Big Brother 18: Counting The Votes In Week 3 [POLL]

Nine votes and three choices for Thursday night this week on Big Brother 18 and it’s time to look at what may happen with the house’s eviction plans for the third round.

Da'Vonne Rogers counts votes with Tiffany Rousso

We’ve been watching as Frank first got his main target, Tiffany, up on the Block and ready to go but then over the past few days there seems to be some uncertainty as to whether or not that’s the best plan for everyone else.

With nine votes split between only two of the three, as we tend to see, it’ll take just five to send someone out to meet Julie. As far as Frank knows everyone is ready to send Tiffany through the double doors, but there is a lot being hidden from him these days.

The voting pool consists of the Eight Pack minus Tiffany plus Paulie and Natalie. In a normal situation Tiffany should feel & be safe with her alliance controlling seven of the nine votes. Unfortunately for her the Eight Pack has more or less dissolved in to small splinter group and no one can decide what to do.

Just yesterday we were looking at Nicole and Corey debating why they would be voting out Tiffany, one of their Eight Pack members, over Bronte or Paul, who are not on their side of the game. At the time I thought it’d be tricky for James to vote against Bronte but said he’d have an easier time voting out Paul. Well now that seems to be an option.

This morning at 9:46 AM BBT Cams 3/4 we listened in on James with Michelle and Da’Vonne discussing what to do about this week’s vote. “If Corey and Nicole are on board, then I’d do it,” says James regarding keeping Tiffany. Da’Vonne says she’d do it too, she just wants “security” that they’d follow through. Funny thing is that was Nicole’s big hang up that if her and Corey tried to save Tiffany then Da’Vone could bail on them and put a big target on their backs.

If this is what the group wants to do, then James feels good that if they put in the work they could make it happen. The real question for him was whether or not that was the best idea for them.

They made a convincing argument that as long as Tiffany was in the house then she’d be Frank’s target in front of them. Then in the meantime they could also use her for working on getting Frank out.

As for the other two votes, James thinks he could get Natalie to vote along with him, but he isn’t sure how close Paul is with the Powerpuff girls so he isn’t completely certain she’d join their vote.

From what we know out here, if someone would just go talk with Nicole and Corey this could happen, unless Nicole is back on the Frank train then she might not be willing. Who knows with Nicole these days.

Tiffany walks in at 9:53 AM BBT and shuts down the talk so it’s a short conversation if you want to go back and listen in on the discussion.

Right now the simplest thing is that everyone stays the course and Tiffany gets voted out. That makes it the most likely thing for what I’d expect. If it goes that way then we’ll see it probably nine to zero and Tiff is out the door. However, if talk spills over to Nicole and Corey then we could see Nicole feel pressured in to going along with the group but that’ll cut her off from teaming up with Frank. That could all depend on which way the wind is blowing that day for her.

We’ll probably need to revisit this discussion on Thursday morning if not sooner to see where the house has settled. Things are currently leaning against Tiffany, as they have for days, but she’s closer to being saved than she has been all week. There’s a glimmer of hope for her game, but not much.

What do you think will happen? Will the house flip from voting out Tiffany? Cast your vote in our poll and share your thoughts below!


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  1. I hope they flip the vote. Not because I want Tiffany safe but because I want to see some drama. The last 2 evictions have been anticlimactic… where’s the drama?

    • Def be some drama if Frank and Nat are the only 2 votes Tiff gets! But if Paul is gone, Frank will only have Bridgette, Bronte & Natalie. He will have to put on his work hat and win both HoH and RK. He can, if anyone can, but he’ll have to do it. Otherwise, whomever the alliance puts up for RK or HoH, will go home and that would most likely be Frank the Tank….at least unless he battles back!

      • I have been saying this all along. DAY talked last week of how this week was gonna happen and how Frank would be going home, look how it turned out. Getting Tiffany out this week will calm Frank the Tank and then they could get him out this next week. Plans always don’t go according to plan (yes this applies to Frank as well over Tiffany) but it could if they vote Tiff out this week.

      • Bridgette can’t compete in the next comp & if they flip, Michelle and Paulie will probably also throw the competition if it’s team based. Frank will compete nonetheless, so the whole “make him not suspect anything” thing won’t work out in my books, bc he’s so controlling that he’ll fight for the HoH anyway.

      • It depends on the hoh comp. This last one was more skill and luck based. And the one before that was skill and endurance based. So this next hoh will probably be a memory hoh. One that involves seeing something, and answering A or B questions about what they just saw.

      • Wouldn’t matter about the rest of the team. Frank will go for the win if Tiff doesn’t go home. I am sure if one of the PP Girls get;s HOH then maybe Bridgette will step in to help try and save Frank. There is also the risk of Frank getting picked for the POV and the bigger chance he could win that one too. I would say let him have his way this week and BD him next week.

      • The presence of drama does not immediately equate to the absence of strategy. No singular adjective or noun exclusively describes or defines Big Brother.

      • You’re observations on the last two evictions (boring) are shared by many BB pundits online..and you’re right.

      • Furthermore, oftentimes developing drama within the house is an effective strategic move. For instance, with the first eviction the initial plan for the “8 Pack” was to blindside the opposing side of the house as a form of psychological warfare. The surprise and shock could lead to them being ineffective during the HOH competition.

        That dramatic strategy was abandon due to the possibility of returning HGs and because Frank/Tiffany no long viewed it as the best strategic move for their game so they began telling/clueing in the other side of the house to Jozea’s eventual eviction.

  2. im hoping my vote makes it come true. i want them to stay the original course and get the other side out this week. keep tiff and send paul home. get frank next

      • No No No …. No More Paul!
        He is way to loud, and way to full of himself.
        “Your Boy” is his favorite phrase, and it is so appropriate .. he’s a little boy …”come back when you grow up ghoul.”

      • LOL!
        ‘Come back, when you grow up girl,
        you’re still living in a paper doll world’ :D

  3. We need to see some big moves soon otherwise they might have to redesign the game because the last few seasons have been rather boring.

    • Three nominees, everyone votes to save and not to evict. Majority alliances would have to split the votes and inherently make larger alliances less stable.

  4. If Tiffany gets evicted, there will be some drama and it might just come in the form of her taking it out on Frank as she leaves.

  5. If only Tiff had been a more solid partner this wouldn’t be an issue but she had too many melt downs and becomes irrational too fast. They just can’t really trust her with any game talk. Of course Bronte should be going but Tiff is the one who makes drama and this isn’t a house that tolerates that stuff.

  6. Call me crazy but I’d like to see Tiff gone. Then let Frank/Bridge/Nat/Bronte/Paul/James? go against Zaulie/Nicorey/Day. Should be interesting to watch!

  7. If they want to weaken Frank, at the same time give us drama, then flipping the vote is the way to go….and who doesn’t want to see the fall out on feeds?

    • Da’Vonne said a few minutes ago that she is going because she has been too emotional..not a fair thing to go out on in my opinion. Frank just can’t stand her and he wants her gone and his little duckies are falling in line…I can’t figure Nicole she with Frank and that F2 they formed or not? Don’t know why they would leave someone like Bronte in who will put them up. Makes no sense to me.

      • Tiff has proven to me in the past episodes she’s not a threat, on comps and even her social game is not the best, but if they want to get Frank out, evicting her doesn’t make sense. Not to mention the “the returning player twist.” (game changer) They need numbers, and she could be a loyal soldier for them.

  8. What does Zakiyah bring to this game..IMO..nothing. I never really see her talking game hardly at all…unless she talks with Paulie during their late night showmance sessions…she puts make-up on most of the day..then takes it off..then puts it back on again…there are so many “non-players” this far, I have been very disappointed…pretty boring so far. What does Natalie, Bronte, Paul and Bridgette bring…nothing. All Natalie does are her many high kicks throughout the day or laying in bed with James…I hope things start to pick up soon.

  9. Would love to see a 4-3-2 vote. Bronte 4, Paul 3 Tiffany 2. Then a random “Team Shuffle” to 3 new teams of 4. With Day and Tiff on same team as Frank. LOL!

  10. They’re already getting resistance from the men. James is down with saving Tiffany but wants to send Paul out rather than Bronte. Paulie is against the idea completely. I don’t think Corey has thoughts in his head other than dicks so who knows what he’ll do.

    Ugh, Paulie is being annoying trying to shut this down. He clearly got game tips from Derrick on how to eliminate the joy from the house on particular matters. I have no idea why he’s so afraid of Tiffany. She does not have Vanessa’s misting powers. Zakiyah seemed like she folded immediately trying to pitch it to him. Gurl, I know his abs are beautiful, but think for yourself!

    • That is why season 16 was so darn boring..Derrick ruled the house the entire season..that’s not fun for the viewers. I don’t think Tiffany is in the same league as far as game play goes as Vanessa..and Paulie sees Vanessa in Tiffany and wants her gone. He is being hypocriticial…after all, Cody did finish 2nd, which was one better than Vanessa and the difference was 50 grand!

      • Tiffany is not nearly in the same league as Van or Derrick and I think Paulie knows this. However, Z doesn’t want her around. Z saw her as a threat during week 1 when Paulie and Tiff were talking and playing a fake chess game. I’m not rooting for any of them this season, but if I were Day, I would find a way to get Paulie out.

  11. Can someone send day the snake out of door please. Can’t stand her mouth and fake persona.

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