‘Big Brother 18’ Live Feeds: Nicole Franzel Working Her Final 2 Deals

Last night when the first round of the Final Big Brother 18 HoH comp was over we saw more wheeling and dealing between the Houseguests as one seat in the third round had been filled and it was time for the other two HGs to make sure they were feeling good about their chances for reaching the Final 2.

Nicole Franzel checks in on her F2 deals

Nicole is working hard on her deals with both Paul and James to put her nicely in the middle of the path to the finale showdown as one of her opponents is definitely taking her and the other one seems likely to make that move, but nothing is guaranteed so it was time for Nicole to get to work last night.

Flashback to 10:49 PM BBT 9/14 as Paul, winner of Round 1, and Nicole meet up to talk while James is in the shower.

Nicole says it looked like James threw the comp and Paul says James was certainly acting like he did but he doesn’t believe it since physical, not mental comps, are James’s specialty. Nicole asks Paul to not help James study for R2 and Paul says he definitely won’t be doing that. He wants James to lose R2.

Paul doesn’t like James’s game play style one bit and has said repeatedly over the past few weeks that he doesn’t want James to make it to the F2. We heard the night before that Paul and Nicole made a F2 deal, but later it sounded like this was a one-way agreement as Nicole told Corey she’d take James over Paul. Here we have Nicole talking more with Paul about that F2 deal and she’s convincing in the talk, but I’m not convinced she won’t flip on Paul and take James to the end.

Nicole suggests that James may be trying to throw all the comps with the expectation that they’d both take him to F2. Paul has told Nicole he’s blowing smoke up James’s rear with that promise, but Nicole hasn’t been telling Paul that so he questions why James would think she’d do that. Well, Nicole and James have had those talks, so that’d be why, but Nicole suggests it’s because James thinks she doesn’t like Paul. Nicole suggests that she has never told James she wasn’t taking Paul, but I’m thinking that’s not truthful there. At least it definitely wasn’t honest by the end of the night.

“I told you my plan three days ago. This is my plan. Let’s finish the plan, win this game, and keep [James] in the middle where he belongs,” Paul tells Nicole to assure her he’s taking her and not James to the F2 if he wins R3. They shake on it again and Nicole says, “let’s do this.”

Nicole again asks Paul not to help James study and Paul asks her why would he help James study? Again supporting that he does not want to see James in R3. I believe him. They both say they’re putting their “life in your hands.” Their talk breaks up after just about three minutes as they don’t want to risk being caught by James coming back.

Now move ahead to 12:35 AM BBT to find James with Nicole while Paul is in the DR.

James tells Nicole that if he loses this next round then he’s going to “be at the mercy of you and Paul.” Nicole replies, “well you don’t have to worry. I think it’s pretty obvious who I’m going to take [to F2]. So, that’s not even a question.” “So really, I just need to throw it to you, huh?” asks James. What? Why would that even be a plan? You should try to win and then hope the back up plan works. Unless he’s saying there’s no way he can beat Paul in the third round. Well, maybe that’s true, but those are wild card questions sometimes and can be hard to be completely sure on the right answers.

Nicole tells him she would “1000% never consider any other option.” James says that would make it a pretty easy comp then and “don’t worry, I can max out [on the time limit] on a puzzle.” Nicole again says she’d 1000% take James. “The two vets,” says James and Nicole agrees.

So there we go. Nicole is working her F2 deals to make sure she’s right in the middle of the situation which she appears to be which is funny because James thinks he’s squarely in the middle. He’s not and we know Paul won’t take him, but I think Nicole may be pretty tempted to make that move. It’s good positioning by Nicole and true or not with James she only has to keep it up another day or so with the second round expected on Friday and I expect her to whoop him good in that comp.

If Nicole wins then her and Paul can both continue to tell James whatever they want, but the real decision will be made by one of them on finale night depending on who wins the third round to cast the last eviction vote.

What do you think will happen? Will either Paul or Nicole flip on their F2 deal and take James instead? Will James pull off a surprise win in R2 and face Paul in R3? Or will James do what James does best and take a dive in the comp to set up what he thinks is a guaranteed ride to the F2 no matter which person wins in R3? Share your thoughts below!


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  1. I have to wonder if this were Derrick instead of James; would his gameplay be so vilified? James is playing possum and it seems to be working for him.
    No, I don’t find him interesting to watch but if this is how wants to play BB it’s a viable strategy and has been working for him.

    • LOL..some people need to write about how James is the one doing more securing of his position between Paul and Nic. JS! Maybe I am seeing different feeds?

      • No, I’m seeing things the same as you. James knows he can’t go head to head with Paul in a physical comp or win a mental comp over Paul or Nicole so what else can he do here except to play possum, which often works btw.

      • Oh I agree with you on this. I was just more or less referring to how bad articles/game play is always aimed at Nic. They should do an article on how James is playing this out. I watched him since feeds came back yesterday and he is totally playing it up!

      • That makes a lot of sense Dawn. Because Nicole and James are smaller and not a physical threat to any of the others they can’t play the game the same way as a Victor or Corey.
        It’s not dumb to realize this and pretend to be helpless or ineffectual.
        There’s more than one way to play BB.

      • Except R3 is jusrapshoot quiz. It’s not a physical coR2, James hsould have a shot vs Nicole and then R3 is a toss up.

      • I’m glad Nicole is playing against James lol.
        Will he throw the comp to Nicole? I can see why he might do that since he does trust Nicole more than Paul.

      • James told Nic he would time out in the comp. He knows he has no chance in a mental comp..unless Nic just totally messed it up.

      • YES!! More and more good news Dawn :D
        Nicole has to win the 3rd comp against Paul so the jury will give her the win.

      • I wouldn’t be so sure of that. He’s still peeved at trusting Nicole and Corey and they ended up getting Natalie evicted. He knows Nicole was encouraging Corey to put up both James and Natalie and didn’t care which one of them went to jury. Corey kept insisting it was Natalie he wanted out, so she decided not to argue that one…sly thing that she is. Had James been evicted, though, she wouldn’t have batted an eye lash or two!

      • I hope he would use that as ammunition to betray her. She doesn’t deserve anyone’s trust in that game but Cory. She back stabbed EVERY SINGLE OTHER PERSON SHE HAS WORKED WITH. That should not be honored in my book. The problem is that there is little to no wiggle for revenge at this point. But O how I would love to behold that! Lol

      • All she would say is, “I never put him or her on the block in the first place. I kept my promise not to do that. Everyone else didn’t!” hahaha

      • Lol she would say that. You know her well, But james isnt stupid, she knew the target was supposed to be a member of Pictor. Lol it still backfired on James.

      • Idk Joni, I’m not remembering things that way a all.
        Nicole’s promise to James was that she wouldn’t put Natalie or James OTB during her HOH – which she kept. Michelle was never part of that deal.
        Nicole was more threatened by Natalie than James and the same evening after Vic nominated James and Natalie, Nicole and Corey agreed that Natalie needed to go and were able to talk Victor into changing the target from James to Natalie.
        Victor was upset with James for his latest eviction mainly but after everyone else in the alliance felt more threatened by Nat he was finally persuaded to agree with them.
        So what exactly is James peeved about? Nicorey kept him in the game – what more could they do besides volunteer to go up OTB, which wasn’t going to happen.

      • I understand that time, but instead of her and Corey going after Paul and Vic this last time, that’s what he’s most peeved with. He really believed their F4 was a done deal til Corey put him and Natalie on the block. He knows she had a hand in that transpiring.

      • Joni, don’t you see that Nicole kept both James and Natalie safe as she said she would do?
        So James has no reason to blame Nicole for Victor coming back into the game and ruining their plans.
        What did James expect Nicorey to do anyway? Why would they take out Vic and Paul causing them not to have the numbers against Jatalie and Meech.
        Their only choice was to side with Victor and Paul to even the numbers.
        For some reason James didn’t think anyone noticed he had a 3 person alliance while everyone else had a duo. If he didn’t see this coming it wasn’t Nicole’s fault.
        Nicorey did keep james over Natalie so I don’t understand why he’s so peeved.

      • James found out that Nicole, Corey, Paul and Vic made an F4 deal without telling James and Natalie. That’s what he got peeved over. He expected them to stay with him and Nat and go after Vic and Paul, not form an alliance with them when they already had an F4 deal with him and Nat. It really doesn’t matter, though, after all, since the cards didn’t play out as James would have liked. He’s not making sense of it all right now either because he’s still torn over Nat’s leaving. He was too sunk to even play strategically. Doesn’t mean he can’t still be ticked, though! LOL

      • I agree. He’s afraid to show his cards in case he ends up failing at the comp, especially if he doesn’t know what the comp entails. If he feels he can beat Nic at the comp when it presents itself, he will. Remember last season when he changed his mind and won that one Battle of the Block comp instead of throwing it like he promised he would?

    • Except Derrick was actually pulling the strings from behind the scenes. James has basically done nothing but chase Natalie all season.

      • I don’t have the feeds Rick so I don’t know about the string pulling part.
        But I do see James as entirely overlooked by paul who has no respect for James’s gameplay.
        Could Paul’s arrogance do him in when Nicole takes James to the end?

      • I hope so because if Nicole wants to win she can’t be beside Paul. Paul is a near certainty to win if he makes F2, imo. Too as I think Nicole has played just as good a game as him. For some reason him being on the block a lot is as an advantage to him but to me Nicole having the block for so long is better game play.

      • Yes! I’m glad you respect Nicole’s game play this season. I think she’s doing a great job too.
        So when crunching the numbers you see Paul having the votes over Nicole?
        I do hope the women in the jury will not be bitter against Nicole and deprive her of the win.
        Paul has been a lot of fun to watch this season but I’m not one of his biggest fans.
        I’m happy James, Nicole and Paul are in the F3 and think they all deserve to be there.

      • If we’re you able to see the feeds you would see that James really isn’t playing, except for Nat. It is patently obvious.

      • The comments here are all I have to go by as well as Jokers and BBAD so I might have missed a few things along the way.
        Too bad we can’t have a James DR showing his motives and moves – if they actually do exist :D

      • That is why I’m saying it, putting out there, he hasn’t played the game, I’ve seen it on the feeds.

      • I’m just saying he’s playing possum and is not showing anybody, including the audience, his true potential.
        What you see as not playing the game I’m seeing him playing possum so he won’t be a threat to anyone
        I’d love to know what he’s really thinking but he doesn’t do that in the DR like most HG’s do.

      • Nicole if she wins the best of 3 HOH will take James. The same with Paul because it is the right move to win that $500,000. Paul vs Nicole for $500,000 could go either way although, Paul probably has an edge by my estimation. You want someone who has not done enough to win which is James in Final 2 because you have to convince the jury!

      • I’m not sure I understand your question Richie. Did you ask me “Do you want someone who has not done enough to win which is James in Final 2?”
        Just because I can see that james is not a total failure as he is often said to be doesn’t mean I want him to win the game. I was merely pointing out he hasn’t been completely pathetic this season.

    • Derrick was always in control, James just did what the house wanted. And who throws a part of the final HOH comp? That’s just so, so dumb. Maybe he won’t beat Paul in the final round, but he should at least try to give himself an opportunity to compete.

      • I disagree, James is playing possum and doing a great job of it imo. No, I can’t say I want him to win but I do recognize his strategy and here he is in the final 3 so he must be doing something right.

      • Is letting the game happen around you really playing the game though? I guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree.

      • Considering James’s size and intelligence what else can he do but play up the fact that he’s not a threat.
        Throughout the game a lot of people, Day for one, were always giving James the low down on what was going on in the house.
        James has shown he can be ruthless and break a promise without remorse.

      • He was talking to the cam earlier and saying what a great position he is in. BUT..he does not know the Paul is totally working on Nic. He approached her before they had their breakfast this morning telling her that James is banking on them taking him to final 2. Then discussed who would vote for James. I think some of this is sticking in Nic’s head. Also Paul said they he doesn’t appreciate James play. He is having Nic and Paul do all the work while he just throws everything and then expects to be sitting at the end!

      • I’m late getting all the info so thanks for this information.
        It makes me feel a lot better if Paul is definitely taking Nicole and that James probably will too.
        If this is James strategy, continuing to play possum till the very end, I’m not sure if he could win against Paul or Nicole.
        Personally I’d be flat out trying to win the final comps so I’d look better for the jury.
        James can tell them he played possum all season for a reason but I’m not sure his strategy will be awarded the win.
        So glad Paul wants to take Nicole and to be honest, Paul deserves to be in the finale instead of James.

      • James wouldn’t mind taking 2nd place whereas Nic and Paul do mind! So he’s playing for that unless he’s sure he can win it. I don’t think the jury will award him the 500k, and he doesn’t think so either. He wants Nic or Paul to believe he at least deserves to win runner up, though than not at all.

      • One thing about James, it’s hard to tell what’s he’s thinking behind the blank face.
        It could be he has no confidence in his abilities to reach the finale and is being practical about 2nd place being good enough for him.
        Does James, deep down inside his psyche think he’s the smartest guy in the room and can easily beat anybody in the finale with them believing he’s such a nice guy lol.
        I guess we’ll never know since he never spilled much in the DR

      • Well, #1 we wouldn’t have to watch all this ridiculous no-mancing and being pie eyed and over the moon for Nat. I didn’t care for Derrick but his game play is far superior to Jamesy. James has lucked out and probably had some help from production.

      • I didn’t think about that, but you are right about that! Agreed, Derrick was boring but actually playing.

      • Derrick’s DR’s did give the audience information on his motives and moves and the audience could appreciate his gameplay. But since James’s Drs never give us a good idea on what he’s thinking it’s hard to know what James is doing and why – except he loved Natalie.

      • I’m going to politely disagree with you here India. Personally I feel Derrick played the viewers as well as he played the HG. His DRs were so silky smooth, he never owned his craftiness and always acted so pure. IMO, this guy is always throwing smoke and is well accomplished at it too. I could hardly get through his sit down session with Julie earlier this week. Talk about PR work.

        Great game player, but can we see your real side for once?

      • I couldn’t stand Derrick for the reasons you stated above. He managed to stay in character all season including DR’s. Vanessa is another person that was able to stay in character 24/7.
        So feel free to disagree since I’m prone to forgetting things. :D
        Maybe that’s why I was never able to warm up to Derrick, I had forgotten what a con artist he was.

      • Not sure, but have you heard the rumors among the inside BB community about Derrick’s possible philandering at this season’s pre-party?

      • I wouldn’t put it past Derrick at all but this is the first I heard about it. What exactly did he do?
        I suppose Derrick’s got the big head now that he’s revered as a BB God, Yuck!
        I find the guy creepy and I don’t know why any woman would want to have an affair with him.

      • Well, we both know from watching his season that he’s a liar so I have no doubts at all that he’s also a cheat.

      • That’s the reason why I couldn’t respect his and Nicole’s game. They did nothing to influence the game the whole season. At least Nicole started playing after Paulie got evicted. With the kind of game he played he has no argument to prove why he should win.

      • Im not rooting for James but he did flip the house with his care package and stood up and to the biggest bully of the house. I dont want him to win but people aren’t giving him an inch in these comments! Lol Nicole is a coward. She throws a rock and hides behind a tree. That makes my blood boil. Some people praise that, but I dispise it. It’s just a personal pet peeve of mine. Besides Cory she hasn’t earned nor deserves anyone’s trust in that game. She didn’t even TRY to get to know anyone. Her social game sucks, and she threw ALL the females under bus. She didn’t even try to form a bond with any of them. She ran to tell frank and paulie everything the girls said without even needing to. No female should vote for her. I would give her credit if she really wanted a girl group and it blew up. She only pretended to be apart of it to report the plans to the guys. She made herself the mole. She’s awful, and I’m a male btw.

      • Couldn’t have said it better myself. But most will say, “at least she’s playing the game!” But I digress! :-) And I’m female by the way! :-)

      • Agree with you there Jonigab. Thats my idea of the worst arguement, at least they are playing the game. Makes me glad these people ARE’NT picking the winner like they all keep pestering production to let them do. I’m still a James fan I hope he and Paul pull the rug out from under her and give the jury something to smile about next week

      • Totally agree…this is exactly why I don’t care for Nicole this season. She said she doesn’t much care for other women and also added that attractive women intimidate her. Such a disappointing outlook.

      • He only flipped because Natalie and Bridgette pressured him but at the end of the day it was his care package so I can give him 1/2 inch. I agree with what you said about Nicole. I can understand females who prefer dealing with males over females because I am one of them but I hated the way she threw the females under the bus. That’s why I’m hoping they don’t vote for her in final 2.

      • Oh yea, I get it! Lol I have a four sisters and a bunch of female friends that says the same thing but you feel me about Nicole. Im glad you saw the point I was making. I also agree Natalie kicked off James’s care package move thats why said in a post a few days ago, i wish they had kept Nat over James. I could have done with or without her earlier in the game but after Nicole and Cory screwed them, I liked that Natalie, plus she was turning into a comp BEAST! I would have loved to see Nicole’s paranoia if she had stayed. Victor could’ve slipped through their fingers at least another week. Back to James, the fact that he did the flip the house away from paulie should account for something because he did understand the need for the game move once they woke him up, he just needed to feel supported before he did it. I’m taking one more point from James from the few I gave him on this because no one should have had to bring him see Paulie needed to stopped.

      • I wanted Nat to stay too for Nicole’s paranoia and because it would have been better for Paul and Vic. As it relates to James, I think him flipping should account for something but when there are so many person who were involved, including Paul, that contribution cannot stand up against the moves the others have made. Using it in F2 with Nicole could give him a shot at winning though because her biggest move was getting Nat and Michelle to turn on Vic and Paul. Against Paul I think none of them should have a shot but I’m still hoping James goes with him instead of Nicole. For some reason I feel like if she goes to final 2 she will win and not because she deserves it.

      • Nobody can KNOW for sure whether he is playing possum or if he actually is just inept. But unless he makes it clear that this is intentional strategy, the default assumption is that he is inept and is just letting the game unfold around him.

      • After watching him “play” the game two summers in a row, I think it’s very clear that he really is that inept.

    • I will give it to James. If not his strategy, then he fell over backward and is a lucky son of a gun – either way, he is in F3 – further than most of the others, further than all of the current jurors.

      That being said, I prefer to see Paul & Nic in Final 2. Anybody

      Derrick can sell me that laying back is his strategy. I do think this is part of James’ strategy but I think he put more thought into “how to win AFP” more than the game. I think that title means the world to him. (I’m giving my AFP votes to Victor though, this year.)

      • James has said a couple of things this season that make me think he’s trying to play a behind the scenes Derrick game and is following Derrick’s advice when he talked to him pre game.
        Maybe Derrick is his inspiration and James thinks this is the way to win but like you I don’t think James is a Derrick yet :D
        Throwing comps and laying low seems to make James comfortable and he’s doing a great job with a little luck throw in. James really needs to impress the jury and the audience now.

      • Watch James pull out the daughter card if he makes it to final two. I really think this is the reason Paul would rather take his chances with Nicole in F2.

      • Oh, you’re right – the female jurors might be swayed with his tales of financial hardship and his little girl. Do you think Nicole should take Paul to the end then?

      • Really tough call. I’m back and forth with all of these scenarios and have myself convinced of one outcome and then another. Can’t remember where I heard this argument, but Paul may have a tough time with the jury b/c they have no idea how well he actually played through this season. The jury might be shocked to hear that most BB fans in the know feel Paul has played the best overall game. Paul played a great floater game (floater, not coaster) early on, but unless the jury compares close notes they won’t realize this. Paul’s last ditch effort to save Vic the second time didn’t work (James still evicted him), but it did setup the opportunity to work with Nicorey and take out Meech and Nat. That was a huge move that most in the jury don’t know about.

        My gut is telling me right now that if Nicole makes it to F2 she wins against Paul or James. Don’t hold me to this opinion tomorrow though:)

        What says you?

      • I remember watching Paul early in the season as he managed to survive after the Messiah was evicted. He somehow wormed his way into paulie’s good graces and was soon making decisions and trying to run the show.
        When Paulie wouldn’t give paul his way about keeping Michelle, Paul promptly led a revolt against Paulie and sent him packing.
        I remember thinking at the time that this is the best come back story I’ve ever seen in BB. Now Paul has won 3 straight comps and is on a roll and seems to be headed to the finale. Nicole has to win the final HOH over Paul if she wants to win this season.
        Even though Nicole has played an excellent game I’m not sure her style of play was as exciting as Paul’s and she seems to be overlooked this season by some viewers.
        Maybe this is the reason it’s so difficult for women to win BB since they tend to play a more subtle game.
        I think it will come down to who production wants to win this season.
        Dr. Will will then do his annual jury tampering session with the jurors and will charm them into voting for the person chosen by production.
        I think that person will be Nicole.

      • Great stuff India! I haven’t heard Will’s session described that way before, very interesting. I’ll be watching it more closely now.

      • I remember they first brought Dr. Will in during Season 15 and somehow after his sessions the jury gave the win to Andy over Ginamarie. We aren’t even allowed to see his jury sessions so no telling what’s going on. I do think Dr. Will will be able to show the jurors why Nicole should win. We’ll just have to wait and see.

      • That card was already played by Day. It won’t be enough to cut it for James since he doesn’t have sole custody of his daughter or raising her alone like Day is having to do to raise her daughter.

      • Good thing then. That’s one thing I don’t understand about James. Why would he move to Texas from S.C. where his little girl lives? He seems to have more or less taken himself out of her life except for paying child support. Maybe his job required him to move?

      • I’m pretty sure he was already in Texas when his daughter was born (he was visiting home when she was conceived). James didn’t even know Bailey’s mother was pregnant until after she was born. She came out with Asian features and he was a new dad!

      • Because he knows how the jury will feel about Nic’s game play compared to James’. They’ll base their votes on not just likeability but also competitiveness. Paul’s not liked by as many as Nic is and no one liked how James has played compared to Nic or Paul.

      • I completely agree with you Joni, but do you believe that Paul is playing Nicole in telling her that he has no intention of taking James? I haven’t been following the feeds much lately, mainly Twitter, but it sure seems certain that he’s siding with Nicole in F2, no?

      • Based on his body language? Totally believe he’s playing her just as he’s playing James just a tad too. He knows James will be easy to manipulate, but it will take some doing to get Nic to play his way.

    • That’s true. You can’t hate on him. He’s still there after thirteen evictions. So he’s done something right,…whether we think it was good enough or not. Obviously it was good enough to keep out of that jury house prematurely. It’s about managing the way the other houseguest perceives you. Its mental. As for me rooting him, hell naw!

      • I don’t think the jury will appreciate James style of play – if he does indeed have one.:D
        I just want to give him a little credit for getting to the F3 because he had to be doing something right we agree. I don’t see him as a complete failure.
        The more exciting finale would be Paul and Nicole – which could end up being very close.

      • Yea, a lot of people call him a floater. I strongly disagree. I just wouldn’t vote for him i were in jury. I will give each left a reasonable amount of credit for surviving, ranking Paul at the top.

    • No. The reason Derrick is viewed differently than James is because Derrick flew under the radar because he brilliantly found a way to form bonds with every member in the house. Almost every single week, the person who Derrick wanted to go home, went home.

      James has flown under the radar because nobody cares. The entire summer, he’s been more interested in trying to impress Natalie than playing the game at all.

      I would be totally fine if Paul or Nicole won. Definitely not James.

      • What exactly has James done this season?
        He was in the initial 8 alliance of vets and was gung ho until Frank ruined it all.
        He had a hand in getting rid of Day and Frank.
        Day and James kept each other updated on everything that was going on and Day trusted him, until he turned on her, which he did without hesitation or remorse.
        Then James was a loyal member of the Paulie and Corey alliance for the guys with Vic and Paul.
        Then Paulie became a tyrant and he helped evict Paulie.
        I believe James was responsible for 2 of Victor’s evictions and voted him out for the 3rd time and last time as well.
        James made connections with Nicorey and they exchanged info with each other about what was happening in the house, with nobody suspecting he was aware of everything going on.
        So like Derrick James was able to form connections in the house and he is definitely flying under the radar.
        To say that James has done nothing all summer and is a complete failure is not really accurate at all.
        I agree he doesn’t deserve to win the game over Nic or Paul though since their path to the finale was much more difficult than James’s.

    • James just got lucky because Victor was a bigger threat and target. The same with Corey who was a bigger threat and target. It is not because of his strategy that he will probably get to Final 2 without even trying! If Michelle, Bridgette or Natalie was in James place, they will still get picked for the 2nd slot. Those who played the game the best was Victor, Paul and Nicole. James is not among them. Not rooting for Paul as I did not like the way he treated Frank and James is not deserving although, he has legions of fans backing him up! So, I am rooting for Nicole as the only choice.

    • I think Nicole is playing Derrick’s game if anything. Laying low early than stepping up at the end. James just straight up sucks. Only thing he’s got to rely on is his social game which Natalie pretty much ruined for him.

      • I agree with what you’re saying about Nicole, I just hope the jury can appreciate her as well :D
        Do you want to see jatalie on The Amazing Race?

      • I’ve never watched the amazing race so I couldn’t tell ya. Although I must say I’m content with not seeing jatalie anywhere on my TV screen to be honest

  2. Paul would be a fool to take Nicole, as she has two built-in votes (Paulie & Corey) vs. James’ one built-in vote (Natalie), plus IMO Nicole has a far stronger case to make to the jury as to why she should win than James does.

      • Paul would win in F2. I’m 90% sure. I think, in the end, he’d get all ts from the people ‘in the middle’.

      • Day- Paul?
        Zak- I don’t know
        Paulie- I don’t know

      • Zak will follow Paulie, I just wasn’t sure were Paulie’s head was at. I think Nicole would get his vote without hesitation and therefore Zak’s.

      • Why not? (I’m genuinely curious, that wasn’t supposed to be aggressive, it’s so hard to tell on the Internet).

      • I think the Corey was genuinely upset that James went along with Paul to vote out Corey. He was the one that told Nic he believed in James. Plus Nic reminded Corey that James was trying to get revenge for Nat’s eviction against Nic and Corey. Which James has said to Paul.

      • I do think he was upset, but James is a follower to keep the blame off himself. And it is foolish to think that James had more loyalty to him than Nicole, because ultimately it was James’s decision. I was pretty sure Corey would vote for James, now I’m not as sure. We’ll see.

      • Corey won’t vote James unless Nicole forces him too. I think James gets Nat. Maybe Nicole (along with maybe Corey). It’ll be anywhere from 6-3 to 8-1 in Paul’s favor.

      • Day would vote for Paul over James (she even told Vic he needed to get James out), but Day would vote for Nic over Paul or James.

      • I don’t. I perosnally think Nicole played the better game. Paul over James? HELLS YEAH. But, for the house? I think they’ll take Paul even though I think they’r wrong but I get no vote. L0L

      • But who will she vote if it is Paul and Nic. There was no love lost there on either one of them.

      • Very bitter. Meech is probably eating all of her feelings right now. Hope the jury house is well stocked.

      • I’d give the edge to Paul just because Nicole was the one to cast the deciding vote against her. I think she dislikes Nicole more. But this is all just speculation.

      • The only way Michelle votes for Nicole is if the gals decide to vote Nicole on behalf of the ‘sisterhood’. L0L

      • I don’t think Michelle would be forgetting about Paul calling her the C word any time soon. That might play against him if comes down to Paul and Nic.

      • Ahh.. That’s true. He might have gone too far simply because she was ‘annoying’ him. I would laugh if he loses b/c of that.l In fact, if Michelle decides to be anti paul she should stress that to all the other women. L0L heck, if Nicole was smart when Michelle starts attacking her (and she will).. she should simply say.. ‘Have you forgotten what Paul called you?” That trumps everything.

      • That is what I think, but she really seems to hate Nic, she called her out when she was evicted, so it makes me wonder.

      • I don’t think she will. She’s gonna vote for Paul and her reasoning will be that she is a ‘BB fan’ and it is clear to her (even in the house) that Paul was playing a pretty good game. She likes James but in the end it won’t matter.

      • Considering she was a BB fan and played the way she did, I’m not holding my breath. We shall see.

      • I think you’re right, she will vote for Paul. Players like her, and Da, they’re super fans.Their social games are flawed, and can not execute their strategy, but they understand the mechanics of the game. I think they’ll pick the best gamer….and James could be sitting beside an empty chair, the chair should win.

      • lol I had to pause a little, then I remember, Clint did that on stage/GOP convention?. right?.That was painful to watch.

  3. never ever trust the sloppy 2nd snake Nicole she would back stab her own mother. James wants to win Americas fav and don’t give a rats ass about anything else. I am for Paul 10000000% lol

    • It’s a game. I’d ‘backstab’ my entire family if I was playing a game of, say, monoply, for 1` million. Same with BB. My family is cutthroat when it comes to games, though. L0L

  4. How about an article about James game play? I watched him during the feeds and he is playing it up hard with Nic and Paul. He sees himself in a very good position between the 2. He is playing for 2nd place. I see him going out in 3rd place without AFP!

    • James hasn’t played the greatest game of all time but he certainly does deserve an article showing the pros and cons of his gameplay this season.
      James has no control in the final 3 and he’d have to be extremely LUCKY to win it all.

      • James gameplay has been based on Nicole taking care of him while they both laid low until things started getting serious. I think the friendship in this game has benefited Nicole and James it wouldn’t surprise me if they did have a final 2 and I’m just really surprised that they’re able to keep it! LOL

  5. Paul, for the love of God, staaawwwp *said in my best whiny Nic voice* helping Nic study. Won’t work out well for you.

    • Who else can Paul trust in the end game?
      Who would you trust more James or Nicole?
      I’d say Nicole since James has broken many promises and isn’t exactly trustworthy when he makes them.

      • The final 4 deal with Jatalie was no longer a viable strategy for Nicorey once Victor returned.
        Were they supposed to sit back and watch James, Nat and Meech continue to the F4 with their superior numbers?
        No, in order to whittle the Jatalie alliance down to size they needed to work with VP.
        Why would Nicole want to keep working with Jatalie when the numbers were 3 to 2?
        Why would Nicorey want to continue with the James alliance when both Nat and Michelle were planning to take out NIcole instead of the bigger guy threats? Nicole couldn’t trust either one of them.
        Why didn’t Jatalie realize their alliance was no longer viable with Nicorey instead of blindly trusting them?
        Why can’t Nicole and Corey play the game like everyone else?

      • Nicole kept her promise to keep James and Nat safe didn’t she?
        Michelle was not part of the deal.
        So Nicole did not break her promise to James .

      • Yeha, why would Nicole protect Michelle – someone who had attacked her repeatedly in public. LMAO

      • I still don’t understand why some people think Michelle wasn’t a threat to Nicole. There were 2 women coming after her and she had no choice but to take them out.
        Once the mean girls stopped hating Bridgette they turned their vitriol on Nicole. Good thing those girls weren’t good at comps or Nicole would’ve been long gone.

      • Michelle was inevitable. She had to take her out. Nicole seems to fool a lot of people i see. Nicole is also a mean girl, just a cowardly one. On feeds I’ve heard her say the exact same things about other girls in the house that theyve said about her. They all have said she never talked to them except for Wednesdays. Nicole is a MASTER of disquise. What really disgusted me about Nicole was one time Zachiya was so upset and crying over a fight she had with Paulie ( i mean Zakiya was REALLY HURT this time) she was a blubbering mess and Nicole went to console her which I thought was sincere and very much needed, but Nicole had an agenda. I thought she was there to help. Zakiya confided to Nicole and swore her not to tell him. Nicole coached it out of her and went STRAIGHT TO PAULIE! I was so disgusted and hated her even more! Get this, she laughed as she was telling Pauli EVERYTHING Z had confided in her. It wasn’t even game related! She didn’t have to do it all! There was no point. It was just pure entertainment for her. I said this girl is EVIL! What women does that to another woman?? It was despicable. She’s awful. The worst female in the game. She’s just sneaky with it.

      • Remember back when all the mean girls were picking on poor Bridgette because Frank liked her better than MIchelle? Nicole felt so uncomfortable in that environment that she asked them not to say those things about Bridgette. Of course they kept on and Nicole had no choice but to distance herself from them. How does this make Nicole a snake?
        The incident you mentioned about Nicole and Zak is unfamiliar to me and I would have to read it for myself before I would believe it.

      • That happened. She was distracting Z from Michelle, while the others conspired to talk about getting her and Paulie out of the house. Some say she was consoling Z (when she had never done so before). I called it a hidden agenda after seeing how she avoided these kind of situations before.

      • From what I’ve seen of Nicole she has a kind heart and I don’t believe she’s a mean person.
        Zak had turned away from Nicole and had started hanging out with Day and Michelle because Nicole didn’t want to sit around and trash talk Bridgette all day.
        If Nicole was trying to distract Zak that doesn’t mean that she wasn’t capable of feeling sorry for Zak at the same time.

      • Nic doesn’t mean to be mean. But you had to have seen what she said to Corey after having spent that whole time with Zak. I was giving you the lead in. I wouldn’t have thought Nic was capable of being underhanded, but she is. She said she wished she didn’t have to do what she did with Z, but believed she had to in order to get votes later from Z for her just in case.

      • I’m sure Nicole was upset that Zak was having problems but why should she blow up her own game because Zak was having romantic problems with Paulie?
        Would you feel the same way if a guy had done this?
        Look, I’m not saying Nicole is perfect and she probably needed to vent to Corey about what happened as I’m sure she was upset too.
        I have no doubt Nicole can be underhanded when necessary either.

      • O my goodness. SHE LAUGHED as she told Paulie! She didn’t feel bad about anything! It wasn’t her business or had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to with her game. Its all apart of her act, that “I feel so bayad” in that voice, YUCK. Its called damage control… She bashed all the girls to Corey. I’m not referring to an isolated incident, I’m saying in general.

      • Yea right. Thats called damage control. That doesn’t mean she regrets anything. It means she doesn’t want and or cant deal with a negative consequence. It doesn’t make her GOOD it makes her smart.

      • We must not be talking about thing. I don’t recall Michelle having anything to do with it. But regardless, it wasnt necessary for Nicole to be involved at all. It wasn’t her business!, nor did zakiyah summon her. We have COMPLETLY different observations…

      • Michelle would have if Z was left in the room with her! I also agree Nicole didn’t need to be involved at all. But Nic was worried about her future and the votes she would need later to get Michelle out or Z’s vote not to evict Nic if the DE placed her there.

      • I forgot some of the details that involved Nic’s duplicity, but you helped..thanks. It’s all coming back to me now! We are on the same page when it comes to Nic trying to play like she’s America’s Sweetheart when there were instances that wasn’t the case at all! LOL

      • Lol I know we would get there. You are right using the phrase “America’s Sweetheart”, thats what she wants us to think, but she’s far from it! I got some big brother philosophy i came up with that I believe to be valid: BB will ALWAYS select at least 1 villain out of the final 3 for suspense and thrills for entertainment value. This year, it isn’t Paul, definitely not James, that leaves only one person….;-) The people that designs these shows, have a high level of sophisticated intelligence. They know to how manipulate the show for our veiwing pleasure. They know all the dynamics of the house guests personalities individually and cohesively in a group. Its a formula they must use.:-)

      • They use a similar formula on Married at First Sight, and if you have watched that, you’d see not everything is as it should seem! hahahaha Formulas are great on paper, but when you’re dealing with personalities that can change in an instant than based on what they’ve read on paper, you get mayhem at times. People lie in order to get a shot at tv stardom than any seriousness towards the main objective you’re trying to attain! hahahaha

      • She did that in front of an audience to paint the illusion that she above that type of thing. Its not that she’s above it, she’s a coward and cant handle direct confrontation. She trashed michelle when she left! Talking about she was filthy she made the Tokyo room…well she was in there with Michelle, why not tell her to clean up while she was there??? I sure would have. She joined the rest of them in an hour long bash of michelle after she was gone. She’s a joke. You must have missed more than half of the conversations she had with Cory alone in their little corner. She’s just scared to speak her mind because she’s a cowardly secret mean girl. Her mentality is not above any other person in that house.

      • That was pretty low of her to do! Natalie bragged about how she went to console Z too, but she didn’t stay nearly as long with her as say Day did with Tiffany. Nicole laughed about Tiffany getting upset as well. She also laughed about Paulie making fun of Natalie’s breasts until James flat out told them it was not funny. Albeit, Nic was not present at all during the house meeting over that…she stayed behind and relied on Corey to tell her what transpired…bad move on her part not to support her fellow women players. That’s why I summed up Nic to a tee. She’s not a game player…she’s all about herself….won’t talk game play and won’t get involved in any cattiness or drama. But to never support the women at all can be just as mean as saying mean things if you ask me. Actions speak loudly and all that jazz.

      • She is so fake and duplicitous. People think she is so innocent and sweet because of the way she looks ACTS. That’s the most dangerous type there! She DEFINITELY doesn’t deserve to end the drought of female Big Brother winners. Like now, she thinks she is too good to hang out with Paul and James. She’s gone in her little corner in the dark like snake and talk to the cameras. She is such a selfish stuck up brat. And she aint all that cute!

      • Her coldness towards other women leaves me needing a blanket. Hope she can handle the weight of the eviction if she doesn’t make it to F2.

      • He found out by their actions, so it really was funny for Corey to say he was shocked when James decided to vote for him to be evicted over Nicole! hahahahaha Swoooosh! Corey can’t be that friggin ignorant, or can he? haha

      • You know how gung ho Corey was with the all guy alliance stuff – he just didn’t realize that James wasn’t as loyal as he was lol.
        I can’t believe Corey really thought the guys would keep him but then he says he’s barely watched BB before..
        How would you like Corey to be the next Bachelor? I bet you wouldn’t miss an episode. :D

      • No way…not until he comes clean with his true sexuality! LOLOL I’m looking forward to Nick (3rd time’s a charm) as the next Bachelor. Never did I think I would ever say that after seeing him in Andi’s season, then again in can’t remember her name..I think it was Caitlin’s season, then on Bachelor of Paradise, two times. He’s grown on me. Corey would need several seasons to do that for me too! LOL

      • It’s been so long since I watched the Bachelor I’m having trouble remember which one was Nick. He was on Andi’s season? I missed that one. I did watch a little of JoJo’s season and thought that muscular guy that wouldn’t stop eating was hilarious. He was even chewing on food at the rose ceremony. Did you watch Bachelor Pad?
        It’s just difficult for me to stick with a 2 hour program.

      • I haven’t watched the last few seasons of the Bachelor or Bachelorette. Other shows took precedence and life too. I did watch Bachelor Pad, which turned into Bachelor in Paradise so former bachelorettes could participate too! hahaha Nick was the one that announced he’d had sex with Andi in the Fantasy Suite where she was professing her love to him too. She didn’t like him airing that bit of info on natl television at all. hahaha

      • Oh yeah, I’m kinda remembering that now. He was really hurt that Andi had sex with him but didn’t choose him in the end. What a good way to get back at her though lol.
        I like to watch that reality star marriage counselling show on Fridays too.
        Tara Reid was on the latest edition and I think that woman is whacked out on drugs on something because she acted so crazy. Her boyfriend was so creepy looking too.

      • I’ve been watching that one too…Celebrity Marriage Boot Camp. I’ve still got 3 episodes on the DVR to catch up on! LOL Tara has been whacked out for quite a few years. Ever since her break up with Carson Daily, she’s never been the same in addition to the botched boob job she had to go have corrected by a “real” surgeon! She’s a basket case, but love the drama she brings to the table! LOLOL

      • I never would’ve thought Carson Dailey would be able to make a girl lose her mind over him.
        Didn’t he also do that to Jennifer love Hewitt?
        I’m glad Tara got her boobs fixed lol.
        Tara did bring the drama but sometimes her words didn’t even make sense. I’d be thinking: what’s that girl on?
        Maybe James and Natalie can go on this show haha.

      • He did! Tara has what’s now called alcoholic brain syndrome. Don’t expect her to ever make sense either while sober or drunk. The brain has been damaged by alcohol and possibly drugs (watched many of my aunts and uncles succumb to this)…sad that, but that’s all I see now from her. She likes to blame everything and everyone else for her troubled relationships. She does need help, but not sure she’ll ever be able to commit to a routine regimen unless it involves alcohol. She is a very unhappy drunk too, but just doesn’t realize it. I hope when she watches this back that it triggers something to make her go get real help. That’s all I have to say on that matter. Jennifer seemed to have fared much better after her break-up with him! :-)

      • Wow Jonie, how could somebody so small take so many drugs/alcohol to fry her brain? It does boggle my brain! I remember back in the 70’s seeing kids that were called “burned out” after too many drugs but nothing like Tara. It’s a wonder she’s still able to work.
        That British leech guy that pretended to be her partner so that he could get on TV to become famous was such an A$$ – he was no doubt using poor brain damaged Tara. I hope she has some type of guardian protecting her from such people.
        I just saw that a judge ruled that Nick Carter was legally responsible for Bobbi Kristina’s death.
        Her father Bobby Brown said that both Whitney and Kristina died in the same manner with the same guy present when it happened. Could Nick be a serial killer? He must’ve thought he’d be getting a lot of money once he killed them.

      • That is some creepy, bizarre stuff with Whitney, Bobbie Krys and Nick Gordon. I think there is more to meet eye here. It’s probably some elite secret society ritualistic stuff going on here that we will NEVER know the details of. I don’t think he’s responsible. He’s just the media scapegoat.

      • You mean Nick Gordon, right? Nick Carter sang with Backstreet Boys and he’s clean today! Shewwww…scared me there for a minute! LOL

      • Whitney’s will was air tight and controlled by Whitney’s mother, so even Bobbi wasn’t going to inherit much until she turned 25. Bobbi received a monthly stipend to live on which was dispersed by her grandmother…so who knows why he would go to the lengths he did to kill her. Couldn’t have been for money, but drugs, oh yeh. When Bobbi refused to give him any more money for the drugs he was using, that’s what provoked a fight that led to her possibly falling down. He finished her off and put her in the tub to look like it was a suicide, similar to how her mother died.

      • What a monster, he needs to be put away forever. I wonder why Whitney adopted this kid anyway – what a tragic mistake.

      • Are you sure about the details of the will. Im not certain, but I could have sworn Bobbi was the sole beneficiary under state guardianship or something because of Whitney’s debt at the time of her death. She died 20mil in debt i think. After her death the value of her estate grew to over 100 million after her debt was paid off. Bobbi was to receive 3 installments, which she only lived to collect the first. NOW, I think it went to her mother or Pat Houston. Im not certain about any of this though.

      • Both her mother and Pat were made guardianship of the will…Bobbi was sole beneficiary, but she wouldn’t receive the biggest installment until she was 25. The first was given to her in increments by her grandmother and aunt, because she was not managing it wisely when they decided to provide it to her in increments and because both her and Nick were blowing money left and right with not much to show for it. When Bobbi was in a coma, one of her relatives ran a blog that I perused in hopes she’d come out of it…I wasn’t ever counting on that happening where she’d make a full recovery. They talk a lot…Bobby Brown’s side, not Whitney’s. It was a blog where you had to get approved to be a member. They didn’t know me from Adam. I’m sure had I said anything on it that would be a red flag to drop me, they would have. I never commented.

      • It was just one of those, “in the right place at the right time” kind of things. They’d just erected the tent around where Bobbi had been transferred to from the first hospital, where Bobby Brown was finally given permission to see Bobbi (without his entourage as he always seemed to want with him).

      • I finally figured out who paul reminds me of, it’s been bugging me for awhile. With his beard he resembles Fidel Castro. lol

      • I was secretly thinking the same thing, but was afraid to actually admit it! So glad you finally did! hahahaha

      • Nicole has never been a team player. It’s always been about her and what she can get without boasting too loudly that is. Still it’s always been about her, just without all the drama!

  6. Both of them should take James to easily win the half a million .. Paul or Nic would be crazy to take each other

    • That kind of thinking has always made me crazy with BB! It reminds me of season 6 and season 7 where Janelle (who deserved to be in F2 BOTH seasons) was evicted 3rd for a less deserving HG. That kind of BB play makes me sick! As much as I love Mike Boogie, I lost respect for him when he took the utterly useless Erika to F2 over Janelle… (who, let’s face it was a comp beast in BOTH her seasons)

      If either Nicole or Paul take James to F2.. It seems only fitting that they lose the 500K to the couch-potato, i.e., James! Honestly, IMO, it would be their just desserts…

      Ivette did the same thing to Janelle and then ended up losing to Maggie in season 6. Stupid. At least if she had lost to Janelle, it would have made some kind of sense!

      • Why the heck would Mike take Janelle to F2? BB is about winning not playing so someone else should win. LMAO
        Janelle deserved to lose. For such a comp beast to choke in the Final HOH. HAHAHAHA!

  7. James is asking Nic on live feeds if he should give her the comp, throw it in other words. More stellar game play Jamesy. SMDH

  8. Finally caved in and watched the episode when Corey won veto this last time….OMG Nicole is even more unlikeable, watching her pretend to care about Victor and Paul, pretending to debate whether Corey should put up James, pretending to be a sweet innocent thing…She has lying eyes

    • Yeah, that was hard to stomach; however, she DID get into trouble with production for (admitting on camera) faking that entire conversation…

      Note to future HG: If you are going to fake a conversation for editing later…you probably should NOT admit that on live feeds!! ;)

  9. Paul has to win that final HOH or else he is going out in 3rd place. James annoys the heck out of me…throwing another comp..Dear BB…please do not ever invite James Huling back on this show. He knows he will either come in 2nd or 1st place. Sitting pretty for doing absolutely nothing the entire game..Derrick said to lay low..but..at least toward the end of the game..he was winning some comps.

    • Amen to that! Derrick said “Lay low…” He did not say “Disappear up a girl’s butt all season!”

  10. You would think, if multiple people told you that a certain person was a snake, that you would believe them. If you don’t, then it’s your own fault.

  11. I want to see Paul & Nicole in Final 2. I’m voting for Victor to win AFP.

    I believe Paul really intends to take her, not snake her. I think he has standards (probably a bigger BB fan than we know) and, frankly, he just hasn’t dug James all year. I think he respects Nicole’s game play – her comps skills, her loyalty to her ride or die (he identifies with that), and her cutthroat derring do. And that she has rolled with being called out about as much/more than anyone else this season and is enjoying her “snake” epithets. Lol. I think he and Paul want to be friends with her IRL.

    I believe that yesterday Nicole intended to take James to Final 2 and was lying to Paul. BUT – I think, if he has not already, that Paul will jedi mind trick Nicole into taking him. He is planting these seeds (i.e. counting the votes) that JAMES would beat both of them and that he’d rather LOSE to Nicole than James. I think it will sink in to her head that she will lose to James and she will beat Paul. I think she will end up wanting to take him to Final 2 before it’s over.

    Having said that, I hope Paul wins HOH Comp Part 3 – just to ensure that it’s a Paul-Nicole Final 2.

    • I can’t respect James and his game play (if that’s game play).
      If he is F2 and the jury ask what was his strategy, what will he say?
      I threw comps all season?? I can’t respect a coat tail rider.

      • Exactly. If James wins anything…I will be sick and disgusted with production and viewers alike!! How can anyone justify giving someone like James (who did NOTHING all season) 500K or 50K or even 25K?? It’s ridiculous when there are so many other deserving HG!

  12. Both Nicole and James are not trustworthy. James is just irritating because he hasn’t done anything the entire season but be lazy, lie to others and obsess over Natalie.

    Would be hard to choose between the both of them. But as Julie Chen said in an interview, Paul can pull it through and win the $500k.

    It’s just sad that someone like James can come in second and win an additional $50k for doing absolutely nothing.

    Really hoping that Vic wins AFP and James finally realizes that America didnt appreciate him taking up a spot in the house.

    • Agreed. James has been a complete waste of space this season.
      Lazy, sloppy game play that’s made it this far on sheer blind luck.

      • Ab-So-Lutely! He has *literally* done nothing but crawl up Natalie’s bum and stab Frank in the back. That is it!

      • I actually really miss Frank…we don’t even get to see him in Jury…no way James deserves ANY money or prizes this season!

    • How can a “vet” flop at a days comp?? SMH. That’s the 1st thing you do is count what happened on what day. He wasn’t even close.
      Corey had ADD and was better than James. Really?
      He had no need to remember days or try in comps because he was the true definition of a floater. A floating veteran.
      Can you use veteran and floater in the same sentence? SMH

      • James’ game (if you can even call it that) is a complete disappointment.

        Though many would disagree, James really jeopardized Natalie’s game too.

        James exemplifies complete laziness and that should not be rewarded with another BB run, ever.

      • Natalie was more of a competitor than James. Natalie would’ve gotten further without James.

        James messed her game up with his obsessive antics. She was just too nice to tell him to back off.

      • Nat/James got screwed over because of the ‘playback’ silliness. Their plan worked. Vic was gone. It would have been 3 vs 3 and they would have been in great position. James had made the right decision to evict Vic over Corey at the time.

      • I see it the same way Ted. There was nothing wrong with the alliance and the plan to evict Victor, since they had no idea Victor would return and James would be a sitting duck.
        Jatalie’s game was more or less ruined due to no fault of their own. Talk about bad luck.

      • They forgot about the “expect the unexpected” though. James should have known better when they revealed who had the rt ticket that they would have to find a way to extend the game another week with the jury buy back. He decided it wouldn’t happen at all, though.

      • That’s a silly way to play. So… he evicts Corey… then what? Nah, he made the right. You cna’t make decisions based on thinsg outside of your control. Evicting Vic was the best choice for James (and Nat)’s game. But, stuff happens.

      • Yes, it was, but James was not banking on that backfiring is all. He was shocked that Vic made it back in, when he shouldn’t have been. That’s all.

      • Then what’s the other option? Evict Corey instead? That doesn’t help James either. You guys remind me of that season where Rachel won and that silly played asked to be evicted because he thought he’d auto come bakc. L0L Evicting Vic at that time was 100% the correct decision for James’ game. Paul/Vic were alreayd plotting against James/Nat before they were even nominated that week.
        And, if you can ‘expect the unexpected’ than it isn’t really unexpected. L0L

      • Even though I wasn’t rooting for Nat/James, I can only imagine how that would anger me if I were. In BB’s defense, James was a vet, “expect the unexpected”, EVERYONE tryed to warn him about the buyback, even Snakole. That wasn’t a good vet move. I wouldn’t have done it. It was repairable though, but what does he do, give his HOH away to the most untrustworthy player in the game. Not being rude, but you are not watching the game. I wouldn’t have done that as a rookie, let alone a vet, that got pretty far in the game on his “first rodeo”.

      • @metgala I agree with you. Natalie had strong instincts and game insights and had an albatross weighing her down: James. With his loyalty to Nicole and with his ungamelike desire to keep Natalie to himself, he helped Natalie by not helping her at all. “She coulda been a contendah!”

      • Shivani33, you couldn’t be more right about that albatross weighing her down.

        He blew her chances and that’s pretty unfair. Production mustn’t cast him again.

      • It seem to me that James is the only one who dreams that he’d get a third shot on BB. The idea is as ridiculous as most of his thinking has shown itself to be, and it’s too late to do any damage control now!

        You don’t have to be a lawyer to formulate the opinion that James has cooked his own reputation and (sexual) goose on unedited, national television. And ironically enough, he’s been paid to do it, via his BB veteran’s stipend, etc. This is my opinion: that soon Big Brother will be relieved to call it a day with Huling, once and for all. Unless he wins, heaven forbid. Then production will be stuck with him awhile longer.

      • All that can be said about James is ^^^ what you wrote.

        They can’t wait to rid themselves of him.

      • Yeah I mean you know that a days comp is coming so every single thing that happens, you have 24 freaking hours to lock into your mind the day number and what happened on that particular day. It’s absolutely ridiculous that one wouldn’t plan to remember when all you have in that soundstage is time to think about stuff like that.

    • Paul isn’t trustworthy either. He leis like everybody else. Nothing wrong with that in the game but this myth that Paul/Vic are such innocent angels who play with integrity more than others is nonsense. TGhey lie, lie, lie. Even now Paul is lying. LMAO

      • Yup. Final 3s are almost all like that. I don’t blame Paul for lying. He should. I’d be dissapointed if he didn’t cover all his bases just like the others’ should too. Ultimately, whoever wins the Final part of HOH should do what is best for them. I just find it funny when people go on and on about how ‘honest and honourable’ Paul (and Vic) are. They lie like everybody else. I think they’ve lied so much about non lying people (including them) actually believe they don’t lie. At least Nicole (and Corey) owned their lies.

      • I’m not saying what he’s good, a lie is a lie. When you realize your the presence of snakes, (Nicole mainly) it’s better to make a pair of shoes out of a snake, than a snake making dinner out you.

      • Paul has been lying and acting like a snake since Day 1. L0L He has even bragged about it in the diary room. Him lying – mostly effectviely – is why he is such a good player.

    • But is it a good win?? James does not deserve to be in the F2! I am not a fan of Nicole, but she definitely deserves to be in the F2 over James. Her game has been WAY better than his!

    • Me too! In a pefect world I would hope is setting her up for the BIGGEST BLINDSIDE of the summer! Read her from A-Z in his final eviction speech and send her on the stage to jury with her mouth wide open with shock! That would be EPIC! I will buy a bottle of champagne myself! After that, Paul would surely win! Lol and she would deserve every bit of it.

  13. I was so glad that Paul won the 1st round, but I worry about him trusting Nicole. She has proven herself to be slippery and untrustworthy.

    As for James… UGH! I swear, if he goes to F2 over Paul, it will cause me to seriously re-think my BB addiction!! James has done Ab-So-Freakin-Lutely nothing to deserve receiving ANY $$ this season. The stipend he got from coming on the show at all seems like overrated pay imo. Seriously people, if this is the kind of game play we want to see…then by all means vote James AFP or root for him to win…but be prepared for BB to keep sliding downhill in the ratings until it is eventually cancelled by CBS. BB needs to go back to basics and stop rewarding players who do NOTHING all season except play pranks and engage in pathetic no-mances in an effort to win America’s sympathy vote!

  14. After reading all the different comments, all I can say is… WE ALL MUST EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED!! Lol!! :)

  15. In my book, Paul is still the prey here. I’m glad he won his way to f3, but he is still on the outs for winning. I cant understand why IN THE WORLD he would trust Nicole and let her in on all of his rationale. I can read nicole like a nursery rhyme, and it reads: Thank you for taking me to f2, but wont be taking you! (In her interactions with Paul) I dont know why they are fooled by this by girl. Smh Play her like she’s playing everyone else. It will be hilarious if Nicole takes James and still lose! Lol

    • Paul is new to the game. He had on the job training. He was totally clueless about BB before entering the house. He was recruited.
      He has always talked too much and it will bite him in the butt again.
      The only reason Nicole would win over Paul is because she is a female. He should know the stats for a female winner and know not to take her to the F2. But he doesn’t know the games history.

  16. If you still aren’t convinced why you should vote
    for Vic for America’s Favorite you have to watch his aftershow. Vic is one heck of a gentleman who played a remarkable game.

    He’s an absolute comp beast who remained loyal fighting back twice to remain in the game.

    BB production should scout out more players like Vic in future seasons.

    Vic for America’s Favorite.

    Don’t forget to go to CBS’s website to place your twenty votes for Vic today. Remember you are allowed to vote twenty times a day until voting wraps up!

    • Done with my daily 20!

      Everyone is entitled to their own opinion…but I almost feel like how could you NOT vote Vic for AFP after watching the season???

      I’d vote Victor for president lol

      • Great Anja!

        Exactly! Vic is a great example of sportsmanship on BB.

        Too bad we can’t say that about most other HG

      • Vic is a 3 time loser, and is such a lair he even lies to himself that he doesn’t lie. Such delusion should not be rewarded. L0L

  17. James trusted her once and look what happen, he will know something is up if neither one of them help him study. Look I am from the South and we are not stupid, Trust No One!

  18. Imagine Vic’s reaction when he finds out that his ‘boy made it to F2..Oh..he’ll be so happy! Who doesn’t want to see that happen?..that’ll be so awesome…

  19. After watching the after shows, everyone is on board with Paul deserving to win over Natalie or James and Victor as America’s Favorite.

    Right on!!

    • He’s heading to jury house. He’s going to campaign for Nicole and how great of a supercouple they were! ?

      • Yeah, after he got all pissy with her on the live feeds after they got nominated! BB production really does edit the show in a biased fashion b/c I couldn’t believe they didn’t show Corey and Nicole’s conversation after Paul put them OTB. Corey totally turned on her for a minute!

      • Production has favored Nicole and James from the beginning. The HG were subjected
        to the producers trying to convince them to side with Nicole and James all season long.

        Hopefully they got the hint even from previous BB guests and winners. All of them have put their support behind Paul for the win.

        Paul for the win and Vic for AFP!!

        Did you take a moment to head over to CBS site to vote? You are allowed to vote 20 times per day until voting wraps up! ?

    • I know. Paul told him in the live feeds he was going. Guess production told him to act surprised. What I found amusing is how he turned on Nicole for a minute there after they were nominated together… Funny, but Vic & Paul NEVER turned on each other during any of their dual noms. Guess they’re the better “showmance/bromance” than either Nicorey or Jatalie since both of those duos cannibalized each other when they found themselves OTB together.

      • He honestly thought that James was going to come through for him because they had been buddies all season and he had had his back so many times. in the end he thought that James would save him. That’s what Corey said in his after show interview with Jeff

      • No. In the live feeds James told him outright Paul was controlling his vote b/c Paul was not using the POV to put up James. Im telling you…James was VERY clear on this. And then Paul called Corey into the HOH room and told him straight out he was going…reason being b/c of the way he(Corey) blindsided Vic and Paul…Paul said he would never do that to him (Corey) and told Corey he was going home. I saw that convo on the feeds…

      • You are correct on that but what I am saying is that he felt deep down that in the end James would change his mind and save him, that’s what he said during the interview.

      • Are you kidding me? Paul has said things about Victor in the last two days. He said he didn’t think Victor would win America’s favorite because he’s too cocky and the viewers don’t like that( Little does he know)! He also told Nicole that that they would be friends but not best friends after the show when she asked would they still be BFFs after the show.

      • Seriously?? That would SO pi$$ me off!! Honestly, I have been on and off the live feeds very sparingly this last week b/c of family issues… so I must have missed that. When did Paul say that b/c I want to go back and see that bit of betrayal!! Do you remember the day and time? I want to hit flashback and go back and see it.

      • I will…however, you know what? There might be a maniacal method to Paul’s madness… B/C he IS such an a$$,,,the more he says Vic does not deserve AFP…the more WE (America) will disagree with him and vote for Vic to win!! Not saying that IS his reasoning, but Paul is a devious SOB…

      • Lol. Could be. Honestly the tone could’ve been said differently then I interpreted it because I didn’t see that on the feeds I read about them. I have the feeds but generally just use it for flashback if I read something interesting. I generally get most of my information from bbn, jokers or Twitter.

      • Oooohhhh…you only read that…well, that explains it. I have read things on Jokers that sounded WAY different than how they were on live feeds.

        Paul likes to mess with people’s heads…he was telling James that he (Paul) thought Natalie was going to beat James out of AFP. THAT prize is the ONLY prize James has been fighting for ALL season.

        Do ytou see what I am saying here? He might have said all that for a reason.

      • Anyhoo…Although I think Paul might have been messing with James, I am still going to hit flashback and watch it on the feeds so I can see what context this conversation happened in…

      • I wouldn’t say you actually misunderstood it b/c Paul DID say that, however, he prefaced it with telling James that he thought Natalie was going to win AFP! Which, as we all know, is the ONLY prize James has been angling for. James immediately got all butt-hurt at this and you could just see Paul was happy at the reaction he was getting, so he just kept going…and while Paul called Vic cocky, James said Natalie won’t get AFP b/c America has seen how she threw him (James) UTB…

        Paul seemed like he was literally just saying things to mess with James’ head in order to throw him (James) off whatever tiny bit of game he has left! ;) LOL! Anyhow, Paul was not talking smack about Vic…and he was right, Vic was cocky at times, but imo…he had a right to be!! ;)

      • I wouldn’t pay a bit of attention to what Paul is saying about much right now. I’m not sure exactly what he said, but he’s so spastic in a normal situation, I bet his mind is racing so fast his mouth will never catch up.

      • That’s why I wasn’t putting too much weight on everything that he’d said too soon after winning Round 1 without first taking a nap! LOL

      • K, I went back and watched this on live feeds…I think Paul was totally messing with James’ head here by telling James he thinks Natalie is going to win AFP! Yes, he mentioned Vic being cocky, but it wasn’t out of context…you’d have to see it. Paul was simply doing what he does best…getting in someone’s head and making them nuts!

      • Kinda what I figured. Vic has helped Paul stay more level-headed in the house and without Vic, Paul is probably a little more stressed, especially now. No telling what will come out of that boys mouth. I hope he tones it down a little .

      • I think he said that on purpose to mess with James. James is trying for AFP. We all know that. So what does Paul do? He tells James that Natalie, the girl that “took him for a ride” (according to Paul) is going to win AFP over James! I am telling you, Paul is a manipulator and a maniacal social madman! He is doing all this for a specific cause.

        Moreover…when he nominated Nicole and Corey…he said “Vic this is for you!” And when Corey was evicted, he told Vic “I avenged you brother”! So, I don’t think Paul is hating on Vic!

      • All I heard was Paul saying how much he wanted to hate the two left in the house after winning that comp, before he gathered his composure and approached Nic with suggestions of how they should move on without James. It really was pathetic to watch that play out.

      • I went on Jokers, and yes, you’re right Paul did call Victor cocky and said he thought Natalie would win AFP… Grrr! Didn’t actually see it so I don’t know if Paul was just saying that to make James crazy b/c James immediately said “America hates that” and followed up with Natalie wouldn’t win AFP b/c she threw him (James) UTB”

      • Paul was just appeasing James…he didn’t mean it! He believes Vic should really win it! Just didn’t let James know this as he’s still got to live with James.

      • I think so too Joni. I actually think he was messing with James by telling him (James) that Natalie was going to win AFP NOT James!! ;) Which, as we all know, is the ONLY prize James has been angling for all season…

        I swear, Paul is an evil genius when it comes to mindgames!

    • Because he was convinced production was going to get him out of a tight spot, entitlement in other words. I think Corey has most things go his way, why would he expect any different here.

  20. Looking forward for Paul to win $500k and buy his mom the Bentley he promised her. Now that’s a good son who comes from a good family.

    He’s played an amazing game and has earned it.

  21. Not to sound mean but does anyone else get the feeling that James is a creepy old man trying to seduce Natalie who is almost ten years younger than him?

    Just feel like he made it seem that just because it wasn’t his first rodeo in the house he knew how to play the game. But it’s because of him she lost.

    • I don’t really mind, especially that Natalie is old enough to make her own decisions woth regards to her love life.

      Byt I d agree that James have made decisions that ultimately screwed the both of them.

      • Agree. James has made decisions that ultimately screwed the both of them over because he was aiming at the guys Natalie found attractive. Smh

  22. Everyone who has sat down to speak with Jeff Shroeder on the after show has totally dismissed
    James’ game play. It’s really sad to watch.

    But everyone feels that Paul needs to take him to the F2 in order to win. It’s obvious why Paul is reluctant to take him because he doesn’t want to reward James with $50k for doing absolutely nothing in the house.

    Paul needs to think of it this way… By giving James $50k, he wins $500k.

    Big Brother – please no more James after this season.

  23. Who here did not LOVE El FIt Vic’s comic?? All I can say is YUMMMM… He can el-fit me anytime!! lol!! JK. Or am I?? LOL! ;)

    • He’s really a gentleman with a positive personality.

      Hope America gets it right by voting for him for America’s Favorite!!

      • Agreed hon! I think he was (by far) the nicest and classiest HG of the season. It doesn’t hurt that he’s smoking hot tho either!! ;) LOL!

      • LOL, kind of….he is way too short for my particular tastes, but I do like that he is smart. He is cute without the beard, but his mouth does tend to get the better of him. I would never be able to abide all of that yammering.

      • I wouldn’t order that either. But I wouldn’t mind looking at the menu after removing some of the entrees on Paul!

      • Vic and Paul will let you know once they get it up and running! It’ll more likely be located in LA, CA than in LA! LOLOL

      • He said to Paul he wasn’t shaving his beard until after BB was over…

        Maybe he thought it was a lucky beard IDK. ;)

      • Just not my cup of tea, but don’t let that sway you from thinking he is!!! :-) Paul’s not my cup of tea either, but I see much more is all than I do with Vic…I go for the entertainment value! If they can make me laugh, that goes further than just posing for the camera or the girls or proving he’s a comp beast! LOL

      • What I’m impressed about this guy is his demeanor on live interviews. He can carry a conversation. Very likable. They’re both (Vic/Paul) relaxed in front of the camera. but live interview is hard, and we’ve seen some dull ones.

      • Vic gave one of the best interviews. You are right; he’s very relaxed in front of the camera.

      • I did see his first 2 eviction interviews and you are spot on. What actually impressed me more about Vic is how cool he was handling punk Paulie. I honestly believe that he is the only HG that could have controlled that situation like he did.

      • Totally agree with that one especially!!! Paul would have just walked off and said, “never cared…pisssed!” But Vic, he handled it so much more superbly! :-)

      • Oh. That was cool. I really liked his answer., Because I wanna know what he thinks about his best friend Paul. Explaining the kind of person he was. Appreciating their differences, and how he needed his kind of personality in the game…the guy is neat.

      • I’d say once he is a friend, he’s a friend for life. He’s just that kind of guy that would have your back and be loyal to a fault. Now if he is that type of husband, some gal is going to be very lucky.

      • Sweet, loyal and HUNKY…not to mention he cleans and cooks too!!

        Oh my, sign me up for the ElFitVic fanclub!

      • You know what, K…you’re right. Paulie intimidated everyone in the house EXCEPT Victor.

        Did you notice too how Victor’s presence in the jury house brought a breath of fresh air… and shut Paulie up! ;) LOL

      • No, I didn’t watch. I’m protesting. Ha! I’m reading BBN comments and Jokers, but no more watching this season. I can be stubborn, but it’s my way of saying I don’t like nor will I support what, imo ,is far too much interference this season to make the game fair to all.

      • Right. The ambience of the room changed when he walked in.He looked ‘big, and Paulie looked like a small man. .you know what I’m saying..lol

      • Right! He was composed and charming…even in his first eviction. His evictions were like fine wine…they got better with age. ;)


      • His articulation is flawless, one of the most perfect speaking voices I’ve ever heard. He also can do all sorts of things with his voice. He was able to impersonate the care package call to the backyard perfectly, helicopter and all. He should definitely look into a voice over career. He had such a crush on Nicole. He would have treated her like a queen, but she picked Cory. As a man I dont understand why a lot of women pick and falls for the guy that provides her no emotional security and not that into them. My mom used to teach my sisters to not commit to a man unless he likes you a little bit more than you like him. Lol it was cute and also wise. All four are happily married to men similar to Victor. Thats who i would like my daughter with..:-)

  24. Feel sorry for Paul having to put up sleeping in that nasty room. James is so messy.

    • Lost all heart?? When has James shown any heart playing this game all season?? What has he done to show he has even been playing BB this season?

      If you can answer that, I’d be willing to hear your argument.

  25. Paul: I live a very simple life. I’m not bougie.

    James: I don’t like shiny and new either.

    Paul: Man, I can’t wait to see my family.

    James: Dude you did not disappoint them. You are the best player in this game.

    (Okay he didn’t say that last sentence but the live feeds are so boring thought it would be nice to add some spice. ?)

  26. Nic’s talking might have been convincing but the body language was a whole other deal. You could tell she was lying, she really isn’t very good at all. She has a deal with James and that is the one she is going to honor imo. Don’t like it, but I think that is where Nic is at.

    • Very true. Her body language paints a whole different picture as she is obviously lying to Paul. Smh

      • Dont know how Paul is blind to it. When she cares about something someone says to her, the eyebrows go up and she starts looking around to make sure no ones walking up, with her arms crossed and she rocks sided ways if she’s standing and scratches under her bun. Iol. It’s sort of cute. She funny when she does it.

      • I don’t know how he is so blind to it either, I’m literally screaming at my scream saying wake up Paul, body English 101. But he seems to be blinded by Nic, don’t know what it is, It could also be that he really doesn’t like James and he considers Nic his only option, that is the only thing I can think of.

      • I think that’s what is. He loathes Jatalie, Natalie morso at the time that he didn’t realize she was better for he and Victor’s game, now he’s doing the same thing with James in this situation. Lol He has a vendetta against Jatalie. Lol

  27. I don’t care anymore who is he with F2. As long as he’s there. If he’s with Nic, he’ll be with a deserving player. James doesn’t really deserve to be on F2, but evicting Nic would be a f’ing, jaw dropping episode.

      • You’re too easy. I do not want that fruit loop dingus anywhere near that F2. I want the f’ing, jaw dropping experience. :D

      • KII, you just want Nicole to lose no matter what don[tcha?? lol! ;)

        Honestly, I don’t care that much anymore now that Vic is gone, but I think Paul deservfes the win more than Nicole or James and I think Nicole deserves F2 more than James…and that opinion is based simply on game play. James has done NOTHING. At least Nicole woke up for a part of the season!

      • I understand where you are coming from. And I admittedly am looking at it from a personal view of Dingus. At least James can go back home with some integrity. Dingus, imo, might have a little problem. I’ll just say that if James was my brother, I’d just kick his a$$ and tell him how dumb he looked. If Dingus was my sister, still love her for sure, but I would be embarrassed by her behavior and would be VERY upset because my mother would have been crying her eyes out every night.

      • Sharona is FOS trying to paint me as a big bad mofo. She absolutely knows better. I told her I was going to kick her butt for that. The weapon I carry will not blow a hole through a person; just made them have a second thought about being a meanie. I’m a sweetheart. :D

      • You think I don’t know you are playing? We’ve had too many posts between us not to recognize the sarcasm and playfulness. You always make me smile!!! Always cared….

      • #AlwaysCaredToo!! I thought so…but then you kinda seemed a little peeved at me… Tonja got scared! ;)

      • I promise I was not peeved. I guess I think people know me better than they really do and I can be sarcastic without making them aware. Nice to know your name, Tonja. If you only knew. No one, and I mean no one that I know is the least bit intimidated by me. I hardly even speak in public around other people. That’s the truth. :)

      • I love speaking in public, but I do it with a certain amount of flair to keep the parties interested without making them cringe too! It’s an art form I’ve mastered! :-)

      • Without ever being present, I would absolutely believe, without a shadow of a doubt, that you are a master Gabber, Joni, Utterly masterful. :D

      • I always say it’s good form to get to know your audience well before letting hairs fly! K’s a pussy cat compared to some…of course I adore her and Sharona too…we’re good fun, including myself, I hope. Getting too serious about BB can cause butt hairs to implode, but I won’t give too many details as to how long that could take! I have a reputation to keep up don’tcha know! :-)

      • Do I need to get that security guy from the Jury House to separate you two? Hopefully, he’s not too busy with Da and Paulie anymore, but who knows, lol?

      • You made me laugh today. You’re timing with the “f’ing, jaw dropping experience” was perfect. lol

      • Cy, you are the voice of reason here…surely you see Nicole has played a better BB game than James. Tell K that so she won’t hurt me! ;) LOL!

        You know what a big bad mofo she is, right??

      • I know where you are coming from K, b/c I would be embarrassed too. I don’t get how these HG can just IGNORE the fact that there are cameras recording EVERYTHING people!! However, in BB game play… C/mon K…you have to admit it..even if it utterly pains and makes your skin crawl… Nicole has played a better BB game than James. C’mon admit it. C’mon..(Poke)…C’mon…poke…admit it. Poke. Admit it. POKE. C’mon…Admit it! Poke.

        Hahahahahahaha!! Okay-dokey-running away now before the big bad KSJB mofo lets loose on me!! lol! ;)

      • I will never say that because I don’t believe it. Simply for the fact that imo both Dingus and James were helped by Production and we will never know what kind of game they would have had otherwise. Everyone else had to work from Day 1 for every step they took in the game while Dingus and James felt so safe that they didn’t have to struggle or be stressed about the game for weeks. So Dingus’s disgusting bedroom antics on top of that… nope, I can’t say she played better. At least I won’t say she played better. Doofus probably would though. :D

      • K, I am going to stop poking the mama tiger now. ;) I know how you feel. Honestly, we are not that dissimilar b/c I am NOT a Nicole fan…at all. In truth I am just playing with you here b/c I know how much it bugs you. I’m sorry hon…I honestly wasn’t trying to make you mad. Still love ya, K!! :)

      • Ooohh…never thought of that, Joni my girl!! :) He could definitely love her better than BORING Corey!! ;)

      • Right. As a matter of fact, Corey used that in his numerous excuses for nominating Vic… In Live Feeds… He mentioned things Vic had said to Nicole… Didn’t mention exactly WHAT Vic had said, but definitely mentioned Vic and his relationship towards Nic as a reason to want Vic out of the house!!

      • I bet you she’s been playing the whole time. Her edit didn’t show an aggressive player. She wasn’t pulling the strings. Her DR is boring too. How do you explain she’s in the F3?..OK..If Derrick can write her summation on why she deserves to win for the Jury to hear, she’ll win, but it’s Nic.lol

      • She didn’t get involved in any of the drama that was constantly going on amongst the other players, nor did she talk at length with any of the hgs. It was if she was invisible to everyone but Corey. The same could be said about James and Natalie too. How did they get that far in the game? They all went with what the HoH and majority wanted throughout most of the season until they no longer could. They also didn’t talk a lot of game with too many of the hgs either. That’s how! :-)

      • That is your word, Philly. I’ve never said I hated her, but her behavior disgusts me and definitely should not be rewarded. Thank goodness Doofus will not be. Hopefully Dingus will not be either.

      • So if I don’t agree with your opinion, it is hate. Just another example of political correctness gone amuck. Dingus is on a national tv show having sexual exploits with a man she doesn’t know at the risk of her reputation and embarrassing her family for what… for money. If you take pleasure in that, it’s no skin off my teeth. But she deserves any judgment she gets for her behavior, negative or otherwise.

      • Do you not think that James would have been going at it hot and heavy if Gnat had been willing? I do. Fortunately for him, and her, she wasn’t interested.

      • I could see Gnat the cat scratching his eyeballs out. James will never get no where near that. But if he won BB, she might let him think he has a chance until the money runs out.

      • Me too. And what’s up with them trying to act like her and Corey had never kissed before? I remember Paul’s speech about Corey not getting to first base with her, and then Corey’s eviction speech when he acted like that was the first time they ever kissed. Do they expect everyone to really believe that? Lol Just a show for the TV only viewers? Kidding Around? I hope they don’t think I’m that stupid. Lol ?

      • It’s been a little difficult to get your money’s worth from what I hear. People have really been complaining.

    • I* canhh see that. Kind of like when Janelle evicted Dr. Will… Well, maybe not wquite that epic, but still… you see where I’m going here. However, I have to say Nicole deserves F2 way-way-WAY-more than James. I am not a Nicole fan, but she has definitely played BB this season where James has not. To reward him with ANY of the Final prizes is ridiculous!

      • And that’s exactly why Paul needs to make sure she is evicted. He must not take her to final two, because she does deserve to be there more than James. That’s exactly why she has to go if Paul wants to win the 500k.

    • For me, if you win F3 HOH you shoudln’t choose your opponent based on ‘who you think is most deserving’ you should base it on who gives you the best chance to win. Thgat’s why Cody annoyed the crap out of me. What an idiot.

      • If I was the player I would pick James. Easy win, but I don’t care. Boston Rob philosophy.lol i can stab them in the front too with no problemo. lol

      • Right, if you play, you play to win. I think Cody was very, dare I say, stupid, for taking Derrick to F2. Seriously, it’s BB. Do you want to be remembered as the winner or as the loser who was stupid, too? But never mind me, I’m obviously not myself today. haha

      • I don’t believe you… Hey you’re not gonna pinch Nic? sling shot? ..Water boarding..Ha! You have sling shot? What do you use that for? birds?

      • My computer completely went bonkers a little while ago. I thought I had gotten thrown off BBN. I had to shut my computer down and it took me three tries to get back on. Someone put a spell on me. I was talking about Sharona joking about me being a bad mofo. It was her, she gave me virus. lol Slingshots are fun. That ammo travels.