‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Who Won HoH Week 7?

We’ve got our first Head of Household endurance competition on the Live Feeds! We just saw Da’Vonne Rogers evicted from Big Brother 18, now are you ready to find out who will be the new HoH after hanging on the longest in this week’s comp?

Big Brother 18 HoH Comp Week 7

We’ve got everyone but Paul up for the challenge and they’ll be hanging on while being spun around in a circle. You know this comp. This time around the HGs are getting hit by “Harsh Hashtags” to make them spin and fall down.

So who did win the Big Brother HoH comp tonight?

Big Brother 18 – Week 7 endurance results:

  • 7:02 PM BBT – Feeds are back! James & Bridgette are already out. Sheesh.
  • 7:09 PM BBT – Corey is out! He’s the 3rd Have-Not of the week.
  • 7:15 PM BBT – Michelle, Natalie, Paulie, Nicole, Zakiyah, & Victor remain
  • 7:17 PM BBT – Michelle starts puking. Falls off. Continues to puke in a bucket.
  • 7:20 PM BBT – Michelle is sitting on the sidelines crying about falling, about her puke, about who has to clean up her puke.
  • 7:27 PM BBT – The “Trolls” arrive to hit Michelle now that she’s stopped puking and crying.
  • 7:30 PM BBT – We’ve still got Natalie, Zakiyah, Nicole, Paulie, & Victor in the comp.
  • 7:35 PM BBT – Both Natalie and Nicole are saying they’re close to vomiting.
  • 7:41 PM BBT – Nicole fell! She almost landed in the puke too.
  • 7:45 PM BBT – Zakiyah looks good. Natalie has mentioned vomiting. Victor is somewhat quiet. Paulie is over the top boasting.

  • 7:50 PM BBT – Zakiyah asks Natalie how she feels. Natalie says not good.
  • 7:54 PM BBT – Zakiyah falls!
  • 7:55 PM BBT – Paulie is out too! Only Natalie and Victor remain.
  • 7:56 PM BBT – Natalie peed herself. She isn’t dropping for a potty break.
  • 8:00 PM BBT – Natalie pleading with Victor, but he won’t drop.
  • 8:05 PM BBT – Victor gave the thumbs up when Paul asked how he was doing. Natalie regains her footing.
  • 8:10 PM BBT – Natalie still pleading with Victor to give it to her. He says not but promises they won’t put each other up. Natalie says “okay, cool.”
  • 8:15 PM BBT – Natalie has been telling the peanut gallery that she doesn’t know if she can keep going, but she’s hanging on. Victor is quiet.
  • 8:20 PM BBT – Both are holding on strong.
  • 8:25 PM BBT – Victor looks very solid, but he’s being quiet. Natalie continues to make comments but she’s hanging in there.
  • 8:27 PM BBT – Natalie asks for confirmation that Victor won’t put her up… then says she’ll hang on a bit longer.
  • 8:35 PM BBT – Natalie wonders if she’ll get glitter in her HoH basket. That doesn’t sound like someone giving up to me!
  • 8:37 PM BBT – Natalie says “this is the most pain I’ve ever been in!” Lots of “owwww” comments from her.

  • 8:40 PM BBT – Natalie is whimpering. Says she can’t do it anymore.
  • 8:45 PM BBT – Natalie has resumed begging Victor to let her win. Then she switches back to saying she’ll drop but doesn’t.
  • 8:50 PM BBT – Natalie is down! She got a promise of safety then finally gave up and dropped. Victor is the new HoH!

Congrats to Victor Arroyo, the new Head of Household.

What do you think of these results? Jump on the Feeds right now to see what happens next!

Nominations are coming up on Friday already so get ready for those spoilers soon then Power of Veto comp will be held on Saturday. It’ll be a very busy weekend! Download our Big Brother App then join us on Facebook & Twitter for the updates.


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      • Did not see the puke! Would not want to! I know it is a very tough comp! Your arms and legs start burning and you feel sharp pains all over so no one should saying crap! I know myself the worst part would be the spinning as that would make me puke too! Spinning comps are better for the girls! Woman handle stuff that like better than men in most cases! Surprised and sad Vic beat Natalie! I want Natalie to win HOH so much! She was so close!

      • I wasn’t talking about that time at all..it was what she did later with only Z in attendance.

      • Oh ok thanks! Computer having issues when try and type earlier! Sick of the fake cries with and Z!

  1. I hope Zakiyah wins HOH. I don’t want Nicole or Paulie to win though and somehow I doubt Natalie is going to win but we’ll see. If Victor wins he’ll most likely do what “PP” wants him to do so I don’t really want him winning it either.

  2. I want Z or Vic to win. I want to see how Paulie tries to influence Z and what she’ll do about it. And I want to see what Vic will do with the info Da gave him.

  3. Time for Paulie to enact the next leg of his plan. He needs to win HOH so he can put up Z. Yeah Z…you’d better hang on or you are gone.

  4. Natalie! Please win this and play a really good game this week! I’m rooting for her!

    • I’m glad she lost. James would of been HOH just like if Z won Paulie would have been HOH.

      • I’m not so sure. She has been showing a little independence in some of her statements. However I could be TOTALLY wrong.

      • Paulie and Paul are already saying who needs to go up. Wonder if Victor is going to play his own HOH. And Z has been talking to Paulie and she’s just going along with everything he says. He’s talking like an arrogant ass to her and she’s just agreeing with everything. SMH

      • Paulie is an arrogant ass and someone needs to put him in his place,any man who says some of the things he said to z or any other woman needs an old fashioned butt whooping,and no amt of threats from him or money would keep me or any other REAL man would keep from doing just that,he,s a POS punk

      • I agree with you about James taking the control of her HOH week; I like her, but I really want to see her playing a good game, I think that she can, but…

  5. If Victor drops on purpose and gives it to that nitwit he will be sitting on the block next to Paulie. COME ON VIC!!!!!!!

      • She also said that she’s been an event coordinator for the past 2 years and on the live feeds said that some guy who’d only interned a short while was appointed as senior coordinator while she remained coordinator and was getting paid way more than she was. She said it’s still a sexist world out there in certain areas. It was the first intelligent convo I’d ever heard from her, which gave me a better impression of her than I’d had before.

  6. But didn’t Paul & Paulie already have this upcoming week planned? I thought B was going to take HOH and nominate Z & Meech, Evicting Meech. Hahaha idiots they really thought they were all set.

  7. Natalie has been SO annoying in this comp. She’s pretending to get hurt everytime she hits the foam pad so draw sympathy. Goodness be quiet and stop being so fake. I used to like her but this is annoying

  8. Go Victor! We need to remove the all the stragglers from the game! Meaning Michelle, Natalie and James!

    • I’m sure Paulie would like to get Z and Nat up. Nat hanging on so long will be a reason to target her.

      • I think Paulie let go because he wants to win the second HoH in DE! That’s why I want Vic to get him out before that.

      • Found that to be true after watching the feeds. Sad, but what you gonna do? Call ghostbusters? hahaha

      • If a couple of the girls had their way they would. Ya know there is a ghost in the house, right?

      • I wasn’t supposed to tell anyone this, but I figure I can tell you and you can keep it a secret. My evil twin is the ghost this year in the house! Now don’t tell a soul I told you this, k?

      • Natalie again proved she can hang with the boys as she showed plenty coming in 4th in that endurance comp only losing to her man James Day and B! Tonight she showed that toughness sadly coming in 2nd! Hope she wins HOH soon! Michele will be gone next! M and Z or M and Nicole if Vic actually does what he wants for his HOH! Lets see what happens. I really want JATALIE for final 2!

      • Me too as they are the only nice people in the house! Corey would be my 3rd choice and Nicole my 4th even though she has upset me being catty and jealous of Natalie not wanting to be pawn in Pauls HOH. Also her and M being jealous of Nats lame care package of not being have not for the rest of season and getting socks and toothpaste. Seriously they are just pathetic! Paul is growing o

  9. Yikes, have there ever been this many bodily fluids in an endurance comp before? I’m pulling for Natalie! Please don’t let Paulie be HoH twice in a row!

  10. Please Victor you have this. And you better put Paulie up, he has been running the house for too long. He gets on my last nerves. He needs to feel what it’s like to be really on the block and not up there as a pawn. So ready for him to go.

    • He was the 1st week remember! How quickly people forget! They are friends now Vic and Paulie. But we shall see what happens as Day told V to watch his back and that people were coming after him! I still think he puts up Nicole and M. Paulie wants M and Z on the block so that would be 2nd guess for Vic!

      • I think he’ll be weak just like Paul was in keeping to his initial wish and a stronger target, which James is than Day was. He’ll put up one of the two foundlings left that aren’t in a showmance, Michelle, along with Paulie’s choice, Z.

    • I’m ready for floaters like Z and Meech to get nominated and go home, it’s crazy neither have even been nominated before when they do absolutely nothing game wise. This week could be a walk in the park for him, nominate Z and M and if one miraculously wins veto the put up Natalie, it’s a win win situation.

      • M and Z are like Tiff fake crying too much and Paulie sees through it. He has had enough drama from Z and they both have been quite mean petty super jealous and more. They both only have each other now! I think they both should realize this with Day gone! Day was coming after the couples so I do not blame Paulie for getting Day out! M cries seem so fake and if they are real I still would not believe her unless I saw lots of tears!!!

      • Sounds like a plan. I want all the stragglers out so that, those remaining can make their moves and target each other! They would have no choice then! While, the stragglers are there, nothing gets done and it is just boring stuff since, the stragglers are not playing anyways! Better to just chuck them all out to the jury house which is what they want! Leave the game to the ones making the moves!

      • I agree that people like Z and M need to go, but I really wanna see Paulie or Paul go. Once one of them leaves, then they can focus on getting the floaters out.

      • Who knows about his ex as he does not want to discuss anything personal on the feeds! Nobody knows anything unless they are family or friend in real life to Paulie! Z is an extremely jealous petty catty person! She has bad hygiene issues! She covers her mouth when talking too much. She mumbles! I do not blame Paulie for this! If she was not so jealous and petty and making Paulie and others feeling uncomfortable because of her following him around most of the time you would be annoyed too! I do not blame him for wanting to end things! So many BB fans do not know the truth and need to know what really is going on before spreading rumors! Z got jealous of Paulie trying to cheer up B! She is mean!

      • He did mention this about his ex on the feeds, but didn’t elaborate and I completely agree with you about Z. I’m getting very annoyed with her behavior too. She isn’t constantly fluffing his ego like he would like and he shouldn’t be stringing her along until someone else puts her on the block either. It’s a very toxic relationship. I guarantee you he won’t do that since he’ll need her vote in jury if he happens to make it to the end.

      • Yes they are both to blame! If Z did not have all these drama petty super jealousy issues Paulie would not be telling the guys she needs to go. Then things would be hunky dory for all the earlier Zaulie lovers! They would still be happy and so would Zaulie fans! She fake cries a lot like Tiff M etc! She brought in on herself mostly! Paulie cannot talk with hardly anyone even the guys as she wants all his time! She follows him everywhere! She is too much! She should have signed up for the Bachelor not BB! So sad really as she is a very beautiful woman. She may ok in real life but she is a mess for this show! Honestly nobody wants a super jealous person as their girlfriend or boyfriend! She is suffocating him! Most BB fans do not seem to get all of this?

      • Smart girl wasn’t she? I’m not looking forward to seeing Zak’s heart broken either.

      • It’ll be no one’s fault but her own. It’s just another failed relationship in the long line she’s already had. Yet she has done nothing to change what she should…it’s always the guy’s fault for the break ups. She has trust issues big time and puts trust in the wrong type of guys for her. She keeps going back to Paulie after he’s cut her down so many times because she thinks he’ll eventually change his stripes to suit her possessive side. Sad, but there you have it.

      • It’s sad but a lot of girls Zak’s age think they can ‘change’ their man.
        Zak should’ve realized by now that paulie isn’t ready to settle down any time soon I thought and she’s just wasting her time on him.
        Zak is even rubbing all over the guy thinking she can entrap him with a sexual relationship she’s so desperate.
        I didn’t know about all her failed relationships, do tell more :D

      • She said her exes all were superficial and she couldn’t handle being mistreated by them, but that all of that was gonna change starting with Paulie. I about laughed my butt off over that because she’s not picked up on any of his body language whatsoever that he’s using her like all the other ones in the past have done. Later, she’ll look back and wonder why she didn’t see it and will again blame the guy for his discontent with her.

      • I think a lot of the young girls think being in a successful showmance (Jeff and Jordan type) will bring them fame and fortune and further opportunities in show biz.
        Look at natalie before the feeds started; she first flirted with Corey but he wasn’t interested in her so then she had a 2 day wonder showmance with Vic who dumped her when the feeds started so she finally found a relationship with James.
        I’m not saying that she doesn’t have a friendly relationship with James but I do think she would also think this could benefit her in the end. She’s already talking to James about being on the TAR.
        So maybe Zak thinks that after BB being in a relationship with Paulie might help to keep her in the public eyesight. No that she isn’t half way insane over Paulie and wants his children but she probably think they will live happily ever after in BB land.
        I couldn’t believe what I read at Jokers the other night when Zak was all over Paulie moaning and groaning ‘Wheeen???” WHEEEENNN”

      • Yeh, it was a bit pathetic seeing Z engaged like that with Paulie. And all in front of three others in the room, Nic, Corey and Vic. Vic took his cue and left the room after he’d climbed on top of Z for a few secs.

      • She’s so desperate and I hate to see her degrade herself like this on the feeds.

      • Her mother must be so disappointed in her, seeing as her mother is a super BB fan who probably told her to not get into a showmance. Ooops. I was told by a feedster that her mother posted in a tweet about Nat being the one who’d open her legs to any man. Secretly I think she was thinking of her own daughter and put Natalie’s name instead. I was shocked when the feedster posted Z’s mother’s own statement, “quote/unquote”! Sad to know Z has a mother like that. Now I know sort of why Z is the way she is to some degree.

      • Wow! Talk about the pot calling the kettle black…Zak’s mama isn’t a classy lady at all. I’m sure Zak’s mom is embarrassed half to death watching her daughter in a porn movie more or less in the BB house.
        Let me know if you hear anymore from Zak’s mama – this could be hilarious!

      • That is because Z has been acting Psycho-crazy-nuts and massively jealous to Paulie and some of the other house guests on the Live Feeds…..funny how they Never show that on the television version! The television version is making Paulie look bad….but, they aren’t even showing the Whole truth! Z is a crazy jealous nut….imagine how crazy jealous she will be when they are outside the house! She is Too Much!

      • I don’t have the feeds Boo so I wasn’t aware that Zak had been behaving in a psycho-crazy-nuts way; but I’ll take your word for it.
        I did see a few silly incidents where Zak was jealous when P. talked to Nat but I had no idea it had become so bad.

      • Watch how she acts when her butt goes on the block. She’ll be on Paulie so much more for not trying to talk Vic out of putting her up, that he isn’t protecting her like he said he would, blah, blah blah!

      • The t.v. version isn’t showing Paulie in a bad light at all the way the feeds are.

      • Ya but she’s so needy & jealous…. He’s seriously there to play a game.
        He’s the one that has tried to keep her at bay at the beginning.
        Foolish that he can’t control his pe_is like he can control the house.

      • Believe me Tink, I don’t condone any of Zak’s behavior in the last few days when she was hunching all over Paulie in front of several HG’s and millions of viewers! But since she is so besotted by him he could let her down a little more gently than evicting her without an explanation.

      • I hear you but I personally would take the hint with his attitude toward her. It looks like she is so insecure & needy & maybe he has tried to let her down but she keeps crawling back to the asshole.

        But maybe he isn’t an ass & production portraits him that way? I keep giving him the benefit of the doubt only cuz I see him so focused on the game! Maybe I’m wrong but I just can’t believe that Cody & Paulie could be that different.?

        She just needs to take the big elephant in the room & ride it far away from Paulie!

        But I hear ya! Maybe I’m the fool here! Lol

      • Paulie seems to be able to manipulate Zak’s emotions so she’s not thinking as clearly as we are when it comes to their showmance.
        Personally, after such repeated unkindness I would drop the guy but maybe Zak’s not familiar with the kind of guy paulie is due to her young age. She will grow wiser with age hopefully. I don’t want to see Zak hurt.
        I think there’s a huge difference between Corey and Paulie. First off, Corey conducts himself as a gentleman and Paulie certainly doesn’t.
        Corey was brought up better than to deliberately treat women in such an abusive manner.
        I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what Corey will do when Paulie decides it’s time for Nic to go and I’ll be very disappointed if he votes her out without telling her.

      • Hey Miss Ink….. ?

        I don’t disagree that Paulie is a jerk!

        I also agree it seems Corey was brought up much better than Paulie! He’s very much a gentleman.
        But I just don’t understand how Cody seemed to be a good guy & Paulie is such a…a…..a…..an……an……an asshoooooolea!

        But I still think Z is just hurting herself as Paulie keeps ignoring her advances.
        For her to be dry humping him in front of the other HGs & the cameras and him completely ignoring that makes her look desperate.

        I know she says she’s onto him but I really think she’d rather be on him….. Get it?! Bha ha ha!

        I think i’ll google the family & see what’s up! Z’s too! Maybe then i’ll understand their behaviour better!

        Have a great weekend & discuss this bazar stuff again soon! Lol

      • I mean really, what kind of self respecting woman goes around humping on a guy in front of millions of TV viewers?
        And Zak would much rather on him that onto him hehehe :D
        For Zak’s sake I hope she leaves next because I’m finding it very difficult to watch this fauxmance knowing that Zak is being played. It’s just so unnecessarily cruel of Paulie to act like this.
        Thankfully Corey is behaving like a gentleman.
        You have a great weekend Tink and let me know what you find out :D

      • Paulie is heartless and his actions are proof of it. Some commenters complaining about Zakiyah being jealous. Newsflash, of course Zakiyah is jealous and clingy, c’mon she’s a heterosexual woman in love. Plus, Paulie is fueling her jealousy. However, Zakiyah needs to realize that Paulie is not someone to be loved and get her head back in the game but it may be too late.

      • I also see that paulie is deliberately playing with Zak’s emotions and his huge ego requires constant stroking.
        It’s not unnatural for women to be jealous when they think they’re being cheated on.
        I wish somebody, or even the DR would help Zak see she’s being used.

      • And that’s it. She’ll hate herself later when she watches this show back…googooing all over him while he tells her what she wants to hear and behind her back says very cruel and demeaning things.

      • Well if you watch the after dark feeds Crystal you know that Vic wants M and Nicole on the block! However he may switch Nicole and Z because of Paulie! Also naturally you want stronger players out 1st as pawns are not much of a threat! Waste of an HOH! Now that the game is getting close to the halfway point the floaters will start going on the block and sent to jury consistently. M and Z will be the next 2 to get evicted! Only the 2 way ticket will save them now. Neither will win HOH unless mental comp so they have that hope also. I know a mental comp will happen during DE so they will have no excuses to not beat the guys and Nic!

      • I can’t remember now…. Ummm I think so?? For the cancellation of votes… Now kind of mate makes sense?

        I think I was drinking?? Or ??

      • M should be going and Z next and it will get interesting after that I hope? James must make big move against Paulie or Vic soon!

      • Floaters need to be removed from the game. That is the only way we can have serious game play. It gets lame watching showmances and talk of taking people out and not acting on it! How many times in past seasons have we seen and heard that? In Amanda’s season, Helen kept talking about putting Amanda on the block but, never did! The same thing again with James who talks big, including controlling the Big Brother House but, doing nothing when he was HOH! Evicting Frank who only had Bridgette is the dumbest move! He could have hooked up with Frank and Bridgette and with Natalie, formed a strong alliance to take on Paulie and his alliance. He was not even part of that alliance yet, he was totally loyal to it? These guys need to be sent to the jury house and let those who really want to play, play the game! This is for $500,000 after all!

      • Yes I agree the floaters need to go! They will start going now that we are reaching halfway point with DE! M and Z will be the next 2 to be evicted unless one wins HOH or has the 2 way ticket! Either way they are ghosts now without Day! Z ran back to Paulie and M is all alone besides Z! Paulie wants her next and Vic will put up M and Z! Putting F and B was a big move I disagree there! But he probably should have tried forming alliance with them but at the time Day and F had too much drama and Day was friends with James so it made sense at the time! Easy for players or fans to say stuff when you have to win comps instead of being in the comfort of home. James will make up for it soon! He will put up Paulie when the group gets smaller. I am disappointed with how James threw this endurance comp! Natalie came so close! She is way better than people think! She is playing dumb as part of her strategy! Big moves are coming after DE! The fun is just starting now! Just wait and see.

      • Possibly but it sounds like it’ll be Michelle and Zak up today, thank goodness.

  11. Hmmm… Should be interesting which axe that Vic wants to grind, if any… He said earlier that he would target Paulie if he got back in the house for being the orchestrator of his 1st eviction. But, also, Nat’s comments on his eviction rubbed him the wrong way. Will he avenge one of those or will he just be Paulie’s mouthpiece this week. I hope it is not the latter.

    • He’ll definitely go for Nat. Can’t go for Paulie , probably won’t have enough votes to evict him. Unless James wins the cancel 2 votes and he/victor make a deal

      • I wanted Day gone but James still should have given loyalty vote to her either way! I hate the fact people are afraid to vote the way they want! Even though I am ready for Z and M to go next atleast they voted for Day and showed loyalty! My man James is so scared to do what he wants! I am very disappointed in him! I want him and Nat to get the HOH care package!

      • I hate that about him and others too. I’m going to do what the house wants. Day understood why he voted the way he did from his goodbye message and she seemed to accept that.

      • Me too I totally agree with you but James stinks at mental comps and there will be lots of those coming up starting with the DE! I do not understand why he threw this endurance comp? These are the ones he is supposed to win! I am sure Day was disappointed in James like most of us would be! I wanted Day to go but I still wanted James to vote the way he wanted with a loyalty vote!

      • These houseguest have choices you know…. He’s not beating them to do what they do!

    • I hope Vic uses his own mind and make the big move and put up Paulie for sure ,a MN d along with him Z. One of those two needs to go. Michelle or Nichole as replacement choices. All o them have been used and abusers. Paul too but Vic will not put him up. Come on Vic you can do this!!!!!

  12. If Vic listened to Day then “maybe” he will put up Paulie. I would rather he try to backdoor Paulie but that will be hard to do.

  13. Now it starts. Paulie has hatched is diabolic plan as to who he wants on the block- girls!!
    Wish James knew Natalie is an option

      • What do James’ actions have to do with someone keeping their word to Natalie ? That makes zero sense.

        This is however BB, sometimes you make bad deals and pay the price (Bridge and James or Nat and Victor). However , Natalie is not
        Responsible for James’s actions

      • Thank you! I thought the very same thing. Nat has her own mind as does Vic as does James.

  14. I must’ve missed something. James seems so detached from Natalie tonight. He just told her he will support her as her friend. Something is not right.
    And now Nicole will scramble from room to room bringing speculation to Paulie to make sure she not nominated

    • Its game play…James thinks one or both of them might go up…if he acts indifferent maybe neither will be a Target..thats what he hopes…Natalie and James have said that neither will put the other in danger…

    • I was thinking the same thing. He wasn’t all that supportive of Nat after her tough time in that comp.

  15. Had Davonne not warned Victor about the double eviction, he may not have lasted so long

  16. Here we go again…another week of Paulie running someone else’s HOH…so tired of it! Really wish Natalie could have pulled this one out. Can Paulie just go home, Please!!! I don’t see him in any danger from anyone right now, though. I try to like this kid, but it’s not happening for me.

  17. Come on Victor! Dont be a follower and get Paulie out like you said before getting back in!

    • Love to see it too, but Paulie has complete control over Vic too. This care package vote advantage is gonna be a big flop this week as well…

  18. I just hope it’s not another Paul and Paulie show this week. I hope Vic puts Paulie and Z up. I also hope someone other than Paul or Paulie wins Veto and keeps noms the same. Will make for a more exciting week for sure. I’m not a fan of Vic, but I’m getting so annoyed with the Paulie and Z show too.

    • Does Vic think Paulie is gonna take him? They’re both comp beast. They have to be thinking,..they’re not gonna take each other. Someone has to pull the trigger first. If Paulie protects Bridge this coming eviction, then it’ll be obvious she’s his Victoria. (Derrick textbook)..what do you think Joni?

      • I think Paul will be able to get in Vic’s ear more this week and get Vic to put Z up with Paulie because Paulie has been complaining about her and how she’s affecting his aura! Vic has been wanting to get Paulie out for some time, since Paulie helped get him evicted from the house when he and Frank worked closely together then. I believe that was one of the reasons Paul told him to lie low since coming back. I really think Vic listened to Day as she left out of the house too, saying they were all gunning for him next…meaning Paulie, Corey and Nic.

      • He’ll get my respect if he follow up on that. What Da told him mentally, it helped him win. If he wants to win or any HG’s, Paulie has to be taken out. He’s gonna win the game…they’ve been blind for a long time.

    • I’m with you Joni! Victor can play it like he wants Z out, but if Paulie doesn’t win veto, it would be a perfect opportunity to get the Jedi Master P-lee out the door. And, if these nincompoops don’t see it …. then they might just as well hand P-lee the check.

      • If they put James or Nic OTB, the package could be in play. Dynamic will change, a rebellion could form. Meech/Z otb, the package is not gonna help them. They’ll be evicted.

      • I know, that’s why I want James to get that package which will force his hand to flip the house or at least shake it up…eliminate Paulie and Paul’s votes if they’re not on the block. Probably won’t work if he gets it and is on the block, though.

      • Very True! Z and M are done! They only have each other and only the 2 way ticket will save one of them! They could win mental comps and so they have that hope as I know it will be mental comp/s for DE! M can win mental comps and would be dangerous the 2nd half of the game like Steve was! Paulie and myself know this. She has to go next because of this.

      • Will not waste the care packages on the stragglers? Why waste it on those who will not play the game? I would rather these guys get evicted! For that reason, I will even give Paulie, Victor or Paul the care packages if that ensures the stragglers get evicted! The stragglers do not deserve to remain in the game because they have shown no inclination to play it!

    • The guys have every interest to stick together for now! I think they should start removing the stragglers who do nothing for the game like Michelle, Zakiyah, James, Natalie. Then, those remaining can target each other! We will have to put up with boring weeks like in past seasons but, blamed it on Big Brother casting! The past 3 seasons, they recruit the same type of people who only talk about making moves without actually, making them! In Amanda’s season, Helen kept talking about putting her in the hot seat but, never did! In this season, James talks big about controlling the house yet, follows the will of the alliance in control! I want all of them out and sent to the jury house which is their goal anyway! Definitely, will use the care packages to send these people packing depending on who is in the game!

  19. James is finally telling Bridgette that it was Paulies idea to put up Frank…tooo little tooo late James…

    • If you’re rooting for Vic, that’s a bad move, but If you’re rooting for Paulie, that’s a good move…..Paulie is the biggest fish in the house…also good on his resume. He needs to be taken out if they all want to have a chance to win the game.

    • John, why Z and Michelle? Give me a break! Vic had better start playing his game and thinking for himself.

      • While I am no fan nor I am rooting for Vic, He WON the HOH!! I don’t know what are you talking about he is not playing his game!? I happen to think Vic and Z are idiots and they are just numbers for PP and if any of them get sent packing I wouldn’t feel sad. Big meech is a mean girl with psychotic behaviors, she cried when she was the one doing something wrong and want everyone to sympathize with her, but not the other way around. So both Z and big meech need to go soon. I am really impressed that PP get the A, B, and C Day out, I am so happy and I started to like them more now. Keep it up boys.

      • He won HOH, so what! He might as well hand it over to Paulie, bcuz he’s already telling him who to place on the block. He’s not playing his game John, he’s doing what they want and he’s going out the door soon as well.

      • I agreed with you. But Vic is in a better position than these girls because Vic is align with boys and he has ability to win coms. That being say, I will put Vic, James, Nat, Z, Nicory in the Club idiiots. Some idiots just positioned themselves better than one another, but at the end of day, they all deserted to go

      • I totally agree with you! I’m just very disappointed with this cast. Can anyone think for themselves.?

      • They need to get them out at some point so why not now! Also timing is everything for making big move! You miss you go home. Victor should realize he would not have the votes to get Paulie out now anyway so I would wait if I were him. I agree they both are a waste but you still need to take out the trash too! M will be good at mental comps and maybe Z also? They will have the chance with mental comp/s during DE or they will be evicted Thursday with no excuses! Only the 2 way ticket can save them and it would not matter either way. They are both gone with Day out of house now!

    • As long as it removes the floaters doing nothing in the Big Brother House or just talking of making moves without actually doing it, I would be very satisfied to see them all evicted, one by one! The guys if they stick together for now, can wipe all the floaters out!

  20. Of course he did. Da whispered to him. Sigh. Like anyone would tell her real plans with her history of blowing up and being marked for eviction.
    But he may just be paranoid enough after last time unless Paul reels him in.

    • I couldn’t stand DA at all! Glad she is Gone! I can’t believe she actually got mad that Brigette was playing the Game and trying to save herself. …hahahaha….that is the game DA! DA actually whined about Brigette trying to save herself! Wow! Lolz! ;)

  21. Something tells me James and Natalie would throw an absolute fit if Victor puts them up anyway… Even though they did the exact same thing to Frank one HoH ago.

    • And to bridgette. James completely lied to her. That would be awesome if he puts them up.

    • Nat hanging on so long will be an excuse to put her up. Michelle needs to disappear this week or she may go up. Matter of time anyway.

      • M and Z are done come Thursday! M will be 1st and they will have chance with mental comp/s during DE! Even the 2 way ticket would be a waste as they are ghosts now with Day gone! They only have each other Z and M! I realized this weeks ago and so did Paulie but M needs to go because she will start winning mental comps like Steve last year and can become very dangerous 2nd half player like V and Steve!

      • Natalie is more of a competition threat and also, James so, both of them should be put up! One of them probably will go home if that happens! Break that showmance up! Maybe, James will be pissed to actually make a big move if Natalie gets evicted! Then, again, he might just want to be evicted to join her in the jury house which is what he wanted all along!

    • I really wish he would. James is getting on my nerves. Throwing comps and butter kissing Paulie.

    • I hope James gets put on the block. All he does is trash talk including saying he controls the Big Brother House but, never makes any big move. Nominating Frank who only had Bridgette is a dumb move! He wasted his HOH doing the other alliance’s bidding when he is not even part of it? Will be very happy when all these stragglers not doing anything get all evicted, one by one!

  22. I think he should put Paulie up for sure ??. And this time not as pawn but target. That scum bag ? Needs to go??????????????????????????
    I hope James nat mich bri and z get together and make alliance against those 2 pricks pp. ?

  23. Pretty much figure that James threw it. He could have hung on longer than 2nd one out. How is this playing the game? I don’t care what Derrick told him, laying around sleeping or with Nat all day and night is not playing the game. He is just aiming for AFP again so he and a friend can open a bar.

  24. Michelle is showing her true “drama queen” side more & more each week… Which I believe will end up working against her towards the end! Nat rocked it in the HoH comp tonight! Z has somehow flew under the radar this whole season & I’m hoping to see it blow up in her face very soon!! Especially after her trying to turn Paul against his own boy Paulie! Snake move! I say Paul &/or Paulie have the best chance at taking this all the way… Vic has a pretty good chance too! But if he does I see him flying solo. I doubt the P&P twinses are ever going to turn on one another & pick up another alliance! #BB18 #BestShowEver

    • Paulie wants Corey to be next to him in the end since Paul wins more comps than Corey ever has or will.

    • Z is very much the jocosta this season. And she is biting her tongue quite a bit. She is a very opinionated person outside the house, as I have spoken to people who know her. And michelle is acting more and more like her true self. Michelle’s sister said that she is a brat, a baby, and thinks the world revolves around her. And that michelle also thinks she’s perfect. Also that michelle is extremely immature despite being the older sister. I didnt want to believe it at first, as her sister was very bitter towards michelle at the time she said that. But she was right.

  25. I would love to see just about any of them go except Natalie , James or Bridgette. The rest of them have been absolutely terrible to Bridgette. She can be a little immature but because Michelle thought Bridgette was with Frank who she liked she has turned them all against her. The mean girls, especially Z have been terrible to her. Read about her stealing Bridgette’s b-day cake and how badly they have hurt this girl’s feelings. And Paul has been as bad to her. I can,’t believe the people who monitor them have allowed them to treat someone so badly. Right now I want either Nat or James to win. Victor should put up the PP’s and at least one go home.

    • Bridgette is an adult. If she is bothered by such middle school antics, then she either needs to speak up, or she isn’t cut out for this game.

  26. I think it’s just another week for King Paulie’s reign. So let us all expect the expected to see Paulie’s next target out the door

    • I’m so hoping something sparks in Vic’s head, reminding him who wanted him gone to begin with…Paulie and Frank!

      • I know! Hopefully whatever Da whispered to him lit a lightbulb in his head and starts playing for his own game rather than for King Paulie

  27. Glad Vic didn’t fall for wounded bird routine. Esp if she was going to put him up vs Paulie.

    Will need him to get out Paulie.

    • Not gonna happen, It’ll be Z or Michelle going home during the first eviction. Probably Z.

  28. If Victor is thinking logically I don’t think he’ll put the boys up, and this is why . One he just returned to the house he’s finally in an alliance with members that are actually winning comps. Two if he were to actually flip to the girls side those girls rarely win anything so he would have to win everything. And that is just not possible. So strategically he’s better off sticking with the boys for now until more numbers go down and then he could try to make a move on Paulie.

    • May be too late for him then because Paulie, Paul and Corey are not planning on Vic going to Final 4 with them.

      • Not necessarily. I consider Corey a non-issue because he doesn’t win anything. Plus you were forgetting James and he can win comps, he’s just not trying to right now. I think they all know they can’t take Paulie to the end or he has this in the bag. so any of the others taking a chance between Vic, James or Paul is better than no chance with Paulie.

    • Well, he has to form an army/alliance before he makes this move. This is an opportunity. It maybe too late before he gets another chance. Dan G will take him out asap. You wanna decrease the comp beast in the house.

      • I agree Vic needs to start interacting more with the other side, because he’ll need the votes when the other boys take their shot at him. After that, it’ll be game on. I am actually looking forward to all the stragglers been picked off so the real game players can go at it. that’s when BB will get good.

    • I seriously think that Vic still has no clue about this game or what he is or should be doing. Pretty clueless

      • Exactly…Due to the Double Eviction, he can not play in the next HOH! So Day’s advice might come true for him!

      • Paulie just admitted to throwing some comps, and this one too so he can win the second comp in the DE!

      • Yes, we know cuz he doesn’t know the game therefore he wouldn’t have a clue of how to play it. How he learns to play is probably part of this whole experiment.

    • What did he say? I missed it! I need to go turn on my feeds . Only have one device so can’t do both watch feeds and read the latest gossip!! Haha

    • I can’t believe he said that either. I have no clue what the hell he said. But I can’t believe it.

  29. Just saw that Nat is wanting to back up Meech and wants James to do so too, but needs them both to pretend they don’t like her in front of the others. Nat also has Bridge’s back but still is wary of her too. So I can see Nat having a brain in this where James hasn’t given it much thought.

      • Then it will be another waste of an HoH for Vic if he’s ever going to make it to the end. He’ll have to win every comp from here on out if he gets girls out that don’t win anything.

      • That could be true, yet I have a feeling as things get closer to the end, James and Paul will realize they can’t win against Paulie. He’ll be kicked to the curb like Vanessa last year. Because by that point, Paulie won’t be able to win every comp.

      • But who of the guys are good at mental comps? James is the only one I can think of over Corey, Paulie, Vic and Paul. Paul might be…still iffy on that. Vic said he’s not good at puzzles of any sort, so that will end up being his downfall.

      • And yet he beat two girls( who are usually better at those comps) with a mental and puzzle challenge in the battle back comps. Also he won the one mental roadkill challenge they had. He’s not as clueless as some think. Either way, it should be interesting to watch.

      • Also, Paul was the first to figure out the secret room. Not saying they are mental Giants, but they’re not completely without intelligence either.

      • James should have been realizing that a long time ago. this is not his first rodeo

      • Yes you know especially when he and Meg were the outcasts before. He has disappointed me.

    • Back up Michelle? How? I have live feeds but haven’t been watching tonight yet. James is so different this time. He and Meg were the outcasts last time and now that he’s like “in like Flynn” he goes along with stuff I wouldn’t expect! Nat too has gone along a little with the mean girls Michelle, Nichole and Z being mean to Bridgette but she actually feels bad! Wow what a bunch we have this year!

      • Nat’s changed since she first came into the house. She has James to thank for that.

      • Absolutely. I know exactly what you mean. And James wasn’t like this last time. I still like Nat more than any of the her girls.

  30. Boy this Corey is useless. For a big guy he has done nothing. He’s only still here because of Nichole. He thinks the guys are his friends and they’re not. Vic thinks they are too (well the PP’s) but they’re not! So I really hope he goes after Paulie and Z who are both very conniving and ruthless . He won’t put up Paul but he needs to go as well. He thinks he’s all that and he’s nothing without his scum buddy Paulie. Really wished Natalie had won, because she and James could have turned things upside down.

    • Corey thinks they’re his friends, but they’re only friends with him because he cannot win comps like they can and that’s it. Corey is another Cody for Paulie.

      • Oh I know that’s why . I almost feel sorry for him. I have read though that Corey is actually very controversial because he is very racist and none of these people know this. He is shy and quiet on the show but I guess he has made some terrible comments before the show

      • Not quite the same. Cody was useful to Derrick because of his social game and he won comps. Corey doesn’t bring anything to the table.

    • Yep…Corey is another useless lump of Clay in the house, who will make it far, due to “friendships” of the Bro-mance!

    • If you are talking about losing the comp this time, he has been a HN for a week, must be hard to be 6’5″ and sleep in that small bumper car and eat just slop and trail mix. Plus he has ADD and doesn’t take meds in the house. I just feel sorry for him lately. When I saw what the comp was I knew for sure he couldn’t win.

  31. Zakiyah is worthless in this game, she is “still” believing in Paulie, after he told Victor that he wants her gone this week…Dude isn’t even all that cute either , just a short little Dictator?! Zaki is Cray, after her verbally abused me I would have left his short behind alone

    I can’t wait until Zaki is outta of the BB House, so she can see how badly this Dude Dogged her out on Nation TV!

    • I think she would be a lot better off in the jury house with Da, and Da can talk some sense into her

      • Total agree, Zaki needs someone to talk sense into her head! She actually allows Dudes to wipe their feet on her like a Welcome Matt…Ugh, I just hate to see any Girl/Woman allow a Man to treat them like that

      • Yes, so do I! It’s painful to watch. I just want to reach in that TV and slap her like a V8 juice commercial. ?

    • This isn’t an insult, but I wonder if she’s ever been in an abusive relationship before because the reaction after he verbally abused was similar to many women who are in abusive relationships (i.e. realizing it’s toxic but then going back because they’re conditioned to believe that it’s their fault).

      • U know what Hayley, from some of the things Zakiyah has said about her EX, I believe she has been in a Verbally Abusive Relationship?! I mean who in their right mind would take that from a Dude that they have “only” known for a few weeks???

        And the Tip Off to that Zakiyah has been in a Verbally Abusive Relationship is that “She” is always the one who comes crawling back, and uses her sexuality to make up with the Dude….Its really kinda sickening!

      • If she believes it, then it will be true. Z seems like the type of girl who would actually believe her own lies. So if she said she was in an abusive relationship, and wasnt, she would believe it. I bet that if she convinced herself that she was actually astronaut, then she would believe it.

  32. Joni and Dana thanks for the discussion. Been cool to know there are people that see things as I do. Let’s hope Vic uses this opportunity to make a big move. Going to turn on the feeds awhile. Goodnight y’all. Lol

  33. Ugh, I wish Natalie would’ve won this HOH. She’s the only hope of this season not being worse than BB16.

    • 16 was good. I just devin had lasted till at least jury. He was good television. bb hasnt had a more entertaining contestant before or since. But devin blew up his whole squad. Not the best move.

      • Maybe it’s just different tastes but I found BB16 to be one of the worst television experiences ever (being worse that Survivor: Redemption Island and TAR24. I thought it had one of the most abysmal casts ever with the only people I found likable being Devin, Donny, Nicole (likely only context as I can’t stand her on this season), Christine (mostly ironically), Victoria (the true winner of BB16) and Jocasta. I found the majority of the cast ranging from vapid to being obnoxious camera hogs. F. Grande is a blight on the entire series and the rest of the detonators aren’t much better. I found the game to be extremely stagnant and that it benefit a large alliance that didn’t have a person I could stand. The television show was extremely contrived and cartoony and mostly featured people I couldn’t stand extensively (i.e. Derrick [after the third week], F. Grande, Zach, Cody and Caleb [dodged a bullet in Kaoh Rong and hopefully S34]). All in all, it was one of my worst viewing experiences and was terrible even by Big Brother standards (at least post-BB6 anyway).

      • I couldn’t stand Devin .To the point that I had to block the person that uses his picture as their avatar because I didn’t want to look at him. I’d do the same tp anyone that made me look at Frankie when they post. lol

  34. Vote like crazy to send The care package to Victor! If he’s forced to use it like that it will force him to expose his game and it will be hilarious to watch! Vote for Victor!

    • I’m guessing James is gonna get it and have zero use for it this week. It will only end up hurting him by putting the spotlight on him.

      Unless something drastic happens and he decides to actually talk real game with someone besides Paulie. It would be great were he to win it and Vic approach him about a backdoor of Paulie. Pie in the sky I’m afraid though.

  35. Not the time for Vic to pull that trigger on Paulie. Must be a BD move, Paulie should not be a immediate veto player. Agree with moving some floaters to jury. DE is better opp time. If Vic tries Paulie now and it fizzles, he game is could get get roasted. Go Vic!?

  36. I hope Victor not only has the balls, but has the smarts to not trust Paul any longer and put both P&P up or put Paulie and Cory up or better yet, put Nicole and Paulie up.
    With the double eviction, Nicole and Paulie need to go and both with a 1 way ticket!
    Also, Victor needs to make this HOH his HOH and not let anyone influence him!!
    Come on Victor, make a big manly move and get the house to vote out either Nicole or Paulie!

    • Sadly I think he will go with the majority (by majority I mean Paulie) because if Victor swings at Paulie and misses, expect next week’s his ass outta the door for second time for sure since he won’t be able to play in HoH and Pee Pee and Nicorey can.

      • Yah you’re probably right. I just don’t get why nobody does what they really want to do, rather than let everyone influence them?

  37. I think Paulie threw the comp. He only lasted that long to prevent Z from winning it. He let Vic win this per what he said these last few days. And it’s a smart move, since now he can play in the DE next week.

  38. I think it’s a blessing in disguise that Day left. Kudos to her to be able to keep her composure so far without blowing up, if she stayed, not sure she

      • Why not? Why is that different from voting two white people back to back? That’s ridiculous.

      • Why do people always bring race into everything? How many white people have been voted out already? really?

      • The people who cast the show are racist. They have no black men. And we havent had a black man since Devin. I guess black men arent good enough for the show, according to the peiple who casted the show.

      • Stop the race baiting. There is too much of that in the real world. We come here to get away from that nonsense.

      • Seriously? That’s one of the most ridiculous accusations I’ve heard in a while.

      • Ummmm….. no?

        If anyone here is a racist it’s you for even bringing it up in the first place. Since when does race determine gameplay?

  39. Hopefully Victor does what he said earlier and gets Paulie out. Guess we’ll soon see if he’s a man of his word or not.

  40. I like Natalie, but Victor should pull a James move and put up Natalie and James, just to show him how a knife in the back really feels.

  41. Is it bad that the two people I like at this point are not the smartest cookies in the jar? (James and Natalie)

    I’m serious they might as well give Paulie the half mil. He’s not a bad player, just overrated and too full of himself and people are just kissing his ass.

    • You know, James WAS my favorite, out of a blahhh cast, but Nat’s whining voice and floating are REALLY getting to me.

  42. I can’t believe she peed on herself lol I hope Victor puts nicole & corey up & both of them go home! That’d be perfect!

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