‘Big Brother 18’ Vote Opens For America’s Favorite Houseguest [POLL]

Voting has opened for the Big Brother 18 AFP, or America’s Favorite Houseguest, and that means it’s time to decide who you want to receive a $25,000 bonus for their game play this summer.

America's Favorite HG vote on BB18

With the polls now open, fans can visit the official voting at cbs.com and cast 20 votes a day each day until Monday, September 19, 2016 at 9:59AM PT.

All 16 of the Houseguests are eligible for you to vote to win the AFP title and the $25,000, but from what I remember in the past there may be something about if they end up in the F2 then the prize falls down the line to a HG who isn’t there. I couldn’t find that listed in the terms & conditions on CBS’s site, but I believe that’s been discussed in the past, so keep that in mind as a possibility when you’re trying to decide how to vote.

Note: Discussions in the comments offer suggestions that the F2 is no longer a restriction against winning AFP.

Note 2: I knew James had asked, but missed him letting the other HGs know. James recently asked in DR if you could win AFP if you were in F2 and according to James, their answer was no.”

Be sure to go to the official voting page with CBS each day between now and Monday morning to support your favorite. 20 votes each day can really add up to help your pick to win.

America's Favorite Houseguest voting is open for BB18

Make your choice based on whatever you’d like for whatever criteria. I’m going to endorse Victor Arroyo to win because he’s played a relentless game with a great attitude and gave us a lot to discuss through the season with exciting twists and turns to both his own and the overall game. I think Victor deserves the AFP crown and I hope he gets it so I will not be splitting my votes on this one.

Who do you want to win Favorite Houseguest? Vote now in our unofficial poll below (does not count towards official results) and share your thoughts in the comments section.

Keep checking back to see how these votes go and we’ll tally things up next week ahead of Wednesday’s season finale and see if we can accurately predict who wins.


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  1. Since when are the final two nominees ineligible for America’s favorite houseguest? That’s such a stupid rule, what does winning first or second place have to do with likability?

  2. James is till on top. even though he is second here at this moment, I’m sure most American BB viewers will vote for him to get it.
    James or Nicole have a huge percentage chance of beating Paul in F2. We know he has played a better game, but jurors don’t. Victor is not actually aware of all the work Paul has done to stay in the game, so he may not be able to influence the votes.

    • A lot of my casual viewers on Facebook love him. I tell them he’s a terrible player – they don’t care – he’s so nice.?

      A lot of Nicole fans from casual viewers too I think. But her voice! Ugh

  3. Damn, I had my fingers crossed that BB had finally done away with this award. I think it’s time has come. We now have HGs every season who focus on winning this more than the grand price.

    • I think James was the only one gunning for this prize. He sure as heck wasn’t (isn’t) going the the half a mill.

      • You’re right Sharona, James is the most guilty. Many fans speculate Natalie was also playing a certain role in the house in an effort win AFP (could be some truth to this). Frankie in BB16 was another that focused on winning it (his reaction on finale night when he didn’t was priceless).

        To me AFP has become its own beast within the game, it’s no longer a throw in at the end. In years past the HGs wouldn’t even discuss AFP within the house, now it comes up almost daily on the feeds. IMO, it shouldn’t be the focus it has become.

      • he is just willing to do anything for any prize i just don’t understand why it doesn’t compute in his head that 500k is actually more money and that’s what you should be playing for

      • interesting that there is a real possibility he could win the Big Prize when all he was after was AFP. This would support my opinion that he’s succeeded this year due to a huge element of Blind Luck.

      • All female one season and all male another season.
        Women can’t get along with each other. I’m surprised Da’vonne didn’t beat up Nicole since she had it out for her and seems to have a lack of self control.

      • When people sign up to do reality shows is to become rich and famous. This is their main focus. They are on TV and many people will know their names and faces when they are outside.
        I think Nicole will be very surprised at what people saw. She always talked about editing referring to the primetime show and not the 24/7 feeds.

      • OMG…I’d forgotten about Glitter-Boy. K (SJB) mentioned the other day how priceless his expression was when he realized he hadn’t won AFP. I try to forget about him! That was funny, though…he was SO expecting it.

      • Yes! That was hilarious! I was cracking up when I saw his expression, “what!!! Not me? wait, WHAT!” LOL.

      • Production should make a new rule that they aren’t allowed to talk about AFP and scold them every time they do.

      • If James is in the F2 with Paul I think he has a good chance of winning it. With Nicole, probably second place. The majority of the jurors seemed to respect Nicole’s game over any one else left in the house.
        Even Paul thought Corey hadn’t gone to first base with her. She was in the shadows and came back winning comps so whatever jurors are able to see is what they will consider.

      • Um!!! the game I was watching Nicole was called out by almost all the evited houseguests. I don’t think she is well liked or respected…

      • The fact that you may be right makes me sad and bitter. Big Brother should be won by someone who has actually played the game the entire season. If James wins the whole enchilada, I swear
        it might just cause me to never watch BB again!! He has done nothing…ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to win 500 K! I sincerely hope Dr. Will is still helping with jury b/c I cannot see him respecting James’ game at all; hopefully, he can help the jurors to see that if James (by dumb luck) does end up in the F2.

      • I don’t really think Paul thought that… he has displayed a much better read on others throughout the season. He may have done this speech at the urging of production to mislead the weekly viewers.

      • I don’t think Nicole would win over James. Except for the fact that she’s female & a female hasn’t won for years. That being said, the jury might just let her win for that reason only!!

    • Really? Maybe I haven’t paid enough attention, or been on the feeds in prior seasons as much, but it seems like “playing for America’s favorite” wasn’t really made a “thing” until James came along. Or maybe he was just the most obvious at doing it. Either way, he’s gotten annoying in the game.

    • What’s wrong with it? CBS has billions, and you’re against them giving 0.000000000000000000000000000000000001% of their pocket change to someone who deserves it?

  4. I think Victor, Natalie and Michelle were the most entertaining in a hum-drum season so they should be the ones on top for AFP.

    • Paul was the most entertaining imo, especially when he was put into the Secret Service suit, won me over at that point.

    • No houseguest has ever made me laugh as much as Paul. I think he’s the most entertaining. Hoping he wins. I cried with him when he won hoh. He needed that and he deserved it. So happy for him.

      • Some of his DR sessions are entertaining, but I found him more obnoxious than anything else. I am hoping he wins though.

      • I know a lot of people found him obnoxious. I guess it’s a taste thing, I found him obnoxious early on when he was linked with jozea but after he left I found paul quite hilarious

      • Paul was quit funny but quite a motormouth. He sure liked the sound of his own voice. He didn’t pay much attention when others spoke, which proved the point how self-absorbed he is.

    • NATALIE???? OMG, she was the most annoying HG this year. Thinking she was God’s gift to men wore a little thin after a week or two. She even said it herself. Announced to the house that she could get any guy she wanted. Funny how she ended up with James!! No one else in the house wanted her. Too many miles on that one.

      • I liked her and James at the beginning and when she was trying to be a spy girl. Towards the end she did become obnoxious, but her and Mich were 2 of the last girls in the house.

    • Meech? Never. She wont be in the top 3. I bet Tiffany gets more votes than Meech. Of course we’ll never know bc Julie only reveals the top 3.

  5. I think Victor deserves it the most. Got evicted came back. Got evicted a second time and got back in again. Won more comps than anyone else in the house did. Had an awesome run. This is why he deserves Americas favorite.

      • Only thing that turns me off about Victor is his comments in his pre show bio. He said that even when he’s with a girl he’s always looking around for a prettier girl. Wandering eyes when you’re on a date is an insult to the lady you’re with. I personally think he’s a sleaze bag.

      • I thought he seemed like a complete D-bag when they showed him prior to coming on the show…but then when you watch him and hear him talk about things on the live feeds, he seems really genuine and kind-hearted. I think he would be a good boyfriend to someone he loved. I mean look how fricking loyal he was on BB lol! And loyalty there cost him.

      • Of course he’s going to say nice things on LIVE FEEDS. He’s not stupid. He’s also thinking of winning AFP. The guy is s player in the house, and outside. He’s always on the lookout for a better looking girl. Believe me, I’ve had LOTS of experience with guys like him during my lifetime & this guy should be given a wide berth dating wise. One day he’ll fall in love, but he’ll have to fall out of lave with himself first, and that may take quite sometime.

      • No, I mean when he’s talking with the other players, he seems to want to genuinely trust them and form a bond on a friendship level. He also seems a little socially awkward (don’t know how else to put it) to the extent that he really wants people to like him. To me, that makes him vulnerable emotionally for the right person. And yes, since he’s young, he probably is slow to open up…I agree he probably won’t settle down until older.

      • The HGs were all in their 20s and that is still the age of immaturity. Think back to your younger days and count how many silly things you did. Vic seems to be full of himself and we will find something wrong with all of the HGs not just him.

      • I was never full of myself. I was brought up differently than kids today. One’s personal achievements were never acknowledged in my home. Did I do silly things? Sure did. However, they were never at the expense of others’ feelings.

  6. #TeamVictor

    He persevered, fought hard, stayed loyal, and except for a few minor missteps (like that bead-throwing speech) played the game with class and maturity. I haven’t liked a hg in a long time as much as I’ve grown to like Vic over the course of this season.

      • I totally agree. I’m pretty sure I even commented on a thread here at the time that I think Paulie & some of the other guys goaded him into doing it.

      • Yep. Paulie and Paul egg’d him on to go over the top and do the beads. This was back when they were calling him “Exec” as a mockery. They thought it was hilarious and convinced him to do it. Of course it was ultimately his decision to do it, but yeah, it doesn’t appear to have been his original idea.

      • Think that all the guys acted badly early on. I call it the Paulie influence as he was certainly dominating the game at that point and set a negative tone overall and especially towards the women.

      • Paulie is, what I’d call pond scum. I pity any girl who gets mixed up with him. However, it seems as if Z has no self-respect to get involved with this again in the jury house knowing what he said about her. She must be pretty desperate to hang onto this piece of trash.

      • Until he goes back home and finds something better. She probably will be pathetic enough to transfer to a NJ school and he’ll move on.

      • Nah, it was the “Paul” influence. Paulie was nice and quiet until his second HOH run, when he started hanging out with Paul.

        Then again, it could’ve just been Frank being a good influence and keeping Paulie in line. But that doesn’t excuse Paul’s sexist and racist attitude.

      • I’m glad to hear that. It really seemed out of character and I couldn’t watch him for a couple of days, I was so upset over that. It figures Spoil-Sport had something to do with it.

  7. I have reached my Victor voting limit for today. Victor again tomorrow and everyday until September 19. YAY Vic!

      • I am voting for Victor’s game play. He won his way back in the game twice, worked hard throughout (especially after coming back). Most of them have questionable morals and most hardly played the game. He didn’t look at this as summer camp, a dating show, just to get to the jury house, etc… He played BB.

      • The only time I remember that Victor did anything bad was when Paulie and Paul convinced Victor to give that horrible mean speech to the girls when he nominated them. Other than that Victor was one of the most moral people in the house this year.

      • I thought that speech was funny. The only time I didn’t like Victor was when he was aligned with Jozea.

  8. The are so unaware in that house. This morning the final 3 were having a discussion on who could be America’s favorite and they think Natalie. They think that Victor was too cocky and the public hates that. Even Paul badmouthed Victor???

  9. I’d like to express gratitude to Matthew Boyer for this comment in the article today.

    “Make your choice based on whatever you’d like for whatever criteria.”

    Thank you for supporting our freedom to make our own choices, even if we’re not going to be voting for the person you’ve endorsed. I’ve never understood people’s need to dictate to the chat.

      • They’re playing a Q&A style game, so she’s acting as the host.

        “Whoever rings in first with the correct answer gets a point. Whoever has the most correct answers at the end of the game will be the HOH – wait, no.” (laughter from other women and audience)

      • I used to watch the view when Rosie O’Donnell was there and The Talk, I watch occasionally depending on the guest.

  10. It seems that most people here are voting for Victor, but that’s not what the polls have been showing. Today was the first time that I saw his name in 1st place.

  11. I voted for Vic of course. Just curious why James is always so high in these polls? What is this obsession with him? He hasn’t done anything this year.

      • Yeah well, that is not the prize money. Do you honestly believe James deserves to win any of the prize money? If you do, tell me why and I would totally listen to your argument.

      • I don’t think James deserves to win any prize money at all. I was just reminding you that he did get a small (we’ll on a big brother scale anyway) sum this year. I’m voting Victor for AFP. Ideally I’d want Vic to win that and Paul to win BB so my sitting ducks can be sitting pretty.

      • Because James is awesome. He’s an overall likeable dude. The type of dude you can have beers with. He’s a fun time. You can bust his balls, and he won’t get mad. He’s funny. He’s still my favorite houseguest, and that’s all that matter when voting for America’s Favorite Houseguest.

    • James is awesome. He’s an overall likeable dude. The type of dude you can have beers with. He’s a fun time. You can bust his balls, and he won’t get mad.

  12. The last BB Popularity poll that started on the 12th, as of this minute
    Nicole has won it the past few weeks.

    • I do not know how that is possible when Vic is way ahead on EVERY other poll! I am telling you, K…something fishy there. ;)

      • Exactly. I guess it’s a good thing that she stepped her game up from being on the show two years ago, however, I feel that Paul has played the game a tad bit more better than she has. He has been more sly and you gotta admit his social game has sky rocketed since the beginning of the show. He went from the #2 hated houseguest to the #1 most loved out of the last remaining. (Not including the Nicole lovers of course:)

      • Coco!!!! I’ve missed you. I’m usually not commenting this late (10:30 here), and I’m a early to bed early to rise type. I smiled bigtime when I saw your name appear. :D

      • Awww thanks KS! I’ve missed you also. I’ve been trying to comment on a couple things every now and then but I mostly just read the spoilers to get a run down on everything. Haha I haven’t even watched a live show since Natalie was around but I’ll have to go back and watch yesturday’s show. I heard alot of things went down at jury house and I can’t wait to watch! Sorry I’m replying so late I was catching up on the episode of Blindspot i missed yesturday :) Feel free to reply whenever you get the chance! :D

      • Never heard of Blindspot. I looked it up. Premiere of 2nd season was yesterday, I read. Did you watch the first season?
        I haven’t watch the last couple of shows of BB. Just not into it so much this season. I read some comments and Jokers to stay up-to-date.

      • Oh yes I actually got into watching the show over the summer. I watched season 1 and thought wow this is a really good show. After watching season 1 I couldn’t wait for season 2 to come out since season one ended with a cliffhanger (ughh I hate those). Honestly it is a really good show and you should look into it if you’re into the whole NCIS and Criminal minds type of shows.

      • My sister watches all of those. I’ll have to ask her about it. I’m not a fan of season ending cliffhangers either, but some shows are worth it, I guess. Good to see you, CC. Maybe we’ll cross paths again before the end of the show.:)

      • Definitely check it out. Yes hopefully! I’ll try my hardest to comment during finale night. I really don’t want to miss it and watching it with you guys makes it all worth watching :). Will you be watching the Fall season of BB?

  13. Looks like it will probably be between Victor, Nicole and James. I’m giving all my votes to Nicole. But if Victor wins I’ll also be happy for him.

  14. Victor is still way ahead!! As he deserves to be. I swear if James wins ANYTHING this season…I will seriously reconsider my BB addiction. HG who do absolutely nothing other than mess up the house, play pranks and engage in one sided no-mances are, in no-way-shape-or-form, playing Big Brother!

    IMO, James should NOT be rewarded for delivering such a lackluster BB performance!

    You know what really bothers me about James’ performance? Just imagine if every BB HG played like this all season? Talk about a total snooze-fest and a complete waste of time.

    Seriously, is that what we really want to watch in a BB season?? We need to stop rewarding such lackadaisical attitudes in BB. Come to play and play to win or go home with NO $$!!

    • Only the winners play like James. The big loud shiny people like Vic lose. You need people like him in the house, but not in real life.

      • HUH? That makes no sense. I mean seriously, how is James’ BB play something to be proud of?? Tell me. I would love to hear that argument b/c imo he has done nothing to deserve winning this game, whereas Vic has battled hard and competed all season–that is a BB game to be proud of. JS

      • Simple. His (and Nicole’s) strategy has gotten him to the final 3. He might even win it. It isn’t up to you, it is up to the jury. Vic’s gameplay has gotten him evicted THREE TIMES in one season! Something to be proud of! He holds the record. I don’t know why this is such a hard concept to grasp.

      • I don’t know if what you say is true, but I do know 5 years ago Big Brother was entertaining. People use to play the game and now most people in the house float and go with the house. Years ago people use to vote for their alliance members to stay even if they knew it would be 2-8 now they fold and vote out their friend so it 0-10. It doesn’t get the farther in the game it makes the game boring. Look at Paul he voted to keep Victor and he was the only one and they kept Paul and he made it to final 3. We players that are actually going to play the game like in the old days not throw challenges and sleep all day. I don’t know if sleeping and throwing challenges is good stratgery but I do know that it is boring tv and a good way to get Big Brother cancelled.

    • Exactly!! Vic for AFP!

      Let’s not reward players like James who haven’t contributed anything to this season.

      • Exactly Metgala! If we continue to reward lazy BB players…that is what we will continue to get. Therefore, next year if people complain about lazy HG.. I AM going to remind everyone how we all voted for James and whatnot…so don’t bitch!! ;) LOL!!

      • I’ve seen polls and opinions on various websites and Victor is number one or two in every poll and ranking. If Victor doesn’t win then obviously the votes aren’t even counted.

  15. Thanks for everyone for voting for Victor!

    Don’t forget to also vote on CBS official Big Brother poll too so he wins the $25000!!!

  16. Stop calling America’s Favorite Player. It’s not called that. It’s called America’s Favorite Houseguest. Learn to read.

  17. I voted for James, Natalie, and Victor. Just 3 votes. One vote each. And that’s all I’m gonna do. I’m not going to vote 20 times a day for a week. I’m not gonna make multiple accounts, and vote 100-200 times per day. I ain’t got no time for that. I voted for my 3 favorites, once. And only once.

  18. So over James he was a big disappointment this time. Totally did nothing but up Nat. Butt. I wish Victory could have won BB game he deserve it !! But i liked him the best hope he wins $25,000 !!! Go Victory! !

  19. You might want to list this poll on your POLLS and provide a link to it, if you want it to properly reflect your readership. Why is this poll not linked from your POLLS icon? Only the weekly POLL is linked. I read the site daily and I never saw this AFHG poll until a friend provided the link to it. Your weekly poll is showing a very different outcome than this one.

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