‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Week 5 Veto Ceremony Results

This week’s Veto Ceremony was held today to give us our final noms of the week and we now have this week’s Big Brother spoilers for the latest Power of Veto events.

Power of Veto Medallion on Big Brother

Would things change today for Frank and Bridgette? Frank was working hard to get himself off the Block and his preferred target in the hot seat, but did his weekend of work pay off? Veto results below.

Power of Veto Ceremony Results – Week 5:

  • Michelle did not use the Veto
  • Frank & Bridgette remain the Noms

Nah, it didn’t work out for Frank. There was an ever so slight possibility that maybe Michelle was playing everyone else and would save Frank to force a renom and make Bridgette the target, but it wasn’t reasonable to expect that to happen. Now we’ve got our final noms of the week. Time to get to campaigning.

Right after the meeting James told Da’Vonne he was going to put up Nicole as a renom, but I can’t tell if he was joking.

After Frank has pushed Bridgette so hard to fight for her survival this week against him I’m wondering how much he’ll campaign against her. Could he roll over and give up? It seems unlike Frank and I’d hope not, but we’ll have to see what he decides to do.

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  1. Lying twice in two seasons by ensuring safety during competitions, then reaping the benefit from his “promise” (James wins the comp), then turning around and immediately not honoring it? BAD. Why did I like James last year?!

      • I don’t recall him promising safety in a comp, then hours later pulling that back. Again, missing the point!

      • He said Derek. I never said you could never find ANYONE to ever do that. Point still stands.

      • Did Derek promise Zach safety if he dropped out of a comp?! I don’t think so, but enlighten me if he did.

      • Derrick talks with Frankie for awhile and even suggests he agreed that they would keep Zach. Now he starts to work on Frankie and gets Frankie to express concerns about Zach, namely Los Tres Amigos. Zach had previously disclosed that he had a F3 deal with Cody and Derrick. Derrick admits to LTA, but says it was never serious.

        Jump forward to 7:55PM BBT. Derrick starts to turn things around on Frankie telling him that from what Frankie is telling him he thinks they might need to get Zach out this week. Derrick is effectively convincing Frankie not only that he should want Zach out, but that it’s also his idea.As for losing a number in the Detonators, Derrick says they can use Caleb in Zach’s spot without bringing Caleb in to the Detonators. It’ll be a continuation of the Bomb Squad for Caleb while the remaining four Detonators stick together.

        Keeping the momentum rolling, Derrick even rolls in that they need to get Donny out next for his decision last week to turn on the Team America mission.

        Wrapping things up, Derrick says he’ll try to go smooth things over with Cody about LTA and working closely again with Frankie. Heh. Of course we know that Derrick is already very closely working with Cody and is well aware of this whole plan, but Frankie doesn’t know that.

        Derrick continues to control the Big Brother 16 house as the rest of the HGs just play right along.

      • Swap a few names (i.e. Derrick for Paulie) and you have BB18 all over again… “[Paulie] continues to control the Big Brother 1[8] house as the rest of the HGs just play right along.”

      • Paulie ain’t got nothing on Derrick in terms of manipulating the house guest or game play. Derrick’s team America missions combined with the fact that he was never on the block show that every week he had complete control over what went on in the house

      • Derek should go down in history as the Best Big Brother guest of all time.. Never has anyone went an entire season without being on the block once. And I bet it never happens again.

    • James did the same thing last year in an endurance comp with Shelly and Clay. This is nothing new.

      • Again, a missed point. This was an immediate lie to win the comp, and then an immediate reneging on that promise.

      • Yes, I agree, some will lie to you publicly in a competition in front of everyone then go against that promise hours later. James did it twice. I heard James himself say it was bad. You think its cool, but I think lying that specifically at that time is bad form. So, you think this lie will get him the win? Nope.

      • No James caved because he is a coward. I don’t even care that he put up Frank but he should have kept his word to Bridgette (mind you I support Frank most).

      • Again, GEESH, a missed point. There is something different than lying to get further in the game than lying to win a comp. Yes, YES, YES, I know Dan Gheesling did it! So, therefore, what?!

      • Right, I referred to that. An immediate lie that reaped immediate rewards.

    • James will be out soon enough! Stragglers will be picked off one by one now! With Frank out, there is no longer any threat to the 5 person alliance of Nicole, Corey, Davonne, Paulie and Zakiyah! Everyone including Michelle will be voted out!

      • There are at least two threats to that alliance. One is its obvious implosion. Another is a new BattleBack and/or twist. And then there’s Victor, biding his time and being friendly and watching for the chance to grab Paulie by his new hairdo and catapult him to the jury house. And he’s not the only one getting ready for this.

      • Paul is a useful pawn to Paulie. He will be around to the final 2 if Paulie has his way (which he will because the rest of the house are spineless, mindless, cowards).

      • Victor could be the next one out unless, he wins HOH! He is on borrowed time! There is no reason to break that 5 person alliance when you have stragglers left! They will be picked off one by one! Just watch for it!

      • Vic will put up whoever Paul tells him to b/c he doesn’t trust anyone else. After Bri; he’s next on the hit list

      • I’m hoping Michelle gets voted out that snarky attitude of hers is annoying she is a floater and people should stop letting the house run their HOH.

      • Well, I addressed that. It wasn’t like he made a promise WEEKS ago. He made it to win the comp, then broke it hours later. Some things are dirtier than others.

      • I never said YOU couldn’t think its a cool thing to do. You obviously do. So, therefore, what?

      • Yes and James didn’t win he lied to two girls to get them to drop. Their fault for believing him tho.

      • And Dayvonne’s fault for being a disgusting liar. Frank gave her the info after she promised to drop and she didn’t Deyvonne is a liar and a scumbag.

      • I see what you’re saying and I agree. This was a blatant PUBLIC lie. It was fresh in everyone’s minds when he went back on it. Your word is your in-game currency, and now James is bankrupt. His word is worthless now- even to his allies.

      • When you don’t honor a public agreement with someone in the house, you create an enemy with their allies and distrust among your own. It’s bad gameplay.

      • I agree – it’s bad when it’s public. People lie to the person individually that they will take them off the block, and then don’t. To do it in front of everybody is a bad player

      • No he is not… two seasons of chasing girls and following the leader. He talks about his military background but he reminds me more of Beatle Bailey.

      • Does anyone know what James’s M.O.S was? (Military Occupational Specialty). In other words, civilian words, what did he do in the military?

    • James is ok but kinda dumb.. America should have given Johnny Mac the fan favorite vote last year. What do you want to bet the house has a target on him within a few weeks?

    • good question! Why did YOU like James? Because he played pranks on the other house guests…particularly the women? But honesty is not big on James’s list of virtues. As Bridget remarked…everyone keeps lying to her. I’m guessing Natalie isn’t too happy with James either. That said…it’s a stupid game show where everyone must know that lying is the main method of playing.

  2. Yayy!! Three more days to keep him from finding the secret room. Happy Monday

  3. people love complain how james cant honour deals!well look how many derek deals were broke!

    • Yeah but Derick always had that way to make them think it was their choice or their fault the deal was broken. James just plain out said screw it. I can’t blame him for breaking deals but the deal he broke will bite him in the a$$ just like last year did. He learned nothing.

      • I would A: Remember what DAY told me about showmance’s. B: listen to what Paulie was not saying. C: Decide to who to put up foir the best interest of my game and not the rest of the house’s game. D: Think about the Final 5 deal that I wasn’t part of plus everything that Frank had said to me plus knowing that Frank wouldn’t come after me next week. Then listen to what Natalie has to say over everyone else. AT this point then I would have put up DAY and Victor with the BD option of either Paulie or Frank but I guess that was way to much for James to think about but then again, what would you do if you were James? My guess is you would do very close to what I just said.

      • He totally disregarded Natalie’s feelings about Bridgette, when he knew she was upset

      • i know i woulf get out frank early in this game because he is power player anyways!

      • Yes and no. He voted yes to go with the house the second time. The first time he voted to evict Tiffany due to what DAY had said which was a lie. Well, to a point it was a lie sort of.

      • What is your problem? How in the hell can Frank mess with the vote when he can’t vote this week. Hell, his last couple of try’s he couldn’t sway the vote which is called PLAYING BIG BROTHER. Go pester someone else Mickey Mouse.

      • That is the best question you have asked yet. So I will go out on a limb and say 0. Of course that could change if Michelle get’s in the girls head.

    • And i don.t remember 1 damn season where somebody who was completely honest won the game,they all lie and break deals ,it,s how the game is played ,Derek was a cop in real life and knew how to manipulate people.

  4. The game is more than likely about to become very very boring. Unfortunately. And it’s not like I didn’t know that Michelle wasn’t going to use the veto, but in a game where everyone really was playing for themselves, she would have. Deliberately passing up epic chances to further your own game just to keep the peace (meaning continue to treat this like summer vacation) makes Big Brother a boring game. They really need people who play on offense if they want the game to be fun. I blame production and casting for picking total wimps.

    My gawd, the next thing you know they will start playing pot ball.

    • wed sjhould be ok but let how viewers they get once they go against AGT and MC

    • Yeah it’s bad enough, but if Frank leaves, there’s nothing going on in that house. Day running around telling more tall tales until they get her out

    • Ha! Suppose production screens and asks this very question of potential players, “could they make bold moves without majority vote, they probably answered yes.

  5. Why am I not surprised?
    I think if Frank wasn’t so aggressive with his gameplay, he would’ve had the trust of everyone. But he pretty much pulled a Mike Boogie and made himself public enemy #1.

  6. I will continue to watch if Frank finds that room, but nope I think I’m done for now. ? I’m pass disappointed with this season. Since week 1 actually. One side of the house is too big (it feels almost as if there is only one side of the house somehow) and I’ll be back when they start to turn on each other or when Paulie’s minions start playing their own game (the game).

    I hope it doesn’t come to this, but I’m too bored. It makes me wish someone like me was in the house lol. I’d lure people over to Frank and Bridgett’s side just to keep the viewers happy lol. (nah, it’s because I’m not a follower and I’d never work for Paulie) I’d have to get Frank to shut up though. Better than handing that check to Paulie.

    I would, however, have to worry about Frank trying to work w/ Paulie again. That’s when I’d get him out. After I have weaken P’s side and gotten him (Paulie) out. Oh my, I fantasize too much.

    • Well good luck trying to control him, because Frank’s ego is his downfall

    • This season is one of the worst. I can’t believe I’m seeing same people who just left last season. I do need to miss some first

    • I will be happy when the houseguest return to the diverse group it used to be back in the day- variety of age, physical strength and physical appearance.
      A bunch of young people looking to advance their careers and social media following is annoying.
      The stronger group will ALWAYS pick off the weaker group.

  7. It is gonna suck with frank gone. Soon all we will be left with is a bunch of showmances. I really hope frank finds the room and gets the power

  8. Da needs to go. I put up with mean spirited middle school girls in my class for over 30 years. That is all she is.

  9. A Michele HOH win would work, she can put up Bridgette and Victor, and BD day if she has to.

  10. Sorry, but Frank’s game was completely ridiculous this season. He deserves to go IMO!

  11. Really liked James last year..was rooting for him….but obviously he learned nothing…complete waste of HOH…sure he’ll last a couple of weeks, but he is not going to win…and certainly won’t win favourite player this year….

      • James was not on Frank’s radar…..he followed instructions to nominate Frank and then was left on his own….so he is disposable in the eyes of the rest of the house. He did not even stop and think….Day wants to break up couples….and he just broke one up for her…just a real poor game move for him, I believe. BB is not a game of follow the leader(s)….

  12. Only way Frank will stay is if he finds the secret room. I really believe it could be a special power like the diamond veto.

  13. I am kinda torn because I got tickets to the next eviction. On 1 hand, it will be cool to see Frank on stage, but on the other he will be out of the house.

  14. I hope Paulie wins because James sucks, Da’Vonne is trash, Nicole isn’t on top of her game, Frank and Bridgette are deers waiting to be picked off, and the rest are floaters or minions.

  15. I can’t see how anyone can stand Davonne she is a liar and keeps the drama going. But it’s Big Brother and that’s what people want to see.. I don’t see her lasting much longer.. And it’s surprising how dumb the cast is, Considering no one sees Cody 2.0 is running the entire house. It’ll be interesting to see how it plays out once Frank is gone. Shift the target over to Bridgette I guess. I hope Bridgette wins HOH next week and puts up Davonne and Michelle.

    • Da’vonne is not doing anything. I think Nicole and Paulie are the ones running the show and making sure everyone votes for who they want gone.

  16. next sunday canada viewers only global will show it at 10pm because teen choice awards

      • Read through … instead of commenting on content, several people feel it is better to complain about spelling & grammar.
        Then some of the same people that cry about bullying. Imagine That!

  17. Here’s a twist that would add a lot of sizzle to the this show. Instead of just voting someone out….the person who gets the most votes enters a duel, and they pick who to duel with among those who voted for them. Of course, no one would ever know what game the duel would be each week. So…you don’t want to duel…you lie to your alliance about voting for the target person. This would shake the foundation of any alliance. In fact, this twist would shake the game to its core. No more hiding inside a convenient alliance. No more keeping the house happy.

  18. With Frank gone, it’ll be smart for everyone to try to rally against Paulie. He’s a great guy and a WAAAAAAAAYYY better competitor than his brother, but he’ll win if he makes it past 2-3 more evictions.

  19. And to everyone calling James a liar, it doesn’t really matter when the only 2 people who are upset about his lie are on the block. If the whole house wants you to put people up are you really gonna go against that???

  20. Frank’s olny hope now is to get the 1 envelope out of the 12 that gets you back in to the house, long shot, after stupid push over hillbilly James back stabbed him n Bridget, I hope James gets his soon, or Michael n Day would look pretty good on the block, both them skanks can go any time, yuck

  21. It will be too much of a coincidence if Frank gets that secret room power to come back. If he does, the I hope he goes right back out. They are extended this show too much. Until last season I don’t think they went so far off in September. I am fine with it ending at the end of August or very early September. Why they need to keep bringing people back. They all need to go.

  22. James is a weak player I really thought he was doing good until he actually made a publicly deal with Frank and Bridgette that he wouldn’t put them up so I hope him and his puppet master Da goes up next week and also if poor naive Natlhie needs to see him for the liar he is.I know lying is part of the game but definitely don’t like it when people make publicly out loud deals and then goes back on it.Oh and by the way James the center of drama is Da not Frank she’s the actual one who started going back on the 8pk alliance!!!!She needs to go!!!

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