Big Brother 18 Spoilers: Who Was Voted Out Last Night & Who Won HoH

We discovered who was voted out last on Big Brother 18 as Jozea and Paulie faced off for the votes while Bridgette sat idly by and waited for this battle to end. It ended up a great night for the show and it’s only the first week of Big Brother!

Julie Chen and Big Brother 18 live eviction

Hard to believe we’re getting this much fun this early but that also means we’re about to lose a solid provider of Feeds fodder so there’s an up and down here to this week’s Big Brother results for the eviction. A lot will also depend on who wins Head of Household and readies us for the next round of nominations, the BB Roadkill, and even the Veto competition this weekend. Buckle up!

Ready to find out who gets voted out and who takes control next? Stick with us for our live recap right now for the latest BB18 results. You can download our Big Brother App, find us on Facebook & Twitter, and get our Email Updates so you never miss anymore Big Brother spoilers all summer.

Julie Chen just confirmed what I’ve been telling you for awhile: the first evictees have a shot at returning to the game! She said Glenn and tonight’s evicted HG’s games are “far from over.” Yep, the first five evictees will have a chance to get back in to the game with the “Battle Back” twist this season.

Big Brother 18 Week 1 Votes:

  • Victor votes to evict: Paulie
  • Zakiyah votes to evict: Jozea
  • Paul votes to evict: Paulie
  • Frank votes to evict: Jozea
  • Da’Vonne votes to evict: Jozea
  • Michelle votes to evict: Jozea
  • Bronte votes to evict: Paulie
  • Natalie votes to evict: Paulie
  • James votes to evict: Jozea
  • Tiffany votes to evict: Jozea
  • That’s enough. Jozea is evicted.
  • Corey votes to evict: Jozea

Jozea Flores has been evicted from Big Brother 18.

We were expecting a 7-4 eviction with Jozea heading out the door and that should be a blindside for at least Jozea and his two closest allies, and sure enough the HGs delivered.

Julie reveals more details about the twist. It’s Big Brother “Battle Back” in a Survivor Redemption Island style game. First five evictees will face off each week with the latest evictee competing the previous evictee. The winner remains and the loser goes home. No idea when we’ll see that happen.

With no time to waste we need a new HoH to hold the power and set the tone for the week. Let’s see if this will be a team competition or not with the team decided who should have the power. Hmm, have they said what happens if no one will agree to who gets HoH? That could be interesting.

Big Brother 18 Week 2 HoH Competition – “Berry Balanced”:
HGs are working in their teams and must carry 40 berries across logs. First to finish wins safe for their entire team.

Natalie goes for the faster route and falls. She is out. Once you fall it’s over for you. The show ends with one HG out and the rest continuing to compete. We’ll have to go to the Feeds for the results.

Feeds are back and we have the results! Find out who won with our HoH spoilers.

Things are going to be awesome on the Feeds after the show. Paul and Victor will be freaking about Jozea’s eviction since they were the only ones who didn’t have a clue after Frank let it out to Natalie. You’ll definitely want to be watching what happens.

When tonight’s episode ends we’ll be racing back to the Big Brother Feeds to watch tonight’s eviction & HoH fallout! Join us on there with the Live FeedsFree Trial & see what the fuss is all about.



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    • That’s why a blind side is so good. When somebody is so clueless and full of themselves. No, karma is NOT a bitch, She is sweet little old lady!

  1. Won’t be able to watch the episode right away, but I’m here to get the spoilers. Keep me posted, friends!

  2. HUGE shout-out to Captain for trying to help fix my laptop so I can enjoy BB…I was too stupid to understand, but hopefully will be able to play along soon. Will be watching—peace and love to all my BB friends!
    Again, THANKS Capt—you are THE best!!!

  3. I’ll be checking online or the app way before it comes on in Arizona at 8pmpt.

  4. I have dumb local breaking news on CBS. It better go to Big Brother at 8pm or I will go psycho. Lol

    • I agree. I cannot watch him. And if he does stay will they please tell him to put on some pants. It may be 2016 but him in his underwear is vulgar and offensive to me. I got the live feeds but I will have to cancel them if I have to watch him parade his junk around anymore.

      • Oh I know I was thinking that last night. I was talking to the feeds saying put some damn pants on your nasty ass is showing. Lol

      • I agree that Jozea is an asxxxxx. Besides he is so full of himself. Glad he’s gone. Hope he stays gone. That Paul needs to go too. He’s nothing but a bigmouth bossy ass.

  5. I hope Paulie does what he said he was going to do and whisper in Jozeas ear right before eviction “say hi to Julie for me”.

  6. Granted, some people might be homophobic, but for most people, that is not the reason why people want him out.
    He has a big mouth. He talks too much. He forces his opinions on others.

  7. I don’t want him gone because he’s gay. I want him gone because he’s an a$$hole.

    • From someone who’s ignorant enough to think that anyone against the gay HG has another reason for disliking him other than being homosexual.

  8. Yeah, Bronte made a mistake when she said that. Those 3 claim to be super spies but they are not keeping things on the down low that well. They are hilarious!

  9. Tiffany did come up with a great name for the all girl alliance. It sucks that the other four are already questioning her…

  10. Natalie’s not too bright. How did she not realize that it was mayonnaise? Does she lack the sense of smell?

  11. I wouldn’t want to live with ants or any other pests either. Victor does have a point.

  12. Is he really jealous of girl talk? Ooooohhhhh! These little boys, so petty!

  13. It’s so funny how different Big Brother UK is to Big Brother US. On the UK version, the people can pretty much be themselves and get into arguments whenever they want to without having to worry about relying on each other to further their respective games. It’s more or less a popularity contest, with the public in charge of who they want to get rid of each week.
    But the US version, the house-guests more or less have to walk on eggshells around each other. Personalities of some are dampened because they can’t really be themselves unless they want to kill their own games. These people have to rely on each other because in the end, the house-guests vote each other out.
    I love both shows. I can’t even decide which is better.

    • Georgina to go. Jackson needs to be without his mother. She’s fake as hell and is in denial that’s she’s a horrible housemate to the rest of the house. =))

      • Yeah, I agree with you. I did like Georgina at first, but that constant whining/moaning and telling Jackson how he’s supposed to be if he wants to be her boyfriend…that’s not cool at all. Jackson should go for someone who doesn’t want to change him and is fine with him being who he is. Isn’t that part of the reason why people fall in love with each other in the first place? I wish Emma would’ve lit more into Georgina during their argument, she tried to keep it as civil as she could, full of her positive energy and all that…lol.

        I hope the public doesn’t evict Evelyn. Her personality’s starting to come out more.

      • My jaw dropped when Jackson had his tantrums over Georgina’s nomination.

        I mean sure, he wants to protect his girlfriend of 4 weeks but sheesh…Just because she was nominated doesn’t mean she’s going to die.

        Dude needs to get a grip.

  14. Seriously, I cannot deal with anymore Jozea, I may be ill if he wins his way back in.

      • Nicole’s voice is the worst. To be honest, I don’t mind Bronte’s. She’s so cute.

      • Ooh I disagree. I think Brontes is the worst. And her personality matches. Awful!

      • Can’t stand Bronte. However, I don’t blame her for getting her back up at the way her male allies spoke to her at the pool table.

      • They really edited so much of that conversation out. She went out and was spreading lies about James and that’s when Victor wanted to confront James and Bronte was telling them no. But she didn’t want them to go in because she didn’t want to get caught lying.

    • I wish I could do that kind of braid…it was a braid, wasn’t it—I’m writing this the next day.

  15. Julie said before a commercial break it was not the end of the line for who gets evicted

  16. Lol Quote spoken by the special one: “those who betrayed will have their day”

  17. Uhm, have we seen the same BB16 Jozea? Nicole was far from being “snake-ish” in her season. She was snaked but she never was one. Hmmm…

    • He knows NOTHING. So glad he’s gone. I was dying…watching his ‘speech’ and not being able to comment!

  18. what’s with all these twists…? Oh, so it’s like Survivor’s redemption island?

    • Of course we will, but whether it’s on television or on the live feeds, who knows?

  19. Yes I am loving this twist!! That way he isn’t guaranteed an automatic comeback

  20. I like it better than the year Brenden went back in. All of them competing against each other.

    • This way though, the returning player has to have fought and won up to 4 times.

      Ha! If the returning player is a newb, do they join their old faction or have to be with the vets since “they already had their chance” as Paul & Victor say.

  21. No more motivational speaking from their messiah. I hope the boogie down Bronx beats him and gets a fair chance to get voted out.

    If Jozea does return, would he be a target for the newbies as a returned player?

  22. No more motivational speaking from their messiah. I hope the boogie down Bronx beats him and gets a fair chance to get voted out.

    If Jozea does return, would he be a target for the newbies as a returned player?

    • It’s should be a month before anyone returns, right? So, hopefully the messiah’s acolytes will be gone by then.
      Oh! A battle to return between Joze & Paul would be epic!

  23. Really really good HoH comp for teams and this divide caused by returning players. You can try to throw the comp but it only does so much, yet it’s still a team competition.

  24. Really really good HoH comp for teams and this divide caused by returning players. You can try to throw the comp but it only does so much, yet it’s still a team competition.

  25. These people are going crazy on the Live Feeds. Are there seriously 12 year olds watching Big Brother?!!! Gosh, they are so immature!!!

  26. These people are going crazy on the Live Feeds. Are there seriously 12 year olds watching Big Brother?!!! Gosh, they are so immature!!!

    • I agree. It’s 15 minutes since the show finished. I wonder if there not going to show it.

  27. I honestly love the Battle Back comp. But I’m curious as to whether or not it’ll be shown to us? Hmmm…

      • True. I guess what I meant to say is will it be shown to the hgs? I think it would take the surprise (what little is left in this game, anyway) out of it. Show the viewers the comp in a different and sequestered house, but don’t show the hgs. Let them discover after the fifth eviction..

      • No, not to the HGs. They will only find out that somebody come back in when it’s about to happen.

      • We just found out that all 5 battle back will be shown on Friday July 22nd in a special show.

    • Of course it will be shown to us. Why would they not show it? Why would they even bother to do it?

  28. I really hate this season. Grodner needs to be fired. Not even James can save this season. This season is so bad, that Tiffany so far is my favorite female. Freaking Tiffany! And I hate Vanessa. That’s how bad these HGs are. Michelle is by far the one I hate most, followed closely by Natalie, and a 3-way tie with Corey, Paulie, and Bronte for 3d most hated.

      • No, she’s never been overweight if that’s what you’re saying. She’s just an awful person.

      • because she,s an arrogant bitch that thinks she is better than everybody else in the house and calls overweight people vile names,i wish someone would just bitch slap her

      • Time is not the problem. It’s the people. This season was horribly casted to make sure Tiffany walks out with the $500K. Most of the people in the house don’t even give a bleep about the game. They are just there to get their 15 minutes of fame.

    • That’s a matter of opinion because I think this season has started way better than last season.

      • I agree, there are some really volatile personalities in the house. This could be a blast!

      • Right..We have good players in the house..and I hate the three stooges so much, I loved this season.

      • I don’t have the feeds, but from what I’ve been able to see, I AM LOVING THIS SEASON!!!

      • That’s true but I’m sure there were a lot of people who were unlikable because of things they said or did last season. These players may be worse but their downfall will be much sweeter. At least for me.

      • Last season was different. Nobody said anything that was straight up offensive. The only real unlikeable ones were Vanessa, and the twins. (And Jace if he counts.) But they weren’t disliked due to anything offensive they’ve said. They were disliked for their games.

    • I like the Road Kill addition. Also the team one is ok – I think they did it to help keep newbies and vets from always targeting each other. Alliances have been meh. Josea wasn’t likeable, but provided drama. Will have to see how it goes before judging.

      • I should clarify. I have no problem with the twists. It’s the people that has made this season bad.

  29. Thanks for making what should’ve been a blindside to nearly half the house completely boring and quiet FRANK… *sigh* This eviction had the POTENTIAL to be explosive yet Frank decided to run his damn mouth. I can honestly say that I’m no longer rooting for him. Send Frank home next.

      • Yes they are. Almost everytime you get to watch the ending of the HOH. There not on for POV but they are for HOH.

      • We didn’t get to see the ending of it on feeds tonight…they cut to eviction interview with Glenn and Jeff instead. We saw feeds come back after the comp.

      • I know everyone was complaining about it. That rarely happens. Whenever the HOH is endurance they always continue on the feeds after the show ends. That’s the only comp we usually get to see on the feeds.

  30. *sigh* boring eviction that had potential but was squashed by someone who couldn’t keep his mouth shut -_-

      • I don’t know. I know every season there’s one or two that the feeds didn’t get turned on for. I don’t think they’re going to show it otherwise the feeds would of been on by now. But we will know who won once they come on.

    • I’m reading on twitter that the moderator is putting update in the chat section of the feeds.

      • I don’t get the comments section on my iPad. I’d have to watch on my lap top. I think because my iPad is small??? Don’t really know why. Just like if I want to flashback I have to do it on my laptop because I don’t have that feature on my iPad either.

      • These impatient people are acting crazy, it’s insane. The best thing the sane people can do is just mute the spammers…lol. The chat is going so fast, it’s ridiculous!

      • I’m getting impatient but I just accepted we aren’t going to see the comp. Have to wait until it’s over to find out who won.

    • S**t!..this the 3rd Jeff show. Comp. could be done when feed comes on…I wanna watch.

  31. hate the new twist. I hate when they bring someone back, especially when its a jerk like Josea.

    • I’ll be surprised if he can win anything. The boy lives in another world from the rest of us. lol

  32. I hope Glenn wins. He did almost beat Corey.
    Victor or Bronte the next one to go please.

  33. The best part of this episode for me was Paulie’s good bye comments to Jozea – burn baby burn!

  34. I’m glad Paulie won because he doesn’t belong to either alliance, but he may also put of one of the eights. Nicole did put him up and even if he agreed to it, I’m sure he’ll think about using her as a pawn as well.

  35. Basically BB productions thought with these twists
    How to save the fan fav returnees.
    Step 1 split the house up into 4 teams.
    Step 2 make the whole team safe.
    Step 3 add a new comp that allows people to secretively nominate to build up newbie paranoia
    Step 4 let one of the 1st 5 return just incase .

    • Step 5: put a bunch of unlikable morons in the house to make Tiffany the likeable one. Because otherwise, everyone would be against Tiff right now.

  36. Paulie just said right now, he’s sticking to the plan. “I want those five out”..”I’ll do what the group wants” …of course that could change.

  37. I’m so happy jozea is gone. I hope he doesn’t come back ever!!! I hope Paul or bronte are next :). That would be great

  38. So Glenn needs to win 4 times to get the chance to enter the house then will be voted out straight away?

  39. Yeah, no doubt what happens if that team can NOT make a decision on who is HOH?? I guess big brother production will do some convincing. Oh wait, do they always have to agree right away on who is HOH? Perhaps Big Brother production influences them prior

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