about others by the Spy Girls and Michelle…. I doubt many others likes those who dislike them.

      • So when Frank and Bridgette were talking crap about other HGS that was just his nice personality but when Da says things in DR she’s just a horrible human being?

  16. Crazy how the vets played aweful games. James and Nicole did a good job of playing the new game, which is all about laying low and “floating”. Instead Day and Frank just immediately decide to play the old game of manipulating and lying and becoming that person that everyone knows has to go. Paul is starting to grow on me tho, and I’m a big James fan.

  17. Da’Vonne played too hard again. Should have known she would when I predicted her to win. Now I think Paulie is the favorite to win. I’ll miss Da’Vonne on the feeds.

    • Actually she was boring on the feeds the last week. All she did was read her bible. She wouldn’t even socialize.

  18. I’m betting on Nat..I think she’ll be good on this kind of comp…I hope they show the whole thing on feeds!..for heaven sake!

  19. Great… the feeds are already not letting me. It’s just a blank white page when I go to the website… HA

  20. Should be a great week. The DE next week will follow a vote where 1 houseguest has prevented 2 others from voting. Depending on who wins this HOH, this week could be very interesting

  21. Soooooo sad. I really wanted that golden ticket to be in Julie’s hand tonight.
    Ok. Back to the game. Hit Corey and Paulie and I hope that Michelle wins and if Victor will use that wonderful info Da gave him to put up Paulie, then I hope he gets it this week.
    Corey is gigantic and should fall any minute now, and Nicole needs to go right after or before him.

  22. Ugh, this comp always looks so painful.

    Anyway, hallelujah, Da’Vonne is gone with no chance to return! I can watch the feeds with no worries now. Even if Paul gets on my nerves, at least he’s entertaining at times.

    • Paulie, Paul, Nicole, Victor, Zakiyah, James, and Corey have all exhibited much virulent behavior than Da’Vonne (who I don’t really care for much anymore.) I don’t think the feeds will be any better.

      • Da’ annoyed me, though. She was obnoxious and just plain mean, not to mention a bad sport. The others have annoying behavior, as well, with Michelle and Paul being the worst of them, but Da’ made me turn off the feeds.

      • Day turned out to be such a spiteful person that I found her unwatchable too. I loved that Julie asked Day about focusing too much on getting Frank out.

      • Annoying? Try appaling. Paulie bullies other in the house and mistreats Zakiyah horribly, not only did he berate her but he was proud to make her cry when he was talking to his bros. Paul and Victor were shown to love this behavior and they have no problem demeaning Natalie at any opportunity, calling FT (fake t***ies). Paulie said that they need to “humble” her because she was too “sassy” when she won the care package.
        Nicole has no issue throwing women under the bus in any situation and revels in the male attention that she receives, especially from Paulie. She is always has a satisfied expression when she throws women under the bus. Corey had to delete racist tweets before the season began and he and his frat bros tried to set a goat on fire. I don’t think Da’Vonne being annoying is worse than any of this.

  23. Part of me wants Michelle to win but I’m afriad she’ll be an idoit and put up Bridgette. Michelle needs to nominate Paulie and have him go home.

  24. I can’t wait for the ice comp. I’m not sure what is called, but Nicole fell a lot during her season. They have to slide on ice and pour liquid into this large container. Today’s is my second fave. I can’t watch it until Sunday though.

  25. Live feeds showing the competition. I can’t believe it!! As figured, James threw it

  26. Just think, if Zak wins she can have paulie with her in the HOH all week!
    That could motivate her to hang on all night long.

  27. Well, I guess the Ocho Rios theory does not hold water after all. Quite possible too the round trip ticket might not turn up. There is probably 2 weeks left to use that ticket. Now, the care package with the joint HOH, I will be voting that, depending on who is left.

    • The round trip ticket has 3 more chances to show up in the next 2 weeks with next week’s DE. I am guessing that the gameplan for production is that next week may be the only DE of the season unless someone comes back with the RT ticket. If someone does come back, BB will need an extra eviction

    • If Z did win, that will be the true test to see if she’s in the game or not. Paulie does not look like he is really trying so maybe he want Vic to win and he’ll drop after Z drops

  28. Z is in the zone..Hasn’t move or change her position….and she’s not smiling. lol

  29. And now Z’s threatening to be sick. WTH is going on with these HGs? It’s not even spinning as fast as previous years!

    • Paul doesn’t seem to be aware that this comp is being shown live and keeps on singing.

      • Vic did it too, though, but I guess we can’t blame them. This is the first time they’ve shown an endurance comp on the feeds all season.

      • At least we’re getting a more authentic view of the comp since some of them don’t realize it’s live.

  30. I don’t care who is HOH as long as they put up James! He said he was going to throw this comp and his reward for doing it should be getting voted out.

  31. Victor should win, but hopefully he won’t let Paulie manipulate his noms. I really like Natalie, but she is too chicken to go against James.

  32. Um… okay, is it just me or is Victor’s rope coming apart? Anyone else watching this?

    • James might be worried about being put in the position of choosing her or another side if she decides to make a move that he doesn’t agree with.

      • Right. James does not want Paulie to see him cheering for her. Now Nat will be viewed as a “threat” . There definition of “threat” differs from others

  33. If she drops, I fear they will target her and James stating that she is the strongest girl and a big threat (all because of this comp).

  34. James just commented that if Natalie and Vic stay up there much longer, production will think twice about giving them endurance comps in the future.

  35. Victor will have a hard time handing this to Nat. He has hard feelings toward her about her message when he was evicted. Payback.

  36. Well Paulie just planted the seed…seeing your mom is one thing, nominating 2 people is the hard part. Victor seconded that. So now she’s considering dropping. If you can’t put people on the block then you shouldn’t be in the house.

    • Can’t say they’re wrong, though, that’s always the hardest part about being the HOH.

  37. James just needs to promise Natalie the best massage and that he’ll pamper her and spread glitter all over her HOH room. That might work ;)

    • He’s a coward and won’t announce wanting her to win too loudly. Don Paulie is there and might hear him.

  38. Paul is stupid funny. James Pain is temporary, Michelle HOH is a whole week and Paul says friendship is a lifetime.

  39. Come on Natalie, you made it to the jury stage, now it is time to go for the big prize (and a letter from home and glitter).

  40. Also, SamsaraJello, did you hear that joke about Cirque de Soleil? I didn’t quite catch it.

    • I wonder if he actually turns on the guys and gets with the girls and James. He has nothing to lose.

  41. 1 hour and 49 minutes official time. Good job, HGs. Much better than last year’s performance.