Big Brother 18 Week 5 Veto Comp Plans – Update: Players Picked

The Feeds may have been down for a few days but the Big Brother 18 game never stopped inside the house and we’re cruising through Week 5 with the Veto competition expected later today.

James & Raffi plot their moves on BB18

Houseguests were playing hard for the HoH competition and now we’ve got the week’s initial noms up on the Block, but here comes a chance to change it up and force a renom.

Frank is on the Block next to Bridgette and he’s the real target this week after James bent to the will of the house only to have them abandon him when it came time to take responsibility. James isn’t happy about HGs playing dumb on Frank being the target. I’m wondering if he’s having second thoughts after commenting to Natalie last night that Frank would still work with them.

Also potentially in Frank’s corner going in to this competition is Paulie who has been advocating for making sure Bridgette left before Frank, but Paul doesn’t like that idea and it was showing signs of stress between the two guys. Corey assured Frank he’d use the Veto to save him if he won it, but what else is Corey supposed to say when someone puts you on the spot like that.

As for Bridgette competing for the Veto, Frank advised her to take every chance she has to get the Veto for herself. He does not want her passing on it to try and help him.

Now that we’re done with Roadkill we’ll be back to three players added to the mix since there is one less nom. Not sure if we’ll see the HG Choice buttons again or if it’ll be a handpick if they’re name is drawn and already in there. I actually like the new way so I hope they keep that.

When it comes to players who will be fighting hard to keep Frank on the Block I think we’ve got Day, Natalie, and Paul, but the rest might just keep their heads down and not tooth and nail it to secure the power so they’re not on the spot to use it at the meeting. Then again, knowing you can’t become the renom if you’re holding the Veto is mighty tempting.

I can’t really think of anyone who would be a champion for either Frank or Bridgette though, so if either of them wants to make sure they come down then they better get to winning today’s Veto comp. Natalie might save Bridgette, but she’s drifted from her recently so maybe not. Instead the best the noms may hope for is to simply get a draw of players with a weaker record like Natalie, Zakiyah, and Da’Vonne.

Update: Natalie promised Bridgette she’d save her if she won Veto (11:08 AM BBT) and considering Nat’s strong stance on keeping promises I think she’s being truthful.

We’ll be watching for the players pick later this morning and then the Veto comp could be later afternoon or early evening if the heat gets to be too much. Once the comp is over we’ll have the results waiting for you. There is a lot of pressure on Frank and he’s known to play strong when his back is against the wall.

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Update: Players were picked. Da’Vonne, Nicole, and Michelle were drawn. Natalie will host. Day mentioned that Bridgette drew here name. Ouch, bad draws for Team Frank, huh? Natalie won’t be able to help Bridgette like she had hoped. Sounds like they’re both on their own here.



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  1. I really don’t think this is going to be an interesting week. If either Frank or Bridgette wins veto the other goes home. If neither wins, noms stay same and Frank goes home. Boring boring boring……

      • I like Roadkill….it crossed up the nominations and threw a potential wildcard in there. Should have kept it. They always make bad decisions (like the double HOHs).

      • The team thing wouldn’t have saved who is OTB right now but I liked the Team thing as well.

      • They should have done like Survivor and consolidated the teams into two teams once the numbers started dwindling.

    • How is it going to be boring? Frank adds nothing to the show. He is trying to manipulate everyone in the house. One of the worst players to play bb.

      • At least he is playing the game. There are so many others that are just there.

      • It’s called big brother and he’s one of the few in TE house whose actually playing the game unlike most who are using the experience as a summer vacation and they don’t really care about the game they are just there for the ride.

      • After seeing Ian lay low and win, I think it’s now a valid strategy to just chill and lay low and let all the drama happen around you and float to the end. No more “Floaters grab your life vests”. The game has changed.

      • No, Frank is the only guy making it interesting. Rather watch ALL showmances? Try the Bachelor, then.

  2. I don’t think anyone would think Natalie would use the veto on Gigglette without James’s approval. Because of James winning the HOH comp and her association with him, there is already a target on them that hasn’t been there this season. If she played and won the comp then used the veto, that would definitely broaden that target on both of them, unless it was something that was agreed upon beforehand, and I don’t see that happening.

    • Honestly, I think the HG’s already think GNat would use the VETO on Gigglette. Someone using the VETO on Frank on the other hand, would send rad flags waving at that person real quick. If Frank stays OTB, DAY would be one vote to evict him for sure.

    • I love Natalie to death because of her personality, but let’s be real, she ain’t gonna win a comp any time soon.
      Natalie and Bridgette have drifted apart and she would no longer stick her neck out for Bridgette, which is smart, distancing yourselves from this week’s targets. But I hope she does realize that if she or James were to ever be in power again they need to work with whoever is left of the Frank/Bridgette duo this week.

      • It would make sense for those two to work with Frank and Bridgette before he won the HOH. A little too late now.

      • Yeah considering James’s bad track record of strategy last year, I wasn’t surprised he f’ed up on this one

  3. Why is Paulie now on team keep Frank ? Did something happen or is this just multiple personality disorder time in the BB house ?

    • I think Natalie called it: Paulie is playing all sides and leaving his options open.

    • My guess is this, now that Victor is back in the house, the numbers have changed and now he wants the girls out. He might have actually believed the all girls alliance thing after all.

    • He is playing all sides. I wish Frank would wake up and observe a little more bcz everyone is playing him out the door!

      • He said this morning that nobody in the house would save him but maybe Paulie and he is not sure that he believes him. He knows what is happening. If he does not win veto its bye, bye Frank. But if he wins then it maybe a new alliance with James and Nat.

      • I don’t think James will join Frank, he believes in Paulie too much! He does whatever Paulie says.

    • I’m trying to figure that out too. He’s wanted Frank out so bad now suddenly he’s more scared of bridge??

  4. I wonder if Frank is feeling defeated and just wants to leave right now. Can he pull off a VETO win to save his self this week. Will Bridgette come down. Who will find the secret room and will it ever be used in the game. I kind of was rooting for Frank but as much as I want to see him play and take out several more people before he goes, I wouldn’t be upset if he went this week either. Seems like the ones who want to play the game are always taken out fast.

      • Thank heavens he isn’t being as arrogant and as abrasive(at least openly) as he was earlier.

      • I hope you are right! I wish Frank get some kind on intuition that it’s some secret power laying in that house.

    • Well of course, the others don’t have to work so hard. Who wants to have to be strategical? It’s too haaaaard! It’s the summer of love.

  5. Something “Unexpected” needs to happen… James is sabotaging his own game when nominating Frank & Bridgette. Please BB Gods.. don’t let it be “the year of the floater(s)!”

    • Frank is a freaking threat! He’s been one of the people pulling strings, and has been a beast in comps. How did James sabotage his game?

      • True, but Frank has been guilty of lying and hiding behind Bridgette. Not to mention that he’s in hot water considering he rubs people the wrong way.

  6. It’s time for Frank to put in work, America needs him to win this! If Frank leaves I’m done w/this season and will not watch anymore. I can’t take all these dummies following Paulie to the win!!

      • I don’t think no one has the guts or the brain to backdoor Paulie. Victor will leave real soon, bcz they already plotting and he is playing right back into their hands. Bye Victor!!

      • wont happen if they need rating put paulie up see wjha hsppen!this sunday wil get 1.0 ratings vs celebrity family

      • 12. 2-6 31 Jul 16 Bachelors Vs Bachelorettes And Indy Car Drivers Vs Sports Illustrated Models

        13. 2-7 14 Aug 16 Tommy Davidson Vs Kristi Yamaguchi And Dave Foley Vs Jalen Rose

        14. 2-8 21 Aug 16 Paula Deen Vs Carson Kressley And Rico Rodriguez Vs Jaleel White

        15. 2-9 28 Aug 16 Gus Kenworthy Vs Sheryl Underwood And David Chokachi Vs Alan Thicke

        16. 2-10 11 Sep 16 Garrett Morris Vs Alfonso Ribiero And Todd Chrisley Vs Sara Evans

      • celebrity family feud does great on sunday and ABC killing it gameshow night to

      • if they need rating wed night they will need do soimething big because america got talent rating huge rating!

    • I don’t think Paulie stands a chance.. As of right now they (Allies/Floaters) see him as someone with a good chance of winning HOH each week. In which is good to have on your side early on… However this becomes “threatning” when there are only 4-6 HG left… He will be a huge target..

    • And another case if “If ______ happens, I’m not watching anymore.”

      Hey you said it not me.

    • I can’t believe I am saying this as much as I disliked Frank just a few days ago, but I’d rather Paulie be evicted.

      • me too. frank has mellowed, but he knows he is on the bottom. curious to see if he behaves the same way if he gets in power again

      • Hey, Texas! I am wondering the same thing. What would he be like now if he hadn’t have been brought down a notch or two and everything had have gone his way? I’ve got my eye on the scoundrel.;)

      • im suprise that frank didnt get the boot what he has done the house so far

      • I’m not sure he would deserve the boot, unless BB has gotten tougher on breaking BB rules, whatever they are. They can’t be too strict. Look at what Skanky Frankie got away with.

      • and he should have been tossed out on his ass as well ,there should be 0 tolerance for unwanted sexual contact

      • We agree on that completely. I almost didn’t finish the season because of Frankie. When he came back last year to host, I taped the show and FF’d through his spot. He’s a menace to society.

      • I think you guys are taking it a bit far. His hiney patting might be rude & inappropriate, but I don’t see it as sexual assault.

      • any unwanted swatting on someones ass is considered sexual assault,and if you had a daughter who was sexually assaulted like mine was YOU would feel the same way,and it started with a swat on the ass, then she was sodomized ,she was 8 freaking yrs old.,at the time,her stepdad was 38

      • I’m very sorry for all your daughter, and your family has had to endure. But, quite frankly that has nothing to do with his game. Not every man is a predator, and all should not be pre-judged as such.

      • I don’t see sexual assault mentioned so I’m not sure what you are referring to.

  7. plus they will need power move beatout AGT on wed when live vote castoff

  8. Kinda surprised Day has managed to slip back under the radar. Only person really gunning for her is Frank. If she keeps her mouth shut she could slither her way further.

  9. Has the whole world gone mad???? Frank is a strong player and is very mean too. Everyone forgets that Frank and Tiffany were arguing and Da had nothing to do with it before the Veto that Paulie. James put the right person on the block everyone’s target was Frank these house guests are stupid they flip flop back and forth everyday and everyone in the house lies and is fake. No one is playing the game but James !,! Go James!!!!!!!!!!!

    • ya jame has ther balls huge target up now!let hope brideggette win pov put up paulie!

    • I wouldn’t call Frank mean. Most of his comments and actions were meant to be friendly because he felt comfortable with everyone in the house and now he realized that he’s not as liked by everyone as he thought so he is toned it down. And I can’t believe you would call him mean with people like Meech and Mamma Day in the house.

  10. There is only one person who isn’t afraid to take down Paulie or Corey if given the chance…..Day.

    • James isn’t afraid but at the moment he really is believing the 4 bro’s til the end deal and I don’t think that Bridge would be afraid either… She’s quite the firecracker

  11. I predict we’re going to see the veto comp where you roll the ball up a ramp and have to run to the other side before it falls off… and you gotta do it like 200 consecutive times. First one done wins. Frank would absolutely win the comp and production knows it!

    • Yep, with Frank’s long legs he does have an advantage so I hope this does happen.

  12. Once again the Cowards are off in a room talking $#!+ about Frank to keep the focus off of their extreme floating in the game, time for Frank to go to war against these P#$$!$.

  13. Haha Frank is for sure going to win the veto against this bunch unless James pulls a win out of his pocket

  14. Looks like Nicole’s dad played “got your nose” to much with her when she was a baby!

      • Me too, I wonder how she even breathed. It is quite obvious though, I hope it is not some sickness.

  15. Am I wrong in saying that Corey does not seem happy with Paulie or that Frank is on the block? Could Corey be realizing that if Paulie is working to get Frank out whats to keep him from being next?

    • He and Nicole has been playing both sides. If Frank is gone, there is only one side.

    • I think ever since the Day epiphany Corey has been questioning a lot of things. He does NOT trust Day and he knows to an extent that Paulie still does. So with that he’s more on Frank’s side than Paulie’s as far as I can see.

      • I thought he might be Frank supporter since he was with Frank on getting Davonne out…His actions tell me that he no longer trust Paulie..

      • Corey must know/think that if Paulie will go after Frank then he is not safe either..

      • I agree, I wish Corey had the balls to go against Paulie but he doesn’t ? Why does everyone treat him like a king ?? He’s so conceited. Disappointed James now went against Frank. He had a better chance of winning against Frank than Pauline. Once again I think James blew his game again !!

      • I agree with everything you said! At first I liked Paulie… Until he got a little power and his true side came out. Now he’s on a power trip and is calling all the shots in the house and everyone is listening to him! James would be better off WITH Frank.

    • The best thing for Corey’s game right now is to get rid of Day not Frank but once again Paulie is controlling the HOH even if James did win.

  16. Frank HAS GOT TO GO. HE IS A MYSOGANIST, BULLYING DEMAGOGUE. He acts all innocent and can easily manipulate anyone in the house. PAULIE HAS GOT TO GO after Frank leaves!

  17. Wonder what the difference is in the vets “flat fee” pre-jury and the amt the others are paid? Obviously BB didn’t like the fact that Frank told Gigglette about it. They tried to shush him but he kept talking….Fearless Frank.

  18. Nicole has won zero comps. I can’t remember Michele winning one. Nicole has 1. So it’s not as if Frank and bridge are against some machines of comp.

    • Nicole hasn’t won one either. Her team came in last in the very first comp and that’s how she got her HOH, after she talked her teammates into letting her have it.

      • Techinally she won that coconut tree comp… She was the first on her team to get all of the coconuts and pull her flag

    • Whose Michelle ? Never heard her suggest a plan or win a comp ? She’s useless in the game

      • Dont say that, or she will cry and throw tantrum at you for calling her mean.
        If you add the word ‘fat’ she would probably bawl her eyes out for a week.

      • You’ve got that right! To be such a “mean girl” she sure can’t handle anyone talking smack about her!

      • She finished first on the final Hit the Road challenge. At least it counted as a win, right?

    • Bless her heart, those other girls have made her life so difficult with their jealousy of Gigglette because of her stable job and the fact that she has a BF. Maybe she would be happier at home.

      • Yes, that alone should secure his victory but in the end it is up to him if he choose’s to win.

      • He does say it way too much! I am a swearer myself, but good god, I don’t see the need to say it in every other word of a sentence! I think he thinks it makes it seem tough

      • OK, I am not sure which post your following here but if it is about Paulie swearing every other word then I agree.

  19. What, is Paulie trying to get in the Guinness World Records by seeing how many times he can say the f word? BB should make him stop that. It’s uncalled for to say it 38 times in 3 minutes of talking. I’m happy that at least Jokers doesn’t post them very often. AD was so bad last night, I turned it off.

    • I don’t know how you can even understand what they are saying on BBAD. Last night Nat and James were whispering so much I wish I knew lip reading because I could barely figure out a word that was said.

      • maybe you are just hard of hearing & need a hearing aid or perhaps you have a cheap & outdated laptop/media player – i am able to hear them just fine.

      • I know, Lisa. I did see that part. I have no idea how the people who post on Jokers ever figure out what is said much of the time.

    • Very disappointed with Paulie, good looks but dirty mouth, no wonder Z is so into him and wants his baby so badly.

  20. That’s what you get James for letting a pair of boobs cloud your judgement. Fake boobs at that.

  21. They trying to get rid of Frank… With those veto picks, they better hope that competition is nothing physical or else Frank is so obviously going to win. It can’t be that easy to get rid of Eudy’s booty! So I predict he wins veto and Bridgette, the worst HoH ever, goes home!

    • Love love love Frank so hoping he pulls it off. I hope the renom is Davonne so Bridgette has a chance of staying.

      • I love Da’Vonne but her game play is weak. Bridgette annoys the petunias out of me so I’m ready to bid adieu to her personally. I want to see Da’ at least make it to the jury. If one of them comes off the block, Victor will more than likely go up and they’ll send him right back out.

      • Victor is a breath of fresh air second time around.
        Don’t keep on plummeting flowers, my matey.

      • I love Frank, too. I don’t care for Bridgette one way or the other really–but I’d LOVE for Da’ to go…especially after that goodbye speech she gave to Tiffany. I realize that those speeches are supposed to be snarky, but what the heck did Tiff EVER do to DaVonne?!

      • I would love Day to be renom and Bridge stays as well, but knowing James and his missus Natalie, Victor is going to be renom, sigh …

  22. I love how Frank tells (commands) Michelle to throw the veto. She said she wants to win, he says not this time. Bridgette tells her she can win veto when she’s put on the block. He has already asked Nicole and James to throw it. You know he can’t ask you know who to throw it.

  23. According to Paul, he has done everything in the book, and knows everybody. If you know someone he has to know someone better and If you done something he has done it 2 times better! He tell so many stories it has to be a pile of lies!!

  24. Bb18 u know u r boring this year but if James or Natalie win this season then I have no beef with y’all. Got that?☝?️
    Now just make sure next year u have a Pakistani American in the show. U know why?
    Cz we rock?✨
    And don’t forget to also have a trans person. Becz trans lives matter❤️????

  25. I don’t like the way Frank keeps talking about his DR vent sessions. Seems like production does not want him to leave. Is it just me??

  26. Julie is the perfect host for this show. I like her presence. She speaks with confidence and authority, exactly the kind of person to deal with these immature and childish bb house guests. Lmao
    First I thought Paulie was hot but he is just another hot ?mess?
    Paul is another ?
    I think Z is b u t full. She should get a contract for some soap opera after the show. ???????

  27. Hey y’all if James is HOH then why is he in the have nots room??
    I’m so confused ?

  28. I don’t get it….. They take out Tiffany because she is Venessa’s sister, then what about Paulie? This year for me it’s boring, this is Big Brother not Big Romances at least Day and Frank are trying to play the game……

    • I know wth it is. It’s a double standard.
      Paulie still there and tiff gone. ????????

  29. I think I should sleep now. I’m getting emotional over stupid tv show?????

  30. Why no one is really good dresser this year. No style what so ever. In previous shows people dressed so nicely like that pop star’s gay brother and Jordan and etc can’t remember all the previous stylish people. Bb didn’t u tell them they will be in tv? Wthni one did any shopping this year.

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