Tiffany Rousso – Big Brother 18 Eviction Interview

Tiffany Rousso found herself evicted this week without the support that saved her the week before but even an extra chance to get back in the game with the Battle Back twist wasn’t enough to keep her Big Brother 18 run alive. Now she’s out of the house and telling us what she thought of the season and the Houseguests she played against.

Tiffany Rousso evicted from BB18

The bar was raised high for Tiffany after last season’s performance by her sister Vanessa Rousso and that really crippled her chances. I asked Tiffany why she took heat for her sibling connection while Paulie didn’t, who is playing the best game, which HG she wanted to join her at the end, and more.

Big Brother Network: What proved to be the biggest challenge you encountered but didn’t anticipate going in to BB18?

Tiffany Rousso: How hard everybody was playing right out the gate.

BBN: Why do you think HGs treated you differently than Paulie despite you both were siblings of former HGs?

Tiffany: Vanessa was a stronger player than Cody and they were afraid of me playing the same game.

BBN: Who is playing the best game right now?

Tiffany: Right now Nicole and Paulie are playing very strong games. Unfortunately Frank has been caught in Da’Vonne’s web of lies so he has been made a target by a lot of Houseguests. Had he not, he would be coasting to the finals.

BBN: If you had won your way back in to the house, who would you want to take to the F2 with you?

Tiffany: In the beginning I wanted to go with either Day, or Paulie. But that changed quickly as the weeks went on. Right now I wouldn’t have minded going with Bridgette. She’s a strong enough player but not as strong as me… she didn’t talk much game, other than to Frank.

BBN: Thank you, Tiffany.

Tiffany definitely got a raw deal due to her connection to Vanessa, but she also got the chance to be on Big Brother 18 because of her connection to Vanessa so it’s hard to have it both ways.

I do wonder what kind of game she could have played without the Rousso name behind her as it made other HGs nervous and her own self-imposed expectations guided many of her game decisions like her own personal albatross. Tiffany certainly had her moments this season, but now her game is done.

Get ready for more Big Brother with Sunday’s episode at 8/7c on CBS with the HoH endurance competition and noms are officially revealed.


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  1. And we will never know if she could have went farther if her last name wasn’t Rousso.

  2. Tiff thought Bridgette is a strong player? What does she know that we don’t? Bye,Tiff…you didn’t deserve that message from Da’!!!

    • According to Gigglette, all of the girls are just jealous of her stable career and her boyfriend. Hmm. I didn’t know she had a boyfriend. I wonder what he thinks about her following Frank around like a lost puppy dog? There is something about this gal that makes me not like her, too, and I’m not jealous.

      • I still like Gigglette. Something tells me she is not playing all her cards whether it be her real life outside the house or not. I thin we are underestimating her. I told my wife that I was going on BB LOL and be in a showmance and all she did was laugh at me and say ” As long as you bring home the money Dear”.

      • This “boyfriend” she has. She’s only been dating him for a few weeks before she went in the house. And her “career” she has. From the stories she’s told. It’s nothing but drunk and inebriated old men who come into the ER at 2am, and yell sexist, and racial Asian slurs at her. But hey, I guess they are jealous of that.

    • Day’s message was stupid. Yes technically she did “beat” Tiffany. But in Day’s two seasons, she’s won nothing (unless you count the last laugh, which did nothing to help her). At least Tiffany won a RK comp.

      • And Tiff lasted longer than her in her first season, even with the target on her back.

  3. I so wish she was back in that house =( She definitely got a raw deal.
    Did yall see Day’s face when Julie said someone was coming back???? Omg I thought she was about to sh*t her pants lol!!! She was TERRIFIED that Tiffany might come back in lol!
    I wouldn’t mind Tiff coming back for another season! =)

    • I think Tiff should have been the one to come back but I am unsure if she should come back for another season.

      • Vanessa would’ve put that puzzle together easily and this made me think this would be an easy comp for Tiff.

      • Her mistake was watching Victor. She should’ve set aside the name in order in her box instead of putting it up there first. Her original strategy would’ve won it for her, starting at the bottom slow and steady. She instead put the name up first and worked her way down. =(

      • I actually thought ok she’ll put the name up there but go back to working from the bottom-up…. but she didn’t!!! I was like uh-oh I hope she can beat him because it’ll be close. Smh… oh I was so sad.

      • I had so much confidence that Tiff would win too.
        It got to the point where I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

      • I think it would be interesting at least. Especially if they decide to bring another group in who are completely clueless about the game and didn’t bother watching a COMPLETE season of BB. They would have no clue who she is lol

      • She fits the criteria perfectly. She’s young (27), attractive, and looks just like Tiff and Van. So why not? I also think that Angelina Calafiore will on BB in a future season as well.

      • I think she should definitely come back for another season…for a second chance. She definitely got the short end of the stick. And to think, it was Paulie, who pushed hard to get her out. He had a connection with Tiff being that they had siblings who played the game before. He was infatuated with Vanessa, but he wanted Tiff out!

      • I’m not in favor of any player coming back unless it’s an All-Star season and the player really should be an “All-Star” someone who played the game well and was interesting. None of this bringing back people who were voted out early in the game or because you think they got a raw deal. I don’t like that they brought back Da who was voted out early due to her own fault or James, who may have been a fan favorite, but had absolutely no game last season or this season so far too.

    • Raw deal? She evaded eviction twice! What about Glenn? Victor? Bronte? Tiffany should’ve been gone last week.

      • She got a raw deal because the HG’s, mostly Paulie, seemed to think Vanessa was in that house playing not Tiffany. They are not the same person and obviously don’t play the game the same. Just because they share DNA and have the same mannerisms does not mean they play the same. They are 2 different people after all. So yes, she did get a raw deal. Let’s not also forget to mention that on top of all that she had Day making up lies to undermine her game. She never had a chance. So YES, she got a raw deal. I would also agree so did Glenn but that was just the rules of the game. Victor and Bronte didn’t have a target on their back walking into that house and only have themselves to blame for being evicted. They had big mouths that got them in trouble, again, only themselves to blame.

      • But she escaped eviction twice. She had several chances to change her game. Half the people in the house didn’t even watch Big Brother last season, and have no clue who Vanessa even is. On the other hand, Glenn lost a comp by 0.001 seconds. Spent 5+ weeks in sequester, disconnected with the outside world and his family. Basically wasted his summer, only to spend one day in the big brother house.

      • Bronte escaped eviction once, so? Tiffany did change her game but that doesn’t mean she can change everyone’s opinion of her. They are brainwashed by Paulie and agree with whatever he says. And he was saying constantly “she’s Vanessa! Trust me, she’s Vanessa! She needs to go!” So again, she never had a chance. She almost stayed again if one more person could’ve broken the Paulie spell but that’s a tall order.

      • I think Tiff had difficulty forming a bond with a lot of the giggling young women in the house. She tried at first but there didn’t seem to be common ground to share or connect with.
        I don’t know what went wrong between Tiff and Nicole – maybe Day told T lies about her.

      • Day definitely did tell her lies. She made a wedge between Tiffany, Nicole, Michelle and Z. She did a job on Tiff for sure, she got everyone to go against her with Frank’s help with the lie she told him. I’m glad that eventually Nicole talked to her and figured it all out but it was too late =(

      • This happened too with Elissa who was Rachel’s sister. She was not even as outgoing as Rachel but, they targeted her just because of Rachel. She did not play better than Rachel.

      • Wasn’t she usually saved by the America’s twist? I only saw part of that season but I remember people saying something about that.
        See and I thought Tiffany was definitely more outgoing than Vanessa which is why I had hope for her but Day, then Frank, then Paulie tanked her game before it even started. I get that she had Vanessa’s mannerisms but she was so much more willing to talk than Vanessa was. I remember it looked like Vanessa was tortured into talking to people because she would rather sit and listen or be alone.

  4. Every time I find time to watch the feeds there down, or its the same stuff on BBAD ,and the archives aren’t always up to snuff either,what a disappointment !

  5. I hope one of the floating slugs don’t find the secret room! No Paul or Big Beetch to name a few!

  6. “Vanessa was a stronger player than Cody and they were afraid of me playing the same game.”

    Ok, last I checked, Cody made it to the final 2, and Vanessa didn’t. Cody won the final HOH, and Vanessa lost it. Quit fooling yourself. Cody played one amazing game. Had one of the best social games ever, probably only bested by Derrick himself. Vanessa had one of the worst social games ever, and couldn’t even win the final HOH, which is the easiest one to win. AKA, the hardest one to lose.

    • I will say that it’s hard to say who was better, Cody or Vanessa, but to say Vanessa had one of the worst social games ever isn’t true. She was good at comps, sure, but it was her social game that got her as far as she did. It was a social game almost NO ONE enjoyed watching, but her ability to manipulate and deceive houseguests was second to none. Cody had an F2 with the greatest houseguests of all time paving the way for him…Vanessa had to scratch and claw her way to the F3 with her alliances constantly trying to turn against her at every turn. If you mean she didn’t have the social grace that Cody did, sure, I would agree. But her “tears and fears” social game was legendary….so legendary that it put an IMMEDIATE target on her sister….one she was unable to overcome.

      • When Steve evicted Vanessa, and she walked to the jury as the final evictee, the entire jury jumped out of their seats and cheered. Does that sound like a good social game to you? They were all rooting against her.

      • Nah they were all against Vanessa. The only person who shockingly was on Vanessa’s side, was Shelli.

      • I LOVED watching Vanessa in action. I couldn’t get enough of her! She was amazing!
        With that being said, Tiffany’s softer than her sister. She was also so fascinating to watch on the live feeds. There’s just something about those Rousso sisters to me. They’re special… and I mean that in a good way.

    • They both one 4 HOHs. I think they both played good games but it was the stupidest decision to take Derrick over Victoria to the finale 2.

      • It wsn’t a stupid decision at all. It’s a testiment to how good Derrick’s game was. Derrick doesn’t get enough credit for that. The only people who were able to see what Derrick was doing was Nicole, and Donny. And when Derrick figured out, that they had figured him out, he evicted them. Nicole made the mistake of telling Derrick right to his face, that he reminded her of Dan.

      • It was a terrible decision! I’m not saying what you said about Derrick’s game isn’t true…not at all….but the decision to take Derrick over Victoria has got to be one of the dumbest decisions ever in the game. You take Victoria, and you win $450,000 more than you did if you took Derrick. Sure, he made a lifelong friendship out of it, but that friendship could have been mended afterwards. Even Derrick would have voted for Cody over Victoria!

      • There is no guarantee that Cody would’ve beaten Victoria. Derrick made it clear that he wouldn’t vote for Cody if he backstabbed him. And a lot of the jury said afterwords that they wouldn’t have voted for for Cody if he did that as well. Plus Derrick would’ve taken Cody to the final 2 anyway. So it would’ve been the same 7-2 result anyway. They were in alliance together. But Derrick was so good, that he was able to pul the wool over Cody’s eyes, and have Cody believe that he was the better player. And in all fairness, on paper, Cody was the better player. And if Derrick wasn’t able to properly explain himself in the final 2, Cody would’ve won.

      • True and that’s more of Derrick’s master strategy rather than a good move on Cody’s part.

      • Yeah Derrick will never get the credit he deserves. There are always 1000 excuses people have as why Derrick won, other than his gameplay.

      • They’re just upset that Derrick evicted their faves (Donny, Nicole and Zach)

      • But Derrick was also blessed with playing with the stupidest cast ever on BB. I think he played a good game but had he played with stronger, more savvy people I think we would have seen a different result. JMO

      • People always have excuses like that. I’d like to see to you do the same exact thing. You go on Big Brother, with the same cast, minus Derrick, and you do what Derrick did.

      • It’s not an excuse, it’s my opinion, you don’t have to agree with it. Peace.

      • I would like to see how you do under the same conditions. I bet you don’t win. You would be one the so-called “stupid” people in the cast.

    • Yeah Cody made it to final 2, but he had no chance against Derrick or Victoria (shocker!)

      Vanessa played way better than Cody as she was able to fool all of them and she would’ve had more votes than Steve and Liz

      • It doesn’t matter. She didn’t win the final HOH. And that is an easy HOH. The whole point of the final HOH is too see had the better social game. And when you lose a social HOH to Steve, of all people. A self-proclaimed socially awkward nerd, you didn’t ply that great great of a game. All you have have to do to win the last HOH, is talk to people, but more importantly, listen. Vanessa never listened. She just always ran her mouth. That is one thing I will give Tiffany props for. She listened.

      • I see your point.

        Vanessa doesn’t really have the best social game, but more of a strategic game. Atleast Tiff listened. Vanessa pretty played to hard too fast especially with the Final 5 HOH, when it wasn’t necessary. Especially since she was playing two sides (Austin/Liz and Johnny/Steve) she should’ve had the two sides duke it out.

  7. Well look on the bright side, she doesn’t have to deal with people’s attitude in the house.

  8. I was rooting for her for win the battle back competition over EVictor, but well, we as viewers should expect the unexpected too U_U I think that she deserves a second chance, yes, she’s not better than her sister and she’s a little bit responsable for her downfall, but maybe she learned the lesson and probably she can make a better job playing the game a second time.

  9. Love the Rousso sisters! They’re amazing! I will definitely miss seeing Tiffany on BB! Ughh, this sucks!
    Couldn’t stand the fact that everyone saw Vanessa when looking at Tiffany. It was definitely unfair that they wanted her out because of it, even when their games are completely different.
    I want Vanessa and Tiffany to come back on some show…Amazing Race, Survivor, Big Brother second chance…SOMETHING!

  10. Wow, am I the only one who was happy that Victor was the one who got to return to the house?

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