Big Brother 18 Week 4 Veto Comp Plans – Update: Players Picked

Houseguests have been busily planning for the Veto Competition later today and after a contentious night the stakes are high for these Big Brother 18 HGs looking to lock in a target.

Paulie Calafiore contemplates his game

The third nominee for the week was confirmed last night which gives us the first four players in Saturday’s PoV comp ahead of the remaining two spots set to be filled by draw later this morning. Everyone is anxious to get to the competition and jockeying for a spot to join in.

Corey was added in to the mix thanks to the Roadkill nom at the hands of Tiffany, this week’s RK winner. We’re expecting him to pick Nicole if he gets the HG Choice. Should she win then that would protect both from the Block this week.

In a questionable move, Corey told Natalie, one of the other noms, that if he wins the Veto he would use it on her rather than himself. If Corey comes down then Tiffany gets to pick the renom and that could end up being Nicole, but if Natalie comes down then the renom choice goes to Paulie.

If that sounds like a Marcellas-style decision then you’d be right. Just as we saw with the too-tempting alternative of Bronte last week it’d be far too risky for Corey to leave himself up there come Thursday night. Corey saw that too and later suggested he was just kidding when he promised that move to Natalie.

Tiffany will likely be picking Frank and I do believe he’d use it on her if she won. His ally Bridgette isn’t at risk so there’s little reason for him not to mess with the noms this round and having Tiffany off the Block would give them another vote on Thursday.

Offsetting the gain of a Tiffany vote could end up being Da’Vonne going on the Block in her place. Paulie has said that’d be his move as several of his allies are growing concerned that Day may not be solidly with them at this point.

Natalie would for sure pick James to compete for her and he’d definitely use the Veto on her if he wins. She’s his last teammate and obviously there’s a bit of showmantic interest there helping his motives along. James and Natalie will be watching out for each other.

As for Paulie’s pick, Frank mentioned he was trying to stay on good terms with him in case he was still considering Frank for a HG Choice. There’s not a chance that’d happen. Maybe Paulie would pick Nicole, Paul, or Zakiyah to play along for him. As far as Paulie’s concerned no one stands a chance to defeat him, so everyone should just go sit down.

There was a lot of chest puffing last night from Paulie that he could not be defeated, especially not by Tiffany (who just beat him in the Roadkill comp). It was definitely over the top so he’s really set himself up with some high expectations.

Houseguests think this could be the giant rolling dice comp, but they also thought that was the case last week and it wasn’t. Paulie led a group session on how to play that comp similar to how Tiffany demonstrated the challenge last week. Might be time to change up the dice comp a bit to keep HGs surprised.

We’ll be watching for the players pick later this morning and then the Veto comp could be later afternoon, early evening since they may need to wait for the heat to drop. Once the comp is over we’ll have the results waiting for you. Tiffany or an ally needs to pull off the win or she should be in real trouble come Thursday night. Then again, I’m pretty sure I said the same thing last week.

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Update: Players have been picked. Sounds like Da’Vonne and Bridgette Paul are playing. That could be really good for Tiffany’s hopes. If Da’Vonne wins and removes Tiffany then she can’t be renom’d like Paulie was planning to do. Of course, that’s something Day could do, not to say she would.



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  1. Corey may still be doing the Natalie plan. When he said he was joking that was to Frank who they are still trying to keep confused. Honestly Pulling down Natalie and replacing with Da’Vonne is probably the most surefire way to get the votes to go the way they want. I feel Nicole, Z, Paul, and Natalie (honor would make her keep her word) would vote how Paulie wants and he would be the tiebreaker.

    • Natalie would vote however James wants her to vote. If James ultimately decides to give Frank, Bridgette and Tiffany a hand, she will have no objection to that. If that’s the case, the fifth vote to save Tiffany would have to come from either Paul or Michelle but I think neither would budge.

      • She already said she doesn’t trust Frank and Tiffany and regardless of James she doesn’t strike me as someone that would break her word. If they make her promise to vote out Tiffany if they take her down she’ll honor it.

  2. I thought Tiffy was a goner before. Honestly, between her and Corey, I wouldn’t care. Gnat is a floater and told Gigglette that she didn’t want to win the veto. She irritates me to no end and should have never been cast on BB if she had no interest in actually playing the game. If Tiffy comes down, I hope Da goes up.

    • I think if Da goes up in place of Tiffany, Da goes home. No one would vote out Natalie and no one can gather enough votes to vote out Corey.

      • I agree and Da being the first vet to leave wouldn’t bother me at all. I’m not fond of her type of game play.

      • Plus, if Da left this week, and then Frank left the next week… I wonder what the game would be like without the two ‘big’ players left in the game?

      • It would definitely be interesting… It could end up being the Tiffany vs. Paulie show, though Tiffany would likely lose that battle

      • If those two left then you can rest assure that Tiff will be the third one. After that, they might as well go ahead and write that big check to Paulie.

      • It’s only fitting that since Day was the 1st vet wanting to get rid of another vet that she should be the first vet to be evicted.

      • Day single handedly ruined the Vets alliance too soon in the game… So seeing her pay for it when she could still be sitting pretty with 3 vets behind her would be greatness

      • So true, but at least Victoria went out and tried to win but just could not! Nat don’t even want to try she just wants to cheer and pirouette in the houz all day!!

      • Davonne and Natalie are too afraid of getting their hair dirty and mussed…u can’t play BB comps without getting dirty at some point…

      • Bridgett = Victoria Frank = Derrick…Paulie = Cody….This the scenario Frank was hoping to create but Paulie ( I believe) realized the similar gameplay used by Derrick last season and that’s why he has been distancing himself from Frank… In saying that Paulie is trying to play a different game than Cody..and if Tiffany don’t want it said that she is playing Vanessa’s game then she needs to shed the glasses and hats and stop with the “pity me” outburst.. For those reasons I don’t like Tiffany…Should Tiffany stop trying to be “Vanessa” I might change my mind.. and Natalie may have similar features (in looks) when it comes to Victoria but she does not appear to be as dumb (best word) and unknowing as Victoria was… just my opinion and thoughts..

      • Bridgette is Victoria as far as not having a brain of her own and following around her partner everywhere but that’s about it. I wasn’t even looking at Natalie and Victoria’s looks being similar. They both follow whatever “the house” is doing, don’t contribute anything to the game and are just there. Natalie can at least figure out stuff going on in the house but doesn’t really do anything with it so still no difference.

        Frank is nowhere near Derrick’s game play and Paulie is nowhere near Cody’s game play. They didn’t even start that way either, even if that’s what Frank wanted. You can’t be that if you aren’t playing that way.

        Tiffany is definitely not playing Vanessa’s game. She doesn’t interrogate the HG’s, she doesn’t bully them, she was actually more outgoing than Vanessa. She only freaked out when it was definitely called for, like when everyone used her to get back at Frank and just pushed her off as useless. If you want the chick on your side how about get a clue and make sure she doesn’t go off instead of setting her up to go off. Tiffany’s behavior is the result of how that house has treated her after week 1. They alienated her and when she dare bring it to anyone’s attention they started the whole “oh look she’s paranoid just like her sister” crap. And kept feeding that crap to anyone who would eat it up. Vanessa would do her meltdown moments when she felt backed into a corner or when she wanted someone out of the house. Remember she would purposefully start fights with the intent of getting that person out next??? Not Tiffany’s style. I’m sorry but I completely disagree, Tiffany is far from Vanessa! And I absolutely HATED Vanessa. If she changes down the road then so be it but right now she isn’t playing Vanessa’s game. Just my thoughts and opinions.

      • Did u miss the word “scenario” in my post and yes Tiffany does need to come out of the glasses hats and blankets and let people know she is not like Vanessa and stop whining cause it don’t go her way and people ain’t got time to play pity party with her cause those things were part of Vanessa’s game as well…but we do agree on Natalie and her lack of gameplay…

      • Nope sure didn’t.
        You- “Bridgett = Victoria Frank = Derrick…Paulie = Cody….This the scenario Frank was hoping to create”
        Me- “Frank is nowhere near Derrick’s game play and Paulie is nowhere near Cody’s game play. They didn’t even start that way either, even if that’s what Frank wanted.”
        Tiffany wearing glasses, hats or sleeping, which is what I believe you meant by blankets doesn’t mean she’s playing Vanessa’s game. Are they unusual yes but that’s not a player’s entire game. Many of the HG’s do nothing but sleep, Michelle, Day, James, Natalie, Z, heck all of them have their phases of sleeping most of the day. All of this, again, does not mean she is playing Vanessa’s game exactly or completely. She doesn’t whine when it doesn’t go her way, she is stating facts that these people included her in their alliance and then after a week discarded her without letting her know, thanks to Day and Frank. She’s not stupid, she knew something was up and just wanted someone to tell her something, which no one did. They just kept reassuring her, lying to her that she was good. Put any of the other HG’s in her place and you’d get the same result of her or a very clueless HG that does believe everything is good. Again, you can’t say she’s playing Vanessa’s game just because she wears hats and glasses. Hats and glasses do not make up someone’s entire game.

      • Frank’s gameplay sucks when compared to Derrick’s imo. The only reason Frank is here is because of the team twist, Paulie would have done nominated Frank; he was very unaware and his ego turned his allies against him. Derrick was liked by everybody and everyone did what he wanted. Derrick pretty much always got his way

      • Except Donny didn’t like Derrick and to this day he still doesn’t like Derrick but after putting him out the door that latter I can understand. Second, Derrick didn’t play last season. there was season inbetween his and this one. Third, Paulie is just as bad (ego wise) as Frank and in time he may be shown the door to visit Julie too.

      • Oh yeah I forgot about Donny! And yeah I’m with you on Paulie, I don’t know what’s gotten into him

      • Never said that Franks gameplay was better or equal to Derricks… I was pointing out that Frank “aspires” be Derrick and play his game with the little twit on one arm and the dumb jock (so he thought) on the other ready to do his bidding..

      • Oh I know! I wasn’t arguing with you :p I know you didn’t mean it like Frank was actually playing as good as Derrick. I agree with you lol, I was just comparing Derrick and Frank’s gameplay

      • I honestly think that Paulie getting himself away from Frank has more to do with the fact that Paulie likes to be in control and didn’t like that Frank was seen as the leader… Paulie wants to be the house leader and shot caller and doesn’t want to share that with anyone else.

    • Frank is planning to win veto and pull Tiff down just to say FU to everyone in on the house flip!

      • That would really screw up their plans but sadly Frank isn’t playing in the VETO.

      • Can’t happen since Frank isn’t playing in the veto although it sure would have made for good tv!

      • I posted this before Veto names were picked! :-) And laughed when Frank’s name wasn’t drawn. Watched him throw a fit too.

    • Even if Day doesn’t go home, I’d still like to see her sit in the hot seat (on the block) this week

      • How exciting! I hope for an easy delivery and that healthy little baby girl will be perfect. Blessings and prayers for you and your family.

      • I had her 7-18 but she’s in the NICU. WE are so very blessed that my uterus didn’t rupture as we were told
        To abort her because my OB didn’t think I’d have a shot at carrying her BUT God allowed my preclampsia to kick in at the perfect time because during the csection they discovered that I was very close to rupturing and would have lost her. NICU life is hard – Mommy’s just aren’t meant to be away from their babies BUT I am
        So thankful she is alive! Thank you for your thoughts and prayers! I had to make sure I gave you an update! :)

      • Now I understand why you laid heavy on my heart when you first told me about your pregnancy and that is why I mentioned it to you more than once. I knew you were a great Mom. This little girl will bless your lives in so many ways. Congrats! Thank God! Take care and be strong. I ‘m so happy you are ok and she will be also. NICU is hard for families; she will never remember it, but you will never forget it. But she will come to understand the sacrifice you made for her. Still praying for you all. You made my morning!

  3. This group safety thing is really screwing with the game. It might be creating a lot of frustration and drama, but I’m wondering if it’s the right kind?

    • The team thing is definitely getting old and outstaying it’s welcome. Bridgette, Paulie, Frank and Michelle are pretty much guaranteed safety every week because they outnumber the other teams. I want to see Bridgette and Frank OTB really, really badly!

      • Yes that’s just it, statistically they have an unfair chance of staying safe every week now. It was cute during weeks 1 and 2 but now it has become an unfair advantage.

      • Me too, I’m honestly so sick of Frank and Bridgette. For some reason Bridgette especially bothers me like when she did the whole “we can talk about it over hot cheetos and soft muffins” after she announced her noms. Its so annoying. But it seems both of them will continue to be safe.

      • Frank said to Michelle the only reason he’s been with Giggles is because of her injury he caused. He really wants to work with Michelle more. He goin be pissed when he finds out she voted out Bronte, mostly because she was jealous of Giggles. :-)

      • I thought they was gonna be absorbed up into the other teams as they dwindled out. I must have heard that one wrong. Anyways, Team James has lost the most member’s and to be honest, I really like this team immunity thing. Instead of hating on Frank and his team (just because he seems to have gotten the best player’s), why don’t the other teams just step up their game.

    • There’s really no loyalty within the teams themselves so it’s really awesome to see the conflict happening within those bounds.

    • Yes hopefully it ENDS when the Battle Back HG returns.
      Does anyone else miss pre-Grodner big brother?! I would LOVE to see just 1 season of big brother ‘classic’ where there is just the PoV and the HGs have time to develop real alliances in between playing comps for prizes. The BIG TWIST could be something Grodner’s never done – have the viewing audience select noms and PoV and evictions randomly from week to week! Now THAT would make for good viewing!!!

      • Personally I don’t like America getting to vote things that change the power in the game. Just because someone is popular shouldn’t give them all those extra advantages. I’ll agree going old school having 16 complete strangers with no BB or Famous connections, HoH, 2 noms with nom wheel, Power of Veto, and Live evictions with no returning players would be a refreshing season to watch.

      • Indeed.
        Yes generally I don’t think having America votes as a regular thing makes good game play, but it would add a great element of surprise if it were just thrown in from time to time – a nom one week, several weeks later a PoV, etc. – but it would have to be totally random like done on a lotto wheel to determine which week and which selection.
        Let’s face it these recent Grodner ‘twists’ are no better than letting the viewers in on the game on a totally random basis once in a while.

      • It WOULD be awesome if they only allowed us live feeders to vote! THEN it would be really good!

    • I hate the team concept…hopefully, when the evicted HG comes back in…they will cease to exist!

    • I like this twist. Because now they are kind of forced to work with people they wouldn’t normally want to work with if they want to be safe for the week.

  4. Corey could be lying to Natalie in hopes she’d throw it to him since she would believe he’d use the veto on her regardless.

      • At least we all knew where Cody stood every week. His honestly and loyalty costed him the big win but I would have him back instead of Paulie any day.

    • I don’t think we need to worry about “Gnat” throwing anything … That girl is clueless.

  5. So, Mr. Ego and Mr. Hypocrite..Paulie evidently told Tiffany yesterday when he said he was getting ready to go insert some paranoia between her and Frank..then the feeds cut…that Tiffany cannot beat him and that he was bred to play BB..according to Frank who was telling, if that is true..and who the heck knows with all of the lying going on right now…but, it sounds like something he would say…if they put all of Frank’s stuff on the air with Da..then they need to show the ego and entitlement of Mr. Bigshot. He also said he knows how to turn that switch on and off when he needs to..sounds like Paulie may have a temper problem…I really don’t like him…and I loved Cody.

    • Yeah I think Paulie’s true colors are coming out now that the real game is underway – he needs to just coolit and shut it and collect himself.

    • I do not like Paulie at all! This is why this houz needs to wake up and target Paulie but they are like the walking dead!

      • I would love to see him go next week. I was dead set on wanting Frank out but today and yesterday totally turned me against Paulie.

      • Yes,I was on his team until he got so big headed and somewhat of a dictator. When he started the bullying and the temper tantrums I was done! His ego is going to be his downfall.

    • I agree. BB needs to edit this side of Paulie into the episodes because so far they’ve portrayed him as America’s Sweetheart imo. Feeders didn’t get a chance to see that convo between Paulie and Tiff, and according to Jokers, Paul stated that Paulie told Nat that if she is caught talking to Frank, or Bridgette then she’ll get sent packing on Thursday. Production cuts the feeds way too much. These things need to be verified!

      • I agree and you can’t believe a word that comes out of Paul’s mouth….he is too busy trying to insert himself into every single conversation in the house…he drives me crazy..I am trying to watch the feeds and all I can hear half of the time is his big loud voice in the background!

      • I find him hilarious…better than listening to squeaky voices like Gnat’s is or watching Tiffany sulk alone.

      • I don’t understand why they cut the feeds either – maybe it’s a way to boost ratings if they hold back the good stuff until the next episode.

      • That’s exactly what I was thinking! They want more people to tune into the episodes.

      • Just another reason not to buy the feeds. If I want to watch a fish tank, I have my own, and hours of Jeff S (even if he’s cute) are BOREing

    • I did like him a lot but the past few days, it seems the REAL Paulie is coming out more and more and I don’t like him very much anymore

  6. I actually would love it if Day was chosen for the comp, she wins and saves Tiffany. That means three but targets are off the table (Frank, Day and Tiffany) then Paulie has to look within his own alliance which would be great for the drama. But I doubt it goes down that way.

    • I seriously doubt she would save Tiffany. She knows it would put her into hot water with too many people.

    • I wish Da’vonne will be a better player and Tiffany could choose her to play.

    • Wouldn’t matter, he would just throw up Paul and work to get Gnat out.

      • Wouldn’t work. James will never vote out Natalie. If Paulie went after her, he would drive James over to Frank/Tiff/Bridgette and Day would vote with them too since she made her bed when she pulled Tiff down. That’s 5 votes – a majority. If Paul goes up for Tiff, the only chance Paulie has is to take him out.

  7. Paulie doesn’t even talk about Tiff anymore. Anytime he talks about targeting Tiff, he talks about Vanessa..”oh! that’s exactly what Van did” lol ..she turns into this crazy bogeyman. So laser focused on it. He’s really on his own world.

  8. What has Zak done in the game: Beats her face w/makeup the entire morning, lay up with Paulie the last half and then take off the makeup, then get back up next morning to beat face to lay up….. Rinse and Repeat!

    • Yes, her inaction this far into the game is starting to grate on my nerves as well. And the sweet act she’s been portraying is starting to go out the window. She called Tiff a b**ch after saying that she wasn’t going to get personal, and she also said she would purposefully shun Tiffany now that she knows it bothers her (Tiff had a breakdown Thurs night). Fortunately for Z, more active players are going after one another from each side, and she’s sitting pretty floating behind the three bigger targets in her couple alliance (Nicole, Corey, Paulie, Z).

      • She suppose to be a Pre-School teacher and she constantly calls Bronte and Tiff b*ches and h*ez! The way she acts is horrible and I could not believe someone this old and in a profession like this is doing this to another human being which we tell kids not to!! She is la azy fluzzy that wants to lay up all day with Paulie in the bed and can’t win a game to save her soul!

      • Zak doing the vulgar name calling to Tiffany and Bridgette, when Bronte was in that was her fav name for her.

      • Tiffany told Frank that the breakdown was artificial. Don’t feel sorry for Tiffany. All she’s trying to do is play Vanessa’s game and it isn’t working, you’ll see.

      • I never believed that “I’am so sweet” act, but she is really showing a viscous side now, and I am sad to say that Michelle is just as bad.
        I was coming around to Meech as my fave, but I think that ship has sailed.

    • That does it then – I’ve got to order the feeds if they’re this exciting lol.

  9. Whichever of the 276,000 sides of the house you’re on, this season is SOOOO much better than some of the last decade’s “I’m going to vote with the house so I don’t get a target on my back” garbage.

    • I have to agree. I just wished that so many people weren’t randomly riding the safety just because of a group that they’re in that was formed during week one when nobody knew anybody comma formed basically by random draw. I think this group thing should have only lasted two weeks maximum. I think that just like BB Takeover last season, production needs to realize that this was a huge mistake and needs to knock it off immediately.

  10. Corey or Nicole leaving will be great, but hopefully Da’vonne will win it.

    • Yes, I hope Da’Vonne gets picked, wins veto, and uses it on Tiffany. I don’t think its in her best interest to stick around with Paulie/Nicole/Corey/Zakiyah. She at the bottom of that alliance and they have been talking about getting rid of her. If she uses it on Tiffany, she can flip the votes to get rid of Corey this week.

  11. Ewww…Paulie did not wash his hands before touching bacon and then stuck his hands in brown sugar with his bacon grease covered hands until the bacon slices were covered, rolled the brown sugar bag back up and put it away, then washed his hands! Ewwwww He was called into the DR twice this morning! Hmmmm

    • Some say that if the food is to be cooked you don’t need to wash your hands prior to handing.

      Some. Not me.


      As to the sugar… that’s just nasty. Who wants a surprise of greasy bacon-flavored brown sugar? Not to mention (although I suppose I am mentioning) that the fat will putrefy in a day or two.

      • He didn’t cook the bacon thoroughly though. 6 min the first round…8 the second.

      • Bacon’s cured and smoked so it’s actually safe to eat right out of the package, not that many people would enjoy it that way.

      • Well I’m hoping everyone gets the runs during Veto comp if that’s not the case! :-)

      • I was over at a friend’s house for burgers a week or so ago, and when they asked if there was anything else I needed I jokingly asked if they had any bacon. They said maybe there was some left over from the morning.

        I didn’t understand what they were talking about. Leftover bacon? That would never happen in my house!

        They did drop some in the fryer for me!

    • Some reasons why I admit that I would never be able to live in the BB house: I’m a neat freak, I’m a germaphobe, and a bunch of people on or in my bed would drive me nuts.

      • We’d have to get a B&B to spend time at. I’m neither of those..but I do wash my hands often while I’m cooking…and only sanitize my kitchen more than I do my bathrooms. It would be very difficult for me to be a germaphobe because I have animals. Clean linens on my bed twice a week because my cats prefer to sleep with me than someone else. But then I love messing with my cats’ territorial markings! LOL

      • My husband has bad allergies. Speaking of animals, I have grandchildren in my house all the time. LOL At least I’m not as bad as my 80 year old Mom. She sweeps her kitchen floor at least 3 times a day, not exaggerating.

      • My crazy kitchen cleaning stems from having lots of children in my home too…ran a daycare in IN for 8 years and again for 5 in MD. I just continued in that fashion after closing down daycare business, never to open it again! LOL Your mother is not a germaphobe as much as she might have OCD over her kitchen floor!

      • I can never have my grandchild stay at my home either! I go to my daughter’s house to watch her, so the mess stays there! haha

      • Blech. Snotty noses. See—that’s why I never had kids. The word ‘booger’ may make me double over in laughter, but if I have to wipe ’em off of of some kid’s nose, I’d be gagging the whole time.

      • I used wet wipes for that over tissues! hahaha Did it so much it was like I was an automaton when it came to that. Projectile vomiting made me gag more.

      • Oh Joni…I did that in the shower a couple of weeks ago. My shower has a slow drain. Ponder that for a few minutes. Think of it as my gift to you. :)

      • Bad choice on your part. Should have gone for the porcelain fountain! No pondering necessary!

      • Fer shure! Never had any do that..I caught them before they’d have that chance.

      • AH-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA!!! That is so gross, but so funny at the same time! Oh my goodness. I’m going to have to tell my brother, Booger McBoogerson, about this conversation. He’ll love it!

      • My Mom was the same way, K. Mopped her kitchen floor three times a day. Vacuumed every day.

      • We have always joked that we will bury my Mom with her vacuum cleaner. And since the “dust buster” came out it is totally doable!
        (Love You Mom!)

  12. Corey will do anything to get Day OTB….he wants her gone!!!. That’s why he is willing to throw veto to Nat. He must be praying real hard right now for either Paulie or Nat….even Tiff to win so that Day goes up.

  13. If there is no host picked for the veto comp does that mean there might be a guest host coming in? Please, please, please don’t let it be Skanky Frankie, if so. I couldn’t bring myself to watch last year when he was a guest.

    • Frank must be POd about that. Sounds like he got irritated with James and Nicole about something and snapped at them.

      • Yup! Weird that seven were picked to play in comp. Wondering how that will turn out.

      • On Jokers, they went back and forth and deleted/changed some posts about that. Last one said Paul and Da. Before they had said Gigglette. ?

      • See that six are playing after all…Paulie, Paul, Natalie, Tiffany, Day, and Corey

      • Well from their history, Gnat, Day, and Corey won’t win it. Now it’s between Paulie, Paul, and Tiff.

  14. Gnat is a cheerleader and tells Paul not to cheer for her during the veto comp so she can concentrate. She already told Gigglette that she didn’t want to win the veto.

    • I’m not sure she is capable of concentrating. I wonder what her motives were for getting on this show – oh, yeah, I think it was she who said she thought she was going on a cooking show. She seems to have a hard time putting her thoughts into words .. for real .. I have heard her speak with James and her sentences are all disconnected and she doesn’t seem to be able to explain her thoughts ??? Don’t know what that’s about, but she is nowhere near in this game and I think she would be lucky to have James on the outside.

      • I think James would make some gal a great husband. I’ve always liked him, but I’m not sure who is currently irritating me more, him or Gnat.

      • He’s bugging me this season. But someone needs to take a fly swatter to that gnat. That thing swarming around needs to be dropped.

      • I’m not sure whether to give her or Gigglette my “dog pecker gnat of the season” award.

      • Cr-ap…got her and Giggles mixed up! Oh well…par for the course! Take your pick.

      • Well, Joni, whomever is to blame, we like you just the way your are. lol
        Now, oh educated one, is it whoever or whomever?

      • You know I’m joking with you. I’m very aware of how intelligent you are, and that’s no joke. :)

      • Thing is, I entered college as a warning based on my SAT scores which also placed me in the lower 2 percentile of my graduating class. What they didn’t know was I’d fallen asleep during the second 1/2 of it…too much partying the night before! haha

      • I’m sure your parents weren’t very happy about that, but it’s funny now. lol

      • Mother called me a disappointment, but I proved to be very self efficient, independent and resourceful. Where I lacked in talent, I made up for in enthusiasm. She stopped calling me a disappointment after I refused to move back home to take care of my little brother for her! haha

      • Like I told you at the first of the season, my BB experience would not be complete without you, and you never disappoint. :)

      • Nor mine without you, Sharona, Cy, Capt., etc! Where the heck is Emma…probably want that bucket by now.

      • You are irreplaceable with your hilarious real-life descriptions. There’s not a clearer picture in the world than when you describe something … and funny!

      • You do realize that Joni said you and I could be sisters. And I know you are aware of what “bless your heart” means. haha
        I know I’m corny and it takes a person with a certain type of wit to get it and then possibly enjoy it. Glad there are a few of you.

      • Too kind, but maybe we are kin, and Joni is a MESS!! She cracks me up. We’ll have fun this season.

      • She’s so rude, always interrupting others’ talks by walking in on them because that’s where Frank happens to be. Like a lost puppy nobody really wants.

      • I can picture her on one of those ASPCA commercials, where they show the sad doggies waiting for homes…

      • Me tooo! :-) She’d never graduate to being on a milk carton. Oh gosh, did I say that?

      • Or she’s a really great actress and is making him and everyone think she’s dumb. I see her wheels turning. She’s collecting information is all.

  15. Hope they’re not allowed to give cues to others. Paul said he’d give cues to Paulie so it would mess Tiff’s play up.

      • Just a tad! He’s already snapped at Nicole, James and Michelle when they were talking while he wanted to nap.

      • It’s like Dan’s relationship with Danielle. Frank is trying to be Dan, but it ain’t happenin’. As annoying as Frank is, he’s not evil like Dan. Lol…I mean, you gotta give Dan props for all the horrible things he did during season 14, particularly to Danielle. It takes a special kind of scum to pull off what he did. Lol! Frank simply doesn’t have it in him.

  16. I don’t know why it took me so long to realize that Bronte was the first real RK victim. Nom’ed by the RK winner (Frank) and then voted out by her fellow HGs, leaving both of the HOH’s noms safe for the week.

    Yeah, I know. I’m a little slow, lol. Life’s been getting to me, though, so I just wasn’t thinking about it.

    • Just when I started to like Michelle, she opens her mouth! She is bullying w/the rest of them! I can’t believe James is running back and forth telling Paulie everything Frank and his crew say and do!

      • James is playing with fire. He needs to stop trying to play ALL sides. I don’t understand his strategy, or if he even has any.

      • She floated her way into jury. James needs to start considering his daughter, not Gnat.

      • So true, Gnat has messed up his vision so bad he couldn’t see straight with even glasses on!

      • Riiiight! But I think he’s starting to choose her as the instant mommy for his daughter!

      • I don’t know, she might make a good mother. She definitely hasn’t found her niche on BB.

      • Too bad that once the kid passed 5th grade, she would be smarter than her step-mama. LOL

      • She hasn’t impressed me as being especially sharp, but she might be outside of BB. She obviously never learned to swim.;)

      • Gnat already sold hersself to the other side! James is playing a bad game, look like he just gave up and wants to go if Ghant goes!

      • For James being a Vet he should know a little about the game and what to do. I know he can see the split and how each person personality is. I’m disappointed in James for playing so sloppy!

      • Let’s face it …. James was not & is not the smartest player. He like Nicole is too easily influenced by others. He never makes plans, he follows suggestions.

  17. I wonder will they do if James ends up losing his last teammate? Will they put him on another team or let him play solo?

  18. Donnie didn’t get treated well by the HG in his season, but didn’t get all upset like Tiff. He worked hard to win comps.

    • Didnt everyone like him? Maybe I’m wrong since it was two years ago but from what I remember he wasn’t treated as badly as Tiff.

      • As I remember it, he was never considered much of a threat, and pretty much ignored by the other HGs at first. He eventually worked his way into friendships with others, but never had much power in the house.

  19. My most fervent wish right now……Day wins veto and takes Tiffy OTB,,,,TOTAL BEDLAM!!!

    • Yea lol that would be crazy! The showmances would definitely be confused and will stop at nothing at getting rid of Tiff Frank and Da

    • I hope Tiffany wins. My guess is that Paulie would then put up Paul. Any of the remaining 3 going home would be good with me,

  20. Im confused, why would Day pull Tiff off the block? Im not watching the live feeds but I thought she was on board with getting Tiff out? But regardless the would be awesome if that happened.

  21. I said a couple of weeks ago what a douche Frank was and is, people actually defended this fool. Said he a was a “nice” guy, is that theory still out there among BB watcher’s?

    I soooo hope Borey uses the veto. Sorry if that has been determined yet, (not up to speed on the feeds or BB talk today) on someone else and gets “Marcellas’d”

      • OK…I thought I heard that from someone in the house…I am pretty sure that Tiffany will leave on Thursday..but, curious as to who she will nominate..not much to choose from. Maybe Day?

      • Day or Nicole. I don’t think anyone else would be a big enough target for people to consider eliminating them instead of Tiffany.

  22. So Corey won the veto. Who does Tiffany put up if he uses it?
    Day? She might be a bigger target than Tiffany.
    Nicole? Maybe the house could be sway against another veteran.
    If Corey doesn’t use it then I hope he gets evicted.

      • Corey doesn’t renom, Tiffany does. She might very well put up Nicole or Zakiyah

      • Zakiyah would be such a waste though. I don’t think anyone cares about evicting her and the votes will go to Tiffany (she’s considered a threat and neither Zakiyah/Natalie are).
        I think if Day goes up there is a serious chance Tiff saves herself. If Nicole goes up, there is a harder battle but still a chance.

      • The showmances are a threat. Since neither Paulie or Corey can be taken out if Corey uses PoV, that leaves Nicole and Z. Corey would’ve probably been an easier sell, Frank & Tiff could have convinced James and Da to vote him out. With Nicole, that might be more difficult.

      • I think the problem is no matter who goes up, Paulie wants Tiff out so bad it’s a losing battle for Tiff. She will go home Thursday bcz of Paulie’s hatred for her sister Van.

      • Frank wanted her out last week and did it happen? No.
        Paulie made his nominations and unless Corey uses his PoV on Tiff (not happening) or Nat (probably not happening), then Paulie’s done for the week and no longer has a say in this if there’s no tie.
        So even if Paulie wants to get rid of her, it’s not his call, since he can’t vote.
        The swing vote this week will most likely be Michelle. I can see Da and James flipping to Frank’s side to break up the showmance alliance, but it will take Michelle flipping as well.
        I think convincing Michelle would have been easier with Corey or Paulie on the block though…

      • I’m saying it does not matter on Paulie side who has the power, Paulie has a very great influence in telling them what to do.

      • Corey isn’t the one getting to pick the nomination instead of Corey. Tiffany is. I think she still has a chance, she just needs to put up a more tempting person other than her.

      • Ok, got kind of confused! Thanks for clarifying that. So I guess it’s Da or Nicole.

  23. Corey should listen to Paul, he shouldn’t use the Veto. Kind of Marcellas move, we haven’t had for a long time.

  24. This is like Paulie’s veto, bcz you know he will let him take over it. No one in that houz has a mind of their own. On second thought they promised Gnat they will take her off, so let’s see if they keep their promise to her.

    • They would be incredibly stupid to keep their promise to her. Corey might be stupid but he is athletic and can win some comps. Plus he is in a showmance. If he stays on the block he might become a tempting target.
      I dislike Corey so that would be great, but I don’t think he’s that dumb.

    • I believe Corey was the RK nominee, so since he won the veto he can take himself off, but it is the RK winner (Tif) who secretly renoms, not Paulie. At least that is how I understand it.

      • Yes, but it mainly will be Paulie’s decision telling Corey to take hisself off or not. Corey would not know what to do w/out Paulie telling him what to do.

  25. I guess No matte who gets renomed, Tiff will still go home because that’s what Paulie said to do and wants!

    • And? Paulie is done for the week, he casts no vote unless there’s a tie. If the rest of the house flips, it doesn’t matter what the HoH wants. Just ask Frank last week.

      • Paulie has the houz under his spell. The only reason they flipped bcz he said it was ok, since Bronte was after him.

      • Michelle even told him they flipped and don’t need his vote, didn’t she? So he gave his okay to not be excluded from the majority decision.
        He hardly has the house under his spell. He has his showmance alliance, but that’s about it… I’m sure he likes to believe he’s the best player in there, but he’s really not…

      • I agree, but everything they do they seem to have to run it by Paulie. I think what I am saying is no matter who comes in power on his side he has a great influence on them what and how. I agree, that was one time w/Michelle but the others is so scared Paulie will get mad. I’m not a big Paulie fan of how he has been acting, but watch the feeds and watch who Paulie will tell the people on his side like always who to vote and send home.

      • The only time he told the others what to do was on the Victor vote, and everybody planned on doing that anyway.
        He told them keeping Tiffany is a bad idea and they still did it^^

      • No, Paulie has complete control w/that crew! They never make a move w/out his consent. Corey and Nicole is so scared to make up their own mind Nicole constantly ask what do Paulie think or if he will be mad, Zak don’t have no say at all the only thing she does is lay up, Paul is like his flunky running back and forth and tell him everything, James is now running back and forth telling what he knows to Paulie, He even have Nat scared and she ran to his side asking him what to do, Michelle does speak her mind but she only takes it so far and she still does what he say and just learned how low on his totem pole she is, Da is under him but Da may give him some trouble! His side is like the Walking Dead and Paulie is the leader. Frank has control over Bridgette and Tiff.

  26. Ideal scenario: Corey is stupid and doesn’t use PoV. James & Da smell an opportunity to break up a showmance, Paul decides to play the game and they team up with Frank and Bridgette and vote out Corey.
    Corey can also be replaced with Nicole, I don’t care about her anymore. One of them has to go!

    • Good scenario, but I don’t think Paul will do anything to jepordize his flunky position

      • I’m reading the feeds update.
        Paul is stupid.
        Enough said.
        There’s a reason why I keep forgetting he’s in the house at all.

  27. I don’t even know who I hate most in the house, Paulie, Paul or Corey? At this point, the only people I don’t hate are Tiffany, Michelle and Natalie. Tiff bc the house has been treating her like crap for no reason other than her being Vanessa’ sister, Michelle bc i don’t know why and Natalie bc I really have no opinion on her at all. The rest of the house.. URGH

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