Big Brother 18: Vote Flip Closes In On Saving Tiffany Then Flops

What a night on the Live Feeds for Big Brother 18 fans! We’ve been following this potential flip to save Tiffany for several days now and tonight things ran full circle. I went from thinking Tiffany was safe another week then to right back where we started.

Tiffany Rousso on Big Brother 18

For much of the past few days we had seen Da’Vonne working on a plan to save Tiffany. This just a week or so after she torpedoed Tiffany’s game. In a parallel effort we saw Nicole and Corey debating keeping Tiffany but not knowing if they could find support. Those minds met in the middle on Tuesday.

Jump ahead to Tuesday evening at 5:45 PM BBT (7/12). Get your Free Trial to watch along. Nicole is talking with Da’Vonne and they discuss having four of the five votes they’d need to keep Tiffany. Yes, they’ve both realized the other was on board with making this happen. Their four includes the two of them, Michelle, and James. Now they need one more.

Let’s pause for a moment. There are nine votes this week, as discussed earlier, but while it only takes 5 to make something happen that voting isn’t in a vacuum. They have to consider the fallout of any decision they make that doesn’t have the full support of their close allies. Back to our regular programming.

Da’Vonne and Nicole are in the bathroom when they pull over Zakiyah and ask what she thinks of keeping Tiffany. “I’ll do whatever you want,” says Zakiyah. Nicole is excited and says Tiffany wouldn’t put them up or go after them but would instead go after Frank for them. Nicole wants to tell the guys, but promises that even if they say no then she’s still going to do it.

Jump ahead to 6:19 PM BBT as Paulie sits down with Zakiyah to hear her new idea… No. It doesn’t take Paulie long to start pushing back hard on this. He’s talking long term plans and concerns with Tiffany. He notes they’ll have the votes to get Frank out next week anyway. They don’t need Tiffany around and her Rousso lineage scares him and should scare the rest of them.

Move across the yard to find Nicole and James having the same discussion. Flashback to 6:22 PM BBT. James quizzes Nicole on if she really wants to vote out her own team member. Obviously she doesn’t. They’re building each other up on this idea to keep Tiffany. Meanwhile, back at the hammock…

Paulie continues to resist this idea. He points out that if they keep Tiffany and she gets Frank out then what? Who is her next target? Then what if she finds out they were this close to voting her out and she starts pulling the Rousso tricks of tears & fears.

Back over at James and Nicole they’re already counting their unhatched chicks with six votes including Paulie and Zakiyah. Time to bring that thought to an end. They’re the only ones in the backyard so they can speak freely.

Jump to 6:47 PM BBT as Paulie walks over and James asks who they are going to vote out. “Tiffany!” proclaims Paulie. Nicole is stunned. Corey arrives and starts arguing in favor of keeping Tiffany. Remember he was the one prodding Nicole with this idea the other day.

It takes just three minutes of Paulie giving them the same talk he gave Zakiyah to get them to fold. James gives in and then so does Nicole. They are both back on board to evict Tiffany. Paulie beats the dying horse with his long term points again and Nicole admits she’s not thinking long term.

Michelle has arrived to support voting out Bronte over Tiffany, but it’s too little, too late. Paulie digs in and continues to push his position.


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  1. So not only did the vote flip flop… but Day now has a bigger target on her back than Frank?! Damn, I never liked Day but the thought of keeping that butt-slapping comp beast in the house puzzles me…

    • Yeah, that I don’t get. Day really isn’t very good at anything, she’s an impulsive strategist (far closer to an Audrey than a Dr. Will), she has to make a point to not blow up on people in order to keep her social from falling to pieces, and she can’t win a comp to save her life.

      Meanwhile, Frank has proven to be a similar strategist to Day, his social game isn’t good whatsoever, but he’s probably a top 5 competitor in Big Brother History.

      That right there is enough to make me figure he’s an automatic target over Day.

    • Exactly. I’m still just dumbfounded why Nicole is debating “I’d rather do Frank’s dirty work over Day’s”……????? How about you do your own dirty work! No one wants to keep Frank OR Day anymore so why do you feel you need to pick a side?! Ugh I had so much hope for Nicole but after this week I’m just so disappointed. She’s not thinking for herself at all like she did the first week. Her thought should be “we need Frank out next week and then possibly Day after that”. I say possibly because by then there’s a chance with PPgirls still there you’ll be losing your numbers. I say evict Bridgette first THEN Day after that.

  2. Honestly, I know I’m in the minority, but I think Paulie’s argument is fair. He brought up another point that if they vote to keep Tiffany, who’s to say that she’ll remain Frank’s top target? We’re all forgetting the fact that if Tiffany stays, that means that they just blindsided Frank and now he knows a great deal of people are against him. He’ll most likely completely reassess and Tiff very easily could be put on the back burner. If she’s evicted, the target will probably be shifted to Day or Bronte, still not exactly people that the rest are too concerned for.

    Furthermore, I think Paulie makes a decent point about the long term plan. I wouldn’t buy it if Tiff didn’t display similar tactics to Van, but she does. Not just the crying, but the accusations and smear campaign is a genuine concern to have about her.

    Sure, Tiff is a vote to get Frank out. But there’s literally only one person that’s on his side in Bridgette, if you can’t get him out without Tiff, you don’t deserve to win anyway.

    • As much as I want to agree, I can’t. The only valid point Paulie had was if she stayed it would tip off Frank. Sad for Tiffany being a casualty of Day and Frank’s doing but very true. If she stayed and decided to go after them or started showing Vanessa antics then oh well, she’s outnumbered anyway so what would it matter? They could easily get her out. They need to start worrying about how they are constantly wanting to cut their numbers down but yet not touching the other side. If they keep it up then they’ll be outnumbered before you know it.

      • Frank wasn’t happy with Tiff since she accused him of taking the bottle of wine. DAY used that to her advantage (whether she likes Tiff or not, I think it stemmed from VAN causing her eviction last year), to have Frank go after Tiff. That is where DAY’s game went to hell. I already said that Frank was getting wise top DAY and it appears so is Nicole. I wouldn’t be surprised to see both DAY and Frank on the block next week.

      • Every time someone is outnumbered and left to stay in the house they seem to last a really long time. I say get the threats out as soon as possible.

      • True but you have to think about who is the real threat. Like this week its Tiffany and Day who are considered the threats. Tiffany is a threat ONLY if you believe she really is her sister which I don’t think she is. She’s smart yes but I really don’t know how long she could last especially with a constant target on her back. Now Day, to me, is the bigger threat. She’s in with just about everyone telling lies and able to target anyone and everyone, all of which she is with. She’s able to convince some of them which means she’s able to get votes to go her way. Tiffany can’t do that considering they all hate her. The only reason Tiff could possibly stay is because people want the real threat out, not because they like her and want to keep her.

      • I have to stop watching BBAD. I’m starting to feel sorry for Tiff. She’s not even allowed to play. She shouldn’t be voted out just cuz she’s Van’s sis. I agree with you that Day seems to be the biggest threat.

  3. That’s too bad. I was really hoping that Tiff’s former alliance would pull through for her mostly because I wanted to watch the fallout from Frank’s reaction lol. Well at least she will still have a chance to get back into the game.

  4. I’m ready to see Paulie go! He should have voted Paul or Bronte out. Getting everyone to Ban together to get out Tiffany, a member of their own alliance, tells me that he is flipping sides in the house from the vets to the newbies. I wouldn’t be shocked at all to see him, in the end, to make final 3 with Zakiyah, Paul and himself. Then a final 2 with Paul. Paul was definitely the one in the beginning so head strong against the vets and was leading the newbies in the attack against them, now Paulie is flipping. It would be so funny if Paul won Roadkill and put Paulie up. Get some backbone people or this house will again be run single handily by one person. Paulie needs to go but, they all too stupid and scared to make it happened. And, James? He has never had a backbone. He’s a yes man all the way. Nicole is a coat tail runner. Day can’t keep her mouth shut long enough to better her game much less help someone else out. Frank is a comp beast but has the personality of an asshole. Tiffany is a paranoid whiner. Most of the newbies isn’t that familiar with Big Brother so that’s beginning to look like a plus for them and help them out in the game. Zakiyah and Paul was very smart to hook up with Paulie and lay low till the end. The rest of these idiots have learned nothing from past experiences in the BB house. All we have to do is sit back and watch them be picked off one by ome each week! Everyone so concerned over helping Franks game plan by keeping Tiffany for Paulie are not realizing that they are playing into Paulie’s gameplan. Get some backbone peeps, form a united alliance, take names, kick ass and play the game!!!

    • But Paulie wasn’t in on the 8PACK alliance so I don’t blame him for growing a pair and getting Tiff out this week. He appears to be the one running the show over Frank but the everyone can’t see that for wanting Frank gone (including the fans, sorry folks). Other than that, you pretty much hit the nail on the head there.

      • Your right about him not being in tge alliance but what I should have said is he might as well be cause they are allowing him to run it for them in their decision making. My point is they are letting him talk them into getting rid of one of their members while he is in other alliances. If people would stick to their alliances they might have a better go. What gets me about Paulie is Paul was as guilty as Victor about wanting him out but he has miraculously forgiven him? My logic to that is he is after the eight pack for excluding him from the alliance and using Paul to get there. Plus he wants to reduce their numbers. If he keeps it going as much as I would hate to see him win, he would deserve to take it all!!!

  5. HALLELUJAH! Paulie is the only one there with a brain cell. It doesn’t benefit anyone keeping nut case Tiffany as she hadn’t won a single thing and is a loose cannon. Next week Day should leave for the same reasons. Paulie, Frank, and Paul need to join forces and send home all the pipsqueeks there.

    • OMG! finally someone that makes sense!! Frank and Paulie are the only two that are actually playing the game!

    • Tiffany has not gone around to try to make deals like Vanessa nor has she spilled any information after day pretty much said she was going to be evicted. Considering it’s her second week on the block she has stayed relatively calm. She is trying to play the game like everyone else, but she couldn’t.

    • “Tiffany is a loose cannon”
      For crying out loud, Tiffany is NOT VANESSA. I’m so tired of people hating Tiffany bc they hated Vanessa. I’m not a fan of Vanessa and I don’t much care for Tiffany, but the Tiffany-hate solely based on the fact that her looks and voice are similar to her sister’s is annoying me so much.
      Tiffany is alone in the house except for her “alliance” members. Meanwhile, Bronte is besties with Frank’s lap dog. I’d keep Tiffany every day of the week. It’s way too early to think Final 4, 3 or 2

    • I would say Nicole is just trying to fit in with the best group of people but so far has aligned herself with the worst.

    • She has a good beat on the house she is just too scared to do anything. The fact that she kowtowed to Paulie so quickly sucked.

  6. I have a question, if they don’t put it together that Day and Tiffany have the easier sell to vote out Paul and even if James and Natalie don’t want to vote out Tiffany, the vote ends up tied between Bronte and Tiffany, does that mean Bridgette breaks that tie or does the house revote with the third nominee now voting?

    Anyway, Day is going to have to play the card to both Nicole and Zak (less so to Nicole since her showmance seems to see the point of not voting out their teammate) that they both have sworn not to let their showmance get in the way. Just to make Zak look at whether she is being swayed by Paulie by a good sound game decision for both of them or just for her.

      • I know usually, just was wondering if that might be different if the votes were actually split between the three nominees and that a revote might allow the number who voted for nominee no. 3 to switch their vote(s) to one of the two. But, otherwise, darn it. I know Bridgette has seen some of Frank’s machinations and she isn’t happy with them, but she wouldn’t vote against Bronte (who would be the other option) and Paul might not either if he were sent back in, but he’s a wildcard. Heck even if everyone voted the way they truly wanted and then there was a revote, James might vote out Bronte, but Natalie would vote out Tiffany.

  7. If Tiffany had just smiled every once in a while, instead of her usual resting b face, she might have have stayed longer. But she looks miserable all the time.

  8. I don’t think Paulie is running the house; he told them to go though with it. He just didn’t think it was a good idea. Listening to him one time doesn’t mean he’s running things.
    They could always go against him since he’s not an actual member of their alliance; he may not trust them as much as did before since he was cut out

  9. Looks like the flip is back on! Paulie had enough time to think about how keeping Tiffany would play into his game and then called as much of the crew together as he could get……End result?. Tiff is staying 100%, Bronte is out, and Frank is going on the block next week with Bridgette by his side!. The houseguests are all cramming for the HOH comp tomorrow (this is the comp where they are given a set of pics to memorize all the derails in and then recall them during the comp tomorrow). The only HG so confident that he doesnt have to drill with a buddy? You guessed it…..Frank!. If everyone can keep their big mouths shut, I imagine that the look on Franks face tomorrow night will be priceless! Its gonna be game on in the house this week!

  10. Looks like the vote-flip has actually been secured, as around 10:00 P.M. BB time Nicole and Michelle discuss how “stupid” evicting Tiffany is, and they convince some of the anti-Frank people to evict Bronte instead. Zakiyah, Nicole, Corey, Michelle, and even Paulie have agreed to do it without telling anyone else, and feel even more assured because they think Da’Vonne will also vote to evict Bronte. What a shakeup! It doesn’t appear to be a new alliance based off of Joker’s, but the vote could very likely isolate Frank and the Powerpuff Girls from everyone else.

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