Big Brother 18 Spoilers: Week 5 Veto Competition Results

Big Brother spoilers are in for this week’s Power of Veto competition after this week’s nominations were revealed earlier this week on the Feeds. Time to see who could be changing things up for the final noms of the week following a late night Big Brother 18 competition.

Power of Veto Medallion on Big Brother

The Houseguests waited all day to see how this competition would turn out after heat and air quality were likely culprits in the night time arrival of what could be the noms’ last chance at survival this week.

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Big Brother 18 Spoilers: Week 5 Veto Competition Results:

  • Michelle won the Power of Veto!

Michelle is thrilled and being congratulated by her allies. Natalie says she was happy to crown her with the medallion. Michelle says it was her favorite competition. No clue on that yet, but maybe OTEV since that’s a BB classic. Yep, we’ve now confirmed it was an early OTEV.

Sounds like it came down to Michelle, Frank, and Bridgette for the comp. Yikes, that was close!

The noms are about to stay the same. Michelle won’t help either nom and that means either Frank or Bridgette will go home this week one round short of Jury. Probably Frank, but Bridgette is acting pretty defeated and may put up less of a fight if Frank can rally four votes. Hmm.

What do you think of the PoV Comp results? What will happen at the ceremony? The Veto Ceremony will be coming up soon and we’ll post spoilers when they happen.

Turn on your Live Feeds and enjoy the drama. Watch it all now live & uncensored.



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  1. Surprised that Frank didn’t win considering he’s a comp beast. But congrats to Michelle. So now what?

    • Always overrated to me. So many comps are pot luck. Frank will be sent home. Without the Roadkill, not much drama (unless he finds the hidden room!). Should have kept it.

      • I agree, but winning comps are never a given, and people too often think so-called “stronger competitors” will keep winning. Then, they have to bounce a ball, or something stupid, into a slot with numbers! Good luck on that!

      • They definitely are never a given which is why if you can win more than 1 or 2 especially in a row then yes, you are a strong competitor. Obviously they can’t win everything but they have a better chance than the others.

      • I agree. Anyone who actually follows BB and understands it should know that winning 3 comps or more makes you a strong competitor to the other HG’s period.

      • Well, he didn’t win today, so there’s the hole in that thinking. If you need to keep winning comps to survive, and people want to “count” on that because your a good competitor — good luck. You end up like Frank today. Going Buh-byes.

      • Being a strong competitor doesn’t mean you’re unbeatable and that’s what you’re implying with your comments. So there’s the hole in that way of thinking. I never said just because he’s a strong competitor meant he definitely was gonna win tonight. You jumped to that yourself.

      • Well, I said he should have it in the bag but I was wrong. Oh well back to the drawing board as they say.

      • Winning competitions is not a given. Remember Danielle Donato who was a comp beast? She was feared in her season but, lost just the same when she needed to win! Murphy’s law!

      • Like I said yesterday, I think Frank flt defeated. Maybe he just gave up but who really knows. I would have loved to see him win it but maybe Michelle has other plans we don’t know about. NAH, even I can’t believe that.

      • Matt, I don’t want production to hint about the hidden room. They should allow it to go down to the fourth week. If current nominees haven’t figured it out by the time votes come in, they should be out the door. Otherwise, I feel it would be wrong on so many levels to provide “hints”.

    • Don’t worry, Production will make sure he finds it. He’ll get hints in the DR.

  2. Frank seems doomed. James picked the wrong side — again. Nice/funny guy, terrible player. He’s bottom barrel on Paulie’s side.

    • Are you kidding? James made the best move to date. Frank is the biggest threat in the house and he would be in anyones way to get the 500k. So great job James. Always making the gutsy moves that everyone is too scared to make.

      • Frank lovers think James shouldn’t have nominated Frank because Frank deserves to win because he’s an arrogant misogynistic ass.

      • No, because James SHOULD be worried about Day who stated SPECIFICALLY to James (!) that “showmances” should be targeted, and the Paulie crew doesn’t put James anywhere near the top of their totem pole. James sank with the dying, weak-playing side of the house last season, then put up Vanessa, then let her off the hook! Keeping Vanessa ultimately sealed his doom, which was doomed anyway because his memory was crap, and you need to memorize to win this game in the finals.

      • Da’vonne is not after James and neither is he after her. James made the best move and hopefully Paulie will go next.

      • I would say the real threat right now is Paulie. He is always talking game.

    • I am gonna say that before, i highly disliked Frank and I hated his behavior to the women and his ego was killing me. However, I do not want to see the Paulie show because these HGs do nothing but follow him. I hope Frank can somehow stay this week and then nominate Paulie and Da’Vonne with James as a replacement!

    • You mean Brutus? She has the knife in hand. Stab Frank in the back. Ugh.

      • Find that secret room Frank!! I hope Frank find the secret and take hisself off the block I can not wait to see everyone’s face in that house! It’s going to be good tv and one of the best moves by one of the best players in BB history! Ayeeeeee!

      • I’m hoping it’s something like they can undo the noms and make their own. Oh that would be GREAT!!!

      • What’s better is when they vote him out he has the power to stay and evict someone in his place and that person has to leave immediately

      • Hopefully he would get to listen to the goodbye messages before picking someone to take his place. Since the HGs would be thinking Frank won’t be in jury, there could be some doozies that could affect his choice and his future game.

      • i think this week will be a double elimination, but also someone talked about pushing a button to start the week over, i want frank gone, he can not be trusted, and he is using Bridgette and she is too stupid to see it , , da needs to go next, shes a back stabber, this is a bad cast, it seems every year it gets worse,

      • I think that Frank was looking for a Boogie and all he got was a smack-talking Victoria!

      • Julie now need to send in something to shake up the house and then say this is BB expect the unexpected! LOL

      • I wonder if they will give them hints? No one know that’s it’s some kind of power laying around

      • i think it has something to do with Tokyo, departs at 2 something, the board says , but do they have to push something on that board, i do not think anyone will find the room,
        i do not think anyone is smart enough with out being told to look for clues

      • I thought you said you were gone? With that Kyle guy cuz you seem to not be getting your way with Frank? Can I help you with directions?

      • I said when Frank leaves ! And don’t worry about me, but you can find the direction to h*ll !

      • Kyle, “And with that I’m done! See you next season!”

        Your replie, “me too!”

        That implies you want to leave.

        But don’t go….

        I love seeing your many many spelling & grammar errors.

        But you’ll get better & one day i’ll understand what you really mean…!!??

      • What the f*ck u worried about it for! Go have a seat in the nearest stadium! I don’t have no f*cks to give you! #byebih

      • You can’t even spell when you’re swearing at ppl. How uneducated are you?
        My goodness!

      • Nobody asked for the grammar police so take your tired a** and go play on a cliff, fat bih! Don’t come for me unless I send for you!

      • OH! By the way I’m an RT/new RN. Now why should I care about your opinion go play w/your cat.

      • If you’re an RN I sure hope you get the prescribed meds to the right person. I guessing you’re literate. ??

      • It isn’t, you’re right. But if you want ppl to respond to your post don’t you think you’d like ppl to actually understand it first?
        I’m talking ppl in general, cuz isn’t that why you post? To engage?

    • If there is a next season. And at this rate, I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s not. It’s been three straight years of casts that progressively gotten worst and worst. And this year was the topper, awful game play plus uninteresting people.

  3. I am hoping Natalie finds the room, it has coup d’etat in if and she holds onto it until someone comes for her and James and she just takes care of business .

  4. Nooooo. So,.not happy with this result..James you are a waste of space doing this to Frank.

  5. Ok..something needs to happen for Frank, he’s in the he would say. I am hoping he finds the secret room. I mean the chances are slim and none and he needs to figure it out. Michelle or eh to Brutus, the trader back stabber of Frank., may as well have a knife in her hand. If James is corky after.him thinking wow, my hot was for America hehe I got Frank out. Pfft

    • James ALWAYS acts like a badass when he wins, walking around saying it’s a game until someone starts talking about him or targeting him. Then it’s personal. Such a hypocrite. He just shouldn’t be there again. Such a horrible player!

    • That would be Awesome if Frank found the secret room & gained a SUPER POWER! I’ll be curious to see if PRODUCTION points him in the right direction, & he finds it at the 11th hour!! I don’t want Frank to go!!? #FRANKNEEDSAMIRACLE

      • Yes, let production point him in the right direction cuz he might just not find it on his own in time! That’s how you like Frank’s gameplay? Cheating? Ohhhhh…. I see!

    • Michelle never said she was with Frank. And things on this show shift weekly, usually, however this year it’s taking a bit longer for things to shift. Relax, take a chill pill & enjoy the show that’s barely begun! Geeesh!

    • Paul is going to be on the same chopping block. He will probably last longer than James but, that is about it! He is low on the totem pole. These fools if they used their heads will vote out Bridgette and keep Frank in the game!

      • For one thing, there is a fight between Frank and Paulie and Frank and Davonne. If you are trying to win, why stop it? Two, the stragglers are on the outside looking in. They are not part of alliances that are loyal so, how does that help them?

      • Because their blood will be the ones being spilled in the wake of said fight.

        Danak ng dugo

      • The ‘stragglers’ have consistently voted with the side of the house they choose to work with. There’s still plenty of time for things to shake up but hopefully Frank will be home watching it on his own TV.

  6. Michelle wins ONE comp and wants to call herself Beaatmode Meech? You’ve got to be kidding me!!

  7. Frank — The guy making things most interesting so far. Got a bad rap from Day who was just trying to do a “Vanessa” on him by going overboard about his rudeness. He sincerely apologized for being a goofball, but Day kept it up for strategic purposes and didn’t accept it.
    Paulie — Started off just being the guy the big alliance of Vets pulled in. Now, he runs the show. Nice ladder climb, buddy. But, the head that wears the crown often gets weary, so we will see if Mr. Fabulous can keep his ego in check. Got tips from Derrick, for sure, except Derrick was an undercover show-runner, not flexing his ego (and other things) for all to see.
    Nicole — The showmancer. Finds a boy every year and acts the schoolgirl with him. Not much of a strategy for winning, but lasts around a while, and she will have dates after wrap-up. Good for her. Try the Bachelorette next time!
    Day — Bad strategist who shockingly is still around this year. Does a good job of throwing monkey wrenches in things that don’t need her attention, and just causing her undue self-inflicted headaches.
    Z — Maybe the apprentice showmancer, stuck to Nicole whenever she isn’t stuck to Paulie. Hot as can be, but what’s the strategy besides making plans to kiss Paulie?
    Michelle — Annoying whiner, Rachael Miner look-alike. Can she just get lost in the “hidden room?”
    Corey — Dumb as rocks, this year’s Hayden in more ways than one. Doesn’t seemed clued into the game to me, so sure, for example, that Frank had won roadkill the one week. Well, he will atleast date Nicole after his ouster.
    Bridgette — Cute floater who will sink the moment Frank leaves the house.
    James — Always chooses the wrong side of the house for his game, and makes decisions that make you want to scream, like letting Vanessa off the hook last year when he won HOH — that changed the game. Funny and nice, but he finishes where the proverbial nice guy finishes. Also, his mental comp abilities are horrible as I recall last year — can you imagine him doing the memory challenges the final 3 get? Not pretty.
    Paul — They say the mark of your character is how you treat people when you have power. Remember what a jerk he was when he thought he controlled the game at the beginning??!! Total jerk, who is nice and fun now that he’s a patsy. If he got power again, the jerk would come out.
    Victor — Challenges Cory for king of the dumb as rocks. Annoying laugh, conceited, and also jerky with Paul when they thought they had power. His decision to tell Day who he would go after was pricelessly idiotic.
    Natalie — Horrible strategist, just playing for a summer in the jury house. The spy girls were the single worst and most comedic alliance of all time. It was hopelessly doomed from the gitgo. Will dump James soon after finale.
    Can you tell I was bored?

    • Yeah, but your post entertained me :) Day and her stuipid whiplash hair. Sheesh and what she said on camera will bite her ass…

    • All looks good but… Corey — Dumb as rocks, this year’s Hayden in more ways than one. Doesn’t seemed clued into the game to me, so sure, for example, that Frank had won roadkill the one week. Well, he will atleast date Nicole(‘S GUY FRIEND) after his ouster.

      fixed it for ya.

    • I don’t think that ‘Da played his rudeness up. She’s a mother and commented that she doesn’t want her daughter to be brought up thinking it’s ok for a guy, basically a stranger, or anyone, to grab your ass. She stood by her convictions.
      And as far as his apology, I don’t believe it for a minute. Production advised him to apologize.
      He then went on to pick up Nicole in the pool & toss her. Something she thought was inappropriate.

      Tell me, if a guy apologizes for beating or raping a woman cuz he was just being a goofball would it be sincere as well? What about if he (oopsie) killed her? Gosh, I was just being a goofball & look what happened? Golly, I’m so sorry!

      Frank touching ‘Da on the ass or grabbing Nicole in the pool are acts of sexual abuse. If you took the time to read about what that is as opposed to being bored & trying to be funny you might think differently. But because he sincerely apologized he’s a good guy?

  8. Natalie is a loser just like James, matter of fact she’s a pice of sh–! One minute she talks about how she won’t talk about no one, no drama, and she won’t treat Bridgette wrong, she will talk to her and don’t care who say what!! Then she turn around and say she can’t be seen w/Bridgette anymore bcz they are staring at her! Natalie is a piece of sh– just like James!!

  9. Can’t bring myself to watch since that thing won the veto, can’t stand to see her stupid face!

    • then don’t bring yourself to. Michelle isn’t a bad person. She may say some stuff that rubs people the wrong way but she’s playing a game & that’s maybe her strategy; like it or not!

  10. Both of them are ready to go home and won’t campaign again each other (at the moment). Exactly my sentiment if I were on their shoes. Feel sorry for them actually. Unless the reset button is on the secret room.

      • Why is everyone on here so mean! It’s just a game.. I don’t have a problem with Frank, but when he was running Bridgette’s Hoh everything was fine. It’s easy for us to say who James should put up because we get to see everything. Being locked up in a house with so many different people has to be difficult.
        I personally wouldn’t like being around someone who farts all day and flicks boogers on people like Frank’s does. Plus, James always said if he won Hoh he would put Frank up.

      • If you think what I or anyone else say is mean then so be it. You don’t have to agree with me just like I don’t agree with some people on here that say worse things than anything I’ve ever said. But we are all allowed to give our opinion and my opinion is almost everyone in that house is following what one person wants (brainless). This is actually fact not just an opinion.
        Yes it is a game but it is a game for $500,000!!!! It’s not a game to win a car or just a couple thousand dollars, it’s a game for HALF A MILLION DOLLARS!! I would hope if you were playing that game in that house that you’d want to do what’s best for you and not what’s best for someone else.
        Sorry but James has stated that he did exactly what Paulie wanted. Natalie just told him a few hours ago that he should’ve done what he wanted and put up Paul and Victor. He’s basically saying here Paulie take the money.
        Everything was not fine when Frank was running Bridgette’s HoH. People complained about that constantly too.

      • you’re comments are mean and spiteful: you’re a Frank fan so naturally you must be a petty bully hiding behind a screen name/anonymity.

      • Everyone needs to calm down and be nice to each other. There’s no sense in getting into verbal attacks here.

        It’s entertainment for enjoyment and yes, some of the people in the house can drive you batty, but we’re on the outside looking in.

        Let’s all be forward thinking.

        Have a great day!

      • Lol I’m so glad you know me so well… not so much. I am NOT a frank fan actually. I’m a BB fan and know when the HG’s are not using their own brain and are following someone else’s lead, hence me calling them brainless. Frank is nowhere near being my favorite but I can’t help that he’s 1 of about 3 people actually playing the game.
        Sorry you’re having a bad day and feel like hiding behind YOUR screen and calling people a bully based off of one comment. If you feel like continuing this trend I recommend finding the people that actually are bullying other commenters on here and using lots of curse words in the process. But if not then I hope your day gets better for ya “ross”. There’s more important things to worry about in this world than a random comment.

      • Where are these FACTS you speak of? First you state that its your opinion & then you say facts?

        I didn’t hear James say he did what Paulie wanted. I heard him say he did what the house wanted. If you recall many houseguests wanted Frank out. His little CP doll just happened in the cross-fire. I agree Frank was playing the game. Like an arrogant ass-%^*% that he may be. Thinking he had all these votes but got blind-sided.

        Over the last few weeks Frank has gone around trying to form a posse of his own. Perhaps too little too late & maybe he had, by then, cut off too many ties.

        You even agree that Frank was running Brigettes HOH & that’s ok? But now you think Paulie is running James & it’s not ok?! Which I really think James is doing what he wants which happens to be what many in that house want.

      • Wow, I think you need to read my comment again because everything you just said I said was incorrect and you must not be doing your research on some of the topics.
        Fact is when multiple HG’s do not do what they want and do what someone else wants, hence not using their own brain, hence being brainless. There is that fact I mentioned.
        Yes James did in fact say he did what Paulie told him because Paulie was the last to speak to him. He actually said this multiple times. “The house” part is implied because, again, Paulie speaks for “the house”.
        And where did you get that I said it was ok that Frank ran Bridgette’s HoH?? I said it wasn’t ok and that everyone complained about that too, just like people are complaining about Paulie running James’ HoH.
        Hope that clarified for you what I already said in my original comment.

      • But James said in his speech that Frank has been on one side or another of the trouble or chaos with most houseguests. That seems to me that James has had it with him too. Perhaps that’s why he nom’d him.
        James never said he did what Paulie wanted him to do. Can’t find that statement.
        And Paulie doesn’t speak for the house. You think that ‘Da is going to let Paulie speak for her? What about Nicole…?? It was Paulie’s brother that voted her out in her season. For sure not her.
        He’s got a final 3 with James & Corey so maybe it was best for his game to get rid of Frank.
        Paulie is just another player & not a threat to every houseguest but maybe to some. Maybe James thinks Frank is currently the bigger threat. ??? Who knows but I doubt very much he did it for Paulie or becuz Paulie held him down & made him.
        You’re giving too much power to Paulie when he’s doomed as well along the way.
        That’s how I see it anyway.
        As far as the comment about Frank honing in on Brigettes HOH I was responding to another post. That was in error. Ok, all good?!

      • Farting & whatever else u said about Frank has absolutely nothing to do with playing to win. The reason he ran Bridgette’s HOH b/ c he realized she had no clue how to do it. James never said that, in fact, Bridgette & Day both threw the comp to James which James promised to Bridgette during the comp he would not put her or Frank up that’s why Bridgette threw the comp to him. And Day only did it cause mean girl didn’t want Bridgette to win plain & simple. Once Paulie & his cronies got him to do their dirty work, they will drop him like a fly. Funny they never bothered with him or Nat at all until tonight. Jame’s once again pick the wrong side just like last time & he’ll be gone b4 he knows what hit him.

      • It has everything to do with playing to win.

        Boogers shouldn’t be clipped threw the air to some unexpecting sole

        But, Why did Frank offer his incite to norms during Brigettes reign? He offered: she didn’t ask for it right away.
        She wanted the almighty great kid

        He’s a sneaky snake ‘& should prob be ignored.

      • I guess u still missed the point ! And yes she did ask, her exact words were, “Frank what should I do, I don’t want anyone mad at me. Maybe u missed that episode

      • Yes, you are correct. But I recall Frank manipulating her into asking him. He even commented on this matter In the DR during the show….. That he manipulates the conversation into her asking him who to put up OTB

      • You are correct, Brigette did ask Frank. But it was after he slowly lead her to that. He even admitted in the DR that he manipulated her into asking. So ya! He robbed her HOH & all the HGs agreed too. As they make concrete comments regarding the matter when she makes her NOMS….. But you are correct, she did ask but AFTER he made very suggestive conversation.
        Hope this clears up from where I got my thinking from ?????

    • Shows how loyal they are! And they’re assessment of the rest of the house is dead on!!! I cannot wait til the rest of the assholes come back to reality, literally. This season is the worst ever. They need to fire the casting director asap!

    • Good night. I’ve sad my Frank fan piece for the night too. I stayed up hoping, now what.

      • says a lot about people who have the live feeds or read updates and can still are frank fans, he does nothing but stink, belch, fart and curse all day when he’s not backstabbing people and making fun of them behind their backs. he’s a perpetual victim just like he was in his last season: maybe he’s been the outcast each and every time because he’s a petty bully.

      • yeah and he stinks at it; he’ll lose this season just like he did last time because he makes everything personal and he can’t read people at all. :-p

    • I am not a Frank’s fan but I am always rooting for the underdogs haha. If somehow Frank survives and becomes a dictator again, for sure I will join the rally to throw his throne hehe.

  11. James and Natalie are the worse players..they have no skill they are followers..only worried about what the others in the house want..they are useless think they’re on the dating game or something..hope frank or Bridgette finds that room..can’t wait till they turn on each other and James and his trex arms gets kicked out

    • I won’t be watching anymore after Frank leaves to see Julie, but they will turn on James soon enough! I hope it will be Day!!!

      • That girl is bullied down. She just may self-evict, but I like how she got Zak straight before she left.

      • So we won’t be getting your replies after Frank leaves?
        I have to say that maybe BB has run its course. It’s just disappointing too many people this year…. Hope they can turn it around cuz it used to be so entertaining. Whoever is picking houseguests that have never even seen the show should be….fired or put on the show for a season to get educated experience so they actually get ‘PLAYERS!’

    • can’t stand Frank Ewwwwdy and his little evil cackling minion. i only wish they could both leave this week. They’re real losers inside and outside of the game from all accounts.

      • He’s the only one defending someone who’s getting bullied..that’s stand up to’s worse when ur a Natalie who was a friend and now is a follower and bullies be cuz the rest of the house is..the worse are z, Natalie, Nicole, and that useless meesh..basically they are useless and only using their showmances with the guys to stay alive..they can’t and won’t win shiz!!!

      • Frank was bullying ‘Da & some other girls earlier in the game. You think he’s still a stand up guy?
        Brigette isn’t getting bullied. She being ignored with game talk & stuff cuz she’s on a different side with Frank right now….. And with regards to showmances…. Brigette gets pretty close to Frank & he’s old enuff to be her dad. So, that’s now a grossmance!

      • No, Bridgette is getting bullied and talked about horribly. They did the same to Tiffany and now they’re focused on Bridgette. When you’re making backhanded comments about someone in front of them then yeah, you’re bullying them. When you’re mocking someone in front of them, you’re bullying them. I was really disappointed with production for not showing when Day, Michelle and Z were around the pool dogging Tiffany when she was only a few feet away. That again is bullying, being mean on purpose, purposely trying to hurt someone. If they continue on Bridgette then production should have to show how they’re being.
        As for Frank, he was just being an a**hole not a bully. He at least apologized for it and stopped doing it. Not a fan of his but he tried to correct his behavior unlike the 3 mean girls.

      • He only apologized becuz production told him to.

        He also appears to be using Briggette which isn’t nice either. So in a sense he’s being mean. Therefore he’s being a bully cuz it’s not nice to ‘use’ someone either!

        As far as the 3 girls ‘dogging’ (whatever that means) Brigette I haven’t seen it. It might be on the feeds which I choose not to subscribe to.
        In my opinion brigette & Tiff are just sore about not being on top. It’s a very steep hill on the way down & it may appear like others are being mean when they are not.

        And Frank being an asshole – doesn’t that imply meanness? Which as you stated is bullying. Your words not mine….

        These are all opinions. Yours & mine. Which we are both entitled to.

      • Don’t forget about Day in the mean girls group. She’s the ringleader of them. But I think Natalie and Nicole just don’t say anything which is just as bad. At least defend them even if you aren’t working with them. No one should be talking about anyone like that. Yeah Bridgette and Bronte started that in the beginning but they immediately stopped whereas Day, Michelle and Z do it anytime they’re together. It’s way too much to listen to.

  12. I missed something, I think … I thought Julie only told them that there was a secret to discover …. do they know it is a room? What other hints have they been given? Why aren’t Frank and Fridgette talking it out or making some kind of effort to solve it?

    • I missed that, but I know James keep mentioning doors and pandodra’s box! I hope Frank waits until the house calm down and then wake up and something clicks!

    • I don’t think she has specifically mentioned it to the houseguests, just that there will be more twists to shake up the game. She only told us, and I think she said that the houseguests will find out Thursday.

    • That’s potentially disrupting the process. I don’t like it if they’re told. It should be found on their own. This is not right.

      Otherwise, CBS is directing the whole outcome. WRONG ON SO MANY LEVELS.

      All because these dingus dingbats are clueless and not playing the game. All worried about their showmances.

    • Watching BBAD last night there wasn’t any mention of the secret room contest so I was wondering what was going on too.

  13. This season is so freaking boring. I don’t even watch feeds. What’s the point. Most boring cast, and I’m including 16.

  14. I have grown to like Frank. I don’t like paulie and davonne. I hope someone wwill put them both on the block soon

  15. IMO – Paulie needs to grow up … Nicole needs to trade up … Corey needs to show up … Z needs to get up … James needs to wise up … Nat needs to beam up (back to her planet) … Frank needs to find the room … Bridgette needs to stand up … Da needs to wash her hair … Victor needs to gear up … Michelle needs to whoa up … Paul needs to shut up.

  16. James should absolutely NOT win America’s favorite!! He is such a fricken disappointment! He is absolutely aware of how dumb Natalie is (statements people) and yet is willing to eff up his game for her(vagina or boobies, you pick)! He has mentioned numerous times that she has him, so don’t worry, he won’t “allow” anything to happen to her! Wtf? Natalie is by far one of the biggest most annoying floaters ever. Cute and all as many of you have described her! Annoying ass hell. What is most entertaining is how she blatantly flirts with all the other guys right in front of “jamesiiie”. Dear lord help this cast of dumb asses! I may be done watching. Dang it, I started off with high hope!

    • Paul just wrapped his arms around Natalie and gave her a bear hug right in front of James! Natalie is also, flirting with Paulie. James is utterly clueless!

      • James and Natalie are not an item. They are just flirting with each other. If they are interested in each other, it will happen after the show. For now, they both need to play along with all of the HGs.

    • Maybe that’s jame’s strategy, hide behind a floater and then pull out into the fast lane.

  17. Really no reason to watch these numbskulls anymore. Just a bunch of , you know, like I said, um you know, like I said boring unintelligent exposure seeking dimwits. Goodbye BBAD

  18. Looks like we are stuck with another dull season and it started with a lot of promise! When Frank leaves, you can expect to see Bridgette, Victor, Natalie, James, Paul to follow! James is dumb to think this helps his game. It does not. It may buy him some time from eviction but, he is done! In addition, you hand the game over to others who probably does not deserve to win it! They should not have removed Roadkill considering most of the house guests refuse to play the game!

  19. I don’t have the live feeds so, can someone tell me what happened between Bridge & Nat after Bronte left? I noticed on BBAD that she was still hanging out with Frank.

    • Bridge thinks Nat may have turned on her but she doesnt know Nat was in the dark about the nom and unhappy about it…they need to talk.

  20. I get why everyone in the house wants Frank out. He talks too much to too many people who just tell each other what he said. He’s been playing a pretty dumb game and trusting all the wrong people – like Michele.

    But after he leaves, then what? I think its going to get pretty boring as they knock off a bunch of floaters one by one.

    Its disappointing the vets did not stick together. I thought they had a good plan. But once Da started losing her mind everyone’s games fell apart and Paulie emerged as the leader in the house.

    • At least one week in every season somebody says that if X gets evicted then the game is basically over and will be nothing but a snooze-fest from that point forward.

      It’s amazing that this year X is Frank and that so many fans think he’s God’s give to BB.

      He’s a loser and a complete rear-hat.

      • It will be boring because the larger and stronger alliance will pick off the stragglers one by one! Like Natalie, Bridgette, James, Victor, Paul, Michelle. Frank and Paulie are the only ones playing the game. So, after he is gone, Paulie will mop it up by evicting the stragglers one by one!

    • If only Frank had shown a little bit of loyalty to the other guys at first instead of planning to get them out and telling everybody in the house his nefarious plans.

  21. Yes, yes, yes! So excited Michelle won. Fraggette feeling defeated? Now its time to send Frank packing.

  22. In my opinion, this season belongs in the category of one of the worst. Stupid moves, stupid people, mean people…I really don’t even care to watch the feeds..and I am one of those who rushes home from work to get on and watch…this season..not so much.

  23. Yes YES YES, Michelle won the veto and FRANK is out the door. Cant wait to see Frank sent packing. He is a manipulator, pupetteer, and a comp beast. Cant have that in your way when youre going for 500k. Next is Paulie. Hes got to go too.

      • I just want Frank to go home and next week Paulie. Frank is really sneaky and manipulative. He gets into everybodys ears. The dangerous part about Frank is that hes tries to play it off all innocent and clueless Nicole, Corey, Paul eats it all up. Plus Frank made some demeaning comments to several.of the girls in the house. That isnt ok. Who does he think he is.

      • I really thought production would’ve kicked his butt to the curb for disrespecting some of the HGs the way he did.

    • Did you see Frank and Brigitte talking and he made a statement, yeah, when you go home, and them he switched to when I go home. Something to this affect.

  24. Wow! I didn’t expect Michelle to beat them both! I wonder if Bridgette had her head in the game ? I just hope a miracle happens for Frank. It’ll be a shame if Michelle, Da, and Z outlast him…*cringes*

    • Ok, so what? Do you make remarks about other HGs sleeping in the same bed? Or are you implying that they are gay? And if they are its first not our business & second who cares?

      • Actually this is a public forum & as such I can read & post freely!
        I just commented that others hop into bed or under the covers with others. Peace out.

      • I’m not! I’m just asking why you made a comment about the 2 boys sleeping in the same bed but not a mixed couple or Frank & his CP KID! Who’s about 1/2 his age?
        And why should it matter?

  25. Michelle won against Frank and Bridgette the same Michelle that Bridgette and Bronte bad mouth at the beginning of the season and said wouldn’t win anything and was weak.

    • I agree. BB is a social experiment. How can you be social if you sleep all day.

  26. Why did Paulie shave his head like that ? To look like Paul ? These 2 are creepy together, I swear their dating, if not their still creepy

  27. Nicole I’m tired of your winey voice, trying to get away with ur lies, crying all the time cause u get caught. Your game sucks this time. Honestly u need to go cause all u care about is luving on Corey ?

  28. Paulie leave James alone ! U never payed attention to either him or Nat b4 & now ur crawling up his a**, Paul might get jealous !!!! Bahawaaaa

  29. I can’t believe I voted for James as America’s favorite player last
    time, the dude is a spineless coward, and liar breaking a deal in which
    he got Bridgette to give up her chance at HOH only to back stab her, and
    Frank, It don’t get any shadier then that!

  30. Well well well. Things have changed. I actually starting to like Da game. She can be one tough cookie. I hope Da goes far.
    I don’t really care who goes home this time. Although I’m little more in favour of Bridget staying and frank going home.

  31. They got 4 cameras, and there all on the same people? If Frank dosen’t find that secret room this live feeds stuff is over!

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