Big Brother 18: Veto Meeting Plans – Week 5

The Veto Ceremony is coming up today inside the Big Brother 18 house and the PoV holder has been caught up in the efforts by Frank as he continues to apply the pressure for a new target.

Michelle & Frank at the Memory Wall

Things came to a head late Sunday night as the Houseguests gathered and Frank put his game on the line. Now he’s ready for what today’s meeting will deliver.

Frank didn’t give up all last week with trying to save Tiffany and he wasn’t going to go in to today’s meeting without doing everything he could to change the plan and make Da’Vonne the new target.

Michelle beat out Bridgette and Frank in the Veto comp so any nomination changes are up to her, but it doesn’t look good for Frank. With all the Houseguests together Paulie informed Frank that he was wasting his time and things weren’t going to change. One of them, either Bridgette or Frank, would be going home this week.

Michelle, the Veto holder, confirmed Paulie’s assertions and said that even if she used it Frank’s goal of getting Day up and out wouldn’t work since everyone was still going to vote out Bridgette. She later expressed frustration that HGs were leading Frank on, but really it’s seemed like even she left it open for Frank’s interpretation that she was open to the renom idea despite now saying she never was.

This is our first Veto meeting without the Roadkill in play this week so there’s a bit of a mindset shift here. The RK renoms were handled by the RK winner, not the HoH, but this week even if Michelle wanted to get Day up there by using the PoV on Frank, there was no guarantee. In fact, earlier in the day James had promised Da’Vonne there was no way he would put her up.

The only thing Michelle could indirectly control was whether Frank or Bridgette left this week. She wants Bridgette out, but if she leaves Frank up there then it’s going to be him going this week, not Bridgette. Is she willing to rock the boat to make that happen? I do not think so.

Don’t expect any surprises today. Michelle will put the medallion back in the box and we’ll move on to Thursday night with half of Team Frank on the Block after weeks of group safety and survival.

If the vote were held right now then Frank would be gone, but we’ve got a few days to go and we’ll have to see what moves HGs are willing to make. There’s still time for Michelle to try and get Bridgette evicted, but she’s about to pass up her chance to nearly guarantee it.

We’ll have the Veto spoilers as soon as the meeting is over. If you want to get an alert when we have the formal results then grab our Big Brother App and stay connected to find out what’s happening throughout the week right when it happens. You can also join us on Facebook & Twitter.



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  1. Michele is playing a good game of being a weasel but only because Frank gives her so many opportunities to use what he tells her to ingratiate herself to the house. Frank talks way too much to way too many people and that has been his problem from the beginning. Even he admitted it but he’s done nothing to stop. Giving up Nicole’s name to Da before Da dropped was one of the dumbest things Frank has done. Then again, horsing around during the comp only to fall off and eliminate himself was pretty dumb too, especially knowing the entire house wanted him out.

    But I still like Frank. He does not play a personal game. Yes he said some things he should not have but it was in just, not personal. When he called Da a slut it was only after she called him a douchebag. He was joking, she did not sound like she was.

    The girls are pretty much all playing catty personal games. Paul, is too but he seems to make everything personal for some reason. Paulie, Frank, Corey, Vic and James are playing it as a game – which is why I prefer them to the dancing idiots in the storage room. I wish the real James would make an appearance. This “floater” James does not appeal to me.

    • I kinda agree with you. As much as I don’t like Frank, I can acknowledge that he’s playing the game. Same goes to James, Paul and Paulie. Everyone else is just either too catty or too bland.

      I wouldn’t have had a problem with James putting Frank up, if it wasn’t because people told him to. I get that he doesn’t wanna be public enemy number 2 if he saves Frank, but at the same time, he needs to think for himself

      • I like Frank and want him to stay. At least Frank is playing the game. The others seem to just go as a pack. If one says let’s put so and so up, then the pack is on it

  2. Production will lead Frank to the secrt room, and he probably will get a Power Of Cpout ( the one Jeff got)…im alreday can see that cokming.

  3. Hopefully James won’t put up Da’vonne even if Michelle uses the Veto. I don’t think that Michelle will use it since she has been waiting for Frank and Brigitte to be exactly where they are right now.

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  5. “In fact, earlier in the day James had promised Da’Vonne there was no way he would put her up.”

    You speak as if James’ word carries any weight at this point….

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