Big Brother 18 Live Feeds Week 4: Friday Highlights

The Big Brother 18 Live Feeds were down the better part of the day Friday, but when all the competitions and ceremonies were said and done, the HGs were ready to get down to business. Alliances continues to shift as do targets. Read on to find out the latest drama in the BB18 house.


If you’ve got the Live Feeds (Free Trial) then you can watch all of these moments with the Flashback feature to go back and watch those important conversations or funny scenes you may have missed.

Big Brother 18 Live Feed Highlights – Friday, July 15, 2016:

9:10 AM BBT – HGs got their wake up call. Not much movement.

9:40 AM BBT – Da’Vonne and James discussing the flip. James wishes they had told Frank. Day wants to split up the two showmances and thinks they have too much control right now. James thought Paulie might put up Natalie and Paul to try a Tiffany BD move.

9:45 AM BBT – Day says the house will be split down the middle if it ends up with Paul and Natalie on the Block at the end of the week. James thinks Paulie would break the tie against Paul.

9:50 AM BBT – James asks Day if they should team up with Frank and Tiffany or Paulie and Corey. Day says Paulie and Corey need to be taken out.

9:51 AM BBT – Feeds cut for noms.

11:23 AM BBT – Feeds are back. Tiffany with Frank while Paulie talks with Da’Vonne. The new house divisions. Tiffany urges Frank to nominate Corey if they win RK.

11:25 AM BBT – Frank tells Bridgette they need to put up Corey if either wins RK. He says they won’t have the votes to get Day this week. Frank believes Natalie and James will roll with them.

11:30 AM BBT – Nicole is worried that Frank is mad at her so she goes to check in with him. He is dismissive and warns she better not be lying or if she takes a shot at him she better not miss.

11:40 AM BBT – Corey, Nicole, and Zakiyah plan to write off Tiffany until she’s gone. They won’t talk to her anymore.

11:48 AM BBT – James goes to Paulie in the HoH room. He’s concerned that Nicole was spreading his name about him suggesting a girls alliance was in the house. Paulie says it’s probably something Frank is spreading.

11:53 AM BBT – Natalie says she doesn’t even want to win the Veto. Bridgette urges her to try and win.

11:57 AM BBT – Zakiyah summoned Nicole to the HoH room to discuss James’s concerns about her saying he was saying (good grief) there was a girls alliance in the works. Nicole blames it on Frank and says it’s nothing to worry about.

12:05 PM BBT – Paulie believes Tiffany has teamed up with Frank and Bridgette. He wants her gone right away and they’ll keep trying until it happens.

12:15 PM BBT – Paulie talking a big game about how he knows Tiffany’s psychology tricks and his sister is a psych major so he knows what she’s doing.

12:20 PM BBT – Paulie trying to explain probabilities of Tiffany’s chances. He says she has a 1:6 chance of winning and how that’s less than 50%. His explanation is pretty bad, but he’s excited.

12:32 PM BBT – Feeds go to loops for the Roadkill comp.

6:58 PM BBT – Feeds are back. Michelle says James thinks Frank won Roadkill again. Michelle thinks Da’Vonne or Nicole will be going up. Corey says he might go up if it’s Frank.

7:03 PM BBT – Zakiyah thinks she’ll be going up because she hasn’t won any competitions and she would be easy to beat in veto.

7:04 PM BBT – Tiffany talking to herself about who to nominate, so she won the Roadkill competition.

7:06 PM BBT – Nicole is freaking out and getting loud. Paulie has to calm her down. Talk turns to Tiffany and how she’s clearly made a deal with Frank.

7:10 PM BBT – Sometime during the feed outages, Frank and Corey apparently got into it. Paulie thinks Corey will be going up as the Roadkill nominee.

7:12 PM BBT – Tiffany tells Frank and Bridgette she won the comp. She tells Frank that she has his back and he can trust her.

7:13 PM BBT – Tiffany tells Day something while she’s in the shower. It’s hard to hear but it sounds like she told her she put Corey up as the Roadkill nominee.

7:17 PM BBT – Michelle to Nicole: Why did we keep her (Tiffany)?? We play too emotional. It made sense at the time.

7:45 PM BBT – Tiffany tells Zakiyah that she or any of the girls is the Roadkill nominee. She said she made a strategic nomination.

8:01 PM BBT – Nicole tells Corey and Michelle that they have to keep Da’Vonne close because Frank and Tiffany will try to pull her on their side.

8:07 PM BBT – Feeds cut to Jeff highlights. Time for Roadkill Reveal.

8:27 PM BBT – Feeds are back. Corey is definitely the Roadkill nominee.

8:28 PM BBT – Frank told James that Tiffany won Roadkill.

8:33 PM BBT – Tiffany says this group could be strong if they stick together. Tiff asks Frank again to squash their past beef. She’s including Day in this but Frank reminds her it was Day who lied to him about Tiffany coming after him.

8:37 PM BBT – Tiffany warning James the showmance pairs are running the house & that’s why she had to put up Corey to split it up. She tells James it’s okay to use the Veto on Natalie if he plays and wins. Natalie would then be a vote against Corey so that’s good for them.

8:47 PM BBT – Tiff asks James if Day really told Frank that Tiff was coming after him. James denies knowing. (But he does know.)

9:18 PM BBT – Frank tells Tiffany he’ll keep his distance from her so that Paulie will pick him to play veto. He says if he wins veto, he will use it on her.

9:21 PM BBT – Paulie telling Natalie that Bridgette needs to get herself away from Frank and Tiffany.

9:26 PM BBT – Tiffany tells Da’Vonne not to treat her like she’s a pariah too like Michelle did because she saved them from the Roadkill nomination. Day tells her she’s just tired and wants real food.

9:35 PM BBT – Frank and Day are talking about last night and how things have calmed down. Frank tells Day he wants to win veto tomorrow so he can prove he can hang with those “young bucks.”

9:50 PM BBT – Day says at least they all made it to jury but Frank says unless they have a pre-jury returning HG.

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