Big Brother 18 Twists: What Are The Teams?

One of the Big Brother 18 Twists revealed during Wednesday’s premiere episode forced the sixteen Houseguests in to teams of four, each with their own returning HG. Not to be confused with BB14 which had sixteen HGs, including 4 returning HGs, split in to teams of four each with their own returning HG. Oh, wait. Anyway, who knows how long these teams will last, but you better get familiar with the divisions as the season gets started.

Big Brother 18 Houseguests gather in the living room
Big Brother 18 Houseguests gather in the living room – Source: CBS

While the teams each came up with their own ridiculous names, which we’ll cite so you can keep track, I’m going to stick with their respective former HG’s name as the identifier because I just can’t with those. So let’s see how things split up last night for the Big Brother 18 teams.

Each team was picked schoolyard style with the only requirement being the choosen HG had to be the opposite sex of the previous pick. Each pick then selected the next member until each team had four. Glenn was the last to be picked and Paulie was the second to last after he was nearly picked first but then Da’Vonne went with Paul instead. That could be a big “Oops.”

Team Da’Vonne (Team Big Sister):

Team Da'Vonne - Big Brother 18

Team Da’Vonne (Team Big Sister)

  • Da’Vonne Rogers
  • Paul Abrahamian
  • Zakiyah Everette
  • Jozea Flores

Things don’t look good for Da’Vonne as her newbie teammates appeared solidly against her during their private talks together as well as their DR sessions in the season premiere. Sure, it’s early and they could bond, but Da’Vonne is probably going to wish she had stuck with Paulie during that initial confusion that landed her Paul instead.

Team Frank (Team Category 4):

Team Frank on Big Brother 18

Team Frank (Team Category 4):

  • Frank Eudy
  • Michelle Meyer
  • Paulie Calafiore
  • Bridgette Dunning

I’d say Frank’s team chose very well during the premiere with a solid group of performers and strong Big Brother know-how in this mix. Michelle has a big mouth and could cause friction around the house for their team, but the rest could work to offset her if that happens. I could see this group coming together well and going the distance.

Team James (Team Unicorn):

Team James on Big Brother 18

Team James (Team Unicorn)

  • James Huling
  • Natalie Negrotti
  • Victor Arroyo
  • Bronte D’Acquisto

James spent much of BB17 chasing after Meg. Will Natalie be that new center of attention for him? Not a bad team here so far and Victor was obviously thrilled to get to spend more time with Natalie. Meanwhile there’s Bronte who introduced herself like the dinosaur rather than the poet. She’s going to take some getting used to.

Team Nicole (Team Freakazoids):

Team Nicole on Big Brother 18

Team Nicole (Team Freakazoids)

  • Nicole Franzel
  • Corey Brooks
  • Tiffany Rousso
  • Glenn Garcia

Well this team was short lived. They’ll be facing an eviction right off the bat with one of these four heading out the door tonight during the second episode of the season. Can’t say they didn’t have their chances though after it took three straight loses to wind up here. Whoever gets the forth consecutive loss is heading out to meet Julie.

If you had the chance to pick a team to join, who would you want to play with this season on Big Brother? Cast your vote below and share your thoughts in the Comments section.

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  1. As long as the teams aren’t concrete for two weeks, then I am fine with this twist. However, I am neutral-leaning negative toward this cast as of last night though. Nobody’s conversations really stood out as a source of strategic/psychological smarts and laughter. Bridgette, Frank, and Corey seem like the only ones who seem naturally comfortable to listen to in DR’s at this point. Moreover, Da’Vonne is almost insufferable to listen to. 20 minutes in and I was already hoping she would be evicted via those competitions. She failed socially when she wasn’t paired with teams and pushed Shelli and Audrey away, she failed handling two weeks worth of competitions in teams and individually, and now she complains that Paul is holding her back? She blames everyone else except her own actions. Pathetic. And Bronte is nutso – that’s all I’m going to type about her today.

      • I agree. She acts so entitled all the time. Also for her to be talking down to the new houseguests like she’s better than them is so annoying. The girl only survived one eviction in her season. I really wanted her team to lose and her to be first evicted but sadly that won’t happen now.

      • wasn’t she safe for the first eviction? for not competing in the first HOH? of her season

      • Yes now that I think about it she was safe. I’m pretty sure she was a have not that week for being safe too. So far a lot of symmetry between her last season and this one in regards to her personal gameplay.

    • I also am not a fan of Da’Vonne. She is very unlikable, has too much sass, and a high sense of entitlement. However, my least favorite player is PAUL. Did you guys see the way he was talking down to Da’vonne, and screaming at her during the competition last night? I get the vibe that he doesn’t respect women at all. There was nothing strategic about it, it was just plain mean. Da’vonne was my first choice but now I want Paul to leave second.

  2. Naturally, Team James. Because well… :D

    But I don’t see this teams lasting as long as BB14’s coach teams, as it would probably just be something to only launch the season, kicking things off differently than having to do the standard Day 1 endurance competition in recent seasons.

  3. At this point team Frank seems like the most reliable and sane pick for anyone. It’s just sad that Tiff had to be on the losing opposing team.

    • I know, right? I have a strange feeling that of the 4 losers, that it will be Nicole going home…just my two cents is all. None of the other team members know her as well as she knows how the game is usually played! :-)

  4. Tonight can’t get here fast enough for me. Work is sooo slow today that it’s down right pathetic..LOL Doesn’t anyone want to have some humor with their travels? I usually do better than this being an Uber driver! :-)

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