‘Big Brother 18’ Live Feeds Week 7: Thursday Night Highlights

Following the latest Big Brother 18 eviction Head of Household competition, a few of the HGs started scrambling to figure out why they weren’t in on the vote and whether or not they’re going to be the next targets. So what are the new HOH’s plans? Read on.


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Big Brother 18 Live Feed Highlights – Thursday, August 4, 2016:

9:10 PM BBT – Feeds return from the HoH comp. Victor is the new HoH.

9:11 PM BBT – Paul and Paulie talking targets. They want to split up Zakiyah and Michelle with Zakiyah going out the door. Bridgette is their preferred renom. Natalie is mentioned as an option.

9:13 PM BBT – Paul goes to Natalie and congratulations her on competing so well. He tells her it’s okay that she didn’t win because she’s surely safe this week.

9:18 PM BBT – Natalie tells James she probably lost because of those extra ten pounds she has gained. She thinks it threw off her balance.

9:22 PM BBT – Michelle crying to Zakiyah that she’s probably going home this week.

9:23 PM BBT – Michelle crying that no one told them this was happening.

9:24 PM BBT – Michelle crying that Da’Vonne didn’t hug her on her way out.

9:30 PM BBT – Zakiyah noticed that Paulie was very obvious about dropping as soon as she was out of the comp too. She and Michelle think he was trying to just make sure Zakiyah didn’t win. (Yep, he wants Z gone.)

9:35 PM BBT – Michelle told Z that if someone had at least warned them about voting out Day then they would have kept it secret from Da’Vonne.

9:50 PM BBT – Paul continues to deny to Michelle that he knew anything about Da’Vonne being evicted. Why in the world would he lie about this to Michelle? He’s with the super majority who might not like being thrown under the bus.

10:10 PM BBT –  Nicole goes to explain to Michelle why she voted to evict Da’Vonne. Michelle is upset that Day didn’t hug her and is afraid Day doesn’t think she voted her out. Nicole thinks Victor will put Bridgette up this week since Paul wants her out.

10:11 PM BBT – James, Paul, Victor, and Paulie discussing next targets. Michelle and Zakiyah are the designated targets. Paulie says Zakiyah needs to go. James asks if they have his blessing to target Zakiyah and Paulie agrees.

10:14 PM BBT – Victor says he hopes to win the Veto so he can keep the noms the same and then their target goes, which he hopes will be Zakiyah.

10:18 PM BBT – Paul mentions to Corey that Zakiyah should go this week.

10:26 PM BBT – James tells Natalie that the guys think they have Bridgette. Natalie says they do have her.

10:27 PM BBT – Nicole and Michelle still talking about why people voted Da’Vonne out. Michelle asks Nicole if she thinks Paulie still has her back. Nicole says yes they’re all still together.

10:30 PM BBT – Corey says Victor doesn’t believe what Da’Vonne said to him before she walked out the door.

10:37 PM BBT – Michelle asks Corey and Nicole if she should talk to Victor. She said she’s not the kind of person to kiss butt, though.

10:45 PM BBT – James tells Natalie that she’ll see Zakiyah and Michelle’s faces pop on on the wall tomorrow during the nomination ceremony.

10:52 PM BBT – Paulie tells Z that he’s trying to get some time to talk to Victor about who he’s thinking about nominating. Z asks Paulie what went down with Da’Vonne and why she was kept out of the loop. She wants to know if her not voting Day out made her look bad to the house.

10:53 PM BBT – Paulie says if the Round Trip ticket isn’t used then there’s going to have to be a jury battle back competition.

10:54 PM BBT – Zakiyah asks if Paulie fell after she did on purpose. He says no. Sounds like she suspects he was only trying to outlast her.

10:57 PM BBT – Paulie tells Z that Paul and Victor are suspicious of James for jumping out of the competition so early.

11:00 PM BBT – Paulie lets Zakiyah know that Day told Victor what Da’Vonne whispered to him about being the DE target.

11:02 PM BBT – Zakiyah tells Paulie she dropped from the HOH competition so people wouldn’t think she was staying up there because she wasn’t trusting people or going against them.

11:03 PM BBT – Paulie tells Z that he is pretty sure that Victor is going to nominate Michelle. Zakiyah says she’s expecting him to do that. Paulie says Victor’s being vague about who he’s targeting, but says he’s going to throw Natalie’s name out there to him despite the deal they made. Z says Michelle feels like she’s going up this week.

11:05 PM BBT – Paulie says he’s getting rid of Natalie as soon as he gets the chance.

11:07 PM BBT – Zakiyah still questioning Paulie about him dropping from the competition. She asks if he dropped so he can play in the double eviction. He says it wasn’t about that and he would’ve been fine with winning and would’ve nominated Michelle and Natalie and tried to get Michelle out.

11:15 PM BBT – Paulie tells Zakiyah that if Michelle goes up he’ll push for her (Michelle) to be the one to go.

11:30 PM BBT – Corey, Nicole, and Paul all agree that they’re not fans of Zakiyah and don’t like how she’s acting toward Paulie.

11:35 PM BBT – Nicole expected Zakiyah to be more worried about Paulie dropping off immediately after she did.

11:40 PM BBT – Paul wants Zakiyah to be the one to go because Michelle would be too shaken to perform well, he suggests.

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    • If Victor puts M & Z otb, I don’t think it is going to change anything this week. M or Z will go home no matter who gets the package.

      • True enough…M & Z probably won’t get the package and anyone else won’t use it.

      • Lol. Trying to think who Z would prevent from voting:
        – She thinks Paulie has her back so not Paulie
        – She talks with Nic about Paulie & she’s a sympathetic ear, so not Nic or Corey.
        – maybe Paul since she wants him gone she prolly doesn’t trust him. Might be Paul – if it’s ok with Paulie.
        – Maybe Natalie. Z is not a fan & Paulie wants her for renom.
        – Possibly James. James wants Meech out.
        Nope. Don’t see Z getting the CP as saving her.

      • I know! It’ll be interesting to see what transpires after the winner of the CP is announced, though. I hope it adds a little drama somewhere, somehow.

    • kind of hoping Michelle gets it. Her ugly crying is annoying, but I stil like her.

      • I agree. I would be okay with Michelle or Zak going, they’re both pointless players. I definitely think Natalie should be the replacement if one of them miraculously wins veto.

      • This season has just turned awful. TOO many stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid people left in the game (Z, Nicole, Corey, Victor, Natalie, Meech (though I like her) and Bridgette (thought she could be playing a lot smarter)). That leaves 4 guys who are actually playing. James has been really brought down by Natalie, and is not playing as good of a game as he was before they started dating, or whatever that is (bets to see how long that lasts out of the house???)

    • Their cheering and dancing celebration during Frank and Bridgette being nominated is the reason I want them to go.. Clear ending this year will be Paul and Paulie PP winning Maybe Victor. I want to see the game played time for the floaters to make a big move besides picking off their own.

    • This is why I stopped watching Big Brother the past two seasons. I’m tired of BB producers casting hot IDIOTS who have no idea what is actually going on. Mama Da’ made me start watching this season, but now that she is gone there is literally no redeeming factor for this season. Come on, BB, you gotta start casting better. This is going to be a crap rest of the season. Congrats Paul and Paulie. One of you will win because everyone else is playing HORRIBLY.

  1. Remember when Victor said he was going to go after Paulie? Yup, that’s false because he is just a sheep. But I’m not surprised, this idiot is the same person who didn’t think he was going to get backdoored even though Paul basically spelled it out for him. I can’t wait until he gets targeted during the Double Eviction on Thursday. Da’Vonne was right but Victor dismisses the idea and tells everyone what Day said. Victor wants to trust the guy who backdoored him the first go round is once again planning on taking him out and the funny part is Victor is so oblivious to all this. Watching his eviction will be glorious and I can’t wait.

  2. if vic had any balls , he put paul and paulie
    then he may has a chance going to the final 3

  3. Victor is so thick headed. He is so happy to be with the popular boys he forgot that they were the ones who got him evicted the first go round. Again, he ignoring warnings AND blabbing information that may help him. Yeah, I hope they get him out during DE.

    • More than likely….that’s what Paulie is waiting for…DE…he’ll get him out no problem.

      • Paulie mentioned hoping to use James to get Victor out, let other stooges do the dirty work. He’s thinking ahead to the F2 vote and making as few enemies as possible in the process.

      • Guess he paid attention to what Uncle Derrick taught him. I hope whomever he takes to F2 beats him, just like his brother… second place.

      • I liked him in the beginning but now I think he’s an arrogant jerk. The way he talks down to Z is disgusting. Playing with her emotions. I wish last night they would of showed the degrading conversation he had with her in the Paris room. She was sobbing and he was practically yelling at her. He’s sure nothing like his brother. I hope he gets backdoored.

      • I was hoping also. If not the entire conversation but a snippet. Maybe when she’s nominated, they will create a segment on their relationship fall out and include that

      • Honestly she is being a little girl, not a woman. Just like he says. She makes things out of nothing. He’s just not the type to listen to that or put up with it. I don’t think that makes him a jerk. She’s too emotional. I did see the paris room on after dark, but I don’t watch feeds so I may be missing some info, but it seems to me he’s an adult and she’s not.

      • Oh I agree. She does act very immature. She even gave him a hickey the other night. Come on who does that? High School. But he’s still a jerk. He acts like he runs the house and tells everyone this is what we’re doing. He has a very big head. And I don’t care if Z throws herself at him or not you still don’t talk degrading to people.

      • That is not gameplay, imo, that’s his character.
        With the hickey, Z marked him as her’s, in her mind. She is scarily obsessed. So much so that it has crossed my mind that she might purposefully try to get pregnant by him. I hate that thought, but I’m just being honest.

      • She did put her mark. It’s funny she gets mad at the way he treats her and tells the girls I’m done. Then an hour later she’s all over him. Stalker much.

      • I had a feeling that they wouldn’t show that. The Gottifiore’s probably have a hot line straight to Grodner and said heads would roll if that was shown. lol

      • Z chooses to be a leech and let Paulie do all the work while she puts on her makeup and picks a sexy outfit and then climbs all over him, that’s her F2 plan .. I think one is as bad as the other. I think Z is playing with our emotions.

      • I saw her pre-show interview and she said she was looking for a husband in the house smh.

      • Yes..Yes..I’m thinking he’s going to minimize his HOH wins and let the others do the dirty work…he’s got these sheep following no problem. His strategy…imo is win the vetos to keep the noms the same

      • Hopefully that will finally bite him in the butt. Very slim chance but still a chance someone wakes up and puts him up.

  4. The only thing that could save Z or M, if they are the final noms, is the envelope with the RT ticket.

    • Wouldn’t help their situation….if they haven’t realized their expendable then the RT is useless. Neither of them have any game…floaters incarnate.

      • I was just saying that it is the only thing that would keep them in the game at that moment.

      • But Z can,t win anything and Michelle was puking all over the place during the comp,both are totally worthless ,and i think they both might have some sort of mental problems like ADHD or bi-polar but that,s just my opinion

      • I never understand why all the floaters don’t come together. They’ve almost got too many of them at this point. They always realize when it’s too late

      • I mean Nicole and Corey, especially, are flarking IDIOTS. Like, has Corey said ONE interesting or intelligent thing in the house this season??? ONE?!?!?! Agreeing with other’s intelligence doesn’t count. Nicole thinks she is in, but they are going to dump her so fast. What a moron.

  5. I want the days when people voted based on what good for their game (and it was surprise, even had viewers guessing who was voting for who). After the first few evictions, voting with the house should be over. Well, looks like Paulie was “bred” for this after-all, everyone following his lead.

    • It’s been too long since we’ve had a great season of playing the game the way it was meant to be played. BB was a huge success then, too. That’s why it is still on the air today; because of those few really good years. BB, for sure, is not what it use to be, imo.

      • Kinda “Jerry Springerish” these days … I’m not liking all the non-game “playing”.

      • I can say honestly that I haven’t enjoyed the last 3 seasons that much. I never saw 15, the only one I’ve ever missed. It might be time to rethink my viewing options, and I don’t say that lightly.

      • Sad, but true … it was fun to look forward to the next BB and then to “get lost in it” for the summer!

      • Yes. That was the down fall. After that season, people started being more cautious of their game play. Several lost their jobs. That’s why Michelle keep having meltdowns because she realizes what she must have looked like this season.
        Now we can’t get any Evil Dick type players. Those were the good ole days

      • If anyone should be worried about losing their job, it should be Z. For God’d sake, she teaches young children. I don’t mean that they are watching her, but if I was a parent of one of them, I’d be a little leery of her teaching my child. She might have a problem when she gets out of the house.

      • I for one love a bully on big brother, that’s why ED was one of my favorite players, but now it’s all of a sudden a crime to be a bully. Now that frank and day are gone what’s the point?

      • Showmances seem to be more important to these young people than trying to play a smart game and winning,

      • Ugh so true. This can be all traced to BB producers. They spend too much time finding models and hot people who have no brains. Then they just all get hormonal and play HORRIBLE games. The past few seasons have just been terrible.

      • It’s not even that, there are plenty of level headed 20 something’s, I’m one. But they wouldn’t cast me because I’m not a model with fake tits, no offense to the viewers but I’m sure 90% of us don’t look like that. But we are mind controlled to only believe “beautiful” people belong on shows like this. They just have those token “eye boogers” so they can make all us normal people feel better about ourselves lmao…

      • I totally totally agree. The last 3 seasons have been awful. At the beginning of this season, I thought it actually might be a really good gameplay season, but now it’s just back to the models/athletes who are obviously here for other reasons, with only 5-ish game players (P, P, James, Mama Da’, Frank). Not even sure if Paul is even playing the game, or has just aligned himself with the right people- though I guess that just means he has a good social game. Has been able to use his first weeks on the block as a sympathetic card.

    • I would love it if they kept the numbers for voting a secret to the house, and only letting the evicted houseguest know upon their leaving the house. It would make it much more exciting because people could switch votes and no one would know.

  6. Paulie has played a strong game up to this point, but I think he’s making a bad decision on wanting to get Zak out this week. I get that they have an odd relationship, but he clearly has her wrapped around his finger; evident by him berating her for what felt like 5 hours in the Paris room and they next day they’re cuddling again. And I’m not Big Brother wiz, but it doesn’t make sense for Paulie to willingly go after someone who has his back.

    I don’t care how annoying someone might be, if they’re a number your way, you don’t target them. I thought for sure he would want Michelle out before Zak, as Zak would have his back more than Michelle would. He claims to have gotten all this info from Derrick, but no way would Derrick cut someone who is on his side (Victoria). We’ll see if it pays off…

    • I recall Victoria annoying him sometimes but Derrick said he went along cuz $500K is work. Lol.

    • But Derrick wasn’t “having” to snuggle and stave off a sexual predator. Paulie made his bed with Z and now he isn’t man enough to just say no and mean it. He can berate and belittle her, but he can’t say, “Z, no more sleeping together, no more climbing on me and rubbing and gyrating. We are not a showmance. We can be friends, but nothing more so I’m putting a stop to it and I am dead serious.” Why can’t he be a man and do that?

      • Because she’ll probably continue stalking him and being jealous of anybody that goes near him. She will play personal and blow up his game. If she hasn’t gotten the picture after the way he’s treated her she never will, and the only way he can get away from her at this point is when one of them leaves the house. Obsessive people are like Jim Carey in dumb and dumber – if you let them down easy, they still think there’s a chance ?

      • I’m ready for her to leave because she is embarrassing herself. No one in the house is playing the game. I just can’t watch this young woman make a fool of herself any longer

      • I think she needs to go for that reason too. That’s probably why Paulie keeps changing his mind on when to target her- she’s a number for him, but she’s too clingy and there’s no way to “just be friends” without affecting his game until she’s out of the house

      • For that reason, I am ready for her to go. I wished it was before jury so she could watch past episodes, the feeds, and read comments about what he was saying about her. Now, she would have to wait until the end.

      • He has NEVER really seriously tried to get her to back off. You can’t tell me that he couldn’t stop it if he really wanted to. He could. He hasn’t.

      • Yes, she is acting like a shameless hussy, but he is a dbag. Both are responsible for their actions. The difference is, how far the dbag will go to win. As sick as it is, Z was serious about Paulie and he used her emotionally. That is reprehensible, imo, to allow this girl to keep making a fool of herself. If he was any kind of a man, game or not, he would put a stop to it. Derrick would have NEVER played with a female’s emotions that way, even if he wasn’t married.

      • Nobody’s making a fool of zakeya but herself. She knows what she’s doing. Yes he’s a jerk, but he’s not obligated to sacrifice his game for her. She will keep going to him no matter what he does. They’re both responsible for their actions, and this creepy showmance won’t stop until one of them is gone

      • As I stated, they are both responsible, but he could put a stop to the whole thing if he chose to. His emotions aren’t involved; her’s are. She wouldn’t go back to him if HE was man enough to put a stop to it. Why is that so hard for people to understand?

      • Actually she would because that’s what obsessive people do, and the same could be said of people condoning her behavior. If she really didn’t like the way he treats her then she shouldn’t throw herself all over him.

      • I haven’t seen anyone condoning her behavior. But there are those of you who seem to think what Paulie has done is ok because he’s playing a game. You simply are not going to admit that Paulie is wrong here and that he could stop it. Trying to convince me that she wouldn’t stay away from him if he REALLY tried to get her to, is a waste of breath. I don’t think you believe that. LOLOL

      • I haven’t seen anyone condoning his behavior either, but if she wants to be with him no matter how he treats her that’s her choice. It’s not like he’s doing it behind her back, he treats her like crap to her face and she doesn’t seem to mind. Why can’t she tell him to stop, it’s not like he seeks her out to abuse her, she goes to him. I wouldn’t put up with it and you obviously wouldn’t. She’s not a little girl that needs to be rescued, and she can put a stop to it just like he can. Whatever they have going on is creepy, and they’re equally at fault. The sooner one of them leaves the better

      • He did actually go to her this AM at 6:00. She was already in bed alone and he went to her and asked her if she was going to sleep by herself and held his hand out to her.

      • I don’t get this at all Susan, if somebody doesn’t want to be around me I’m sure not going to force myself on them.

      • Us normal people would never do that but Z is not normal. I truly believe their is something wrong with her and I’m not meaning that to be mean. I think she has emotional and codependency issues. So if that’s the case she most certainly would keep going back. By the way she talks and things I hear her say on BBAD, I think she really believes she “has” him so when they do fight she ignores what they were even fighting about (especially since she usually starts it) because now she’s just gonna use her body and looks to make him get over what they were fighting about. This morning is the only time I’ve heard of in recent weeks where he actually went to her. EVERY other time it’s her pursuing him.

      • Or else Zak has an addiction to sex :D
        But yes, I don’t remember a woman EVER behaving like this on BB before. Zak is only focusing on Paulie and this seems to be the only thing she can think about so something ain’t right here.
        On a brighter note, so glad Day is outta the house and Nicole is safe from her.

      • Lol!!!! You’re hilarious! Lol!
        Exactly! Something is definitely not right.
        YES!!! Me too!!! It’s like a sigh of relief lol! I started trying to figure out last night if she should risk hanging with the boys or once Z is hopefully gone next week that she, Michelle or Natalie get the girls together and start trying to target the boys.

      • Too worried about taking Derrick’s advice… he should have taken Cody’s when he told him NO SHOMANCE!!!

      • He doesn’t want to risk losing her as one of his “numbers” nor does he want to risk her being that “scorned woman”, his pickle is in a pickle.

      • It’s a shame that she would still vote for him after the berating and belittling, but if he didn’t allow her to act like a hussy and lay all over him, she wouldn’t vote for him. That is really messed up.

      • She shouldn’t be acting like that in the first place. She needs to have respect for herself. If she truly had respect for herself she would never be acting like this and we wouldn’t be discussing who is at fault or which one is more at fault. She would’ve stopped it from the beginning.
        I really believe that even if he told her “we’re done” she would still pursue him. He basically has done that twice already and she’s the one that goes back to him and climbs on top of him. And that’s actually when we’ve seen his behavior get worse. She is basically telling him it’s ok so he pushes past that line further and further.
        Yes he should know it’s not ok to be like that towards her or any woman for that matter but if a guy isn’t being told what he’s doing is wrong and the girl keeps going back then he’ll never see or think he’s wrong. I really hope that when he gets out and watches it that he’ll see how he was and be disappointed with himself. Same for her as well.

      • If he doesn’t know what he is doing is wrong, God help us. And, no I do not believe that she would continue to pursue him if he didn’t keep inviting her back in, as he did this morning at 6:00. He’s playing mental emotional mind games, knowing he is going to hurt her. That is not appropriate in any setting.

      • Exactly God help us. But I’m almost positive this has been the first time he’s gone to her in weeks. She is always the one looking for or pursuing him especially after they fight too.

      • I’m beginning to think paulie is just putting on an act to the guys that he doesn’t ‘care’ for Zak to escape the stigma of being in a showmance.

      • Oh, contrare, my little Miss “Must’a just had a brain fart cause I know you’re smarter than that”! Do you not remember the Paris Room interrogation/demoralization conversation? … never cared!

      • I didn’t express my point clearly Linda so I’ll try again :D
        Of course Paulie ‘never cared’ about Zak, but he does want to keep her in the game to help him get to the end.
        So I was suggesting that Paulie is pretending to the guys that there isn’t anything between them and they’re not a showmance while making Zak believe just the opposite.
        This way he avoid the stigma of being in a showmance.

      • I don’t think Z is a sexual predator. I think Paulie allowed her to think there was a real relationship at play when he was just using her because she was hot. To me that means Paulie is more of the predator. Z is just hooked and being way too emotional.

      • I used that term to put emphasis on her behavior. She is acting like a possessive shameless hussy.

      • I agree Karen, Paulie is not behaving as a gentleman should and Zak isn’t behaving like a young lady should lol.

      • The difference is she is serious; he is not and knows this is going to hurt her, but continues in the deceit.

      • So true, no gentleman would behave in this manner towards a woman causing such unneeded emotional distress for her.

      • Not defending him but I don’t think he thinks about emotions, at all, so for him seeing her come back each time is probably making him think oh well I guess she’s just using me too. No it’s not ok at all but that’s probably why he’s being like that and telling the guys she needs to go. He doesn’t want to deal with it anymore and he doesn’t want her getting even more clingy. I could be very wrong also but that makes sense for someone like him who clearly shut off his emotions.
        Which also makes me think about when he told Z about his ex. Now I’m starting to think he told her all of that to give her a hint like I’m not putting any real feelings into you and me. Whereas I think Z took it as oh you’re confiding in me so you’re trying to get close to me. I don’t know I’m just speculating at this point lol

      • Even at the beginning of their showmance Zak would complain to Nicole that Paulie only talked about himself and never asked her questions as people usually do when getting to know each other. That should’ve been a huge red flag for Zak.
        Some of Zak’s behavior has been so juvenile as when she asked james to ask paulie if he liked her and when was he going to kiss her. That should’ve been another red flag for Zak.
        Oh well, I wonder what’s really going on under the covers lol.

      • Right?!!! Alarm bells should’ve been going off for her from the beginning and this whole time.
        She is definitely thinking and being juvenile. That’s what I try to get through to people commenting on here. If she thought like a normal grown person this situation would not be occurring. But since she is, here we are. It’s sad to see how little self worth and self respect she has.
        Hahahahaha you’re awful lol!

  7. The fact that Victor is taking the advice of the person that could have saved him and the one that backdoored him really sums up this season’s strategies. Or lack thereof.

  8. Them girls is done. Even if Meech pulls out a POV, any Rebel allies have gone (Frank, Tiff, Da). Natalie woke too late and isn’t enough. Z still ain’t woke – she’s sleeping in. Nic is committed to the dark side now and no hope. She’s getting Brigaded.

    They don’t believe it til it happens to them.

    • Nicole will make it the furthest of the girls but not as far as her original season. I read somewhere that she is related to Paulie. If that is true then she is the true final 2.
      Vic is from my hometown and I still can’t find it in me to cheer for him. His game play sucked from the minute he opened his mouth. The first go round and this one.

      • omg I know. I was excited to have someone from my state on, but he disappoints and makes us look bad… especially before his first eviction. and is he from slidell or new Orleans? I’m still confused on that.

      • He’s from Slidell but it’s easier for others to identify with N.O so he’ll mention both

      • She’s not related. Even though she knows Cody she’s never met him. They talked about that early on in the game on the feeds. But I heard Christine is Michelle’s cousin. But I don’t know if it’s true or not.

      • I believe that because they look alike. As soon as I saw her I liked for where Christine was from because I thought that early on

      • Captain said he saw a tweet from Christine. But why hasn’t it come out then? That’s why I don’t know if I believe it. Even Julie I think would of said another surprise is Michelle is related to a previous player.

      • I told Capt the other day that I wasn’t convinced of it and he asked why she would lie about it. That’s a good question and I don’t know the answer. Why would she make that up? But it does seem odd that we’ve heard absolutely nothing else about it and that’s why I’m a little skeptical. idk

      • How would she not have met Paulie when they were both talking to other HGs about how close their families were?

      • She said she’s hung out with Derrick and Cody when past BB house guests have gotten together. But remember when she first came in the house. She said she knew that was Codys brother but she talked like she never met him.

      • I thought that too but then they were having a conversation and talking about BB16 HGs that came to Paulie’s house and then they were talking about how close their families were. I think it was on Jokers.

      • I read that on Jokers, also. I can’t attest to what she meant by it, but the way it was written made it sound like they knew each other. I will say that I have read things on Jokers and watched BBAD during the same time frame and came away with a different perspective when I actually watched it vs reading what was written.

      • I agree. It would actually make sense for them to know each other because he seems to be protecting her. Every time someone else mentions getting her out he deflects and mentions someone else instead. Why would I get rid of the serial floaters to bring a vet that can probably win to final 5?

      • Yes, her name has been brought up several times that I am aware of and I have seen him intentionally steer the conversation in another direction.

      • Nope. I really doubt it. Bridgette is gonna go farther than Nicole. Nicole has too much social game to take too far. No one in the jury, except Natalie, has any relationship with Bridgette, so she’s a great F2 pick.

    • I was just thinking last night… Nicole will be the Christine of this season.. Last woman standing with the boys.

  9. WHY ARE THESE PEOPLE IN THIS GAME?? Why would a strong contender “drop” because she did not want people to think she didn’t trust them or was going against them (Zakiyah). What?? A returning vet drops after 10 mins because he doesn’t want blood on his hands (James). What?? Now the target on their back that neither wanted is still there.
    Pretty soon the smaller table will be moved in. They all can’t be final two or the winner so someone has to do it.
    I can respect a game with a little blood.
    Come on people!!

    • Now,
      Smile on your brother
      Everybody get together try to love one another right now. lol

      • My vote goes to Paul. He is the true under dog comeback story. He was 4th on the hit list, after Vic and now top 5 (to be determined- but strong possibility)
        I don’t like his tirade but I can respect him over Paulie, Victor or James- the coat riders.
        That’s the new alliance- the coat riders (Vic, James, Nicole, Cory)

      • Although you couldn’t get V, J, N, & C to call themselves that in a million years, right? lol

      • You couldn’t put Nicole and Corey’s two brains together to come up with anything close to that.

    • I don’t think Z threw it. She just said whatever she said to basically cover her ass. Paulie on the other hand, did throw it to Vic to do the dirty work, he just stayed long enough to prevent Z from winning.

      • I was able to see that and I’m happy she saw it. Paulie was hurting that’s why he kept asking to speed it up and saying he could do it all night. I picked up on his mind game that easily worked on Z.
        If Michelle did not get sick, she would’ve stayed I think

    • James didn’t even last 10 min. Talk about a floater. I wish he’d go up just to rattle him.

      • I had respect for James at the beginning of the season. He’s really changed since him and Natalie became a thing. I lost all that respect. His chance to make it far was with Mama Da’ and he threw that away to be buddies with the bros. Dude…. you are #5 on the guy’s totem pole.

  10. if Paulie plans to get Z out bc she knows too much then the DE is the time to do that. She may spill their info if she’s on the block even just after veto

    • Never. She’s too loyal to him and she believes whatever he tell her.
      She has blinders on when it comes to Paulie

      • Wrong!
        Hell hath no FURRY like a woman scorned … James said so last year so he must be right hahaha.

      • Very true. Paulie must not have taken Derrick’s tips on buttering up the jury.. Paul seems to have caught onto that though. At least he tried with Da. Don’t think she bought it, but he has the right idea. To me that was part of the genius of Derrick’s game

      • True, but everyone votes for the best player in the end if they can be convinced who that is .. and I think Paulie, above anyone, will have his ducks in a row for that speech.

      • I’ve seen several decisions made from anger. This ain’t survivor.
        The hold grudges in this jury

      • I think Paulie would only win if Bridgette or Victor was in the F2. BUT I still think they will be angry and not vote for him. Paulie would have a better chance if Victor and Paul were in the jury. Corey will probably go along with whatever those two tell him- he clearly has no brain.

  11. Elsewhere Tiff must be fuming and says … And they called me loose canon, paranoid and big crier … after Big Meech had another hissy fit.

  12. The only way Paulie can be evicted this week is one of Z or Mich comes down and he’s backdoored. And the care package goes to Victor, so he can prevent Corey and Paul from voting.
    Bridge and Nic vote to evict Z or Mich.
    James, Nat and Z or Mich vote to evict Paulie.
    Well, it’s a nice scenario, won’t happen tho!

    • Any talk of nominating or BD of Paulie is just a fantasy for us all. This group of houseguest see Paulie as BB18 god. No one in this house will ever do that . Who will they discuss it with? Who will vote for him? They all think they have F2 with him

    • Or James wins it and talks game with Victor? That would be a blindside at the PoV ceremony and a back door!

  13. Paul was the target at the beginning with Jozea and Victor. Somehow he survived.
    Bridge seemed to be a dead woman walking after Frank was evicted, but now she’s sure to skip by to next week.
    Victor back from the dead now is safe for three straight evictions.
    Natalie is safe all the time hiding behind James.
    Once upon a time the 8 Pack ruled the house and “the other side” seemed to be picked off one after another, but by next week 4 of the other side + Paulie who wasn’t in the 8 Pack will still be there.

    • I think that is because the 8 pack was headed up by Frank, Mama Da’ and James. Once Frank and Mama Da’ started going at it, it let everyone else become a floater. If those two had been smarter they would’ve waited until a lot later to get each other out- and taken out P/P/V. Instead they are both out and those 3 are running it. No one else has the mixture of brains and brawn to beat them at enough competitions. Corey has brawn, but ZERO brain. Bridgette and James have brain, but no brawn or guts. Everyone else is useless, honestly.

  14. no big moves… houseguests this season are cowards… victor should take revenge on the person who blindsided him… not the weaklings. Vic has no balls.

  15. Just to emphasize how hard Paulie has tried to get Z to back off…..
    6:02 AM..Paulie says Z you gonna sleep by yourself, he gets her by the hand and she climbs in the car with him.
    Jokers posts over 20 mins of “movement” from them.

    • And there you go…I don’t think Paulie is really serious about wanting Z as the target this week. He’s fronting for Paul and Vic to throw them off track about his true intentions/feelings.
      Did you see when Meech asked Z if she was gonna cuddle with Paulie tonight, Z response, “hell yeah, she’s gonna used him for all his effing worth”. Yeah, right Z.

      • Yes, I read about that and knew she was talking big. I also read something about Paulie talking to James, I think, about voting Michele out. I’m not sure what he is up to at this point, but I hope he does something that puts a target squarely between his eyes.

  16. *Sighs* BB we need a power shift fast! Preferably to someone who won’t do Paulie’s biding which at this point the only person likely is Natalie. It’s ridiculous to see these houseguests throw away their chances at 500k for ‘king’ Paulie. They might as well all quit now, call it a summer, and hand Paulie the cash.

  17. Paulie told Z the half truth; Natalie is being considered for a nominee but its as a replacement. I would like to see that happen since it would piss off James & Nat

      • Are you talking about the other girls? Oh yes, Day did a good job of ruining Nicole’s game with them. Another reason I’m glad Day’s gone.

      • Now that Day’s gone maybe the girls will finally realize they need to stop all the fighting between them. The fighting only benefitted Day they should realize as they leave the house one by one.

  18. With the entire house seeking the protection of the goomba tyrant since the outset , this televised embarrassment is no more interesting than the half lb of snot caked in Nicole’s cuffs. (would it surprise anyone to learn that dis guy is a Mob apprentice?)…wouldn’t me

  19. The women of the house this year are dumb and weak. This is operation remove the black people from the house. Never has a black person won Big Brother.

  20. Victor was blindsided by Paulie, Yet he wants to pick off more floaters. How stupid do these people get?

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