Big Brother 18 Spoilers: Who Won HoH Last Night?

We’ve got your Big Brother 18 spoilers revealing who won HoH last night after the eviction show ended while HGs were still racing across their logs trying to win safety for their team.

Berry Balance HoH comp on Big Brother 18

Now we have the results for which team won and who was selected as the new Head of Household. Ready to find out who will be calling the shots for nominations this week?

Big Brother 18 – Week 2 HoH winner:

  • Paulie is the new Head of Household.

That means Team Frank won the competition and is safe for the week. We won’t see Bridgette, Michelle, or Frank on the Block or facing eviction.

James told us on the Feeds that he threw the comp as planned and it’s no secret. Victor and Paul know it and they aren’t happy of course.

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We should expect the first targets to be Victor and probably Paul though Bronte may get swapped out as needed. Read more about Paulie’s nomination plans & discussions.

Then for Slop assignments, James gave Paulie permission to put him on Slop so Victor gets it too.

What do you think of these results? Jump on the Feeds right now to see what happens next!

Nominations and Roadkill will be held on Friday and we’ll have the spoilers for you then. Download our Big Brother App then join us on Facebook & Twitter for the updates.


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    • That’d be ok. Be great. But I think I’d go with Vic and Bronte and throw Paul up there for RK if possible.
      Paul is such a jerk to women that Vic is his only true ally. Without Vic, think Pauls pretty much done and might detonate. Vic is a comp threat but Bronte is trouble. Plus once u eliminate Bronte, whom Nat considers her house bestie, it’d be easy to finish reeling Nat in and blow up the Spy Girls.

  1. James needs to quit being afraid and stop throwing comps.
    But really, why does he have much confidence that he would’ve won anyways?

      • Well, Victor didn’t win.
        Yes, I know, perhaps James didn’t want to take that chance.

      • Well now James volunteered to be on slop with Victor, to watch him weaken. James is protected by his 8pack alliance..Vic isn’t.

      • What James did was to protect his alliance by throwing the comp and offering to go on slop was more than what Frank did by talking to Nat and Bridgette. Team Player!

    • Victor was planning on throwing it so they could put James on the block and try to evict him so he did what he had to! They didn’t expect that jozea to go. I usually am on a newbie side even though I like the vets but they do get a do over so. But in this summer I have no real person I want to win yet but a few newbies that definatly I want gone! AND I LOVE JAMES N HIS PRANKS

  2. They need to drop this team thing. Its stupid its basically a dumbed down version of coaches.

    Make it an individual game so that people can play their own games! If you don’t think the returnees can win on their own then you should not have brought them back.

      • Tbh if the challenges were not team challenges I would not mind it but the fact that the whole team has to agree who is HOH is stupid

      • The thing is that it doesn’t really matter who is HoH amongst the team, because the whole team is safe for the week.

      • But in regards to the divide between the 8Pack and The Revolution, then who wins HOH does matter. The teams sometimes get in the way of that, like James and Victor being on the same team, when James and the 8pack want Victor out

      • And it’s better than actually having coaches who can’t be voted out.

        The team thing will go away by about mid point anyway…just like these beginning twists always do.

      • Agreed, they have to change it up somehow, they cant do the same thing every time or people will come in too prepared this way it throws off all of their initial plans coming into the house. I like it. AND I love the Roadkill thing. Frank played it perfectly…

  3. Put Bronte and Paul with Victor as the 3rd nominee! That should be it to really break that group up!

    • Top 2 Paulie and Nicole. I’m not trusting Frank right now.

      Bottom 3: Paul, Bronte and Victor.

      • I agree with you there, but on last nights BBAD or the night before, Nicole and Frank promised each other a finale 2..

      • Frank doesn’t have a final two with James? I never heard it , just assumed because the way the two of them celebrate after something goes their way. I don’t watch AD.

      • I like Paulie too and wouldn’t mind if he went far. I’m still rooting for Frank but that could change.

      • Psssst..don’t tell anyone this…but I was a Vanessa fan too, psychosis and all. I like her clone sister too- so far. We are in the minority though. ;)

      • I liked Vanessa, too! Didn’t understand the hate for her last year — I thought she was playing a smart game. Can’t say as much for Vanessa, though, who cries like Vanessa, but not much scheming. But it’s early yet…

    • Top: Nicole-James -Paulie
      Bottom: I can only name 3 lol
      Paul -Bronte -Bridgette with Victor close behind them !!!!

    • Top: Nicole Tiffany Paulie

      Bottom: Victor Paul Bronte

      ……no one likes bronte lololol

    • Top 3- Frank, Tiffany, Day
      Bottom 3- Corey (watching him is like watching beige paint dry) Paul, and Victor.
      All of these are subject to change of course. Except Corey. I don’t see him suddenly sprouting a new personality.

    • Do you mean top and bottom as in favorites or least favorites
      or as in playing the best/worst game?


      • Amen…especially if she’s spewing hate, It was mentioned that she does that. And if you saw BBAD last night, did you see how she was giving Zak the evil eye when Paul was talking to her and asking her questions about James in the room?

  5. Is anyone worried about Nicole??…,I think Paulie could potentially put her up just because she did it last week (even if she is not the target)….I don’t love this…

    • I hope he does because I really want them out of the house. If they were greats I would be rooting for them the whole way.

      • But there is another popular nomination excuse is you put me up, he might use that if he “doesn’t want to get blood on his hands” (I hate when people say that)

      • I actually completely disagree! I find her about 100% more charming than I did in BB16, because I think she has grown a personality and a backbone this season! If she’s smart, I truly think she could go far.

  6. Let’s get either Paul or Victor out. Then, it should be Tiffany’s turn. She is a hazard to anyone who looks at her crosseyed.

  7. Does Nichole have an engagement ring on??? very NICE RING FOR EVERYDAY it appears..

  8. Paulie has to leave. I pray to Yahweh that my comrades Victor and Paul will get their vengeance. Mark the Messiah’s words (I hope He comes back with the new twist). This show is scripted. James is a tool. Stop with the childish pranks. Grow up Buddhist.

    • He was the realest and most articulate person in Big Brother history. A part of my heart shattered when he left the house tonight. I wouldn’t have hugged any of those BB ingrates if I was him on the way out. That showed again how affectionate and sweet he really is. ::depressed with sadness with Jozea gone::

    • He was the realest and most articulate person in Big Brother history. A part of my heart shattered when he left the house tonight. I wouldn’t have hugged any of those BB ingrates if I was him on the way out. That showed again how affectionate and sweet he really is. ::depressed with sadness with Jozea gone::

      • He was the show. He made it totally entertaining so far this season. JoJo kept the newbies the together. He was the glue and brains! His brother Paul just like his biblical counterpart will redeem the Messiah.

      • Just because you claim to do something doesn’t mean it’s true. And just because you say you are honest and don’t lie doesn’t make it true either. ?????

      • He was honest. Well…Except when he was at the table with Paulie discussing the famous house meeting. He didn’t want to hurt that boy’s feelings.

      • Ok. Because thinking you’re the Messiah for the Newbies and your the glue that holds the whole house together when nobody really likes you, isn’t delusional? And comparing yourself to the president while speaking about a bunch of BS…well I’ll give him that one at least LMAO ????

      • I’m blocking you because I truly believe I’ve lost brain cells by reading your idiotic and moronic comments. I firmly believe everyone is more than welcome to their opinions, just as I am mine. When I feel as though my intelligence is suffering at the hands of others’ comments, however, I will have to shut said persons out of my view. If you ACTUALLY BELIEVE Jozea is this awesome mastermind that’s a legend, then you’re crazy.

      • I didn’t hate Josea as much as Frankie who I HATE. But Josea needed to go because he didn’t play the game very well. You don’t walk in thinking you were the Messiah and tell people that you are getting Nicole out when she is HOH…..he played a horrible game.

      • I agree completely. His game sucked from the beginning. Nicole didn’t even know who she was going to put up until he opened his big mouth, and then had Victor go tell her literally ALL of their plans. He sunk his own ship. Also, the Messiah thing, was truly just ridiculous and idiotic. He didn’t call ONE thing right. Horrible

      • He was the show. He made it totally entertaining so far this season. JoJo kept the newbies the together. He was the glue and brains! His brother Paul just like his biblical counterpart will redeem the Messiah.

      • You don’t have to watch any live feeds to know who Jozea CLAIMED to be in the house. And you don’t have to watch any live feeds to see he is full of BS. You could turn on BBAD for 2 minutes and see everything you need to see. ?

      • Sunday Wednesday and Thursday’s show are edited. BBAD shows are LIVE every night, and are edited into the Sunday Wednesday and Thursday shows. Dam Dude PAY Attention..

      • LOL…LOL..No, this fool is still on here, he’s making a reply to one of my comments right now.

      • Well, I could use more money, but other than that life’s good. I really don’t have any problems… thanks for asking!:-)

      • He is also of the minority than majority, so not worth arguing with! He could be a troll. :-)

      • It’s not live. There’s commercials and fish bowl breaks. You need to pay closer attention my child.

      • First of all, I’m not your child, second the Live-ness of BBAD continues while the commercials are on, which goes to show that (you) as I stated before need to PAY ATTENTION. By the way, did you watch BBAD when it was on Showtime? There were no commercials there.

      • Please don’t tell me what I need to pay attention to child. I’m fully aware of how Big Brother operates and you are clearly mistaken.

      • Just like you asked for respect on here, again I say to you, I’m not your child, I am not a child AND you very much need to PAY ATTENTION. Your acting very childish on this site because nobody is agreeing with your comments and the longer you stay on here spewing your self righteous Bull crap like the love of your life Jozea did, people on here will continue to use profanity towards you and what ever else they choose to type. So if you can’t take the heat…Get Out of This BB kitchen.

      • You can’t handle the truth that comes from my mouth Cheryl. That’s your problem and not my concern.

      • You don’t know the Truth mr. jew. And you don’t know me. How long have you even been watching BB, I bet this is your first of second season of watching this show. Now go to bed….You are done. Yeah I said so. Girl Bye

      • I’ve been watching since Evil Dick, Ian, Rachel, the Brogade and the other great ones!

      • If you have been watching that long, you should be ashamed of yourself for not realizing was a fake and idiot your man Jozea is. You better start paying better attention. ???

      • Hey Kesha, and what makes him look more bad is that he named 3 winners, and Jozea is the 2nd out of the house this season, so is he really trying to compare Jozea to them…really.

      • BBAD is way too boring to be scripted ….most of the time it is like watching paint dry.

      • Pay no attention…he’s a person from last year who claimed to have a Master’s Degree in Engineering. He may call you names a woman should NEVER be called. IGNORE HIM. Again, IGNORE HIM.

      • Jozea is dead wrong about everything in the game. He’s dumb on the game and so as his brotherhood of idiots Paul and Vic.

      • Paul isn’t an idiot. He’s a questionable queer but he’s not a bad player. He killed that POV comp.

      • I will share my advice so you can see the light my child. Jozea taught me that we can not hide from our inner selfs.

      • You are trying to get a rise out if people. An amusing game for YOU, I suppose. But, I don’t wanna play.

      • I’m not Kim. I’m not playing. As I mentioned, he was a huge asset to the game and Bridgette should have went home. Don’t use caps at me. Respect my opinion and The’s opinion just like I do with yours.

      • Are you a certain poster from last year who claimed to have a Master’s Degree in Engineering?

      • He was so full of himself! Certainly humble is not in his character. How the mighty fall and I hope he stays down. He thought he was hot snot when he was just cold boogers, fits him to a T.

      • he was one of the worst players and thought he knew everything when he knew nothing being “real” isnt good

      • You got that right. Getting voted out had no humbling effect on him whatsoever, he just let Julie know that it was a result of “weak-minded” HGs. You mean those “weak-minded” HGs that you, the “realest and most articulate person in BB history” couldn’t convince to keep you??

  9. From feeds: James was killing the comp, dancing and slowing it down. Apparently, he threw the comp..

    • Paulie will get his. Don’t fret. Production will not allow him to win anything else this season.

  10. Way to go Paulie, send Paul or Bronte out the door next, just praying Josea don’t come back in the house.

  11. Guess Julie changed her mind about revealing the vote counts. She said she might not do that this season.

  12. I’d like to see either Victor or Paul go next so they would have to battle either Josez or Glenn.
    Top 3

    Bottom 3

  13. I think it’s unfair with newbies to have all the most favourite people from past bb. Newbies are not getting a fair chance from the public to be liked. But Paul is very khaki. He needs to go next. And victor is controlling he needs to go too.

    • Some of the newbies are very likable, though. They are getting an equal chance to leave an impression or not. But for the most part, the girls are quiet and the boys are LOUD. And, sadly, it’s the girls who are more likable – Zakiyah, Michelle, Tiff – compared to Paul, Victor and Jozea. So far, the only guys who are likable amongst the newbies are Corey and Paulie (and Glenn, for the short amount of time he was in the house).

  14. I love bb18 decor. It so cozy,warm and creative as always.
    I miss the purple room that u had once.
    Just love to watch all my faves from past shows. Nichol is lovely. So sweet.

  15. Hey, guys, a little request…

    Can we please avoid feeding the internet trolls that are on here this year? We all know who they are, we recognize them immediately, and we’ve handled them year after year. Ignore them and they go away. If they escalate things to a point that’s inappropriate, Matt will handle it.

  16. I just wish bb18 had a trans man this season.
    I hope next year I will see one. And some more “older” people, hopefully more than 1. Lol

  17. these players are playing good, the vets are using there heads, it not about the team, it is about survival, ever vet is a target, so they have to do what it takes to get through those who want them gone, which is most of the house. James is not dumb, he has one of the biggest threats to him and the other vets on his own team, as most do.
    I like how they are working together so far,

  18. Sooooo…. Jozea is gone and Paulie is HOH!!!!
    It was a perfect time for me to check in on the spoilers :-) happy happy happy! I haven’t seen Thursday night’s episode yet however the only crappy thing is does he have a chance to get back in the house? I hope not! He’s crazy stupid!

  19. Love this plan – James throwing it (perfect comp for that) and offering to go on slop to torture Vic. Team Player! Think of like to see Bronte and Vic up first with Paul added for RK if possible. Bronte is trouble. Paul is such a jerk to women that his only true ally would be Vic. Paul without Vic is pretty much done I think. Vic can win comps and Bronte is trouble.

  20. My have the tables flipped. Paulie is in charge and Paul and his goons aren’t.

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