Big Brother 18 Spoilers: Week 4 Veto Competition Results

Big Brother spoilers are in for this week’s Power of Veto competition following the initial noms and Roadkill events from Friday. Time to see who could be changing things up for the final noms of the week.

Power of Veto Medallion on Big Brother

Six Houseguests gathered to compete after two players were drawn to join the HoH and this week’s three nominees. One of those Houseguests now holds the Power of Veto.

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Big Brother 18 Spoilers: Week 4 Veto Competition Results:

  • Corey won the Power of Veto!

Corey is definitely going to use the Veto on himself. Previously he told Natalie he’d save her so the RK winner couldn’t pick the renom, but yeah he soon took that promise back. No kidding. That’d be a terrible move. Now Corey feels like HGs are upset at him for putting them at risk. Corey is sure it wasn’t Tiff who won RK and believes it was Frank (incorrect).

Playing in today’s comp we had Paulie as HoH, Tiffany & Natalie as his noms, Corey as Tiffany’s RK nom, and then Da’Vonne and Paul as the drawn players. Zakiyah hosted.

What do you think of the PoV Comp results? What will happen at the ceremony? The Veto Ceremony will be coming up soon and we’ll post spoilers when they happen.

Turn on your Live Feeds and enjoy the drama. Watch it all now live & uncensored.



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  1. oh well the best laid plans…..I would guess Davonne is gonna be on the couch…but u never know..

  2. I never understood putting Corey up. There was no reason for anyone to vote Corey out, except for Frank and Bridgette. So Corey would have gotten at the most 2 votes to evict and Tiffany would have gotten the rest. Tiffany needs a big target up there to save her but most of them are immune this week, Frank, Bridgette and Paulie. Maybe Day or Nicole but no one else is a big enought threat. It was stuipd to nominate Corey.

    • With Corey there was a decent chance that they could flip Day and get her to vote him out to split up Corey/Nicole, whom she views as a threat. Plus she thought she could get James, and then if she or Natalie came off the block, that’d be it. It was a long shot but I think it had the best chance of working out of all the potential options. Nicole maybe would have been less likely to win veto, is the only thing I can think of.

    • I think she did it because he would be more likely to win the comp. Therefore she can put up D.

    • Nah, if Corey uses veto on himself and Day goes up there (which is likely because Tiff and Frank are working together against Day), I could see Day going home over Tiffany, but it would be close for sure.

      • I was under the impression from recent feed stuff that Tiffany still trusts/wants to work with Day. (misguided, since I don’t think she’ll ever get Day and Frank together, but whatevs) Plus I feel like a lot of the people who want Day out want Tiffany out more. I hope I’m wrong on this one though, I really like Tiff.

      • But she said she wasn’t going to target any of the girls! She may have no choice…most likely will put James up in Corey’s place!

      • Darn, she’d have no shot of staying against James though I don’t think. Unless the girls decide they’re gonna stick together

      • Well she’d have had no shot staying over Corey either. He’s not that big of a threat and James will most likely garner votes to evict Tiff over Nat. I say, put James up and toss a coin!

  3. Frank might indirectly decide who goes up, but he will have no say in who goes home.

    • Oh he will manipulate Tiff for sure! She puts teachers to shame! Where’s her own mind & who is she? Lol

      • They all seem to not have a mind of their own though!!! First they followed frank and day.. And now Paulie!! Paul being Paulie’s biggest ass kisser..well i take that back..him and Corey are tied!! Can’t wait til it really starts dwindling down and they start turning on each other!! Paulie should remember what he stated at the beginning when he wasn’t Included in the 8 pack!! Big alliances ALWAYS blow up!! Can’t wait for the boom if they succeed on getting frank out!! Because then, who’s going to be the new frank?? Lol

      • He certinaly will! She reminds me of my ex who also teaches high school and adds to my concern for students! We fought over the number of weeks in a year (I said 52, she said 4×12 is 48 and there is no way there is an extra month of days, I said well I get paid every 2 weeks and 2 months have 3 pay days so 26 paydays and there are 30/31 days a month not 28 so since there are about 3 “extra” days in a month and more than 10 months so obviously there are enough “extra” days – 3 hours I will never get back, but I couldn’t let it go with her teaching her classes and substituting for math classes too – she replied that she liked how my brain worked…um the regular way basic addition and logic work?). Since then I have wondered what it takes to get in the exclusive private college here and what is on the teacher certification test? More than that, how could she ask me an inventory question (do you have a ____?) – I replied, then we both went about whatever. I was raised “differently” than some, if you want/need something, you only get it if you ask for it. My dad has a brain injury and didn’t see the question not asked, so I didn’t learn to assume what someone ment (but a 2nd question I would have noticed), so everything was correct/wrong or black/white – no gray. I only answered what was asked (not what might of been ment), so I honestly wasn’t trying to make her mad. Since we got in the habit of asking each other about a few frequently forgotten things since turning around got old, so I really thought she was checking. I was wrong, so instead for 4 YEARS she kept getting more mad (but not asking a 2nd time ever, just going and getting whatever or going without I guess). How do you major in English and not know the difference between “do you have ____” and “may I have____” or at least ask why I say yes? Or why I didn’t lend it to her – especially since she knew my dad well and all about his head injuries. It makes me worry soooo very much about the kids in school these days! I know the saying is those who can’t do teach – but when those who can’t do teach wrong, teach dumb stuff, or just can’t teach only hurt the kids! I just don’t understand how they are to move on in life when they have to unlearn first! I believe things like these to be small examples of just how important it is to be involved in kids education these days!

    • Frank can’t choose, but he seems to control Bridgette’s vote (and thoughts, decisions, desires). If Tiff does hold her sisters playbook then she might stay by saying plz vote me to stay – I know I don’t have the votes, but I just don’t want it to be all votes for me to go. I just want to leave with a friendly vote – basically the pity vote plea…. Its a small shot, but we me like her best shot reguardless who she replaces Cory with.

      • Tiffy did a great job last night presenting her case to some of the HGs. We’ll see what the next couple of days bring. Da could be in trouble.

      • Ya but….. Geez I was such a fan when she started!! What the hell happened to her?

        Oh I know….. A boy AGAIN!! Ugh…..

        Umm what’s more important?

        A boy


        $ one hundred million dollars?

        YA YA…. I know it’s only one…. Settle down…. Heh heh!

      • I know, I really liked Nicole but then she just flip flopped and became super indecisive. Her confidence just bolted out the window. That’s why I’m hoping Corey gets evicted soon (he doesn’t do anything anyways) and then she might get her head back in the game

  4. I think Zakiyah will and should be the new nom. That would make them think also because she too is just floating on by.

    • As you say, she is just floating … so why get her out now?
      I think Nicole would be a good pick .. Day is so paranoid now she would be likely to join the “Frank Squad” and vote her out.

      • I think Day would definitely vote her out because she’s adamant on splitting the showmances. It may not be who she wants gone first but she knows Z wouldn’t pick her over Paulie. But so far it’s looking like Day is going up because Tiffany has put everything together now and blames Day, rightfully so.

      • Is this what you are seeing from the show or from the live feeds. Just curious, because I am not watching the feeds, but from the show it sure seems like Corey is a hanger on kind of dude. I don’t see him doing much of anything other than hanging with Nicole and looking pretty. He is hardly a strategic player … more of a coat tail rider … even with the road kill (luck of the draw?)

      • Corey has at least talked game with other people and got involved with things going on. But Z seriously does nothing other than do her makeup, follow Paulie around and talk bad about certain people and doesn’t talk game unless it’s just to agree with what Paulie or Day say. I don’t have the feeds right now unfortunately but I follow the updates on Jokers and that’s usually all they have to say about her and all I see on After Dark. If only these girls knew that Paulie’s big plan is to cut them loose before it gets down to 4 or 5 HG’s. Oh well.

  5. I don’t understand why Tiffany isn’t doing more to blow up the main group. She knows about the Fatal Five (she was part of it), so why wouldn’t she use that information to scare the guys. It would freak them out and it would serve as an incentive to get rid of Day since she’s a big leader of the group!

      • If she tries to find out HGs positions on voting Day out using her Fatal 5 info, and doesn’t handle it properly, they would at least figure out she was the RK winner who nominated Corey .. not sure what impact that would be, but ..?

      • Has Tiff told as many people that she won Road Kill as Frank did when he won?

    • She just did today! Told Paulie everything!!! EVERYTHING!! She said she has nothing to lose!! So we’ll see if it even matters!! BUT she definitely made da’s true colors show!! It was actually a really good conversation and I kind of felt bad for her!! Those girls are mean girls for sure!! All of them except Bridgette and Natalie!! He’s still going to vote her out I think but she definitely stirred up something. And rightfully so!!

  6. If Tiffany threw Da’vonne up on the block why the #$%@ wouldn’t they vote Da’vonne out? what a bunch of morons!

    • Maybe it will give him some confidence and along with no longer sleeping in a bucket and also getting some food, maybe we will actually see him think for himself???

  7. *facepalm* this just had to happen right when I was actually starting to like Tiffany

    • I’m hoping for her to skate by again this week if other HG’s decide Day is a bigger threat then she is. It’s a possibility! =)

    • I know!! I actually felt bad for her. Something I never ever felt for her sister!! Ever!! Hahahaha!!! Her talk with Paulie made me want to hug her!! Those girls were so mean to her!! I can’t stand Michelle at all!!!

  8. I bet Paul could whip Frank with one arm behind his back. They both have big mouths.

  9. Paul: He’s loser routine has paid off. People is actually giving him information and using those info to make leverage. He’s a rat in the house. lol He reminds me of the hobbit “Gloin”

  10. i am happy w the results. i’d like corey to pull himself off and day go up. that will make for the best entertainment i think

  11. If Nicole goes up in place of Corey how do the votes fall?
    Frank – Nicole
    Bridgette – Nicole
    Day – ?
    James – ?
    Paul – Tiffany
    Zakiyah – Tiffany
    Michelle – Tiffany
    Corey – Tiffany

  12. Will wonders never cease! This goin be fun for Tiff now if he uses it on himself.

  13. Listening to what Tiffy is saying on Jokers, I’m feeling kind of bad for her. She is sincerely hurt that the girls trusted Da over her. I think she would have been good with them to the end if they had have given her a chance. We’ll never know now.

  14. Frank and Paulie having a discussion right now. Frank trying to save Tiff, he wants Da out. but General Paulie is adamant he wants Tiff out, that she should have been out last week…and of course he’s talking about Vanessa…….AGAIN!

    • I find that humorous too because Paulie, the brother of Cody, who made it farther than Vanessa did, is going after Tiffany because of her sister Vanessa! Although Vanessa was more dominant than Cody… but still, I chuckle at that sometimes :)

      • He’s not trying to play his brother’s game, he’s a wanna be Derrick! Thing is though, Derrick didn’t talk as much!

      • He thinks he’s a mobster and everyone must do as he says or swim with the fishes.

      • I will be glad when the minions flip on him and send him packing. Someone, has to get some courage!

      • It’s like playing King of the Hill, once to think you’re on top .. the little people are trying to pull you off.

      • Why? He’s cute!! And fit. And smart. But holy shieeet does he ever yap on! Omg..
        Paulie, baby, SHUT IT! ZIP IT….. What ever it takes…. Just get your head back in the game. You’ll have so many female followers outside that perhaps you should drop Z & play smarter??!!

      • I know. Did you hear on the feeds last night how he explaining that one kiss on one cheek was good, but in the mob, a kiss on both cheeks means well… fishes

      • I saw that …. he looked more like The Beaver’s brother Wally than some mobster’s relative. That conversation just looked comical coming from him.

      • Yeah, very comical because he takes himself so seriously. He was talking to Lumpy though. lol

      • Yes, he wants to play Derricks game so bad and he has the nerve to call out Tiff playing Van game. I don’t think Tiff is playing Van’s game bcz Van was very manipulative, in your face, and can talk circles around your head! Tiff is none of this, her game is very very lame compared to Van’s.

      • I do have a chuckle then get back on that ‘Ride of Die’ bandwagon…..just Paukie tho…. & James. I wanted Nicole too before but now I say the 2 guys & Michelle! Or if Natalie steps up then her…….

        Ahahaha….. Look at me….. I’M FLIP FLOPPING LIKE ALL THE BB HOUSEGUESTS!!! Ahahahahahaha!!! That’s so funny cuz I didn’t mean to!!

    • I hope Paulie sticks to his guns…I would like to see Day make to Jury at least this time. Tiffany is the best one to go, she brings far too much Drama to the House!

      • Day “tries” to contain her Drama, thus far in the game Day has only went off once, and it was on Frank…While Tiff Blow up Everybody’s Game!

      • This season so far, yep! But I admit Da could outperform Tiff if she so was inclined!

      • At least ‘Da’s drama is fun to watch! Tiff is boring & crying in bed!! Blah blah blah….

      • I’m not enjoying Da’s game. She might have gotten sent home early last time, but she was more real.

      • I’m not enjoying anyone’s game quite frankly….. Boring but yes I still watch it! But…… I personally can handle ‘Da better than vanes…. Oops tiff!! I can’t handle cryers! They’re to ummmmm…..unstable?!?

      • Not like Tiff & hardly the same amount of time. At least ‘Da seems to have rational for her crying but Tiff….. Not so much!

      • Let me put it this way … Day is just as real as her hair.
        It’s a good thing there are no kittens in the BB house, cause they would constantly be batting around all that yarn on her head.

      • Def not saying I like her game or the ‘character’ she’s errr… Playing.

        BUT, I do like to watch her in the DR. Tiff, meh…. Not so much…

        Neither will win anyway!

    • If I never heard of Vanessa, I would still not pick Tif to be relied upon as an ally because she is too emotional, has no social game and requires too much attention .. or else she’s all paranoid again. Are you OK? Are we OK? Are we good?

      • I could never figure out Vanessa’s game anyway! ??? She cried a lot tho….. Hmmmm This seems to have a plot….. Ahhh

    • I think Paulie need a mental eval bcz he just can’t let Van go out of his mind for one minute!

    • If Tiff is saved because of Frank why not just give him HOH every week? Someone needs to shut him down.

  15. This Season of BB is the Season of “FLIP FLOPS!” Every 30 mins one of the HG change their minds as to who they want to send packing!

      • I don’t think I’ve heard anyone say anything personally bad about her but I could have missed it. To me she seems like she thinks she’s better than anyone else in the house.

      • Because she stays laid up in the bed w/Paulie all day! I’m saying she calls them b’s and h’s but she can be considered a tramp just laying up, all she care about is putting on makeup beating her face most of the morning, then lays up w/her legs cocked around Paulie, taking half the night taking the makeup off, the next morning rinse and repeat . This girl is horrible in comps, she always get out on the first try. Earlier she stated Frank said her and Day would never win a comp because they were to stupid mentally and physically.

  16. Paul cracks me up. You guys watching feeds? He’s like an Instant messenger. rat rat rat. lol

  17. Unfortunately most of the girls are very shady and need men to save them. I think the best female player is (gagging) Brigitte even though she also has Frank to protect her. Da’vonne is my favorite this season but she is so horrible at the comps that I don’t see her staying long. I hope Tiffany doesn’t put her up because she will leave. I do hope that James and Natalie make it far. Zakiah is sooooo annoying and so is Nicole and Corey.

    • True, but do you really think how Paulie is adamant on Tiff leaving that they will vote Da over Tiff?

      • They did it last week and Paulie was the only one who chose not to flip. This week, the house may try to do the opposite of what Paulie wants, unless he tells them that Da’Vonne should go.

      • No, Paulie decided to flip after he thought about it, zhe was one of the ring leaders. He wanted to piss Frank off and evict Bronte. This why all them are mad now bcz they realzed this was the biggest mistake.

  18. I love how people on this site are so starved for someone to hate they’re grasping at straws to try and make Paulie seem like this terrible person.

    He’s a nice guy. That moment where Davonne cried in his arms after the Frank thing shows that.You guys are so focused on tearing people down and getting your torches and pitchforks ready. Have you ever tried to just enjoy these people for once instead of making them out to be monsters? I promise you can see the good in these people AND still enjoy the show. Perhaps more so because of it. So much negativity in these comments. It doesn’t have to be this way.

    • I want Paulie to take it to the end so it’s not me! But Frank disliker? That’s me!! He’s a foolish man….. Pissing a lot of the players & viewers off… And then CBS. Let’s him be an ass!

  19. If they keep Tiffany then they are all stupid. Tiffany needs to go because she is a ticking time bomb. They messed up last week by flipping the vote to evict Bronte instead just to spite Frank. I think Tiffany is even more unstable than her sister and honestly I don’t know if I want to spend another summer dealing with the paranoia of another Rousso sister. The whole family is nuts. At least Vanessa had a strategy and used tears to get what she wanted. Tiffany is like Carrie at the prom. Kind of scary if you ask me.

    • Yeah it’s really scary to have someone who is totally loyal and dedicated to your alliance.

      • Tiff was a pretty damn loyal player, but everyone was so paranoid about her because her sister’s a good player. She didn’t go around betraying trust or dumping info or any of that until after they drove her back against the wall.

      • Sure, sure, but I don’t think she would have blown up their games if they had trusted her. It’s definitely possible that she would have anyways, I just think they pushed her into it.

      • I can’t disagree with you there. She’s got a cringe-worthy social game. It’s just a shame that it worked so much against her because if they had just let her be I think she likely would have stuck by them.

      • I don’t think she ever gives anyone the chance to stick with her. She is her own worst enemy but points at everyone else. Hate to quote Dr. Phil, but “You teach people how to treat you.”

      • I agree- if I’d have been treated that way and pre-judged I’d probably snap too. It’s no fun to be the outcast. You can see when she is genuinely reaching out to people to get something started but they always snub her. Yeah she cries and curls up and hides. Can’t say that I wouldn’t feel the same. Because the moment she got off the bed and continued trying to game with the others, people would start calling her aaggressive. FFS.

      • I totally agree with you. But, good luck trying to get most of these people to listen to your reasoning. It’s just nice to know that I am not alone in sticking up for Tiffany.
        All that being said, I don’t think the girl has a chance in hell of winning.

      • I agree with both of you. She lacks a social game, but not because she is mean or nasty. She actually seems really naive to me. These stupid idiots seem to be obsessed with playing someone who isn’t even in the house.

      • No, she just sat there staring or had her hat over her face or her sunglasses on … real inviting.

    • Is Tiffany not more entertaining then half of the other house guests?? You say you don’t want to put up with another paranoid sister, but its not like your in the house directly viewing it.

      • nope I’m not in the house. Nor would I ever want to be. I know people have to lie their butts off to stay in the game and I’m a terrible liar.

        In my real world experience I avoid people like Tiffany and Vanessa. I am uncomfortable walking on eggshells around high maintenance people that use tears and paranoia to manipulate people.

  20. I wonder how much of Tiffany’s crying is “strategy” and how much is real?

      • Nah, I’m pretty sure Vanessa didn’t intentionally use her emotions as strategy. She manipulated people with lots of in depth game theory talk and stuff, but the stress of the house got to her and made her a mess sometimes. (That’s what it looked like to me, anyways)

      • I mean sure they edited it to try to suggest that but if you pay closer attention it’s pretty clear that the emotional crap really damaged her game, and she knows it did.

      • This is one reason why I was not happy to see Tiffy in this game. I knew Vanessa would be a topic of discussion frequently.

      • No, I apologize, I said that wrong. You and anyone else has the right to speak about what you wish to. I made the choice to get involved in the convo. :)

    • She has zero strategy. Vanessa stood out the first week as a strategic/manipulative player. They have totally different skill sets. Tiff could have joined the Spy girls.

    • I doubt its a strategy because I think she knew going into the BB house that if she cried people would automatically say she was just like her sister. And if it was a strategy it would be dumb of her to keep crying since its clearly not working.

  21. OMG!!! Frank and Tiff are going so hard for Day and coming off so desperate that I wouldn’t believe one thing they say even if it’s true!!!! I mean it’s so bad that if I were beside Day when she did these stuff….I wouldn’t believe them either!!! What’s making it worse is they are mixing truth and lies and Paulie is picking out some of the lies. They are making Paulie trust Day even more!!!!! The only people who will believe them now even the lies they tell are Corey and Nicole because they have the hots for Day.

  22. I feel okay with Corey winning the Veto, I hope he can start to play a better game; from the other side I feel bad for Tiffany, the problem (in my opinion) is that she’s trying to play the game in the same way that Vanessa played the last summer and telling that she’s not like her sister (well, Vanessa said that both them are emotional). Personally I hope she put Day on the block, maybe she have a chance against her and if she’s evicted I hope she can win the battle back and if she return I want to see her playing a different game, maybe will be something difficult, but not impossible.

    • I can’t support anyone that laughs about someone squirting lighter fluid on a live animal and trying to set it on fire like he did.

      • Yes he was telling the story about a friend of his bought a goat and put it in his back yard. He said one night they were having a party and his friend squirted lighter fluid on it and chased it and was trying to set it on fire. He was laughing his butt off about it. I would never stand around and watch someone do that and think it’s funny.

      • That’s awful. Makes me sad. Humans are really sick sometimes. The fact that he is retelling the story is even worse.

      • Well, for that kind of reasons I don’t like Corey too, I don’t agree with his comments and his acts, he’s not my favorite houseguest of the season, I hope he doesn’t win because for me he’s another floater (and tbh between Tiffany and him I would prefer see Tiffany winning the Veto), but I think that if you’re in the game you need play the game, and personally I think that some of houseguests of this season are not playing the best games.

    • I for sure see why people would day their game style is similar however Vanessa did a lot more interrogating. But i agree she might have a chance against Day and maybe Nicole.

    • Paulie is not a real fav of mine, but I have to say it doesn’t take much to control most of these HGS, it’s like they really don’t have a game of their own and they are just trying to follow the right person, not be it.

  23. I remember back in the day when BB had so many twist, turns, and unexpections. It was exciting and fun to watch.

  24. I’m not crazy about this season. James is playing the same game, so are Nichole and Day. Just don’t like Frank. The newbies know nothing. I wish they would quit trying to get eye candy and get fans. I won’t quit watching though. At least not yet.

  25. Corey said he was taking hisself off and Paulie told him your not using it! I guess boss man has spoken!

  26. I’m trying to think this through but i don’t think there’s any way Tiffany can be saved this week. Let’s just hope she wins the Battle Back!

  27. I haven’t read all of the comment’s, just way too many. I had a busy day and getting on here a little late. Now, let’s just look at this more carefully. Who CAN go up? Well, there is DAY, Paul, Nicole, James and ZAK. Only four choices to make here so lets break it down. Who can Tiffany put up to send Tiffany packing? Well, there is ZAK and James. Zak is no threat and James has more or less laid a little low on game play so he is not seen as a threat plus half of his team is gone. DAY is the one she might want out but DAY isn’t on too many peoples radar just yet, even with all the blowups in the house recently. The majority would still want Tiffany out because they wouldn’t dare go against King Paulie. Nicole on the other hand, DAY want’s to break up a showmance, even though this hasn’t fully bloomed yet . It has however, formed a airtight alliance with Paulie, ZAK, Corey and Nicole. Putting Nicole up would show good faith towards DAY from Tiffany (she does know Tiff won RK correct)? If that is the case then lets look at the voters this week, who are they. Only eight will vote this week, Frank, Bridgette, James, Corey, ZAK, DAY (assuming Nicole is on the block or vice versa if DAY is on the block), Paul (Oh I forgot about him but it wouldn’t matter with him on the block, same as ZAK and James this week) and Michelle. A tie right? Well all one has to do is convince James or Paul to vote out Nicole (Should be simple with Paul because he wants a vet out anyways), then Nicole walks out the door. She would have the best shot of coming back of all the HG’s on the Block this week too. She came back in her season, she could do it again this year. This is my view on the matter but I wonder how many would agree with this one.

    • I completely agree. I either see Da or Nicole going up on the block since Tiff doesn’t really feel threatened by Zak or James

      • Day is going up. Tiffany blew up her game tonight. It was pretty awesome..but, Paulie..aka Mr. Ego, Mr. Dictator and Mr. Hypocrite..wants her out.

      • She told everyone that Day has been going around the house telling different people that this person is coming after that person..etc. etc. She told Tiffany that she wanted Corey out…that is why Tiffany put Corey up..she wants to break up those showmances…to get the girls back with her.(Day) It all started with Day telling Frank that Tiff was coming after him and then telling Tiff that Frank was coming after her.

    • She’ll put Day up before Zak, but she doesn’t like confrontation so is not wanting to put Day up unless she’s guaranteed she’ll be able to stay. Paulie will want Tiff out before Day…Frank wants Day out…but he’s not pressing the issue with Paulie just yet. Tiff will most likely put James up, but Tiff I believe will still go before James too or even Nic. Guess Tiff is a goner now because Frank won’t garner enough votes to keep her. He knows this and is manipulating Tiff into believing she’d be safe no matter who she put up.

      • Your probably right but I think Nicole would be her best shot at staying over DAY.

      • Tiff is done! Paulie got everyone thinking he runs the house and no one better go against him, if someone thinks to keep Nat it’s going down!!

      • He is highly suspicious of Nicole after the vote flip. All Tiff has to say to him is it was Nicole that took charge of the flip and that would also protect DAY too.

      • Putting up James at this point is a waste of time, Day or Nicole would be better choices for her.
        But, quite frankly I don’t think T has any chance of winning, and I am tired of all the is she a psycho or is she not a psycho arguments. If she goes home we can get down to arguing about something important … like Gnat’s PhD studies.

      • Ahahaha….Gnat’s PHD studies. Too funny. She may still surprise us. She, Z and Michelle have been floating the whole season. Gnat’s just not been playing that great a social game other than with James and that’s the only thing I see that will come to bite her in the butt as the others by now see her as a social outcast.

    • Her only hope is putting up Nicole, I hope she does and Nicole goes home for good and Victor comes back

  28. Paul is such a little weasel! Surely Frank and Tiffany have to know that all he is going is bouncing around the house spying in on convos between those two. He really annoys the heck out of me! Paulie is such a jerk..I can’t stand him…he is the one becoming the dictator now. Day is so obvious in her sucking up to him right now…I think Corey really believed Tiffany when she was blowing up Day’s game…but, I just don’t think it is going to stick with everyone and Tiffany will leave on Thursday…maybe she will get back in..but, usually unless that HG wins HOH..they leave the very next week!

  29. Is Nicole serious? Please do not bring her back another season! There’s also Pauie talking about Derrick. #imdone

  30. I remember Caleb was so big on being loyal and friendship. Spying and being a flunky and Paul reminds me so much of Caleb w/all the same talking friendship and being loyal and spying. Welp! look what happenced to Caleb! It was a terrible moment for him in the end! Lol

  31. Paul is the biggest rat in the whole house!!! He is getting so annoying with the back and forth!! Frank not catching on is annoying too!!

  32. Paulie is a p_ _ _k.
    Paul is his b _ _ _ h.
    James has no game.
    Natalie is his dame.
    Day tells the lies
    While Tiffany sits & cries.
    Frank is an a _ _ slapper
    AND Brigette’s Puppet Master.
    Nicole and Corey?
    They’re just boring.
    Michelle is just running around
    While Zakiyah plays the game laying down.

    Paulie will win in the BB house he built
    With Paul by his side screaming, “Friendship!”

    The jurors, a mixed group of “newbies” & “vets”
    Will go home broke and full of regrets!

      • Just having a little fun telling my opinion of whats going on in the house. I hope when they all get home that they watch their selves from start to finish, read everyone’s comments, then finally realize just how stupid they played (not) this game! For so much money to be had, they have got a group of people in there that doesn’t have much need for it. Really bad game playing this year. Maybe the light will come on for some before it’s over!

      • Some know so little about the game, a lot is having to be explained to them on an ongoing basis. Kind of pathetic to cast some of these HGs, imo. Anyway, I enjoyed your poem. Maybe you can give us another one before the season is over.

      • Look, I said last year I wouldn’t watch. Missed first two episodes, I’m back to cringing! !!!

      • Tink, at this juncture in the game, it is too hard to tell with all this Flippin and Floppin. I wish they could all give it a rest and stop trying to play the game, and just play. Whew!!!!!!! They are totally exhausting.

        4》if Day isn’t eliminated tonight

        Who knows with this group????????

        What’s your list look like?

      • 1) Paulie
        2) James (cuz he has a baby mama – lol)
        3) michelle
        4) Nicole

        I do like ‘Da but I don’t think she’ll be in the house long.

        Nicole better find a way to get back on Frank’s side! Or she’s toast !!

        My bets…..

        What are we betting? A smiley face of the winners choice?! ?

    • Great poem I like it, just don’t think Paulie will be the ultimate winner but who knows with these houseguests!

    • Yes!!
      Great rap, poem, comment, & input!

      PAULIE! Yes!! Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!!

      Not as good as yours but that was thanks for the entertainment! ????

    • Haha I love this! I definitely think everybody in this game is just a literal hot mess lol

  33. Paul is just getting weird now. I hope he isn’t as loud as usual because he is full of it right now.

    • Why?? What’s going on?? I don’t get feeds cuz I’m camping…. But with WIFI…. Lol
      I know… I know…. & besides Netflix I get one channel. Guess which one? THE ONE THAT AIRS BB#18….. That’s right! Uhuhuhuh! So lucky cuz I’ve got wayyyy too many shows PVR’d & this saves me time & space. Lol

    • Paul is getting on my nerves because he thinks he has joined the house in some kind of an alliance. They need him to get rid of Tiffany and Frank and then bye. Every time there is a small group talking he interrupts and starts snitching about something.

    • Paul drives me nuts!! Frank and Tiffany actually think that they can flip his vote this week…and they were telling him absolutely everything..Tiff has put everything out in the open..about the alliances..Day’s lying o everyone…all of it…and of course while she is telling Corey..who do you think shows up..the weasel Paul…then he runs the info they told him back upstairs to Paulie…who BTW..I am disliking more and more everyday..I cannot believe that Frank and Tiffany were not smart enough to see that.

    • You should hear him on the feeds…whenever I am trying to listen to one of those whisper sessions…all I can hear is Paul’s big loud voice in the background and I struggle to hear anything…he is the house rat.

    • I like Paul! I think he’s funny! I wish he’d tone it down in the cursing though. But I like him!

      • I kept going back and forth on Paul, but I fairly grounded in thinking that he is going to make life miserable for a few people soon.

  34. One good thing about this week’s evictee is that she (Day/Tiff/Nat) has the chance to come back. She only needs to win one comp and voila b***hes I’m baacckkk!
    (Bronte needs to win twice. Victor 3 times and Jozea & Glenn 4 times.)
    Having said that, I hope Natalie is the one being evicted. Nat is sweet but she offers nothing but a distraction to James.
    While Day and Tiff are wrecking havoc in the house, love it.
    Imagine when Natalie’s gone, James will be so pissed he would go rambo in the house like last year. And Victor comes back.
    Good times.

  35. I love how everyone says frank is such a bad person when he apologized to Davone and watching after dark tonight everyone else in the house has talked so much crap and name calling I don’t understand anybody

    • I agree. Frank was genuinely remorseful when he realized he had offended Day last week. I think he’s a genuinely nice guy. People just like to find fault cuz he’s a strong, aggressive player and he’s very street smart.
      Almost all if the other HGs are actually rather pathetic at this game so far.

      • I actually want to see him win the next HoH, Power shift, and see what happens…just for my viewing pleasure.

      • I like Frank but to me and my friends who watch the show, he didn’t seem remorseful at all. He gave a half hearted apology like in a “what did I do wrong kind of a way”. After he was told in the DR about what Day’s complaints he did apologize however he still dismissed it saying things like “I pop my nan and mom on the butt.” “If I do this it means I like you.” Now he’s telling people she overreacted and is lying and saying that he never called her a S l u t when he did.

      • Hmm. I saw the look on his face when he found out he’d made Day cry and that was a look of genuine remorse. I don’t have the feeds so I’ll take your word that he may be acting like a jerk about it now.

      • I’m actually staring to understand Frank’s game a little better. Whether you like him or not (and I am mixed), he makes adjustments as he goes along. He’s smart like that. However… the look on his face was NOT remorse, imo. It was, “crap I’m about to lose $500,000 and I better fix this real quick.” Lol

      • haha. I can see how you might think that, but I saw genuine remorse – there may of course been some horror mixed in with that at the thought of losing a shot at the big prize, but I do think he felt a huge element of genuine remorse.

  36. Well one thing is for sure, if Day knows Tiffany is the roadkill winner??? then she (Da’Vonne) is going to be all over her like white on rice/ her new BFF…..making her false promises left right and center!
    The only Smart thing for Tiffany to do in my opinion is to put up Day! And I DO think she is smart enough to do so! Mamma Day can sell an ice cube to an Eskimo but I just don’t see it happening with Tiffany! There’s no one else Tiffany can put up against herself that might save her come Thursday aside from Day???!!!??? IMO

    • I think Day or Nicole. Day might stay bc she’s not an immediate threat to anyone, Nicole has a lot of friends, a showmance, and is a bigger competitor

    • Tiff is putting up Day. Tiffany has had it with her..they are no longer speaking. Day has lied all over the house to everyone about just about everybody.

      • Lying is apart of the game, and Tiffany can’t seem to wrap her head around that. It’s almost as if everyone is allowed to lie except Day. Plus, as shown on tonight’s episode Tiffany wanted Frank out for a while and she told Day that she was the ring leader of the girls alliance. She’s also forgotten that argument she had with Frank when they were the 8 pack and she walked away and told him “I’m done.” They didn’t like each other from the word go.

        Also, Tiffany lied about the extent of her involvement in the Fatal 5.

      • exactly and Day should go home!
        personal feelings aside, (meaning the houseguests feeling as though Tiffany is exactly like Vanessa,) getting rid of Day (in my opinion) is a much smarter move! She’s a troublemaker! She’s only loyal to herself! yes Tiffany has been causing problems and blowing up people’s games but she has absolutely nothing to lose at this point! She might as well go out fighting, hard :-) and she is! I love it!

  37. I really really hope Tiff puts up Day. IMO she needs a reality check and knocked down a peg or two.

  38. Why not have one of those infamous “house meetings” and confront Davonne ? Or why don’t Tiffany and Frank simply ask Davonne to her face? Why try to convenience other people of “hear say” when the trouble maker is right in front of u…I don’t get it why somebody does not confront Davonne…

  39. Paulie is different than his brother but in all the wrong ways. Tiffany is different than her sister but in some of the right ways. Not that I like Tiffany because she is like Vanessa in some ways too.

    It funny how people can change or our perception of them can change in just a short time. Paulie started of like a good guy willing to help out be taking a seat on the block. Now, he is becoming a bigger jerk than Jozea and Paul. He complains about Frank running the house while he is worse than Frank ever was.

  40. Bet this song is going through Tiff’s head right now: “Everybody’s talking at me. I don’t hear a word they’re sayin. Only the echoes of my mind!” Right?

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